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6303 NE  Radford  Dr,  Apt.  3328  -­‐  Seattle,  WA  98115  •  Tel:  206-­‐979-­‐6734      e-­‐mail:  •  website:    

Consumer-­‐Centric Marketing  believer.  Results  driven  and  People  Oriented.  Creativity  and  Innovation  Leader.      

Skills Summary • • •

Business and  Marketing  Manager   Brand  Architect     Digital  and  Social  Media  Strategist  

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Consumer-­‐Centric Experiential  Research   Product  Innovation  for  the  Bottom  of  the  Pyramid   Deep  knowledge  Emerging  Markets,  specifically  Hispanic  Markets  

Professional Experience Social  Media  Consultant    Jan.  2010  to  present  •  Univ.  of  Washington  College  of  Arts  &  Science  •  Seattle,  WA       • Conduct   quantitative   and   qualitative   research   with   the   target,   UW   CAS   current   students   and   alumni,   to   fine-­‐tune   targeting   strategy  and  identify  sub-­‐sets  with  the  highest  potential  to  become  members  of  the  UW  CAS  community.   • Design  a  social  media  plan  to  effectively  communicate,  connect  and  engage  with  UW  CAS  students  and  alumni.       Brand  Designer  and  Marketing  Consultant      2009  to  present  •  TEACHPERU  •  Peru     TeachPeru  (EnseñaPeru)  was  created  to  considerably  increase  the  quality  of  education  in  Peru  by  enlisting  the  brightest  university   graduates  as  schools  teachers  in  vulnerable  communities.  TeachPeru  is  part  of  the  “Teach  For  America”  and  “Teach  For  All”  network.     • Conducted  in-­‐depth  target  understanding  to  define  brand  strategy.   • Provide  advice  to  Marketing  Tactics  and  Planning.   • Coach  TeachPeru  local  team  in  Management  and  Marketing.     Gillette  Brand  Manager    2007  to  2009  •  PROCTER  &  GAMBLE  •  Latin  America   • Managed  a  $30MM/yr  business  and  coached  a  9-­‐people  multifunctional  team.     • Exceeded  all  business  objectives:  +40%  growth  in  sales  and  profitable  market  share  growth.  This  turned  around  the  Gillette   business,  after  integration  with  P&G,  to  a  positive  trend  reaching  65%  Value  Market  Share.   • Led  Latin  America  Project  to  convert  unbranded  low  tier  razors  users  to  the  Gillette  premium  disposable  brand.  Pilot  results   were  outstanding  and  reapplied  across  the  LA  Region.   Hair  Care  Category  Brand  Manager      2005  to  2007  •  PROCTER  &  GAMBLE  •  Latin  America   • Managed   P&G’s   Hair   Care   portfolio:   Pantene,   Head   &   Shoulders,   Pert   and   Herbal   Essences   and   coached   an   8-­‐people   multifunctional  team.     • Delivered  double-­‐digit  growth  in  sales  (+23%)  reaching  a  new  platform  of  $70MM/yr.     • Set  the  right  strategies  to  win  with  P&G  strong  Hair  Care  portfolio  for  Latin  America.   • Identified   consumer   needs   and   embrace   the   vision   to   generate   innovation   for   the   “traditional”   channel   (not   Supermarket   Chains)  for  the  Hair  Care  business  in  Latin  America.     • Led  P&G’s  Latin  America  Innovation  Hub.  Peru’s  pilot  launch  had  outstanding  results  leading  to  a  Regional  expansion. Head  &  Shoulders  and  Pert  Marketing  Manager    2003  to  2005  •  PROCTER  &  GAMBLE  •  Peru     • Took  H&S  Business  to  a  new  platform.  H&S  grew  +52%  in  sales  and  achieved  22%  market  share  (Best  in  Class  Shares  in  the   Globe  for  the  brand).     • Launched  the  most  successful  H&S  Product  Initiatives  in  the  brand’s  history.   • Worked  with  the  biggest  TV  station  in  Peru  to  create  a  new  communication  platform  for  H&S.  to  successfully  connect  and   bond  with  consumers.     “Low  Income  Consumers”  Expert  Marketing  Manager      2001  to  2003  •  PROCTER  &  GAMBLE  •  Peru     • Became  Procter  &  Gamble  expert  in  low-­‐income  consumers  and  emerging  markets.   • Created  an  organizational  culture  of  passion  for  understanding  low-­‐income  consumers.   • Design   and   implemented   “Living   it”   research   methodology.   This   methodology   consisted   in   cohabited   at   a   low-­‐income   household  for  a  week  to  a  month.  P&G  has  reapplied  this  approach  to  understand  consumer  around  the  world.   • P&G  Peru  was  recognized  as  the  World’s  #1  P&G  Market  in  Low-­‐Income  understanding  and  innovation.    

Education University of  Washington  •  Seattle,  WA   2009  to  2010   School  of  Communications  -­‐  Master  of  Communications  in  Digital  Media   Universidad  del  Pacifico  •  Lima,  Peru   1996  to  2001 School  of  Business  -­‐ Bachelor  of  Science  in  Economics

Antoinette Del Rio Resume - April 2010  

Updated version of ADR's resume