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A small bit about myself I am Toni-Anne Deas and I am aged 30. I am a second year Psychiatric Nursing student. I am originally from a large industrial town in England called Scunthorpe but moved to Ireland in 2007 with my daughter. I am a qualified Nursery nurse/assistant but once my daughter started school I decided to retrain. What makes me a good candidate for President? This year I have been a part of the Students’ Union in the form of nursing officer. During this time I have been a proactive campaigner on subjects such as registration fees and grant cuts, speaking publicly in Croke Park on the public sector deals and also on the debt burden and what it means for many students. Also during this year I have developed working relationships with heads of department, allocations staff, the officer board of the Union of Students Ireland (USI), and also with officers in our affiliated campuses under the GMIT umbrella, all of which I hope to continue if elected. Vote for you? Why should I? You should vote for me to ensure that the student voice is heard loud and clear. I have experience from working as part of the Students’ Union Executive and have an understanding of the effort that goes into every event/campaign. As a nursing student I am passionate about advocacy for people as a whole and believe that I can successfully do this as President of GMIT Castlebar. I am compassionate and empathetic to people’s needs and believe I am an approachable person. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for reading my leaflet and please be aware that these ideas are only a taste of what I plan to do in the coming year. If you have any questions, please ask.

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Going Further To Put Students First

Parents and Mature students – In previous years in GMIT, parents had a society set up to address issues they were experiencing. If elected I plan to re-establish this and include mature parents and mature students alike so as to provide all students with a voice within the college.

Safety – Getting home safely from nights out is always a concern. I plan to establish a link with a local taxi firm to bring students home. In the event of the student having no money left at the end of a night out, they would be required to give the taxi driver their student card. This can then be collected at the Students’ Union on payment of the fare.

Integration – Whilst there is a programme set up for peer assisted learning, I feel that students benefit more from meeting students doing the same subjects as themselves. If elected I plan to establish firm relationships, much like a buddy scheme. Students from first year will be introduced to other year groups in the hope that they provide a support for the adjustment into third level education.

Students’ Union – The Students’ Union is constantly busy with students using the computers and photocopiers. It is my view that whilst the library will not open earlier, the Students’ Union could. I would endeavour to open the Students’ Union at the same time as the college opens.

Communication – I would look to update the Student Union web page. It will include pictures of all executive officers, key dates and the posting of achievements within the college and at outside events. This would work to promote the college profile to the wider community and encourage them to also become involved. Resources – I would look into gaining updated resources for the students’ union. This would include current operating systems with a possible view to upgrading computers, possibly from within the college labs themselves. I would also utilise the areas along the main corridors with a view to having them used as an office space and possibly a stationery shop.

Area 15 – This is an area of the college that is for the sole purpose of students use, be it to take time out or meet with friends for a chat. I plan on making this as welcoming an environment as possible, operating and recording the various welfare weeks here in the way of murals completed by students within the college. This is a way to record feelings and experiences. There is also an office that can be used for private and delicate matters arising for students. Supports – This year has been difficult for all students with one thing and another. I plan to hold clinics which deal with these matters and work towards finding practical solutions. These include matters arising for finances, stress and academic issues, also as an LGBT Ally I will be on hand for any individual experiencing issues around this area. This will also be done through continued work with USI Officer Board


A copy of the few proposals of my manifesto

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