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drift housing



Design Studio III - Mixed Use

Design Studio I- Fundamental Design

2016 Fall

2015 Fall

auditorio de montana



CAP Studio

Design Studio II- Context

2017 Spring

2016 Spring

Team Member : Xiaoli Zhang, Swinya Chavanich


bny mediatheque Design Studio V- Vertical 2017 Fall


other works

driggs drift housing Pratt GAUD : Deisgn Studio III - Mixed Use , 2016_Fall Instructor : James Garrison Site : Driggs Ave, Brooklyn, NY This project is considered within the context of NYC’s goal to “create homes for almost a million more New Yorkers while making housing and neighborhoods more affordable and sustainable. By 2030, New York City will be home to over nine million people—nearly one million more people that lived here in 2005.” The NYC housing plan for 2030 is an important reference for the studio. Here are its goals:”As we prepare for the challenges and opportunities that will come with population growth, we must set our goals beyond just increasing the number of housing units—which will continue to be a major focus for the City. We must also create and maintain sustainable, affordable neighborhoods. We recognize that strong neighborhoods are among our greatest assets. Each neighborhood has its own distinctive character, history, and culture; maintaining this diversity plays a vital role in the continuing health of the city.”

Idea living on the roof New York contains diverse culture and people. The personal expression has its own distinctive character and becomes an important aspect to look back into contemporary living. The satisfaction of different living style has become an essential thing since New York city has a gigantic and mixed based population. It is acknowledged the fact that some of the housing in New York no longer satisfy the contemporary need. Hence, the project focuses on the notion of share living. To imagine if the community could segment vertically and elevate the living area into the sky. It maximizes social interaction by providing generous communal spaces on the ground plane while at the same time the occupants also can keep the privacy. This has allowed more interactive, socially, playful environment for living.

cooridoor view

structure expression

grant plaza

open market




section sequence

site condition


The site is located at Williamsburg. An area which is an old manufacturing district that transforming into one of the most lively cultural centers outside Manhattan. The project encourages interaction between people, flowing of space.

housing units plan study

Experient the different type of living through unit plan, through section.

study model modular system and structure concept and modular system study

Modular System. Drift Housing is designed as a modular system and with four different types of housing units. This prototype utilizes an ecologically friendly modular design which is fast and easy to build. It saves energy, time, money, and natural resources by systematically prefabricating units in a factory rather than assembling materials bit by bit on site. This allows site work and building products to occur simultaneously. This manufacturing approach dramatically reduces construction time and trade coordination errors. In order to install the module units, each unit will be sitting on six different curved precast concrete and locked both sides by steel truss system. This gesture not only gives privacy for each type of units but also creates a light well to the ground floor.

module articulation

housing condition entrance and courtyard study

explode diagram

street view

corner between metropolitan ave and driggs ave


two bedroom 600 sqf

300 sqf

one bedroom

three bedroom

500 sqf

studio type

800 sqf

micro unit

Housing Units

housing unit plan




The concept of housing units is to reduce cost by minimizing individual room sizes and to maximize social opportunities by providing generous communal spaces. For studio type apartment, it is designed as a micro unit to deal with the lack of housing dilemma what New York has facing right now. As one bedroom to three bedroom units. These three units are all duplex housing. Three of them all have an individual courtyard to face the south and all of the living spaces are arranged on the second floor.

housing unit articulation


The building ground floor composed by a grant plaza with one bridge connects from Metropolitan Ave to N 4th Street and two lobby entrances. The spaces beneath the bridge are planned to serve as retails area which takes Williamburg’s diverse living style as a reference. The retail can work as workshop, restaurant, gym and give the community an opportunity to release the pressure of housing budget by taking part of rental of retail to deduct the expense of housings.

As go up from the grand stair near Metropolitan Ave, it shows a regular arrangement of apartment style. The housing units arranged in a sequence with the features when the elevation of landing increase in a order. Considering the disables who live in the neighborhood. The design contains different ramp that cooperates with the building code to comfort and make the pathway to adapt to those groups of people when they pass by the building.

circulation tower


housing unit arrangement


gym circulation tower grand stairs

circulation tower open market

The bridges can function as different programs such as open green market, flea market, and also can be a spot for performance artist in Williamsburg to perform. It seeking different people to interact on the grant plaza.


retails, open market

roof detail wall and floor detail

detail wall section

auditorio de montana Pratt GAUD : CAP Studio, 2017_Spring Instructor : Stephanie Bayard Site : Barcelona, Spain Team Members : Xiaoli Zhang, Swinya Chavanich

The spatial nature of the concert hall emphasizes programmatically introspective conditions of the auditorium, placing the spectator in an inward looking space disconnected from the outside world. The program simultaneously has the potential to present itself as a lively public space, allowing an intimate relationship between performers and audience. The sloped site located below the Park GĂźell, designed by AntonĂ­ Gaudi, offers views to the city and the Mediterranean Sea, and the project site will be visible from the Park itself. The surrounding medium scale residential neighborhood contrasts with the intense tourism of the Park, offering the music hall an opportunity to become a public venue bene ting both occupants. Barcelona has a sophisticated network of intricate plazas within a regular grid and the Mediterranean weather affords outdoor usage of those plazas and courtyard year long.


site plan

Site Analysis The sloped site was located next to Park Gßell which designed by Antoni Gaudi and on its east side which exists a residential community. To rethink about concert hall as a starting point for this project, the core concept of this project is to debate a question what concert hall could be if there’s no concerts or events around daily time. What if a concert hall can activate more not only as traditional music hall but gives it more meaning to become a bridge to connect public and private. To expand this social connection from Park Gßell through this project.

twisting, wraping

The buildings composed of two different scales of twisting, wrapping geometry to link both side.

The project starts to take information from site mapping to composed architectural massing, such as sun orientation, wind orientation, view to the landmark, bus stop...etc. This creates a twist gesture that the streamlines start to wrap and form a concert hall.

ground floor plan

The abandoned east south area which has an opportunity to reactivate as a parking area which can benefit both residential area and public. It also connects the continuity of green area from east side to Park GĂźell.

2nd floor plan

The gesture of twist and wrap also affect how entrance and stairs will form. The idea of twist not only happened on the building form itself but also will affect the circulation type.

3rd floor plan

The ramp continuous extend through rooftop to left side exterior stair as a symbol of a link through public and private

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.

auditorium path to lobby path to rooftop rehersal room individual room path to plaza auditorium path

1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9.

lobby ticket office foye cafe bar to rooftop path to entrance plaza ramp to rooftop


3 4



1 7


6 5




transverse section




The rehearsal rooms will activate as classrooms when there’s no concert in the building. It could gain the social connection between both sides of people. Furthermore, the hill from the north side. It has a retaining wall which naturally has an advantage of soundproofing which defines where the main hall should be located.

The main hall establishes a continous, fluid relationship between the outside shell and interior. The ambition of this project is to acheive an infinity and continous surface and appear homogenous and throughout the landscape.

5 3






1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11.

auditorium lobby foye cafe rooftop restroom mechnical room office back stage path to back stage east entrance


8 10



lobby and foye

Facade elements wrap and swirl with the floor and roof. It also affect the interior lighting

main auditorium hall

Main hall maintaining the fludity from exterior to interior creating a dialogue between outside twist and inside wrap.

structural model

auditorium model

Facade System The project principally consist with two colloborating system : A waffle concrete system forms the main hall and steel’s frame structural system forms the lobby. The repetitive structural expression can be seen when walking through to auditorium. The retaining walls on both side strength structure ability to against the earth on the north side of the site. The flexibility of aluminum panel which showing in the lobby combine with two systems. One is the anchor for curtain wall system and for another one is the anchor for fin installation.

structural and facade explode assembly and framing

anchor for curtain wall

anchor for fin

fin, anchor position diagram

facade system analysis fin and anchor system

whole wall section

curtain wall and roof detail

anchor for fin plan

anchor for curtain plan

skylight detail

anchor for fin section

anchor for curtain section

bny mediatheque Pratt GAUD : Deisgn Studio V - Vertical , 2017_Fall Instructor : Henry Smith-Miller Site : Brooklyn Navy Yard, Brooklyn, NY

The project itself project a 21st Century development at the site of the former, (now burgeoning, Brooklyn Navy Yard), a new MediaTek and Campus will provide a landscape of public entertainment, outdoor filming and screening areas, as well as production studios, all seen as the natural extension of the commercial film studios and small startups already present at the Yard. The Mediatheque’s program will invite growth-stage and innovative early-stage companies from around the world that are developing disruptive technologies that will shape the future of digital entertainment and media. The companies invited represent the future of media and content across video creation and consumption, data analytics, eSports, commerce, video delivery performance, machine learning, and personalization. The mediatheque showing speculate through large-scale or small-scale interventions that may enable new forms of energy production, public policy, engineering, transportation or other drivers to create new platforms for advanced urbanism.

Architecture as Island The position where Brooklyn Navy Yard is very valuable. It is in the

To rethink about media, it has to go with the environment since me-

center between Dumbo, Williamsburg and lower Manhattan but howev-

dia itself already be immersive. So, the question will be. How architects

er, it is lack of connection between these four locations. Hence, the core

design when environment changing so fast? We could say, what form

concept come to this project is to see architecture as a self - island and

today’s world is a bunch of data and information. Such abstract data that

use it as a trigger to reactivate Brooklyn Navy Yard as a transfer station

people can’t see somehow lack of connection with architecture phenom-

through Dumbo to Williamsburg to lower Manhattan. It is a symbol to

enon but still influence our life every day.

challenge traditional architecture which reveals a sign about anti-gravity and an upside down typology of architecture. In that situation, a debate will be formed because as it starts to claim itself as an island. It no longer belongs to Brooklyn or Manhattan.

study model

isloation and island

floating and fluidity

site analysis

site plan rearrange navy yard open another entrance from williamsburg

split pier

break from navy yard

self island

In New York, everything was cramped together becuase the buildings occupied such limited area. New York is not competing it’s size anymore. This project seeks for a new scale - a scale of city to the earth.

Bird view from Brooklyn Navy Yard

New Typology of Architecture New York city might be seen as the biggest and greatest city

Hence, the project seeking a symbol for the new type of

the world. For the size of skyscrapers, population. As reference

architecture. The project will be seen as an expansion from

from Lebbus Le Corbusier’s comments on New York City been

Brooklyn Navy Yard. Mediatheque. It suggests a new scale of

“too small” which referring to New York City’s ground plan. As

architecture. A scale related to earth. It is a speculating of the

for future development, New York City might not be going to

future city might be.

complete in terms of sizes anymore.

column grid

perfect grid project

mediatheque unbuild area

column grid

perfect grid project

program placement

contour projection

Future Developement The program arranges on a side and leaves a grand space on the west side for future development. It is a symbol of how future architecture could be transformed and how to rethink about land use when the population growing rapidly.

The columns project perfect grid on the roof but at the same time perpendicular to the curved surface. This gives a solid move for structural stability and beauty.



pixelate top view The super roof’s edges follow both brooklyn and manhattan coast line

night view

breath facade

POPS Pratt GAUD : Design Studio I, 2015_Fall Instructor : Stephanie Bayard Site : 345 Park ave, New York

This project is to design an intervention that seeks to intensify the pro-

grammatic potential of these sites in order to foster interactions across the diverse set of human and non-human residents and visitors working and living in their midst. The intervention will serve as a site of exchange of services and information across these populations and may include a daily or seasonal shift in its programmatic intent. Program spaces will be specific in where they exist on the public-private spectrum but flexible in their specific use. Private offices for medical clinics and/or legal, educational, and employment services and a larger open community gathering space and cafe for special events will accommodate activities at varying levels of publicness. The project will connect to an adjacent transportation node to expand its accessibility to the community of urban constituents.

paper flat


unit articulation

unit transformation

folding process

This project focus on exploring the combination of pure ge-

The first approach of this project is to create a paper unit that

ometry and how they impact as pavilion’s units in today’s urban

split into one prime element and one support element. Using the

environment. It starts with fundamental exploration. To fold and

tension between prime these two different pieces, the support el-

cut paper. The center pursue is to have a system that can adjustable

ement play as a control factor which it can transform and stretch

in different scales and different articulations.

the unit in different scales.

Taking scaffolding system as a reference. The second move for this project is to eliminate the support element and using the same triangular geometry to articulate a series of the continuous and various type of units.

The site is located at 345 park ave which is a building

Right now, it is defined as privately-owned public spac-

that contains 44 floors story height. To look back at the histori-

es (POPS). POPS scattered around the city have an am-

cal background of the site. The original of Park Ave was inten-

biguous identity in the city. So, the priority of this project

tion used as a railway system. It is built on the site of the Hotel

is trying to take the subject quality of the site and former

Ambassador. The famous hotel was built in 1921. It was sold to

experimental unit system to merge into a public pavilion.

Sheraton Hotels in 1958 and renamed the Sheraton-East. It was

The concept is to start reactivated the social interaction be-

demolished in 1966. The site itself has different influences on

tween the corporation’s workers and public people.

the historical evidence and right now become a business district.

floor plan

site plan

swirl Pratt GAUD : Design Studio II-context, 2016_Spring Instructor : Maria Seira Site : Battery Park, New York

The project is designed a elementary school in NYC’s Financial Dis-

trict. NYC teachers and administrators forge ahead on new teaching methodologies and adapt the buildings they are given best they can—using hallways for individual conferences with students, setting aside classrooms for increased staff development, making use of the ubiquitous dropped ceiling grid to hang student work, modulating lighting conditions designed for pre-digital classrooms so that classrooms work with Smartboards and computer screens, and so on. Here is a great opportunity for a studio group such as ours, eager to learn from precedents, but also getting out to the community and spending time with their user groups; this studio is an opportunity to test alternate architectural articulations for the learning spaces of tomorrow’s adults. The rigorous abstract methodologies students learn in their first semester are put to use now through this interrogation of the elementary school program.

massing analysis

program arrangement

The idea about this project is to have an infinite loop to make a continuous form. The initial experiment is to take cells fusion as a reference then catalog different type of loops and tests how it can fusion as a continuous form. The goal is to make traditional architectural geometry barely exist. Everything is dynamic and everything is smooth, continuous and curvilinear. fragments diagram

cell study

program as cell fusion

view from battery park fluidity link to landscape and building

lobby and entrance free circulation define relationship between outdoor and inddor

The project’s intention about circulation is to create a free circulation. To make the user feels like they are situated in the outdoor space. Figuratively, to make a school like a park. Fluidity is an essential quality in this project. It is a symbol that geometry can’t be independence. It means that every piece of architecture can’t be taken out. Everything is coherent. It should be called “Formless”.

lobby l1: l2: l3: l4:

main entrance security desk waiting area elevator

maiN officE o1: o2: o3: o4: o5:

main office confrence room principal’s office security desk staff bathroom

aUdiToriUm a1: auditorium a2: project room

cafETEria c1: cafeteria c2: kitchen c3: storage

baTHroom b1: girl’s bathroom b2: boy’s bathroom

mEdia cENTEr m1: information desk m2: computer area

ground floor plan share programs and offices

basement plan gym underground open for public uses

lobby l4: elevator

claSSroom cl1: classroom cl2: art room cl4: storage

baTHroom b1: girl’s bathroom b2: boy’s bathroom

second floor plan classrooms



l1: l2: l3: l4:

cl1: classroom cl2: art room cl4: storage

main entrance security desk waiting area elevator

maiN officE


o1: o2: o3: o4: o5:

G1: G2: G3: G4: G5: G6: G7:

main office confrence room principal’s office security desk staff bathroom

baTHroom b1: girl’s bathroom b2: boy’s bathroom

mEdia cENTEr m1: information desk m2: computer area

Gym lobby TablE TENNiS room daNcE room lockEr room coacH officE ballS room & iNfo baSkETball coUrT

other works

2018 sp - design studio illusion and deconstruction

2018 sp - design studio illusion and deconstruction

2018 sp - design studio illusion and deconstruction


sp - advanced representation vertical farm -2038


sp - advanced representation vertical farm -2058


sp - computer media ii msm - 07

sp - computer media ii kraken animation project



fa - computer media ii induction

tung shen pratt GAUD selected works (2015-2018)

Tung Shen Portfolio 2018  
Tung Shen Portfolio 2018  

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