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Step 4 Listening to Neighborhood Stories “The Busy Bees” in Nikaia Piraeus Greece


In Step 4 Paul is asking us not only to listen carefully to the stories of people who live in our neighborhood but to ask open ended questions like journalists do. We made a lot of practice to make it easier for us when our guests arrive. Mr Katikas, Anna Maria’s grandfather and Mrs Psoma, Erina’s grandmother came to our class to talk about our neighborhood. We listened to their stories and we had a great time playing the role of a journalist, like Paul..

Two guests, two ordinary people who live in Nikaia for more than 30 years

Mr Athanasios Katikas, Doctor

Mrs Katerina Psoma, Housewife

Mr Thanasis couldn’t bring any old photos so he drew his favorite game on a blackboard

What he said..

’m 80 years old I’m a doctor I’m a Greek refugee from Constantinople of Asia Minor I couldn’t find any old photos of our neighborhood In Nikaia there where a lot of craftsmen who used to make ceramics and clay objects We used to make our own games to play because we couldn’t afford buying them. We played team games like “koutso”, “ntamakia”, “fitso”, “xiliki”, “hide and seek”. My school was very small I had great teachers I had grandparents who loved me and take care of me as much as I did. There were no cars on the streets only donkeys

What she said..

I’m 55 years old I’m a housewife When I was a child we used to make our own games to play I brought many pictures and household devices (irons) from the old times My school was a very small and old building I had a grandmother named Katina who loved me but she died really young I’m a Greek refugee of Pergamos in Asia Minor We used to play ‘volous’, ‘gialenakia’, ‘karidia’, ‘mila’, ‘kapakia’, ‘abariza’, ‘kentra’ Some of my teachers were good some bad, I’ve learned more from the good ones. In this neighborhood there were many crafts men who made bricks and clay objects As a kid, me and my friends used to play on the streets because there were no cars then

Connecting their stories They both said: They are Greek refugees both from Asia Minor

Their school was very small

They showed us things from old times (photos & drawings)

They played on the streets because there were no cars back then

They used to make their own games to play

In Nikaia a lot of craftsmen were making clay and ceramic objects

His neighborhood story.. A long time ago when I was a child, this school here, your school, didn’t exist. At this place, there was a huge field with many trees and a woodshed. Bozonelos owned the place and he had a guard to protect it. On the field there was a beautiful Almond tree with many wrists on it. All the kids in this neighborhood, including me, wanted to taste some of them because we couldn’t afford buying them, so we used to jump above the fence and steal the almonds. Every time the guard caught us stealing, he was chasing us in order to get us panished. But were too smart and too fast…

Her neighborhood story.. Many many years ago, here in Nikaia there was a terrible rainfall. It rained for 3 days in a row without stopping. The results were, flooded houses, shops, streets and all the people here were in danger. A cousin of mine who was a baby, back then, was saved the last minute when someone took her out of her crib, before the water drÎżwns her. That was something I remember after so many years as a nightmare.

We would like to thank our guests for helping us with this Step and I, as a teacher, want to congratulate my students for showing such an enthusiasm for the interviews! Teacher @AntoniaDagla

Out of Eden Learn 2017-2018 ‘The Busy Bees’

Out of Eden Learn 2017-18 Step 4 Lj1  

The kindergartners in Nikaia Piraeus Greece are listening to their neighborhood stories for Step 4 in OoeL

Out of Eden Learn 2017-18 Step 4 Lj1  

The kindergartners in Nikaia Piraeus Greece are listening to their neighborhood stories for Step 4 in OoeL