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OUR PROFILE IRG PRO is the trusted source in Greece for innovative, forward thinking and high professionalism in investment and real estate consulting. Based in Athens, IRG PRO team is made up of experienced real estate agents, developers, lawyers, notaries, constructors, architects, accountants, insurance brokers, IT professionals and travel agents. We are active on countrywide basis, and our extensive network is opening new paths in investment and real estate consulting, while providing high-quality services, tailored to our clients’ specific requirements. We, in IRG PRO, undertake the process of issuing Residency Permit in Greece, granted to non-Schengen Citizens, according to Greek Law No.4146/2013, to buyers of property, the value of which exceeds ₏ 250.000.

OUR MISSION & SERVICES We, in IRG PRO, have the experience and infrastructure to provide you with all services required, throughout this process: Finding the property of your choice, whether it is for residential or commercial use The legal procedures required for the purchase of the aforementioned property Obtaining the residence permit The internal architectural design of your property Settling (purchase of furniture, hygiene) Leasing of the property (if required by you)



Hospitality Services Travel Arrangements Introduction of real estate property to perspective clients To start with, when you will decide to visit Greece for an inspection trip with the intention of buying property in our country, we can arrange your travel itinerary, in every detail that you may require, through our travel agent partners, who have been active in the travel industry for over 60 years. During your stay, one of our representatives will accompany you to all your viewing visits of properties, based on the portfolio that you will select, organizing all necessary transfers and arrangements.

Real Estate Services Real estate property research Data base of real estate properties available for sale Cooperation with real estate brokers Upon your positive decision to proceed to purchasing property in Greece, we will run a thorough research and will give you our expert advice, to assist you in making the best purchase choice, which will suit your specific needs, whether you may be looking for residential and/or commercial property. Our property investment strategy, is not only based on the building itself, but it is also taking into consideration important parameters such as location, accessibility, changing demographic profiles and above all, growth prospects.



Solicitor and Notary Services Arrangement of all legal requirements for the completion of a property purchase (contract, land registrar, etc) Legal Support Cooperation with real estate brokers We will arrange for you all legal procedures required for the purchase, coordinating all details, through our legal experts and notary, who accumulate decades of experience. We will follow on your behalf all the legal process to obtain the Greek Residence Permit for you and your family, through our legal partners, who will coordinate all details at each stage of the procedure.

Insurance Coverage Insurance contract, required by law We can even arrange the issuing of your insurance contract, through our partners in insurance brokerage.

Financial Support In addition to all the above, we will be attending to any other issue related to your purchase of property that might come up, follow up on all financial issues, through representative (proxylawyer for the completion of the purchase or even arrangements for rental.



After Sale Services Resale of the property Rental opportunities of the property Tax Support Cleaning & maintenance of the property Architectural & Construction Services Our after sale services will always be there for you. Our team and experts in interior design, architecture, construction and maintenance, will see to all matters from appraisals to full maintenance to renovations to landscaping and gardening and a score of other technical issues. We aim at making your life easier, knowing that whatever your investment may need, IRG PRO is here to provide the best and safeguard it.Our team of experienced, electronics and communication specialists, can equip your property with all technology-edge features (wi-fi, seamless communications, etc), to meet your most demanding requirements. Last, but not least, our highly-qualified accounting partners, can provide you full advice for your lease agreements and also set up rent collection, payment of local and utility bills etc.

OUR CONCEPT We, in IRG PRO, are committed to bringing total satisfaction to our clients, by offering the highest quality of services, provided by the best experts in the market. We analyze in depth and assess our clients’ specific needs, and we propose tailor-made solutions that meet and even exceed their expectations. We fully realize that our most valuable asset is our fully-satisfied clients, and we base the very core of our business on repeat tenants and lease renewals. We pay attention to every single detail, we identify and settle all issues related to each individual client, and this is what differentiates us makes us stand out from competition. Invest by purchasing a property and apply for a residence visa with us, feeling full confidence that our team of experts will ensure the best results for you, your business and your family planning.



PORTAL TO EUROPE GREEK RESIDENCY The Greek Law No.4146/2013 grants residence permit to citizens of non-Schengen countries and their family members (children under 21 years old and spouses over 18 years), who buy property or properties in Greece, the value of which exceeds € 250,000. In cases of joint ownership, where the value of the property is €250.000, the residence permit is only granted if the owners are spouses with undivided ownership of the property. In all other cases of joint ownership, the residence permit is only granted if the amount invested by each of the joint owners is at least €250.000. The duration of the permit is 5 years, renewable for another 5 years, as long as the property ownership remains unchanged. The residence permit does not grant a right to employment of any kind nor nationality acquisition. The residence permit is targeted for non EU citizens. If the property belongs to a legal entity the sole shareholder is entitled to apply for the permit. The permit holder is allowed to rent the property. The members of the investor’s family may request separate applications for residence permit. The investor’s family permit expires at the same date that the investor’s permit expires.



According to the law, family members of 3rd country citizens entering the country are: a. Spouses who are over the age of 18, as well as unwed children under the age of 18 where there is shared custody, including children that have been adopted. b. Other unwed children under the age of 18, of the other spouse, including children that have been adopted, provided that the applicant is their legal guardian. An independent residence permit is issued for the children of third country citizens who have been accepted into Greece based on the terms and conditions of article 36A and turn 18 years old.

ADVANTAGES The advantages of the holder of a residence permit in Greece are:

He or she may stay continuously in Greece for its whole duration. The residence permit and long-term visas are valid as far as the free movement of the person in the Schengen area is concerned. Any citizen who holds a long-term visa (such as the residence permits for real estate owners) which has been issued by a member state and is valid for one year or more, is able to travel to other member states for up to 3 months within a six month period, under the same conditions which apply to the holder of a residence permit, while they are also granted a right for multiple entries.



He or she has access to health or education services, just like any European citizen. The holders of the residence permit have access to public education (all in Greek language except private international schools), similar to Greeks. Regarding access to health services, 3rd country citizens and their family members who fall under the regulations of the current law, must have insurance that covers their healthcare and medical care expenses. He or she has access to: Good Mediterranean climate

Beautiful environment足


Economy rebound

Residence permits are issued within 2 months from the day on which the application is submitted and if all the supporting documents are submitted, a proof of submission is issued and the applicant is covered from that day onwards. In order to buy a property in Greece a tax identification number must be obtained with the assistance of the tax representative. Tax identification number is necessary to open a bank account and purchase and then register a property. All property owners are forced by law to have due fiscal representat



USEFUL INFORMATION Entry Visa An entry Visa is necessary to obtain a residence permit for owners of real estate. The investor must submit an application for an entry visa to the Greek Consulate Authority in their country of origin. The right to submit an application for a residence permit is available to any non EU citizen. This includes those who hold a type C Visa. Applicants for a residence permit must provide the following documents:

2 copies of the application document 3 recent color photos Certified copy of a valid passport or travel documents recognized by Greece and with the relevant valid entry visa, where required. Health certificate from a Greek public hospital or private doctor, certifying that the applicant(s) does not have any condition which, according to international epidemiological standards and the World Health Organization, can pose a risk to public health. In order to obtain this certificate the interested party must undergo a clinical examination, a chest x-ray and a tuberculosis test (Mantoux).



3rd country citizens who enter the country with a type D Visa which has been issued according to the provisions of article 36A’ of law 3386/2005, are exempt from the obligation to submit a health certificate as a required document for the issuance of the residence permit, provided that they produce an exact and certified hard copy of the corresponding medical certificate which they have submitted to the competent consulate authority in their country of origin.

This exemption is allowed provided the corresponding copy of the medical certificate is completed from a recognized state or private institution, according to the degree of credibility of the health services of the third country, which certifies that the third country citizen does not have any condition which can pose a risk to public health, according to the international epidemiological standards and the World Health Organization, and does not have, as well, as any other infectious, contagious or parasitic diseases which necessitate the imposition of safety measures for the protection of public health, and hence fully correspond to the provisions of article 10, law 3386/2005, and Ministerial Decision 933/2009.

IN ADDITION TO THE ABOVE: A. Residence permits for third country citizens who own and poses property in Greece must provide: 1. A copy of the contract for the purchase of the property or properties 2. Notary certificate stating that the contract fulfils the conditions required by the law (the contract does not have any conditions, exemptions or deadlines and the full payment has been made) certificate from the land registry 3. Certification by an insurance agency for the cost of hospitalization and medical care.



To certify that this condition is fulfilled, the following are accepted:

a.Insurance contracts which have been signed outside Greece, provided that they explicitly mention that they cover the interested party for the duration of their stay in Greece. b.Insurance contracts which have been signed in Greece.

B. A.Residence permits for 3rd country citizens who own property in Greece through a legal entity, where the applicant owns all shares. All of the above mentioned, plus a Copy of the statute of the legal entity which clearly indicates that the third country citizen owns all company shares.

APPLICATION PROCESS All the procedures can be done either in person by the 3rd country citizen, or through a proxy. This means that 3rd country citizens who have never entered Greece are not allowed to submit an application for a residence permit via a proxy. The applicant is allowed to enter the country, to assign their representation to a lawyer, with a notarized power of attorney, and then depart from the country and not be present during the submission of the application for a residence permit and/or the granting of the relevant permit. The authorities receiving the application will issue a confirmation that the application has been submitted, provided that all the necessary documentation has been submitted with the application. The confirmation is valid for one year. The owner of the real estate property is not affected by the duration of the processing of their application.



After the application has been submitted, the applicant receives a receipt confirming the submission of the application, which is valid for one year. The time required to process the application depends on the volume of pending applications. Authorities have been instructed to give priority to this type of application, and all efforts are made to process the applications within two months. The third country citizen, who has submitted an application and received the confirmation receipt described above, can reside legally in Greece for the duration of the confirmation receipt. The holder of the confirmation receipt is entitled to the benefits of the residence permit that they have applied for once the authority has verified that the application fulfils all necessary conditions, they will issue a five-year residence permit.

FAMILY MEMBERS Family members can enter the country at a later date from the applicant, from whom they draw their residence rights. These family members are issued with a residence permit of the same duration as the Applicant. The children of the applicant, who have been originally admitted to the country under the terms and requirements of residence permits, are issued an independent residence permit when they reach the age of 18 which can be renewed annually until their 21st year. Further renewals are possible in accordance with immigration legislation.



CERTIFICATION - TRANSLATION The documents that are required for the application for a residence permit must be submitted in Greek, except for the documents issued by foreign authorities, which need to be certified. There are two types of certification: a. The Apostille stamp for countries that are parties to the Hague Convention b. Certification by the Consular for any countries that are not parties to the Hague Convention, a certification by the Greek consular in the country of origin of the document is required.

The translation of foreign public documents can be done: a. By the Translation Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or b. A Greek lawyer


Enjoy Greece



Greece is a country that offers a wide variety of scenic beauty, one that not many can compete with, from tiny island getaways, to cosmopolitan venues, to ideal family destinations. It offers snow-topped, pine tree covered mountains to town and city dwellings and also sea side locations, offering a full range of recreational activities. If you add all that to the unique spirited lifestyle and the presence of ancient and modern culture, you can be sure that your every wish will be catered, be it for a holiday destination or a permanent home.



GEOGRAPHY Greece is the crossroads of three continents, Europe, Asia and Africa and three cultures with add their color to make it a one of its kind country. It is located at the southernmost tip of the Balkan Peninsular and its shores are washed by the Aegean, the Mediterranean and the Ionian Seas. With a surface area of 131.957 km2, it is comprised of mainland Greece and also some 6000 islands of all sizes, from larger ones like Rhodes and Crete to smaller ones like Mykonos and Anafi, not that size is a determining factor when it comes to beauty or quality of life. Since most of the country is mountainous and since it boasts 16.000 km of coastline, rest assured that you will be in the best place Europe has to offer.

HISTORY AND CULTURE Greece is the birthplace of Western civilization so it stands to reason that wherever you go you will encounter relics of the past. There are ancient Greek ruins wherever you venture, in every corner and on every island, small or large. Athens, of course, has the Acropolis with the Parthenon and the many surrounding structures and ancient theaters and the most recent addition the Acropolis Museum which leaves the visitor with a lifetime, awesome experience.



GASTRONOMY The Mediterranean diet is known all over the world for its tasty variety and is quoted by all nutritionists. If you are a one that seeks tasty dishes or if you are after natural, wholesome ingredients to use in your next dish, this is where you will find them. If your tastes run to sea food or if you are a meat eater, a vegetarian or simply a gastronomic thrill seeker, Greece is the place for you. And you can enjoy the huge variety that Greece has to offer at a small taverna or a 5-star restaurant and also at boutique restaurants that serve gourmet dishes and home cooked meals. Imagine all that and add to it the endless variety of wines from all corners of the country, made to suit and satisfy the most demanding palette.

LIFESTYLE With more than 300 days of sunshine a year, there is really nowhere you would rather be. You can take an early morning, mid day or late evening dip in the sea, play a round of golf so simply have a sun-downer after work or even take to the mountains for a picnic on the spur of the moment... and those are just a few of the many things you can do to unwind and relax. Should you want something more organised, you can visit a spa, go hiking, play a sport like tennis, sky diving, rafting, mountain biking, surfing, deep sea diving or rock climbing; whatever you may fancy! There is no end to what Greece has to offer in the line of recreation; anything that can be done in the sea, rivers, mountains (including skiing) and air.

EDUCATION There is an endless list of schools for expatriates: English as well as American, French, German, Italian and also Arabic, and all levels are covered from kindergarten all the way to IB, GCE and the equivalent in German and French. Also many universities in Europe have branches in Greece and offer undergraduate, graduate and post graduate courses in a variety of subjects.



TRANSPORTATION Greece boasts an efficient network of road, rail, air and of course sea transport, so much so that no place is inaccessible and no place is too far.

AIR Eleftherios Venizelos is Greece’s new airport, is situated 33 km from the center of Athens and is accessible by road transport, meaning your car, a taxi or coach, but also by rail and METRO. Of course Eleftherios Venizelos is the biggest international airport, but there are many more all over the country from mainland Greece to almost every island some of which are international and others domestic.

SEA Reaching every single corner of Greece wouldn’t be possible without an excellent network of ship and ferry lines, which goes hand in hand with ports and harbors on every island, not to mention routes to neighboring countries like Italy, Cyprus and Turkey.

RAIL The rail network extends for 2500 km and covers all of mainland Greece from the most northern to the most southern tip; ideal for visiting interesting sites while travelling through pristine countryside.



URBAN TRANSPORT The rail network extends for 2500 km and covers all of mainland Greece from the most northern to the most southern tip; ideal for visiting interesting sites while travelling through pristine countryside.

ROAD There are 117.000 km of road network in Greece and that includes super-safe highways as well as secondary roads, all of which will ensure easy and fast access to your destination. If, however, you do not have your own car, you can still travel around on the inter-city coaches, which run at regular intervals and reach even the most remote destination. There are border crossings to neighboring Balkan countries at Exochi Drama, Evzones Kilkis, Kakavia –which is near Ioannina- and Kipoi in Evros on the Turkish border.


Residence Samples

Kifissia, Αthens


5 Luxury & minimal residences in a quiet road, in the heart of Kifissia from 125 to 200 m2 in 1 or 2 levels 3 to 4 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms w.c. living & dining room with fireplace kitchen with private garden 280 to 300 m2 wooden floor verandas oak wooden floors autonomy gas heating & floor heating central air condition (hot & cold) alarm system 1 storage room 1 parking space


Kifissia, Αthens

3 Luxury Apartments very close to the Center of Kifissia


Ground Floor Residence A1 Residence Area: 506 m2 a) Ground floor - 277m2: Reception hall, living room (with a fireplace), dining room, kitchen, wc, en suite master bedroom, 2 en suite bedrooms, elevator, Swimming pool: 60 m2, exclusive use of garden and verandas: 720 m2 b) 1st Basement - 196m2: Living room (with a fireplace), play room, gym, spa, WC, elevator, housekeeper’s en suite bedroom c) 2nd Basement - 33m2: underground car park entrance, elevator, laundry room, 3 storage rooms, 3 parking spaces. 1st Floor Residence A2 Residence Area: 300 m2 a) 1st Floor - 265 m2: Reception hall, living room (with a fireplace), dining room, kitchen, wc, en suite master bedroom, 2 en suite bedrooms, elevator, Swimming pool: 24m2 b) 1st Basement - 35m2: housekeeper’s en suite bedroom, laundry room c) 2nd

Basement: storage room, 3 parking

spaces. 2nd Floor Residence A3 Residence Area: 385 m2 a) 2nd Floor - 276 m2: Reception hall, living room (with a fireplace), dining room, kitchen, wc, en suite master bedroom, 2 en suite bedrooms, Interior Staircase to Top Floor b) Top Floor - 28 m2: wc, elevator, Roof garden: 265 m2, Swimming pool: 30 m2 c) 1st Basement - 81m2: housekeeper’s en suite bedroom, play room, living room (with a fireplace), wc, storage room d) 2nd

Basement: storage room, 4 parking



Ekali, Athens


394 m2 Villa in Ekali 1 independent house with basement parking in Ekali Short description: - Independent residence with 3 levels - Total area 394 m2 residence - Living Area 359 m2 a) Basement: 120 m2 – playroom (with private entrance from the garden of the residence), maid’s room with en suite batthroom, laundry room, additional wardrobes, wc, storage room, boiler room, control room for elevator b) Ground floor: 123 m2 – living room, dining room, wc, kitchen c) 1st floor: 116 m2 – 1 master bedroom en suite bathroom, 2 bedrooms with a shared bathroom, 1 guestroom - Surface area of underground car park: 35 m2


Ekali, Athens


Villa 12A.1 in Ekali LUXURY HOUSE ON THE BORDER OF EKALI-ANOIXI The house is being built in Ekali (Athens’ Northern Suburbs). The surrounding area is remarkably beautiful and composes of dense pine forests. The morphology of this house is characterized by simple geometrical lines, with wooden details. The environment surrounding it was created by using natural material while the plants that were used belong to the Greek flora, in harmony with the whole environment. The residence 12A 1 is consisted of • 2nd Underground Parking 363.63 m2 • Underground play room 465.50 m2 • Ground Floor 246.32 m2 • 1st Floor 276.59 m2 All three levels are connected by an elevator.


Filothei, Athens

515 m2 LUXURY RESIDENCE COMPLEX IN FILOTHEI (UNDER CONSTRUCTION) Located at a privileged spot at Filothei suburb, right across from a park with easy access to main roads (Kifissias L. Kapodistriou, Attiki Odos), to sports facilities, schools, nurseries, modern shopping centers.


515 m2 2 levels ground floor & basement private garden area of 560 m2 very bright large panoramic windows minimalistic style 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms WC large entrance hall spacious living room with fireplace autonomous guest house play room laundry personnel room, with a separate entrance from the underground parking underground private parking area accommodating 2 cars


Filothei, Athens

497 m2 Villa in Filothei


Total area of property: 657 m2 with basement Parking, pool and roof garden on private land in Filothei Description Basement 139 m2: • playroom (with private entrance from the garden of the residence), • gym, • steam room with bathroom/ changing rooms, • maid’s room with en suite bathroom • laundry room Ground floor 171 m2: • hall, • living room, • dining room, • wc, • kitchen 1st floor 156 m2: • 1 master bedroom with en suite bathroom, • 2 bedrooms with en suite bathrooms, • 1 guestroom 2nd floor 31 m2: • office/guestroom with bathroom • Roof garden: 150 m2 – BBQ, kitchenette Surface area of underground car park: 125 m2 Additional features include: boiler room, control room for swimming pool, storage room: 35m2 - Swimming pool: 50 m2 - Exclusive use of garden and ground floor verandas: 365 m2 - Use of private well for watering of garden


N, Psychiko, Athens


96 m2 apartment 4th floor reception area large veranda separate kitchen 2 bedrooms, (one master with own bathroom) 2 bathrooms exclusive use of roof space (roof garden) 360 degrees panoramic view functional design modern facilities under floor heating underground parking and storage space, upon request


Kolonaki, Athens


305 m2 Maisonette in Kolonaki, Athens center The maisonette in Kolonaki has 4 levels. On the 8th floor of the building which is the first level you will find the master bedroom with a bathroom containing a hydromassage bathtub, 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms (one with bathtub and one with shower) and an auxiliary room that can be used as an office or a living room. The surface of this level without the balconies is 117,10 m2. On the 9th floor you will find the dining room, the living room with a cozy fireplace, a separate room, next to the dining room, for the kitchen and a lavatory. The balcony on this level is cornered and runs along on both faces. The surface of this level without the balcony is 106,30 m2. The next floor consists of two rooms and a bathroom with a hydromassage bathtub. The balcony on this level is cornered and runs along on both faces. The surface of this level without the balcony is 81,11 m2. The last floor is the access to a 74 m2 terrace with astonishing view. All floors communicate with an internal staircase. Furthermore the B elevator of the building has a stop on the 8th and on the 9th floor inside the apartment and the elevator door is accessible via an owner’s key. Parts of the apartment are two storage rooms located at the underground levels. First one is at level -1 and is approximately 11 m2 while the second is at level -2 and is approximately 10 m2. Four parking spots come with the apartment. The central heating system is using gas as power source but each level is equipped with a regulator to control switch on/off and temperature for the level. Air-conditioning system is installed on all levels. All wooden floors are oak. 61

Athens, Center


111,23 m2 Apartment in Patissia in a three-storey apartment building The apartment is located in front of public green space with unobstructed views. It has a warehouse area 9,80 m2 and 20,20 m2 and 1 parking space in the basement. Description: • 111,23 m2 surface • 1st floor • living room • dining room • kitchen • three bedrooms • bathroom • wc • 1 parking • storage room


Lagonissi, Athens


10 luxurious brand new villas with private garden, in a quite area (from 100 to 270 sq. m.) 2 bedrooms – bathroom master with en suite bathroom & walking closet living room with fire place dining area kitchen w.c. elevator private parking for sale independently or as a whole

2 bedrooms – bathroom master with en suite bathroom & walking closet living room with fire place dining area kitchen w.c. elevator private parking for sale independently or as a whole


Voula, Athens

Top Floor Sea View Apartment 267 sq.m 3rd and 4th floor construction 2010 minimal architecture unique quality amazing view to the sea 4 bedrooms, 2 are master (bathroom, dressing, jacuzzi) living room with fireplace modern kitchen wooden floors smart home 3 parking spaces in the basement storage room independent studio with kitchen and bathroom



Aegina island


Seaside property located in the area of Perdika on the island of Aegina (40 minutes from Athens by ferry) 4500m2 of landscaped gardens and olive trees Swimming pool A Superb stone house, built in 2006, with panoramic sea view from all terraces, and house rooms. Direct access to a beautiful beach The main house (over 400m2) has a reception place, living room, kitchen, master bedroom suite, two further bedrooms suites, two storage places and a guest studio which includes a living room, kitchen and a bedroom suite. Further the property includes an independent house for personnel (85m2) and other outbuildings as several storage places, central heating place and bathroom.


Mykonos island


2 Traditional Villas in Ag.Lazaros Psarroy beach In a 4.000 acre plot with 4 independent Houses, each with private swimming pool • House A 172 m2 (3 bedrooms) • Studio 16,00 m2 • 2 levels • pool

• House B 170.00 m2 (3 bedrooms) • Studio 22,00 m2 • 2 levels • Pool Mykonos is Greece’s most famous cosmopolitan island, a paradise in the heart of the Cyclades Complex. In Mykonos you will discover a fascinating world where glamour meets simplicity and where entertainment and fun meets history and tradition. Whatever your preferences are, Mykonos will certainly meet your expectations.


Mykonos island


440 m2 House in Ag. Ioannis Independent house located in a plot of a total area which equals 4.585,40m2. The residence develops in 3 levels and includes the following: The 1st level includes 200m2: • 3 bedrooms, • 2 bathrooms, • small TV room, • room service or a guest room with its own bathroom, • a storing room • a room with a washing machine, The 2nd level includes 190m2: • living room with its own dinning table, • a common area, • WC • kitchen. The 3rd level includes 50m2: • bedroom, • bathroom and a wardrobe, The surrounding area includes 2 independent guest houses with their own bathrooms, each of them are equal to an area of 25m2, 2 external pergolas with a complete installation of fridges and barbeques and both contain a dinning table. More precisely one of the two pergolas is located next to the swimming pool (with dimensions 15m x 6m), an external bathroom is also located there. The house contains a parking area which fits 3 vehicles. The following residence has access in 2 beaches and is equipped with a generator in case of a power outage.


Mykonos island

2 Traditional Villas in Ag.Ioannis In a 4.000 acre plot with 3 independent villas with private pool each. Amphitheater, a short distance from the beach with views of the Isle of Delos, Ornos and west. • House 1 = 196 m2 (3 bedrooms) • 2 levels • pool • House 2 = 175 m2 (3 bedrooms) • 2 levels • Pool



Porto Heli, Peloponnese


Villa in Porto Heli (Kounoupi) Built: 2002-2003 Land: 4000 m2 House: 400 m2 Swimming Pool: 15m x 6m Tennis Court: Carpet with Sand Covered Parking for 5 cars Water Tanks Capacity: 320 m3 2 Large Storage Rooms Ground floor: Master Bedroom, Living Room, Dining Room, Guest Bathroom, and Kitchen First Floor: 2 Guest Bedrooms with Bathroom each Lower Floor: 2 Guest Bedrooms with Bathroom each, Playroom, Laundry Room, Living Quarters for Staff, Sauna, Changing Room, Guest Shower,G uest WC


Porto Heli, Peloponnese


each two-storied residence is constituted from: • living room • dining room • living room with fireplace • kitchen • bedrooms with wardrobes and his own bathroom each one with bathtub and ydromasaz • wc • big verandas covered with tiles, covered space 50m2


Ground floor: • playroom • wc • store-room • two bedrooms each one with his own bathroom • bar • an autonomous guest room, in which is included a bathroom and a kitchen beneficial space total surface 300 m2 additional manufactures of exterior space • reservoir of water • swimming-pool 55 – 60 m2 and separate hydromassage • engine-room of swimming-pool and deposit • reservoir of swimming-pool • garage 50m2 • bar abroad and living room with cover built with stone • barbecue of complete operation • a store room of stone next to the barbecue • two acres of garden planted with stone flower-beds


Arachova, Parnassos


ARACHOVA Agios Vasilios – next to Kastalia village, 700 m from the center of Arachova with magnificent views of the Delfi area. 2 independent houses (chalet) on private land. Short description: House area 322-345 m2 a) 1st level: 1 en suite master bedroom, 2 en suite bedrooms, 1 housekeeper’s en suite bedroom, laundry room, storage room, independent boiler room, elevator, ski room, wine cellar b) 2nd level: reception hall, living room, dining room, wc, kitchen, elevator, cloakroom c) 3rd level (loft): 2 guestrooms with with either one or bathrooms - Exclusive use of plot 650-711 m2 - option for BBQ - 5 parking spaces


59 Skoufa st | 10672 Athens GR T.+30 6936844555 F.+30 210 3636524 E.

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