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September 2011

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By Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy)


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y hope, as a hypnotherapist and counsellor, is that you transcend any states of aloneness and come into this warm and cozy home space. In this home space there is a sacred calmness and peace-full-ness. Here you are completely accepted. You are completely your Self. Now your emotions can all connect. You can now re-place the con-fusion with fusion. Here you are Whole. Here you are One. You can sense that your body and your mind and your spirit are organically connected. Here you can truth-fully say, “Je suis bien dans ma peau.â€?, “I am happy in my s s own Self.â€?, or “C’est moi.â€?, “This is my Self.â€? You are free of old shackles and llnes we old “unfinished business.â€? Here you are a free spirit. Free to fly. Here you can smokin play, re-charge and have a lot of fun. En-joy be-ing each feeling in each moment. frui Here you can be for-giv-ing away all your limiting characteristics. Here, at home, you can re-treat your Self to your Self. You can re-experience xie ty making contact with your “l’enfant d’orâ€?,â€?golden, child-like Selfâ€?. Here it is very self esteem clear what you want and also very clear what you do not want. Here there is a t very strong sense of dĂŠjĂ vu. This is a place where when you gaze around you weigh in any corner, sector or view of this home, and from any direction, you see your COUNSELLING, COACHING Self everywhere. Here, if you feel alienated or dis-connected from any one entity, thing or person you are free to negotiate with this alienation and in-corporate it & HYPNOTHERAPY CENTRE into your whole being. Richard M. Haney In this home you are into nearly pure be-ing. The “control cloaksâ€? are left at Ph.D.(Counselling), Hypnotherapist the front door. Here there is the present tense only. Here, at home, you have lots (613) 234-5678 (613) 726-3636 of time be-cause you are outside of time. Here you can be-come very still and Bank St. (in Centretown) Pinecrest Rd. hold this stillness and in this still state you can readily re-craft new pathways for connecting dis-membered parts of your Self. Here you can re-member how to “put Humpty Dumpty back to-gether againâ€?. This home of yours is a wonder-full place to transcend into a very, very deep and in-spiring re-treat. Here are some of the practical aspects of a deep re-treating of yourself to your Self:no clocks, no doorbells, no telephones, no radio, no t.v., no newspapers, no computers, no noisy appliances, etc. Also no business, no work, no mail, no e-mail, no bills, no messages, etc. Very little contact with other people. Very little talking. Very little thinking. Well-come Home! En-joy your 7(%. 3EPTEMBER $ECEMBER “wholly-dayâ€? re-treat. Re-member the “wholly-dayâ€? never ends. You just 02)#% HRFORWKCOURSE forget to re-member to stay whole and conscious. I hope you re-member to re4)-% 7EDNESDAYS  PM member‌‌‌‌..

g tion


Create The Life You Want

Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy), has been practising Wholistic Counselling, Hypnotherapy and Mediation in Ottawa for the past 25 years. If you are interested in his services please call Richard at (613) 234-5678 or e-mail him at and explore the possibilities.



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A Dog’s Life Yoga philosophy tells us that the primary cause of suffering is our identification with the mind and/or the body. There’s evidence of that on every flyer, every other television commercial, every anti-aging campaign, and filling rows upon rows of dietary and weight-loss quick fixes .... this utter inability to see the beauty of wisdom that can evolve with our age. Why do we do that?! Create a context that determines wrinkles are to be hidden at all cost? Two things we can absolutely count on with utter confidence and security: 1) We will age 2) We will die. And our culture has determined that both of these are taboo topics of conversation, best kept swept under the carpet and locked behind closed doors. Perhaps if we all started doing the inner work, started connecting with our true state of being, our unchanging essence, we would stop chasing an illusion and find true inner peace. Consider . . . to what part of your identity are you most attached? In other words, what insult would most ‘hit home’ for you? A comment about your looks, your weight? An affront against your intelligence, your skills as a mother, father, caregiver? What is it that defines you, for therein lies the ego.  Can you sit with a vision of you, stripped naked of these names and traits and identities and realize that right here, right now, exactly the way that things are, I am perfect in every way? 

September 2011

My goal is to live like a dog. They harbour no resentments, no fears, no uncertainties. They don’t obsess for days over insurance premiums or wills or retirement packages, fooling themselves into thinking they can control the future. Mansion or dog house, they’re happy. A collar from Burberry or Walmart doesn’t define them, fat owner or thin, they aren’t embarrassed. Sure, burgers over kibble is a natural preference, but they happily accept what comes their way. In fact, on close analysis, it seems the spiritual guru I have long sought has been here the whole time. Eryn Kirkwood, MA, is the owner and director of BarrhavenYoga ( She offers yoga classes and workshops for all levels of ability at her studio in Nepean.

What To Do With Our Feelings? By Marlene and Bob Neufeld


e cannot live in this world without having feelings. Invariably, something happens which takes us out of a sense of well-being. The big question is what to do with our feelings.

Make them wrong, try not to feel them Many of us have been raised that certain feelings were wrong and we shouldn’t feel them. In fact, we call some feelings “negative”. Who among us has not heard “don’t be afraid (or sad… or angry)”? Some of us (ourselves included) have even said that to our loved ones or children or friends. However, telling someone not to feel an emotion is like telling someone not to feel hungry or tired. In fact, it back-fires. WHAT WE RESIST, PERSISTS! This quote is attributed to Carl Jung, the Swiss Psychiatrist. However, it has become a truism. When we are resisting something, we are actually giving it more energy. Our pushing against it causes us to focus on it. Try not thinking about something. Just the act of trying not to think about it, makes us think about it. Suppression never works. Emotions are energy, and if we suppress energy, it will condense. And sooner or later that energy will explode. We can’t get rid of it. It is there .

Get caught in the story of them, believe they are justified Our minds latch onto something as the cause of the feeling.... the boyfriend, the wife, the job, or even the weather. But, who knows what the real reason is? Our minds are made to make sense of our emotions. However, they are not always accurate. We try to think our way out of our feelings by working out what’s gone wrong. We ask ourselves questions: “Why do I always react this way?” “Why can’t I handle things better?” or “Why does s/he always react this way?” “Why can’t s/he handle things better?” We go round and round the same hamster wheel. This does exactly the opposite of resolving problems: our ability to solve problems actually deteriorates markedly. When we think we know the cause of the problem, we attack ourselves or someone else. We point out our own or someone else’s faults with blame and criticism, often convincing ourselves that it is justifiable. We may add the words “I feel…” to our thoughts believing that this makes them more real or true. In our office, we have frequently had people defend their stories with a fervent “But, that’s what I feel!” Sometimes, we are afraid that what is going on says that we are bad people. Then we need to defend against that, because no-one really wants to admit that they are a bad person.

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CREATE CLOSER LOVING RELATIONSHIPS Marlene & Bob Neufeld A Couple helping Couples learn life-changing relationship skills

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Act them out Another thing we do is lash out. We have heard that is not good to suppress our feelings, and that it is important to express them. We may be angry and we express it in a way that is hurtful or we may be afraid and we act out the fight response (fight or flight) of fear.. We do a variety of behaviours ranging from physical abuse to using sarcasm, insulting, name calling, raising our voices, intimidating, pressuring, threatening, lying, accusing, comparing, and basically not taking responsibility for our behaviour

Honour them, feel them and make friends with them So what can we do? “What we embrace, dissolves” (also attributed to Carl Jung). Here are some steps to make friends with feelings. 1. Let go of “because…” (we don’t really know why we are feeling a certain way, we just think we do). 2. Drop the story and focus our attention on the physical sensations of our feelings. Sooner or later our feelings will inevitably fade on their own because we are no longer feeding them with our thoughts. In the process, we shift from feeling powerless in their presence to having viable ways to be in relationship to them or anything else that arises Marlene & Bob Neufeld practice body-centered Coaching and Psychotherapy. They are a couple who help couples learn life-changing skills and create closer, more loving relationships with one another. For more information call 613-594-9248 or see

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September 2011

ThetaHealingTM for Accepting Yourself and Others

by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) Energy Psychotherapist, ThetaHealing Facilitator, Sacred Sound Channel ThetaHealingTM quickly, gently and easily uncovers the root cause of your concerns and simultaneously releases energy from current life experiences, past generations, past lives and soul, to create deep and lasting change! For previous articles explaining Theta/DNA Healing, case studies, and an overview of all my services, visit We all look at the world through the personal lens of our own experience. Some people see themselves and others as compassionate and well-meaning, whereas others view and act with judgment, anger or fear. The perception we generally uphold has everything to do with how we feel about ourselves, and ourselves in relation to others. Ask yourself, “From which paradigm do I operate my life?”: • I’m not O.K., you’re O.K. • I’m O.K., you’re not O.K. • I’m not O.K., you’re not O.K. • I’m O.K., you’re O.K. The most common model I see in my practice is “I’m not O.K., you’re O.K.”. This is a sense of inferiority created through wounds of shame, abandonment and rejection that have been passed from one generation to another. For example, one client, whom we’ll call Marcus, was raised by a father who was rigid in his views of right and wrong, and if Marcus behaved in any manner that was different from his father’s he was deemed inadequate. No matter what Marcus did, he was criticized and could not meet his father’s expectations. Desperate to receive Dad’s acceptance, Marcus continued to diminish himself and make himself wrong in order that Dad could be right. Consequently, with this subconscious programming, he spent his energy comparing himself to others and feeling small, automatically assuming he was at fault, and looking to others for validation rather than trusting himself, especially with male authority figures. With energy psychotherapy and ThetaHealing we were able to show Marcus that he had been waiting all his life for Dad to accept him and tell him that he was O.K. The work was to shift the various layers of beliefs imbedded in this core view of himself and his father,

and instill the energies of ‘being O.K.’, which he had never known. As Marcus came to accept himself, he no longer defaulted into feelings of inferiority and life felt lighter. The polarity of inferiority is superiority: “I’m O.K., you’re not O.K.” This is the paradigm that can rear up when we operate from blame and refuse to look inward and be self-responsible. It can shape the entire life of the survivor child who has suffered severe abuse and learns to remain tough; hate sustains him or her. It is important to note that if we hold a self-view of inferiority we also hold superiority in our shadow. Subconsciously, Marcus also wanted to be superior so he could, just once, be right. However, given his upbringing and longing for acceptance by Dad, he felt that if he gave himself permission to stand up for himself he would change the energetic imbalance in his relationship, and this was unthinkable. He also feared that if he finally allowed himself to assert his power he would abuse it. This created much inner conflict. So at times when Marcus was immensely frustrated with his sense of inferiority and powerlessness, he would explode in anger, blame, and act superior, but then become relentlessly hard on himself. Once he started to accept himself, he no longer needed to desire superiority nor fear it; he could simply stand in his authentic power. Please remember than any distortions we carry that have us believing that we or others are not O.K. in anyway, are inorganic thoughtforms that separate us from the truth of who we are. We are all O.K. We are all more than O.K.; we are God essence. Copyright 2011 MIND and SPIRIT All Rights Reserved For more information, case studies and testimonials visit or call 613-3260428. Amâeil is an experienced, intuitive, energy psychotherapist, and a master at unraveling the confusion in your concerns to heal the root cause. She teaches selfempowerment through your own inner wisdom. Appointments in person or by phone.

Peggy’s Holistic Oasis

Peggy’s Holistic Oasis

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ocal Ottawa philanthropist and businesswomen Helen Somerville has embarked on a brand new journey. Together We Heal Having suffered the tragic loss of a dear friend and a divorce, all at the same time, Helen found herself suffering 249 North River Road, Ottawa, K1L 8B7 from chronic pain and depression. 613-421-3138 As allopathic medicine never proved to be a good option for her, she took it upon herself to find alternative therapies which would “heal” her heart and soul. Helen found complimentary therapies such as Rolfing, Therapeutic Touch™ and Emotional Freedom Technique, enabling her to heal herself. Through these treatments Helen gained assure you are the best you can be the insight and opportunity to “learn how my friend could die in joy”, and how she could deal and grieve her losses. “The losses in my life gave me the N.A.E.T. Helps Correct Underlying States of freedom to open my mind to what else Ill Health by Removing Energy Blockages was out there”. That Lead to Allergy and Chronic Ailments Helen decided to share these We Succeed With Infants to Seniors healing opportunities with the world and opened a riverfront oasis in Ottawa, just steps from Parliament Holistic Treatments For The Elimination of Allergy Judy Spence Hill. She named this location and The Provision of Relief in Chronic Conditions NAET,RN,Adj.Ac PEGGY’S HOLISTIC OASIS, to Vodder, NLP. Reiki honor her dearest friend Peggy who had passed on due to cancer. Nestled amongst towering pine trees along the Rideau River, Peggy’s Oasis is the perfect healing sanctuary for Ottawa’s stress filled community. Featuring numerous healing treatments by certified practitioners, guests are NAET Auricular Detoxification Lymphatic Hypnosis able to choose from safe, natural BioSET Therapy Drainage alternatives based on a non-medical structure, including an infrared sauna and cosmetic acupuncture. • Bus Route 16 A holistic approach of mind, body, and spirit, “Together we Heal” is the GATINEAU LOCATION mantra of Peggy’s Oasis. 71 boul. St-Raymond, Hull • Tel: (819) 661-1061 “I was inspired to create this Oasis and a sponsorship program NAET, BioSET, Auricular and Hypnosis Therapies Can Be NEEDLE-FREE Or By ACUPUNCTURE. where individuals can come and gain “freedom” from emotional and We Treat: Allergy, Pain, Infertility, ADD, Autism, physical pain.” ADHD, Dyslexia, MCS, CFS, FM, Arthritis, Digestive Disorders, Headache, Insomnia, Smoking Cessation, Look for Peggy’s Holistic Oasis on Nutritional Deficiencies, Post Nasal Drip, Muscle Aches Facebook and Spasm, Many Chronic Conditions as well as for

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Detoxification and for Addiction.

September 2011

Abandonment Issues and Relationships: Recovery is Steps Away

By Anita Utas, B.A, B.Ed, Personal Relationship Coach Why do some of us go through relationship after relationship, and come to wonder, “Is there something wrong with me?� or, “Why do I keep choosing the wrong person? Will I end up alone?� Most of our relationship difficulties have to do with our childhood experiences. One of the most prevalent issues, stemming from childhood, is abandonment. Abandonment issues can be caused by a parent leaving the family, divorce, the death of a parent, or one or both parents failing to give enough nurturing, encouragement, and time to their children. Abandonment stirs up feelings of not being worthy, not belonging, not being in control of our lives. It generates feelings of insecurity and self-doubt when we try to love someone or let go of a relationship that is not healthy. We carry these scars all of our lives, and they affect how we behave in our adult relationships. People who have abandonment issues create patterns that are repeated, relationship after relationship. Many women are drawn to men who are like their fathers, and if their fathers emotionally or physically ‘abandoned’ them when they were young, the men they are attracted to will most likely be emotionally unavailable. Freud called this “repetition compulsion� which means that in order to feel loved, some of us subconsciously seek to repeat the feelings of the first ‘love’ we experienced, the love of our parents. If we were neglected or abandoned through divorce, for example, we need to relive the feelings of abandonment in our adult relationships. We need to feel this anxiety to feel that we are being loved. If we meet someone who does not fit this pattern, we are not attracted. Pia Mellody, an internationally recognized authority on codependence and love addiction, explains this “tango-dance� of interactions between people with abandonment issues and the unresponsive partners to whom they are repeatedly and painfully drawn. I acquired my most useful training several years ago while going through my own personal abandonment. Trying to deal with the intense despair, I tried many self-help books, workshops and counseling. But I found nothing that spoke to the pain I was feeling, so I decided to spend time researching relationships and abandonment. I needed to understand what was causing me to repeat certain relationship patterns that always ended in loss and disappointment. I began to realize that the death of my father when I was thirteen was the single most cataclysmic event in my life, and that this was where I had to start. After speaking with many other men and women who had experienced different forms of abandonment in their childhood and who, as adults, had not been able to maintain a healthy





relationship, I was even more motivated to find methods and approaches that would lead to positive change. I wanted to be able to identify and understand the psychology of what was happening, and then find a way to stop selfdefeating patterns. It had to be possible to reconfigure how we perceive ourselves, and in turn, become emotionally independent, thus changing our relationships with others. I also learned that I had to direct my energy towards a solution, and not dwell on past hurts and problems. Through personal experience, fieldwork, and years of research, I developed an effective step-by-step process that helps people face their reality, stop their relationship patterns, and create healthy, lasting connections. It takes dedication and a willingness to do the work, but recovery and change is definitely possible. For more information, visit, email us at, or call (613) 558-6994 to schedule a complimentary half hour consultation. Anita Utas, B.A., B.Ed. founded Clearwell Coaching to help people recover from relationship issues such as abandonment, fear of commitment, codependency, love addiction and low self-esteem.


ď€ ď€‚ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€ƒď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€Šď€‹ď€Œď€…ď€ ď€†ď€…ď€‚ď€ˆď€? TIBETAN CULTURAL CELEBRATION ď€ ď€‚ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€ƒď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€„ď€…ď€ƒď€Šď€‹ď€†ď€Œď€?ď€†ď€Žď€†ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€‰ď€ƒď€Šď€ˆď€‹ď€†ď€?ď€Œď€?ď€ƒď€‘ď€Žď€?ď€†ď€’ď€‰ď€Šď€‘ď€‰ď€„ď€ƒď€Š ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€…ď€ˆď€‰ď€…ď€ ď€Šď€‡ď€‹ď€…ď€Œď€ ď€?ď€…ď€ˆď€…ď€Žď€‡ď€Œď€ ď€?ď€‡ď€ˆď€ˆď€…ď€†ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€‡ď€…ď€ˆď€ ď€‰ď€Šď€ ď€‹ď€Œď€?ď€?ď€ ď€

ď€ ď€ ď€Žď€?ď€?ď€?ď€ ď€‡ď€“ď€”ď€”ď€…ď€•ď€Šď€ ď€…ď€?ď€•ď€…ď€ˆď€•ď€’ď€‘ď€?ď€?ď€•ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€–ď€‘ď€—ď€…ď€?ď€•ď€ ď€’ď€“ď€˜ď€•ď€‘ď€ƒď€?ď€ ď€’ď€?ď€?ď€ ď€™ď€’ď€—ď€…ď€™ď€ ď€•ď€’ď€‡ď€—ď€…ď€™ď€ ď€

ď€ ď€ ď€šď€…ď€—ď€—ď€…ď€?ď€‘ď€˜ď€ ď€›ď€’ď€?ď€œď€“ď€…ď€•ď€ ď€?ď€?ď€•ď€ˆď€…ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€?ď€?ď€&#x;ď€ ď€ ď€ˆď€‘ď€?ď€˜ď€…ď€ ď€ƒď€”ď€ ď€Ąď€’ď€—ď€…ď€™ď€ ď€˘ď€ˆď€Łď€Šď€ ď€¤ď€•ď€•ď€’ď€Ľď€’ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€˘ď€ƒď€ƒď€ˆď€™ď€ ď€ƒď€Śď€…ď€?ď€ ď€’ď€•ď€ ď€§ď€Śď€†ď€Šď€ ď€˘ď€‘ď€?ď€?ď€…ď€ˆď€ ď€’ď€•ď€ ď€¨ď€Śď€†ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€ ď€Šď€‘ď€˜ď€Şď€…ď€•ď€™ď€ ď€Ťď€§ď€Œď€ ď€‘ď€?ď€ ď€’ď€?ď€?ď€˜ď€…ď€ ď€

ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€†ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€ ď€‡ď€‰ď€ƒď€†ď€…ď€Šď€†ď€‡ď€ ď€Šď€„ď€ ď€Šď€‹ď€†ď€ ď€Œď€?ď€?ď€?ď€„ď€‘ď€’ď€ ď€“ď€†ď€‘ď€‰ď€„ď€ƒď€ˆď€ ď€”ď€„ď€?ď€†ď€ ď€

ď€ ď€‚ď€‚ď€ƒď€ ď€ ď€ ď€‚ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€‚ď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€„ď€…ď€ƒď€†ď€‡ď€ˆď€ˆď€ƒď€‰ď€Šď€‹ď€ˆď€Œď€‹ď€?ď€?ď€?ď€Œď€Šď€ƒ ď€‰ď€„ď€…ď€ƒď€Šď€‹ď€†ď€Œď€‚ď€Šď€?ď€ƒď€„ď€…ď€ƒď€…ď€‚ď€?ď€?ď€ƒ

Adrenal Fatigue and Acupuncture By Steve Ryu, L.Ac.


ut of all the patients I have treated, I would say that about that at least 50% of them suffer from a condition called adrenal fatigue. Adrenal fatigue occurs when people are stressed out at work or home. During periods of excessive stress, our adrenal glands become overworked and produce excess levels of cortisol in response to the body’s fight or flight response. This prevents the adrenal glands from producing other hormones we need. Adrenal fatigue or adrenal weakness fundamentally means that you have lost the ability to rest and rejuvenate. It is as if your nervous system is always “on” and you have lost the ability to stop the incessant mental chatter, anxiety, worry, and stress. Adrenal glands are glands within the endocrine system that reside on top of each of your kidneys. The endocrine system is in charge of making hormones and secreting them directly into your blood. The ovaries, testes, thyroid and pituitary are also glands of the endocrine system. The medulla (core) of the adrenals produce epinephrine (adrenaline) and norepinephrine, which are responsible for the “fight or flight” response. The cortex is the area surrounding the core and is responsible for fluid and electrolyte balance in the body using corticosteroids. These corticosteroids are responsible for the proper metabolism of fat, protein and carbohydrates and are anti-inflammatory in nature. In today’s modern society we push the adrenals constantly with high-pressured jobs and fast paced lifestyles, it’s easy to see how you can easily tax these precious organs and end up feeling overwhelmed and tired all the time. The main symptoms of adrenal weakness include: fatigue, irritability, restless sleep, low back pain, anxiety, depression, nervousness, feeling wiped out upon waking, many female hormonal problems, food cravings and various addictions, weight gain, sluggish metabolism, and so on. People suffering from adrenal fatigue also like to take afternoon naps to “recharge their batteries.” They always seem to lack the energy they need to perform the daily tasks of living. And they frequently crave foods high in carbohydrates, sugar and caffeine. Another symptom of adrenal fatigue is that sufferers just can’t seem to get enough sleep. For some reason, adrenal fatigue typically occurs more often in women than men. Some studies show that adrenal fatigue may even be linked to fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. The real question is, what is the cause of this pattern and, more importantly, what is the cure? In my experience most people have adrenal weakness because they are using excessive amounts of Will Power to get through life. It is like they are constantly swimming upstream, fighting against life. They work too hard, rest too little, and have a “to do” list a mile long. These are some of the outward causes. The real cause is more of an inner dynamic. In this day and age, many people are disconnected

September 2011

New Life Acupuncture &SteveOriental Medicine Center (Eun Kyu) Ryu

, L.Ac., Herbalist Pre-Med at McGill University (B.Sc.), MPA, Licensed Acupuncturist (NY); NCCAOM Diplomat in Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine

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from their true purpose for being alive. Because of this, they don’t know themselves on a deeply intimate level, which causes them to make decisions that lead to distress and distraction. Generally speaking, adrenal weakness is as much of a spiritual issue as it is a mental one. If the root cause of purposelessness isn’t addressed, then the person can take all the supplements in the world or get acupuncture 3 times a week and it will only have a palliative effect. This is why lifestyle counselling, in addition to other therapies, is so important. Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine are excellent tools to boost the adrenals and restore proper function giving you more energy by reinforcing the Kidney energetic system and vital Qi (Chi). Restoring your adrenal health utilizing acupuncture and herbs is not a “quick fix” as it can take many months. However, those suffering with adrenal exhaustion can tell you, there are no fast ways to counteract adrenal exhaustion once you have drained your core Essence. According to my experience, the patients who make the most progress are the ones who are willing to do the work. They are compliant and they are motivated to make the lifestyle changes necessary to live in balance and awareness. Steve Eun Kyu Ryu, L.Ac. is a licensed acupuncturist (NY) and certified herbalist at New Life Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Center in Ottawa. He is affiliated with Ottawa Fertility Centre and Riverside Acupuncture & Wellness Centre for infertility treatment. For further information or to make an appointment call 613-863-6906 or visit website newlifeacu or



A r e Yo u E x p e r i e n c i n g . . .

   

Joint Pains Sensitivities Memory Loss Parasites

      ! Treatment sessions & classes are always available in: 

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Jen’s Zen

MATRIX ENERGETICS ® Breaks a quantum wave. May appear magical in its expression but is based on the laws and expression of subtle energy physics. Change your energetic patterning and change your world!

Book Now 613-726-2950 • HOURS: DAILY Wednesday thru Saturday 11 a.m. – 6 p.m.


Soulful Solutions with Jennifer Clark Intuitive counsellor Jennifer Clark offers her en-light-ening and inspiring soulful solutions to life’s challenges. Q: I have two lovely children who seem to be “different”. I’m scared for them as they seem to be struggling with regular life. I’m trying to best prepare them for the return to school but am nervous for them. Can you help? Concerned Mom in Barrhaven. A: You’re not the only Mom getting kids ready for the return to school and anxious about their transition back. First, really listen to your child. I know it’s hard but most parents are so busy with the daily survival activities of life that they miss the cues kids give them. Rest assured, you’ve got two highly attuned sensitive kids who have come to planet Earth to help facilitate the great system changes that will be soon upon us 2012+. Not to worry, they are perfectly suited to their purposes; it’s just that the rest of the 3D world hasn’t yet caught up with them yet! I suggest first reading Indigo Children by Jan Tober & Lee Carroll, The Care & Feeding of Indigo Children and The Crystal Children by Doreen Virtue. Another great resource is my friend Julie’s website www. Also, even


though this might not be the most convenient thing, create a new ritual where each child takes a bath (with ¼ cup of Epsom salt) or at least has a shower before bed. This helps release the emotional junk they’ve collected during the day. Keep a fist size piece of rose quartz by each bed will also help ensure sweet dreams. Because you are not the only concerned parent asking these questions, I will be co-hosting a workshop with Dr. Jada Macleod N.D. on Sunday, September 25th from 1:30pm to 4:30pm at the James Street Wellness Centre helping parents like you better support their highly sensitive child. Join us! Jennifer Clark was Ottawa’s first Angel Therapy® Practitioner and Professional Spiritual Teacher certified by Doreen Virtue. She is a certified Angelspeake™ Facilitator and was rated top 30 Integrated Energy Therapy® Master-Instructors of 2010. Visit

Immerse yourself within yourself


more importantly it is the learning of who one really is. The caliber of Teacher Trainers from all over the world was unsurpassed. The teachings were delivered each month by teachers who had studied directly under Yogi Bhajan and the light of his wisdom shone through each one of them. And having 8 months to process these teachings was so ideal, allowing me to fully and gracefully integrate the teachings into my busy daily life ... still having the time and energy needed for my personal, family and work obligations. Whatever path we have all have chosen, our strong community that was built over that period of time at PranaShanti, continues to grow. Since I graduated I have been teaching several classes every week. Often now I too sense someone outside the door when we chant Mantra or I play the Gong…. and I want to invite them in, understanding the potency and flow of energy that we create in each and every class. I am not surprised that it leaks out under the door and into the souls of those listening… Sat Naam Victoria Lynes/Atmabir Kaur Victoria Lynes/Atmabir Kaur is the Programs Manager at the PranaShanti Yoga Centre, 52 Armstrong Street, Ottawa, where she also teaches several Kundalini Yoga classes a week. Kundalini Level One Teacher Training at PranaShanti begins October, 2011 and runs until June 2012, culminating in a 3 day retreat. Drop in Open House: September 11th 11.30am – 12.30pm. www.pranashanti. com. 613.761.9642. Open the door to you....

ow do we choose to change our lives? What part of us makes that choice that leads us closer to the center of our own heart?  Who do we become, when we become the best version of ourselves? My journey through the Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Program …. As I glided past the closed door on my way from a Hot Yoga class to change out of my sweat drenched clothes, I was stopped short by the strange yet somehow familiar sounds that were emanating from inside. I was frozen to the spot. The pull to open the door was so strong that the phrase “I’m possessed!” came to mind, a line from some old 80’s horror flick. The sounds were so beautiful, so charged with powerful, uplifting energy. And I had the strongest sensation that I had heard them before. “What kind of yoga class is this?” I wondered, continuing to listen intently. I left that day very curious about what I had experienced. The strong sense of being pulled into that room stayed with me. Something shifted in my yoga practice after that day. I began to feel an emptiness in it.... It was quite some time until I had the courage to venture into a Kundalini Yoga Class. My first experience of these powerful teachings was intense. Physically demanding, mentally challenging and spiritually awakening. I loved everything about class. The energising and calming breathing techniques, the challenging asana practice. The crazy meditations that had my arms up in the air chanting foreign words I had no idea the meaning of! ... (yet seeming strangely familiar), and the astonishing stillness that was achievable after that. The lightness and expansiveness gained from the wearing of white... One year after that very first experience, standing outside that door, I launched myself wholeheartedly into the Original Body Course Kundalini Teacher Training Program at the PranaShanti Yoga Centre. I knew I was up against a rigorous 9 months Human & StoneBeings, working co-creatively in energy and bodywork of intense yoga and personal transformation. But I was ready … The first few months were blissful as I leapt passionately and diligently into study and practice. I could not get enough.... Then suddenly, about 4 months in, in the dead of winter, I lost my groove. I began to question it all. The association with the Sikh Religion was something I couldn’t get past. Where and how did I fit in to all this? Where does the “religion” stop and the yoga start? And the white … the head coverings, the questions from friends and family about it all. I doubted my strength to get through, and I was experiencing parts of myself that, quite frankly ... Original Body is the base course of the LaStone®Therapy Program I did not like. I did not want to wallow in all the emotional ( You will learn to use the thermal dynamics of heated and chilled stones, coupled with Swedish massage strokes muck that this was bringing to the surface. But there was and energy balancing techniques to support your clients in physical and no turning back now. I brought every book I could find emotional self-healing. And therapists: the StoneBeings assist you too! and devoured it all. Each time I questioned myself or the Course Dates: Oct. 13th – 16th, 2011 teachings, something pulled me back in. Registration/Course Fee: $595 for the 4 full days You see, becoming a Kundalini Yoga Teacher has to do with so much more than learning yoga. This is a program in Location: Chelsea, Québec CE Credit approved: 30-hours CE Pre-requisite: Massage Therapy or Energy Therapy Self Mastery. It is meant to be transformative, challenging Instructor: Mary Nelson, Founder of LaStone® Therapy and “in your face”. That is the point. It is designed so that Register with: or 819.459.1327 one both learns the teachings and how to teach them, but

September 2011



L’ Essence-Ciel Books


ring the Angels into your life

Music Tarot Crystals Stones Jewelry Talismans Incense

Come live the experience at L’Essence-Ciel where everything serves to restore harmony.

Always with the angels, Monique Briand transmits angelic teachings through workshops, conferences and private readings.


Connecting with your angels.Teachings on how to perceive and interact with them in a natural way to live more joy, peace and love on a daily basis.A wonderful and lasting experience.


Demystifies this esoteric medium and introduces you to its different uses and methods.Facilitates the understanding of oneself and others and brings concrete help to decision making.All you need to know to get you started with this excellent tool.


Essential oils

– $ 100

Brings awareness to the energies which surrond and affect us. Encourages the conscious choice of using Universal life force; a practice which transforms our lives in a healing way. Makes us responsable and capable of creating a better world. Initiations and teaching Level I,II and Master teacher. Information and schedule at 568-2643.

Herbs Magic

Workshops – $ 45

Feng Shui

Information at L’Essence-Ciel:568-2643

Private Readings – $ 60

For those who are searching and ready to connect with their TrueSelf.Individualized teachings and answers to personal questions.Guidance concerning your path. By appointment at 568-2643.

Les essences vibratoires sont disponibles à L’Essence-Ciel


The Angels are present at 867, RUE JACQUES-CARTIER, GATINEAU (819) 568-ANGE (2643) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK

Monique Briand,


Peaceful Place:

Children Love this Experience by Jennifer Camfield


is Canada! What might we say if we ran to the stable with the shepherds? Anyone interested in knowing more or in registering their child is warmly invited to meet me on Sunday, September 18 at St. Luke’s Church, 760 Somerset St. at 3 p.m. If possible, please call or email me first: or 613-238-2646. I have twenty years’ experience in this approach and was trained in Toronto and in the U.S.

magine a quiet room with young children intent on their tasks, using soft voices...moving slowly....One of them sets down a box of miniature wooden walls on the carpet...he takes out the sections and begins to arrange them. Another child is cleaning the leaves of a plant, another polishing a wooden Yoga Teacher Training and cosTa rica reTreaT spoon...someone else has placed a small wooden house on a table and is moving some clay figures. Elsewhere, others are colouring or working with a large relief map...or perhaps cutting or pasting. This is Peaceful Place Atrium at St. Luke’s Anglican Church on Somerset St. W. ( It is an opportunity for children aged three to six to slow down, to wonder, to question...a way that invites children to ponder the very mysteries of life: “How does a minuscule mustard seed become a great tree?” “How did I grow so big?” “Where would I search for a most precious pearl?” Children have a deep spiritual capacity, especially before the age of six. The famous Italian educator Maria Montessori became aware of this, and began offering opportunities to engage them. Two other women continued her work after her death An opportunity for total immersion; to learn, to shine, to live your Yoga and that work has grown into a worldwide movement. A number of such centres (or 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training: Retreat: atriums) exist in Ottawa. 7 Ottawa weekends + Dates: Feb 6 – 13, 2012 The children who love this experience 1 week in Costa Rica come to Peaceful Place from different Cost: $1450 + hst Cost: Ottawa Training: churches or none at all. We meet from late (For those not in Teacher $1800 + hst September until the end of May. There is Training) Cost: Costa Rica Training: no attempt to indoctrinate. God’s love for $1850 + hst us and for others is the main tenet, and it is made explicit in the way we interact with Early Bird pricing is available; Ottawa Training starts Friday October 14, 2011 the children, as well as in the content. The Retreat is open to everybody and is also a required component of Yoga Teacher Training children are respected. They are shown how to be independent. Together, we wonder at the amazing and mysterious growth of yeast in flour and water: could this be like the growth so silent and so powerful that we see all around us? Look 613 322 3068 | | 201-360 Kirkwood Ave. North at the small globe! Could this tiny red dot be the land of Israel – and yet see how big

September 2011


New L o c a t i o n


sychic and Healer Marlene Stevens is pleased to announce the opening of her new location in beautiful Hintonburg , Ottawa. In celebration Intuitive Healing sessions are $45.00 for all the month of September .This applies to new clients as well as existing customers . Each session is an hour long , is very relaxing, and includes an intuitive reading . The focus of the reading is, “What does this person most need in order to heal ? ” Each client lies down on a healing table fully clothed , a light blanket is placed over their body, and soft music plays in the background. I will then place my hands above your body but not touching . You may or may not feel energy going through your body ,repairing, healing, and removing blockages. As I move around your body any angels ,ascended masters, animal guides ,people whom are passed on , or spirit guides & teachers will come through and give any information that is needed . After the healing is finished we will then discuss anything that occurred during the healing ,any info. I picked up on, and anything the client experienced. Ideally the best way to approach an intuitive healing session is for the client not to give me any information at all about their condition or what is going on in their life .Absolutely no conversation needs to take place before hand as intuitive information gives a more in depth and accurate description of what is occurring. Healing work can be done on physical conditions as well as psychological , emotional issues, past life and deep buried

Experience the Healing Power of Reiki and Indian Head Massage (IHM)! Reiki is a full-body, reclined energy massage. IHM is an upper-body, seated massage. Call and schedule sessions with Juane, holistic practitioner, at Classy Nails & Spa Inc. 260 Centrum Blvd.

613-834-9922 Sessions: $50 for 1 hour and $30 for ½ hour

LECTORIUM ROSICRUCIANUM What is Gnostic Consciousness? Moving towards the Gnosis means withdrawing from the old, our nature and giving priority to the gnostic life, leading to a new consciousness

If you seek a new perspective on life, contact us for a free catalogue and introductory literature. Lectorium Rosicrucianum, The International School of the Golden Rosycross, RR #1, Inverary, ON, K0H 1X0 (613) 353-7444 •


Intuitive Readings Clairvoyant & Medium Certified Healer Marlene Stevens 1hr session $80 819-665-3705 root issues . Intuitive healings are not a replacement for sound medical assistance but can add a different perspective or avenue of healing to your life . Intuitive healing can be done in-person or at a distance .They are as effective whether you are physically present or not. Healings also work on pets and animals . Once again whether it’s a medical issue or a sudden unexplained behaviour change my intuitive healing sessions can be helpful .Pets/animals respond very nicely to healing as they are naturally intuitive and telepathic .They usually just lie down relax ,and totally embrace the experience . Examples of my healing work can be found at www. Healing can be done in person ,at a distance and from time to time I do make house calls .I also offer classes in healing & intuitive communication for and between people ,plants , pets and many other intuition classes that can be hand tailored for your needs . Some of my other services include intuitive readings and life coaching for people who need help with on –going issues. Namaste , I look forward to hearing from you, Sincerely MarleneStevens Psychic & Healer Marlene Stevens can be reached at, or 819 665 3705,

Natural Health Solutions YO U WA N T TO :

Stop smoking Resolve trauma pain Resolve phobia problems Resolve an addiction Physical, mental, emotional pain Call for appointment

Pauline Martin Rockland area

613-673-1234 Covered by most insurance

How Does It Get Any Better Than This?

I have been running the “Bars” on clients & friends for nine months & the feedback I am hearing is both rewarding & exciting. Some of the comments are, “I have had my Bars run by Carol a couple of times a few months ago and I felt an immediate calming effect When the hour long session is over I felt like I had a total physical and emotional body massage. I would recommend anyone to explore this wonderful and powerful energy outlet.” – JL “Every time I have my Bars run I feel like any stress that I have been carrying in my body is removed & I have a sense of peace & calm that lasts for weeks. When I start to get cranky my daughter suggests it is time for a visit to Carol to put me in a good mood again” – AS “I am new to the whole experience of Bars. For the first few times it was a wonderful relaxing experience without anything remarkable showing up. To preface this a bit I would like to explain that I have been feeling some pain in my right shoulder that radiates to my elbow and to my wrist at times. It has been a nagging pain that has been around for at least 6 weeks and has kept me awake at night. With this last Bars experience, I noticed a tremendous reduction of pain in general and a deep sense of relaxation. The pain has diminished substantially and I slept very soundly that night.? I really appreciate the shift that running The Bars has allowed. Something so simple, yet so profound.” – CR What are “The Bars”? The Bars are a series of 32 points on the head, which when lightly touched release old energies stuck in the brain and the body, allowing for tremendous and easy change. What does a Bars session do? The Bars takes all the considerations, thoughts, feelings, emotions, decisions, judgments, and beliefs from any lifetime, that are electrically stored in the brain and releases them. This release occurs when the bars are touched; it allows that stored junk to be released. Similar to when the lights go out in your house and you flip the circuit breaker or trip switch so the lights come on: having your bars done

Wesley Moore, MEd., CCC, Psychotherapist 210-376 Churchill Ave. N. Ottawa, ON K1Z 5C3

Tel: (613) 421-6690 Insurance Coverage Available Specializing in the areas of General Wellness, Childhood Trauma, Identity Counselling, Anxiety, Men's Issues, Motivation, and Relationship Issues

September 2011

Access Consciousness What would you choose if you knew you couldn't fail? Carol Sheehan Certified BARS Facilitator



Individual sessions, classes, talks All of Life Comes To Us With Ease, Joy and Glory

allows your lights to come on. The energy of the universe becomes available to you and this often results in more peace, ease, joy and glory in life. What can you expect after receiving the Bars? Every Bars session is different. The worst that can happen after a Bars session is you feel as relaxed as if you had received a great massage. The best that can happen is your whole life can change.

LOOK WHAT’S COMING UP IN OTTAWA Access Bars Classes September 15 & September 30 Introductory BARS sessions The National Women’s Show, Sept. 24 & 25th. Access Foundation Access Bars Class October 1 & 2 October 5 Access Body Process - The Energetic Face Lift October 14 Access Level 1 Class October 15 & 16 How do you know what to expect from having your Bars done? You don’t! Every Bars session is different and there is no way to predict exactly what will “happen.” The guideline that best applies is that the worst you will feel is like you had a great massage and the best that can happen is your whole life can change. When should you have your Bars done? Whenever you would like to feel great! Classes will be facilitated by: Certified BARS Facilitator: Carol Sheehan ( 613 249-8418) & Foundation & Level One classes will be facilitated by: Susan Lazar Hart, Relationship Counsellor with Access Consciousness


Wise words - timeless but often a challenge to follow As I was preparing for my upcoming Reiki Retreat, the following clipping from an old issue of Reiki News (Autumn 1995) fell into my hands. Promise Yourself

 Reiki Goddesses Alert  Sunday, September 25, 2011 10-5pm

 Your opportunity to recharge yourself with Reiki joy in a beautiful country setting only 30 minutes west of Ottawa

To be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. To talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. To make all your friends feel that there is something special in them. To look at the sunny side of everything and make your optimism come true. To think only the best, to work only for the best, and to expect only ♥ Come & Feel like a Goddess ♥ the best. To be just as enthusiastic about the success of others as you are about your own. To learn from the mistakes of the past and press on to greater achievements of the future. Limited space. RSVP today. To wear a cheerful countenance at all times and give every living creature you meet a smile. To give so much time to the improvement of yourself that you have Phone Rica Gerhardt 613-257-8362 no time to criticize others. Email To be too large for worry, too noble for anger, too strong for fear, and too happy to permit the presence of trouble. To think well of yourself and to proclaim this fact to the world, not in loud words but in great deeds. To live in the faith that the whole world is on your side as long as you are true to the best that is in you. Think Buddhist teachings are Rica Gerhardt is a Specialized Holistic Health Kinesiologist and Reiki Master/ kind of interesting? Teacher offering energy healing in the country between Ottawa and Carleton Why not find out exactly how Place. See ad for her upcoming Reiki Goddess Retreat. Taking care of yourself interesting! can be a lot of fun!

Rica’s Reiki Retreat

Rica can be reached at 613-257-8362 or email For more details about her services, visit Rica’s website Also see Tone Directory: People/ Detoxification/ Health Kinesiology/Spa Days/ Chakra Balancing / Hotstone Healing.

879 Somerset Street West 613.234.4347 Offering everyone the opportunity to develop lasting mental peace through meditation and related practices. Introduction to Buddhist Thought and Meditation Tuesday evenings, 7-8:30 pm Modern Buddhism Thursday evenings, 7-8:30 pm Prayers for World Peace Sunday mornings, 10-11 am Noon-hour meditations Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, 12:15-1 pm Please visit our website for a complete list of classes in Ottawa, Orleans and Kanata, including our weekend classes and our kids program.


Deep Soul Singing

Song is at the heart and soul of who we are. Since the beginning of time, music and sound are inextricably linked to our lives. From the Om, Word, or Logos we were created, and with our first cry our voice is ongs, singing, humming, human voice stretching, waking strong --- in songs of childhood, songs of integrity, songs up, yawning, opening, relaxing. From the joyfully of love, songs of release; songs of the spirit and songs melodic poly-rhythms of Africa; to the call and response from our ancestors. Whether emanating from enchanting songs of sailors as they work together, to monks’ unison African drumbeats that communicate from village to village, twists and turns of melodic prayer in Gregorian chant: children’s songs of play or the sacred songs of ritual, group singing is toning together, experiencing harmony, through the generations we have been called together into transcending everyday life and waltzing with the angels community to sing and share in the life of the soul. within. Sing into the center of your being. Relax with the What are the Songs of Your Journey, the Rhythms of knowledge that you are safe and supported and on a journey Your Life? into your deep heart and soul. Let’s sing together and joyfully and celebrate our lives. Beginning the last week of September for 6 weeks, we will gather to open and warm up our voices, and explore the tunes and tones that have rocked us, serenaded us, motivated us, expressed our life journeys. Come! Bring your songs, stories, a recording, instruments if you have them. No musical experience is required. We are Alive!

A Journey into Heart & Soul


Pamela Holm is a registered music therapist, sound healer, reiki practitioner and energy healer living in Ottawa. For more information please contact at or call 613829-1556 and check out her website at

September 2011


The Spiritual Webinar Experience By Kerry Palframan RN


been very positive. All they missed were the tea and cookies I supplied at break time! Other feedback included that participants felt less pressure or anxiety sometimes associated with being in a classroom full of strangers and some even chose not to talk but simply observe the workshop. Being in the comfort of their own home Spiritual Medium, Esoteric brought them a sense of security and Teacher and Intuitive safety they might not have otherwise Intuitive Readings by Phone, In-Person, felt in the class. Email or Internet (Skype, MSM, Yahoo) I will also be holding workshops that do not require a webcam, Free Webinar Workshops for Sept. speaker or microphone and these New! Kerry will be teaching workshops via workshops can have up to 25 Internet. Two new ways to experience her participants (all you need is a teachings. One requires only your computer and a maximum of 25 participants will be computer). You will be able to allowed. You will see Kerry, whiteboard (like see me, the whiteboard, power a flip chart), power point presentations and be allowed to ask questions while remaining point presentations but will not see anonymous in the cyber classroom. other participants. You can type in The 2nd webinar choice requires your questions and I will answer them as I computer plus a webcam and see them pop up on my screen. speaker/microphone capability, and consists of only 6 participants (all of whom you can I will be offering both modalities see and interact with). This allows for more free throughout September for private and personal teachings. Much more interactive and offers more features. those that wish to try it out. Each participant is allowed one free One free workshop per person. webinar experience. I will continue Kerry Palframan, to offer intuitive readings by phone, Skype, MSM, Yahoo or by email. a registered nurse by profession, began delving Blessings to all my beautiful into the power of the seen Ottawa students, clients and friends and unseen to help her overcome life-threatening – know that you have been my illnesses. An inspiring gifted inspiration and teachers in the seven teacher, healer, intuitive and spiritual medium, she now years I was so fortunate to live in offers the wisdom of the esoteric and mystery such a wonderful community of school teachings in a powerful series of workshops, intuitive readings, and through her conscious and aware people. I will book and meditation CD. miss you all deeply.

s I prepare to leave my beloved Ottawa and relocate to the Okanagan Valley in B.C. , I have decided that learning to teach my workshops and do my intuitive readings through the Internet will have to be the way of my new future. There will be two types of webinars I will be hosting in the future. The first will be a smaller group of only six participants, which allows for more personal instruction and teachings. For these workshops you will require a webcam (purchased cheaply at any computer store). You will also require speaker or microphone ability. If you are already using Skype, MSM or Yahoo to chat with friends or family, then you already have the capability to join in one of these webinars. During a webinar, not only can I see all my students but they can see each other too and we can all speak with each other just like in the classroom. You can even send private messages to those in the class you connect with the most! You can also type in messages to the whole group or ask questions by raising your cyber hand or just speak out loud. I have access to a white board just like in the classroom setting where I write on a flip chart. But better yet, the participants can also type, write and draw pics on the whiteboard and ask questions by pointing things out with Kerry Palframan, RN their pointers. Kerry Palframan, a registered Best of all, I can now use power email: nurse by profession, began point presentations to show the Order a copy of Kerry’s book, Spirit Talk: delving into the world of the class notes prepared in advance, and or her Understanding Spirits’ Messages unseen to help her overcome the students have the ability to flip guided meditation CD, Meeting Your a life threatening illness. between different whiteboards and Angels and Spirit Guides. A gifted teacher, healer, power point presentations at their intuitive and spiritual medium, leisure. she now offers the wisdom of the esoteric and It is a totally interactive and fun way to teach and sacred ancient teachings in a powerful series of communicate with my students and you in turn can talk, workshops, texts, book and a guided meditation raise your hand, write out questions, mute your own CD. She brings forth information from Spirit as a speakers (if you need to attend to a child, spouse or other service to all and offers Intuitive readings online, distraction at your end) or even remove your video image if in-person, or by phone. See Kerry’s workshop and you require privacy for a moment or two. webinar schedule online at www.indigodreamer. I was very impressed with the versatility and endless com or contact her at or creative potential of the webinar technology. The feedback 250-494-8955. from those that agreed to participate in trial workshops has


Hang On, Be Strong, We’re Getting There Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW, CHt, LM


e live in rapidly fluctuating times, where what used to be considered normal can no longer be relied upon as standard operating fare. All the rules seem to be changing and nothing that makes any sense is coming forward to replace them. That is because the old systems that are no longer serving unity consciousness are dissembling, coming apart. Like the Phoenix rising out of the ashes, when all the old has dissolved, and we won’t be there for quite a while yet, at that point we will have the free will to build new systems that support our unified, loving consciousness. Balance, respect and harmony will replace the selfishness, unkindness and outright cruelty that exists in so many places in our world and within so much of humanity at one time or another.

Psychotherapist Insurance Receipts Available 613-236-8852 In unity we will recognize the divinity within all consciousness and treat all life forms with love, respect and compassion. But because we are still in the breaking down of the old, not serving the light ways, the roller coaster of fluctuating energies is shaking everyone up. The only way to escape this would be to meditate in every waking moment. Even then the mat might shake or curl up or do something totally unexpected. Having a good sense of humour sure helps when things just don’t work the way they we expect them to. My phone rings when it shouldn’t and doesn’t when it should. Sometimes just to keep me on my toes, it rings when it should and actually takes a message like it used to. I’ve gotten to the point where if it doesn’t ring for an hour or two, I check for messages from the calls, I know I have missed. And the computer, well that is another whole story. So why is this a time to hang on and be strong? What I mean by being strong is being in touch with your spirituality, that part of you that is grander than (and includes) your mental, emotional and physical bodies. When I stay connected to my Spirit Self, which is whole, complete and perfect, it makes is easier to roll with the punches in this somewhat crazy and highly unpredictable world. When I remember who I am, Spirit, God Consciousness expressing in the physical it makes it easier to stay detached from the

September 2011

Couple’s Coach Insurance Receipts Available 613-236-8852 third dimensional stuff of the body, aches and pains for example, and the mental and emotional roller coaster that seems to be affecting sleep and moods in everyone to some degree. It is so easy to get caught up in the frustration and sensation of the moment and forget our grander presence, that part of us who remembers being One with Source, that remembers that we chose to come in to play ‘the forgetting so we could remember game’. Why did we do this? Whatever possessed us to leave our Blissful Loving Home to venture out into forgetfulness where we would end up feeling alone and unloved; lonely and desperate to reconnect to God, to the Love we are. That connection is hidden in every cell of our being and is called Holy Spirit, God’s pipeline to us. As we tune in to ourselves this connection with God becomes crystal clear and we remember who we are. We know beyond a shadow of a doubt that we are loved beyond measure, and that guidance and support is ever present. We need only ask and God’s support is there in ways recognizable or not. We must first ask because this is the planet of free will and Source will not intervene without our asking. The good news is that we have a game plan, a soul contract that we set up before coming in, but the plan does not always unfold as anticipated. We often need wisdom, divine guidance and loving support to stay on track or find the courage to rise to the next challenge. Despite our doubts, it is all perfect and is unfolding on track. We chose to incarnate to learn and grow spiritually, so we set up the template, forgot all about the preconceived plan and arrived in physicality clueless as to how to proceed. Divine helpers are working with us at all times, but only with our permission and in accordance with our Soul Plan. And the truth about being lonely; we couldn’t be alone if we tried. We have in any given moment so many spirit guides and helpers present with us it is a miracle we aren’t tripping over them. Maybe we are, but hopefully they are far more agile than the humans they mentor and love. Sherry Harris is a psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor, coach and teacher. She may be reached at 613-236-8852, and (new website)


The Carole Baker Story: Saved by Hypnotherapy

Eventually Carole was unable to leave her house without a compete check of her front door and walk for the presence of snakes. Even indoors she was on high alert, losing more interest in her daily activities. She loved to bake for her Printed with permission. Grace Joubarne, CCHt is an husband, but now that joy seemed extinguished. She came Ottawa/Belleville based Clinical Hypnotherapist with to rely entirely upon her wonderful and supportive husband proven qualifications and successes. Carole is one of those Don to handle the shopping, because being touched was a successes‌ significant stressor. By the time she saw Grace Joubarne, a Clinical t some time in her childhood, Carole Baker, now Hypnotherapist with offices in Ottawa and Belleville, in resident of the Ottawa area, started to associate snakes the spring of 2010, Carole had been diagnosed with PTSD, with the feelings of helplessness, intense fear and anxiety. Dissociative Identity Disorder, Panic Disorder ulcers, Those feelings grew exponentially until by 1995 Carole arthritis, chronic pain, snake phobia and dissociation and was hospitalized for depression and at that time her fear of had been under psychiatric care for some 15 years. snakes escalated to the point where she was unable to help Hypnotherapy is very much the ultimate self-healing tool. on her farm. Slowly over the years other issues surfaced, An April 2010 article in a local natural magazine caught her including sleep apnea, persistently high stress levels, eye. Her intuition and magnificent drive to survive kicked anxiety, fear of being touched, inability to tolerate or engage in. On April 26, 2010, full of the necessary desire and in hugging/embracing. Indigestion, muscle and joint pain, determination to heal herself, she called Grace in Ottawa, poor circulation, headaches and increasing forgetfulness Ontario to enquire about what assistance hypnotherapy were constant companions. could be to her. If only she could be free of her fear of Along with the debilitating effects of the emotional and snakes, she would have her life back she declared - even if mental issues she was facing, Carole was accumulating she had to put up with the other issues. many diagnoses and medications, the side-effects of the Once it was explained to her that hypnotherapy could medications in themselves causing major difficulties. Over facilitate relief of all sorts of fears and phobias, anxieties and the years her medications included concurrent doses of sleep issues, appointments could not be set fast enough. powerful drugs such as Celexa, Seroquel and numerous antiFreedom came with the first two-hour session on May depressants. Despite seeing a psychiatrist and a psychologist 10, 2010. Whereas Carole had walked into hypnotherapist regularly and undergoing de-sensitization to snakes through Grace Joubarne’s office in a highly anxious state, eyes wide, exposure therapy for three consecutive summers, her quality very pale complexion and an inability to even whisper the of life continued to deteriorate.



word ‘snake’, the session work made it immediately possible for her to walk to the hypnotherapist’s garden, to walk through lawn grass and to laugh when she was told a snake was present just a few feet away. It was over…the fear of snakes that controlled practically every aspect of her life was dissolved in one hypnotherapy session. Carole reported later “ I just put a gluten-free cake in the oven!! I hadn’t baked in literally months.” She went on to report increased energy levels and on May 14th, 2010 proudly announced that she went out on her back lawn with sandals to hang up her laundry…something she had not been able to do in years. When she and her husband walked their entire property in Carp, Ontario not a single negative feeling appeared the entire time. The second session was equally rewarding for Carole. She was able to dissolve the rest of the persistent negative emotional issues that dogged her life. She now enjoys hugging and being touched. Shopping is a fun activity no matter how busy the stores. Difficulties with sleep apnea and headaches have improved greatly. Carole’s psychiatrist helped her wean her off her medications within a couple of months. She now qualifies as one of hypnotherapy’s most dedicated supporters as she tells friends, colleagues and the world about hypnotherapy and how it freed her. Many of her friends are also now freed

from medication and illness roulettes, fully in control of their lives. Carole firmly believes this is one answer to our overwhelmed medical care system costs…a dignified, selfhealing modality, free of drugs and years of talk-therapy. She speaks on the subject often, educating people on the importance of self-determination and taking responsibility for one’s health…providing hope to many who had previously been led to believe their quality of life could never improve. Carole also cautions people that a hypnotist is not necessarily a hypnotherapist and it is vitally important to ensure that the practitioner you are considering is fully trained in medical hypnotism and not just claiming they are. The competency of the hypnotherapist is as important as the willingness of the client. This enormously talented woman and educator is now on a mission to help hypnotherapy become mainstream. Her self-healing continues to inspire all who meet her. Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist (Ottawa and Belleville), contact: Phone 1-888-390-3553

The Aquarian Teacher KRI Level 1 Teacher Training

with Lead Trainers Gurmukh & Gurushabd at Shunnya Centre in Ottawa

October 27-30 November 25-27 January 12-15 February 24-26 March 16-18 March 31 7AM - 7PM

5 Weekends: October 2011March 2012 $3300 USD Early Bird Sept 7

September 2011

rewrite your destiny

63 Beechwood Ave Ottawa 613 656-5644 “If you want to learn something, read about it.






Quantum-Touch® therapy

Introduction and Demonstration

Kerry Palframan, RN • 613-715-9411

Free Webinars

This month one free webinar per person on a wide variety of esoteric, metaphysical, spiritual and personal development workshops. Please see website for more details.

8th Annual Ottawa EcoFair Saturday, September 17, 2011 10 am – 5 pm Carleton University Field House off Bronson Ave.

Celebrating green living ideas, products and services An informative and fun-filled day for the whole family to enjoy! Free Admission & Parking

Friday, September 9th and November 18th 7:00 to 9:00 p.m. James Street Wellness Centre, #300-20 James St, Come to hear what this new work is all about and experience the feeling of energy, share stories, ask questions, feel relaxation and energy flow through your being

Quantum-Touch therapy

Level I Certificate Training weekend Saturday and Sunday, September 10th and 11th, and November 19th and 20th, 2011 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. James Street Wellness Centre, 20 James St, Ottawa Information from Aileen McKenna Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, by cell at 613-795-3751 Or toll free at 1-866-493-0236 In a few short hours you will learn how to run energy using meditation and special breathing techniques that will allow you to heal yourself, your friends, family, plants and animals. You will be learning from the first Canadian Quantum-Touch Instructor


T-Line Services (613) 612-6581 USUI REIKI CLASSES Usui Level 3- Adv. Practitioner Reiki Master, Level 4: September 9-11 Learn this easy, gentle technique for stress relief, relaxation & the promotion of healing!

Feast of Fields September 11

Central Experimental Farm

Free public talk

‘Mindful Eating for Health and Well-Being’ Wednesday, September 7th • 7 pm, University of Ottawa, 150 University Ave. 8 wk Workshop begins Sept 21st. Register for both events at: www.

Too late for university? Think again!

Carleton’s Bridging Program is a low-cost, low-risk chance for mature students who want to prepare or qualify for university admission, improve their academic skills, and build confidence. A grade of “B” in the Bridging course is generally accepted for admission into Carleton’s general Bachelor of Arts program. The next 12-week class starts Sept. 20. For more info: 613-5202600x1024, www.


Carleton’s Bridging Program offers a lowcost, low-risk chance for mature students who want to prepare or qualify for university admission, improve their academic skills, and build confidence. 12-week class starts Sept. 20; call now! 613-520-2600 x1024,


Gregg Braden in Ottawa

May 11/12, 2012 ~ ~ ~

Ottawa Convention Centre

Saturday, September 10, 2011 FREE TALK: HEALTHY SCHOOL LUNCHES with Cindy Fleming.

2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway Carp, Ontario K0A 1L0 Tel: (613)839-1198 Fax: (613)839-3909 Email: Website:

Tickets on sale August 2011 for more information:

Ottawa Christian Meditation presents:

Being Free - Searching for the True Self through Christian Meditation A short retreat by Martin Malina, pastor.

Wednesday, September 21

7:00 pm. to 9:30 pm., St. John Chrysostom Parish Hall, 295 Albert St., Arnprior, ON. Free-will offering. Please register by September 14 with Harriet Perfitt at hperfitt@ or tel. 613-623-5829

Gnosis Join our FREE Public Lectures on September 7, 8, 21, 22 Starting September 14, join our weekly classes: Wednesdays at 6 PM. A synthesis of the wisdom of the Ancient Civilizations. Topics of study: Alchemy, Numerology, Dreams and the Astral World, Egyptian Tarot, Kabbalah, Kundalini and Tantrism, Tibetan Lamasery, Meditation, The Laws of Kharma and Dharma and many more. Location: Old Town Hall Community Centre, 61 Main Street. Contact 613-864-7687 or email





is open to people of all abilities. Your partner can be a spouse, friend or family member. Cost: $45.00 per partnership (2 people). Visit for more info FREE Introduction to Meditation (Integral Satsang) Tuesday, September 6th, 7:30 PM - 8:30 PM Join Lynne Cardinal and Jurgen Portz for a FREE introductory class to their upcoming Meditation series beginning the following week on Mondays at 4:30 PM and Tuesdays at 7:30 PM. Classes are suitable to both beginners and experienced meditators. Cost: Free Class Sept. 6th. 8 week series begins September 12th and 13th, $120.00 per person. FREE Introduction to Living Your Purpose with Richard Hudspith Thursday, September 8th, 4:30 PM - 5:30 PM Discover your purpose in life. If you are passionate and looking to express yourself, or maybe you are feeling stuck, not sure where to turn then this course will help get you there. Classes will be made up of lecture, group discussion and personal participation. Cost: Free Class Sept. 8th. 8 week series begins September 15th, $120.00 per person. FREE Introduction to Tai-Chi with Pierre Lefebvre Sunday, September 11th, 2:00 PM - 3:30 PM Tai-Chi, as it is practiced in the west today, can best be thought of as a moving form of yoga and meditation combined. The objective of Tai-Chi is to purify one’s vital energy (chi) and at the same time to open oneself to a spiritual dimension. Cost: Free Class Sept. 11th. 6 week series begins Sept. 18th, $90.00 per person. Full and New Moon Meditations Join us for these special classes that call upon the powerful energy of the full and new moons. Balance your mind, calm your spirit, and uplift your soul! Cost: Class Card or Drop-In Fee. Sunday, September 11th, 6:00 PM • – Full Moon Gong & Meditation • Tuesday, September 27th, 5:45 PM – Double Gong for the New Moon A Video Class with Yogi Bhajan Wednesday, September 14th, 7:30 PM - 9:00  Watch a DVD of a class (lecture and meditation) with the Master of Kundalini Yoga. Experience the amazing healing and benefits of Kundalini Yoga. Afterwards join us for tea and light snacks in the company of your fellow yogis! Cost: By donation to the Kundalini Research Institute Library of Teachings. Partner Yoga with David Wegenast Friday, September 16th, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM Partner yoga is a fun class for those who want to explore stretches, balances, and variations of Yoga poses adapted for two people in close contact. The atmosphere is relaxed, and the class

September 2011

Intro to Hypnotherapy with Karinna Najera Saturday, September 17th, 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM Hypnosis is widely used today not just in medicine, but also by top sports performers, business experts, and those in the media to boost their performance and mental focus. Learn the power and healing benefits of Hypnotherapy, through lecture and a guided hypnosis session. Learn the language of your subconscious mind and clear negative thoughts to promote wellness and peace of mind. Cost: $35.00 per person. How to Play the Gong with Devinder Kaur (Alison) Sunday, September 18th, 3:00 PM - 5:00 PM Explore the benefits of the sound and vibration produced by this ancient instrument. During the workshop you will learn how to incorporate the Gong’s healing sound and vibration into your yoga practice and classes as well as how to play the gong for relaxation, meditation, healing and therapeutic uses. Cost: $75.00 per person. Turning the Seasonal Wheel with Devinder Kaur (Alison) Thursday, September 22nd, 5:45 PM - 7:15 PM The equinoxes prepare us for change in the earth’s energy and autumn brings us transition into the winter season. In this class, give yourself the gift of some processing and transition time in your life. We will celebrate the change of seasons, we will find the balance of light and dark and we will experience our power of balance through Kundalini Yoga, Meditation and the Gong. Cost: Use your PranaShanti Class Card or Drop-In Fee. Law of Attraction with Marlene Keys Friday, September 23, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM This day - September 23rd is the beginning of the fall equinox. This is a powerful time to “collect your thoughts” and start manifesting what it is you really want to achieve in life. Marlene will show you how to simplify this Universal Law, and introduce you to a 3 step process for deliberately attracting – a process that when understood, will become a way of life for you. Cost: $30.00 per person Mirabai Ceiba in Concert Sunday, October 2nd, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM A gentle yet expansive spirit pervades all the music of Mirabai Ceiba. The delicate sounds of harp, piano, and guitar blend with lovingly intertwined voices amid lush celestial soundscapes. Their concerts are group celebrations for peace—joyous and loving occasions that embody the duo’s profound belief in music as a universal language uniting all the world’s peoples, cultures and traditions. Cost: $30.00 per person in advance, $35.00 per person day of the event. Children under 12 free admittance.


The Heart of Healing Sacred Chant Workshop with Mirabai Ceiba Monday, October 3rd, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM This 2 hour workshop is dedicated to the discovery of the healing energy of compassionate love and prayer through chanting and Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Mirabai Ceiba will take you on a journey traveling through the vibrations of the voice to penetrate the soul and manifest healing and peace in your lives. Cost: $40.00 per person. Crystal Bowl and Planet Gong Concert with David Hickey Saturday, October 18th, 7:30 PM - 9:30 PM This Thanksgiving weekend, join David Hickey for an incredible heart opening evening to cultivate GRATITUDE. Crystal Journey is an improvised sound journey with Paiste Planetary Gongs, Crystal Bowls, Santoor and Vibraphone. Two sets of incredible music that allows you to be fully immersed with your spirit. Take this time with all your family to reflect and give thanks for all the blessings in your life. Cost: $30.00 per person. KRI Level 1 Aquarian Teacher - Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training October 14th, 2011 to June 6th, 2012, 220+ Hour Program 8 Weekends + 3-Day Weekend Retreat Check Website for FREE OPEN HOUSES This program leads to certification as a KRI Level 1 Yoga Teacher and is internationally recognized and YA RYT-200 approved. You will be part of a supportive, yogic community who will share this deep experience into the teachings with you. Taking the time to meet monthly with manageable hours allows you to integrate the teachings gracefully into your daily life while respecting your personal, family and work obligations. Our worldwide Teaching Team brings a wealth of experience and expertise. All of our Teachers are KRI certified Teacher Trainers. Early Bird Rate, Payment Plans and Student/Senior discounts available. Master Class Weekend ~ DETOX FLOW® ~ Purification for Optimal Health and Wellness with Seane Corn Friday, October 21st to Sunday October 23rd Each day we are exposed to toxins that affect our energy, health and vitality. Many of our ailments and diseases today including fatigue, weight gain, high blood pressure and depression can be attributed to a poor diet, environmental stressors, lack of exercise as well as repressed emotions. In this workshop, we will explore how we can improve our physical heath, increase our vitality, decrease our susceptibility to illness and disease, balance our emotions and develop practical tools for managing stress. Cost: $350.00 per person. Save $20.00 before September 30th, 2011. Seane Corn is an internationally renowned Vinyasa Flow Yoga Teacher and spiritual activist. Featured in commercials, magazines and named the “National Yoga Ambassador” for YouthAIDS in 2005, Seane now utilizes her national platform to bring awareness to the HIV/ AIDS crisis. Since 2007, she has been training leaders of activism through her co-founded organization Off the Mat, Into the World®.




340 Gladstone Ave. 613.234.7974 Gong Immersion for Blissful Relaxation with Meherbani Sunday, September 4th from 4:30 – 6pm The sound of the gongs lead the participants into a state of deep relaxation, healing, blissful consciousness and subtle connection of body, mind, and soul. Cost: Class card or drop in fee. Sadhana Sunday, September 4th from 5 - 7am Sadhana is performed typically between the hours of 4 am and 6:30 am, a propitious time for meditation; the angle of the sun to the earth produces the greatest amount of prana of the day, and it is the time that the biological rhythms within us are most receptive to physical and mental cleansing. There is no cost for Sadhana. The Power of Now with Guy Aube Friday, September 9th from 7:30 – 9pm Open yourself up to the transformative experience of being fully present in your life. Discover powerful techniques to access a state of inner peace during this 90 minute event. Based on the popular book, written by Eckhart Tolle. Cost: $8 tax incl. Partner Yoga with Jamine and Karina Ackert Friday, September 9th from 7:30 – 9pm Yoga for two! Enjoy this fun and interactive class with your partner, friend, workout buddy - everyone is welcome to attend! Cost: $30+hst per pair. Madonna Flow Party with Natalie Holst Friday, September 9th from 7:45 – 9:15pm Get into your groove and celebrate with a playful Ashtanga-based yoga class to the music of Madonna (yes, THE Madonna). Music arrangement by MixMaster Mike, (aka. Mike Block). During the 90-minutes you have a chance to work on your strength, flexibility and definitely lots of sweat. Show up early, this class is busy! Cost: Suggested donation is $10 - $20. Proceeds go to CARE Canada. A Weekend of Workshops with Ellen Heed Friday, September 9 – Monday, September 12 Join special guest Ellen Heed for a weekend of workshops. She will be offering a Chakra Anatomy Intensive or Sacred Women’s Anatomy. Please visit for more information! Introduction to Thai Massage with Devin Johnstone Saturday, September 10th from 1 – 5pm In this fun, interactive workshop you will be introduced to the basics of Thai Massage, while learning a short bodywork routine that you can practice among family and friends. Anyone with a reasonable level of mobility can participate. Cost: 30+hst per person or $50+hst per pair.




Learn to Meditate with Jamine Ackert Sunday, September 11th from 11am – 1pm If you’re new to meditation or even if you’ve been away from your practice for a while, this workshop will serve as an introduction.  Company is stronger than willpower, so come and learn to meditate with a group and then be able to practice on your own! Cost: $25+hst Fundamentals of Kundalini Yoga with Meherbani Sunday, September 11th from 2 – 4pm Kundalini yoga is more than a physical exercise to keep fit – it is an aggregate science of physical and spiritual techniques to attain harmony within one’s self.  It is ideal for beginners and the advanced practitioner of yoga to develop the capacity for self-discovery.  Cost: $25+hst Laughter Yoga & Gong with Sophie Terrasse Friday, September 16th from 7:45 – 9:15pm Tickle your funny bones, release stress and get a taste of “Laughter for no reason” with this fun, relaxing and rejuvenating workshop – your inner child will take days to settle down. Cost: $15+hst A Weekend of Yin Yoga with Biff Mithoefer Friday, September 16th – Sunday, September 18th Geared towards Yoga teachers and committed students, Friday night we will kick off the weekend with a Yin Yoga practice, and Saturday and Sunday will include a Yin practice in the morning and in the afternoon on both days.  Yin Yoga and Taoist philosophy and anatomy will be incorporated into both days.  Teachers will also have a chance to inquire about sequencing along with any other questions that may come up. Please visit for more information. Kundalini Chanting Circle with Jasvinder Friday, September 23rd from 7:30 – 9pm Join Jasvinder for a blissful evening of chanting as we meditate on the healing sounds of these ancient mantras. Cost: $15+hst in advance; $20+hst at the door. Of Mind & Mood: Yoga & Ayurveda for Transformation with Monika Murray Saturday, September 24th from 1 – 3pm Ayurveda is one of the world’s oldest and most complete systems of natural healing. The workshop will introduce students to this extraordinary mind-body medicine of India as well as help identify their personal constitution. This information will be used to explore appropriate mantra, meditation, asana and pranayama corresponding to the seven Ayurvedic constitutions. Cost: $25+hst Kirtan with the Bhakti Connection Friday, September 30th from 7:30 – 9pm Join the group for an interactive gathering - creating blissful vibrations with voice and instrumentation to open the heart. Kirtan is


an opportunity to experience Naad Yoga (the Yoga of Sound) and Bhakti Yoga (the Yoga of Devotion), a type of Yoga that is whole and complete all on it’s own. Cost: By Donation. Beats & Bliss with Megan Campbell and DJ Polly Friday, September 30th from 8 – 9:15pm A fun and dynamic class structured around a sequence of fluid, flowing poses to awaken and channel your inner energy, and revitalize the body and mind while DJ Polly spins live! DJ Polly will take us on a journey of ambient beats and lush atmospherics while Megan guides and inspires you through this All Levels Yoga class. Cost $15+hst

GREGORIAN CHANT AND CHORAL MUSIC CLASSES - OPEN HOUSE Sunday, September 25, 3:00 pm Join Lawrence Harris for a lively hour of musicmaking, and find out about our fall classes and events. Admission is free, so bring all your friends! Come to room 201 of the Dominican University College, 96 Empress Avenue, just off Somerset St., two traffic lights west of Bronson. Develop your singing skills and boost your confidence – and help keep the wonderful repertoire of Gregorian chant and sacred polyphony alive. Help us share this deeply spiritual music with the wider community through our concerts and special events, including the Gregorian Chants for Meditation on Good Friday night, which over a thousand people attend each year. For more information, call 613-567-7729

MOTOR COACH TRIP TO HISTORIC CHURCHES OF THE QUEBEC LAURENTIANS Saturday, October 22nd, 8:45 a.m. - 11:30 p.m. Ride in our motor coach and visit beautiful churches as Chorus Ecclesiae and the Symposium Choir, conducted by Lawrence Harris, sing a repertoire of Gregorian chant and Renaissance choral music. The all-day trip leaves in the morning and includes lunch and dinner, in addition to spectacular fall scenery, beautiful churches, and Gregorian chant. For information and reservations, call 613-567-7729

October 14 & 15 Dowsing and Divining with The Canadian Society of Dowsers and Ottawa Dowsers. Join us for a life-changing experience! Great presentations, workshops, ceremonies, festivities, spa services, dowsing products and exhibits. First Unitarian Congregation of Ottawa 30 Cleary Avenue. Info at:

Invitation to a Sonic Adventure with David Hickey of Crystal Journey Have you ever heard quartz crystal bowls and gongs performed LIVE? It is an amazing experience I will try to share with you. I attended my first concert by musician David Hickey in Nov 2008 and I’ve been hooked ever since. During the performance, the different frequencies offered by the crystal bowls and gongs touched me deeply, layer by layer, right to the depth of my core. It helped me leave my busy life behind and slip into a peaceful and unique reality. I felt in harmony with Mother Trance Channeling Earth, all her inhabitants and the Universe. My physical with Internationally Known body totally relaxed, my mind became quiet and my spirit was in bliss while I was riding the waves of sonic enchantment. Past Connections, Future Projections with Mikaal I had never in my life experienced this before. Now I Friday, September 16 • 7:30pm take every opportunity I can to experience crystal bowls and gongs live, and to be wrapped in another blanket of blissful Best Western Macies Hotel, 1274 Carling sonic vibrations. $22 per person - All Welcome - CD Optional Ottawa is in for a special treat this Sept. as David Hickey Sat. & Sun. Personal Readings By Appointment is returning with another amazing concert on his ever Call/fax (613) 477-2200 evolving sound journey! I invite you all to share this experience with me and to have your own sonic adventure.

Rik Thurston

Crystal Journey Concert: Sounds of the Solar System with David Hickey Date: Tuesday, September 13 Time: 7:30pm, doors open 6:30pm Venue: St. Paul’s University, Amphitheatre 223 Main St, Ottawa, ON

Advance Tickets $20 or $25 at the door. Ticket outlets: Singing Pebble Books or Serendipity Books & Gifts. For more info call 613 614-1611 Advance online tickets:

VEGETARIAN TREASURES Providing a selection of delicious, gluten-free, sugar-free, vegan, locally made salads and spreads, for your family, your office lunches, & for your special gatherings 613-241-4822 September 2011


Infinite Change

Would you like to manage your emotions and live a happier life? Are you trying to lose weight? Do you procrastinate so much that it’s affecting your life and your health? Linda Graham of Infinite Change provides NLP, Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis for her clients assisting them to manage their emotions incurred by stress, anxiety, anger, worry and fear etc. This doesn’t mean you’ll never experience these emotions ever again, but it will help you to identify the root cause and manage your emotions in a more positive way. If you are trying to stop procrastinating, Linda has authored a book called Procrastinating? Which will be available in the early Fall of 2011. She uses the methods mentioned above to help those that do chronically procrastinate, to Stop. It also explains why we procrastinate and how it affects our emotional and physical well being.. Studies show that, in most cases, negative emotions and behaviours are simply learned and can be unlearned and replaced with more positive habits. We offer positive emotional change coaching so you can live a better life. The first initial 20 minute consultation is completely free to assess your needs and we will then develop a personalized coaching program specifically for you.

To contact us please call 613-521-5675 or email at

  

  

     

 


 


           

 


  

Inner Peace by Darlene Plouffe


believe that the people who push our buttons the most are really our guardian angels in disguise. Every person that comes into our life, no matter how briefly, does so to either teach us something about others or to teach us something about ourselves. And when we’re really lucky… a little of both. I have a family member whom I love dearly, but recently felt a great deal of friction with. I found myself feeling intolerant of his intolerance and although the irony was not lost on me, I was still holding on to it the next day. That afternoon I took my son to see Kung Fu Panda 2. Within the first few minutes we see Po seeking out Master Shifu (voiced by Dustin Hoffman), who tells him that every master must find his path to inner peace. “The day you were chosen as Dragon Warrior,” he tells Po, “was the worst day of my life. But once I realized the problem was not you, but within me… I found inner peace, and was able to harness the flow of the Universe.” Sitting in the movie theatre, I smile. The Universe always has a way of sending me the messages I need to hear most, even in an animated movie. I feel ready to harness the flow of the Universe, and I go home feeling enlightened. Until about 4am. You see, I like to sleep with my windows open. My neighbours like to smoke outside and talk at all hours of the night. It’s not even that they’re overly noisy about it… most of the time… but one of them has a very deep voice that seems to resonate no matter how quietly he’s trying to talk. It floats right up on the wings of his cigarette smoke and wafts into my bedroom window. For a split second it occurs to me that his voice in fact might actually sound quite soothing.. if it wasn’t 4am. My alarm is set for 5. Don’t they know how crucial that last hour of sleep is?? When do these people ever sleep anyways? In my moment of weakness I fantasize about blasting Kirtan devotional chant music at 10:00 in the morning. I’m such a rebel. “Don’t they know I just want to live in peace?” screams the voice in my head. In my frustrated exhaustion I imagine living in total serenity and find myself wishing they would just move. And then I stop. I hear Dustin Hoffman’s voice in my head and I laugh to myself. Because I realize that if I didn’t have the neighbours I have, the Universe -in its infinite wisdom- would give me a colicky baby or a dog that barks incessantly instead. It is not in our outer surroundings that we find peace. It’s easy to be spiritual when you’re alone in a cabin

September 2011

in the middle of the woods. True inner peace comes from complete acceptance of whatever it is we are experiencing.. with no labels, and no judgement. To maintain it regularly is a challenge. Luckily for me, the Universe is giving me lots of practice. A week later I awaken suddenly to the sound of talking and laughter outside. I look at the time. It’s 3:17am. There’s a beautiful breeze out.. but I close my window, turn on my fan, and go back to sleep. For tonight at least, I have found inner peace. Darlene Plouffe is a Reiki Master, Numerologist, Writer and Artisan. She brings clarity, compassion, and gratitude to her readings and energy work, helping her clients achieve more balance in their lives and a better understanding of their spiritual path in order to create more peace and harmony within. Her workshop, “Connecting Your Body, Connecting Your Soul”, is an empowering look at how our perception creates our own reality, and how we can begin to change it for the better. For more information or to contact Darlene please visit her website at

Free Your Neck & Back... ...Drop that STRESS

Biodynamic Osteopathy • Relief of Physical pain • Increased Energy & Mental Clarity • Deep Relaxation For appointment and more information call

Joah Bates, D.O. (UK)


Over 25 years experience 29

Card Reading ~ Life Coaching Hypnotherapy ~ Body Work ~ Reiki …and much more

Moira Hutchison CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp. Health & Wellness Practitioner

Phone: 613.432.1239 Cell: 613.281.0611 106 – 2211 Riverside Drive, Ottawa 41 Leckie Lane, Burnstown

198 Main Street, Ottawa, ON • 613-234-9597 •

Available through or 613-264-8165


Bradfield’s CD Release Celebration in Ottawa ~ Music for your Soul!


radfield touches the spectrum of human emotion and spiritual aspirations, he soothes, inspires and uplifts all in one breath, bathing us in a rich, authentic tapestry that reminds us who we are, of our own unique potential. In concert, the artist is an open heart, radiating Love with gentle intensity and a powerful yet humble presence. He draws inspiration from everything that makes a heartfelt impression on his soul. Writing in a variety of musical genres from symphonic composition to modern day popular music and perhaps best known as the creator and producer of spiritual songstress Anael. Bradfield’s melodic, lyrical compositions have been attributed by Shelley Yates (Fire the Grid) as holding embedded tones to aid in the ascension of humanity to the next paradigm. His music holds LIGHT & LOVE and is carefully sequenced to assist during meditation, to open and activate chakras, or simply to uplift the listener to a place of pure joy and bliss! Bradfield soothes, inspires and uplifts all in one breath, bathing us in a rich, authentic tapestry that reminds us who we are, of our own unique potential. Twenty years and twenty one albums into the perfection of his Art, he continues to create “time capsules of catharsis” that take on a new and wonderful intimate dimension when delivered in the context of his original show. You are invited to join us for a CD Release Celebration with Bradfield on Friday 30 Sept. in Ottawa. Time: 7:30pm, doors open at 7pm. Venue: Church of the Ascension, 253 Echo Drive. Tickets: $30 ($25 before September 23). Online tickets: or Other info: MAIKE@613-614-1611

Rainbow, Crystal & Indigo Children How to Support Your Sensitive Child With Jennifer Clark, Professional Spiritual Teacher & Dr. Jada MacLeod N.D. Based on the books, “The Care and Feeding of Indigo Children” and “The Crystal Children” written by Doreen Virtue, this introductory workshop focuses on the research by Virtue and will let you know if you have an Indigo, Crystal or Rainbow child, how to recognize their characteristics and behaviours, discuss the importance of their unique food sensitivities and allergies and learn how to better parent and support these magical children.

Sunday, September 25 1:30pm to 4:30pm

James Street Wellness Centre 20 James Street, 3rd Floor Ottawa, ON K2P 0T6 $40 plus HST RSVP to Healing House 613.688.9898 or email Limited seating

September 2011




Sundays 08:45 am • FALUN DAFA (Falun Gong) - a classical Chinese meditative exercise for people of all ages. Free to learn, free to practice. #226 Simard Building, University of Ottawa. (613)789-0819,, 09:00 am • DROP-IN ASTANGA3 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 09:00 am • FAMILY ABSOLUTE BEGINNER YOGA (bring your children) with (Derek/ Angie Kendrick) OrleansYOGAShala 8302224 09:00 am • CHURCH OF PERFECT LIBERTY 999 Arnot Rd.; Rev. Takashi Goto; 225-1850. 09:00 am • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:00 am • HATHA Intermediate at Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:00 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 9:15 am • YIN YOGA Ichih Wang. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 9:15am • YIN YOGA. Rama Lotus 09:30 am • ASHTANGA YOGA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 10:00 am • SITTING MEDITATION PRACTICE. Meditation instruction is available Tuesday evenings or on request. All instructors are trained senior students of Ch gyam Trungpa, Rinpoche. Please call 725-9321 for an appointment. There is no charge. 984 Wellington St. near Bayswater. Everyone welcome! 10:00 am • IYENGAR YOGA – Level 1. Glenda Murphy. 761-7888. 10:30 am • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 10:30 am • MEETING FOR WORSHIP Religious Society of Friends (Quakers) - 91A Fourth Avenue 232-9923 10:30 am • OTTAWA INTERFAITH SPIRITUALIST CHURCH, 430 Churchill Ave. Healing and Messages. Rev. S. Guimond 613-820-8231 10:30 am • UNITY CHURCH OF OTTAWA Celebration Service. 312 Parkdale Ave. N.. Info. 613-723-5852. 11:00 am • HATHA YOGA Tania Frechette. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 11:00 am • DROP-IN ASTANGA1 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 11:00 am • ASHTANGA Yoga (Derek Kendrick) OrleansYOGAShala 11:00 am • HOT YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 11:25 a.m. Holistic Belly Dance (beginner and intermediate) Glebe & Bank 613.265.4048 11:30 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 12:00 pm • YOGA FOR TEENS - preregistration. - 12:30 pm • A MOVING EXPERIENCE ‘MindBody-Spirit’ dance workshops 864-HEAL




(4325),, www.Tipi. 12:30 pm • PRENATAL YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 02:00 pm • BEGINNERS TEMPLE DANCING Anjali 745-1368 www. 02:00 pm • STUDY A COURSE IN MIRACLES Bilingual. Lucille @ 819-777-8437. 02:30 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 02:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 02:30 pm • OTTAWA SPIRITUALIST TEMPLE, C.S.M. Inc. 888 Byron Ave. Service every Sunday. 02:30 pm • SPIRITUALIST’S CHURCH. Rev. R. Nowakowska. Service and Clairvoyance. Unitarian House- Yellow Room, 20 Cleary Ave 02:30 pm • INTRO TO YOGA David Jewitt. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 03:00 pm • PRE_NATAL YOGA with Michelle Schubert OrleansYOGAShala 03:00 pm • RUNNERS YOGA - Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro 04:00 pm • EGYPTIAN BELLYDANCE Professional Coaching at Dance Oasis 04:15 pm • VINYASA FLOW - with meditation. Core-elation YOGA studio - 04:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:30 pm • HOT FLOW Kate Little. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 05:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION 7 pm in summer. St. Patrick’s Fallowfield, 15 Steeple Hill Cr., Barrhaven, Eva Hegmann 613-5969480 05:00 pm • HARE KRISHNA TEMPLE . Meditation, Yoga and Vegetarian dinner. 212 Somerset St. E. 565-6544. 05:00 pm • GROUP MEDITATION An evening of meditation with music, dinner and video lecture. Free of charge. In Hull. French and English. For info 1-866-433-3833 06:30 pm •HATHA  All Levels Rama Lotus 234-7974 06:30 pm • SOMAYOG Rama Lotus 234-7974 06:30 pm • YIN YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 06:30 pm • POWER VINYASA YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:00 pm • A COURSE IN MIRACLES gathering for practice, meditation, prayer, and sharing. For more information, call 613-7260195. 07:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS classes at Glebe CC. Jill Ogilvie 742-8262. 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION in Kemptville, Holy Cross Parish, 505 Clothier St. West. Peter Collins 613-258-5720 07:30 pm • BAHA’I PERSPECTIVES For more information Please call 746-5498 07:30 pm • BAHA’I PERSPECTIVES. Vanier - Call Al at 746-5498


07:30 pm • CANADIAN PHILOSOPHERS SOCIETY. Bethamy Cultural Centre, 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., #113, Orleans. 830-6836. 08:45 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Mysore. Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown

Mondays 05:45 am • POWERFUL WOMAN BOOT CAMP – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro. 06:15 am • PRE-BOOKED MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 06:30 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 07:00 am • HATHA YOGA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 09:15 am • VINYASA FLOW - Core-elation YOGA studio - 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA Sivananda with (Angie.Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 8302224 09:30 am • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Joseph’s Church, 151 Laurier Ave. East, RoseMarie Morris or George Martin, 613-7300108 09:30 am • BONES FOR LIFE - NEW - program to strengthen bones. Metta Massage and yoga Clinic, 421 Richmond Rd. Ottawa 724-4747. For information call R. Murnaghan 820-2546. 09:30 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 09:30 am • YIN/YANG YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels. Santosha Centretown 10:15 am • FELDENKRAIS Awareness through movement classes. Rockcliffe Park. Lisa Woolnough. 744-0868. 10:15-11:45 am • WALK & STRETCH. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www.mettamassage. com 11:00 am • POWER yoga with(Julie Lefebvre) at OrleansYOGAShala 11:45 am • POWER YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 12:00 pm • DROP-IN MIXED LEVEL ASTANGA Astanga Yoga Ottawa 12:00 pm • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 12:00 pm • GENTLE LUNCHTIME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 12-1pm • HATHA FLOW Various Teachers. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:00 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00 pm • PILATES – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 12:15 pm • ASHTANGA LUNCH – New – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 1:00-2:30 • IYENGAR YOGA Level I. Karin Holtkamp 761-7888



01:30 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. Dovercourt Comm. Ctr. Rosa Murnaghan 820-2546. 01:30 pm * CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Good Shepherd Parish, 3092 Innes Road, Katherine Le Lievre 613-746-2347 or Audrey Marshall 613-841-0339 02:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. John Chrysostom Church, 295 Albert Street, Arnprior, Jean Anderchek 613-832-3436 03:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St Richard’s Church, 7 Rossland Ave, (at Merivale) Marg Dumbrille 613-225-0806 Gayle Ascah 613-226-8161 03:30 pm • HATHA I - JOYYOGA at Blue Crane Studio - 297-8456 03:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 03:30 pm • HATHA - EASY YOGA – New – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 04;00 pm • YIN  YOGR YOGA (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 04:00 pm • YIN YOGA. Rama Lotus 04:15 pm • HATHA hour Sivananda (Angie Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 04:15 pm • HATHA YOGA Loren Crawford. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 04:30 • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 04:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Apt. 907, 100 Empress Ave, Cecile Dumouchel 613-234-2562 (French Group) 05:00 pm • DROP-IN ASTANGA2 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 05:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS Classes. Ottawa Hospital 738-8400 x2227. 05:15 pm • HATHA II WITH YIN - JOYYOGA at Blue Crane Studio - 297-8456 05:15 pm • BELLYDANCE CARDIO-FIT with Johara at Dance Oasis 5:30 to 6:30pm • HATHA YOGA. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 05:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION First United Church, 347 Richmond Road Joyce Hardman; 613-729-2647 Cathy Nobleman 613-244-0728 05:30 pm • POWER YOGA. Rama Lotus 2347974 05:30 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • HATHA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 2 Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1. Drop in class. Santosha Westboro 05:30 pm • BEGINNERS YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 05:30 pm • Centering Prayer at St Luke’s 5:30 pm 760 Somerset Street West 05:45 pm • VINYASA FLOW - Core-elation YOGA studio - 05:45 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 1, Donna Forelli. 761-7888.

September 2011



05:45 pm • KRIPALU YOGA/MINDFUL YOGA, in Sandy Hill. Call Catherine Matthews 521-5634 or 05:45 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • HATHA FLOW at Rama Lotus 2347974 5:45 pm • POWER YOGA Leona Alexander. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 5:45-7:15 pm • PRENATAL YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. 421 Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 06:00 pm • BELLY DANCE Beginner with Johara at Dance Oasis 06:15 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. Brookfield H.S. Rosa Murnaghan 820-2546. 06:30 pm • HOT YOGA. Rama Lotus 06:30 pm • BEGINNERS TEMPLE DANCING Anjali 745-1368 www. 06:30 pm • SELF ESTEEM / FAMILY THERAPY (visitor night), Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa, 3427 Greenbank. Dr. Janet Christie-Seely, 613-823-0366; satirinfo@; 06:30 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness through movement classes. R.A. Centre. Lisa Woolnough. 744-0868. 6:30 PM • KRIPALU YOGA FLOW, La Sangha Yoga, 400 boulevard Alexandre-Taché, 2nd floor, Hull, Quebec, Eileen Scully 613 858 8177 06:45 pm • JOYFUL EXPRESSIVE DANCE Joyful Expressive Dance. Creative dance for healing and relaxation. West End. Julie 2548469 07:00 pm • EGYPTIAN BELLY DANCE Intermediate 2 with Denise Enan @ Dance Oasis 07:00 pm • SELF HELP GROUP FOR SCHIZOPHRENICS Carlington Comm. Ctr. Info 737-7636. 07:00 pm • GNOSIS, new weekly classes (in English), James Street Wellness Centre, 20 James St., 3rd floor, near Bank, behind James St. Pub. For French classes call 613-299-0029. Contact 613-864-7687 or e-mail: gnosis. 07:00 • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Margaret Mary, 7 Fairbairn St. (at Sunnyside) Flora Benoit 613-789-7138. Joan McGuinness 613-731-4041 7 to 9 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 07:00 pm • LAUGHTER YOGA- THE OTTAWA SUNFLOWER LAUGHTER CLUB Routhier Community Centre, 172 Guigues av, Ottawa - Fees : 5$ Sophie Terrasse, CLYT 842-9771 terrasse@rogers. com 07:00 pm • GROUPE D’ƒTUDE DU LIVRE D’URANTIA, tous les mardi, ouvert ˆ tous, appeler Bernard au 523-3558


07:15 pm • HATHA YOGA (Angie Kendrick) OrleansYOGAShala 07:15 pm • VINYASA FLOW Intermediate Core-elation YOGA studio - 07:15 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 07:15 pm • PRE-NATAL Yoga– Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 07:15 pm • HATHA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 07:15 pm • ADULT CHILDREN ANONYMOUS Brewer Park Complex, 100 Brewer Way (the swimming pool building), near south-east corner of Bronson & Sunnyside. Free Parking. OC Transpo Buses # 4, 7, 117, O-Train (Carleton station). (Inner Peace Group / Courage to Change Group) 07:30 pm • BAHA’I DEVOTIONAL MEETING. Bethamy Cultural Centre, 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., #113, Orleans. 830-6836. 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Matthews Anglican Church (Chapel), 217 First Avenue. Kevin Flynn 613-236-1393 x2427 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. John the Evangelist, 154 Somerset St. W. at Elgin Cynara Desbarats 613-863-5713 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Emmanuel United Church, 961 Smyth Road, Ron Dicks 613-739-1046 07:30 pm • BONES FOR LIFE - NEW - program to strengthen bones. Brookfield H.S. For information call R. Murnaghan 820-2546. 07:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 07:30 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • YIN YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • INTERMEDIATE YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 07:30 pm • ASHANGA Daniel Mendoza. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 7:30-9:00 • IYENGAR YOGA – General class (remove Level 2 designation – all other info same) 7:30-9:00 pm YOGA FOR EVERY BODY. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. 421 Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 07:45 pm • POWER YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 08:00 pm • ADVANCED TEMPLE DANCING Anjali 745-1368 www. 8:00pm • Rama Lotus. HOT LOGA 08:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Holy Redeemer Church, 44 Rothesay Drive, Kanata, Archie Boyd 613-828-4718 Rita Leduc 613836-5324 08:00 pm • ISUL CLASSES. Meditation & Associated Processes. Ron Chapman (advanced). 232-1160. 08:00 pm • MEDITATION GROUP. Free of charge. West End. Julie 254-8469. 8:00 pm • FREE MEDITATION PRACTICE GROUP. 19 Leeming Drive, West of Bayshore. Julie 254-8469.




08:15 pm • EGYPTIAN BELLY DANCE Intermediate 3 with Denise Enan at Dance Oasis

Tuesdays • ISUL CLASSES - Meditation et Processus Relies. Gatineau: Lise 663-5692; Hull: Lucie 770-6263. • ISUL CLASSES - Meditation and Associated Processes. Ottawa South: Mary 730-4833; Smiths Falls: David 565-3458; Ottawa East: Natalie 565-3458; Brockville: Dianne 3483165; Ottawa West: Mary Lou 225-4675; Centretown: Diane 232-9045. 05:45 am • POWERFUL WOMAN BOOT CAMP – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro. 06:15 am • PRE-BOOKED MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 06:30 am • ARISE ANS SHINE - Core-elation YOGA studio - 06:30 am • KUNDALINI YOGA at Rama Lotus 234-7974 06:30 am • POWER EXPRESS YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:15 am • FELDENKRAIS classes at Glebe CC. Jill Ogilvie 742-8262. 09:30 am • GENTLE SOUL. Drop-in 613-7306649 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA (Angie.Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224 09:30 am • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 2, Donna Forelli. 761-7888. 09:30 am • BONES FOR LIFE - NEW - program to strengthen bones. St Basil’s Parish Hall, Maitland N. of Queensway. For information call R. Murnaghan 820-2546. 09:30 am • HOT FLOW YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:30 am • ASHTANGA YOGA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 10:00 am • FORREST YOGA Rama Lotus. 10:00 am • HATHA YOGA - Tania Frechette. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 11:00 am • POWER yoga with(Angie Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 11:00 am • PILATES with Lorraine Chamas at Greta Leemings Studio of Dance, 1460 Merivale Road 2288215 11:45 am • YIN YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 11:45 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 11:45 am • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 12:00 pm • HATHA FLOW - Tania Frechette. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:00 pm • DROP-IN MIXED LEVEL ASTANGA Astanga Yoga Ottawa 12:00 pm • FREE YOUR HIPS - Core-elation YOGA studio - 12:00 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00 pm • POWER Yoga Lunch – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro.




12:00 pm • GENTLE LUNCHTIME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 12:15 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION. Ottawa Hospital Riverside Campus, 1967 Riverside Dr., Prayer Room, Jeanette Deyell 613-733-6755 12:30 pm • A MOVING EXPERIENCE ‘MindBody-Spirit’ dance workshops 864-HEAL (4325),, www. 01:00 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Special needs, Donna Forelli. 761-7888. 01:00 pm • BONES FOR LIFE - NEW program to strengthen bones. Soloway Jewish Community Centre. Info: R.Murnaghan 613.820-2546. Register: 613.798-9818: 1:00 pm • IYENGAR YOGA – Level I. Karin Holtkamp 761-7888 01:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Marguerite Centre, 700 Mackay Street, Pembroke, Margaret Conroy 613-623-2963 03:30 pm • KRIPALU Rama Lotus 234-7974 03:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:00pm • KIDS YOGA www. 613-730-6649 04:15 pm • HATHA hour (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 04:30 pm • HATHA YOGA Intermed. Scaravelli Approach – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 04:30pm • HOT FLOW. Rama Lotus 5:00 pm • DROP-IN ASTANGA1 Astanga Yoga 05:00 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1. Drop in class. Santosha Westboro 05:15 pm • BELLYDANCE CARDIO-FIT with Jocelyne Khan at Dance Oasis, 05:20 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Mysore. Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 05:30 pm • HATHA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • INTERMEDIATE YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 05:30 pm • HATHA YOGA. All levels. Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • STRENGTH & SOUL. Drop-in. 613-730-6649 05:45 pm • YIN YOGA Ichih Wang. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 05:45 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 05:45 pm • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 05:45 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 2, Cathie Lewis. 761-7888. 05:45 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA Basics Rama Lotus 234-7974


5:45 pm • CENTERING PRAYER GROUP at Church of the Epiphany 1290 Ogilvie Road. 5:45 • IYENGAR YOGA General Class 7617888. 06:00 pm • TUESDAY NIGHT YOGA @ 6 Small classes, kundalini yoga & Meditation to open your heart And to clear your head. www. 613-563-4399 06:00 pm • BELLY DANCE Beginner with Gilane Yassa at Dance Oasis 06:00 pm • PRE-NATAL YOGA. Drop in class. Santosha Westboro 06:30 pm • INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION Philosophy and Practice. Everything you need to know to add meditation to your life. Free of charge. In Hull and Ottawa. French and English. 1-866-4333833 (small groups) 06:30 pm • EVOLUTIONS: The Unfolding of Greatness. A process designed to move you to full expression of the authentic self. Partners in Renewal. 692-1211, www. 6:30pm • POWER YOGA. Rama Lotus. 6:30 to 7:30 pm • YOGA FOR YOUTH ages 1320. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 06:45 pm • DROP-IN FULL VINYASA Astanga Yoga Ottawa 7:00 pm • CENTERING PRAYER GROUP at St John the Evangelist 154 Somerset Street West. 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Marguerite Centre, 700 Mackay Street, Pembroke, Barbara O’Reilly 613-732-9523 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION 324 McLean St. Arnprior, Mary Sue McCarthy 613-622-7783 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Barnabas Anglican Church 70 James St. at Kent. John Miller 613-225-8768 07:00 pm • SITTING MEDITATION PRACTICE. Meditation instruction on request. All instructors are trained senior students of Ch gyam Trungpa Rinpoche. Call 725-9321 for an appointment. No charge. Ottawa Shambhala Centre, 982 Wellington near Bayswater 07:00 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION. Sat Hari Kaur Khalsa, 727-0147 07:00 pm • EGYPTIAN BELLY DANCE Advanced 2 with Denise Enan at Dance Oasis 07:00 pm-08:30 pm • WOMEN’S YANUMOJA YOGA, Nikki, 770-6734. 07:00 pm • QIGONG CLASS. Aylmer. Exercises (8 Brocade) and Meditation(5 Elements). For more info call Claudette. 684-8414. 07:00 pm • MEDITATION using the self-inquiry practice (Who am I?) as taught by Ramana Maharshi. Call Saroja 596-2857 07:00 pm • MEDITATION COURSE (8 Weeks) – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro 07:00 pm • URANTIA BOOK STUDY GROUP, every Monday, call Bernie at 523-3558 07:00pm • Centering Prayer Group at St John the Evangelist 154 Somerset Street West



07:15 pm • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 07:15 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 07:30 pm • ASHANGA INTRO Daniel Mendoza. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 07:30 pm • HOT YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • BEGINNERS TEMPLE DANCING Anjali 745-1368 www. 07:30 pm • WIDOWED and DIVORCED CLUB. Bethamy Cultural Centre, 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., #113, Orleans. 830-6836. 07:30 pm • HATHA MEDITATION (Michelle Schubert) at OrleansYOGAShala 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Resurrection of Our Lord Church, 1940 Saunderson Dr. Rita Kuiak 613-739-4020 07:30 pm • RESTORATIVE YOGA . Drop-in. 613-730-6649 07:30 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 1, Cathie Lewis. 761-7888. 07:30 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement (ATM) class. West-end. Rosa Murnaghan 820-2546. 07:30 pm • NICOTINE ANONYMOUS smoking-cessation support-group. Dalhousie Community Centre, 755 Somerset West at Empress Avenue. Smokers are most welcome – just bring your desire to quit smoking. Richard 859-1210. 07:30 pm • HATHA BEGINNER. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • YIN YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • HATHA YOGA – Beginners Scarvelli Approach –Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 07:30 pm • BEGINNERS MEDITATION. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 7:30 pm YOGA UNWIND. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 07:45 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Mark’s Catholic Church, 160 Main, Aylmer, Quebec, Lise Brooks 819-827-2943 07:45 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 8:00pm • FORREST YOGA. Rama Lotus 08:30 pm • BELLY DANCE Intermediate 2 with Farida at Dance Oasis

Wednesdays • ISUL CLASSES - Meditation et Processus Relies. U. d’Ottawa: Lise 663-5692; • ISUL CLASSES - Meditation and Associated Processes. Nepean (Parkwood Hills): Sallie 225-7279; Kingston: Ron 232-1160; Montreal: Ron 232-1160; Ottawa U.: Marlene 232-1160; Ottawa West: Mary Lou 225-4675; Manor Park: Suzanne 748-7064. 05:45 am • POWERFUL WOMAN BOOT CAMP – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro.

September 2011



06:15 am • PRE-BOOKED MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 06:30 am • BIKRAM YOGA. Rama Lotus 2347974 08:00 am • MEDITATION Bethany Quinn $5 donation. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 08:15 am • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 09:00 am • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Holy Spirit Parish, 2 Lazynol Court, Stittsville. Marian Charbonneau 613-836-7109. 09:00 am • KRIPALU YOGA/MINDFUL YOGA in Elmvale Acres. Call Catherine Matthews 521-5634 or 09:00 pm • CENTERING PRAYER at St John’s 325 Sandhill Rd. 09:30 am • POWER YOGA (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224 09:30 am • IYENGAR YOGA, Gentle, Karin Holtkamp. 761-7888. 09:30 am • YIN/YANG YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:30 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 09:30 am • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Ottawa Hospital Civic Campus, 1053 Carling Ave., Prayer Room, Mary Power 613-722-0302 10:00 am • GENTLE SOUL. Drop-in. www. 613-730-6649 10:00 am-12:00 pm • QUANTUM-TOUCH HEALING CIRCLE (2nd Wednesday of each month 7 - 9 pm) For more information, please contact Aileen McKenna 228-2272 aileen@ 1-866-493-0236 10:00 am • BABY AND MOM YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 10:30 am • HATHA YOGA All Levels Anusara Approach – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 11:00 am • HATHA yoga with(Angie Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 11:00 am • SALLY MORROW Awareness Through Movement (ATM) classes at St. Laurent Complex (Vanier).Tel: 613-241-4665. 11:00 am • FELDENKRAIS AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT for fibromyalgia. Don Gamble Comm. Ctr. Winnifred Platt 7455549. 11:45 am • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00 pm • GENTLE LUNCHTIME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 12:00 pm • HATHA FLOW - Tania Frechette. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:00 pm • DROP-IN MIXED LEVEL ASTANGA Astanga Yoga Ottawa 12:00 pm • PILATES PLUS w/ Leona Alexander, RMT at Metta Massage STUDIO 421 Richmond Rd 724-4747


12:00 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 12-3pm & 6-9pm Quantum-Touch Healing Circles: First Wednesday of month for Quantum-Touch therapy students Call for information and registration: 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751 12:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St Matthews Anglican Church (Chapel) 217 First Ave. Susan Rayner 613-233-8380 12:00pm • yogaTHRIVE©. “Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Survivors” 613-730-6649 12:20 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION. St. Paul University Room 245, Laframboise Bldg (2nd floor across hall from main chapel) 223 Main St., Kevin Flynn 613-236-1393 Ext 2427 12:25 to 1:24pm • NOON MEDITATION. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 12:30 pm • PILATES – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 01:00 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 1, Leigh Stevenson 761-7888. 01:00 pm • CENTERING PRAYER at St James Carp 613-839-3195 1:30- 3:30pm - THE DREAMING MIND Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 2:15 pm BABY & ME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 03:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:00pm • KIDS YOGA www. 613-730-6649 04:00pm • YINYANG Rama Lotus 04:15 pm • HATHA hour at OrleansYOGAShala 04:15 pm • ASHANGA INTRO Daniel Mendoza. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 04:30pm • HOT FLOW. Rama Lotus 04:45 pm • FREE YOUR HIPS - Core-elation YOGA studio - 05:00 pm • DROP-IN MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 5:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION. Parkdale United Church (Ladies parlour) 429 Parkdale Ave. (corner Gladstone).Jennifer Payne, 613692-0876. Elise Mennie 819-595-1294 05:30 pm • POWER YOGA. Rama Lotus 2347974 05:30 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • HATHA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • POWER HATHA Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 05:30 pm • HATHA YOGA All Levels Anusara Approach – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 05:30 pm • INTERMEDIATE YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 05:45 pm • HOT YOGA Ichih Wang. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447.




05:45 pm • HATHA YOGA (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 05:45 pm • YOGA FOR RUNNERS. Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • HATHA INTERMEDIATE YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 5:45 pm • GENTLE STRENGHTEN & BALANCE. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 5:45pm STRENGTH & SOUL, www. 613-730-6649 06:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION in Almonte, St. Paul’s Anglican Church, 70 Clyde St., Elizabeth Veninga 613-624-5931 06:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS AWARENESS THROUGH MOVEMENT at Don Gamble Comm. Ctr. Winnifred Platt 745-5549. 06:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness through movement classes. Rockcliff Comm. Hall. Lisa Woolnough. 744-0868. 6:00 pm GNOSIS, weekly classes, Old Town Hall Community Centre, 61 Main Street. Contact 613-864-7687 or e-mail gnosis. 06:15 pm • VINYASA FLOW Intermediate Core-elation YOGA studio - 06:15 pm • BELLY DANCE Beginner 2 with Marie-Eve at Dance Oasis 06:30 pm • INTRODUCTION TO MEDITATION Philosophy and Practice. Everything you need to know to add meditation to your life. Free of charge. In Hull and Ottawa. French and English. 1-866-4333833 (small groups) 06:30 pm • HOT FLOW. Rama Lotus 06:30 pm • FELDENKRAIS classes at Crichton Cultural CC. Jill Ogilvie 742-8262. 06:30 pm • EVOLUTIONS: The Unfolding of Greatness. A process designed to move you to full expression of the authentic self. Partners in Renewal. 692-1211, www. 06:30 pm • SELF ESTEEM / FAMILY THERAPY (visitor night), Satir Learning Centre of Ottawa, 3427 Greenbank. Dr. Janet Christie-Seely, 613-823-0366; satirinfo@; 06:30-8:30pm • THE DREAMING MIND. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 7:00 p.m. HEALING YOGA, GENTLE YOGA For those seeking healing postures, peaceful meditation, flexibility and inner balance, an intimate class environment, and the healing vibration of the Symphonic Gong. 10-week packages available. To reserve, call: Wendy Saunders, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and Certified Kundalini and Yin Yoga Instructor, 613-435-0750, wendysaunders@ , Stittsville. 07:00 pm • GATHERING OF MEN Beyond Anger and Addictions, 8 week program beginning Nov 3. Sereinity Counselling 224 - 0445




07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION SacreCoeur, 591 Cumberland St. at Laurier Ave. E., Florence Marquis-Kawecki 613-523-1309. French group. 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION 434 Moffatt St., Carleton Place, Terry Skillen 613253-2651 07:00 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 3 & 4, Donna Forelli. 761-7888. 07:00 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 07:00 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 07:00 pm • HEALING YOGA, GENTLE YOGAª, for those seeking calmness and healing, a deeply meditative experience, and a small, intimate class environment. Packages available. Powers Enclave, Stittsville. Register with Wendy Saunders, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and 3HO Certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, 613-435-0750 07:00pm • CENTERING PRAYER GROUP at All Saints Westboro 347 Richmond 07:15 pm • BELLY DANCE Intermediate 1 with Marie-Eve at Dance Oasis 07:15 pm • PILATES – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 07:15 pm • ASHTANGA Introductory Course– Pre Registered Class. Santosha Centretown 07:15 pm • TAOIST YOGA (Yin & Yang) – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 07:15 pm • Intro to ASHTANGA Vinyasa - Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro. 07:30 pm • YIN YOGA Mark Laham. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 07:30 pm • BEGINNERS TEMPLE DANCING Anjali 745-1368 www. 07:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA (Derek Kendrick) OrleansYOGAShala 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Pauls Anglican Church, 20 Young Rd. Kanata Marg McGowan 613-599-1326 07:30 pm • ASHTANGA BASICS YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 07:30 pm • HATHA All levels. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • BEGINNERS YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 7:30 pm • PRENATAL YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 7:30pm • GENTLE SOUL www. 7:30PM • KRIPALU YOGA FLOW Lindenlea Community Centre,15 Rockcliffe Way, Ottawa Eileen Scully 613 858 8177 7:40 • IYENGAR YOGA Level I. Donna Fornelli 761-7888 07:45 pm • YIN YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 08:00 pm • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus.


08:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Patricks Basilica, 277 Nepean St. side entrance Jack Murta 613-314-7628 08:00 pm • HATHA YOGA. In a peaceful Glebe home. 237-4375. 08:30 pm • BELLY DANCE Beginner 1 with Marie-Eve at Dance Oasis

Thursdays 05:45 am • POWERFUL WOMAN BOOT CAMP – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro. 06:15 am • PRE-BOOKED MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 06:30 am • KUNDALINI YOGARama Lotus 234-7974 06:30 am • POWER XPRESS YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:00 am • GENTLE SOUL. Drop-in. 613-7306649 07:00 am • VINYASA FLOW –Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 07:45 am • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 08:00 am • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Bartholomew’s Anglican Church. 125 Mackay Street (Promptly starts at 8 am; approx. 30 min. duration) Rev. David Clunie/Ruth Honeyman 613-745-7834 09:30 am • YOGA 55+. Drop-in. 613-730-6649 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA (Derek/Angie Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224 09:30 am • IYENGAR YOGA, General Class, Cathie Lewis. 761-7888. 09:30 am • POWER YOGA. Rama Lotus 2347974 09:30 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 09:30 am • BABY AND ME –Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 10:00 am • HATHA YOGA - Lauren Crawford. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 10:00 am • MINDFUL YOGA for Arthritis/ Pain Management in Fisher Heights. Call Catherine Matthews 521-5634 or 10:00 am • FORREST YOGA. Rama Lotus 10:15 am • THERAPEUTIC YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www.mettamassage. com 11:00 am • POWER yoga with(Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 11:00 am • PILATES with Lorraine Chamas at Greta Leemings Studio of Dance, 1460 Merivale Road 2288215 11:30 am • BEGINNERS YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 11:45 am • EGYPTIAN BELLYDANCE BEGINNER with Denise Enan at Dance Oasis 11:45 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974



11:45 am • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 12:00 pm • HATHA FLOW - Lauren Crawford. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:00 pm • DROP-IN MIXED LEVEL ASTANGA Astanga Yoga Ottawa 12:00 pm • GENTLE LUNCHTIME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 12:00 pm • BEGINNER BELLY DANCE with Jalilah at Greta Leemings Studio of Dance,1460 Merivale Road 2288215 jalilah@ 12:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Apt. 708-470 Laurier Avenue West, Paul Harris 613-236-9437 12:00 pm • VINYASA FLOW - Core-elation YOGA studio - 12:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS (Awareness Through Movement) Glebe Community Centre. Sally Morrow 241-4665 12:00 pm • HATHA ALL LEVELS Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00pm yogaTHRIVE© “Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer Survivors” www.surroundcircleyoga. com 613-730-6649 12:15- to 12:45 • MANTRA CHANTING. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 01:30 pm • ISUL CLASSES. Meditation & Associated Processes. Nepean Library, Emerald Plaza Branch. Sallie 225-7279. 02:00 pm-03:00 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness Through Movement Classes. Ottawa Hospital 738-8400 x2227. 02:30 pm • HATHA YOGA All Levels –Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 03:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:00 pm • YIN YOGA at Rama Lotus 234-7974 04:15 pm • HATHA hour (Derek Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 04:30pm • HOT BASICS. Rama Lotus 05:00 pm • DROP-IN ASTANGA1 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 05:15 pm • BELLY DANCE CARDIO-FIT with Jocelyne Khan at Dance Oasis 05:15 pm • KRIPALU YOGA/MINDFUL YOGA in Sandy Hill. Call Catherine Matthews 521-5634 or 05:30 pm • BEGINNER BELLY DANCE with Jalilah at Studio Oasis, 200 St.Joseph, Hull (819) 7765033 05:30 pm • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA Level 2/3 – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • HATHA Introductory Course- Pre Registered Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA Level 1 –Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 05:30 pm • INTERMEDIATE YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 5:30pm • HATHA BEGINNER. Rama Lotus

September 2011



5:30-6:30 • HATHA YOGA & REFLECTION. Radha Yoga Centre 613.236.3545 05:45 pm • POWER YOGA (Brandi) at OrleansYOGAShala 05:45 pm • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 05:45 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Lvl 1, Karin Holtkamp. 761-7888. 05:45 pm • BONES FOR LIFE - NEW - program to strengthen bones. Dovercourt Comm Ctr. R. Murnaghan 613.820-2546 5:45 pm • HEALTHY BACK YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 05:45 pm • PRENATAL YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • POWER VINYASA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • POWER YOGA Mark Laham. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 5:45-7pm - HATHA YOGA & REFLECTION, Radha Yoga, 613.236.3545 06:00 pm • PILATES with Lorraine Chamas at Dance Oasis 06:30 pm • INTERMEDIATE BELLY DANCE with Jalilah at Studio Oasis, 200 St.Joseph, Hull (819)7765033 06:30 pm • FELDENKRAIS Awareness through movement classes. Sandy Hill CC. Lisa Woolnough. 744-0868. 6:30 pm • HOT FLOW. Rama Lotus 06:45 pm • DROP-IN MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 07:00 pm • beginners Indian Classical Dance (tel 745-1368, www. (intermdiate 8-9) 07:00 pm • BIOLOGICAL SLEEP THERAPIES, Healing for chronic insomnia beginning Nov 23. Sereinity Counselling 224 - 0445 07:00 pm • SITTING MEDITATION PRACTICE. 725-9321. 982 Wellington St. near Bayswater. Everyone welcome. 07:00 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Paroisse Sainte Marie, 4831 Innes Rd. Darquise Poupart 613-830-3156 (French) 07:00 pm • BELLY DANCE Beginner 2 with Jalilah at Dance Oasis 07:00 pm • KRIPALU YOGA/MINDFUL YOGA, in Sandy Hill. Call Catherine Matthews 521-5634 or 07:00 pm • BELLY DANCE FOR FUN & FITNESS Intermediate Almonte call Julie 254-8469 07:00 p.m. REIKI EXCHANGE HEALING Group - Call Vera or Pesi to confirm (613) 829-0224 07:00 p.m. • SPIRITUAL CONNECTION for more info 613-828-2836. 07:15 pm • DANCING WITH CHI - Coreelation YOGA studio - 07:15 pm • ASHTANGA Level 1 – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 07:15 pm • Intro to HATHA (6 weeks) – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro.


07:15 pm • BACK CARE YOGA Core-Elation Yoga Studio 418 Richmond Road, Ottawa Eileen Scully 613-858-8177 07:30 pm • HOT YOGA Louise Sattler. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 07:30 pm • ANGER RESOLUTION WORKSHOP. Bethamy Cultural Centre, 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., #113, Orleans. 830-6836. 07:30 pm • ADVANCED BELLY DANCE with Jalilah at Studio Oasis, 200 St.Joseph,Hull (819)7765033 7:30 pm • YOGA BASICS. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Good Shepherd Parish, 3092 Innes Road, Blackburn Hamlet, Barry Dunn 613-830-9545 Gail Lussier 613-830-4221 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Holy Spirit Parish 1489 Shea Road Stittsville. Deborah Poitras 613-831-2658 07:30 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, General Class. Karin Holtkamp. 761-7888. 07:30 pm • CHURCH OF MSIA Services, followed by fellowship, at 103 Westpark Drive, in Ottawa: call to reserve. 841-1458, fax 841-3578, e-mail: 07:30 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 07:30 pm • YIN/YANG YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:30 pm • MEDITATION SATSUNG. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 07:45 pm • HATHA CORE Rama Lotus 2347974 08:00 pm • ABSOLUTE BEGINNER YOGA (Julie Lefebvre) OrleansYOGAShala 8:00 pm • HOT YOGA. Rama Lotus 08:00 pm • ISUL CLASSES. Meditation & Associated Processes. Ron Chapman (advanced). 232-1160.

Fridays 05:45 am • POWERFUL WOMAN BOOT CAMP – Pre Registered Class. Santosha Westboro. 06:15 am • PRE-BOOKED MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 06:30 am • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 07:00 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 08:00 am • MEDITATION Bethany Quinn. $5 donation. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 08:15 am • MEDITATION - no pre-registration Core-elation YOGA studio - 09:00 am • HATHA Beginner Scaravelli Approach – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 09:15 am • VINYASA FLOW - Core-elation YOGA studio - 9:30am STRENGTH & SOUL Drop-in. www. 613-730-6649




09:30 am • HATHA YOGA (Derek/Angie Kendrick) OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224 09:30 am • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 10:00 am • KUNDALINI YOGA AND MEDITATION. Sat Hari Kaur Khalsa, 727-0147 10:00 am • PILATES with Lorraine Chamas at Dance Oasis 11:00 am • POWER yoga with(Julie Lefebvre) at OrleansYOGAShala 11:15 am • FELDENKRAIS classes at Beacon Hill CC. Jill Ogilvie 742-8262. 11:45 am • YIN YANG Rama Lotus 234-7974 11:45 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 11:45 am • ASHTANGA YOGA - Level 1 Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 12:00 pm • HATHA FLOW Tatiana Nemchin. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:00 pm • DROP-IN MYSORE Astanga Yoga Ottawa 12:00 pm • POWER YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 12:00 pm • HATHA GENTLE YOGA at Rama Lotus 234-7974 12:00 pm • GENTLE LUNCHTIME YOGA. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www. 12:00 pm • MEDITATION IN MOTION. Drop-in. 613-730-6649 12:30 pm • PILATES Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 02:00 pm • RESTORATIVE YOGA. Drop-in. 613-730-6649 02:00 pm • COMMUNITY CLASS Rama Lotus 03:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:15 pm • POWER YOGA Tania Frechette. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 04:15 pm • HATHA hour Sivananda at OrleansYOGAShala 04:30pm • HOT FLOW Rama Lotus 05:00 pm • DROP-IN ASTANGA2 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 05:15 pm • HATHA BEGINNER YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • PILATES with Lorraine Chamas at The Studio School of Dance 74 Jamie Avenue 225-6820 05:30 pm • IYENGAR YOGA, Open Practice. 761-7888. 05:30 pm • HOT YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 05:30 pm • HATHA YOGA Level 1/2 - Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA Level 1- Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 05:30 pm • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 05:45 pm • HATHA FLOW David Jewitt. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447.




05:45 pm • HOT VINYASA FLOW - Coreelation YOGA studio - 05:45 pm • YING/YANG YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 06:00 pm • HATHA (intermediate) Alison Finney OrleansYOGAShala 06:15 • POWER YOGA Rama Lotus 7:00 pm • Sex & Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA) meeting info or 1 877 486 8261 07:30 pm • AA STUDY MEETING. Joy of Living. Bethamy Cultural Centre, 1803 St. Joseph Blvd., #113, Orleans. 830-6836. 07:30 pm • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION St. Joseph’s Church 151 Laurier Ave. E., Francie D’Annunzio 613-236-0155 07:30 pm • GONG PERFORMANCE at theDunrobin Sonic Gym 1-877-863-6544 07:30 pm • BIKRAM YOGA. Rama Lotus 2347974 07:45 pm • HATHA YOGA (Jamie Reardon) OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224

Saturdays 07:45 am • FREE YOUR HIPS - Core-elation YOGA studio - 08:00 am • IYENGAR YOGA, General Class. Donna Fornelli. 761-7888. 08:30 am • ASHTANGA YOGA - with Yin – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 08:45 am • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 09:00 am • DROP-IN ASTANGA2 Astanga Yoga Ottawa 09:00 am • HATHA YOGA (Derek/Angie Kendrick) at OrleansYOGAShala 830-2224 09:00 am • SSTRENGTH & SOUL. Drop-in. 613-730-6649 09:00 am • PRENATAL YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:00 am • ASHTANGA YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:00 am • KUNDALINI YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 09:00 am • HATHA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 09:00 am • PRE-NATAL YOGA. Drop in class. Santosha Westboro 09:00 am • INTERMEDIATE YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 09:15 am • VINYASA FLOW - Core-elation YOGA studio - 9:30 a.m. • HEALING YOGA, GENTLE YOGAª: For those seeking healing postures, peaceful meditation, flexibility and inner balance, an intimate class environment, and the healing vibration of the Symphonic Gong. 10-week packages available. To reserve, call: Wendy Saunders, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and Certified Kundalini and Yin Yoga Instructor, 613-435-0750, wendysaunders@ , Stittsville.


09:30 am-11:00 am • OPEN YANUMOJA YOGA CLASS, Nikki, 770-6734. 09:45 am • CHRISTIAN MEDITATION Our Lady of Fatima Church 153 Woodroffe Ave. Eva Hegmann 613-596-9480 10:00 am • IYENGAR YOGA – Restorative. Donna Fornelli 761-7888 10:15 am - 11:45 am : KUNDALINI Yoga with Sandy, drop-in classes. Centretown. 613-6682375. 10:30 am • HOT FLOW Kate Little. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 10:30 am • BELLY DANCE Beginner with Farida at Dance Oasis 10:30 am • HATHA YOGA - All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro 10:45 am • POWER YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 11:00 am • ASHTANGA Yoga (Janice Roscoe) OrleansYOGAShala 11:00 am • YIN Yoga at Rama Lotus 234-7974 11:00 am • HATHA beginner at Rama Lotus 234-7974 11:00 am • PRE-NATAL Yoga– Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 11:00 am • ASHTANGA Level 1/2 – Drop In Class. Santosha Centretown 11:00 am • BEGINNERS YOGA. Essential Services, Batya Winer 567-7522. 11:30 am • EGYPTIAN BELLYDANCE BEGINNER with Denise Enan at Dance Oasis 12:00 pm • beginners Indian Classical Dance Taught by ANJALI 745-1368 www. 12:00 pm • YOGA FOR EVERY BODY. Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Richmond Rd near Churchill. 613-724.4747 www.mettamassage. com 12:15 pm • YIN YOGA Kate Little. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447. 12:30 pm • BELLY DANCE IntermediateAdvanced with Denise Enan at Dance Oasis 01:45 pm • ASHTANGA YOGA All Levels – Drop In Class. Santosha Westboro. 02:00 pm • POWER VINYASA YOGA. Rama Lotus 234-7974 04:00 pm • YIN YOGA Rama Lotus 234-7974 04:00 pm • BIKRAM YOGA Rama Lotus 2347974 04:00 pm • ASHTANGA Bethany Quinn. Santosha Yoga, 298 Elgin, 237-7447.

DIRECTORY • Groups ISUL GROUP INTERNATIONAL. RON CHAPMAN. Meditation classes and seminars. 232-1160. PATHWORK® Practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness. A challenging yet compassionate voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear, guided by our own inner authority. THE AETHERIUS SOCIETY is a worldwide spiritual organization dedicated to help heal and uplift humanity. Founded in 1955 by the late Western Yogi Master Dr. George King, The Aetherius Society practices a powerful new form of Karma Yoga. This new yoga is based on the wisdom of the spiritual traditions of old as well as new wisdom released by advanced spiritual masters in response to humanity’s scientific advancement and today’s dire need.  ~ For the first time the connection between the science of yoga, the theology of all major religions, the knowledge of radionics and the mystery of UFO’s is revealed. For more information please contact: Michael Hickey - Ottawa representative - 613-679-4474 www. LECTORIUM ROSICRUCIANUM, the International School of the Golden Rosycross. Those attracted to this school can immerse themselves here in self-activity in the transfiguristic path of rebirth as to body, soul and spirit • People RON CHAPMAN. Classes and seminars, meditation all levels, private consultations 2321160. JENNIFER CLARK, Spiritual Success Coach, certified Risk Manager, certified Angel Therapy¨ Practitioner (ATP), certified Angelspeakeª Facilitator, Reiki Master, Professional Spiritual Teacher, Integrated Energy Therapyª MasterInstructor, NLP Practitioner, Jennifer Clark, provides in depth strategic coaching sessions for people who want to live with passion and purpose. To learn more, visit www.jenniferclark. ca or call 230-4869 ext 1. RICA GERHARDT, www.wellbeingisyours. com Spa Days, Reiki, Health Kinesiology, Brain Gym Integration, Self-Empowerment workshops, FlowerEssences, AquaChi DetoxFootbath, Private sessions (Insurance),OneDayRetreats, 613-257-8362; NADINE LA BELLE, M.A. Body, mind, spirit Integrative Healing®. 613-258-7492. RICHARD MERRILL HANEY, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web site: www. Thomas M. Tegtmeyer, BA (Hons Econs), TPN, CEnKP, RTFHI, RBGI/LPC. If distance is

September 2011

a factor, I will come to your house via: balance@; Phone: 613.769.5575; SKYPE-video: display: sky_imb; ID: KJI_IMB; ichat; or remote session. VONNE SOLÍS – certified AngelTherapy ©Practitioner. Author of “Divine Healing – Transforming Pain into Personal Power” Consultant / Speaker / Workshop Facilitator Providing compassionate and in-depth counselling for Healing / Emotional Pain Recovery / Life Skills Management / Personal Transformation Experience with Loss and Grief (including parental grief) Email or call 613-258-0524 for appointment • Places FIRST UNITARIAN CONGREGATION. 30 Cleary St. 613-725-1066. HARE KRISHNA TEMPLE. 212 Somerset St. E. 565-6544. Movement of Spiritual Inner Awareness (MSIA) (an ecumenical church), Ottawa-Morin Community. Weekly, Thursday, 7:30 pm services, followed by fellowship, at 103 Westpark Drive, in Ottawa: call to reserve. Marriages and spiritual counselling by appointment. Peace Theological Seminary Courses: as scheduled locally, by correspondence and by internet. For information or to reserve: or 613-841-1458 SHAMBHALA CENTRE. Secular and Buddhist meditation practice and programs are offered, as well as events related to contemplative arts and traditions. 984 Wellington near Bayswater. Welcome! 725-9321. • A Course in Miracles COURSE OASIS. Courses, support and study groups, spiritual gatherings, individual mentoring, books. Mary Anne Buchowski and James Gregory, 613-726-0195. Email:; Website: www. • Acupuncture CAPITAL ACUPUNCTURE HEALING CLINIC. Ya-Zhen GUO, a certified traditional Chinese acupuncture specialist & former chief physician with 29 yrs clinical experience in China & Canada. Disposable needles, free consultation & parking. 69 Spencer St. Ottawa (Between Holland & Parkdale). 613-798-0595. CHINESE TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE & NATURAL MEDICINE CENTRE. TCM. DAC. Jia Jun Huang & Annie Huang. Graduate of Shanghai Medical University (1960). Over 45 years experience. Member of Chinese Acupuncture Association of China & Canada. Acute & chronic pain, Accident. Sports injuries, Arhtritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, Stop smoking, Menopause, etc. Disposable needles are used. Insurance coverage. Free parking. One of the largest herb stores in Otawa. 613-235-5504. 867 Somerset St. W. Ottawa.

Lumina Health & Rejuvenation Clinic – Health Acupuncture, Cosmetic Acupuncture., 613.216.2135. Lori Mackay Rmt, Cama – Trained in Medical Acupuncture at McMaster University. Providing treatment for acute and chronic Musculoskeletal Disorders and injuries such as, joint, neck, shoulder and back pain, headaches, tendonitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis, and more. Acupuncture can be performed alone or in conjunction with massage therapy treatment. 2 convenient locations: 418 Rideau St. Please call: (613)-241-3434. Please call: (613)-727-7246 for more info contact Lori at or HARMONY ACUPUNCTURE, Rural Kanata location, Alice Kwasniok, Dr. Ac. and TCM, MSc, member of CMAAC, graduate of ACOS, Nelson, BC. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for prevention and treatment of a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Weight loss and detoxification, anti-aging facial rejuvenation. 613-832-0658. www. DR. LI PAN ACUPUNCTURE CLINIC. Cancer, infertility, arthritis, stress, tinnitus, herpes zoster, stroke sequela, depression, sciatica, sports injuries, impotence, hepatitis, diabetes, asthma, quit smoking, various paralysises, pain, palpitation, headache, anxiety, dizziness, insomnia,aging,high blood pressure, facial paralysis, menopausal syndrome, fatigue. 2760 Carousel Crescent 613-569-7177. CENTRE OF ALTERNATIVE MEDICINE. Dr. Gasan Askerow, C.M.D., Ph.D., Acupuncture & Herbal Medicine, Pain & Sports Related Injuries, 125 Somerset W (Suite 202), 613 569-8947. PAIN RELIEF; correction of chronic conditions; addiction relief; weight loss; pro-active tune-up for health maintenance. Meridians Clinic (613) 728-2579 • Addiction/Detoxification NUMEROUS DETOXIFICATION PROCESSES EMPLOYED. Super Charger Health Spa Light Beam Generator EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback Intermitent Hypoxic Therapy Essential Oils Aura Light Therapy Hypnotherapy Doug Henderson Phd 613-2333888 • Addictions SEX ADDICTS ANONYMOUS (SAA). A 12 step group to stop compulsive behaviour. Phone 786-1060. SEX & LOVE ADDICTS ANONYMOUS (S.L.A.A.) A 12 step program for those who wish to stop living out a pattern of sex and love addiction. For information on Ottawa meetings go to or call the S.L.A.A. help line 1 877 486 8261.


DIRECTORY • Akashic Records PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Akashic Records Consultant, Clairvoyant Medium, Certified Hypnotherapist. Akasha is the fundamental energy at the very core of creation. All that is created emanates from and returns to the energy of the Akasha. Held within the Akasha are the individual records of each soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. Every thought, word, deed and intent generated by each soul’s experience is recorded within the Akasha in one’s personal Akashic Records as well as in a collective recording of the experience. Accessing information from the Akashic Records gives us divine insight as we create and manifest our desires. Expect information to continue to filter into your consciousness through your dreams and in the form of sudden insights in the days and weeks following a consultation. Gift Certificates available. 613-5922520

• Angel therapy ANGEL WELLNESS, Vonne Solis, Angel Therapy Practitioner¨, certified by Doreen Virtue, PhD. Receive amazing tools through channeled angel messages. Find out what’s holding you back, how to easily handle temporary challenges or discover what you really want. Read about on-going workshops, angel meditation audios and audio courses available online at www. or call 613-258-0524 for more information. ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Diane Lanthier incorporates various modalities, including family constellation work, into a unique and compelling Emotional Freedom Techniques session. EFT is gentle yet powerful energy work that allows you to release any negative memories and feelings that are blocking you from moving forward in life. 613 297 8293,,

• Alexander Technique THE OTTAWA-HULL SCHOOL FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, Richard Albert, Director. Health insurance covered. I now offer Alexander lessons in my office or at your home 819-456-3484; or visit ELENA CALVO. Certified teacher(England) Personalized mind and body work. English, Spanish, and French spoken. Health Insurance covered. (819) 771-0110. BRIGITTE CARON fully bilingual, certified teacher (also speaks Spanish). 317 Chapel (@ Laurier). 789-7972.

• Aqualead AQUALEAD ENERGY - Healing water, environmental healing. Level I, II and Master classes. Free of charge, donations accepted. Sabine Blais, Aqualead & Reiki Master. email for schedules, www. (819) 230-6638.

• Allergy treatment ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-the-art computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais. SUNRISE HEALTH CENTRE Sunrise uses a holistic team approach to wellness. Our services include naturopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture, massage therapy and homeopathy. Ottawa’s original N.A.E.T. clinic. Allergy elimination and ADVANCED N.A.E.T. treatments for food and environmental sensitivities, pain, digestive problems, asthma and migraines. Computerized, BioEnergetic allergy testing. Call for details. Evening appointments available. Scent-free environment. 2211 Riverside Dr., Suite 104 (Bank and Riverside). 736-5200


• Aromatherapy EARTHLYESSENTIALS. Organic essential oils, custom formulas, diffusers & blends, organic handmade soap, organic massage oils. 870-A Notre Dame, Embrun, 613-443-9635. Planet Botanix fills all your pure essential oil needs! We carry over 100 oils and other supplies. Purchase products from our line of all natural bodycare. 301 Bank (Somerset) 5674444, • Art PAINTING WITH SPIRIT intuitivepainting/art as meditation.Workshops/individual sessions Diana ClaireDouglas www.paintingwithspirit. com; 613-820-8850 BRUSH MEDITATION. Oriental Brush Painting. 613-521-0041. THERAPEUTIC SCULPTURE: A POWERFUL CREATIVITY PRACTICE. Hilde Paz, Steiner qualified, 20 years experience. Individuals and small groups. (819 684-4347) • Ascension ASCENSION HEALING Full-time Healing Practice Offering: Crystal Crystal Healing, Crystal Healing Classes and Workshops, Full Shamanic Healing Services, Clearing of Homes and Business Space, Crystal Retail, Ceremonial Plants,, karen@, 613-798-2828. • Art Classes/Workshops OPENING TO THE FLOW art classes & workshops. Hedda Sidla 613-445-5613,

• Astrology 11TH HOUSE ASTROLOGY GROUP, open to all levels, is a gathering to exchange, learn and participate. 2nd Monday each month (except holidays) @ 61 Main St., Ottawa. Info: call 8214839 or 731-9844. JACQUES GIASSON: Professional Astrologer with a background in psychological counseling and 28 years of experience. Become aware of your path and take advantage of your challenges and opportunities, natal, actual and future. Call: 819-770-9259. PERSONAL READINGS Astrologer Judy Jibb CertFAstrolS 613 304 4255, personalreadings@ • Aura/Light Therapy REVOLUTIONARY THERAPY! Subtle energy balances the Auric Field And you feel great! Single or Group Sessions: $40.00/person/1/2 hr. session. Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 • Ayurveda SHREE MA AYURVEDA INSTITUTE & WELLNESS CENTRE INC. Founder & director Vaidya H. Gupta, MD Ayurveda, DNM. Natural, complementary, Ayurveda promotes an art of living for health & longevity. Pulse reading for body-type evaluation and root cause of symptoms; balance through herbs, diet & lifestyle plan; education for prevention. New: student clinic under V. Gupta’s Supervision $25 per visit. Rejuvenation therapies: Shirodhara, Head massage, Abhyanga, Ayurveda facial, Sinus Care. Courses & Once a mth. free lectures. 2596 Carling Ave, Ottawa (Lincoln Heights) 613-4220936 • B. O. S. LAURIE FRASER, certified B.O.S. practitioner. Excellent results: emotional issues (depression, anxiety, grief), pain, disease, allergies, mould, menopause, infection, insomnia, etc. Spiritual development, chakra work. $45.00 613-721-3781 • Beauty and Health NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 NATURAL BEAUTY AND HEALTH CLINIC. The best personalized European aroma- and spastile Natural Face Lift programs. Healing restores skin’s innate wisdom and power of SELFREGENERATION. Our organic skin product without skin damaging, dehydrating glycerin or other unwanted chemicals. Call Natural Beauty & Health Clinic 613-526-1255 FREE HOME DELIVERY of hundreds of top quality green products available from www. on orders over $35. ESSENCEHAIRSTUDIO.CA - modern grey natural blending, vegan hair care, aromatherapy nebulising diffusers 613-837-3569

• Bed & Breakfast LA GRANGE COUNTRY INN & YOGA STUDIO – Historic barn converted into spectacular 4-star inn and studio. Located on the edge of Gatineau Park in the village of Wakefield, only 20 minutes from downtown Ottawa. (819) 459-3939. • Biofeedback Internationally Certified Quantum Biofeedback Therapist. Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 • BodyTalk KRISTIN PETERSON: Registered Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Certified Acupuncturist kristin_peterson6@ or • Books Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444, Gardening, self help, spiritual, cards, cds, dvds RAMA LOTUS YOGA CENTRE. www.   342 Gladstone Ave  613.234.7974. Yoga & Lifestyle, Meditation, DVD’s and More HARE KRISHNA TEMPLE. Books & tapes. 212 Somerset St. E. 565-6544 • Bowen Therapy CHRYSALIS THERAPIES / Christine Follows. Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner (advanced). Call (613) 5230640 after 5 pm. or e-mail follows0640@rogers. com BowenTherapy Ottawa Bette Madigan. Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner(advanced) 376 Churchill Ave. Suite 203(Westboro Clinic) insurance receipts available. Call 613-722-4249 or e-mail MARIANNA MEDVID, Registered Bowen Therapist, Homeoplus Outaouais Clinic, Hull. Safe, Gentle, Effective, Relaxing. 819-777-1818 (w) or 613-291-6651(c) mariannamedvid@ CAROLYNNE DOUCETTE - Professional Bowenwork Practioner. Effective for chronic and acute conditions and injuries. 613-366-3338. • Buddhism OTTAWA SHAMBHALA MEDITATION CENTRE. Meditation and free meditation instruction. On-going classes and events. Public welcome. 725-9321 PINE GATE SANGHA - Zen Buddhist Community: - practices Engaged Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. Pine Gate Meditation Hall is at 1252 Rideout Cr in the west end; 613 726 0881. Thursday meditation and study class at 7:00pm; First Saturdays of each month - dharma talk and pot luck supper at 5.00pm. Other activities: Retreats, Days of Mindfulness, pilgrimages, hikes, sweatlodges. Nucleus of Friends for Peace www. Dharmacharya Ian Prattis True Body of Wisdom - is the resident teacher

September 2011

INTRODUCTION TO ZEN WORKSHOP A formal introduction to authentic Zen training through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 1:45-4 p.m. Pre-registration required. 613-562-1568 or Zen Centre of Ottawa • Career Consulting ACADEMY OF CAREER COUNSELLING Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Career Specialist. Do what you love to do and be who you really are and money and success will follow. Being radically present during the career planning process ensures access to your ideal career-life path. 234-5678 or 7263636. Web site: • Catering WE WILL CATER your small to medium event tailored to your specific dietary needs and liking ie. Vegan,Vegetarian, Living Food, Low Fat, Ciliac, etc Eager to learn more about cooking? ask me about some theme cooking classes. tel 613 668 4223. e-mail.: • Ceremonies CARRIE RATHWELL, Ceremonialist Personalized ceremonies created for you & with you: weddings, funerals, baby & family ceremonies, rites of passage, house blessings, pet funerals, shamanic journeys for ceremonies, personal ceremony consultations & more!  613237-1473. • Chakra Balancing with HOTSTONE, SOUND, AROMATHERAPY, REIKI Rica Gerhardt 613-257-8362. • Chiropractic DR. GINGER ANDREWS, DC Experience the gift of chiropractic...connecting mind, body & soul. Opening hearts to discover the magnificence within. Healing From The Heart. 356 MacLaren St. (at Bank) (613) 594-8576. ACTIVATOR CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC. Restore proper spinal balance safely and comfortably with the precise low-force activator analysis and instrument. Dr. Stephani S.Dunk 613-226-9800. Baseline @ Prince of Wales BODYMIND WELLNESS STUDIO Want to live an Extraordinary Life? Find out how pain and symptoms tell you to stop, pay attention and take a new direction in your life. Experience the life changing and healing benefits of Network Spinal Analysis and Somato-Respiratory Integration. Attend a FREE Discover Workshop. SAGE MASSAGE THERAPY 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Pain Relief, Headache, Injuries, Performance improvement, Arthritis, Health & Well-being • Cleaning WE CLEAN HOMES. Using only healthy and earth friendly products. Relax and treat yourself to a natural home cleaning. Since 1988. Beaulieu Home Cleaning. 613-731-1532. Suzanne.

• Clinics PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 5674444: visit our website for a list of practitioners KILLENS REID PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC now offering TCM with acupuncture practioner. Other services, Osteopathy, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Vestibular Rehab, Urinary Incontinence Rehab, Massage Therapy, Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. www. (613) 594-8512. • Clutter ABUNDANT LIVING BY DESIGN. From Chaos to Order – Bring on the Flow. By clearing the energy of your home, removing your excess stuff, and moving things around you release an energetic block thus allowing you to move to the next level of your spiritual journey. It can be magical. Give me a call. I would love to work with you. Edie Lane - Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Organizer and De-Clutter Specialist. 613-5651919 GAIN FREEDOM FROM CLUTTER and save precious time and energy. Let me help you get organized so you can find exactly what you need when you need it. Jobs may be as small a linen closet or as large as a garage. It is said that 25% of what we buy is spent on things we already own but can’t find them. Increase your peace of mind. Call for a free consultation: 613-762-1704 or • Coaching ACADEMY OF PERSONAL AND RELATIONSHIP COACHING www. Coaching concentrates on healing and empowerment and de-emphasizes being clinical and helping. Richard Haney is a wholistic coach who brings a wide range of skills, techniques and modalities to each coaching interaction. He provides warm, heart-connected and empathetic coaching. Please contact Richard Haney to enhance your life and make the most of each moment. Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy), 234-5678 or 726-3636. MARLENE NEUFELD, MSW, RSW, AND BOB NEUFELD, M.ED., help couples create closer loving relationships. We specialize in two-on-two couples coaching/psychotherapy. Experience our life changing approach which will help you learn skills and techniques that facilitate lasting personal change in a faster and easier way than traditional talk-therapy. We each have over 36 years experience in helping couples/ people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information or to arrange a one-hour no-charge-to you initial consultation see www. or phone 613-594-9248. Thomas M. Tegtmeyer. Kimaya Joy International (KJI) Information Medicine Balancing (IMB) at: Mother Earth Natural Health 747 D Richmond Road (at Cleary). By appointment only. Phone: 613.769.5575; http://;; http://;;


DIRECTORY MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: Blending her intuitive gifts with Life Coaching, Moira concentrates on awakening your true potential, inviting and supporting change for your highest good. To inspire your life and get on track (613) 432-1239 www.WellnessWithMoira. com BERYL ALLPORT, MCC, TRC, Master Coach, Facilitator, Author, Certified Retirement Life Coach. Mid life transition coaching, workshops and speaking.  Finding a deeper meaning of self and life. 613-421-3042 MYLÈNE SURPRENANT M.A, *bilingual, Life and Career Transition Coach, also assisting mothers returning to the workforce,, 613-304-1369 GRAHAM WISEMAN, Coaching for LIFE. If you’re going round in circles, doing the same thing over and over and wanting a different outcome; If you’re Stuck or Confused; If you’re feeling like there must be more to life than this; I will offer you new perspectives, tools and assistance. Call or email me to set up your first complimentary session. (819) 483-0667 ANNA MARANTA: Coaching, Counselling, and Spiritual Direction from an Integral Perspective. Call: 613.867.5505 or email: maranta.anna@ • Conscious Evolution MEDITATION ON BECOMING A UNIVERSAL HUMAN. Based upon the work of Barbara Marx Hubbard’s work Emergence. Learn to tap into your Higher Self to ask questions, receive guidance from your Essence Self and feel the confidence and peace that exists in that space. Information from Aileen’s Oasis, Aileen McKenna, Certified Agent for Conscious Evolution or 613-2282272, by cell at 613-795-3751, or toll free at 1-866-493-0236 • Cosmetic Rejuvenation NUMEROUS QUANTUM THERAPIES employed. All non-invasive. Remove wrinkles, cellulite Improve skin condition. Enlarge/ reduce Breast size, Weight Management. Doug Henderson Phd. 613-233-3888 www.quantumru. com • Counselling CAROLINE ELSON a Wholistic Lifestyle Counsellor. B.Sc M.Ed,CCC 613 282 7905, Starting where you are, moving to create the life you want. Explore the physical, mental and emotional through traditional and alternative forms of counselling. Individual and Couple. ANN OHLMACHER, MA Body Psychology; Individual and group Body Centered psychotherapy and trauma work. 613-795-4836, annyrose@, 100TELEPHONE COUNSELLING/ COACHING. Johanne Guitard, M.Ed., C.C.C., *bilingual. Take action steps to transform your life., 819-684-7360. ALISON KIAWENNISERATHE BENEDICT, MSW, RSW Wolf Clan, Mohawk Peaceful


Living: Life Beyond Belief Individual, family and group counselling. Understanding and helping residential school survivors, people dealing with anger and stress, or childhood and relationship matters. 613 686-3731 peace@ LUC DUMOUCHEL, BA(PSY), MA, CCC. INDIVIDUAL & COUPLE therapy. Anxiety/ stress, codependency, burnout/depression, grief/loss, self-care, sexual orientation/GLBT, spirituality. Communication, conflict resolution, emotional dependency, relational intimacy, sexual difficulties, separation, unfaithfulness. Ottawa/Hull locations. Insurance coverage. Bilingual. 613-235-9813 www.lucdumouchel. com ACADEMY OF COUNSELLING. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web: www. KATHY GLOVER SCOTT M.S.W., professional, experienced Reiki Master/Teacher (Ascended Levels). Reiki to the 21st degree, 5th Dimensional Consciousness Program, Reiki and Crystals and Root Cause Release Work. Classes and individual appointments (some covered by extended benefits). 613-271-8636 SHERRY HARRIS, M.S.W., CHt: Spiritual Psychotherapist specializing in all issues around anxiety and depression, anger management, grief and loss. Anger Management courses offered for individuals, couples, and families. Classes and counselling for spiritual development and using the Law of Attraction in your life. *613-2368852 * ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Individual therapy to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282 ALYCE SNOW - M.Psy. (over 40 yrs exp.) Grandir ensemble au rythme des saisons .. Developing one’s feeling of wholeness/harmony Famille - couple - individuel - mini groupes Growing pains -relationships -life transitions Mieux traverser les moments imp/ difficiles Stress relief through artistic self-expression .. Vers une meilleure contribution sociale *daytime or evenings (613) 741-5632 MARY O’KEEFFE, MA., MSc., Clinical member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. Mindfulness & Compassion-Based therapy, for emotional balance, anxiety, stress, burnout, grief, relationship and childhood issues. Experienced therapist, Integrative & Holistic...613-608-7809

perspective to helping other couples. We each have over 36 years experience in helping couples/ people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information see www.marleneandbob. com or phone 613-594-9248.

• Couples MARLENE AND BOB NEUFELD help couples who want to create a closer, more loving relationship with one another. Learn how to avoid the common relationship problems of criticism, defensiveness, or just drifting apart. Experience Bob and Marlene’s life changing approach, which includes their ability to bring a couple’s

• Crystal Singing Bowls & Intuitive Voice DEEP SOUL ENERGETICS Pamela Holm. Intuitive voice and Crystal Singing bowls sessions. Group and individual. Music Therapist, Karmic Master. Also DNA/karmic healing. www. 613-264-8671 pamela_holm@

• Courses CHAKRA BASICS, ONLINE. www. $49.95 for 4 classes. Start anytime. Covers the chakras, how they affect your physical, mental and emotional health. Try fun exercises, assignments and meditations. Catherine Bastedo. www.visionreiki. com. Email: • Cranio-Sacral Therapy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011. Denise Gaulin, B.A., CST Since the early 1990’s, Denise offers individual CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) sessions; she also has a specialization and a vast experience in pediatric CST and Visceral Manipulation (Barral). Denise is a certified CranioSacral therapist and certified teaching assistant for all levels of coursework (Upledger). Tutorials are offered to students of CST and SER. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080 ELOISE GRAHAM regPT Craniosacral practitioner, centretown clinic or home visits. Insurance receipts. For more information please visit info@eloisegraham. ca or call 613-234-3920 WELLNESS WITH MOIRA: CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Sessions. Specializing in self empowerment for healing and health. Insurance Receipts. www.WellnessWithMoira. com 613.432.1239 Stephan Giunta is a holistic therapist that relies on the understanding that the body is a unit and on the natural ability of the body to self heal and to self regulate. Through the use of physical techniques such as osteopathy, cranio sacral therapy and/or massage, removes tensions and restrictions in the body. This is done in order to encourage structural and physiological harmony, self healing and overall better being. 613 884 2331. • Crystal Consultations DISCOVER WHICH CRYSTALS WILL BENEFIT YOU the most! Enjoy a complimentary crystal consultation with Linda Energy Healer, Tuesdays 7 pm – 9 pm Mambo Restaurant, 77 Clarence St , and on Veggie Wednesdays 7 pm – 9 pm at Kinki Restaurant, 41 York St in the Byward Market. Beautiful healing crystal jewellery also for sale. www. 613-868-8468

• Crystals Crystal Classes. Namasté. Sandy Stewart, MSW, RSW, Founder, warmly invites you to participate in and experience her Sacred Earth Teachings: Crystals, Sound, Melchizedek and Metatron workshops. Sandy offers the ‘Original Crystal Practitioner Certificate Program’, Levels I-IV, as well as other workshops designed to inspire and uplift you no matter where you are on your spiritual journey. Sandy has been a student of crystals since 1984, and a teacher of crystals since 2004. She is the author of the free, monthly, e-newsletter, ‘The Crystal Times’ – Crystal of the Month for these transformational times. New 2011 workshops include: THE SACRED PATH OF INITIATION – A Spiritual Journey through the Temples of Egypt. TIBETAN QUARTZ CRYSTALS – Come Surf the Compassion Matrix. MELCHIZEDEK, METATRON, AND THE EMERALD FIRE – Awaken and Embolden the Sacred Alchemist in You. Private soul alignment sessions are also available at very reasonable rates. For more information, to book a private session, to register for classes, or to sign up for ‘The Crystal Times’ (Crystal of the Month newsletter), please email ASCENSION HEALING • Full-time Healing Practice Offering: Crystal Classes and Workshops ▪ Full Crystal Healing Services ▪ Full Shamanic Healing Services including Soul Retrieval, Extractions, Protection and Space Clearing ▪ Crystal Store selling: tumbled stones, rough mineral specimens, clusters, geodes, cut and polished wands, pendulums, eggs, pyramids, obelisks, spheres and a wide variety of jewelry, ceremonial grade plants, smudging supplies, beeswax candles & Himalayan bath salts ▪ Space Clearing, Spirit Crossing and Crystal Gridding of home and business space ▪ Group Healing Circles ▪ Karen Osborne is a Crystal Healer and Shamanic Practitioner certified in several modalities. She has been operating her Ottawa based business for almost 10 years. For appointments or more information call or email: 613.798.2828 or • Dance Divine Image Dance “The Future of Dance & Wellness” We introduce to you the power of Holistic Belly Dance. Dance and move with your feminity to transform your body and mind resulting in: Increased energy, Connecting with your femininity, Stay Fit, Meditate, Connect with other women. Release your full divine and feminine potential with us. Sessions offered weekly. 613.265.4048 DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE: Joinus in simple, meditative multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases from the many sacred traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. For more information call 613-594-9248, checkour schedule at or email ANJALI ACADEMY, DANCE AND YOGA: Asana Adavu and Mantra: a unique synthesis of yoga postures and Indian temple dance, mudras, facial expressions and tala set to mantras. Also traditional Indian Classical Temple dance classes. www. 613 745-1368

September 2011

JOURNEY DANCE OTTAWA - Conscious Ecstatic Dance. Stand firmly in the foundation of your own feet as we venture outwards in all directions, finding our rhythm with all things. Through improvised movement we ride our own creative wave. Your journey will be gently guided, leaving each dancer the space to breath and simply be. Our dance is a chance to play, a chance to pray. To heal and reveal. Connect and respect. Sometimes pretty, sometimes gritty. A chance to practice the art of living consciously. Nothing fancy, nothing forced. This dance warmly welcomes all souls, with deep honour and respect for each and every person who graces us by their simple presence. Honest facilitation by dodie & live DJ’ing by brian. www. BELLY DANCING FOR FUN! Awaken your own Goddess of Dance. Tracey @ 613-241-3397 or • Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Detoxification DETOXIFICATION AND RELAXATION through our Far Infrared Sauna, Natural Aloe & Herb Body Wrap ad Dead Sea mineral Treatments Open Daily at 2900 Woodroffe Ave 613-823-9051 Your Wellness Your Way, Where It’s All About Balance AQUA CHI FOOTBATH, easy+effective detox Rica Gerhardt 613-257-8362 rica11@sympatico. ca check Spa Days Numerous Detoxification processes employed. Super Charger Health Spa, Light Beam Generator, EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback, Intermitent Hypoxic Therapy, Essential Oils, Aura Light Therapy, Hypnotherapy. Doug Henderson Phd 613-2333888 ION CLEANSE” Foot Bath Detox, fast, easy, effective way to detoy the body in 30 min. Also offering “CHI MACHINE and FAR INFRARED DOMES’ sessions. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna-Foley 613-8423337 • Distance Healing LINDA ENERGY HEALER—Highly effective energy healing sessions available distantly for physical & emotional pain such as childhood issues, abuse, grief, divorce, & accidents. Current distance healing clients range from Toronto and Montréal to Australia and Asia. For further info, please visit email or call 613-868-8468. Serving people & pets. PayPal option • DNA DNA: Clears Lifetime Blocks, Soul Restoration to Original, Initial Blueprint, Opening and Allowing Integration of Gifts and Balance/ Wholeness on All Levels; Mental, Emotional, Physical. Cathryn Green 613-479-0299 • DNA/Karmic Healing/Sound Healing DEEP SOUL ENERGETICS Refresh the spirit & progress on ascension path through releasing

problems at the root, within the DNA, from this and other lifetimes, and throughout the existence of the soul. Intuitive sound work with Crystal Singing bowls & voice with Music Therapist, Karmic Master. 613-2648671 • Doula Death Doula and End-of-Life Shaman, One-on-one consultations, workshops, mediumship. Trained to aid and support individuals in their dying processes. Debbie Dharbonneau, 613-823-0384, www. • Dreams ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Therapy practised with sensitivity to material from the unconscious such as dreams. (819) 568-0282 DREAM INTERPRETATION: Using Jungian approach and method of working with dreams. Eleanor Ann Rowan 613-746-6778. • Ear Candling EAR CANDLING - HYGIENIC. Fire-resistant head cover. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255. • EMF Balancing P.W. EMF BALANCERS, Home, Work, Auto. Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758, spriebe@, • EMF Pollution ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM MIGRAINE HEADACHES, Having difficulty sleeping, thrown out of balance Wireless technology? Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 www. • Emotional Freedom Technique EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL PAIN AND STRESS can lead to physical pain and illness. Life is too short to live with pain of any kind! EFT is an important tool in getting rid of pain - and also in removing the negativity that blocks you from manifesting and attracting the positive and allowing for fullness of self and your divine plan. Tap into emotional freedom - try it on EVERYTHING! Diane Lanthier (613) 2978293 • Energy ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONAL FACILITATOR The Art of Neutrality - sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858 • Energy Healing MAUREEN KELLERMAN – Uses Healing Touch to work directly with the energy of the body, mind & emotions. Compassionate, experienced practitioner. m.kellerman@rogers. com or visit LINDA STEELE - Highly effective energy medicine for healing emotional, physical & spiritual pain at the root level. In person or by distance, people & pets. Please call 613-868-8468, email or visit www. Insurance receipts available.


LAURIE FRASER, B.O.S., holographic healing, Reconnective, facade healing, past life. Excellent results: anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormones, disease, allergies, pain, addiction, spiritual blocks. $45.00 613-721-3781. MARTIN DESLAURIERS – Physical and emotional healing. From injuries to chronic diseases, pain, burnout, grief. Grounding and self-healing group sessions. 819 965-0108 ext 101 – • Energy Kinesiology Thomas M. Tegtmeyer. Information Medicine Balancing since 1995. For personal bests and gentle transformation through many ways by weaving coherence, focusing awareness, balancing priorities, mapping energy. If distance is a factor, I will come to your house via: E/ M:; Phone: 613.769.5575; SKYPE-video: display: sky_imb; ID: KJI_IMB; ichat; or remote session. By appointment only. http://thomasmtegtmeyer. class_listings.htm  www. • Energy Medicine Combining the power of Donna Eden Energy Medicine and Emotional Freedom Technique to release blocks and empower you to step into your magnificence. Catherine McLenaghan, certified Donna Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Call 613-730-0411. Private sessions and ongoing. • Erectile Dysfunction HYPNOSIS WORKS! Call Suzi: 613-878-4235 • Face Massage FACE MASSAGE (REJUVENATING) The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage. Two day course with Debbie Boehlen. Certification available. 905.714.0298 www. • Facial Rejuvenation Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation is a powerful AntiAging Holistic Therapy. Realignment and toning of facial muscles; Release of physical and emotional blockages; Deep renewal of body and spirit • Jurlique Organic Skin Care. Gayle Mickelson 613.830.5764 • Feldenkrais Method KAREN MEREDITH, Guild Certified Feldenkrais Practioner, www.beyondmovement. ca or 613-761-6200 • Feng Shui BALANCE - HARMONY - ENERGY Enhancing spaces that transform your life. Registered Interior Designer and Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Specializing in Space and Clutter Clearing, Space Planning, Design and Decoration, Colour and Light, Renovation and Construction. Pamela Burns, ARIDO, IDC, Reiki Master (613) 741-4055 ABUNDANT LIVING BY DESIGN. From Chaos to Order – Bring on the Flow. By clearing the energy of your home, removing your excess


stuff, and moving things around you release an energetic block thus allowing you to move to the next level of your spiritual journey. It can be magical. Give me a call. I would love to work with you. Edie Lane - Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Organizer and De-Clutter Specialist. 613-565-1919 • Feng Shui Workshops PRACTITIONER/FACILITATOR LINDA THERRIEN from Life Health Healing Center provides two workshops. Introduction to Feng Shui with compass and Advanced Feng Shui with crystals both include certificates. Let Feng Shui in your home and in your life help you achieve Harmony, Abundance, Happiness and more. Workshops are held on the third Saturday or Sunday of each month from 1pm to 5pm. Pre-registration required. Linda is the founder and teacher of Dimensional Meditation with crystals. Call: 613-824-4548 or visit www. • Fertility THE MIND/BODY CONNECTION using hypnosis to help with fertility www. Contact Suzi 613-8784235 FAMILY PLANNING CONSULTING using the highly successful Lunar Phase Method. One time fee of $100.00 includes personalized profile and follow up. Nancy at 613-324-4458 or fertilitywheel • Flower Essences FLOWER ESSENCES can support you through all phases of life. Gentle release of blocks and patterns, healing of old wounds, assistance with acute or chronic issues. Californian, Pacific and Bach essences. Will treat animals. Barbara Schuster, FES-certified practitioner; 613-8204303 or • Focusing With FOCUSING, no matter what you do, it will go better. Guided sessions by phone or in person. 613-868-9642 • Foot Orthotics Dr. Jean-FranCois Gauthier B.Sc., D.C., C Ped (C) is a certified pedorthist, a trained foot health specialist. Providing solutions for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, etc. Restore proper foot, knee, hip and lower back balance with confortable custom-made foot orthotics. Conveniently located near Rideau Center, free parking: 418 Rideau St. Please call 613-241-3434. For more information contact us at or www. • Frequencies of Brilliance Christine Follows / CHRYSALIS THERAPIES. Call (613) 523-0640 after 5 p.m. for appt. or email • Gifts Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444: eco friendly, recycled, unique and inspirational ideas! • Grief ANGEL WELLNESS, Vonne Solis, Angel Therapy Practitioner¨. Alternative grief therapy.

Visit or call 613-2580524 for more information. • Grief Counselling NUMEROUS QUANTUM, Non-invasive Technologies Employed to reduce Stress and Rebalance Body, Mind and Spirit! Doug Henderson Phd Ordained Non-Denominational Minister 613233-3888 • Guided Imagery PERSONALIZED SESSIONS TO ADDRESS HEALTH CONCERNS OR LIFE TRANSITIONS. Promote healing, manage pain, connect with inner guidance. Email Maureen at m.kellerman@rogers. com or visit • Gum Disease DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Hadoscan HADOSCAN Sessions available by phone, distance or in person Contact Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858 • Head & Neck Pain DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Health and Well-Being Consultant BELINDA ROUSSEL HOWES, Health and Well-Being Consultant, Connecting you with the people and tools for your well-being journey Tel: 613 720-6355; • Health Kinesiology RICA GERHARDT, Specialized Holistic Health Kinesiologist. Treat causes, not symptoms. Install empowering beliefs. Nutrition. Detox. Private sessions.(Insurance). Workshops. Spa Days 613-257-8362 • Herbal Healing JUDY HENRY is a skilled herbal practitioner and healer with 25 years of experience in holistic healing. She combines knowledge, intuition and guidance, as she weaves together the sacred wisdom and spirit of the plants, as well as many ancient & modern healing modalities. Health Coaching program: In-depth Individual coaching, personalized protocols &custom-blended herbal formulas. Single consultations are also available. 613- 832-8241 • Herbalism KATHLEEN LEESON RH, is one of two certified clinical herbalists in the region with the Ontario Herbalists Association, a professional regulating body. We have developed educational standards, a Professional Scope of Practice, a Professional Code of Practice and a Professional Code of Ethis. See She has been studying, working, growing, sharing, teaching, journeying and playing with the plants since 1982. Her specialty is in the art and science of healing and she is available for one-on-one appointments in downtown Ottawa at (613) 2371473. She also teaches The Wisdom of Plants Herbal Apprenticeship Program starting yearly in May from her garden.

ANNE DRISCOLL R.H. is a traditional herbalist wise in the healing ways of plants. In her practice she blends the wisdom of herbcraft with modern scientific knowledge. She works with individuals to restore the innate balance and strength of the body. All remedies are custom created to address each person’s unique health needs. For both chronic and acute conditions - let plants walk with you on the journey to wellness. Call the Avalon Herbal Clinic at 613-612-1181 or drop by on Saturday to Mother Earth Natural Health (747 D Richmond Road.) • Herbs JUDY’S ORGANIC HERBS Canada’s favourite source for medicinal herbs & health items. Huge selection of highest-quality organic bulk herbs, tinctures, oils & more including vibrant premium herbs from our gardens. Mailed to your home or office.  613-832-8241 • Holistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Homeopathy J.B. HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY. Jo-Anne Bazinet, homeopath. Member of S.P.H.Q., C.S.H., H.M.C.C. 2062 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1C 1E6. (613) 830-0487. Consultations & products available. M. AYUB KHAN, B.A, DHM (UK), HD (Home of affordable, safe and alternative Health care System for acute & chronic diseases) Telephone: (613)746-6248 (R), (613)282-2660 (B) E-mail: ARCANUM WHOLISTIC CLINIC. Comprehensive Heilkunst and Homeopathy approach used with great success for all forms of chronic illness. Modalities include Sequential Therapy, Dynamic Nutrition, Medical Orgonomy, Anthroposophical Medicine, and CoRe-Inergetix assessment and treatments (radionics). Jeff Korentayer DMH, B.A. Psych; Allyson McQuinn, DMH, author of ThePathToCure. com; 234-4604 Insurance receipts. ELIZABETH WIGGINS, Reg. Hom., -- for your acute and chronic health concerns. I also offer Nutritional Counselling, Life Coaching, Reiki, & The Lifeline Technique (613) 222-6922 or visit MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM D.I.Hom(Pract.), RNCP, Registered Homeopath for acute and chronic conditions and Registered Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultant; www.;; (613) 842-9328 • Hotstone Healing CHECK Chakra Balancing/ Rica Gerhardt • HypnoBirthing® LEARN SELF-HYPNOSIS for an easier, more comfortable birthing. Visit or email Maureen at • Hypnotherapy RID YOURSELF OF OLD HABITS AND ADDICTIONS. Hypnosis and HypnoAcupuncture. SLEEP despite your partner’s snoring thanks to hypnosis. Weight loss, Drug, Smoking, Sex, Food and Gambling addictions.

September 2011

Age regression to correct decades old influences.  Hypnosis by Judy Spence (CH), National Guild of Hypnotists-certified. Ottawa 613-728-2579 OR Gatineau: 819-661-1061. 1st session: $100. Subsequent $80. Insurance receipts. www. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies. REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LIFE with the help of hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Eye movement Integration therapy, Psych-K, Reiki and IET. I get to the source of the problem to eliminate it. Only certified 5 Path (5 phase advance transformational hypnosis) in the region. Teacher of 7 Path self-hypnosis. Stress reduction, remove fears, anxiety, self-esteem, traumas and more. Insurance receipt available. Gatineau . 819-918-6670 WENDY ARMSTRONG, CHt, MHt, Master Consulting Hypnotist, CCIr. You can create the life you desire NOW! 613-823-3316 wendy@ ACADEMY OF HYPNOTHERAPY www. When talking therapy is just not enough to dissolve old emotional blocks...Create new pathways by trusting and following fresh images, empowering suggestions and inspiring visions. Become whole again by re-membering and re-connecting forgotten parts of yourself. What inside! What outside! Consider the Whole... Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Hypnotherapist, 234-5678 or 726-3636. HELP FOR ORDINARY EVERYDAY PROBLEMS WITH HYPNOSIS Sandra Marian B.A., T.E.S.O.L., N.L.P,(3), Reiki, I.E.T., C.C.P., C.C.H.,(2), C.M.P.,n.d.,Lay School Theology & Pastoral Care certified. National Guild Hypnotists & New England Institute of Hypnotherapy certified. Credit cards accepted Naturopathic (extended) health insurance receipts. 2211 Riverside Drive-Suite 402. 613866-8471 MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: With a blend of Hypnotherapy and Coaching, the focus is placed upon what YOU want and together we make it happen in the right way for you (613) 432-1239 RELAX, DE-STRESS, QUIT WORRYING! Rid yourself of anxieties and start enjoying life again! Adam Hacker, Consulting Hypnotist, can guide you down a better path to personal happiness and success in stress management, smoking cessation, weight control and self-confidence! Contact us for the beginning of a new and better you! Phone: 613-316-7575 E-mail: ajhacker@ Hypnosis. For life TAUGHT BY DOLORES CANNON One of the World’s Most Respected, Hypnotherapists. Author of Convoluted Universe -Books 1,2 & 3. Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 www. • Indian Head Massage THE CANADIAN CENTRE OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Two day course with Debbie Boehlen, Certification available. 905.714.0298 AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE certification with Jackie Cave, Fusion School

of Natural Health. 613-389-4344 or info@ • Infrared Sauna SAGE MASSAGE THERAPY 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Detoxify, Treat injuries, Pain relief, Weight loss, Reduce Stress, Improve Skin YOUR SAUNA STORE where you can try Before you Buy! Open Daily at 2900 Woodroffe Ave 613-823-9051 Your Wellness Your Way • Intuitive Counseling and Energy Healing • Intuitive Numerology A NEW SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Psychic Consultation. Laura Young 725-7232 lbaird@ • Intuitive Psychic Readings LINDA THERRIEN World Known Medium Clairvoyant. Using Crystals, Chinese Astrology and Channeling Cards, my Readings consist of guidance in your work, health, love and Spiritual Healing. I am accurate, dependable and gifted. I am Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, Past Life Regression Channeling Facilitator and a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner. (613-824-4548) www. • Intuitive Readings MARLENE STEVENS 819 483 9915 Intuitive readings & tarot. Medium & Angel card readings. MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: Connect to your Higher Self and your Inner Wisdom. For insight, guidance, validation, inspiration and support. On-line, by phone and in person (613) 432-1239 www. ENJOY, LAUGH, GROW, discover, develop self-understanding, raise your consciousness, balance your body, mind, heart and spirit. An intuitive reading or counseling session can be the additional support you need to bring balance and greater happiness into your life. Over the phone or in person! Choose the type of session that suits you. An amazing journey begins again, in this moment…visit 613-261-9128 Cheryl • Iridology WENDY ARMSTRONG, MHt, CCIr, Certified Clinical Iridologist 613-823-3316 wendy@ • Journey JEAN BRAZEAU, Ottawa’s first Accredited Journey Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reclaim the truth of who you are. Works with children, teens and adults. Energy Medicine (Reiki Master, Shamanism, Universalis) NLP, WEL-Systems TM Institute Master Facilitator. Phone: 613-2952756. • Jungian Analysis ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst. Depth psychology to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282


• Kinesiology CHECK Health Kinesiology / Rica Gerhardt • Labyrinth HEALING CIRCLE LABYRINTH Set amid 1,000 evergreen trees surrounded by a garden sanctuary overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Paths are lined with chakra coloured plants and stones. Now scheduling workshops and candlelit evening walks. Call Liz at 613-925-1278 or QUIET GARDEN, includes an 11 circuit replica of Chartres Labyrinth. St. John’s Anglican Church, Richmond, 65 Fowler St. 838-6075. ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Parish of March, 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata offers an outdoor, 11 circuit, paver Chartres design labyrinth open to the public at all times. We also offer an indoor, 7 circuit Petite Chartres permanent,painted labyrinth in the church hall. Contact the Parish Office for availability of our indoor facility. ( 613) 592-4747 or www. • Laughter/Happiness Coaching WWW.LAUGHWITHME.CA LAUGHTER is the best medicine! Learn the skills to make yourself HAPPY! For individuals, groups, work places, clubs EVERYONE DESERVES TO BE HAPPY! Contact Suzi 613-878-4235 or • Life Between Lives This is the space between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what goes on in that time-space? What happens to the soul? This is journey to the other side to better understand the reason for which we came on earth. The process is profound, the session itself last up to three hours. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies Gatineau, 819-918-6670 www. • LifeLine Technique ELIZABETH WIGGINS, Certified Lifeline Practitioner. The Lifeline Technique changes lives. Let me help you change yours. Any symptom can be addressed. For real change, call 613-222-6922 or visit MASTERY UNLIMITED The LifeLine Technique™ offers you the opportunity to view symptoms of Pain, Fear, and Challenges as gifts for self-healing using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude. To learn more visit: www. and call Graham Wiseman: 819-483-0667 email: graham@masteryunlimited. ca or Judy MacLeod: 613-850-7780 email: • Lifestyle Wellness THE ZEN FOR YOU HOLISTIC APPROACH to health combines nutrition and lifestyle counseling, bodywork and yoga packages tailored to your body’s true needs. Zen for You stresses the importance of identifying the client’s lifestyle issues and trains/teaches them to connect better with themselves and acquire a more positive and healing attitude towards a healthier, fitter and balanced life. To know more Zen for You


services and programs please visit www. • Light Body Acceleration RECONNECTION OF DNA Blueprint. Clears Soul Karmic Contracts from All Lifetimes/ Planes. Cathryn Green 613-479-0299• Live & Dried Blood Cell Analyses LIPHE DESIGN.COM. pH Nutritional Microscopy. Donna Porteous 613 253 7467 • Live Blood Analysis CRYSTAL KOZOWY, N.H.P., C.N.C., L.B.C.A., C.I., C.H., Holistic Nutrition Ottawa 613.762.7962, now is the time to take responsibility for your own health let us show you how!! THE BLOOD IS A MIRROR OF HEALTH! Portable microscopy at various locations, including your office or home! Giselle Rivest DHHP, DMH, DynBC, DynN, B.Sc. (613) 2850724 or • Low Impact Yoga LOW IMPACT HATHA YOGA www. The Zen for You Hatha Yoga classes are easy to do for people who have never tried yoga before. Manali Haridas, Certified Yoga instructor progressively teaches the yoga postures and different relaxation breathing techniques in a period of 10 weeks. • Lymphatic LYMPH DRAINAGE, MASSAGE. Detoxify body. Reduce cellulite, edema. Effective for fibromyalgia. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255 VODDER METHOD. Effective treatment for acute & chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM, RN. 613-728-2579 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Lymph drainage (Vodder), Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. www. • Massage MOVEMENT HARMONY MASSAGE. Spinal alignment work, employing osteopathic techniques, attunement, Swedish & acupuncture massage. 33 years experience treating injuries and chronic back challenges in Orleans. Contact Heather Brown (613) 878-6480. ANN receipt available for insurance. Stephan Giunta is a holistic therapist that relies on the understanding that the body is a unit and on the natural ability of the body to self heal and to self regulate. Through the use of physical techniques such as osteopathy, cranio sacral therapy and/or massage, removes tensions and restrictions in the body. This is done in order to encourage structural and physiological harmony, self healing and overall better being. 613 884 2331. SAGE MASSAGE THERAPY 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Swedish Massage, Sports, Prenatal, Myofascial, Bowen

• Massage Therapy BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY, Registered Massage Therapists providing care for acute and chronic pain and injury, wellnessoriented massage, and relaxation. Therapeutic massage, Thai massage, Rolf Method of Structural Integration, hot stone, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, pre/post-natal, scar rehabilitation, and more. Free parking. 504 Kent Street (at Arlington). Call 613-222-0465 or visit to book online. Lori MacKay RMT, CAMA – Feeling stress, pain, or just need to relax? Therapeutic massage can help. Providing treatment for acute and chronic conditions and injuries. Also trained in Acupuncture and Thai Yoga Massage. Receipts issued. 2 Convenient locations: 418 Rideau St. Please Call (613)-241-3434. Please call: (613)-727-7246 For More Info Contact Lori at or LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS Effective treatment of many chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM RN. 613-7282579  Metta Massage & Yoga Clinic. Specializing in therapeutic massage, prenatal, deep tissue, sports injuries, relaxation and many other massage techniques. Registered Massage Therapists: Karina Ackert RMT, Leona Alexander RMT, Christopher Boyd RMT, Craig Curran RMT, Angela Hayward RMT, Christine Liebregts RMT. 421 Richmond Rd, Suite 201, Call or book online: (613) 724-4747 www. CALM CONNECTIONS Massage Therapy, 42 Holland Ave. Cathy Chatham RMT, Susan Alexander RMT. Tel: 613 792 3223 www. HEATHER CURRY, BSC., RMT Therapeutic, relaxation, pregnancy and deep tissue techniques, Hot Stone and Thai massage. Located at 2249 Carling Ave., near Woodroffe. 613-8685228 or for an appointment. www.massagetherapyinottawa. KAREN MUNRO-CAPLE, RMT. Providing Healing, Relief, Joy! 1105-85 Albert St. between Elgin & Metcalfe. (613) 230-3527. www.kmc-rmt. com NINOM ROUZE is a Traditional Brazilian Holistic Healer offering women Massage Therapies, Reflexology and Reiki. The following therapies are offered: Anti-Stress (Relaxes Muscles), Traditional Shiatsu & Tui-Na, Reflexology (Feet), Lymphatic Drainage, Reiki I & II and Flower Therapy (Dr. Bach). For a totally unique and spiritual experience, call or email for an appointment at 613-680-2558 or See my display ad in this issue. JENNIFER PRESLEY, RMT. Treatment & relaxation, deep tissue, craniosacral, Reiki. Injuries, pregnancy, migraine TMJ. Vibrant Health, 20 James St., Top Fl. 613-237-4400 LOTUS HANDS. Massage therepy in the Glebe. 613 762-1274

RE - SELF - ING, a Journey to Wholeness, orthotherapie, swedish massage, reiki. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna 613- 842-3337 NATURAL BALANCE MASSAGE THERAPY CENTRE Located in downtown Ottawa. Specializing in deep tissue / sports massage, pre / post pregnancy care, relaxation / stress reduction, headaches & chronic conditions. Gift certificates available. B6 - 130 Albert Street (between Metcalfe & O’Connor) Phone: (613) 566-3000 • Matrix Energetics ALGONQUIN SHAMAN - Experience the wave of healing and transformation. This healing can help make instant, observable changes in a person or situation, and is based on the laws of subtle energy physics, consciousness, and focused intent, which is why it is called the science and art of transformation. Phone (613) 274-3708 or MATRIX ENERGETICS - Facilitator in the Art of Transformation Certified Practitioner since 2007 sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858 • Medical Intuitive JJ WALDEN - Over 30 years experience. Energy Medicine, Energy Readings, Counselling, Past Life, Diet 4 Blood Type, Brain Gym, Bodywork, Aroma-Touch, Ear Candling. Find and resolve the source(s) of your issues to enable healing. Office and phone appointments. 613-273 -7507 MANUELA WERTHWEIN 613-231-4575. Medical Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Soul rescue. Reiki Master & Teacher. Colour healing. Teaches intuitition skills (private or classes). Releasing blockages and stagnated energy grids within the Human Energy Fields takes place regardless of hereditary, environment or inherent factors that may endure. Manuela will access the information in your biology and soul using clairvoyance as well as energy scanning with healing and Past Life Information. www. • Meditation CHRISTIAN MEDITATION COMMUNITY – There are about 40 groups in the Ottawa area that meet weekly (see Daily Listings) to practice a way of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word or mantra, as taught by the late Benedictine Fr. John Main. For more information contact the Ottawa Area Coordinator at 613-8412894 or christianmeditation2011-ottawa@yahoo. ca or consult COSMIC MINDFULNESS, Meditation in the Tantra Tradition. Ongoing classes and guided meditations given by Chris Simmonds including, chakra awareness, and Sahaj Meditation techniques in the Tantra tradition. Attend an ongoing class or practice group. Advanced personal instruction is also available. Call Chris at 613-730-2622 or contact@ottawameditation. ca. Visit for more information. ART-AS-MEDITATION intuitive painting with acrylics. Workshops/individual sessions

September 2011

Diana Claire Douglas 613-820-8850 TRANSCENDENTAL MEDITATION (TM) — A completely effortless meditation technique revived by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi from the ancient Vedic tradition of knowledge. Transcendental Meditation is taught by highly trained instructors in a standardized 7-step course, with ongoing followup. Transcendental Meditation allows your mind to settle inward beyond thought to the most silent and peaceful level of consciousness, your innermost self. It is deeply restful and is backed by hundreds of published studies. See or Ottawa center: 613-565-2030; email: MEDITATION COURSE IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME (individual/groupe) facilitate by a Bouddhist-Priest of Mahajrya Tradition. Info: Sandra 613-327-2093 . Dynamic Meditation. Discover the peace and joy you’ve always longed for through the timeless art of deep meditation. Introductory and ongoing classes offered to groups, individuals and corporations on the philosophy and practice of this life-changing technique. Workshops also given on cultivating intuition; self-care and empowerment; mastering thoughts; development of chakras and energy fields. Call Jennifer Bernius at 613-7213787 OTTAWA SHAMBHALA MEDITATION CENTRE. Meditation and free meditation instruction. On-going classes and events. Public welcome. 725-9321. OTTAWA DHARMA PUNX is a peer-led meditation group. We offer a casual space to meditate in community, explore Buddhist teachings, and share personal experience. Meet 3:30 Sundays at 57 Lyndale, Hintonburgh. 25 minute meditation starts at 3:45 pm and discussion after, bring your own cushion. INTRODUCTION TO ZEN WORKSHOP A formal introduction to authentic Zen training through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 1:45-4 p.m. Pre-registration required. 613-562-1568 or Zen Centre of Ottawa THE SILVA METHOD. Lise Blouin, Certified Silva Method Instructor. 1 800 226 4428 GROUNDING AND SELF-HEALING group sessions. Emotion integration and transmutation. 819 965-0108 ext 101 – www.MartinDeslauriers. com • Meditation on CD KERRY PALFRAMAN offers Meeting Your Angels and Spirit Guides, a guided meditation journey on CD. Use to communicate with higher self, angels and spirit guides. or 613-715-9411 • Mind Kinetics ANNY TENBULT coaches physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually to groups or individuals. Science has proven that habits and behaviors’ will only change if there is a physiological shift in our thinking cells. Mind Kineticsª means putting the brain into action. Call

Anny @613-745-1274 or or • Migraines DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Music & Healing FOR 29 YEARS have helped clients 2-82yr. with health concerns including ADHD, dyslexia, depression, cancer etc. Hands on approach using musical instruments. Call Shirley Schober @ 613-729-7758 • Music & Meditation FOR CHILDREN & TEENS, including those with autism, emotional challenges; adults for personal growth & healing, palliative care, with Pamela Holm, Accredited Music Therapist and healing intuitive. 613-829-1556, pamela_holm@, • N.A.E.T. ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-theart computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais. • Natural Foods SOL NATURAL FOODS. 186 Ave de la Colline, Aylmer, QC. 684-0512. WHEAT BERRY. 206 Main St. 235-7580. • Naturopathic doctors ANN LAWRENCE BSc, ND Licensed & Registered Naturopathic Doctor in Ontario. We offer services for the whole family! Bowen Therapy, chronic or adrenal fatigue, pediatrics, ear infections, women’s & men’s health, fertility, menopause, diabetes, allergies, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, insulin resistance, weight loss, digestive disorders, heavy metal testing, detoxification and STRESS! Covered by extended health insurance plans. The Dragonfly Family Health Centre @ 171 Old Colony Rd. in Kanata Free parking and extended hours available.(613) 831-2661, www. • Naturopathic Medicine DR. KANDIS LOCK, ND. Licensed  Naturopathic Doctor. Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Headaches, Womens Health, Chronic Disease, Cancer. Come in for free 15 minute consult to find out how naturopathic medicine can benefit you (no treatment provided). 300 Preston St. 613-7289100,


• Non-Violent Communication COMPASSIONATE COMMUNICATION Non Violent Communication is a communication model developed by Marshall Rosenberg to provide a means for families, colleagues, neighbours and everyone everywhere who wants to have more meaningful relationships in their lives to focus on the feelings and needs as a way to remove the pain and aggravation from our communications. I will be offering a 3 hour per month 12-month support group for learning. practicing, and sharing about our experiences with Marshall’s work as we spend this time together. Beginning in September, we will come together to begin this process, and then have an experienced instructor spend a weekend with us, as we move forward leaning and feeling how amazing it is when we have the skill set to create more meaning, and less pain in our lives. Information from Aileen’s Oasis, Aileen McKenna. or 613-2282272, by cell at 613-795-3751 or toll free at 1866-493-0236

• Osteopathy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011. Stephan Giunta is a holistic therapist that relies on the understanding that the body is a unit and on the natural ability of the body to self heal and to self regulate. Through the use of physical techniques such as osteopathy, cranio sacral therapy and/or massage, removes tensions and restrictions in the body. This is done in order to encourage structural and physiological harmony, self healing and overall better being. 613 884 2331.

• Numerology DARLENE PLOUFFE - Reiki Master, Numerology Readings, Vibrational Healing Jewellery. 613-769-7313

• Past Life and Spiritual Journeys ALLAN GREEN, Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator since 1982. I have the ability to see what you see and to feel what you feel. YOU CAN Eliminate fears, Blocks and pain.  Find your mission or purpose.  Meet with your spirit guides, talk with people passed over.  View your inner child, see and feel your Wings.  Clear up people issues that originated in past lives. Travel to your home planet. Remove Curses and Vows that hold you back from Abundance and healthy relationships.; email: 1-877-213-7576 toll free. Sessions in Ottawa, Kingston, Carleton Place, Perth, Westport, my home in OMPAH and throughout Eastern Ontario, Phone sessions available.

• Nutrition MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM RNCP, D.I.Hom(Pract.), Registered Nutritional Consultant and Homeopath; Nutritional and lifestyle consulting for your individual and unique health concerns. gavrilamarilena@rogers. com; (613) 842-0373. • Nutritional Counselling CRYSTAL KOZOWY, N.H.P., C.N.C., L.B.C.A., C.I., C.H., Holistic Nutrition Ottawa 613.762.7962, now is the time to take responsibility for your own health let us show you how!! • Oral Health DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Organic Products ORGANICS DELIVERED by www. Sustainable and reliable service. Ethical products, great prices. Proudly serving Ontario since 2006. • Organizing ABUNDANT LIVING BY DESIGN. From Chaos to Order – Bring on the Flow. By clearing the energy of your home, removing your excess stuff, and moving things around you release an energetic block thus allowing you to move to the next level of your spiritual journey. It can be magical. Give me a call. I would love to work with you. Edie Lane - Feng Shui Consultant, Professional Organizer and De-Clutter Specialist. 613-565-1919 • Orthodontics DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa


• Osteropathy/Ortho-Bionomy EFFECTIVE, GENTLE RELIEF for acute and chronic pain, stress, injuries and structural imbalances. Judith Miller,D.O., Osteopath, Reg’d Ortho-Bionomy Advanced Practitioner & Instructor. For sessions or training: 613 235 2687,  Insurance receipts issued.

• Past-life Regression GO BACK to an earlier time to retrieve memories to help resolve current issues, unblock emotions, discover your purpose, develop yourself. Wendy Armstrong, MHT, Master Consulting Hypnotist. 613-823-3316. wendy@ OTHER LIVES REGRESSION: SOUL-MATE MATCHING. Through trance work we uncover the basic art of making ourselves who we really are. By the telling of the enchanting story we develop a strategic view of our issues and evolve plans to resolve them. Abuse- Stress- AddictionsSmoking- Weight. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web site: EXPLORE YOUR PAST LIVES with certified Regression Worksª facilitator Diane Lanthier. 613-297-8293 • People LINDA STEELE, SHAMANIC ENERGY HEALER – Trained in the 8th Fire School of Algonquin Shamanism. Utilizing a variety of powerful native healing ceremonies such as Energy Medicine, Journeys, Extractions, Past Life/Karma Clearings, and Power Retrievals to heal emotional, physical & spiritual pain. Protection services/Undoing sorcery also available.  Sessions equally effective in person

or by distance for people & pets. Please call 613868-8468, email or visit  Insurance receipts available. MANALI HARIDAS Owner and Founder of Zen for You is a Certified Nutritionist & Trainer, Certified Yoga & Reiki Consultant, with more than 10 years of work experience in the field of Clinical, Sports and Holistic Nutrition and Fitness. To know more about Manali please visit For a free health assessment consult email at or Call 613-276-3996 to book your appointment. MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp. Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching and Intuitive Guidance for personal development and support. 613.432.1239 • Personal Care products Certified Vegan products;  personal care, skin care, hair care, baby care etc. 100% botanicle, no chemically enhanced fragrance. contact Sue email • Pilates PILATES SPACE, 208 Slater Street @ Bank Street (Above Suisha Gardens). Certified Pilates Trainers offering Private, Group Mat and Reformdarlaineer classes. Now offering massage therapy. Energize your body, invigorate your mind & elevate your spirit! www.PilatesSpace. com;; (613) PILATES (745-2837)• Pregnancy • Products THREE WORLD FAMOUS CLASS 2 MEDICAL DEVICES. The Original Chi Machine, Hot House and Electro-Reflex Energizer. Visit • Psychic Healer LET MY HIGHEST SELF, COMMUNICATE WITH THE LOVED ONES. I do a variety of powerful native and spiritual healing, crystal healing and heal through massage. Restore health through past life regression, balance chakras, card reading, clairvoyance and group seance. Carol - 613-7458672. • Qigong LAMAS QI GONG exercise classes are held at 2 locations - McNabb Community Centre at 180 Percy St. (Sat. 9:20-10:15 am) and Plant Recreation Centre at 930 Somerset St. W. Thurs. 8:00-9:00 pm & Sat. 10:30-11:30 am). The classes are led by Master Philip Lai (a certified naturopath therapist) who has 30 years of experience teaching Qi Gong, Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine and associates. Qi Gong helps to reduce your stress, control pain and allergies, strengthen your self-healing ability and increase your energy level. Training to become a certified instructor, as well as private training and consultation sessions, are also available. For more information, contact Catherine at 613-737-0553 or visit www. CHOW QIGONG. Chow Medical Qigong exercises and meditation classes held at McNabb Community Centre, 180, Percy Street since 1986. Tuesdays 9:15-10:45am, Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm. Chow

Qigong is taught by certified instructors and helps to relieve stress and promote self-healing. Complementary 1st class. For more information contact NIANLI Mind Power Healing (Taiji Five Element Self Recovery System): ancient Chinese meditative qigong by Master Binhui He. No steps to remember. Teaching individually or in small groups. For information: or info@ or call Katherine 613-828-3236 • Quantum Therapy NUMEROUS QUANTUM, Non-invasive Technologies Employed by Elite Athletes To enhance performance and reduce stress. During the recent Beijing Olympic Games. China won 14 Gold Medals they did not expect. And have committed to purchase 20,000 units of this subtle energy technology! Over 200 healing modalities! Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 www. • Quantum TouchTherapy THE POWER TO HEAL Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch, Instructor/Practitioner since 2004, first instructor in Canada improve physical strength, release physical and emotional stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, remove pain. Information on personal appointments and classes: Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, 613-7953751, out-of-town enquiries at 1-866-493-0236, or by e-mail and check out. www. • Raw Foods & Hemp Eat Raw, Create Health. Share Raw, Create Wealth! Try our hemp Pulse, 26 raw and clean whole foods in one sacred geometry, tasty treat! • Reconnective Healing CATHERINE GEE, The Reconnectionª and Reconnective Healing¨ practitioner. 613.296.6288, Email: Let the universe give you what you need. Receive energy as vibration, light and information. PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Reconnective Healing Practitionerª. The Reconnectionª and Reconnective Healing¨. Gift Certificates available. 613-592-2520 patriciavlacroix@ For additional info: www. Reconnection¨ and Reconnective Healing¨ sessions now available at 221, chemin Freeman, Gatineau. Bilingual services. Receipts available. Gis le Cossette. Naturotherapist and Life coach. 819-664-6642. MICHELLE HAMELIN, The Reconnectionª and Reconnective Healing¨ Sessions. Reconnective Healing is healing by reconnecting to the grid system of light/energy of the body and the DNA. James Street Wellness Centre. Info: Tel: (613) 2952191. www. JACKIE LOGSDAIL, Reconnective Healing Practitioner. Allow The Universe to give you an energy healing through the mind , body, or soul that you need now, to help you along your own personal Divine Path . For more info,, or 613-440-1204

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ALEXIS NICOL – Reconnective Healing® Practioner and the Reconnection since 2005. 613-263-7925 • Reflexology MARY THORNE, RRPr, RCRT is the Director of Reflexology Therapy/Orthotics Consultant for Ottawa-based, Family Physiotherapy Wellness Centers. Mary is a nationally certified and provincially registered Reflexology Therapist with over 10 years experience. Professional offices in Westgate Shopping Centre, Barrhaven Town Centre and Bank/Heron Sts For a consultation or to make an appointment, please call 613-715-9000. For further information, kindly visit our website HELP YOUR BODY HEAL WHILE YOU RELAX, Rachel Fournier, R.R.Pr. Foot Reflexologist. Mobile service available: home, office, hospital. Service: Centretown, Vanier, Orleans, Hull, Gatineau. Call 819-329-5198. Valcron Reflexology RAC certified reflexologist with over 12 year’s experience. Evening and weekend appointments and home visits available. Practice is in the Orleans area. Insurance receipts provided. Contact: Valerie Cronin, RN, BA, SCM, MA, CCRP. 613-8379435 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Lymph drainage, Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. PETRA ZANGERL-VAN VEEN, RCRT is a registered Reflexology Therapist and has been practicing Reflexology in Europe and Canada since 1992. Service available at - Noir Salon & Spa  613-688-6647 Lift! Stress Management Solutions. Reverse the stress response with reflexology. Lori Chamberland, R.R.Pr. 613-255-7934 www. DEB DESJARDINS 613-435-2100. Home-based in Kanata. REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA offers Individual sessions (foot, hand or ear reflexology), private or corporate events, as well as fund raising events are available. We offer training towards certification as well as membership for professional Reflexology practitioners and students of Reflexology. Contact: ALEXIS NICOL – RCRT – Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925 www.

• Reiki VISION REIKI- CATHERINE BASTEDO Holographic-Usui Reiki Master. Personalized Reiki classes in English or French; individual sessions, daytime/week ends. Online Chakra Basics clas­ ses; Bird Vibes meditation decks. Nature Retreats in Muskoka. cbastedo@ Call 819-778-2590 ALGONQUIN SHAMAN - Reiki Master offering private sessions and Reiki Training (613) 274-3708 or RAINBOW OASIS: Usiu Master / Teacher / Practitioner. Experience the natural healing,

relaxing and balancing effect of Reiki Energy. For personalized sessions, contact Dianne at or call 613-733-9481 DINA. Usui Reiki Master. Harmonize body. mind and emotional system. Bring peace of mind. Sessions and training for all levels. Riverside Health Centre. 613-526-1255. MANUELA WERTHWEIN, Reiki Master/ Teacher. USUI system of Natural Healing. Private treatment & classes, Level I, II & III. Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Medium. Medical Intuitive. Soul Rescue. Body/Mind/Soul Intuitive. Past-life Information. Colour healing. 613-231-4575 www. WENDY ARMSTRONG, CRA-RT, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master. Sessions & training for all levels. 613-823-3316 wendy@wellness-centre. com KATHY GLOVER SCOTT M.S.W., professional, experienced Reiki Master/Teacher (Ascended Levels). Reiki to the 21st degree, 5th Dimensional Consciousness Program, Reiki and Crystals and Root Cause Release Work. Classes and individual appointments (some covered by extended benefits). 613-271-8636 ANGELIC REIKI Let the Energy of the Angels transform you into divinity! In this Hands on Healing Manner. BY: Rev. Gordon Olmstead. FREE OF CHARGE! My will is to serve humanity! 613-7263385 (H); 613-323-0057 (C). Located in Nepean ANNA GREEN, Reiki Master/Teacher, RYT, BA Human Relations & Spirituality, MA Insight Mediation. SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS. Healing Modalities & Classes: Reiki, Body-Mind Process Work, Shamanic Techniques, Meridian & Chakra Cleansing, Aromatherapy, Bach Flower Remedies, Acupressure, Muscle Testing, Spiritual Development, Insight Mediation &Yoga. Anna is experienced, genuine and present to your spiritual journey. www.spiritwell. ca for stories, classes and workshops. (613) 7292775 Civic Hospital Area. FLOWING EASE. Usui Reiki Master/Practitioner: Let the soothling, gentle art of Reiki clear your mind, ease you into deep relaxation and restore your well-being. Call Sandra at 613-820-6399. iHealing Connection: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki, QuantumTouch, Intergrative Energy Therapy, EFT and Magnified Healing. These holistic therapies will help you to relax, relieve stress and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Roger, 613 322 7585, email; HOLOGRAPHIC REIKI AND REFLEXOLOGY. Enjoy a relaxing, healing Holographic Reiki Treatment or Reflexology Treatment in Lincoln Fields. Parking available. On the transit route. Afternoon and evening appointments available. Holographic Reiki Level III. Women only. 613-667-9170 MICHELLE HAMELIN, Reiki works on clearing energy blocks in the body, mind and spirit to restore your balance. Relax and recharge with an energy vacation. James Street Wellness Centre. Info: Tel: (613) 2952191.


REIKI Initiation I, II, III. Reiki treatments. Suzanne Patry B.A., B.A.Ed., M.A.Ed. At your convenience. Bilingual. (613)744-8612. Cell: 298-1023. Manor Park area. LIFE HEALTH HEALING CENTER Linda Therrien, Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master/ Teacher. Weekly classes and treatment sessions. Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, weekly private classes. Call: 613-824-4548 www. T-LINE SERVICES offers Reiki for stress relief, relaxation, and healing. Maria Trumbach, Founder, has practiced Reiki since 1995 and is a Registered Master Teacher (Can. Reiki Assn. & Intl. Assn. of Reiki Professionals) of both UsuiTibetan and Karuna Reiki ¨. Regularly scheduled/ private classes & treatment sessions are always available. Info: 613-612-6581 or REIKI EXCHANGE/HEALING GROUP is held every Thursday from 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. for World Peace, situationsand individuals. Those who wish toparticipate or have requests, please call Vera or Pesi at (613) 829-0224 or email: REIKI MASTER: I have been trained in the Usui method and have been practicing since 1989. Eleanor Ann Rowan 613-746-6778 HEALING HANDS FOR THE BODY AND SOUL JOIN USUI REIKI Practitioner Pauline Brown, for a 90 minute combination Reiki treatment and relaxation massage for $50.00 or 90 minute combination Reiki treatment with a Hot Stone Massage for $75.00.  Taking time to pamper yourself today, makes for a better tomorrow! Call: 613-858-0039, 819-684-7885 or DARLENE PLOUFFE - Reiki Master, Numerology Readings, Vibrational Healing Jewellery. 613-769-7313 ALEXIS NICOL – RCRT – Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925, www. WHAT A JOURNEY! Discover the great gift of Reiki! It is there…waiting to be expressed through you! Private training is available or come with a friend. All levels. 613-2619128 Cheryl • Relaxation LEARN SELF-CARE SKILLS TO ADDRESS STRESS, anxiety and burnout. Visit www. or email Maureen at m.kellerman@ • Restorative Yoga RESTORATIVE YOGA. Are you challenged by everyday stress, limited mobility, suffering from chronic fatigue or recovering from illness or injury? Although the principles are the same as in classic yoga (moving the spine in all directions), the practice is different. Here the body is fully supported by bolsters, blankets, straps, blocks and eye pillows. Come and experience ‘active relaxation’ and be guided into a deep state of bliss! Two group classes to choose from at Surround Circle Yoga: Tuesday evenings 7:30 – 9:00pm & Friday afternoons 2:00 – 3:30pm. * 613-730-6649


• Retreats THE RANCH RETREAT - Appointments and custom retreats for individuals and small groups. Beautiful 65 acres on the Canadian Shield provides a tranquil and personalised setting for those dedicated to their healing / spiritual growth journey(s). Meditation, Medical Intuition, Energy Medicine, Counselling, Bodywork, Brain Gym, Diet 4 Blood Type etc. Located near the scenic village of Westport, ON. 613-273 -7507 TARA SHANTI RETREAT CENTRE Near Montebello, Qc. Large property, quiet location. Open year round. Max 5 persons. Yoga, polarity and Esalen massage. Also silent retreats. m_ MAPLE KI FOREST * SPIRIT WATERS Unwind, Unfold, and Emerge Renewed. Secluded lakefront/woodland setting. Restorative, soothing atmosphere. Beautiful accommodations. Superb whole foods / Veg. cuisine. Yoga / Healing Bodywork / Infrared Sauna / Jacuzzi / 700 sq.ft. Yoga space, Workshop Studio. Welcoming individuals, couples & groups. 2 1/4 hrs. S.W. of Ottawa, near Tamworth. (613) 379-2227 info@mapleki. com RENDEZVOUS RUPERT in the beautiful Gatineau hills only a 40 minute drive north of Ottawa. Come and enjoy this year round, charming, self contained space on your own or with others. Perfect for individual, couple and team retreats - self led or facilitated. Contact us for more info at (819) 459-3580 www. BEAUTIFUL LOG CABIN by a pond in a wooded area, private, ideal for retreat or peaceful getaway. Located near Killaloe, close to Algonquin Park. For rent all seasons call 613625-2200. THE GODDESS AND THE GREEN MAN CRYSTAL EARTH RETREAT AND HEALING CENTRE – Customized and Personalized retreats on Canadian Shield in Land o’Lakes. In Ompah 45 minutes North West of Perth. Spa Packages, Past Life and Spiritual Journeys, Karmic Massage, Drumming, Kayaking, Fire Ceremonies, Meditation, Sacred Portals, Choice of Foods, Bio Mat, Ionic Foot Bath, Chi Machine all Possible and more. www. & Allan Green Cathryn Green www. 1-877-213-7576 TRANSPERSONAL AWARENESS. Through Meditation and Philosophy. Join us for a wonderful Yoga and Meditation Retreat with Lynne Cardinal and Jürgen Portz. June 10th, 11th and 12th, Arrive Friday afternoon, supper at 7 pm. To register: (613) 721-7888. kaivalya@ Includes 2 nights, 6 delicious vegetarian meals, 2 nights’ accommodations and 10 workshops: Yoga, Tai Chi, Meditation, the Yog Sûtras of atanjali, quiet time, group work and chanting. Register ASAP to reserve your place. Car pooling available. Open to all!

• Rolfing ANN OHLMACHER, advanced practitioner, 28 years experience, 613-795-4836, annyrose@, www.embodyment.orgß JULIA BERG, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. 69 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0X9. (c) 613-894-3663. • Room for Rent Workshop space and therapy rooms available at Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 FULL – TIME TREATMENT ROOM in the James Street Wellness Centre downtown Ottawa. For more information please contact Jenna at 613.237.4192. BEAUTIFUL, LIGHT-FILLED, OPEN WORKSHOP SPACE available in Aylmer. Weekends only. Reasonable rates. (819 684-4347) • Runes RUNECASTREADINGS BY LEONA. Groups or individual readings. Please email for information. • Schools THE 8TH FIRE - School for professional training and development in the Algonquin Healing Arts of Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, and Energy Medicine. Two-year professional training program and certificate offered, among the most comprehensive Shamanic Training programs in the world, taught by a Traditional Algonquin Medicine Person. Many teachings are unique and exclusive to this training alone. Phone 613) 2743708 or for more info. • Scrying SCRYING: Find Peace For Your Soul with crystal ball and Tarot readings and classes with Marilyn, 613-549-2438. • Shakuhachi SHAKUHACHI MASTER DEBBIE DANBROOK is offering private Shakuhachi flute lessons at Centretown United Church. No musical experience is necessary. Flutes available. Debbie also offers meditation sessions for individuals and groups. e-mail: tel: 1-888-MUSIC-38 • Shamanism ALGONQUIN SHAMAN - Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine, offering a comprehensive listing of services and ceremonies to help facilitate healings on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Traditionally trained Algonquin Healer available at (613) 274-3708 or www. EARTHWISE HEALING AND WELLNESS Shamanic healing facilitation for the release of emotional, mental and energetic blockages, limiting patterns, effects of trauma, physical symptoms and for moving through life’s transitions. Please visit www.earthwisehealing. com or call 613-234-8846 for more information. SWEETGRASS HEALING – Gentle, noninvasive healing facilitation for physical, emotional, and spiritual healing. Shamanic Healing Ceremonies, Energy Medicine, Space Clearing in Centretown, Ottawa. Please call (613) 371-2688 for more information.

KATHLEEN LEESON RH, is a Shamanic Healer and Clinical Herbalist, with 18 years of experience treating physical and energetic-based problems. I offer Shamanic processes in order to alter unwanted experiences or memories at the root of the disease. If needed, we may do Extraction, Soul Retrieval or other types of repair work to restore balance. I also design appropriate light- and life-filled botanical formulations for your health, if needed. I am available for one-onone appointments in downtown Ottawa at 613237-1473. I also teach Wisdom and Happiness: Fulfilling Your Life’s Purpose in order to aid soul growth. Visit JEFF LANTZ: SHAMANIC COACH. Offering a variety of tools, techniques, and teachings to enliven and enjoy! Personal Ceremony, Power Animals, Drum Journeys, Dream Teachings, Assemblage Point work, Recapitulation, Medicine Wheels, and much more. Clients may also choose to participate in performances by the Fifth World Theatre. Trained and certified by the Institute of Shamanic Medicine. First session free. West End Ottawa. Please contact jeffrey. ASCENSION HEALING ▪ Full Shamanic Healing Services including Soul and Power Retrieval, Extractions, Protection, Journeying, and Space Clearing ▪ Smudging Supplies ▪ Karen Osborne is a full-time Crystal Healer and Shamanic Practitioner certified in several modalities. She has been operating her Ottawa based business for almost 10 years. www., 613.798.2828 or karen@ • Shamanism/Energy Healing LINDA STEELE Combining natural healing & intuitive gifts along with 8th Fire School of Algonquin Shamanism training, my healing sessions clear emotional & physical pain at the root level. Sessions are equally effective in person or by distance. Serving people & pets... Call 613-868-8468 or email lsteele1122@ or visit for further info. Space clearing of homes and businesses also available. • Shiatsu NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymph drainage, Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. RENAISSANCE HOLISTIC HEALTH Kasia Skabas- Certified Shiatsu Therapist. Needle-free acupressure work that will deeply relax your body & mind while balancing the energy within. Insurance receipts. Parking. 235 King Edward Ave. 613 667-7777. • Skin Care Natural bodycare by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 JURLIQUE - The Purest Skin Care on Earth Organic, Biodynamic, Australian. Holistically formulated, preserving the life force and vibration of natural herbs, enhancing potency to rejuvenate

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your skin. Luscious aromas. Gayle Mickelson 830-5764 • Soul Retrieval ALGONQUIN SHAMAN - Feeling separate from yourself, or that something is missing? Through journeying, discover the source of your wounding; understand the Soul promises that you have made, even before you were born; claim the source of your passion & bliss; & discover the Soul treasures that you can bring forth into the world. Soul Retrieval can accomplish in a few sessions what can sometimes take years to achieve in psychotherapy - (613) 274-3708 or • Sound Healing KARIN JOY SCOTT – Let Joy be the guide to your Inner Light! Join me on a sacred journey into the healing power of sound. Bring your mind, body and spirit back into harmony and balance through the therapeutic application of sound. 613-526-9114 or visit • Spa Days HEALING SPA DAYS with Rica Gerhardt incl. Aqua Chi Detox footbath. 613-257-8362 www. • Space Clearing ALGONQUIN SHAMAN: Providing traditional ceremonial cleansing of spaces such as homes, property, or businesses to heal heavy or negative energies, creating sacred space for protection, and blessings to allow the energy of renewal to enter the space. Also offering a ceremony which brings new energy of the universe into a place. (613) 274-3708 or • Spiritual Counselling Facilitator & guide: ConstellationWork, Soul Talk, creative meditation practices., reiki. Workshops/individual sessions Diana ClaireDouglas. 613-820-8850 SPIRITUAL GUIDANCE: Serving your personal journey toward enlightenment. Contact Rev. Robert Meagher at 613-204-0299 or rmeagher@ Visit for more information. • Spiritual Growth Workshops JOSE SILVA ULTRAMIND ESP SYSTEM Let the Divine in You Blossom! Awakening your natural intuition & psychic abilities. Learn to manifest what you want. 2-day workshops. www. • Stress Management NUMEROUS DETOXIFICATION PROCESSES employed. Super Charger Health Spa. Light Beam Generator. EPFX/SCIO Quantum Biofeedback. Intermitent Hypoxic Therapy. Essential Oils. Aura Light Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Doug Henderson Phd 613-2333888 • Sufism SUFI ORDER OF OTTAWA. Phone: 613-7210863 email: website:

• Systemic Constellation Work CONSTELLATIONS WITH SPIRIT: personal, family, & soul transformation individual & group sessions Diana Claire Douglas. www. 613-820-8850 • T’ai Chi TAI CHI (Chen Style) - Qigong, forms, silkreeling, push hands. Ottawa Chen Workshop 730-7590, • Tapas Acupressure Technique Inner ease through energy-based healing. By phone or in person. 613-868-9642 • Tarot MADAME MONIKA Astrological, Psychic, Tarot reading (613) 746-5455 TAROT READING AND TEACHING. Suzanne Patry B.A., B.A.Ed., M.A.Ed. At your convenience. Bilingual. (613) 744-8612. Cell: 298-1023. TAROT AND CARTOUCHE READINGS: I have been reading cards since 1986 and use the Mother Peace Tarot deck as well as the Cartouche deck. Eleanor Ann Rowan 613-746-6778 PERSONAL READINGS Tarot-Astrology Judy Jibb 613 304 4255, TAROT CARD consultant/educator/entertainer. This time-honoured art enhances the understanding of life’s mysteries with integrity. Perk: readings are notoreous for bringing happy tears and smiles! Individual/group consultations; lectures; workshops and private tutoring available. Gift certificates. Katherine is back! (613) 421-0743 • Thai Massage Lori MacKay RMT, CAMA - Looking for a way to reduce stress and relax? Thai massage stretches the whole body and helps remove deeply held tension in the muscles. Convenient downtown location: 418 Rideau St. Please Call (613)-241-3434. For More Info Contact Lori at or BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY. Registered Massage Therapists providing care for acute and chronic pain and injury, wellnessoriented massage, and relaxation. Therapeutic massage, Thai massage, Rolf Method of Structural Integration, hot stone, craniosacral, lymphatic drainage, pre/post-natal, scar rehabilitation, and more. Free parking. 504 Kent Street (at Arlington). Call 613-222-0465 or visit to book online. AVIVA COHEN, Thai Yoga Massage at the Ottawa Shambhala Meditation Center. info@ 613-697-5644 • Therapeutic Touch THERAPEUTIC TOUCHª - profound relaxation, effective pain relief, supports healing on any level. For acute, chronic or emotional conditions. House calls, hospital visits available. Will also treat animals. Barbara Schuster, TTNORecognized Practitioner, 613-820-4303 or


• Therapeutic yoga THERAPEUTIC YOGA. If you have hips, shoulders or knees that prevent you from doing things you used to do; if you are suffering with pain that won’t simply go away; if you are an athlete with a desire to improve your personal performance; or if you simply want to learn how to move better and get on with your life in a healthier more fluid way ~ this form of yoga is for you! Improving mobility, flexibility, increasing stability and strength in the body are the focus of these private Therapeutic Yoga sessions. Call Maureen Fallis for a free consultation. * 613-730-6649 yogaTHRIVE© is a Therapeutic Yoga program designed specifically for people (men & women) who have an experience with cancer (on & off treatment). This gentle style of yoga, offered weekly on a drop-in basis, will help improve body mechanics, breathing, ease, flexibility and strength. * 613730-6649 • Vegan Products Certified Vegan products;  personal care, skin care, hair care, baby care etc. 100% botanicle, no chemically enhanced fragrance. contact Sue e-mail • Vegetarian Cooking and Catering VEGETARIAN, SUGAR-FREE AND GLUTEN-FREE FOODS, Made Locally In Ottawa. Catering For Home/offices. Wholesale For Health/Good Food Stores And Cafes. 613-241-4822. • Vibrational Healing Jewellery DARLENE PLOUFFE - Reiki Master, Numerology Readings, Vibrational Healing Jewellery. 613-769-7313 • Visceral Manipulation Denise Gaulin, B.A., CST offers visceral manipulation sessions for adults, children and infants. She is a certified CranioSacral therapist and has a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080 AVIVA COHEN, Healing at the core. You may be experiencing seemingly unrelated symptoms of core issues. • Web Design A WELL-DESIGNED WEBSITE will help spread your message and grow your business. Contact us, and get an effective online presence today!,, 613-236-5758. • Weddings WEDDING CEREMONIES. Rev. Evelyn Richter 613-596-2817;; CO-CREATE THE GOWN OF YOUR DREAMS! Wedding, handfasting, commitment ceremony attire for all - bring your ideas to life for your special day. Tracey at 613-241-3397 or email Online portfolio: SHAUGHNESSYPHOTOGRAPHY.COM Weddings, Portraits, etc. connecting with you to capture your spirit 613-837-3569


• Weight Management BEEN DIETING MOST OF YOUR LIFE And just keep getting Bigger. Discover Why! And What to do About it! Learn how to lose weight safely Doug Henderson Phd 613-233-3888 www. IDEAL PROTEIN WEIGHT LOSS METHODDOWNTOWN OTTAWA. Quick & healthy protocol with proven long-lasting results. One-on-one coaching helps you reach your goal & teaches you how to keep the weight off forever. Marilee Kennedy, Coach. James St. Wellness Centre. 613-898-3937. www. LOVE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP ~ discover the power of proven hypnosis techniques to easily re-pattern your thoughts, beliefs, habits about food, your body & yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to make friends with your body - forever. Visit: 613.282.6001 • Wholistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa • Workshops GROUNDING AND THE ART OF CREATING SACRED SPACE A two-day workshop about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, learning how to clear a space, how to be present and secure in your own energy field. Ideal workshop for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers and anyone anywhere who works with or lives closely with others. For information and registration call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-2282272, or by e-mail at QUANTUM-TOUCH: The Power to Heal Certificate workshop in Quantum-Touch therapy, a powerfully simple modality that will transform your ideas about your health and your life. This wonderful modality can be used with other modalities and is very helpful for self-healing, distance healing, working with clients, friends, family, pets, water, and gardens. For information, call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, aileen@ and Check out for a full listing of upcoming workshops/ certifications! 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 • Yoga ASTANGA YOGA OTTAWA Traditional Astanga Vinyasa Yoga as taught in Mysore, south India. 200-1/2 Bank Street Ottawa 613722-6860 CALM CONNECTIONS Massage Therapy Centre. Weekday evenings and Saturday morning Yoga classes. Sam Shortt, Certified Instructor. Small group classes. 42 Holland Ave, 792 3223 HEALING YOGA, GENTLE YOGAª:  For those seeking healing postures, peaceful meditation, flexibility and inner balance, an intimate class environment, and the healing vibration of the Symphonic Gong.  10-week packages available.  To reserve, call:  Wendy Saunders, Registered Yoga Alliance Teacher and Certified Kundalini and Yin Yoga Instructor, 613-435-0750, , Stittsville. SURROUND CIRCLE YOGA A delightful place to practice and receive the healing benefits of YOGA! Classes are small enough for individual attention and diverse enough for all levels of fitness and abilities. New students are always welcome. We offer a variety of classes on a drop-in basis: from a slower-paced gentle class to a more challenging flow-style of vinyasa yoga. We specialize in classes that are aimed at restoring the body and refreshing the soul. Private instruction for Therapeutic Yoga and Shiatsu & Lymphatic Massage are available by appointment. *613-730-6649. PRANASHANTI YOGA CENTRE A clean, fresh, beautiful and healing environment for your Yoga practice. PranaShanti offers one of the largest selections of yoga classes in Ottawa. Located near the Parkdale Market, 52 Armstrong St., PranaShanti offers over 70 yoga classes and workshops per week: Anahata, Ashtanga, Children’s, Dharana, Flow, Gong Meditations, Hatha, Hot, Hot 26, Kundalini, Meditation, Power, Pre-natal, Yin, Yang, Yoga Basics, specialty workshops, Hatha and Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training Programs and more. Featuring an ecofriendly professionally designed environment with 3 large yoga rooms, spa-like change rooms with ample showers, yogi tea/juice bar, full service boutique for all your yoga lifestyle needs, over 100 free parking spaces and easy bus access. Complimentary tea served all day, every day. Relax, take your time, leave feeling renewed. Drop in for a visit. Free eNewsletter, 613.761.9642 (YOGA) RAMA LOTUS YOGA CENTRE. www.   342 Gladstone Ave  613.234.7974. Over 100 Weekly Drop-In classes, Teacher Trainings, Workshops and Community Classes. Styles: Ashtanga, Baptiste, Hatha, Hot, Kripalu, Kundalini, Partner Yoga, Power, Prenatal/Postnatal, Sivananda, Viniyoga, Vinyasa Flow, Yin Yoga, Yoga For Children. Specialties: Meditation, Private / Individual, Therapeutic, Workshops. The Rama Lotus Yoga Centre is one of the largest yoga studios in Canada. We have been providing yoga classes in a beautiful and nurturing environment for over 14 years. With five spacious yoga studios in our one location including seven changing rooms for your comfort our classes are taught by over 30 professional and nurturing teachers. It is our pleasure to serve you Yogi Tea during our weekday classes. In the past 10 years, we have certified hundreds of students in our Teacher Training programs. To complement your yoga practice we host weekly workshops with Canadian and international instructors. Our boutique offers a full line of yoga accessories, several lines of yoga clothing, related books, DVDs, CDs, meditation props, snacks, jewelry and many other lifestyle items. We offer yoga with the intention of uplifting the global community. We invite you to become a part of the Rama Lotus Yoga Centre! ADI SHAKTI YOGA CENTRE IN ORLÉANS/ OTTAWA EAST serving with gratitude since 2003. Director/Owner: Lise Ram Das Latulippe. Specializing in KUNDALINI Yoga: humanity’s most ancient yoga. Begin. & Interm. drop-in

DIRECTORY classes of uplifting, fun & highly informative Kundalini Yoga taught by professionally certified teachers. Enjoy our healing ambiance, heavenly music, a cup of tea & community spirit. Private classes; Personalized HealthLongevity-Vitality Program; Yogic Numerology readings; professional Nutrition & Homeopathic consultations; Reiki treatments & training; Vedic cooking classes; Yogic workshops; Annual Women’s Yoga Retreats; Concerts; Gong relaxation evenings; Pre-natal friendly yoga; Sunrise Kundalini Sadhana; Eng. & French classes; Books, CDs, DVDs, soaps, teas, mats, clothes. We are the Yoga gem of Ottawa East - Come Feel Great... One Breath at a Time! 1445-A Youville Drive, 2nd Fl., Orléans. www. Call 613 824-9189. Free Report on-line. Sadhana monthly; Bhangra dance classes; English & French classes; Yoga books, CDs & DVDs; Bath products; Yoga mats/bags. The Yoga Gem of Ottawa East. www. Call 613 824-9189 SHANTI YOGA - Infinite time and no ambition; based on the work of Vanda Scaravelli, Shanti yoga is a process of reverent awareness, making strong connection with the earth, following the natural breath and allowing the body to release in it’s own wisdom. Beginner, Intermediate and Prenatal classes at Santosha Westboro (235-5378) and Dovercourt (798-8950). Anne Pitman, Namaste and Yoga Alliance certified. MOUNTAINGOAT YOGA CENTRES serving Nepean and Kanata. Over 25 classes per week. Hot Power, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, Basics and All Levels. Workshops and teacher trainings. Start today. SATTVA YOGA - A Kanata Yoga Experience Classes taught integrating a variety of yoga styles (Kripalu, Viniyoga, Structural Yoga, Vinyasa)as well as Somatic Movement & Pilates. A practice of balance, integration and compassion is offered: centering, breath work, warm-ups, flowing & static poses, relaxation, meditation and reflection. All levels welcome. Jo-Anne Stasiuk, MA. Professional Level Yoga Certification. 592-5936 or YOGA & TEA STUDIO. LOCATED ON 10 ACRES OF LAND in the beautiful village of Carp. Offering over 20 classes a week, located in West Carleton and conveniently close to Kanata, Stittsville and Almonte! Beginners, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Gentle, Power, Nia Dance, Prenatal, Baby&Me, Family Yoga and more! Monthly Gong meditations, Laughter Yoga, workshops and special events. Come experience yoga in the country fresh air just minutes from the urban outskirts! Complimentary tea and cookies after each class as part of our country charm! Beautiful drive, lots of free parking, why go downtown? 613-304-6320, RADHA YOGA CENTRE, 617 Cooper St. at Bay/ 613.236.3545. Hatha, Kundalini, Dream Yoga, Noon Meditation, Hatha Yoga and Reflection, weekly Satsang, Monthly Karma Yoga, fall workshop: Discover Yourself through Karma Yoga.

September 2011

MAITREYA YOGA STUDIO offers you an amazing atmosphere where you can take a break from everyday life and find your own authentic mind/body experience. Over 25 classes weekly on our Open Class Schedule. Visit us online for our Registered Classes and Workshops at www. or contact us at 613-692-1515. • Yoga Party (Private) IMAGINE HAVING A YOGA CLASS DESIGNED JUST FOR YOU and your friends. Sounds like fun, doesn’t it? Whether you need or want to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your body or bring a sense of ease and calm to your mind, whatever you desire, whatever you need ~ you will surely receive! To arrange a private yoga party call Maureen Fallis 613-730-6649. • Zenith Omega ANY EMOTIONAL, Physical, Mental Blocks can be dissolved All Levels/Lifetimes/Planes. Direct/Precise/Easy using Light Colour Frequency & Sacred Geometry. Over 400 Clearings available to move ‘negatives’ and restore ‘Positives’. Personalized Sessions and Teachings and Long Distance Clearings. Cathryn Green Canadian Regional Teacher Levels 1-5, Practitioner 1-6 Levels, Includes Light Body Acceleration & DNA Restructuring to Original Blueprint www.cathryngreen. ca www. 613-479-0299 or 1877-213-7576 toll free

Billings Bridge Shopping Center 2277 Riverside Drive Ottawa, ON, K1H 8K2 Telephone: 613-737-9330

Kanata 442 Hazeldean Road

Kanata, ON, K2L 1T9 Telephone: 613-836-3669

Westboro (NEW LOCATION) 205 Richmond Rd

Ottawa, ON, K1Z6W4 Telephone: 613-728-1255

CLASSIFIEDS • For Sale IDEAL FOR B&B, Spa, Retreat. 5+ Acres in Ottawa. Organic garden. Geothermal heat. Rural setting. Can go off grid with solar/ wind. 613-826-3495. MLS# 795127 CERTIFIED ORGANIC NATURAL FOOD MANUFACTURER for Sale. 31 yr old company with deep roots in the organic food movement in Canada. Located in the Ottawa Valley, moveable. Eastern Canadian distribution. Sales $166,000+ Info: OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE in Riverside Health Center. Excellent rate, wonderful co-workers; located at Bank and Riverside. Call Dina 613-526-1255, dina@naturalclinic. ca

• Sharing SHARING AN APARTMENT/ HOUSE- June 1st. Looking for a female, holistic/spiritual roomate, 40+, to share a sunny, spacious flat, preference around Green Door, Old Ottawa East, or Glebe. Am a professional, vegan, who enjoy, kundalini yoga, meditation, astrology and healing modalities. Member of holistic/conscious meetup groups. Parking needed. Call Eva 613-668-3865

• For Rent PRIME LOCATION OFFICE SPACE. Offices available for rent in downtown Ottawa, Somerset St. W. at Elgin. Shared with other alternative health care professionals. Suitable for massage therapy, acupuncture, shiatsu, body work, counselling etc. Large attractive shared reception area. Includes voice mail box, spring water and utilities. One year lease, 1st and last month’s rent. Available September 1st . Call 613-230-4869.


Drowning In a Sea of Electropollution (Hope You Can Swim) Canadians are perilously overexposed to electromagnetic radiation. We are under continual attack from electromagnetic fields (EMF’s) radiating from power lines, wi-fi towers, household wiring, microwave ovens, computers, HDTV’s, clock radios, cellular phones and smart meters. Researchers have correlated electropollution with increase in cancer, birth defects, depression, learning disabilities, Alzheimer’s disease and Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. The danger is real and with increasing use of electricity in our environment it is one of the reasons why many scientists believe some disease rates are on the rise. EMF’s are not blocked by trees, walls, buildings or other structures. Like X-Rays they pass through these objects and into our bodies, disrupting normal cellular function and biological process. New added danger are Smart Meters that use wireless signals to transmit usage information every fifteen minutes back to the utility. Smart Meters have a transmission range of about two miles. The amount of continuous pulsed radiation from thousands of smart meters in a single neighbourhood is raising red flags among critics of EMF pollution. Warning that short-term effects from smart meters include headaches, sleep disruption, tremors, cognitive impairment, tinnitus, increased cancer risk, and heart arrhythmia. The explosion of wireless technologies is producing radio frequency radiation exposure over massive populations before questions are answered by studies about the carcinogenicity or toxicity of the radiation levels. We have products that will keep you afloat in this sea of electropollution. Developed by Peter Webb who has attacked this problem for over thirty years? From EMF Balancers for the homework and your vehicle and cell phones Gold Energy Cards and Plates and Energized Jewelry. Join us in our EMF Free Zone Month www.emffreezone,ca Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758

Rosemary Murray-Lachapelle, Jungian Analyst, ML.S., M.A. Dipl. Analyt. Psych.

(819) 568-0282

Ontario Association of Jungian Analysts, International Association of Analytical Psychology


BALANCE YOUR WORLD  EMF BALANCERS Work-Home Schools-Cars-Farms  Cell Phone ADR Disc  Gold Card with Heart Steve Priebe



Edgar Cayce (Ottawa) Search for God groups Success for the soul Meditation, study and application in a small group format

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affect your health! 1 hour session for $50.00*

(Can be combined with Relaxation Massage or Reiki)

Valerie St-Denis

• Tuning Fork Practitioner (Solfeggio frequencies) • Reiki Practitioner • Orthotechnician • Certified Lifestyle Educator

Optimal Health Family Chiropractic & Wellness Centre #4-1910 St-Laurent Blvd. Ottawa, ON, K1G 1A4 613-260-8828 *(Offer expires Sept 1, 2011)

Questions In Mediation - Pt2


ast time I set out some of the questions I feel are important to ask in mediation. Here are some more. Is this conversation you are having right now similar to ones you have had in the past? If so, what would you like to change about the way you talk to each other in the future? Most couples in mediation repeat on a small scale the patterns of their marriage, with mediation becoming a microcosm of their relationship. This question makes them stand outside their conversation, if only for a moment, and look more objectively at the way they are talking. Even if they express hopelessness at ever being able to change the way they talk together, I try to get them to focus on their abilities to change their communication patterns in the future. It is particularly important to try to help a couple shift their dynamics to a more positive way of interacting when they have small children and thus many years – sometimes more years than they were married – during which they will have to interact with each other. For their sakes, not to mention their children’s, I try to help them find a less stressful, somewhat more respectful and productive way of working together as parents in the future. What would you like your partner to say to you right now? This is one of those “in the moment” questions that can be important to ask. When I see that one person has been trying to elicit a response from the other that isn’t forthcoming, I sometimes stop the conversation and encourage them to

identify what they need from the other in order to move forward. After helping one person articulate what it is s/he needs from the other at that moment, I say something like, “John, Mary has just tried to say what she needs from you at this time to help move your conversation forward in a productive way. Are you able to give her the response she is looking for, or does that not work for you? Is there something you yourself would like to hear from her at this moment?” Sometimes this question acts as a springboard for couples to talk not just about what each of them would like to hear from the other at that moment, but what they would like to receive overall. Often, this takes the form of some kind of acknowledgement or recognition. “I just want him to acknowledge that I contributed to this marriage, too, even though I don’t make nearly as much money as he does.” Or, “I would like some recognition from her that we have all these assets because I worked many long hours over the years.” What Just Happened Here? This is another “in the moment” question. A couple can be having an apparently rational discussion about what appears to be a substantive issue (e.g. how long should her spousal support continue, how should they pay their children’s special expenses, how should his pension be divided) when it suddenly gets derailed. Someone’s “buttons have been pushed.” At times like that, I stop and ask, “What just happened here?” and encourage them to deal with the issue right now, rather than letting it fester and continue to sabotage their conversation. When I ask some of these questions in mediation, clients sometimes say to me, “We aren’t here to talk about our feelings; we’re here to talk about spousal support and division of my pension. This doesn’t have anything to do with why we’re here. Let’s just focus on the legal issues.” Ah, but these questions have everything to do with why they are here. When couples run into roadblocks and cannot settle their legal issues, it is rarely because the legal issue is unclear or complicated. It is almost always because there is something else getting in the way. It is hardly ever the facts that are the problem, but rather the feelings behind the facts. Couples who wind up spending tens of thousands of dollars in court or in protracted lawyer to lawyer negotiations rarely have legally complicated cases. But they almost always have emotionally complicated ones. I have often said that separations are 10% legal and 90% emotional. In my experience it is only by dealing with these emotional questions that the spousal support, pension and other legal issues will ever be resolved. Evita Roche was Canada’s first full-time lawyer-mediator. Since 1979, she has helped over 5,000 couples mediate the issues arising from their separation. In the 1990’s Evita was a Professor of family law and mediation at the University of Ottawa law school, where she received the first Excellence in Teaching Award. Her private practice is restricted to separation and divorce mediation, and she frequently delivers seminars on subjects related to family law

September 2011


Top 5 Cancer Fighting Foods


ven though our life can get busy at this time of year, give yourself the gift of increased energy and add these cancer fighting foods to your menu. Whether eating gluten free or dairy free, Scratch Kitchen has meal solutions to include these powerful cancer fighting foods that taste great and are healthy too! 1. Cruciferous Vegetables Eating more fruits and veggies can reduce your risk of developing breast cancer by 60 percent! Cruciferous vegetables, such as cabbage, spinach, broccoli, and cauliflower, are rich in fibre and folic acid, both known to lower your risk of developing breast cancer. How to Enjoy? 1 cup of cruciferous vegetables 3-4 x per week, saute in a little olive oil and garlic 2. Green Tea American Institute for Cancer Research has concluded that components found in green tea can help halt the development of cancerous tumours, and even prevent them from appearing in the first place. Green tea contains large amounts of the compound flavonoid—indeed, three times more than that found in other teas. How to enjoy? Drink 2-3 cups daily of green tea to powerful antioxidant.

Intuitive Counsellor Carolyn Shirley Psychic & Clairvoyant For appt.

613-526-1578 Tarot Card, Palm, Astrology, Medium 56

3. Tomatoes The anti-cancer compound in tomatoes, lycopene, has been shown to be especially potent in combating prostate cancer, breast, lung, stomach and pancreatic cancer. This compound appears to be more easily absorbed if the tomatoes are eaten-either as tomato sauce, paste, or juice. How to enjoy? Spaghetti sauce or drink a tomato juice at breakfast a day. 4.) Flaxseed: Flaxseed in the form of oil and meal contains phytoestrogens believed to reduce the risk of breast, skin, and lung cancer. These substances may have a role in preventing ‘estrogendependent’ cancers such as breast cancer. Lignans are also thought to be antioxidants (the free radical-fighting substances found in many fruits and vegetables). How to enjoy? Sprinkle 2-3 Tablespoons of ground flax on your yogurt or cereal daily 5.) Garlic Garlic contains a number of compounds believed to slow or stop the growth of tumours. The main cancer fighting compound in garlic is a chemical called allicin. Allicin is what gives garlic its distinct smell; it also protects the garlic plant from organisms that may attack it. How to enjoy? Add sliced or crushed garlic to your salad dressings or existing recipes to increase the cancer-fighting ability of that meal. Provided by Ottawa’s Healthy Living Expert

.MM:P:2IBKBMN:EBLM3>FIE> Christian Spiritual Ministries Inc.

539 Wavell Ave – Ottawa

Sunday Service at 1:00 pm Worship, Healing & Message Service

Rev. E. Stoddard

& Various Guest Mediums

for Information call 613-521-9711

Feast of Fields


his September 11, the Ottawa chapter of Canadian Organic Growers will present Feast of Fields – an event to highlight the importance of organic farming in the local community. Put on by the Ottawa chapter of Canadian Organic Growers, a non-profit with the intent to spread the knowledge and practice of organic farming, Feast of Fields brings together local organic farmers and some of the most critically acclaimed chefs from the area to create dishes made entirely from locally sourced organic ingredients. This year, the theme is “Feast of Fields from our Organic Farms” and it is being held on the Central Experimental Farm – a perfect setting for a harvest festival. Your ticket to Feast of Fields will also cover your entrance to the Canada Agriculture Museum on site as well as music, drama, a Silent Auction, Information booths from many sponsors plus the Dessert Tent and organic wine and beer on sale to accompany your meal! Tickets will be on sale on line at www. as of August 1. Tickets will also be available at store locations all over the city and region. Please check the locations on the Feast of Fields website or the COG Ottawa website:

Worried? Stressed out? Depressed? BUY AND READ





L. RON HUBBARD Price: $22.00 VISIT: Hubbard Dianetics Foundation of Ottawa 150 Rideau St Ottawa, ON K1N 5X6

CALL: 613-230-5701 • EMAIL: ©2011 CSOTTAWA

A healing journey to a calmer state of mind...

Shiatsu Thai Yoga Massage Ayurvedic Therapies Reiki Reflexology Lomi Lomi Sound Healing Tree Essences Couples Services Crystals Advanced Skin and Body Care Therapeutic Massage RMT Organic Skin, Body and Hair Care

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Ask a Naturopath

apparently can reverse cataracts in some cases), nutritional supplements (vitamins A, K a t h e r i n e Willow N.D. beta-carotene, E, B2/6; zinc, selenium; lutein, zeaxanthins), acupuncture/Chinese herbs and his month’s column is about me, as I was homeopathy which all claim to be able to stop or just diagnosed with a small cataract, to my reverse cataracts. dismay, and want to try dissolving it naturally One product which has attracted my interest instead of having the surgery, which was is N-alpha-acetyl-carnosine or NAC, which predicted to be necessary in a year. However, supposedly penetrates and protects lipid take note: 90% of people over 85 will have tissues from light damage, free radicals and cataracts! glycosylation (sugar damage). A I have never treated cataracts, but clinical trial in China showed 100% there is a wealth of information about success with senile (!) cataracts, how to do so. A naturopathic worksustaining those results 24 months up with my new and very appreciated later. It can be taken as drops and/or associate, Laura Stark N.D., will match capsules. I will order this, try it out possible treatments to my individual and let you know! condition; testing the large number Other treatments which can help of recommended supplements and in the treatment of cataracts include remedies on our Biotron machine will palming (rubbing the palms together determine which ones are best for me until warm and placing over the eyes (and minimize the number I need to for several minutes while relaxing); take). hot/cold water applications; eye Let’s start with an understanding: exercises; avoiding TV in a dark room; normal cataracts are a clouding of Epsom salt baths; no make-up past the the lens of the eye with a build-up expiry date; computer breaks every of protein. Symptoms include a 30-40 minutes (oops, need to stop FREE TALK: gradual blurring of the vision, seeing for a minute!); and washing the eyes Healthy School Lunches double, halos around lights and up regularly with cold water after coming to a total loss of vision. Cataracts in from outdoors. September 10 are responsible for a major part of From a German New Medicine blindness around the world. You can perspective, cataracts are the healing Everyone is Welcome! see why I’m motivated—treating my phase of a visual separation conflict, no cataract naturally should prevent any longer having someone in sight. So at You are invited to come tour our Natural Health further progression as well as avoiding least there is nothing to resolve... Clinic and beautiful property on the Carp Ridge the surgery. I’ll let you know how it Fortunately, I have some fine goes! 2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway practitioners supporting me in this (at Carp Rd.) Risk factors for cataracts are • 613-839-1198 project: my holistic optometrist Estelle numerous, including tobacco (20% Saunders (613-226-8446) and Dr increase), free radicals, eye drops with Krasimir Vajarov (613-564-0009), steroids, untreated diabetes, dehydration an eye doctor from Europe who practices in Ottawa as a (even acutely, as in a heat stroke), ultra violet light exposure naturotherapist and treats me with acupuncture once a week. (3X increase), galactose (sugar from milk products unless However, if I don’t succeed for some reason, the one hour they are fermented), too many refined carbs—especially surgery has an excellent prognosis!! sugar (my special weakness!), long-term aspartame use, Katherine Willow N.D. is a fourth generation registered major tranquilizers, excess alcohol, glaucoma, extreme naturopathic doctor with over three decades of experience. short-sightedness (that would be me too), German measles She is founder and director of Carp Ridge EcoWellness exposure in the womb, physical trauma such as a blow, cuts, Centre ( and has a specific interest in radiation or intense hot/cold, a diet high in salt and excessive German New Medicine and how emotions relate to disease, exposure to microwaves. about which she is currently writing an introductory book It follows from this that treatments for cataracts would include antioxidants such as vitamin C, (one study says 80mg vit C decreases cataracts by 50%); a diet high in fruits and vegetables (decreases cataracts by 39%); using sunglasses and avoiding the risk factors as much as possible, especially cutting out or severely limiting all sugars. Then one can choose from a host of herbal remedies (bilberry



Fuss About? will remember the work of Gregg Braden, Mary Summer Rain and Daniel Pinchbeck and how we are living at this amazing space and time on the evolution of our planet. We are living the time of no time, and we are aware of the crisis of our time. We can by Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Agent evolve or we may perish. However, for Conscious Evolution, Certified as Barbara and Ervin Laszlo tell us, Quantum-Touch Practitioner and since the beginning of no time to this Instructor time and beyond for billions of years, Breakthrough in Energy Healing whenever is would seem that the planet editation has been a regular part In Ottawa serving Ontario & Western Quebec is doomed, an evolution occurs, there of my early morning practice for Holistic Wellness Coach is a great shift and birth of a new life. more than 40 years now and as much as Aileen McKenna We are currently at another curve of the I really loved going into the beautiful Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor spiral of evolution and we are poised place of peace and calm, away from the Associate Polarity Practitioner to become a new life form, that of a regular world, I had not realized how Certified Aromatherapist Universal Human where we will have much more that practice would bring to Certified Small Group Facilitator these powers that we have traditionally me until quite recently. In March 2011, Certified Facilitator – Open Space Technology considered to belong only to the gods. I became part of the ACE training with Aileen’s Oasis We witness this occurring under our Barbara Marx Hubbard, discovering 613-228-2272 hands when we do Quantum-Touch that tapping into the deeper, more 613-795-3751 therapy. We are able to tap into that profound aspect of myself, could part of us where there is All-Knowing, provide a level of confidence, peace that part that we thought belonged to and connection to that part of myself, others, to Higher Beings…..we are a Higher Self that is All-Knowing, able to go there when we go into that All-Wise and totally comfortable with meditative state and ask the questions of our Higher Self. the world as it is and as it can be. I found a place where I We are the generation we have been waiting for, we have can ask questions and receive answers to the most mundane arrived, and now we need to take our place to bring this things as well as the deepest questions. change to everyone on the planet. Realizing that energy and vibration were important to clear old, dysfunctional patterns increased as I spent more Aileen will be offering Meditation on Becoming a time doing Quantum-Touch therapy using the breathing Universal Human in weekly classes beginning in techniques and principles. In my healing practice and October for 8 weeks. You can contact her for more teaching QT, I was aware of old patterns within others information and a registration form at 613-228-2272, coming to the surface and being healed. During Quantum613-795-3751, from out of town at 1-866-493-0236 Touch workshops this breakthrough or healing is a common or by e-mail at, or occurrence, as the energetic vibration of the person is raised check our her website at above the old pattern, physical injury, illness or behaviour and the old pattern melts away. This shift in vibrational rate is the process by which the healing occurs. When I first began to be aware of this work, and to witness how the vibration shifted I was astonished at how the change happened. I saw the world differently, as my outside world was visibly changed. Looking outside at my garden to witness how the higher vibration was affecting Zoltach Coming To Ottawa everything around me, including my plants. Moving from More Than A Psychic Experience Ego to Essence, with the work of Barbara, I could recognize this very subtle shift when it happened. Having observed You have seen him on T.V. and heard him on national radio, experience the energy,wisdom and love of the spirit known this within myself as the shift occurred at the beginning of as Zoltach as channelled by Deep Trance Medium Sayge. a session I began to sense this shift occurring as my focus moves from the regular things in life…..temperature of the September 16th • 7:00pm Westboro Masonic Temple, 430 Churchill Ave North Ottawa, ON room, time of day, normal activities, and I become fully Tickets are $40 per person, and must be purchased in advance by present to my client. I now understand that I have begun calling 289.241.6983 or via web site operating from the Essence Self, the Essential Self in that (All Welcome) healing space. W W W . Z O LT A C H . C O M As we move more fully into the 21st Century, those who have participated in the workshops ‘2012’ What’s all the

Meditation on Becoming a Universal Human


September 2011


Sri Chinmoy Answers



Question: How can I deal with frustration in my day to day life?

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SRI CHINMOY: If you expect anything from others, you will only get frustration. When you do not get something from others, you get mad at them because they have not fulfilled your desire. Even if you expect something from yourself and you do not get it, you will become irritated and frustrated. You will be doomed to disappointment. You feel that you are useless. Then you become depressed and angry. When this happens, just say to yourself, “This is not the right way. I will do the right thing. If I expect something from the world, I will become frustrated because the world is like that. If I expect something from myself, I may also be unable to achieve it. What I need is patience.” Patience is the thing that is always necessary. But we have to know the difference between patience and tolerance. Sometimes we think that surrendered tolerance is patience, but this is wrong. We have tolerance only because we feel that there is no other way for us, but this tolerance is not patience at all. Real patience is oneness. If it is only tolerance that is trying to take the role of patience, then there will be no real satisfaction. If somebody needs more kindness and affection, then you should be ready to give it to that person—not according to what he deserves, but according to your own heart’s magnanimity. If somebody is nasty to you or is not helping you in your work, you have to take it as a challenge to become extra nice, extra kind and extra sweet so that you can bring forward the good qualities in that person. You have to work in a divine way and try to conquer the person through patience, concern and love. We have to feel that patience is not something passive. On the contrary, it is something dynamic. In patience we develop our inner strength and willpower. It is true that if we have willpower, we can easily acquire patience. But it is equally true that when we have patience, our inner will-power develops itself in a special way. Patience has the steady movement of growth and is always accompanied by peace. Patience is divine strength. Very often people do not know the meaning of patience. They feel it is something weak, a form of cowardice or a reluctant way of accepting the truth. They feel that because there is no other way left, they have to be patient. But we have to know that patience is not something weak. If we are patient, it does not mean that we are forced to surrender to the hard reality of life. No, patience is inner wisdom. Visit for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.

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FOR SALE – WAKEFIELD, Quebec “Mystical and Magical” handcrafted three-storey log home which has hosted Spiritual Masters and teachers – Swamis Vivekananda, Shankarananda, Lama Lhanang Rinpoche and others. Two acres nestled in the hills between the Gatineau Park and River, surrounded by nature’s charm with total privacy. Four bedrooms with double garage plus charming yoga teaching studio and stunning mediation gazebo, wrap-around deck beautiful perennial gardens with natural rock outcrops. Excellent condition. Treetop views for miles. 20 minutes to Ottawa. 5 minutes to Wakefield. Must see for yoga teachers, artist and those seeking peace! $499,000. Virtual tour: Contact: Steve Gagne, Century 21 Macintyre Inc. (819)-827-1646

September 2011


The Wonder of You!

A course for women of self-care and empowerment through meditation and other self-healing processes By Jennifer Bernius


re you ready to commit to yourself – to awaken to your magnificence and make your contribution to the world? This is a course for those of you who want to know and love yourself more – to shed tired, old, false ideas about yourself, and embrace the truth that you are a beautiful radiant being of inestimable value. This course offers pure gold. It’s the distillation of many of the teachings and techniques I’ve practiced for over 30 years. I know they work because they’ve totally transformed me and my life. At one time, I would have thought that was impossible. That was before I discovered for myself that inner peace, love of myself and others, joy and purpose in life are absolutely achievable by those who commit to doing these practices regularly. Deep (mantra) meditation is the foundation of the course. It will do more to help you awaken to your true value than any other technique I know of. Daily practice will calm your restless mind, relax your body and release stress, fears and worries that have robbed you of the joy of life. You’ll experience deep inner peace as you silence your mind and connect with your True Self, the source of pure consciousness. By focusing inward, you raise your vibration and expand your awareness. You come to realize that you’re far more than your limited thoughts and attitudes would have you believe. They’re only self-perceived limitations – not the truth of who you are. You begin to think and act in ways that honour you. No wonder you feel more confident and empowered! Meditation is healing you at depth. Learn, as well, how to stay more centred and balanced in life so you’re not overwhelmed by the world and its demands. Through your growing connection with your inner Self, and by practicing the technique of mindfulness, along with breathing and relaxation exercises, you become more inner-directed and focused – living life from the “inside out,” not the “outside in.” You’ll be more certain in your choices in life, less self-doubting and critical. And you’ll start putting yourself first in a loving way, for you can give more to the world when you do this than by throwing yourself away as you might have done in the past. Developing loving awareness underlies everything you’ll learn in the course. Perhaps you thought love is what others give you when you earn their approval. Now you discover that love is your true nature. To experience more of it, you become “fit” for love – less fearful, more relaxed and open so it can flow through you unhindered to others. By taking care of yourself in every way, you become a source of love, happy to share it with others and to forgive. To help you treat yourself as a beloved friend, you’ll practice kindness journaling. Everyday, you’ll write down ways you treated yourself kindly – or unkindly. How did you treat your body today? Did you give it the food, exercise


and loving attention it requires? Or did you abuse it through negative thoughts and junk food? Journaling in this way helps you to be more aware of your habits and to cultivate those that support your health and happiness. You’ll also learn to be more lovingly mindful of your thoughts. See how perfectly your world mirrors your thinking and that only your own thoughts have the power to upset you. Discover techniques to capture and change thoughts so you have more mastery over them. And learn the invaluable emotional freedom technique or tapping, along with affirmations, to help you reprogram your conscious and subconscious minds. Emotions . . . ah yes, let’s not forget them! They’re the voice of your inner child, whom you’ll communicate with and get to know. You’ll learn to embrace all your feelings for the valuable messages they have for you. Understanding them can help you heal unresolved issues and beliefs. And motivate you to create what you want. This course will set you in a positive direction for the rest of your life and help you to grow in every way. And you’ll find in me a teacher who will champion you and your progress – someone who will help you learn to love and believe in yourself, and to create the life you so dearly want! Jennifer Bernius teaches group, corporate and private classes in yoga-inspired meditation and workshops on personal development. She has taught meditation for 25 years. Her teachings are a way of life for her and for many of her students. For information about The Wonder of You! or other classes, call 613-721-3787or email

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Green Calcite

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reen Calcite is a stone of fresh starts and new beginnings. Its vibrant green broom sweeps through the aura on all layers and levels leaving our subtle bodies sparkling and refreshed. Green Calcite breathes new life into relationships, projects and gifts. Its revitalizing energies can kick start new growth in any area of one’s life. It does so by showing us how to look at old problems with fresh eyes. It is a great stone for those times when we feel stuck or unwilling to change even when we know the change would be good for us. It encourages movement out of stagnation and ‘the same old thing’ bringing renewed sense of purpose and meaning to one’s life. It teaches how to finally let go of the past and to embrace new experiences, places and people. Green Calcite awakens the heart to new possibilities and even to new love. Green Calcite teaches us that there’s always another chance, always a new day, and a new horizon to set our sights on… It teaches us how to begin again after pain and loss. Green calcite is a powerful healer of past relationships. It makes holding onto people, places and situations that aren’t good for us, impossible! Carrying or wearing Green Calcite can relieve stress and help one feel more relaxed. It can be very rejuvenating to the physical body and is stimulating to the immune system. These qualities make it of great support during convalescence. Green Calcite is also a good stone for meditation and one of the best stones for attuning to the animal and plant kingdoms and for deepening your relationship with nature Spirits.

September 2011

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Contemplative Photography By Henry Fernando


ontemplative Photography combines the practice of seeing with the practice of mindfulness. The contemplative approach to photography is to have a calm and quiet mind, and align it with the element of human vision. But how do we see, really and truly see the world around us? We’re so busy in our daily life that we walk around like robots. We take the kids to the baby sitter, we rush to go to work, we hurriedly prepare meals, and we go through the day on auto pilot mode. While we’re doing all of these things, our mind is thinking of what we’ll be doing next, always distracted and immune to its surroundings. Contemplative Photography teaches us to slow down, quiet our mind, open our eyes, and be aware of the phenomenal world around us. In Contemplative Photography there are two basic elements. First, you have to be present, be there with your mind open, and be fully aware. This is what “contemplation” is. It is genuinely paying attention, and being mindful of the moment to moment changes that are happening around us. The simple practice of awareness can be incorporated in your daily routine. For example, feel the warm water on your body as you are taking a shower, or look out the window as you are washing the dishes, and really see the colours in your garden or the light shining on the white snow.

Second, you have to look at the world around you as it is. That means that you look at things without any judgment, no “like” or “dislike”, “ugly” or “beautiful”, and no preconceived ideas. It is important that as we take photographs, we throw away our discriminatory mind. Anais Nin, the French-Cuban author said that “We don’t see things as they are, we see things as we are”. Once we open our eyes to a new way of seeing, it will open a whole new world of endless perceptions, and allow us to take wonderful photographs. So, before you even aim your camera to shoot, here’s something you can easily do to tune up your eyes and align them with your mind. If you are outside, slowly and quietly walk with no particular place to go. Pay attention to each step that you take, and feel the hardness of the pavement or the softness of the grass under your feet. Feel the breeze on your skin, look at the colour and texture of the plants and trees, the walls and billboards along the way, and even the broken beer bottle on the sidewalk. And if you are at home, sit quietly in a comfortable chair. Pay attention to your breathing, and look at the room you are in. Notice the light and shadow in the room, the colourful frame that is hanging on the wall, the candle on your coffee table, and the texture of the pillows on your couch. Be aware of the visual richness that is around you. As you continue your practice in Contemplative Photography, you will see your world with fresh eyes and notice things that you have not seen before. It will greatly sharpen your power of observation, reawaken your sense of wonder, and enable you to create heartfelt and meaningful images! Henry Fernando is an international award winning photographer based in Ottawa. He is trained in Contemplative Photography and gives contemplative photography workshops geared to beginners and experienced photographers alike. His work can be seen on his website:


The Kingdom of Peace “At the end of days: The wolf will dwell with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them. The cow will feed with the bear, their young will lie down together, and the lion will eat straw like the ox. The infant will play near the cobra’s den and the young child will put its hand into the viper’s nest. They will neither harm nor destroy on all My holy mountain, for the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the Creator, as the waters cover the sea. Their swords will be beaten into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation will not lift up sword against nation, and they will study war no more.” This is the Creators description of what will occur at ‘the end of days’, which He spoke to my ancestors, the children of Yisrael. This kingdom of peace and righteousness would come about after a ‘Great Cleansing’ of the earth and humanity at large, when only the meek, the humble and the righteous would remain to inherit the ‘new earth’. When would this time of cleansing begin? The prophet Moses warned my people that they would eventually reject the Creators ways, break their covenant of peace with their neighbour and with Him, and that He would break His covenant with them. Because they had failed to keep their promise to be their ‘brothers keeper’ and to care for the

poor, the widow, the orphan and the stranger, the Creator broke His covenant with them and expelled them from their land. However, af-ter a period of ‘seven times’ He said that He would forgive their trans-gressions and return them to the promised land. What is the meaning of the ‘seven times prophecy’? and when would be its fulfillment? A ‘time’ is a year, and ‘seven times’ is seven years of 365 days, or 2555 days. In prophecy a day is equal to a year in historical time. So, when was this time of His judgment upon His people to begin? King Nebuchadnezzar first invaded Jerusalem in 606 BCE, and if we add 2555 years to this date we come to 1949 A.D. This tells us that Gods judgment upon His chosen people would be completed by 1949, which is one year after Yisrael returned to their land to become a nation in 1948. After 1900 years of not being a nation, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes, the nation of Yisrael miraculously reappeared, exactly when Moses predicted it would. However, in order for His people to be worthy of His kingdom of peace and righteousness, they would have to return to Him and be obedient to His teachings; for the fruit of right-eousness is justice, and the fruit of justice, peace. Then, and only then, would His promised messianic kingdom come to fruition. Mt. Zion/the Teacher of Righteousness

T h e K i n g d o m o f Pe a ce What if a man went searching for God and met Him on a mountaintop? What would He reveal to him? Imagine a world where people were noble and kind and where mercy and justice ruled the land; crime was relatively unknown and jails and prisons did not exist; each and every family possessed their own house and plot of land, and banks and mortgages did not exist: the land could not be bought or sold, because it belonged to the succeeding generations of unborn children, and all debts were forgiven every seven years, when the land, the people and their animals were given their rest. Our Creator has already imagined this for His children. Come out and hear more of this amazing revelation. Wednesday @ 7:00 pm Sept. 14 & 20, 26 & Oct. 4 September 2011

Ottawa Public Library Metcalfe and Laurier 65

Why Hypnosis?

An article by Lynne Cardinal ypnosis is a powerful and highly effective practice, despite it being somewhat unknown or misunderstood. I’m convinced that it’s one of the bestkept secrets for self-improvement, with the capacity to impact all areas of life. For example, within just a few months, I managed to lose not only the annoying ten extra pounds that seemed to have become a permanent fixture in my life, but an additional ten pounds--and still going. Amazed at this result, I soon realised that hypnosis can be applied to just about any issue, as its foundational principles are easily adapted. Let me explain how this works. Mind can be divided into two parts: the superficial mind and the deeper, wiser mind. The superficial mind is rather complicated; it is conditioned, judgemental, unbalanced, and often selfsabotaging. This part of mind easily finds reasons to procrastinate, overlook things, or simply remain in denial. We often function from that smaller part of our mind, without realising our vast and untapped underlying potential. In a way, the superficial mind is only the tip of the iceberg. The deeper, wiser part of mind rests at the heart of everyone and is readily available at all times. It is our seat of power. It’s where everything is made easier. This deeper part of our mind, let’s call it the subconscious, is simple. Where the subconscious mind obeys, the superficial mind doubts, postpones, and generates unease. During a deeply relaxing hypnosis session, I help you connect with the subconscious mind to enhance your chosen objectives. These objectives will then be easily integrated into your life. For example, if your objective is weight loss, through hypnosis your subconscious is asked to help you eat smaller portions of food or healthier meals; following the session, you’ll find an automatic tendency to do so. Tell the subconscious to relax you, and it will; ask it to make you dislike smoking, and it does. I have consistently seen such remarkable results that this practise can only increase in popularity. It’s helpful for just about anything that bothers you. You can also use it to reduce fears (flying, public speaking), social unease, and insomnia or to increase self-esteem, confidence, and motivation. It can even be used to de-clutter! Hypnotic sessions can inspire you to create your own future, inciting the passion and ambition that are keys to fulfilling your dreams. For more details, or to enquire about a hypnosis session, you can contact Lynne at (613) 721-7888. Lynne Cardinal, Ph.D. is an NGH Certified Hypnotist. © 2011 For more information visit our website or



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Kalia Kalia is a unique technique that empowers beings physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Denise Morier received this as a Divine transmission. Kalia is set in Divinely chosen individuals. By reading this article, you have received Kalia. Once set, Kalia stays for infinity with the person’s soul as a tool of growth. It is 100% effective for all individuals. Kalia is implemented by saying “Kalia that!” or an equivalent statement. Using Kalia brings about 4 results: • sets the intention to heal the root cause of any states of being that are other than Divine intended. • introduces life-enhancing beliefs aligned with Divine intent. • enhances anything that is already life-enhancing, to support more of the same. • increases our capacity to love. The more that people use Kalia, the more evolved they become. Our inner being is like a light bulb that has been covered with all the less than life-enhancing beliefs we have accumulated. Using Kalia reveals our inner light. Once our light can shine fully, the continued use of Kalia provides greater access to more light. We become what we really are, radiant beings having an amazing experience. For some individuals, to Kalia in a group intensifies the benefits. The more a person uses Kalia, the quicker their evolution. Denise Morier is a spiritual guide and purveyor of light. She has been a professional educator/facilitator for over 13 years. She will be co-facilitating a healing retreat being held in Gatineau, Québec from October 27-30 where you will learn to use Kalia effectively; learn about MURTUI; heal on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level; enhance access to your inner wisdom; and improve how you ask questions. For more information visit www. or call 403-452-853. To register e-mail

Reiki and Kidneys by Alexis Nicol

In my early days of Reiki training I had a wonderful experience that increased my faith substantially. It was late in the Spring and a regular day at the office when, Robert, a co-worker of mine, received some devastating news. He must have seen a confused look on my face when he was trying to explain his condition to me so he invited me into his office. I was just inside the doorway as he was rounding the desk to get to the computer when I had the urge to aim my hands towards him. I was amazed at the force of energy that emanated from them. I immediately pulled my hands away and placed them behind my back. I didn’t want to give him Reiki without his permission. He showed me examples of his type of condition on the computer screen and how serious and life-threatening his diagnosis was. There were photos of kidneys covered with cysts. Robert continued to explain that his father had died of this exact disease at the same age Robert was at the time. His kidneys were covered with cysts and he had been advised that he would have to undergo dialysis treatment. He was devastated. I asked him if he would allow me to give him Reiki. As most people – he had not heard of Reiki. I gave him a quick overview on how it works. Reiki is a gentle healing modality that heals on many levels, mental, emotional, physical, metaphysical, etc. I told him that I had recently learned how to do Long distance healing with Reiki and I’d love to have the opportunity to practice on him. He was so excited and said “Of course!” and that he appreciated all the help he could get and that his congregation was praying for him too. Over the summer I gave Robert long distance Reiki in earnest, two to three times a day. I hardly saw Robert until after summer was over as we were both busy with work, travel, vacations, etc. Finally, in September, I had the chance to ask him how he was doing and if he was feeling any better. With a surprised look on his face, he responded, “I didn’t tell you? There’s been a Miracle – I have 90% use of my kidneys and I’ll never have to go on dialysis.” I told him know how happy I was for him and walked away smiling to myself being so grateful for Reiki, his openness to receiving it and for all those that prayed for him.

September 2011

Alexis believes in a Wholistic approach to healing mind, body and soul. She combines Reiki, Reflexology, Reconnective Healing®, the Reconnection® and A Course In Miracles in her practice. 613-231-5007


Super Brain YogaTM

A Simple Powerful Technique To Super Charge Your Brain For All Ages


Superbrain Yoga! 2 Minute Daily Exercise to keep your Brain Healthy

Superbrain Yoga TM is a simple and effective “Fast, simple, drug-free method of increasing mental energy” technique to energize, recharge and balance the brain. ~ Dr. Eric B. Robins It is based on the principles of subtle energy and ear Used successfully to help people with: acupuncture. This powerful technique is explained in - ADD, ADHD, autism, aspergers, turret syndrome, seizure disorders, and cognitive delay Master Choa Kok Sui’s latest book “Superbrain Yoga”. - Alzheimer, dementia, and neurological disorders - Depression and other psychological disorders Superbrain Yoga is beneficial for people of all ages. For housewives, school/university students, office When practiced regularly people experience: workers and professionals to increase and maintain - greater mental clarity, increased ability to concentrate and focus mental clarity, memory, concentration, and is especially - improved memory and retention of new information helpful to prevent the symptoms of aging. - calmer, more balanced emotional states, reduced stress - increased control over mental and emotional facilities Pilot studies on the effects of Superbrain Yoga on school children include children with disabilities During this 3 hour Course you will learn: such as ADHD/ADD, dyslexia, developmental and • Superbrain Yoga technique • Scientific concepts behind the technique cognitive delays, Down syndrome and specific learning • 11 major chakras & functions disabilities. Children studied showed significant • More about Twin Hearts Meditation increase in academic and behavioral performance, • Techniques to improve health & wellness greater class participation and improved social skills. Location: Ottawa In one study, the result of an electroencephalograph Date: Thursday, October 27th, 2011 showed increased amplitude in the parieto-occipital Time: 6:00pm – 9:30pm Cost: $80 region of the brain following the Superbrain Yoga. This This course will be taught by Adam Springett indicates increased brain electrical activity following Register for the Basic Pranic Healing Course receive $40 off the exercise. For more information or to register for the course, please contact: Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of the Pranic Naga Lakshmi 613 592 6363 / HealingTM, professional engineer and an international author of many books, researched, studied and finally published the effect of SuperbrainYoga in the book is lengthening considerably - a healthy body includes having of the same name. The Superbrain Yoga exercise partially cleans and energizes the energy centres related to the proper a healthy brain -. A world in need of harmony can benefit from people and efficient functioning of the brain. leading a peaceful, meaningful life and societal well being. Master Choa Kok Sui found that the Super Brain exercise The brain has a vital part to play as we seek to improve our when done correctly moves trapped energy through lives, find happiness, inner fulfillment and success. the major energy centres, related to the overall healthy functioning of the brain as well as the physical body. He For more information on Super Brain Yoga please found another benefit connected with the practice of Super go to or email info@ Brain Yoga is greater psychological stability. Prolonged practice of the Super Brain Yoga helps the practitioner to enhance their overall intelligence and become more psychologically balanced. Educators recognize that students learn best when they are relaxed not anxious, and when they have a fair degree of self confidence, the ability to be attentive and focused. Relief from Pain Of special interest are testimonials from parents & with children challenged by ADD, ADHD, autism, Chronic Conditions and speech delay who have regularly practised also the Super Brain exercise. The positive results of Hypno-Acupuncture to Treat Addiction experiments supervised by medical doctors at special learning schools, and by teachers at middle MERIDIANS CLINIC schools have encouraged the addition of Superbrain 536 DOVERCOURT AVE Yoga to the regular routine in various educational institutions in the States. Although no experiments TEL: (613) 728-2579 on age-related conditions are noted, they should certainly be conducted now that the average lifespan



What Did Your Mother Teach You? Patricia Wall ©Take the Lid Off Inc


erhaps your mother taught you to cook or how to sew on a button. There are some practical skills your mom may have passed on. There are also patterns imprinted deep in your subconscious that taught you how the world will treat you – and these patterns come from your mother. To catch a glimpse of what was installed, try answering these questions. Allow yourself to record the first words that pop into your head, even if they’re irrational or silly.

Take The Lid Off Inc presents

Relationship Challenge Renovate or Relocate Weekend Workshop Ottawa


* &ŝůůLJŽƵƌůŝĨĞǁŝƚŚƉŽƐŝƟǀĞŝŶƚĞƌĂĐƟŽŶƐ ΎŚĂŶŐĞƵŶǁĂŶƚĞĚƐƵďůŝŵŝŶĂůŵĞƐƐĂŐŝŶŐ ΎŽŶ͛ƚƐĞƩůĞĨŽƌůŝǀŝŶŐƚŽŐĞƚŚĞƌ͗ĚŝƐĐŽǀĞƌƌĞĂůŝŶƟŵĂĐLJ ΎhŶĐŚĂŝŶLJŽƵƌƌĞůĂƟŽŶƐŚŝƉƐĨƌŽŵƚŚĞƉĂƐƚ ΎĞůŝĞǀĞŵŽƌĞŝƐƉŽƐƐŝďůĞ͗DĂŬĞŝƚďĞƩĞƌ Check out the websites for details about this & other workshops

888-831-8956 ƩůŽŝŶĐ͘ĐŽŵ ƌĞůĂƟŽŶƐŚŝƉĐŚĂůůĞŶŐĞ͘ĐŽŵ

What do you want from your mother that you don’t get? What did you want from your mother when you were eight years old? Now that you’re a rational adult, what have you accepted that your mother can’t give you because she’s human?

Whatever words came to mind are revealing the energy you put out to the world, telling people how to treat you, and manifesting circumstances. Whatever popped up is your key to unlock a different experience of how the world treats you. If you had an uncomfortable relationship with your mother, you might have had words pop like ‘nothing’ that are a rejection of wanting anything – and that rejection extends to ‘the world.’ Make whatever choices feel right about interaction with your mother, and free your life from these patterns that are forbidding some kinds of abundance and support and love. If you had a great mom and feel you were loved and supported, maybe the kind of word that would pop into your head could be ‘time.’ You might wish you had more time with that kind of love, or more time to enjoy your life. This is the trick with this kind of program. You can have a great mom – she still had chores to do and as a little kid, there may have been moments you wanted more of her time. That pattern would impact your energy by creating stresses in your life that make you feel you don’t have enough time, especially for yourself or activities that are more nurturing for you. The great part about clearing work is that as you remove those programs, you’ll find you don’t feel as stressed or pressed for time. The energy can open up your life and reveal new ways to enjoy. Sometimes the challenges are around acceptance of your distinct being. Moms are often coaching their kids about how to get on in the world, and sometimes well-meant

September 2011



messages suppress elements of your creativity or physical energy or intuition. A mother might urge a child to be friendly to new playmates, inadvertently suppressing the child’s intuition that the new playmate will be hurtful. A mother might urge a child to be tidy, inadvertently suppressing creative energy. A mother might urge a child to be caring, inadvertently creating programs that require taking on other people’s stuff. Sometimes you will work hard to clear something you’ve recognized as detrimental, and it seems like the behaviour or habit or emotional pattern just won’t go. That can be about aim – if you’re aiming at a behaviour without realizing it’s anchored in a mom program, the issue can be anchored by the connection to mom. By understanding that these programs are anchored in mom’s imprinting, you can aim in a way that allows them to release. When you feel you’ve identified and cleared what you discover with the questions above, try going in the other direction to find more: think about how the world treats you. What would you like to change? All of these patterns about how the world will treat you can be peeled away using the Unlock meditation from the Living Your Light CD, or other tools you have learned. You can get the CD from or at the Crystal Dawn store downtown. Now that you know how to aim at these patterns, you can open your life to great experiences. Enjoy! Patricia Wall 613-831-8956 Osloda: The Art of Dealing with Everyday Life


David Finkle and Aurora


Max Keeping, Jean Beliveau and Bradfield at 2011 Friends for Peace Day

Saturday October 1, 2011 • 10.00am – 4.30pm Ottawa City Hall, Jean Pigott Place


parade of embassy flag bearers will accompany the Path of Peace Walk from the Women’s Monument in Minto Park, arriving at City Hall by 12 noon. Max Keeping will be the Grand Marshall. This welcomes Jean Beliveau – the Terry Fox of global peace walks. For the past decade Jean has been walking for peace and children’s rights across many countries throughout the world. Jean will receive a Peace Award from Friends for Peace presented by Mayor Jim Watson at 1.30pm. The other award recipients are Peter Stockdale, Tina Fedeski and Bill Bhaneja. Friends for Peace is a nonprofit organization that works for peace, planetary care and social justice. We set aside a day each year to celebrate what we can do rather than bemoan the obstacles. The day long festivity is located in the magnificent Jean Pigott Place on the ground floor of City Hall. The 9th annual Celebrate Friends for Peace Day takes place on October 1. It is a partner in this year’s Ottawa Peace Festival. The diversity of Ottawa comes out for this day. Mayor Jim Watson will be presenting Peace Awards to four worthy citizens. The onstage program in the morning starts with Pipers for Peace, followed by Minwaashin drum circle, Big Soul Project, Journey Dance with Dodie Sobretodo and Sophie Terrace’s Laughter Yoga. Orkidstra, David Finkle, Jody Marsolais, singer/songwriter/recording artist Bradfield, meditation with Bhuvaneswari and Amaeil - all in the afternoon program. The day is closed by the terrific Rhythm & Blues Band from Holy Trinity High School. There is a Servery for great lunches and snacks, a Silent Auction with exquisite bargains, and community tables. A Connection Centre is also part of the celebration to connect people to projects. The funds raised provide Peace Grants to causes that make a difference in the City of Ottawa and internationally. A Welcome Team at the entrance to Jean Pigott Place is there to greet you with information and guidance. No fee – donations gratefully accepted. Contact: 613 726 0881


Maureen Landry, Spiritual Medium Info: 613 744 8908

Register now for Fall Classes SPIRITQUEST Spiritquest is a 5-part program of spiritual and intuitive development classes to increase your intuition, clairvoyance, clairaudience and mediumship. This program will be of interest to anyone wishing to increase their knowledge about metaphysical and psychic subjects. Quest One is a one-day class and the first part of the Spiritquest Program for developing spiritual understanding and abilities in a safe and caring atmosphere. For details: or email for email brochure. Limited class size. Cost for Quest One: $150. Register now for FALL class. Quest 1 - Sunday, Sept. 11 Quest 2 – Sunday, Sept. 25

Quest 3 – Sunday, Oct. 2 Quest 4 – Sunday, Oct. 16

Unity Ottawa, a spiritual community inspiring abundant and meaningful living If you enjoy reading the writings of people like Eckhart Tolle, Wayne Dyer, Marianne Williamson or Deepak Chopra, then you'll love a Unity Service.

Join us on Sundays at 10:30 312 Parkdale Avenue N. Ottawa ~ Call 613-723-5852 or go to for more information.


Engaged Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh Nucleus of Friends for Peace Canada Teachings every Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm Pine Gate Meditation Hall 1252 Rideout Cr, Ottawa, ON K2C 2X7 Contacts: • 613 726 0881

September 2011


Reiki and the Dragonfly By Sonia McCleave


very morning when I wake up I, make it part of my routine to thank the Divine for the amazing day He has lined up for me. I ask the Universe “how may I serve?” and can hardly wait to see how my day unfolds. Some days it could be as simple as offering an overworked cashier a smile, other days it’s more complicated but still very gratifying. I am a Lightworker so I live to help others on their journey. Let’s get to the story now… On a Saturday in July I was sitting on the deck enjoying a warm and sunny morning. All was good in my world. I went inside momentarily and when I returned I noticed a dragonfly sitting on the deck behind my husband’s lawn chair. I mentioned to him to be careful of it. He replied that it just crash dived into the patio door and came to rest there. I looked at it. I had a sip of my water. The Universe called. I put down my glass and looked around for something to use to gently scoop the dragonfly up with. I did not want to touch its body or wings for risk of damaging it further. I located a broken fly swatter. It would be useful to slide underneath the dragonfly’s sticky feet. My attempt was successful as I slid the dragonfly off the swatter and into the palm of my hand. I held my other hand over the dragonfly in kind of a tent fashion and began sending it Divine healing energy. I am attuned to many healing energies, so I just opened all the channels I have access to and gently sent the energy to the dragonfly. Reiki energy was the dominant energy coming through for this healing, along with Dynamic Release Healing. I made sure I left the dragonfly enough room to fly away if it chose to. It sat motionless for a few moments. I took the opportunity to observe it. What a complex and beautiful creature this dragonfly was. I never had the opportunity to see one so close up. I felt honoured that the Divine would place the life of this delicate being in the palm of my hand! When I looked closely, I could see it breathing. The thorax part of its body was moving in and out slowly. Originally, we thought its wings were damaged and that is why it didn’t fly away. Its wings did not look damaged. After a few minutes the dragonfly tried to fly. He took off out of my hand, but spiraled down only a few feet away from me. It sat there motionless. I picked up the broken fly swatter and gently lifted him off the deck and back into the palm of my hand. This time I notice his head was bobbing like a bobble head toy. He must have damaged his neck when he hit the door and this affected his ability to fly. I examined his head area. The dragonfly’s head looks like an


astronaut helmet where the surroundings are reflected on the surface of his eyes. I gently increased the power of the energy I was sending him and called out for higher assistance. He remained in my hand for a few more minutes. I’m not sure how long it was, but then he took off again. This time he lasted longer in the air, but again spiraled down to the deck. Again I gently scooped him up with the swatter and into my hand. Resuming the energy flow and concentrating on his neck area; he remained still this time for the longest time of all energy transmissions. He remained motionless in my palm for about 10 minutes. On the third try he flew from my palm into the air with full control this time and up, up, and away to one of the treetops. I was thrilled. As I wrote this article tears came to my eyes and I momentarily choked up. To think that I was chosen to participate in healing of one of God’s wondrous creatures was very humbling. Since then, whenever I sit outside I am visited by dragonflies constantly! If you are interested in receiving an energy healing session please contact me at 613-257-4615 or

Fall Into A new Skin Care Regime


s we move slowly from the sultry heat of summer to the multi-hued temperateness of autumn, we naturally shift our outer vestments to reflect the changing weather conditions. And, yet, few of us stop to consider the changing needs of our skin. Just as we must change the manner by which we dress our bodies, so too must we change the way that we dress our skin. Many of us will notice more dermal dryness during this seasonal shift. Creams containing beeswax can prove invaluable, as they provide an excellent barrier against moisture loss. Other ingredients to look for in a natural, moisturizing cream are plant-based oils like sweet almond, olive, and avocado, which contain naturally occurring vitamins, as well as other nutrients, to nourish the skin. Topical application of oils rich in essential fatty acids, such as seabuckthorn, flaxseed, and borage seed oil can also contribute greatly to the overall health of the skin, as they help to nourish the skin from the outside in. While switching over to a natural moisturizer containing key ingredients, such as beeswax and plant-based oils, can dramatically improve our dermal health, the penultimate way to cater to our skin is to create our own special blend, tailored to our own specific needs and preferences. Not sure how? We offer DIY workshops for just that reason! Check our website for details. Beautiful skin is more than skin deep. While there is no doubt that the right creams and lotions can contribute greatly to producing a clear, vibrant complexion, if we truly wish to enjoy the most healthy, radiant skin possible, we must focus on internal as well as external factors. Proper hydration cannot be overstated. Healthy skin is hydrated skin. Although it is true that we lose a great deal of water via sweat during the hot summer months, it is also true that, in the fall and winter, indoor heating and low outdoor humidity draw moisture from the skin. Help keep skin moist and supple by striving to drink at least eight 8 oz glasses of pure, clean water every day. If possible, drink throughout the day, even if thirst isn’t present. It is best not to wait to drink until we feel thirsty, as thirst is the body’s way of letting us know that we are already dehydrated. Emphasize a diet filled with nutrient-dense, whole foods. Although it can be tempting to reach for rich, hearty foods when the temperature starts to plummet and the days

September 2011

grow shorter, we had best reconsider. According to Dr. Alan C. Logan, ND, FRSH, author of The Clear Skin Diet, there is an indisputable connection between certain kinds of foods and acne. Certain fats, such as omega-3 fatty acids (found in such foods as salmon, flaxseeds, hemp hearts, etc.) protect against acne, while others, such as saturated or trans fats (found in such foods as fast food, fatty cuts of meat, cheese, etc.) can promote acne by increasing the level of inflammation and oxidative stress in the skin. What’s more, these same dietary stresses also influence the level of androgens, the hormones that cause acne. For clear, glowing skin, emphasize fresh vegetables and fruits, wild and/ or organic fish, beans, lentils, and whole grains. Avoid, or seriously restrict, dairy products, refined sugars, and highly processed, low-fibre carbohydrates (e.g. white bread, white pasta, white rice, etc.). The former will lessen these acne-causing androgens, while the latter will amplify them. Naturally-raised meats (e.g. pasture-fed beef, chicken, turkey, etc.) can be part of a healthy diet, but they should be consumed in moderation. Get your beauty sleep. Not only can insufficient sleep affect hormonal balance in adults, leading to an increased prevalence of a high junk food diet, tissue repair also occurs during sleep. This includes repair to the daily skin damage done by UV light. Getting enough deep sleep will also help the skin repair itself. Just remember to use a nighttime lotion or oil that still allows your skin to breathe, so that healing can occur. Think about how important it is to ingest fresh, wholesome foods for radiant health, then apply the same principal to what you put on your body as well. You will no doubt see the results in the quality of your skin. ©2011 Kristin Shropshire/Heather Garrod, Planet Botanix, 301 Bank St,567.4444. The authors are both holistic practitioners and are available at the store on Saturdays. Heather offers Do It Yourself natural bodycare workshops and Kristin practices nutritional consulting, acupuncture, cosmetic acupuncture, biofeedback, and wholistic lifestyle coaching (also at The Village Clinic)


Saturday, September 17

at the Carleton University Field House Jill Sturdy Coordinator, Ottawa EcoFair


n Saturday, September 17, the 8th annual Ottawa EcoFair will provide Ottawa and area residents the opportunity to sample exciting local environmental products and services featured by over 100 exhibitors organized under health, beauty and fashion, local food, outdoor recreation, home and garden, nature and energy themes. The ever popular 100 mile lunch is back, along with cooking demonstrations and beer tastings. There will be informative presentations, films, the latest energy efficient vehicles and more. Everything will take place under one roof! There will be a Children’s Place with fun activities for all ages. All of which will make this an enjoyable, informative and engaging family event. Ride your bike to the EcoFair and reduce your ecological footprint! It’s easy to get there – by bike, by bus, by OTrain or walk or drive. It’s fun and it’s free! The EcoFair would like to thank its major sponsors for helping make this year’s event a success; City of Ottawa, Toyota, Enbridge, Rogers TV, Ottawa Citizen, and Metro News. The Ottawa EcoFair will take place Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 10am to 5pm at the Carleton University Field House, off Bronson Ave. Free Admission and Parking. For more information or to check out the schedule of events please visit our website at

TANTRISM or SACRED SEXUALITY “It is said in Tantrism that woman represents the power and that man incarnates the capacity for wonder, for marvel” – Daniel Odier The roots of tantrism are very ancient and it offers an opportunity to delve into the richness of the heart and the human spirit. It is still practiced in India, Nepal and Tibet. It is now emerging more and more in the western world. Bernard brings his new insight based on 19 years of being exposed to different master teachers and practice in Hinduism tantrism. The outline of the presentation will be the following: • Differentiation between Tantric traditions: Buddhism, Tibetan, Hinduism • Hinduism tantrism throughout history – its roots and evolution • Basic tenet of tantrism • Reconciliation of sexuality and spirituality • Rediscover the sacredness of sensuality • Understanding the true meaning of love according to the Tantric tradition • Understanding the mystic union of tantrism through sensuality Thursday October 6th, 2011, 7pm at Saint-Paul University Cost: $10.00 Contact: Monelle Ross at 613-806-2144 or Michèle Gagnier at 613-852-4041 or Bernard has been involved in the approach of energetic healing for now 23 years. As an adolescent, he was sensitized to the approach of reading the subtle bodies, the realities of energy and metaphysical nature. Since over fifteen years he has been teaching the Ancient Egypto-Essenien Healing Arts to an increasing number of students in various countries among which are Italy, France, Spain and Canada (Quebec), and now Bernard is responding to an English language demand.


Age Spots and Pigmentation


iver spots are medically termed “Lentigos” and are also commonly known as age spots. They are sharply defined light brown to black flat patches of skin that appear on the face and backs of the hands looking somewhat like a large freckle, and may measure up to 1 inch in size. Occasionally a person may develop ‘actinic keratosis’ which looks very similar to a liver spot, however actinic keratosis is a pre-cancerous scaly lesion. It appears dehydrated all the time and it is challenging to keep these areas adequately hydrated. I usually see them appearing in infant stages under the magnification lens on people about 55 and older. is recommended as a good source of beta-carotene - a These may be skin toned or pigmented, but the scaliness is precursor to vitamin A which is an important protector of the key characteristic. the skin. Free radicals are unstable molecules in the body that Raw juicing is a grand way to heal the body and offer so start a domino type effect leading to the damage of cellular many nutrients quickly and efficiently. It is perhaps a new components such as DNA. Over time this can lead to world to some, but it is a world of possibility for fresh and many problems attributable to cellular damage such as skin delicious creations conditions which include liver spots. Glycation is another Susan Walters, BSc. is a holistic nutritionist and free radical action that takes place in the skin by sugars that esthetician dedicated to assisting you in unveiling react with proteins. This results in both wrinkling as well as the skin- health- nutrition connection. Appointments irregular pigmentation. Glycation is mostly affected by the diet: are available for skin / health/ nutrition assessment glycemic load, insulin activity, antioxidant status, and toxicity. and consultation or individual skin treatments and Improving the liver function is extremely important to nutrition workshops. Telephone : 613 248 8228 prevent and manage skin conditions of any description, including liver spots. The liver is the major filter of the blood, clearing it of toxins that can build up in the system and create free radicals which promote cell damage in the Tone is also here... skin. Not surprisingly, the prevention approach is always much more successful than trying to treat cells that have already gone awry. The key to keeping free radical production to a minimum is to consume foods and supplements rich in antioxidants. These are molecules that in effect put a halt to the destructive ‘domino’ effect of the free radicals. Aim to eat at least 7 to 10 servings of fruit or vegetables per day. Spiritual Connection of the Counselling mind, body & soul Unfortunately, most people do not eat this amount in their diet. Do you? If not, then learn to maximize the benefit of the foods you do consume. Choose power foods [that have a high nutrient to calorie ratio] and be sure to include the richest pigmented fruits and vegetables you can find. Omissions are very important as well: • Avoid ALL margarines, similar type spreads, boxed crackers and cereals, commercial salad dressings; • Avoid deep fried, fatty foods and trans fats; • Avoid sugary processed foods and drinks; • Limit chicken and turkey that are not free range as these contain artificial growth hormones, antibiotics and steroids that increase the liver’s workload; • Avoid sugary and caffeinated beverages; instead drink 2 litres of water each day; • Avoid artificial sweeteners. Raw juices are an incredibly powerful healing tool and can improve the function of the liver, bowels and kidneys. This in turn increases the elimination of toxins 828-2836 and waste products from the skin. Carrot juice, for instance, by donation

September 2011


Power Up Your Life tools for intuitive living

3 Days of Innovation, Inspiration and Hope

In Unity with our Community to Nourish mind, Body and Spirit

Sept. 23 to 25, 2011

Fri. 6pm-9pm, Sat. 9am-4pm, Sun. 9am-2pm Almonte ON Canada K0A 1A0 Keynote speaker and workshop facilitator Andrew Harvey Renowned and distinguished mystical scholar, Rumi translator and explicator, poet, novelist, spiritual teacher, writer, and architect of Sacred Activism.

THE HOPE is a long-awaited compelling guide that helps people respond to current global challenges yet also serves as a much needed wake-up call to inspire action through Sacred Activism—the transforming force of wisdom, love and compassion-in-action to affect radical change in the world.

The cost of this event is $250. for more information please visit 76

Power Up Your Life in Almonte this September!


ndrew Harvey is author of The Hope: A Guide To Sacred Activism, and Founder Director of the Institute of Sacred Activism. He is described as a renowned and distinguished mystical scholar, Rumi translator and explicator, poet, novelist, spiritual teacher and writer, and architect of Sacred Activism. Impressive, right? And you can meet him and learn from him right in your own backyard! Well, almost in your own backyard. September 23 to 25, you are invited to participate in the second Power Up Your Life weekend in Almonte, The Friendly Town. It all begins on Friday night, as Andrew presents the film Dancing in the Flames, a documentary about Marion Woodman, directed by Adam Greydon Reid. Born in London, Ontario, to a preacher, Marion Woodman trained in Zurich and is one of the most widely read authors on feminine psychology. She encouraged people to get in tune with the messages in their subconscious, and warned us “If we don’t release the energies of the body, we end up in the hospital.” She has also helped bridge the gap between the sexes with such work as Bly & Woodman On Men & Women, a videotaped workshop with poet Robert (Iron John) Bly, a pioneer in the men’s movement. Workshop participants may release some of their own energies through music, after the film. The workshop begins in full on Saturday, as Andrew discusses how effective it can be to combine the forces of spirituality and activism in our lives. Then delve into the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine and learn how to access them in yourselves and how they can affect our world. Sunday, Andrew will lay out the seven laws for sacred activism, covering topics such as the necessity of incorporating a spiritual practice into your life, transforming anger into wise energy, the importance of community or what he calls “Networks of Grace”, and more. Through these laws, he shows that neither the noble, pragmatic work of the activist nor the passive spirituality of the individual is enough to change the world. These two must be fused to affect real change. The seeds for Power Up Your Life were first planted when Lilly White awoke from a dream with a message that Almonte needed to host a three-day spiritual event that was accessible, affordable and not-for-profit. The intent was to bring people together in unity within the community to nourish mind, body and spirit. This led to the first Power Up Your Life weekend in 2009, where the keynote speaker, medical intuitive Dr. Mona Lisa Schulz, along with guest speakers Chipo Chambare, Deborah Owen, Ruthann Pisaretz and Mary Anderson, shared knowledge and understanding with participants. They spoke of listening to your body, your heart, your mind. The participants, speakers and volunteers enjoyed the exchange of information and the feeling of safe friendship amongst the group. And they asked for more.

September 2011

The Power Up Your Life weekend is presented by Lilly White and her team of volunteers and will be held September 23 to 25 in the Old Town Hall at 14 Bridge Street, Almonte (25 minutes southwest of Kanata). The cost for the entire weekend is $250. You can pay online via a PayPal or simply with your credit card, or you can mail us a cheque. For more information and to register, see or contact Diana Boal at (613) 295-6749. Learn more about the speaker at andrewharvey. net and see what food and shopping options Almonte has to offer at Reserve your copy of The Hope at Mill Street Books at (613) 256-9090 or info@, and come out to the book signing Friday from 2 to 4pm. The Old Town Hall is a beautiful venue, with great acoustics, but has a seating limit, so register early to avoid disappointment. As Power Up Your Life is not for profit, any income after expenses is donated to a charity. This year’s donation will be to the Council of Canadians Water Project (canadians. org/water).


Laura’s Numerology News For September 2011 *NOTE: PLEASE EMAIL ME IF YOU WOULD LIKE THIS FORECAST SENT TO YOUR EMAIL BOX ON THE FIRST OF THE MONTH. This is a general numerology forecast. You have many other numbers connected to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of what this year will bring you and so much more. Contact me for a 90 minute personal numerology consultation if you are at a major cross-road in your life. How to calculate your personal monthly number Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth. Then you will add the number 4 to your number. NOTE – If you’re final number adds up to double digits, add the numbers together again, and again, if you have to, until you get a single number. If you still have trouble, email me at 1. I know that you are mentally maxed out and physically exhausted from the rollercoaster ride of late. All was meant to change and end, so let it go and close the door. You will be glad to hear that it is a whole new ball game as of Sept. It is time to start over, and it is important that you be involved in the planting of new seeds this month. Look for new opportunities or just do something differently. I know that you want a major change in your life, and there is no better time than NOW. 2. What are you waiting for? Whatever it is you will still be waiting in Sept. Things are just slow, slow, and even slower during a 2 influence, so be patient. There are always delays and many frustrations that can create a large knot in your forehead, so try to get ZEN early and stay there, no matter what. Relationships seem to be the biggest issue. 3. Are you pregnant? Don’t have a heart attack, as it is not always about having a baby. This is a time of renewal and healing. It could also be the rebirth of you after some very trying times. You will be faced with more duties starting in Oct, so factor in as much fun and mindlessness as you can, now. This would be a great period for selling, writing and promoting yourself, or your ideas. 4. No more fun for you, my friend. I really hope that you had some down time in Aug., as Sept. is a hard working period that requires focus, duty and discipline. Remember to take care of yourself, and fix what needs fixing ASAP. Get a new fitness membership and seriously start to reconstruct your body. Your bank account might need some work, too. 5. There will be lots of twists and turns this month. Be ready to take advantage of opportunities to advance and make some radical changes in your life. Try to remain calm, cool and collected at all times. You will be more prone to lose your temper, so watch your mouth, as you


might say something that gets you into trouble. This is a perfect month to travel, sell and move home or office. There is a tendency to speed and take risks, so be very careful in all you do. 6. Everyone needs a piece of you, and there might not be enough pieces to go around. Forget about having any time for yourself, and make friends with obligations and duties. Use this month to do house work, renovations, and focus on old or any family issues that need to be resolved. Rest and recovery time will be available and necessary, in Oct. 7. What have you been dwelling on this year? Whatever it is, your head will be filled to bursting, now. Try to relax and take some time to regenerate yourself. Relationships and money issues may be troublesome. Get in control of your overactive mind. Take some time to learn something new, or meditate, as this will help. You will feel stronger and more yourself in Oct. Save any major decisions until then. 8. Are you being tested and evaluated this month? The chance of recognition or advancement is emphasized, so watch your posture. You may have to make some very important decisions, so be prepared to jump. Career and money issues are in the spotlight. Keep your eyes and ears wide open for new opportunities. It is very important to not sit and twiddle your thumbs but to take action, now. 9. This is a super month to pack your bags and hit the road. If you can’t take a trip, put a big effort into finishing your TO DO list and clear a path so that you can start new endeavors next month. Start nothing now, only ditch, purge and get rid of the old projects and stuff. There may be an ending or major drama that causes you to panic. This door is meant to close. Let it go and force yourself to trust that all is well in perfect time. LAURA YOUNG IS AN INTUITIVE NUMEROLOGIST AND CORE BELIEF MODIFICATION COACH. SHE IS LOCATED IN OTTAWA, BUT CAN CONDUCT PHONE OR SKYPE CONSULTATIONS ANYWHERE. FOR PERSONAL CONSULTATIONS PLEASE EMAIL: OR CALL 613-725-7232. WWW.ANEWSCHOOLOFTHOUGHT.COM

Soundara Rajan

Daughter of Professor Krishnamurthy

Practicing and Teaching Stellar and Vedic Astrology Guiding people since 1959 in Finances, Career, Investment, Relationship and Family. Teaching meditation Individual service as well as follow-up queries 1 Woodthrush Green, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0A9

737-5206 • Fax: 739-2973


Nepean Sportsplex 1701 Woodroffe Ave. at Hunt Club Road Ottawa, ON

ADMISSION: $10.00 adults $8.00 seniors/students FREE children under 12 $30 Weekend Pass

Iyengar Yoga creates a dynamic balance of flexibility, strength and endurance, leading to stability of body, mind and spirit. Join us for our Open House September 10 from 1-3pm Visit our beautiful space, meet the teachers, see a demo and participate in a free class. Fall Classes are starting September 6 New students get $10 off their registration Students and seniors (65+) get $10 off Generous discounts for multiple class registrations

September 2011


Deliberately Debt-Free By Dr. AlixSandra Parness, DD


ot long ago, while doing research about how the brain works, I learned that when we think about the idea of debt it actually triggers the reptilian brain that is geared for survival. This ancient part of us is our worker-brain that can become obsessive, overwhelming all of our thoughts, when something real or imaginary threatens to harm us. When we are in debt, we are in survival mode. The limbic brain is in charge of emotional response to life, for example, the idea of debt. The reptilian and limbic parts of the brain work in tandem often accessing old patterns of fight or flight. This tried and true pattern will replay over and over until we become consciousness enough to take control of the only thing we can control--how we feel about something. The frontal lobe of the brain contains something called the pre-frontal cortex, which is the higher conscious part of the brain. The pre-frontal cortex lies directly between the eyebrows in the very front of the brain, precisely where the “third-eye” is located. When the “third eye” is activated there is a vibration that is set into motion

that awakens the pituitary gland in the center of the brain, which in turn activates the pineal gland to open the crown chakra. So in actuality you can think of this as the “third eye system”. The pre-frontal cortex is of tremendous significance because this is the part of the brain that activates joy, confidence and compassion, in other words this is the place that holds the key to be-ing completely debt-free. Free of the debt of feeling unworthy of living a life of wonderous JOY! I discovered the secret of taming the survival part of my mind and being truly debt-free: Bless Don’t Condemn. I discovered that each time I created an emotional debt that financial debt quickly followed. So, to start the process of becoming deliberately debtfree, you start with something that you can control right now, and that is how you feel. Here is how you do that: When you wake up, before you get out of bed, starting off the day by blessing your bed and the soft sheets you are laying on or the comfy blanket you love. Bless the air you are breathing aligning with the wonderful life before you. Taking time to appreciate every little thing you can in that moment throughout the day. As you do these things you activate your pre-frontal cortex and begin to feel happier.

Stand Up And become a mindful book buyer

Upcoming Event Date: Time: What:

Sunday, September 25th 6:30 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Book launch for “Live the Smart Way: Gluten-free Cookbook” with Kathy Smart Gluten-free snacks will be served.

Book Special

For the month of September Hidden Treasure: Uncovering the Truth in Your Life Story by Gangaji

Special $17.95 Regular $29.95

Receive 20% off any one item in the store 202a Main St. | (613) 230 - 9165 | Thank you for supporting Singing Pebble Books – your local, independently owned book & gift store.


Offer expires September 30, 2011. Regularly priced merchandise only. One per customer. Not valid with any other offer.

Things will look as if they are going to work out and there is joy in the air. As you practice that simple exercise you are doing great things for yourself because DELIBERATELY you are entraining your brain into higher consciousness, and CHOOSE TO creating new neuro-pathways so you can be free from old patterns—debt-free! Now, know that life will show you something to condemn fairly soon. As soon as you find yourself condemning acknowledge that you are at a choiceDr. AlixSandra Parness, DD point and can choose to bless instead of condemn. If Inner Focus Founder I condemn something I am Ottawa, ON finding fault, complaining, & dismissing, and if I don’t stop those thoughts can escalate In her book Activate Joy, Dr. AlixSandra carefully spells out the path into anger and activate fight to becoming debt-free. During this powerful weekend, be in her or flight. Condemning can presence as she artfully weaves together your individual issues with become obsessive negative thinking creating debt, debt, group consciousness and ushers you completely into a debt. Condemning is making new vision of yourself personally, and in the world. excuses to continue thinking Join Me! those negative thoughts. Ã5H'HÀQLng Debt · Thriving, Expanding Your JOY! Condemning makes a case that you know what is best for · Valuing You in Your Life · Transforming Your Yabbit World others and want them to do it · Your True D N A · Re-Train Your Expectations your way and when they don’t ~ Change Your Life ~ you find more to condemn. Deliberately Debt Free is a Activate JOY In Your Higher Heart and Brain personal choice that leads to the high road of success and Location: Manderley on the Green, 5920 Prince of Wales Drive delivers joy in everything you Contact: Ana (613) 737-0570 or Mitsi (819) 459-1327 do. Take a little time for you and just for one day journal Cost: $395.00; Earlybird paid by September 1: $345.00 about all the things that make Timing: Friday, Sept. 23 Registration: 12 noon; class 1:00 – 6:30pm; you feel joy. Make it a habit Saturday Sept. 24: 9:30am – 5:30pm; Sunday Sept. 25: 9:30am – 4:00pm to choose to bless your day CEU’s offered for Nurses and Massage Therapists (Sixteen Hours) the moment you wake up. AlixSandra’s Websites: Pay attention to times when and you start to condemn, listen to yourself, feel how it makes you feel. Now deliberately choose a better feeling, choose to bless that which you are condemning and turn your body, your thoughts and your feelings into a blessing.

Activate Joy! BE



September 23, 24


“If you follow your JOY and go in the direction of your best and highest feelings, you will be debt-free! Choosing JOY changes everything!” Activate Joy, [link to] by Dr. AlixSandra Parness ~

September 2011


Facing Our Fear Of A Diagnosis By Thyra Whitford


here is great healing that can occur when we find ourselves faced with a diagnosis of an illness. Once we face our uncertainties and fears, a diagnosis can show us where to focus to be better. It can assist us to further understand our purpose, help us to love ourselves and others more completely and bring some much needed “real” to our lives so we can decipher what is truly important. When there is an overwhelming fear of death we can’t see clearly or allow healing into our systems, sometimes even influencing how the medical system can help us. We are called to look deeply at our beliefs and re-evaluate them. If your belief system doesn’t make you feel comfortable about death, something that is so natural to our existence here, perhaps it’s time to take another look and adjust it. DEATH. Eventually we all die. If the fear is not being on the planet, then some new questions to assist you may be, “How will I live my life to the fullest and be the Best Me while I am here?” “What gifts do I have to share?” “Who will I have an impact on and positively influence today? How will I be remembered and how do I feel about that?” WHAT HAPPENS AFTER DEATH? If you find fear in not being in your body, having a strong belief system here can be as important to a healthy life as exercising and eating the right foods. No one knows for sure what happens after death. Perhaps it’s meant to be different for everyone. What do you believe? HELL, HEAVEN and PURGATORY? These are Christian rooted, based on the belief that your entrance into them depends on how you live your life. So, are you the Best You? Is it time to forgive yourself and others and/or to release fears and judgments so you can grow? If so, do that now. Decide that you are shifting and allowing the path that is Divine Intended for your journey to show itself to you. From this moment you are different and working toward your path. Don’t look back – only forward. Love yourself. NOTHINGNESS? If you have the belief that there is nothing after life and it scares you, look at it. How can you explain people who feel the presence of those who have died, people with unexplained fears, or an attraction or repulsion to others at first sight? Déjà-vu? Dreams that become reality? The knowingness that someone will call or show up? The power of prayer? Miracles? Luck? or Fate? If there isn’t something bigger in play, where do these energies come from? CHEATING DEATH? If we have this power how can we explain when people have placed guns to their heads, clearly willing their lives away, pulled the trigger and lived, while others have dropped dead accidentally bumping their heads on the kitchen table? Perhaps instead we have a series of pre-ordained “check-out” points during which time we may choose to stay (live) or go (die)? Could we possibly have a FINAL “END” DATE which is non-negotiable on any level? If we don’t have any control over our end date, then you can’t die before your time, so today, be kind to yourself and others, share your messages of love and feel wonderful about yourself.


What do you believe? When you understand what you believe in, hold onto it and allow it to take you away from fear so you can continue to live, grow and be the Best You. Thyra Whitford is a workshop/retreat facilitator and artist who channels Divine Energy to assist people on their journeys. Thyra will be a co-facilitator at the Healing Retreat being held in Gatineau, QC from October 27-30 where she will offer a workshop on developing, understanding and enhancing your relationships, a session of connecting with your bodies to enhance healing and a Mother Earth connective meditation session. For information, visit , or call 403-617-4720. To register email

What can Visceral Manipulation do for my yoga?


ou may be the best yoga student you’ve ever been, and you still can’t open beyond a certain place. Your range of motion may be limited by your Viscera. You may think it is you, and it is, but it may be that your organs are holding you back. Visceral Manipulation can help you • • • • •

open your hips and shoulders twist deeper sit and stand taller without effort free your ribcage and more

How? If your Sigmoid colon, which is the last part of your large intestine, is restricted in your left Iliacus, then your left hip will be pretty tight, and stretching will be painful. Likewise, if the ligament between your Right Iliacus and your Ceceum, the first part of your large intestine, is tight, your right hip will feel sore and achy, and probably you will have digestive issues. If your small intestine is tight, your lower back will be a chronic dull ache. If you are a woman, your Uterus could be restricing movement in your sacrum and coccyx, and even cause headaches and jaw pain. You might experience PMS and want to bite people’s heads off. If your stomach isn’t moving, your food will be sitting at the bottom, and long term you will have limited range of motion in your left shoulder., and you might have low self-esteem. If your liver is stuck under your rib cage, similarly, you will have limited right shoulder mobility. And you might experience depression. What does all this mean? The old song “The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone, and the . . .” is true after all. Organs are housed in connective tissue. If you have ever done Yin yoga, then you know all about your connective tissue. You know that it moves very slowly, but it moves, in response to every move we make, and you can sculpt it, so long as you are patient, peaceful, and listening. With applied patience, peacefulness, and focussed alertness, Visceral Manipulation can free up your abdomen, which allows you to go deeper into your pose. Facebook: Happybody Works • Aviva Cohen 613-697-5644

Foundations for Spiritual Advancement


any people join a religion or a spiritual school and assume that once they have heard a theory and have accepted it, they are on their way to reaching God, illumination or liberation. And yet, learning about the parameters of spiritual growth does not equate experiencing the growth itself, as the key to progress lies in practicing the teachings, applying them constantly in one’s life. There is a common intent shared amongst all religions, which is the longing to transcend the physical plane. This is a sense in one’s heart that what we see in our daily life is not the totality of life, a comprehension that what we commonly see terrestrially is fruitless and pointless by itself. This reveals the second common element amongst all religious people, and that is the necessity to personally experience the Truth. The sincere practitioner of any spiritual path is unsatiated with the terrestrial pleasures and repetition of events, being tired of the endless circle of pain and pleasure. Many are those who tend to forget or postpone dealing with the true purpose of their existence as they get caught up in religious or political debates, the pursuit of money, career, possessions, etc. But in the heart of the true seeker, there is a deep sense of urgency to find a higher purpose and live by superior ethics. Ending suffering and finding meaning and happiness cannot be found in external circumstances or changes: a job, a spouse, a marriage, children, moving to another city, a new wardrobe or hairstyle. The solution is found in our consciousness. And there is a path to accomplish that, and to fully awaken the consciousness. This ancient path, commonly known as Gnosis, provides both theoretical and practical tools to end suffering and awaken the spirit. The foundation of every religion is ethics: knowing how to live, in agreement with a divine code of conduct. To advance spiritually, one needs to know very well about the consequences of one’s action, because as long as one is persisting in actions that produce harm, to him or others, one cannot possibly succeed in any higher practice. Comprehension means conscious knowledge followed by action, not just concept or belief. Someone who is conscious of these facts becomes a different person, and that is reflected in how they engage with other people, how they use their speech, their mind, their talents, and what purpose they give to their life. This type of person begins to radiate a new force, a new energy, which in Sanskrit is called Bodhichitta - “wisdom mind.” It is a kind of wisdomlove that is far beyond anything we can imagine in relation to our concepts of love. It is the love that shows in one’s actions. Such a person always does his best to not cause harm to others. This implies a fundamental and permanent change, therefore this path is for the most brave, because changing oneself radically is the hardest of all undertakings. Once a person is showing signs that Bodhichitta is emerging in their mind and actions, they receive higher teachings, to

September 2011

utilize them for the benefit of themselves and others. These are very potent techniques, and also dangerous, and that is why traditionally these techniques are only taught when someone has already established these factors consciously in themselves. Consciously means they understand not just intellectually but in their heart, and above all in their actions. Such a person knows that every harmful act causes suffering, even if the suffering isn’t visible or immediate. They also live with an urgency to serve others, to help them, to reduce their suffering and help them awaken consciousness. Such a person is able to receive higher teachings and use them in a new way, because they are already accustomed to use the divine gifts in a way that will not cause any harm. This is why for many centuries the highest teachings of all religions were always protected, kept secret, being given only to the deserving, self-elected few. The ancient Egyptian rituals taught that the veil of the mysteries, the metaphorical veil of Isis, could not be lifted by “mortals”, but only by those who live up to the Divine will, that is the pure and “immortals” beings of the spirit. For more information on Gnosis you are invited to attend the future Public Lectures (see our ad) or the weekly classes that will start on September 14. Contact: 613-864-7687 or

Opening to the flow...

Seven-week Art Classes and One-Day Workshops Wed. 6:30 pm - 9:30 pm (start Sept. 14) or Sat. 10:00 am - 1:00 pm (start Sept.17)

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Going to Raw Extremes?

By Sarah Ives hile some claim a raw foods diet is extreme, it actually isn’t so! For thousands upon thousands of years humans primarily consisted on a diet of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds, making it the most basic human way of eating. Many call it the first human diet. Since our bodies grew so accustomed to this way of eating, it may explain why consuming even a little more raw food can have amazing health effects. It may also be why so many people report miraculous stories of healing and achievement when they include many more raw foods in their diets. But one need not toss away all the food one enjoys on a daily basis. You can make big changes in your diet by making small alterations that won’t deprive you. I like to explain it in two ways: you can take foods out of your diet, or you can add raw foods to your diet, without necessarily sacrificing the small pleasures. Over time, as your palate becomes adjusted to more raw foods, you may find that your interest in the less-than-perfect food lessens. By simply adding more raw food to your diet, you experience an easy, gentle introduction to raw foods without compromising other aspects of your life. Start by adding a green smoothie to your daily diet, and you will jump leaps and bounds nutritionally. Greens are a formidable source of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and proteins and more research to prove just how essential greens are to humans is ongoing (some argue greens should be the fifth food group). Needed smoothie equipment is minimal – a blender, cutting board and a knife. And smoothies are fast, quick and easy to transport with you to work or school. As well, you can make your smoothie the night before and store it in a sealed container overnight, without losing the essential nutrients. Above all, a green smoothie tastes fantastic and there are infinite variations. Start out with a couple of mangoes, a couple handfuls of spinach and a squeeze of lemon juice with water to blend. Then experiment with heartier greens like kale, often called the king of greens. At first, add more fruit than vegetables (between 60-75%) and, over time, you can gradually reduce the fruit content, without even noticing the difference. Try the same approach with your children and you will be delighted at how easy it is to get more vegetables in their diet (for older children I suggest using an opaque container to start, so they are not discouraged by the green colour). You may feel more energetic, you may lose a little extra weight, you may feel clear-headed, or you may even sleep sounder, all things that many people who increase their



intake of raw foods have reported. For many, this approach may just be just what you are looking for, while others may notice an increasing desire to learn even more and take things a step higher, as the health benefits from eating 50% raw or more are substantial. Include a smoothie in the morning and a salad with lunch and dinner and you’re well on your way. In no time, you’ll notice that eating more raw foods isn’t extreme at all; in fact, it’s pretty much amazing - almost as if nature had intended it that way. Bio: Sarah Ives teaches easy and delicious ways to include more raw foods in your diet through her classes and consultations in the Ottawa region. Please visit www,ohmyraw. com to learn more about her upcoming class, Raw Breakfasts and Beyond, being held on September 24th, 2011.

September 2011


Founder of the Sedona Intensive Albert Gaulden – Comes to Ottawa

By Emily Taylor-King t’s not every day that I have the right combination of trust, faith, hope and grounded-ness to blindly follow the whims of the universe to where it wants me to go, but every once in a while I really manage to get it right. Meeting Albert Gaulden was one of those times. At the end of 2008 I had achieved several long-term goals – I was about to graduate from Carleton’s Conflict Resolution program; I had finally finished an intensive reiki master training program; and I was about to move in with my long time sweetheart. Usually I don’t linger long enough by far on the satisfaction of a job well done, but for whatever reason, I decided that with all these things soon behind me, it was time to give myself a present. The best present I could think of was a trip to Sedona, Arizona and through a series of lucky (or perhaps fateful) events, I soon found myself on a plane to Sedona with a group of amazing women. Around the same time I happened to be reading Albert Gaulden’s book “You’re Not Who You Think You Are: A Breakthrough Guide to Discovering the Authentic You.” I had never heard of Albert before reading that book. I had ordered it from the library by chance and it came in with a dozen others that same week. But as soon as I’d read the first few pages I thought “I like this guy.” Albert writes the way he talks. You can almost hear his Alabama-born southern drawl right in the text. And he tells it like it is. He’s a no-nonsense guy, and talks openly about his own struggles, about being 30+ years sober, and about the dangers of living a life of illusion, and self-delusion. Founder of the Sedona Intensive program (sedonaintensive. com), he uses trans-personal psychology, astrology and good old intuition to help people transform and transcend the unhealthy patterns and addictions that hold them back, whatever form they may take. He has helped literally thousands of people to move past their blockages and into their full potential.



“This would be an interesting person to meet” I thought to myself, and turned to the author’s bio to see where he lived. Go figure. Sedona, Arizona. “Okay, universe, I hear you.” So I made an appointment, paid the fee, and paid Albert an hour-long visit. Albert could see things about me that even my closest friends couldn’t. We got along famously, and when I listen to the CD in retrospect I hear now how he foresaw many things with his unique blend of psychology, astrology and intuition – that my husband I would get married (check!), that we would move to a house we would not search for, it would find us (check!), that we would move in the fall (check!). But more than that, Albert simply saw the highest and the best in me, and was a master at helping me to see it too. He often says “I already think more highly of you than you do, because I know what you’re truly capable of.” So when I heard that Albert was coming to Toronto this past May, I was probably the first to sign up. And once we’d had our happy reunion I said, “Albert, you have to come to Ottawa!” And so he is – on October 21st he will deliver a lecture called “The Handwriting on the Wall: What do the Stars Have in Store for 2012?”, and on October 22nd he will lead a workshop based on his book “You’re Not Who You Think You Are.” He will also be available for private consultation on the 23rd and 24th. In anticipation, we’ve been choosing venues, designing, printing and hanging posters. Amid all this activity, I stopped to ask myself – why? Why help bring Albert to Ottawa? I’ve already discovered him, and can easily talk to him again myself. Why is it important to me to have him come here? And the answer is simple. Albert has a unique gift. He can see and bring out the best in people; help them to transcend through the difficult and into the divine. And to help bring him to others, to help him in helping others, is an act of service that I can be truly proud of. So give it some thought; if you’re ready to make a change for the better, if you’re not sure where to start, and if you’re wanting someone to help you do it, Albert Gaulden may just be the man for the job.

Keep the Humour in Healing! By Karen Munro-Caple, RMT “Can one be spiritual and silly at the same? It’s not necessary but it sure helps!”


hen we think of healing most people take it very seriously, which of course makes sense when it’s our health we are talking about, right? Sometimes it is that very seriousness that can hold us in the pattern of dis-ease. As a way to alter this pattern I like to incorporate humour in my massage therapy work as a way to assist in healing and to ease stressful situations.

I have been a Registered Massage Therapist for 10 years and a body worker for 10 years before that. I have seen plenty of ailing bodies over that time and there wasn’t one of them who did not benefit from a good laugh, especially if they were feeling anxious and in pain. Before I became a RMT I was in the film animation business for 20 years drawing and directing on animated shows that you may have grown up with like, “Scooby Doo”, “Inspector Gadget”, and “The Raccoons Series with Bert Raccoon and Cyril Sneer”. That background put me in good stead to be silly and see the world in a particularly funny way. I am interested in combining those elements into an 8 session course called, “Keep the Humour in Healing”. The course would be focused on two aspects at the same time. First would be to explore a variety of complimentary healing methods and secondly to find ways to see the lighter side of the healing. Some of the topics will be: • What kinds of body-work/massage are there out there? • What is mediation and how can I use it to heal myself? • What is energy work? • Can these healing methods fit with the medical model? There is so much information, so many forms of healing it’s hard to know where to begin. “Keep the Humour

September 2011

in Healing” is an opportunity to explore various healing forms, treatments, modalities and acquire an overview of what’s out there. I will be using my expertise in massage and Ortho-Bionomy to help shed light on other forms of healing. It will be a fun opportunity to get together with other like minded seekers to investigate new ideas and have a few laughs as we go. The schedule is: • 8 weeks, $80.00 per person • Wednesday, October 5, 2011 through to Wednesday, November 23, 2011, 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm • Tea and light snacks served • Location is in the Meadowlands and Merivale area. Give me a call and book your space at 613-274-7342 Take a look at my RMT website to get a feel of how I work with healing. Plus, check out my cartoon website so see “Adventures from Karen’s Clinic”, an amusing cartoon look at funny things that happen in a massage clinic. www. Karen Munro Caple, RMT, 613-274-7342


Create your own unique and meaningful ceremony.

Evelyn Richter (613) 596-2817

The SILVA LIFE System Empowering yourself for a Better You, a Better World

Lise Blouin, Certified Silva Method Instructor & Silva Coach 1 800 226 4428 • •


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September 22nd • 2-3pm Andrew Harvey, author of The Hope, booksigning

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