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November 2019 ☮ Vol. 35, #3 Y Priceless

Magazi n e A forum for the consciousness-raising community of Eastern Ontario & Western Quebec for over 34 years

NEW BOOK! Shattered Earth is a joy to read with an underlying message that we need to treat ourselves, neighbours and planet with much more care and concern – if you weren’t an environmentalist on starting this book, you will be by the time you finish reading it.


The Phenomenon of

Healing Mother Meera’s Darshan A Unique Blessing

Ottawa Date: Saturday Dec, 7th Delta Hotel, 101 Lyon St. North Register at for either 10 am or 1 pm session No Charge

The Worldwide Activities of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends Please see page 8

Live Blood Analysis Live Blood Analysis is the process of looking at live blood sample through the microscope in order to help the patient arrive at their optimum level of health. Through looking at indicators within the blood we can determine how well the body is handling daily stressors (such as environmental toxins, diet and lifestyle, mental/emotional stressors, medical treatments and procedures etc) and what needs to be done in order to bring the body back into balance. It is a preventative tool that is an extremely useful to bring the body back to its optimum state of functioning. Nutrition Counseling Nutrition Counseling refers to the process of understanding the unique way that each person’s body functions and works at its optimum. Various measures are then implemented in order to bring about balance and health in the patient. A number of methods are used in order to bring forth a deeper sense of health and well being including diet, lifestyle, herbs, minerals, vitamins and minerals.

Stick to your Diet Eat Low Carb Comfort Foods Pizzas





FAQs: LIVE CELL MICROSCOPY What is it? Around the world, the blood is known as ‘the river of life.’ That is because the blood transports oxygen and nutrients to the body’s cells and carries wastes away from them. By projecting a small drop of blood from the tip of a finger on to a darkfield microscope I am able to see my clients blood ecology. What can it tell me? The human body is constantly trying to achieve homeostasis, or, simply put, balance. In conjunction with a nutritional assessment, live cell microscopy can be used to help clients work towards optimal nutritional wellness by detecting possible imbalances such as: • nutritional • hormonal • oxidativestress (free radicals) • liver stress • microbial activity • under-oxygenation • immune stress • over-active or under-active digestion The live cell microscopist then works with the client to design a nutritional and lifestyle plan that supports the body as it attempts to regain optimal balance. Darpan Ahluwalia, R.H.N,C.B.A Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Herbalist, Homeopath, Formulator/ Educator, Certified Live Blood Analyst, Product Knowledge Expert with over 16 years experience! Call to book an appointment: Manotick Natural Market 6136921484 *Enquire within for insurance coverage!

Our foods exclude: × Glutens × Grains and Pseudo-grains × Promalins × Sugar × Trans fats × Baker’s yeast

Water Universe Reverse osmosis & distilled water delivery in glass bottles Water related products, Purification & treatment systems 911 Richmond Rd. Ottawa, Ontario K2A 0G8

Call 613-729-9289 or 613-620-5330 email:

Mastafa Mashkour Ph.D, M.Sc (owner) Applied Geophysics/Geotechnique


November 2019

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any clients who come to my offices are suffering from feelings of being hurt by another and are hoping very much that the other person will apologize to them. Somehow when the other person just says, “I am sorry.”, they do not feel better. They want more than a simple statement and here is why:

e. Re – membering that for – giveness is always about oneself and not about another. Literally, to be FOR (the act of) GIVING OF SELF!! f. Being aware of “pre-mature for – giveness”. There is a time when for – giveness is ready to happen. Reaching out to another can re – energize old wounds if the out – reach is pre-mature.

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Good luck in your healing process. A truly effective apology includes May your wounds heal well and Richard M. Haney the following components: may you successfully aid in the Ph.D.(Counselling), Hypnotherapist healing of the hurt being carried a. It directly addresses the hurt and pain of the hurt one. It doesn’t (613) 234-5678 (613) 726-3636 by your friends and family. Re – Bank St. (in Centretown) Pinecrest Rd. member….. Love is letting go of fear. require excuses or reasons at first. When children scrape their knee we do not ask them how it happened Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. right while they are in extreme pain. (Counselling and Mediation) We offer them solace first. Richard has been practising Wholistic b. It gives reassurances as to future actions Counselling, Coaching, Hypnotherapy and with regard to the issues which led to the hurt. Mediation for the past 25 years in Ottawa. A statement like, “I can see that that hurt you. I promise to curtail that sort of activity in your Richard by phone: (613) 234-5678. presence in the future.” By e-mail: c. The apologizer does not have to diminish himself or herself for the apology to be authentic. One of the major reasons why people avoid apologizing is because they feel that they have to “put themselves down” in order to make an apology. Not true. “I can see that you have been hurt in this situation.”, is much more effective than,” What a jerk I was to do that to you.” Usually the hurt is unintentional and so the hurt one will feel that the apology is phoney if the apologizer is blaming himself or herself. d. Awareness that the architecture of the apology is very important. The timing, the place, the presence or absence of others, the mood of the hurt one and also the mood of the apologizer, etc. are just as important as the words that are used.

Chinese Massage Therapy for Chronic Pain

The One and Only

Edgar Cayce (Ottawa) Search for God groups Success for the soul

Readings and Life-Coaching $85/hr

Meditation, study and application in a small group format

Greenbank & Baseline area

(613) 731-4901



November 2019

Letting Go of Perfectionism




erfectionism can cause us to feel so stuck. It creates fear and blocks you from living your dreams. When you are worried about making everything perfect, nothing gets done. Here are some tips to help you let go of perfectionism so you can move forward: 1. Pay attention to your inner thoughts. Perfectionism can sneak up on you and take over your thoughts. Listen to your self-talk. • Try to release negative thoughts such as, “You’re not good enough,” or, “Not like that! It must be perfect!” • Substitute these negative thoughts with positive thoughts, like, “This looks great! You did a good job. It’s a fine effort.” 2. Forgive yourself and others. Forgiveness can free you from perfectionism. Remind yourself that no one is perfect, and everyone has their faults and foibles. Learn to forgive yourself and others for mistakes. 3. Keep in mind that second chances are usually available. Even if you can’t do something perfectly the first time, you may have the opportunity to fix it later. 4. Celebrate tiny wins. Instead of focusing on what still needs to be done, focus on your wins. Each time you finish something it is a small victory. It is important to celebrate your accomplishments - even small ones.

6. Change your mindset. Changing how you think about things can be a powerful way to combat perfectionism. The way you view the world can influence every part of your being. Learn to find the good in everything and be happy with it. You can learn to move past perfectionism. Try these tips and see a coach or therapist if you need more help. Once you free your mind from perfectionism, you will feel happier and success will come easier to you.

Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck - we become the expert of everything that does NOT work... The truth is that in order for a problem to exist - the solution must also exist! To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to and sign up for Step One of “The Letting Go Process” - it’s free!!

Ottawa Spiritualist Temple

Serving Ottawa-West

Olde Forge C.C., 2730 Carling Avenue

Private Groups and Public Sessions Inquire about Fall/Winter 2017 sessions Tara Vicckies, E-RYT


Moira Hutchison Mindfulness Coach, Tarot Card Reader & Energy Healer 613.432.1239


Experienced Yoga and Meditation teacher and practitioner

5. Find balance in your life. Perfectionism can creep into many parts of your life. It can take over your family, relationships, and career. It’s important to strive for balance.

Christian Spiritual Ministries Inc.

Sunday Service at 1:30 pm Worship, Healing & Message Service

Rev. E. Stoddard

& Various Guest Mediums

for Information call 613-521-9711

November 2019



MEDITATION Free Ongoing Classes Relaxation, concentration & meditation Developing calmness, confidence & poise S Creating a life of inspiration & happiness S S

Sri Chinmoy

Call for dates & locations: 613-422-0308 Offered as a free community service by students of Sri Chinmoy.

Sri Chinmoy Answers Question: How consciousness?






SRI CHINMOY: Creation is the descent of Consciousness. God wants to be fulfilled in millions and billions of forms. He wants to enjoy Himself divinely and supremely in infinite ways and in infinite forms and shapes. That is why Creation started. Consciousness is the spark of life which connects each one of us with the Universal Life. It is the thread that puts us in tune with the universe. It is our consciousness which connects us with God. It is the link between God and man, between Heaven and earth.

Dolphin Dentistry

Human consciousness is made up primarily of limitation, imperfection and ignorance. This consciousness wants to remain on earth. It gets joy in the finite: in family, in society, in earthly affairs. Divine consciousness is made up of Peace, Bliss, divine Power and so forth. Its nature is to expand constantly. Human consciousness feels there is nothing more important than earthly pleasure. Divine consciousness feels there is nothing more important and significant than heavenly Joy and Bliss on earth. Human consciousness tries to make us feel that we can exist without God. When it is in deep ignorance, human consciousness feels that there is no necessity for God. We see millions and billions of people who do not pray or meditate. They do not care for the existence of God either in Heaven or in their day-to-day earthly lives. But the divine consciousness is not at all like that. Even the limited divine consciousness that we have makes us feel at every moment that there is a supreme necessity for God. It makes us feel that we are on earth precisely because He exists. And when we cherish divine thoughts, the divine consciousness makes us feel it is He who is inspiring us to cherish these divine ideas. In ordinary human consciousness there is no purpose, no positive goal. But the divine consciousness makes us feel that in everything there is always a divine purpose, aim, ideal and goal; and because God is limitless and infinite, that goal is always transcending itself. In the divine consciousness, everything is constantly expanding and growing into higher and more fulfilling Light. Visit for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.

Oral Health is Now Essential for Total Health Call for a free consultation 613 234-5758 6

November 2019



have been writing about my travels to Australia and Italy this year, but have not talked about the real experience, which was the inner journey which allowed me to start to expand my outer world. How are the two related? Well, this year my world really changed. And I am trying very hard to step out of fearor rather into it: ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. Because I believe everything I want in on that other side. All my life, I have played it safe by living in the same town, attending local university, getting a government job. Playing it safe means minimum expansion, which may seem great at the onset, but then, over time, I realized that I could not possibly be everything I am supposed to be by staying in the same mindset, let alone the same physical environment. My first foray was to Australia. I tried to book lodging and trips from Canada, but felt daunted by the whole process. Fear of failure (of what, exactly?). The flight was the longest I have ever taken. And air travel

Saint Germain Foundation Ottawa From the Highest Octaves of Life Our Beloved Saint Germain has brought the Original Ascended Master Teachings on the “Laws of Life”, as a free gift of Love for all mankind. We welcome all interested individuals who wish to know more of this Original Ascended Master Teaching.

has changed considerably since I went to Chile some 30 years ago. Like a lot! Somehow it all worked out, though, and I arrived down under without mishap. In fact, the trip was largely without mishap, which was, of course, a huge lesson in itself. I am sure you are familiar with the statistic that about 85 % of the things we worry about never happen. 85%!!! What a colossal waste of time spent worrying. This fall, I went to Italy and, being a neophite on-line ticket purchaser, made a mistake in choosing my flight and ended up with a very long overnight layover in Munich. The seasoned traveler would have known it would work out. I did not. And so my trip was coloured by this looming obstacle between me and getting home in a timely manner. Ultimately, it worked out (of course) after several delays and an overnighter in Montreal. This universe doesn’t kid around when you want to expand. In retrospect, the lessons look easy: see what you are afraid of. Go through it. Learn the lesson(s). The reality is, we always have the choice to face our fears or avoid them. Facing them leads to expansion. Avoiding them leads to stagnation. This applies to every aspect of your life: I am also studying more holistic modalities, which I love. And is a constant source of amusement to my friends as I accumulate certificates and am not practising regularly in my own clinic. Yet. My biggest challenge is to step out of my head and just start. So here’s to the next big adventure! I am planning it now. I guarantee there will be challenges and I guarantee there will be growth. I am at the end of my 300 words, but, of course, there are always more….. ©2019 Heather Garrod is a Certified Aromatherapist and owner of Planet Botanix at 301 Bank St near Somerset. She gives workshops on creating natural bodycare and has been creating natural bodycare for over two decades. The shop offers natural alternatives to commercial products and features a holistic therapy clinic.

For further information please call us at 613-834-8896.

November 2019


for Nov 2019

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Free Film showing in November: Amazing Documented Healings! In moving first-hand interviews, people from many cultures throughout the world describe how they were freed of conditions


The Phenomenon of

Healing The Worldwide Activities of the Bruno Gröning Circle of Friends

-E- alt


INTRODUCTIONS TO THE TEACHING We invite you to come to either one of two free To learn howtotolearn absorb this energy, we introductions, how to healing absorb this healing invite you to either one of two free introductions. energy. No fees are charged either to attend a No fees arenor charged eitherthis to on attend meeting meeting to practise youra own. nor to practise this teaching on your own.

DATES: Nov 11th, 2019 DATES: OR Nov Dec11th, 2nd, 2019 OR Dec 2nd, 2019 TIME: 6:00 p.m. to 6:45 p.m. 15-min interlude opportunity to TIME:follows: 6:00 tothen 6:45 pm

stay and experience more with local Circle 15-min interlude follows: thenthe opportunity to of Friends from 7 to 9 the same evening. stay and experience more with the local Circle of Friends from 7 to 9 the same evening.

PLACE: 91-A Fourth Avenue, Ottawa PLACE: 91-Aground-floor Fourth Avenue, Ottawa Accessible room
 Accessible ground-floor room (bus routes 6 or 7; on-street parking) (on-street parking; bus routes 6 or 7)

WEBSITE WEBSITEof ofworldwide worldwideCircle Circleof ofFriends: Friends: <> <> deemed incurable by modern medicine.

Thousands of Local Communities

How can this happen? It’s not willy-nilly, nor automatic but depends on our selves. 
 But by applying Bruno Gröning’s simple teaching, people are finding the way to regain their well-being and resume living fully-effective lives.

Knowing that help-seekers need support and to learn more, Bruno Groening himself established communities as a model to be carried forward. His lectures, transcribed and translated into many languages, help us take the first steps to experience direct connection to the Divine, and to Nature. He didn’t want to start a new religion but encouraged all to continue in their own faith with hearts engaged, empowered to do good with their lives.

Admission is free Voluntary donations are appreciated

FILM PRESENTATION DATE: Sunday November 10th, 2019

A4-Plakat englisch 218

DATE: November 10th, 2019 TIME: Sunday 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.
 Includes 15-minute break between segments TIME: 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m. PLACE: Colonel Bybreak Room, City Hall,
 Includes 15-minute between segments 110 Laurier Avenue West, Ottawa PLACE: Colonel Byparking Room,on City Hall, (Free underground weekends 110 Laurier Avenue West. Ottawa (Free underground on weekends CONTACT: Cell parking - 613-841-9216 

Email: <> CONTACT: Cell - 613-841-9216 Email: FREE <> ADMISSION 
 (voluntary donations gratefully welcomed)


(voluntary donations gratefully Sponsored by volunteers in thewelcomed) Ottawa 
 Bruno Groening Circle of Friends Sponsored by volunteers in the Ottawa Bruno Groening Circle of Friends

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Worldwide Medical Lectures Medical Doctors who have experienced this power themselves, and who observed it in their patients, are donating their time to document the healings. Travelling to other countries to give information lectures, as sometimes requested by universities, they present evidence such as hospital reports and x-rays to prove that a healing occurred which cannot be explained using standard medical concepts or practices.

November 2019

Kaivalya Centre®


• Les sessions sont aussi offertes en français

613.836.2355 • Offices in Hull & Stittsville

Empower Your Life-Path!


» Lynne Cardinal


Releasing the Burden of the Past


recently completed a workshop with Myrna Martin on Healing Early Developmental Traumas. It always amazes me to see how profound our life history is, and how unless we address it directly, some parts of our past may remain hidden within us as a source of limitation. During this five-day workshop we explored the issues and limitations that we may carry from the past. We also had the opportunity to do our own “shadow work”. Shadow work simply means addressing that which is within us but exists in an unobvious or unconscious form. I believe that working on ourselves is essential to reach our potential and free ourselves from those limitations. During the workshop, I experienced that within me there existed a layer of childhood memories which was well hidden as if at the bottom of a lake, hidden under a layer of dirt and that through this workshop it was able to rise and float just beneath the surface. From there, I was able to look at it and see its impact on my own life. I also realized that my own mother’s life, and her mother’s, and my entire family line, had wounds that were existing within me, and limiting me. I would call this an awakening as I felt much more conscious, more aware of the inner workings and tendencies of my very own mind. It took some time to allow the process to release a tenderness and depth of emotion I didn’t even know I had. I always sensed that working on myself would help me to help others. Furthermore, I believe that it is like this for all of us. When we heal our own conscious or unconscious hurt, it enhances in us a sense of wholeness, freedom and presence. What I love about this process is that it automatically is shared or transmitted. This clearer,

freer self will be conveyed automatically, in more or less subtle ways, to everyone we meet. If left unhealed, this present and transgenerational hurt will also influence our children. They will carry those limitations and pains, and will continue on passing them along, unless someone along the line puts a stop to it. Hypnosis is a gentle yet remarkable tool that I use to help my clients have a more balanced life. It is healing, and helps us build a strong base, an ability to deal with life’s challenges. Yet it is not the only modality, and I believe that all healing modalities have a place. Along with meditation, psychotherapy has a definite place. Family Constellation workshops are also helpful and quite remarkable. Note: On December 7th, Ester Diana Martinez is coming back to Ottawa. She is highly skilled and will offer a weekend workshop on Family Constellation, Our human journey is precious. May we make the most of it, and rejoin with our ability to live fully, and share love and wisdom with one and all. Lynne Cardinal sees clients individually in Hull and Stittsville. She also offers group classes and workshops. She offers Stress Management, Resilience and Burnout Prevention workshops in the government and private sectors, and has done so for over 30 years. She is a Consulting Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression and she has a PhD (alternative) in Eastern Philosophy from India. She has studied extensively with Thomas Hübl on Transparent Communication and Principles of Transformation and Healing, as well as Trauma work. She also studied with Diane Hamilton in Conflict Resolution, and with Myrna Martin on healing traumas. Lynne is also trained in EFT. Insurance receipt provided under naturotherapy. For more information: 613.836.2355 or

November 2019


Fast recovery from Post Concussion Syndrome


By Kerstin Khan, Naturopath and Homeopath at the Ottawa Gatineau Homeopathy Clinic.

Naturopaths treating anxiety, depression and other mood disorders with homeopathy.


Ottawa Gatineau Homeopathy Clinic 819-774-1104,

student came to the practice complaining about loss of focus, lack of endurance, anxiety and mood swings. These symptoms had started to develop 5 weeks prior, after bumping her head

M. Akbari & K. Khan, naturopaths & homeopaths against the metal frame of a bed. The immediate impact was not felt right away, but the next day she woke up with nausea and she vomited. Headaches ensued and the capacity to process information and cope with daily life started to decrease over the next few weeks: ”I have to do a lot of reading, but my potential of reading has grown less than before and it is growing worse every day. When it is time to concentrate I can’t be there. When someone tells me to do this or that I forget about it. And I can only read a short period of time. I have grown sensitive to lights and sounds and prefer to stay in a dark room at times. For weeks after the concussion, I did not go to school and just spent time in bed. Also, I have a lot of anxiety which uses up my energy and burns me constantly.” In such cases, homeopathy offers natural remedies that speed up the healing dramatically after head and brain injury. My patient received a potentized mineral salt, Natrium sulphuricum 30 C. The first few times she took it, she developed a slightly stronger headache, but felt each time a bit better afterwards. This is a typical healing reaction. In a follow-up I had with her 3 months later, she came with a big smile. The post concussion symptoms felt like a condition from way back in the past. She had completely recovered. In less than 2 weeks after taking the first dose, her headaches, sensitivity and anxiety were gone and her health was fully restored!

Dr. Paul Greenacre, General Dentist

DrLaserPaul Greenacre Holistic Dentistry & Integrative Medicine


Laser Holistic Dentistry & Integrative Medicine 613-234-5758 613 234-5758 Call to book a lecture on Laser holistic dentistry and integrative medicine

DowntownDowntown and Alta Vista locations location 10

November 2019



bundance from the perspective of just obtaining material gain is not true abundance. For when you see it in this way, you are lacking a big part of what abundance means in a life. Shifting your point of view or the way you are choosing to see abundance in your life can help you in shifting the abundance in every aspect of your life. Meaning that if you see abundance in every part of your life such as love, friendships, material gain, etc. as something that you welcome in your life, as something that you are willing to accept in your life, and have balance in, than you begin to see that abundance is everywhere and you begin to open up more and more those channels that support you in bringing it in.  It is important that you realize that in order to become abundant in every part of your life, that you open up to the frequency of love, that you open up your heart so that you can truly receive and give, balancing your energies every day. Being worthy of abundance is something that has to come from you. As it is a unique belief that you can activate or deactivate, that you can enhance or make disappear. Abundance is associated to how open your heart is, it is aligned to the beliefs of what you believe you are worthy of. 

Are you worthy of love? Yes you are, for you are love, for you are made of love. Are you worthy of having anything you want in your life? Yes for you have come to this world to experience through grace, love and joy. You have come here to find yourself in different ways and you are doing so right at this moment. So breathe deeply into your heart and exhale slowly, for all is well. May peace be with you. Monica Dumont is a Divine channel, healer, regression therapist and author.

Soundara Rajan

Daughter of Professor Krishnamurthy

Practicing and Teaching Stellar and Vedic Astrology Guiding people since 1959 in Finances, Career, Investment, Relationship and Family. Teaching meditation Individual service as well as follow-up queries 1 Woodthrush Green, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0A9

737-5206 • Fax: 739-2973

November 2019



November 2019

The Power of Transformation and Healing through Family Constellation By Lynne Cardinal


ave you ever participated in a Family Constellation Workshop? Ester Diana Martinez is coming back to Ottawa this December for her 4th workshop here. Trust me, it is a very unique and amazing experience. Through these workshops, I have seen people get insights into their own personal dilemmas after years of struggling with them. From there a new paradigm can finally take place, a fresh new perspective based on wisdom, compassion and greater freedom. We all come to see that unconsciously – or consciously sometimes - we carry the frustrations of our parents, their fears and issues, and we just may be repeating their difficult relationship patterns. We are also influenced by our family further down the line, such as grandparents, uncles, etc. We do inherit not just physical patterns through our DNA, but also residues of traumas held in our family line. These workshops can help a new life course begin. The result can be life-changing. It is a deep and emotional experience, and it opens us to new possibilities. In Ester’s workshop, you will: • Learn how to identify the traumatic events and unconscious loyalties that can affect your health, relationships and success • Learn practices, visualizations, healing sentences and other tools that can help you disentangle from the cycle of generational suffering • Learn how to start breaking long-standing patterns of illness, depression, anxiety, fear and unhappiness Based on the work of German psychotherapist Bert Hellinger this workshop allows us to restore our connections and a sense of belonging to ourselves, our families, and our communities. Held at St Paul University, we will be in a supportive and comfortable environment. Ester is extremely skilled. As a psychotherapist and constellation facilitator, she holds a BA in International Relations, an MA in Humanities and a PhD in Philosophy and Ethics. She studied with Bert Hellinger for 10 years! She has also trained in other transformational modalities including Gestalt group work, Somatic body/mind work and Craniosacral and Body Therapy based on the Françoise Mezieres method. Ester has studied Zen Meditation with Roshi Kiunan Ana Maria Schluter for over 20 years and

Join us for an experiential weekend workshop on

The Power of Transformation and Healing through Family Constellation Saturday & Sunday, December 7th & 8th 9:30 AM to 6:00 PM at Saint Paul University Laframboise Hall, 223 Main Street, Ottawa, Ontario

Family Constellations are one of the most effective and profound modalities that help us to heal emotionally, and at times physically, and enhance our relationships with ourselves, our families, friends, and the world. For more information visit: or email: Tickets available at under The Power of Transformation and Healing through Family Constellation

actively practices Zazen. She has been working for the past 6 years as an assistant of a contemporary spiritual teacher Thomas Huebl, in addition to leading workshops, presenting at international conferences and working with individuals, teams and team leaders as a psychotherapist and an executive coach. Family Constellation is a profound modality for emotional, and at times physical healing, enhancing relationships with ourselves, our families, friends and the world. Join us on Saturday, December 7th & Sunday, December 8th 2019 at St Paul University. For more information e-mail: Lynne Cardinal –

November 2019



Is it better to feel difficult feelings or to try not to dwell on them?


Open Lecture Discussions Saint Paul University

By Mary Anne Bourque, Pathwork Helper

233 Main St, follow signs to room


7:00 to 9:00 pm

ave you wondered if there could be something more to life than what you are now living? Maybe you are at a point where you feel there must be more than the rushing and daily routine. All the outer demands and expectations of family, work, and friends can leave you overwhelmed and feeling you have no time for you; no time to hear yourself. At the end of the day you are left feeling bad about yourself. What would you like to change? Often we look outside ourselves to answer this question - the job, the partner, the parents. This is an invitation to check in with yourself. As you listen into the voices inside, a key place to listen is under the ones that want to blame others for what is not going well. You will hear a voice of judgment towards yourself and at its side, fear that you are not good enough, not lovable enough. These are the very places we want to run away from. We do so, by trying harder to be good enough in all the ways we fear we aren’t. This is the very place where we are asked to soften into self-acceptance. At the next Pathwork Open Lecture on November 13/19, we will explore the conundrum that Pathwork Lecture 190 points out: “the acceptance of your hate will make you more loving, the acceptance of your weakness will make you stronger, the acceptance of your pain will allow you to be more blissful”. Such a paradox. In the lecture we are also encouraged to befriend this judgment and fear, with a desire to understand its purpose. “The capacity to own up to being fallible, human, vulnerable, irrational, wrong, needy, defenseless, weak, and

Breakthrough in Energy Healing Offering Quantum-Touch Therapy Hands-on Prive Sessions and Training

In Ottawa serving Eastern Ontario and Western Quebec and through the use of Distant Healing technique, Skype and the rest of the world.


Certified Quantum-Touch® Practitioner Certified Quantum-Touch® Instructor Associate Polarity Practitioner Law of Attraction Certified Coach Certified Aromatherapist


613-228-2272 • 613-795-3751 • •


November 13, February 19, April 22

Suggested donation, $15 ~ $5 for members

Contact Jean:

ALL WELCOME Lectures are available for free download at

Monthly Pathwork Meditations November 17th ~ 4:30-6pm

Light into the Darkness: Meditation & Potluck December 15

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unhappy must, by necessity, increase your capacity to be strong, truly right and not self-righteous, truly independent and fulfilled. The admission of heretofore apparently inadmissible feelings is the bridge to inner unity and fulfilling self-expression of life “. In our evening together we will examine these concepts more closely along with a new understanding of our laziness or procrastination. “There is an intimate connection between the problem of laziness and feelings that have not been experienced.” We all have an amazing life force energy that is covered by stagnant feelings, the feelings we have suppressed. The Pathwork lectures describe tools that guide us to clearly see and help us express our blocked feelings. The real gift is that these blocked feelings also release a life force energy; energy that will be our source of living fully. Date and Time: Wednesday, November 13/19, 7 to 9 pm Location: Saint Paul University, 233 Main Street. Follow the signs to the room. Pathwork Lecture: 190- The Importance of Experiencing All Feelings, Including Fear – The Dynamic State of Laziness All are welcome. There is a suggested donation of $15 for nonmembers; $5 for members. For more information, contact Jean at jeanmillar21@ or 613-829-1254. For information about Pathwork, go to www. The Pathwork lectures are available for free download at

November 2019

Fight-Flight Mode:

Osiana Wellness

Why we’re stuck in it and how to get out


our heart beats fast. Your muscles are tense. Your stomach is upset. You worry and your thoughts race. You feel anxious, frustrated and overwhelmed. These are common signs that our bodies are in stress response, or Fight, Flight or Freeze mode. This state, where our sympathetic nervous system is working to get us out of danger, is only supposed to be short-term. But many of us live in this “crisis” mode most of our waking hours. Our nervous systems were not built to be in a chronic state of stress and it wreaks havoc on our health. While we have work, family and other responsibilities, chronic stress is also caused by the consumerist, capitalist economy. Capitalism instills the limiting beliefs that our value and our worth is based on money, the things we own and our productivity, even if it leads to exhaustion and illness. Being in a state of Fight or Flight is also often linked to past trauma including intergenerational trauma. Our addictions to work, shopping, food, substances or TV, phone or computer screens are also often rooted in trauma. Consumerism feeds off this trauma to get us to buy more and do more at the expense of our health and the planet. The parasympathetic nervous system, also known as the Rest and Digest state, allows our bodies to heal physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Here are a few tips on how to get in this state: Emma Lui

Craniosacral Therapy - ThetaHealing® @OsianaWellness Ottawa - Wakefield - Algonquin Territory


* Deep breathing and/or meditating * Exercise * Spend time in nature - 20 minutes significantly lowers stress hormone levels * Read a book - 6 minutes of reading can reduce stress levels by 68% * Work to heal trauma - unhealed trauma can keep our bodies in Fight-Flight-Freeze mode Self-care is important. But it is equally important to recreate a culture of community care so that we reconnect with each other and the earth. Our health and the health of the climate, water, land and communities are deeply interconnected. It is only when we have communities and an economy based on sustainability, equity and justice that we all can be healthy and whole. Emma Lui is a Craniosacral Therapy and ThetaHealing® practitioner who supports people working through stress, trauma and intergenerational trauma. She is also a water and social justice activist. Her practice, Osiana Wellness, is based in the Ottawa region, on unceded and unsurrendered Algonquin Territory.

Ottawa Laughter Club de Rire

Free Laughter Yoga classes!

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November 25 & December 9

@ Le Patro Community Centre, 40 Cobourg St., Ottawa, 7 - 8 pm. All are welcome. We laugh for Health and Happiness. For more info call Petra @ 343.883.0608 or visit us on Laughter Club de Rire Ottawa

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I am Luke Michael Howard, clinical hypnotist and owner of Lukenosis Hypnosis.


oday, I wanna answer a question that I get quite a lot actually over the last year or so. Is hypnosis good for children? And the answer is yes. Children, certainly below the age of five, are a little hypnosis machine, some people believe up to the age of five to seven. Until your conscious mind, your analytical, logical mind comes into play, we're all completely unconscious. I don't mean we're mindless zombies, I'm not calling your children mindless zombies, but as much as it's not a conscious thing that they're doing oftentimes with volition, at least to the age of five to seven, depending on what studies that you read. So hypnosis is very, very good with with children. Now, some of the changes that I make when working with children is... Typically, a session I'll work with an adult will be about 15 minutes in length. With a child, certainly below the age of 10, a session's generally about 25 to 30 minutes because of attention spans. So that's one of the caveats, one of the changes I make. When I do hypnosis with adults, it's always me and the adult in the room alone, so there's no transference of anyone else being in the rooms. We can do nice, clean work, of course, say, a loved one, a trusted person can be outside of the office door, absolutely. When it comes to me working with children, I like to have a parent in the room, a guardian of the child who's not talking, not participating in the process but is there in the room,

watching the process go along, so that the stuff that I'm teaching the child to do with their imagination, I'm also teaching you, the adult, the parent, the guardian of the child, so you can help to become their hypnotist and learn these skills for yourself because it will help you. And so those are some of the differences. Now oftentimes, people think, "Oh hypnosis, he's eyes closed and relaxation," and there's not a lot of kids that like to close their eyes and just completely relax their body so I have to utilize other skills, distraction skills, if you will, when working with children, hence why I have many tattoos and many different gimmicks going on. It seems to captivate young minds, which is awesome. Some of the pluses with working with children is they have amazing imaginations. If I say, "Hey, think of a blue chair," they're already there. Not like, "Well, I can't think, I don't visualize things inside my head." Children visualize, are hypnosis machines. It's just as we get older, we stop thinking that we're thinking and we start to think that it's real. And we stop using our imagination for good purposes and oftentimes use our imagination bad purposes. So working with children, they use their imagination all the time. They're daydreaming all the time. It's just about tapping into that, enabling them to daydream, to visualize, to imagine, to pretend of more what they want in their life, in spite of all the stuff they no longer want and no longer need to imagine, whether that be some kind of a trauma, whether that be some kind of anxiety, whether that be some kind of a sadness in their life.


You Can Lose Weight Without Painful Surgery Are you having trouble Losing Weight, Keeping it off & Killing Evil Cravings? Then Dr. Luke Michael Howard can help you even when nothing else has worked. With he's specialist brand of Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis all the way from the UK. Dr. Luke, owner of the LUKEnosis, is a Hypnosis Weight Loss Specialist, has a Masters degree in Hypnotherapy as well as a Doctorate in Psychology. Dr. Luke has been studying Hypnosis for over 17 years now and has trained all over the world. After over a decade, Dr. Luke is still the youngest person certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Luke has been featured in all forms of media such as Tone Magazine, CTV Morning Live, and CBC Radio. He has developed an advanced hypnotherapy technique that turns weak willed over eaters into empowered, slim & in control people in just 5 sessions. He says “This technique is so powerful we are achieving a 80% success rate. This is incredible when you think that Weight Watchers are only about 30% successful at best. This Powerful Non-surgical procedure has been well documented or FOX,CBS & ABC News as well as the Dr Oz Show.


Dr. Luke explains, “This powerful breakthrough technique combines the latest discoveries in hypnosis and the new science of personal achievement known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. This takes the power of hypnosis to a new level in helping people take back control of their lives.” Many local doctors are so impressed by the power of hypnosis that they are now referring many of their patients to Dr. Luke for his Accelerated Change Hypnoband Programme. Dr. Luke says, “I am currently building a Doctors Referral Network to keep local GP’s informed of my developments and to keep them informed of their patients’ progress.” Many celebrities, professional business people, nurses and housewives have benefited from Lapband hypnosis, SO CAN YOU! The good news is that this incredible method of Losing Weight is available locally. The bad news there usually is a three to four week waiting list for an appointment but even the medical profession believes it’s worth waiting for


November 2019

“I walked out 25lbs Lighter!” Kate had been over weight for the majority of her life- nearly 27 YEARS! She had tried every type of Weight Loss Gimmick, Diets, Supplements, Gym Memberships even Personal Trainers but nothing worked, until she met Dr. Luke. She recently sent him this follow up email: “I promised I would do a testimonial for you. Here it is: The hypnosis TOTALLY worked...not only have I lost 25lbs I have not eaten at timmies...I have had NO DESIRE TOO!!! It really has changed my life!” Check out more testimonials at: you can contact Dr. Luke at 613-878-5874 to arrange an appointment.

Stick to your Diet Eat Low Carb Comfort Foods Pizzas





Our foods exclude: × Glutens × Grains × Pseudo-grains (amaranth, quinoa, millet, teff, sorghum etc.)

× Promalins × MSG, dyes and starchy fillers × Sugar × Trans fats × Baker’s yeast

So this is some of the differences between children and adults. Oftentimes times when I'm working with children, again, I'll have to utilize and change my techniques because if I say to my children, "Close your eyes and keep your eyes closed and we'll actually so much so that you cannot open your eyes," it might work really well for a while. But after a while, that kid, their mind goes off another tangent somewhere and they get distracted. So my job when working with children is to be the best shiny object in the room so I completely distract them from their old ways of being, enable them to go down a trance tunnel worth having more success in their life to be free of the ailment, the problem or what they came in with. So it's a certain different type of skills when working with children, but I've had amazing success in working with children, helping them to stop peeing the bed, stop experiencing chronic pain in certain areas of their bod,y and having night terrors and having to sleep with their parents all the time after the age of seven rather than go to their own beds. I've had amazing success in these areas but I had to fine tune the skills that I had as a hypnotist, realizing the way that we treat an adult and the way that I would treat a child and the imagination is very different. So hopefully that explains that yes, hypnosis is very, very good when working with children, some of the changes that I make when working with children and how amazingly effective it is.

Introduction to Unity: Principle #3


his is the third of five articles on the principles that shape our beliefs at Unity Spiritual Centre Ottawa. The principles reflect the laws of the universe and apply to everyone, all the time. If you also share our beliefs in these universal principles, please come join us. All are welcome. Unity Principle #1 states that “God, or Spirit, the Universe, the Divine, is Absolute Good, everywhere present.” The second Principle takes this idea further, stating that we are the expression of the Divine in human form. Principle #3 says that human beings create their experiences by the activity of their thinking; everything in the manifest realm has its beginning in thought. Ellen Debenport, author of The Five Principles, notes as follows: “We are living in an ocean of love and abundance in which we cannot fail. We are ever connected to the Source of all things. We can tap into the power, wisdom and guidance of the Divine at any time.” Debenport continues “imagine yourself as a tuning fork. Your feelings in any given moment set up a vibrational tone. The Universe picks up your vibration and hums along, amplifying your sound. If you are vibrating with joy, you will experience more joy. If you are vibrating with misery, you will experience more misery.” Are you manifesting what you want in your life? If not, it may be time to get really clear about the vision you hold for your life, focus on raising your vibration and feeling tones and see what comes your way. For more information please see

Always Believe, Luke Michael Howard PhD Ottawa Clinical Hypnotist

November 2019


PATHWORK® Practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness. A challenging yet compassionate voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear, guided by our own inner authority. Follow us on Facebook or contact OTTAWA GURDJIEFF STUDY GROUP is a Foundation connected group. We invite you to join us as we study and work practically with the system of G.I. Gurdjieff, in exchanges, inner work, Movements/Music, and creative activities. Call us for more information at 613-746-6547 or e-mail IS IMPROVED COMMUNICATION SKILLS YOUR RESOLVE FOR 2019?We are here to mentor and celebrate your progress. Percolators Toastmasters Breakfast Club meeting every second and fourth Friday morning 9:15-11:30 at The Best Western 1274 Carling Ave. Restaurant. Contact Muriel (819) 827-1274 or (613) 298-3557

• Acupuncture CHINESE TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE & NATURAL MEDICINE CENTRE. TCM. DAC. Jia Jun Huang & Annie Huang. Graduate of Shanghai Medical University (1960). Over 45 years experience. Member of Chinese Acupuncture Association of China & Canada. Acute & chronic pain, Accident. Sports injuries, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, Stop smoking, Menopause, etc. Disposable needles are used. Insurance coverage. Free parking. One of the largest herb stores in Otawa. 613-235-5504. 867 Somerset St. W. Ottawa.

PATRICIA V. LACROIX, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH. Akashic Records & Destiny Card Readings. Certified Angel Card Reader™. Reiki Master & Teacher. 12 Strand DNA Activation. Voted one of A-Channel Viewer’s Choice for Ottawa’s Best Psychic. 613-591-6901

NADINE LA BELLE, M.A. Body, mind, spirit Integrative Healing®. 613-258-7492.

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• A Course in Miracles COURSE OASIS. Courses, support and study groups, spiritual gatherings, books. Mary Anne Buchowski and James Gregory, 613-726-0195. Email: Website:

• Accounting IF YOU HATE NUMBERS … You’ll love Captain Number Cruncher. Providing solutions in accounting, taxation, and services. 613 266-7013. 2435 Holly Lane, Ottawa, K1S 7P2


• Aura Healing RELEASING PAIN AT THE SOURCE. Home visit. Beau, 613-422-5606

SV AYURVEDA. Support for gut and digestive recovery. Consultations, therapeutic cooking classes, SVA Vibrational Therapy sessions. www.vibrationofbalance. Marie Amram 613-415-1139

• B. O. S.

CHRISTOPHER BARHAM, Certified Akashic Consultant. 819-708-5876,

• Alexander Technique THE OTTAWA-HULL SCHOOL FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, Richard Albert, Director. Health insurance covered. I now offer Alexander lessons in my office or at your home 819-456-3484; or visit

• Animal Communication JULIE OLIVEIRA, certified AC. Identify emotional and behavioural issues, and messages. Visit: Email:

• Aromatherapy PLANET BOTANIX fills all your pure essential oil needs! We carry over 100 oils and other supplies. Purchase products from our line of all natural bodycare. 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444,

• Ascension Healing NEWLY-ACCESSIBLE LIVING TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE for clearing stubborn, limiting energies from your 12-D Divine blueprint.

• Astrology November 2019

• Beauty and Health NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Birth Doula BIRTH DOULA offering 3 educational prenatal sessions, continuous birth support & 1 postnatal home-visit. Offering a wide range of holistic resources, including Hypnotherapy, Massage & Aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth & beyond. Visit: 613.282.6001

• BodyTalk KRISTIN PETERSON: Registered Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Certified Acupuncturist or JAYA HOLLOHAN MA, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Certified Coach, Yoga Teacher & Author. Contact: (613) 866-7091; jaya@ and

• BodyWork BODYWORK FOR WOMEN, Pain esp. from Surgery-cosmetic, Mastectomy, Scars, Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciatis, Neck Problems, Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Issues, Limited Mobility, Incontinence, Injuries, Breast Health, www., 613-857-7031


THE CANADIAN SCHOOL OF NATUROTHERAPIES and Spiritual Development is all online! Become a Registered Integrative Naturotherapist or Animal Reiki Practitioner/Trainer.

CAROL KERWIN, Astrologer providing Natal Chart Readings. Understand the cycles of your life so you can work consciously with them. 613-220-3314, email

LAURIE FRASER, certified B.O.S. practitioner. Excellent results: emotional issues (depression, anxiety, grief), pain, disease, allergies, cancer, infection, insomnia, etc. Past lives, chakra work. 613 822-8587

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TRACY MONTGOMERY is a somatic sexuality educator who offers erotic learning to those who want to expand their capacity for pleasure, love and joy, heal the wounds of sexual abuse and explore the intersection of sex and spirit. | 613-413-1216

JUDY JIBB, Astrology Ottawa, MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2016), Cert.F. Astol.S (1986),, 613 304 4255

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that resonates deeply with each chakra. Bernie Young

• Children • Books IN THE LIGHT OF TRUTH - The Grail Message, by Abd-ru-shin, is a three-volume spiritual work that teaches us about the cosmic laws that not only govern nature but all of Creation. It also gives clear explanations about our place and responsibility as we journey through life. This work addresses the individual human being regardless of race, creed or nationality; it reveals the true meaning of life and opens the door to true happiness and lasting inner peace. Orders : 1-877-7623077-

• Bowen Therapy BOWEN THERAPY OTTAWA, Westboro. Certified, Advanced practitioner. Pain relief, and more. Gentle touch powerful healing, 613-762-4979. Insurance receipts available. THE BOWEN APPROACH - Gently restoring your health. PAIN, digestive & respiratory issues and more. Certified Bowen Practitioner (Advanced) 613-799-3315. BOWEN TRAINING ACADEMY, Janet Riley, RN, Licensed Bowenwork® Instructor. Courses in Ottawa and across Canada. 613 848-2083

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INTRODUCTION TO AUTHENTIC ZEN TRAINING through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM. Pre-registration required: or 613-562-1568. Zen Centre of Ottawa

• Chakra/Aura Balancing THE BOUTIQUE offers a 30 minute Chakra/ Aura Assessment and modification session. Also the Boutique offers many more services, please refer to or call the Boutique at 613 424 9094.

• Chakra In Motion Rhythm for your Soul CHAKRADANCE™ is a powerful and authentic healing dance. Using spontaneous dance, guided imagery

CANADAS-COACH.COM Marguerite Tennier, M.A., Fearless Living and wellness coach, Specializes working with over 40 prof. Women Who want to have more energy, live deeper and Transform their life. 613-744-1538 ARE YOU A MIDLIFE WOMAN STRUGGLING WITH GRIEF? Let Anne DeButte, Author & Grief Coach guide you on your journey. Avoid common pitfalls that can keep you stuck. Learn new tools with

• Clinics KILLENS REID PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC now offering TCM with acupuncture practitioner. Other services, Osteopathy, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Vestibular Rehab, Urinary Incontinence Rehab, Massage Therapy, Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. (613) 594-8512.

• Clubs GOLDEN GIRLS CLUB (Ottawa). Building a community friendship network for ladies in their 50’s & 60’s on their own, without family in town. Various activities multiple times a month.

• Coaching LAW OF ATTRACTION COACHING with Aileen McKenna, Certified LoA Coach www. creates the space where clients become personally empowered. I coach people who feel stuck in their lives, in general, or particularly in their careers, relationships, home and home life. This may be about old issues, dealing with difficult decisions, and/or about changing habits that seem to create dissatisfaction. Call for more information and/or for an appointment. Clients express their satisfaction with the work, and their greater comfort and success in their relationships, their careers, and homes. Call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, or 613795-3751, check in at or at .

WE HAVE WHAT YOU NEED. Whether you are looking for career guidance, self-improvement, or self-empowerment, we have someone to help. Call today and see how we can help you. Mention this ad for your 1/2 hour free consult. 613-859-5389 CREATIVE COACHING SERVICES, Vanessa Coplan B.A., OCADA, M.A., Living Your Art, Creating Your Life; Helping You Connect The Dots. 45 minute individual sessions. $65 ea. 3 sessions for $150

• Cold Laser Therapy CERTIFIED COLD LASER THERAPIST offering mobile services. $30.00 for 45 min session. Effective and safe for pain relief. treatment.

• Counselling CAROLINE ELSON a Wholistic Lifestyle Counsellor. B.Sc M.Ed,CCC 613 282 7905, Starting where you are, moving to create the life you want. Explore the physical, mental and emotional through traditional and alternative forms of counselling. Individual and Couple. ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Registered psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst. Individual therapy to address your unique concerns.

NOT ACHIEVING WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE? Moira concentrates on awakening your true potential, inviting and supporting the changes for YOUR highest good. Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239 LIFE SKILL WORKSHOPS INCLUDESAnger, Communication, Denial, Roles, ACOA, Co-dependency, Relationships and Spirituality. Every second Saturday at The House of Hope and Healing. Lynda @ 613-858-7181

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ACADEMY OF COUNSELLING. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. Richard is an empowerment counsellor who is heavily influenced by Roberto Assagioli (Psychosythesis), C.G. Jung, Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Alfred Adler, Milton Erickson, Ken Wilber and Stanislov Grof (Holotropic Breathwork). 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web:



CARLING & WOODROFFE Specializing in concussion, neck pain & restoring alignment after falls and accidents. Advanced procedures for fertility & bedwetting. Appointments Thursday - Sunday. Madeline McBride, Certified Bowenwork Practitioner & Neuromuscular Therapist. 613.809.7283

ICU-INSPIRING CHILDREN UNIVERSALLY – Reading blindfolded helps children become happier, more confident and academically successful | Crystal Medicine Centre | 613-4358678 | 1572 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville, ON |



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DIRECTORY REV. SHERRY HARRIS, MSW, RSW is a heart-focused psychotherapist, certified spiritual coach, counsellor, teacher, minister and energy therapist. She works 7 days a week and offers receipts reimbursable by most insurance providers. She may reached by phone at 613236-8852 or by email at Her website is www.sherryharriscounselling. com. If you cannot come to her, appointments may be done by phone or Sykpe or in your home (travel costs added to the session fee) Hourly fee: $140. ANNA GREEN COUNSELLING & PSYCHOTHERAPY MA CCC, RP) Holistically integrated psychotherapy for individuals and couples by a registered psychotherapist – clinically supervised, receipts available. Downtown. Insurance/sliding scale. 613-2959987

FREE COUNSELLING AVAILABLE for people dealing with death and dying. Also, guidance to achieve your goals in life. 613-828-2836 HEAL, CHANGE, GROW with a supportive listener.Safe and confidential talk therapy, combined with amethyst crystal BioMat, hands-on healing, and crystal singing bowl toning. For women, female youth,and children only. www. SIGNY FRIDRIKSSON COUNSELLING AND PSYCHOTHERAPY M.A. (Counselling and Spirituality). Feeling stuck? Improve relationships,clarify goals, manage stress, and increase well-being. I offer calm & nonjudgmental listening, empathy and respect in a safe, supportive environment. Couples, families and individuals. 613-864-5222

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for selfhealing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011.

• Crystals WELLNESS WITH MOIRA: CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Sessions. Specializing in self empowerment for healing and health. Insurance Receipts. 613.432.1239 DENISE GAULIN. Advance-Level Certified Craniosacral therapist offers CST and VM sessions, also has a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. As a certified teaching assistant and study group leader offers monthly gatherings for students of CST and SER. By appt.: 613-738-9080 BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY, Energy Healing, Intuitive Readings. Michelle Perkovic CST. 613-806-1166 GET TO THE ROOT OF DEPRESSION, anxiety, pain. Process trauma, stored emotions & stress. Affordable rates. osianawellness. com JANICE ZUBIN, ND, RMT, CST-D www. 819-918-1993. 20+ years helping heal chronic injury and trauma

LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Beautiful handpicked crystals & jewellery. Workshops. Home parties. Crystal Healing sessions. 613-868-8468. Join my mailing list, send an email to:

DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa OTTAWA WELLNESS & DETOX CLINIC. 613.256.4886 ION CLEANSE FOOT BATH - Removes accumulated toxins from your body through the pores in your feet. Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739

OTTAWA DOWSERS, 2nd Wednesday of the Month Routhier Community Centre 172 Guiges St.(Cumberland/St. Patrick) 7-9:30pm. Pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, bobbers and more. 613-596-0260

• Dreams ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Registered psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst. Therapy practised with sensitivity to material from the unconscious such as dreams.

• Eco-Friendly ADORIT BOUTIQUE. Fair Trade Eco-fabric Boutique. Tarot Readings every Saturday 12:00 - 6:00pm. 153 York St. Ottawa. (613) 241-8354

CRYSTAL MODALITIES for relaxation, energy clearing and balance. CCH, CRM 613-355-1832

• Crystal Shamanism CRYSTAL SHAMANIC PRACTITIONER, Crystal Healer, Psychic Intuitive, IET master instructor certified Yoga Teacher. Intuitive/ psychic guidance given during Shamanic Healing sessions to better help you along your journey. Crystal layouts, chakra clearings, journeying and more. Sessions for children,

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• Dentist

• EFT & Energy Medicine COMBINING THE POWER OF DONNA EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE, ENERGY PSYCHOLOGY, EFT and PSYCHOTHERAPY to release blocks and empower you to Live your Best Life. Individual and couple sessions. Catherine McLenaghan, Registered Psychotherapist. Anxiety, depression trauma, life transitions etc. Insurance receipts. Call 613-730-0411



• Dental Hygiene PROFESSIONAL TEETH CLEANING - Holistic Hygiene Dental Services - Vanessa Gomez RDH, Downtown Ottawa 613-851-3486


COPING WITH A CANCER DIAGNOSIS? Explore your experience in a safe, open, nonjudgmental space. Develop stress management strategies and effective methods for coping with fear, worry, uncertainty and the upheaval of living with a major illness. Erin Wright, M.A., Registered Psychotherapist (Q) 613-519-8411

CRYSTAL MEDICINE CENTRE – Crystal Store, Workshops, Training, Healing Sessions | 1572 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville, ON | 613-435-8678 ||

• Dowsing

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FEEL LIGHTER! Intuitively & compassionately clarifying & clearing the root cause of your concerns. Specializing in stubborn patterns. Energy psychotherapy, ascension education & 12-dimensional clearing. Individuals, couples, children. In person/ by phone.

teens, adults and animals. I also offer Crystal workshops, home crystal jewellery parties, psychic circles, meditation sessions, retreats. Contact:, Facebook: VieYoga and Crystal Shamanic Healing, 613-852-4963.







P.W. EMF BALANCERS, Home, Work, Auto. Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758,,

• Emotional Freedom Technique VIOLETTA BOROWSKI, BEd, CHt, EFT Cert-1, SPHE-RE Through this gentle tapping technique, release emotional, mental, spiritual blockages and imbalances on all levels that were preventing you from experiencing peace, happiness and success in your life. A healthy emotional state, will immediately activate physical healing and well being. 613-808-4822

• Energy Healing LAURIE FRASER, clairvoyant energy worker/ healer. I communicate with your energy and make the changes it requests to improve health and effectiveness. I report messages from your own heart, loved ones who have crossed and your ascendant master. I smudge homes, cut ties, heal the child self and past lives. I remove the energy that the tumour or depression or foreign energy is living on, etc. 613-822-8587 usually $90, in person or long distance, approx. 1 hr. LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective energy medicine. Stress, childhood issues, depression, pain, grief. In person or distance, people & pets 613-868-8468 VIOLETTA 613-808-4822 The goal is for you to reduce or eliminate your pain rapidly & effectively. Let’s work on you using EFT along with other tools for your mental, emotional, and physical well being. EFT Certified

ENERGY HEALING, CranioSacral Therapy, Intuitive Readings. Michelle Perkovic CST. 613-806-1166

• Face Massage FACE MASSAGE (REJUVENATING) The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298.

• Flower Essences FLOWER ESSENCES can offer support in every area of life. Gentle release of persistent patterns, blocks & trauma, assistance in acute or chronic issues, physical or emotional. Californian, Pacific and Bach Essences. Will work with animals. Barbara Schuster, FEScertified practitioner; 613-820-4303, www.

• Foot Care NURSING FOOT CARE - IN HOME OR IN CLINIC. Sterilized individually packaged tools, best practices in clinical assessment, infection control, privacy and technologies. Pampered Mani/Pedi, advanced & diabetic Most insurance up to 80% & Veterans 100% 613-621-0012

• Gardening/Landscaping SPARKY TRINE SHAMANIC SUPPORT: Planning, planting, problem-solving, messages and negotiations.

• Gifts PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444: eco friendly, recycled, unique and inspirational ideas!

• Gum Disease DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Hair Analysis HAIR ANALYSIS AND NUTRITIONAL BALANCING. Boost the potential of your mind, body and spiritual development through Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing. A total healing system that is a formula for anyone who is looking for improved health and wellness. email:

DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Homeopathy J.B. HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY. Jo-Anne Bazinet, homeopath. Member of S.P.H.Q., C.S.H., H.M.C.C. 2062 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1C 1E6. (613) 830-0487. Consultations & products available. OTTAWA GATINEAU HOMEOPATHY CLINIC Naturopathy and Holistic Health | 819-744-1104

• Hotstone Healing BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Hypnosis HYPNOSIS. Vivienne Filiatreault B.A. ( H.D.Ed.) Psych / counselling. Certified Consulting Hypnotist with N.G.H. and other International Boards. Over 33 years of experience in counselling. Try something different. For a free consult, call or text (613)301 – 1971 or contact MARIETTE is a certified, clinical master hypnotist with NGH trained by Sheila Granger.

• Hypnotherapy

• Head & Neck Pain DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Healer INTUITIVE HEALING SPECIALIST NOW IN OTTAWA Physical, Mental, Psychological, Emotional, Past lives, Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul cleanse, Fears, Pain management. 613 821 4809

WENDY ARMSTRONG, CHt, MHt, Master Consulting Hypnotist, CCIr. You can create the life you desire NOW! 613-823-3316 wendy@ JAIME PALLEN CERTIFIED Hypnotist N.G.H member. Past lives interfering with your present explore how and what you can do to change it. Make an appointment @613-454-1429) or

• Healthy Bra HEALTHY BRA - Orthopaedic and Post-Surgical Bra (Medical Device License). No wires. No elastic. Custom-fit. Where health, comfort and shape matter most – Sizes 28A to 44KK. Comfy Posture Solutions 613-521-9100

• Herbalism THE BEST OF NATURE’S CERTIFIED HERBALIST, Miranda V Martel. Herbal Services: Herbal Spa treatments, Consultations for Balancing Health, Workshops, Walks and Remedies www. Call: 705-561-5365 E-mail:

November 2019

BAD HABITS HOLDING YOU BACK? Hypnosis allows the focus to be placed upon what YOU WANT. Together we make the changes happen in the right way for YOU! Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239



ANNA GREEN, MA CCC, RP — SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Emotional Freedom Technique, SET, Bach Remedies, Meridians/Qigong. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime – Downtown. – 613-295-9987

• Holistic Dentist



• EMF Balancing









HYPNOSIS WORKS! Reach your objectives with Lynne Cardinal, a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. Lynne has been offering Stress Management, Burnout Prevention and Meditation workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. Insurance receipts. 613.836.2355 - PATRICIA V. LACROIX, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH. Akashic Records & Destiny Card Readings. Certified Angel Card Reader™, Reiki Master/Teacher. 12 Strand DNA Reconnections. Voted A-Channel Viewer’s Choice Ottawa’s Best Psychics. 613-591-6901 Connect with me on Facebook:

• Indian Head Massage THE CANADIAN CENTRE OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298. AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE certification with Jackie Cave, Fusion School of Natural Health. 613-389-4344 or KYMBERLI KER, IHM Practitioner, Relaxing Treatments.

SAGE WELLNESS 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Detoxify, Treat injuries, Pain relief, Weight loss, Reduce Stress, Improve Skin

• Intuitive Numerology A NEW SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Psychic Consultation. Laura Young 725-7232

• Intuitive Readings INTUITIVE CHANNELER/MEDIUM ~ TRACY ROY channels her Spirit Guide, Whitehawk for psychic readings. Visit her YouTube channel:


• Light Body Acceleration CONNECT WITH YOUR HIGHER SELF & INNER WISDOM: For insight, guidance, validation, inspiration and support. Readings on-line, by phone and in person. Moira Hutchison 613.432.1239 MICHELLE VEZEAU spiritual guidance to your life’s questions – insightful, profound clarity. (819) 827-2579 LINDA MEDIUM, Palm reader: for appt: Tele: 613-816-1808 INTUITIVE TAROT, angel oracle, fairy tarot and fairy oracle readings by email. Visit or tarotpugs for available reading offers. Email:

CHERYL JIALA DRISKELL is happy to help you find Health, Happiness and Spiritual Awakening. Over 30 years of training and author of 4 books. Wakefield, Ottawa and Skype sessions available. www.intuitivelight. com 819-328-9128 WAKEFIELD Retreats too! BOOK an INTUITIVE or TAROT READING with Rachel in Ottawa, via Skype or by phone at or (613)7009528. Workshop and group events available too.

• Journey JEAN CALLAWAY, Ottawa’s first Accredited Journey Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reclaim the truth of who you are. Works with children, teens and adults. Energy Medicine (Reiki Master, Shamanism, Universalis) NLP, WEL-Systems TM Institute Master Facilitator. Phone: 613-295-2756.

• Jungian Analysis ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Registered psychotherapist and Jungian Analyst. Depth psychology to address your unique concerns.

• Life Between Lives THIS IS THE SPACE between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what goes on in that time-space? What happens to the soul? This is journey to the other side to better understand the reason for which we came

November 2019

LIPHE DESIGN.COM. pH Nutritional Microscopy. Donna Porteous 613 253 7467

• Low Impact Yoga LOW IMPACT HATHA YOGA www.zenforyou. ca The Zen for You Hatha Yoga classes are easy to do for people who have never tried yoga before. Manali Haridas, Certified Yoga instructor progressively teaches the yoga postures and different relaxation breathing techniques in a period of 10 weeks.

• Lymphatic NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. LymphDrainage-Massage-Shiatsu-Reflexology. Receipts. By appointment. 613—798-8385. Free parking.

• Massage Therapy BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! KAREN MUNRO-CAPLE, RMT. Providing Healing, Relief, Joy! 1105-85 Albert St. between Elgin & Metcalfe. (613) 230-3527. RACHELLE BEHRENS RMT now accepting new patients at cozy home based clinic in Kanata. DIANA M SHELDRICK, Registered Massage Therapist since 2005. Also available, Maya Abdominal Therapy treatments. Please contact Diana at 613 265 7681 or FILOSOFI LASER AND MASSAGE CLINIC. Offering Low Intensity Laser Therapy, Massage, Phsyio, Reiki, BodyTalk, ArmaTouch, Cupping and Orthotics. Let us get you back to doing what you love to do! 613-225-1127. MAGI MASSAGE 530 Kirkwood Ave. welcomes you to my warm home clinic. Call Dora (613) 298-3557

• Medical Intuitive ANGELA KEHLER, Certified Medical Intuitive

• Meditation CHRISTIAN MEDITATION COMMUNITY – There are about 40 groups in the Ottawa area that meet weekly to practice a way of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word or mantra, as taught by the late Benedictine Fr. John Main. For more information contact the


• Infrared Sauna

on earth. The process is profound, the session itself last up to three hours. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies Gatineau, 819-205-6670



ACADEMY OF HYPNOTHERAPY When talking therapy is just not enough to dissolve old emotional blocks... Create new pathways by trusting and following fresh images, empowering suggestions and inspiring visions. Become whole again by re-membering and re-connecting forgotten parts of yourself. What inside! What outside! Consider the Whole... Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Hypnotherapist, 234-5678 or 726-3636.









COSMIC MINDFULNESS, Meditation in the Yogic Tradition. Ongoing classes and guided meditations, Tues eve and Wed noon given by Chris Simmonds, including chakra awareness, Pratyahara and Yogic Meditation techniques. Attend an ongoing class or practice group. Advanced personal instruction is also available. Call Chris at 613-298-2447 or email Visit for more info. SPARK OF LIGHT MEDITATION. Learn the life-changing practices of mantra meditation and mindfulness for peace of mind, wellbeing and spiritual awakening. Private and group introductory and advanced classes. Call Jennifer Bernius at 613-721-3787; jenbernius@; MEDITATION ON TWIN HEARTS. A beautiful healing technique for illumination that works on the physical, mental, and spiritual levels to open the heart chakra (emotional heart) and the crown chakra (spiritual heart), making us a channel of divine energies, which we use to bless the earth & every being. Lotus Born Wellness Centre: 1226A Wellington W. WEDNESDAYS, 7pm. Cost: on donation. RSVP: MEDITATION AND PRAYER Thursday evenings 5-7pm. 3015 Richmond Rd. 613-828-2836.

• Myofascial Release Therapy

• Past Life Regression

BODYWORK FOR WOMEN, Pain esp. from Surgery-cosmetic, Mastectomy, Scars, Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciatis, Neck Problems, Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Issues, Limited Mobility, Incontinence, Injuries, Breast Health,, 613-857-7031

• Naturopathic Medicine DR. KANDIS LOCK, ND. Licensed  Naturopathic Doctor. Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Headaches, Womens Health, Chronic Disease, Cancer. Come in for free 15 minute consult to find out how naturopathic medicine can benefit you (no treatment provided). 210-190 Somerset St. 613-656-9629,

DR. KATHERINE WILLOW ND, fourth-generation naturopathic doctor, has been practicing for 35 years and specializes in German New Medicine (GNM). Call to book an appointment 613-839-1198 or visit for more info.

LANARK HIGHLANDS GRASS FED beef, organic chicken, garden, 613-268-2772

• Oral Health DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Music & Healing FOR 29 YEARS I have helped clients 2-82yr. with health concerns including ADHD, dyslexia, depression, cancer etc. Hands on approach using musical instruments. Call Shirley Schober @ 613-729-7758

DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Osteopathy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011. AYLMER OSTÉO ND. Osteopathy and naturopathy for back pain, sports injuries, and well-being. 32 rue Principale, Aylmer. 819-800-1962.

• Pain BODYWORK FOR WOMEN, Pain esp. from Surgery-cosmetic, Mastectomy, Scars, Swelling, Carpal Tunnel, Tennis Elbow, Plantar Fasciatis, Neck Problems, Back Pain, Sciatica, Shoulder Issues, Limited Mobility, Incontinence, Injuries, Breast Health, www., 613-857-7031

November 2019

PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Akashic Records & Destiny Card Readings. Certified Angel Card Reader™. Reiki Master & Teacher. 12 Strand DNA Activation. Voted one of A-Channel Viewer’s Choice for Ottawa’s Best Psychic. 613-591-6901

CHOW QIGONG. Classes held at McNabb Recreation Centre. Tuesdays, 10:00 - 11:30am. Wednesdays, 6:00-7:30pm. Complementary 1st class. Info: QI-MATIC RESEARCH CENTRE; Workshops by Sifu James: Information Healing. Contact Angela at or 613 762 8893

• Quantum Sound Therapy

YOUR VOICE IS MORE UNIQUE THAN YOUR DNA. Quantum Sound Therapy, will create YOUR unique set of Frequencies designed to remove negative emotions: fear, anxiety, anger, PTS, sadness that sabotage you. By SIMPLY LISTENING, you can let go of subconscious blockages, harmonize your being, SCIENTIFICALLY TRACK YOUR PROGRESS & Realize YOUR Potential.  Contact: Lise Desjardins 613-795-1469 Pesi Shroff Golden Light Therapies:



• Migraines

• Pranic Healing FAYE HEALEY IS A FULL-TIME ADVANCED PRANIC HEALING INSTRUCTOR & PRACTITIONER offering in-person and distant-healing sessions. She has successfully treated clients all over Ontario and Quebec, and as far as Saudi Arabia, Paris, Thailand, Japan, England, and Morocco & more. Whether in-person or remotely, Faye treats clients for a broad range of physical, emotional, and psychological ailments, which may include anything from broken bones to PTSD, multiple sclerosis to Pranic facelifts and weight-loss programs, and helping people enrich their homes or businesses through Pranic Feng Shui. Inspired by the benefits of Pranic Healing in her life and the lives of others, Faye teaches Pranic Healing and Superbrain Yoga courses in Ontario and Quebec, and holds a weekly Twin Hearts Meditation Wednesdays at 7pm. (, faye@pranichealingontario. ca,, 613-282-0801)

• Qigong

• Orthodontics SRI CHINMOY HOUR We invite you to join us every Monday for an evening of meditation and spiritual inspiration based on the teachings of Sri Chinmoy. Evening will include group meditation, singing and videos of Sri Chinmoy. Free of charge. Children welcome. Mondays: 7:00 p.m.–8:00 p.m., The Garden of Light, 1099 Bank Street, Call: 613-680-5727 or 613-4133743,

WHAT WE BRING INTO AWARENESS, we bring into healing. To book a session, contact Cheryl Clark at 613-890-2178 or

• Psychic Medium

• Nutrition



Ottawa Area Coordinator at 613-233-6047 or or consult









THE POWER TO HEAL Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch, Instructor/ Practitioner since 2004. First instructor in Canada, improve physical strength, release physical and emotional stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, remove pain. Information on personal appointments, distant healing sessions, as well as Quantum-Touch Therapy Certification training. Call Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751 or by e-mail at, or aileen., or check out www. or .. If you are interested in taking the QuantumTouch Level I class, you are in the right place

• Quantum Success Coaching Academy CERTIFIED LAW OF ATTRACTION COACH trained by Christy Whitman in the most amazing, successful and powerful coaching model. My ideal client is between 25 and 65, and dealing with issues creating feelings of stuckness. interfering with the emotional and lifestyle satisfaction they desire. We work our way through the processes, teaching clients strategies to become personally empowered thus releasing those blockages that have been standing in their way. Clients begin to find increased physical and emotional energy, buried creativity, demonstrated personal strength physically and emotionally as well as increased feelings of abundance on all levels. Please check out, .. or send me an email at , or at aileen. .. by giving me a call at 613-795-3751, or at 613-228-2272 for more information, or to make an appointment

• Reconnective Healing ALEXIS NICOL – Reconnective Healing® Practioner and the Reconnection since 2005. 613-263-7925

BALANCE RELAXATION THERAPY. Reflexology, Ayurvedic Yoga & YOGA MASSAGE FOR BETTER HEALTH. Lori Chamberland, 613-2557934 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Reflexology-Massage-Shiatsu-LymphDrainage. Receipts. By appointment. 613—798-8385. Free parking. REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA offers Individual sessions (foot, hand or ear reflexology), private or corporate events, as well as fund raising events are available. We offer training towards certification as well as membership for professional Reflexology practitioners and students of Reflexology. Contact: ALEXIS NICOL - RCRT - Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925.


KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided, 613.897.9642 LAURIE BERG, RCRT - Hand & Foot Reflexology with Reiki - 613-722-4004 REFLEXOLOGY BY RISHMA is a home based practice in Westboro. Sessions offered for 1 hour or 45 minutes. Receipts provided. By appointment only. House calls available. (613) 890-1062 www.reflexologybyrishma. com JUST BE REFLEXOLOGY. De-stress and detox the whole body gently with Foot Reflexology at Green Spirit in Manotick or Home Studio in Riverside South. Caroline Chapman 613 915 6778 CAROL EARLE WELLNESS. Facial Reflexology for Trauma-Bipolar-Stress- Dementia-Alzheimer & Japanese Face Lifting Therapy. - At Manotick Wellness Hub.

• Reiki WENDY ARMSTRONG, CRA-RT, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master. Sessions & training for all levels. 613-823-3316 wendy@wellness-centre. com

DEBRA DESJARDINS at Angel Wing Reiki. Kanata; Morgan’s Grant. Reiki sessions for all ages. Reiki for animals. Classes for levels 1 and 2 and children. 613-435-2100 FINDING YOUR SELF - Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body’s natural energy to encourage better health. Reiki treatments are available on the Amethyst Bio-Mat. A true mind, body and spirit experience. Reiki Master, Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739 HEAL. GROW. THRIVE. I am an IET and Usui/ Karuna Reiki Master teacher offering healing sessions, Reiki and IET classes. Frederic Papillon 613 805-3733 ANNA EARLE GREEN, MA CCC, RP, SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – Body-centered process work: Reiki & Classes, Craniosacral, SET, EFT, and more. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime. Downtown area. 613-295-9987 JARDIN REIKI GARDEN. A universal energy of compassion. Jacinthe Potvin, Usui Master/ Teacher. For Reiki treatments given with all the love my heart contains please call: 819 319-1216 or DONNA DILLMAN, Usui Master - Circa 1894 Day Spa, Lanark. Use of tubs/saunas included. 613-259-9988; DARLENE PLOUFFE, Reiki & Numerology. 613-769-7313

CATHERINE BASTEDO, MA, RT-CRA, ICRT, USUI-HOLOGRAPHIC & HOLY FIRE II KARUNA REIKI® MASTER, JIKIDEN Practitioner. Bilingual. Personalized classes; Reiki Master/Teacher Program; individual sessions; online Healing Your Chakras classes; Muskoka retreats. 819-918-3436.

HOLY FIRE REIKI treatments and courses with Martha St. Pierre. 613-422-7286; ladymjs50@; REIKI IS LIFE FORCE OF ENERGY. It helps for relaxation and stress. The best way to experience is having a full treatment. Call Laura at 613-608-9750.

KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided, HEALING CONNECTION: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki, QuantumTouch, Intergrative Energy Therapy, EFT and Magnified Healing. These holistic therapies will help you to relax, relieve stress and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Roger, 613 322 7585, email; ALEXIS NICOL – RMTT, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer. Private sessions and training, receipts provided. 613-263-7925 REIKI IN THE WEST END Stressed out? Aches and pains? Reiki can help you relax and feel better. Flexible sessions from 10 to 60 minutes. Contact Barb at 613-228-9176 or

November 2019

GERMAINE DE PERALTA (CRA, ICRT). USUI HOLY FIRE II REIKI MASTER/ TEACHER and HOLY FIRE II KARUNA MASTER/TEACHER. Reiki Certification Classes in all levels of Usui Holy Fire II Reiki (Level 1, 2, and ART/Master) and Certification Classes in Holy Fire II Karuna Reiki Practitioner/Master/ Teacher. Mentoring Program. Scheduled classes or by request. Crystal Healing workshops. Healing sessions (Reiki with Crystals). Specialize in relationship stress and mental/emotional/spiritual issues. Contact: Reiki Wanderlust at the RW Healing Centre, Westboro, Ottawa, K1Z 1E7. Tel: 613-697-3105 or email:


• Reflexology



• Quantum TouchTherapy









DIANE GODIN 819-665-3187 (Ottawa-based). Reiki is a spiritual therapy that provides healing energy to recharge and re-balance the human energy field, working with physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Reiki works well with stress, anxiety, chronic pain and much more. I am a Certified Reiki Master Practitioner (Energy Healer), Psychic Medium, Empath, and Witch. I also provide Card Readings. SHARON ALVES SOBERS, Usui Reiki Master Teacher & Theta Healing® Practitioner. Barrhaven 613-914-6685 or

• Relationship Readings Ask how to Host a Relationship Readings Party with

• Retreats

• Shamanism HEALING SESSIONS+2-Yr CrystalShamanic Program - evolved training in the ancient Arts | Crystal Medicine Centre | 613-435-8678 | 1572 Stittsville Main Street, Stittsville, ON || LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective Shamanic sessions for anxiety, childhood issues, depression, abuse, pain, grief. In person or distance, clients worldwide. People & pets. 613-868-8468 TRADITIONAL CEREMONIES for physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Chakra Balancing, Cord Cutting, Past Life Journeys, Animal Totem Journeys, and many more. Please contact SatDaya Williams 613-761-5982

CHARMING RURAL RETREAT COTTAGE NEAR WAKEFIELD. Couples/individuals. Clean, equipped. Year round. Minimum one month. For details text 819-328-3705.

SURROUNDED BY 190 acres of forest, connect with nature in a guided or self-guided retreat. We offer healing retreats throughout the year or you can create your own. Call for more info 613-839-1198 or visit INTIMATE RETREAT/WORKSHOP Space in Orleans; wellness, holistic B&B. Hosts 25, sleeps 7. Text 613-405-6395

• Room for Rent Workshop space and therapy rooms available at Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• SensoriMotor Repatterning SENSORIMOTOR REPATTERNING (SMR): Resolve chronic pain by correcting faulty movement patterns that have been generated

• Somatic Sex Education

SOMATIC SEXUALITY EDUCATION offers a new way of understanding our bodies, inviting integration of body and spirit, expanding consciousness and allowing access to our most powerful source of creativity, healing and joy. 613-413-1216

• Sound Healing COMBINING CRYSTAL BOWLS, tuning forks, chimes and other sound healing instruments to create a relaxing experience. Individual sessions and group meditations. Julie 613-254-8469.

• Spiritual Counselling SELF-RENEWAL & SOUL-CARE through belief-triage subtle energy healing system by Diane Oliver, Urban-Elder 613261-1602 com. SPARKY TRINE SHAMANIC SUPPORT: questions, soul retrievals, power animals, extractions, project support, ceremony. APPRENTICESHIP, classes, ceremonies, and healing services in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism.

• Shiatsu TONYA GARTSHORE, Dipl.S.T., RMT. Registered massage therapy, shiatsu, reflexology, acupressure facial, Thai massage, cupping & acupuncture. (Hunt Club & Greenbank)

ROOMS FOR RENT. Shared bathroom. Utilities included. 3015 Richmond Rd., 613-828-2836 OFFICE FOR RENT by the hour ($25), half day ($55) or full day ($95) in Gatineau (Hull sector, Quebec) for March. Perfect for health professionals. Massage bed on site.

NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

ANCIENT JAPANESE HEALING ARTS increase vitality, unblock energy, reduce stress, relieve muscle pain, heal injuries. Sho Takeda, RMT. www.ShoHealing. com

November 2019

INTEGRAL SOMATICPSYCHO-SPIRITUAL PSYCHOTHERAPIST: Unresolved embodied trauma underlies many common psychological issues such as anxiety and depression. Therefore, I employ a variety of somatic methods such as EMDR, IBP & a somatic mediation, which activate the body to reveal where trauma is stored, the imagination to remember it, & the heart to express and release it. Clients are in awe of the experience activated by these methods, & grateful for the transformative results. I am covered by health insurance plans under psychological services. Contact information: Carol Dignam, 613-4229396;

• Tarot JUDY JIBB, Tarot and Astrology Ottawa, MA Cultural Astronomy and Astrology (2016), Cert.F. Astol.S (1986),, 613 304 4255 LEARN TAROT: Level I and II Classes start September 21, 2019. Discover the original symbolic meanings of the cards and much more. Awaken your latent psychic or intuitive talents with a professional Taroist with over 30 years experience. For more information go to: or email



MIRANDA GREENACRE (Dayvis) Advanced Rolfing Practitioner 400 Pleasant Park Rd. Ottawa, On. K1H 5N1 (613) 866 2427

• Skin Care



by old injuries, surgeries, emotional trauma and stress. COLIN LIGGETT RMT. Westboro. 613 867 9299.




• Rolfing® Structural Integration






LISA KOPIL, Meridian Tapping, Stress Management, Life Coach. Tap into your Life by changing your mind. Private sessions, workshops, drop in sessions. (613) 899-4994

specialization in pediatric CST and VM. By appt.: 613-738-9080

• Weddings

• Tea Leaf Reader TEA LEAF & COFFEE GRIND reader. Crystal & obsidian balls. Object reading, Dowsing, Tarot, Zen & other cards. Helene Gibeault 613-7487419.

• Thai Massage BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Therapeutic Touch THERAPEUTIC TOUCHª - profound relaxation & pain relief; supports healing all levels. Can be applied in acute, chronic or emotional conditions. House calls, hospital visits available. Will work with animals. Barbara Schuster, TTNO-Recognized Practitioner. 613-820-4303,

• Therapeutic Yoga

• ThetaHealing SHIFT LIMITING, core beliefs to healthy ones. Affordable rates.

• Trauma Recovery JANICE ZUBIN, ND, RMT, CST-D www. 819-918-1993. Offering advanced therapy for chronic injury, emotional release, women’s issues

• Visceral Manipulation

• Wholistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa


PATHWAY YOGA. A beautiful, welcoming studio in the heart of Westboro. Learn how Iyengar yoga can lead body and breath, heart and mind along a brighter, healthier pathway. 613 8069642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor

• Zen • Zen

• Workshops GROUNDING AND THE ART OF CREATING SACRED SPACE Levels I, II, and III is a workshop taking place over 3 days, all about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, learning how to clear a space, how to be present and secure in your own energy field. Ideal workshop for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers and anyone anywhere who works with or lives closely with others. For information and registration call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, or by sending an e-mail to QUANTUM-TOUCH: The Power to Heal Certificate workshop in Quantum-Touch therapy, a powerfully simple modality that will transform your ideas about your health and your life. This wonderful modality can be used with other modalities and is very helpful for self-healing, distance healing, working with clients, friends, family, pets, water and gardens. For information, call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, and at VISIONBOARD WORKSHOP: Would you like to know how to attract and create the life you love? Would you like to participate with others in using some amazing tools to help you to discover what you really want in your future life, and how you can create that future and feel as if you are already in the future life. Using imagination, fun and play, you will learn about how to create the job you want, the lifestyle, and the level of wellness you want to achieve, fitness, and relationships. It is all about being able to imagine what you want, and to take the actions needed to bring it into reality. For more information, or registration, please all Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, and at

DENISE GAULIN Advance-Level Certified Craniosacral therapist offers CST and VM sessions, also had a

• Yoga KANATA CLASSES are held in a yoga studio that soothes and allows you to unwind. A variety of yoga styles are integrated into each class. You leave feeling that you have touched that place of calm within.

THE PRACTICE OF ZEN offers something simple, direct and accessible to anyone seeking stillness and peace of mind in this busy, frantic world. Contact the Flowing Bridge Zen Sangha of Sanbo-Zen for more information at

• CLASSIFIEDS SENIOR SEEKING SHARED ACCOMMODATION FOR FALL 2019. Spiritually-minded, peace-loving senior woman looking to share a house or apartment with a compatible woman (not necessarily senior) starting this fall or early 2020. I’m quiet, healthy and health-conscious, and would love to live with another who is, too. Must live close to transit. Please email

FOR SALE Norwalk Juicer Model 270 $2200.00 Green Star Juicer $400.00 Ion Cleanse Aqua-Chi Prof. Series 11 $800.00 Contact: 1-613-923-5156

November 2019


I‘LL DEVELOP YOUR OWN PERSONALIZED YOGA PROGRAM that includes poses, breathing exercises, meditations and healthy lifestyle tips to help you cope with anxiety, depression, weight loss, sleep problems, etc. Contact Linda for your free consultation at mountainsoulyoga@gmail. com or 613-862-4614.

REV. PATRICIA ROSE. Call/Text: 613-2978960. Or visit:



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Indigenous Ways

Ian Prattis hattered Earth: Approaching Extinction is my latest book. It is about the broken cycles of Climate Systems that place humanity in dire straits. It begins with a futuristic analysis of Climate Change and reveals how unready humanity is to encounter Climate Emergency. There are many global protest movements intended to motivate citizens, parliaments and industry to implement massive measures to ameliorate the impacts of Climate Emergency. However, powerful financial interests, the creators of Climate Change, will not allow their power and control to slip away. They are better organized than us and they control the wealth to usurp any coalition that threatens their power. Is there a future for our beautiful children and grandchildren? The Marshall Plan strategy used after World War 11 required a global effort to implement it. Something similar needs to be applied to Climate Crisis in the 21st century. However, given the nature of political leaders at this time it seems highly unlikely that similar steps will be taken. The denial of Climate Emergency by Presidents in the USA, Brazil and other nations, leaves the world bereft. The massive cooperation required to off-set the accelerating Climate Emergency has not appeared. What is left for us?


Evgenia Shmigol, B.Sc.S, M.Sc.S.Aud Audiologist

1110 Carp Rd, #135 Stittsville, ON

Tel. 613-836-3883

PART FOUR of this book draws on Indigenous Ways. My long encounter with Ancient Wisdom enabled my heart and mind to expand. I absorbed the significance of the Earth Mother and saw clearly how humanity neglected the basic respect for all that sustains us. Indigenous cycles of harvesting the Earth were based on an ethic of planning seven generations into the future. Such an ethic is not found in modern society. Indigenous wisdom the world over knows that protecting the Earth is primary to care for ourselves and all species. The era of Climate Crisis and Extinction is not a surprise to them. I was fortunate to encounter many First Nation storytellers across North America: Dene, Hopi, Ojibwa, Algonquin, Inuit – to mention a few. Their poetic recounting of myths and history had a deep impact on how I thought and wrote. I would say that without poetry, cultures implode. Through their mentoring, I learned how to reconfigure my understanding of time, place and consciousness. I chose to listen to the sacred feminine voice of Earth Wisdom rather than the multitude of competing voices in my deep unconscious. My approach to life comes through experience, crises, difficulties and joys that may have common ground with many readers. I was gifted with mentors in the desert, training with sages in ashrams in India and the Ancient Wisdom of Indigenous cultures. My intensive training in different traditions enabled me to better understand the processes of transformation. There was a lot of mud in my seasons, yet that mud provided the necessary compost to cultivate surprisingly accurate insights. Thus, I was able to anticipate the hard core of Extinction by first of all developing Impermanence. And just why do I – do we – need all of this? It is so we may emerge as the new leaders for the 21st century. I introduce Sacred Stalker in Chapter 10 and in Chapter 11: Medicine Mentors- my indigenous education. Chapter 12: The Transfer Particle is a futuristic story about Hopi mysticism for a new planet. Chapter 13: The Forest provides a short, sharp finale about my intentions. My new book should be out very soon. Ottawa friends are welcome to get a signed copy from me – the bonus with each purchase is a FREE copy of one of my prior books.

November 2019



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Energy Balance Exchange Event subtle energy integration

Call 613.769.5575 2nd Saturdays 6:30pm to 10pm Honour fee contribution: $10 or more (give what you can) Net proceeds go to for First Nations and Allies intiatives to restore the Ottawa River watershed lands and waterways

Energy Balancing Exchange Event




Otherworld Treasures, 29 Marier near Beechwood

Friday, November 9th ~ 6:30-10pm

Dr. Joe Piazza, Chiropractor, Spinal Network

Innate Intelligence and the Rays of Consciousness Dr. Joe became Intrigued with low force methods, which led him l on a journey of discovery ending up with network spinal. Exploring together Discover the connection between your inborn Innate Intelligence and Consciousness. You will learn how to Transform challenges into opportunities to Awaken your inner guidance, and Integrate life experience with your inner wisdom. We will do this for 90 minutes including Questions & Answers. Around 8pm we will enjoy from one of our sponsors SHANGHAI RESTAURANT Veggie SNACKS! Also an opportunity for networking & shopping in store. At 8:30 pm we begin a Group Balance including the lands and waterways of the Ottawa River watershed providing the set and setting for the following individual balances. At 8:40 pm, we commence individual Energy Balancing Exchanges/ Integration Conversations. 10-15 minutes each giving, or receiving, multi-lateral, bi-lateral. Required: Curiosity, active listening, active observing. Miracles are invited & happen when we are ready. AS APPROPRIATE, ask for permission to touch and to use holistic modalities esp. with hands-on protocols. And stop anytime you are requested to. No diagnosis unless you are licensed to do so. Note: For ‘serious conditions’ consult a licensed medical professional. At 9:45 pm we consolidate our evening with a closing circle sharing with a short phrase about what feelings we experienced in this evening’s soul consciousness-raising experience. The store will be closing up around 9:55 pm

Sproutgrowers & Ultimate Wellbeing Education @Twogbd

EMF FreeZone

For more info please contact Steve Priebe at 613.842.4758

Honour Fee: $10 or more; CONTRIBUTE WHAT YOU CAN. Net proceeds go to for First Nations & Allies initiatives to restore the Ottawa River Watershed Headz-up! SAVE THE DATES! The Sat. Dec. 14 EnergyBEE will host Arzoo & Martee presenting: Dreaming your future with ultimate efficiency. This will cover lucid dreaming and strategies, and a 30 min. guided visualization of a near death experience integration for self-mastery & multi-universal service. The late Margaret Fields Kean called it “The Natural Process of Ultimate Efficiency, Parts 1 & 2”; she first taught Part 2 publicly in 1995 at SUNY Geneseo, New York. Martee will guide the Group Healing in Brazilian Toe Technic first introduced to America at a 1980 Touch for Health Conference. You can do it to a partner or to yourself. [Martee is a member of the first cohort that IKCregistered in 2013 as “TOUCH FOR HEALTH SCHOOL” Consultant.] On Sun. Dec. 15 from 3 to 5pm also at Otherworld Treasures Arzoo and Martee are presenting a workshop on Lucid Dreaming & the Oneness Process modality. Early bird by Nov 30 $60; at the door $75. Email your registration thru efunds transfer to



November 2019


obvious point, but it’s often lost on many a professional presenter. To create a compelling message, it’s essential 3 Powerful Practices of Persuasive Speaking to to structure your ideas appropriately. That means linking key themes together in the proper sequence, Captivate Any Audience with a flowing yet logical story By Daniel Mauro line, and with imagery that brings each theme to life. Thus, the magic ave you noticed that certain S p e a k i n g & P r e s e n t a t i o n S k i l l s of persuasive content messaging people have the power to with DA N I E L G is in the story arc, the vividness of capture your attention when they each idea, and the way those ideas Activate your authentic vocal signature speak? Somehow they manage ✓ connect with one another. Magnify the hidden frequencies in your voice to keep you magically riveted ✓ The final (yet often Release public speaking jitters gracefully — even when the content is not ✓ overlooked) property of powerful super interesting. So why is it ✓ Captivate audiences with key rhythmic cues communication is PREPARATION that we listen to some individuals ✓ Enhance your teaching or singing voice PRACTICE: It’s what you do before Expand your vocal range for any setting so attentively while selectively ✓ you get in front of an audience ignoring the messages of others? for more info on workshops & coaching: that matters. We’ve all heard the Is it the quality of information? maxim: ‘Practice makes Perfect.’ Their appearance? The sound Actually, it’s ‘Perfect Practice of their voice? Whether it’s teachers, YouTubers, makes Perfect.’ But with persuasive speaking, perfection spiritual leaders, or online marketers — there are 3 is not about memorizing everything you’re going to say key performance practices that all persuasive speakers verbatim. Or sticking to a script obsessively. It’s about embody: (1) Vocal Style; (2) Structured Content; (3) being proficient with your topic area and attaining a Preparation Practice. critical level of mastery with your message. The more Great speaking typically involves a variable you repeat a task, the easier it is to reproduce at ‘show repertoire of verbal and nonverbal cues. Of all the time.’ It’s no less true with speaking. You rehearse all nonverbal cues, by far the most important is VOCAL the nuances of your message so well in advance that STYLE. A speaker’s vocal style consists of dozens of it becomes embedded in the synapses and neurological subtle auditory parameters, each of which impacts how networks of your brain. we subconsciously receive their core message. Speakers Want to go deeper on this topic? Join me for an that appeal to us the most have learned to optimize key exciting intro seminar, EMBODY Your VOICE: The Top features of their voice, such as vocal resonance, melodic 10 Principles of Persuasive Speaking. Two sessions to intonation, and rhythm. In order to be persuasive on choose from in Ottawa or Wakefield: Nov 21 OR Dec stage, while teaching. . .or even on video, it’s essential 8 (respectively). To receive venue details and timing, that we harness the vast range of spectral parameters please pre-register at Sessions that are available to us as communicative beings. are $22 in advance or $30 at the door. Once you’ve enhanced the sound of your voice and Daniel Mauro is an expert on Neuroplasticity and Brain the way you speak, the next step is to work diligently Health, the Science of Musical Medicine, and Voice-Work with STRUCTURED CONTENT. It may seem like an Mastery. For more info about his private coaching programs, please visit:



Please suggest EnergyBEE Guest Presenters to share their passion to your host Martee tmtegtmeyer/; ThomasTegtmeyer. Moreover CONSULtation hours, playshops, workshops, & other programs are available. Text/Voice 613.769.5575 ~

Longstanding supporters include: TONE Magazine, Lemmy Monner & Heather Garrod; Ultimate Wellbeing EDUCATiON, Martee Tegtmeyer; EMF Free, Steve Priebe;, Christina Xina Lamothe; Ruby Hair Studio, Michael Rawbe.

November 2019


From Scary to Freedom

In the upcoming 5Rhythms® Heartbeat workshop in Ottawa, titled Road to Compassion, we will explore By Evangelos Diavolitsis 5 universal emotions that exist in every earthly body: Fear, Anger, Sadness, Joy and Compassion. This is the e often have a specific idea of dance that prevents natural cycle of our emotional life. us from joining in. This has contributed to how In the current climate of stress and social media our understanding of dance has somehow evolved over isolation, it is vital that we create a space where we the centuries. Once it was a joyful community event can safely hold the stories of our hearts. Many of us that brought all people together to share their dance, are carrying fear, anger and sadness from way-backwhatever it looked like, into a daunting challenge when in our bodies. Held for too long, these become for some. Today, sadly, we have more observers than smouldering impediments to how we act and see the dancers and movers on the floor. Observers, tend to tell world.  themselves that they must look a certain way, and that It is vital to our sanity to be at ease with our every day they need to know the correct moves. This very idea of dancing is intimidating and scary. No wonder so many feelings, neither hanging on to them, nor pushing them away. Moving our bodies through difficult emotions in of us don’t want to risk it. What if we can change/reframe people’s a natural way, inevitably leads to joy, compassion and a understanding of  dance so that  we all feel included richness of Life.  We hope you will join us for a physical journey into again? How about seeing dance as moving with the depths of the heart, transforming your emotions curiosity and letting the body lead, instead of the mind?  into art.  Dance can also be a metaphor for Life, the way we ebb and flow, go about the everyday and also how the seasons of our life change. This dance we speak of, is a Road to Compassion dance with Life itself. A 5Rhythms® Heartbeat Movement Workshop The dancing-moving body need not be a scary with Evangelos obstacle, but instead a path to freedom from stuck and January 23-26, 2020 | allsaints Event Space tangled energies. Nor is it a one-path-fits-all scenario. The path’s route unfolds distinctively and is tailored by you, the mover. This is truly a meditation on Life.



November 2019

Darshan with Mother Meera

by Reza Shadman am delighted to announce that Mother Meera will be back in Ottawa on Dec 7th, 2019. This is Her second tour in Quebec and Ontario this year. It is also part of the anniversary of the 40 years of Her arrival in Canada and the USA. Its was in 1979 in Montreal, Quebec, where Mother offered Her first public Darshan to North American audience. Mother Meera is known to be an embodiment of the Divine Feminine. Her purpose is to help with humanity’s transformation and to that extent, She travels the world to spread Her light. It is truly with joy that we invite you to experience Darshan in Ottawa. Darshan is always free. Darshan is Mother’s unique way of offering Her blessing. It is the essence of Her work.


“The whole purpose of my work is in the calling down of the Paramatman Light and in helping people. For this I came – to open your hearts to the Light.” Mother Meera Guests can expect an inward experience. Darshan is offered in silence. There is no talk, only a silent blessing. Mother transmits her Light by looking into a person’s eyes and holding their temples. Our hall at the Hotel can comfortably seat 200 attendees. The guests are quietly guided to meet Mother face to face. A detailed explanation of Darshan is available at https://www. darshan/ “When humans sincerely aspire for happiness, harmony, peace, and light, then it is the Divine Mother who helps.” Mother Meera Some but not all guest experience an impression. Mother Meera says that the light we receive works on its own, whether we feel it or not. The first time I received Darshan I felt happy. Spring that year, out of

a great need, I prayed to Her continually and when things got better I forgot about Her. A few months later, during fall, a picture of Mother got my attention and I immediately knew She had been with me all along, in the background, helping. I realized I had been supported and held, even though I was not aware. Anyone’s sincere prayer for help, regardless of personal faith and belief, is answered. She is simply a Mother for all. is an excellent way to connect with Mother’s weekly meditations and blessings. We are looking for volunteers to join our team! The Ottawa-Gatineau crew strives to make Darshan a memorable event for our spiritual community and we need your help. Mother Meera Society is a nonprofit and 100% volunteer-based organization. We are expecting roughly 400 guests on Dec. 7th. There are many volunteers positions such as greeting, hosting, and setups. The major portion of the work is done on the weekend of the Darshan (Dec. 6th and 7th ). We also need help with putting up posters prior to the event. Please contact Reza at, or 6137940677 for more details.

November 2019


The Art of Eden Energy Medicine


ow do we come home?  To ourselves, to our own power, to our own greatness?  How do we learn to own (and love) all that is within ourselves?  How do we stay on track with our lives in spite of the unexpected always bitting at our heels?  For me, my tools include Groundedness, Trust, Belief and Connection to my own creativity. Connection to others, in a deep, meaningful way. Connection to something greater (be it a tree, a rock, a god or goddess, an angel, a wise ancestor or Mother Earth). Truth be told, I lean heavily on Mother Earth. Sometimes it is she who carries me. Other times, it is a kind word from a wise friend or mentor. Sometimes it is my own inner wisdom that finally decides to rise to the surface and be heard. As an Eden Energy Medicine practitioner I would like to talk about the importance of groundedness. The trees get it. They understand that without their roots being deeply embedded and nourished by the soil’s gifts there would be no life.  As humans, we are the same. Energetically speaking, did you know that for women, the energy of our body comes from the earth? For men, it comes from above. For we females, our new fresh energy enters through our feet.  Hence the need to open these channels to recharge, stabilize and ground. Below are three easy ways to encourage groundedness. #1 Take off shoes and socks and walk barefoot on grass. #2 Find a stainless steel spoon (it must be a stainless steel spoon or this will not work) and with it draw figure 8s on the bottom of your feet.   #3 Stretch your feet by massaging them with your hands.   Twist them.   With gentle pressure, rub every nook and cranny of these precious extremeties.  Pull the energy off the toes and in between the webbing of the toes.   Now go outside (while we still can without freezing our feet off) and walk barefoot, soaking in earth’s nourishment. 


About feet:   Did you know that each foot has 26 bones?  And that there are more bones in your hands and feet than in the rest of your body?  And there are six meridians (lines of energy) that run through each hand and an additional 6 meridians that run through each foot. Three of the meridians that run through our feet are “grounding” meridians. What does that mean?   These meridians return to Earth our excess energy.   Today, many of us suffer from “excess” energy. Ideally a body sucks up energy (through the feet) to the top of the head and then melds with “sky” energy, and then returns to earth. This simple looping of energy, if working efficiently, allows us to metabolize and balance how we deal with those out-of-left-field happenings that grace our lives.  Grounding is not only our life force, it is an essential need. Within the work I do in my Creativity Mentorship Programme, my Eden Energy work focusses primarily helping the spirit of an individual to regain its momentum.  What ignites your spirit?  How do you stay connected to that spark?    For each of us the pathway is unique.  Yet, I believe, each one has a special gift to give to the world.  I simply help you on the path to find yours. Being grounded is part of our way home.  Helene Anne Fortin is a creative.    Her portrait studio is located in Wakefield Quebec where she loves to capture the spirit of her clients on film.  View that work at:   She equally loves to help empower others through her Eden Energy work, of which she is certified practitioner.   View that work at: or simply call: 819 459.2161.

November 2019

On Conception, Miscarriage & Abortion by Laurie Fraser


Heal the energy and the body will follow

rom What I Can Tell, women (potential mothers) and souls (who want to be born) must both come Allergies • addiction • abuse • to agreement- they both have the free will to create a candida • depression • detox • disease baby or not create a baby, or to continue creating the • fatigue • fungus/mold• lyme • infection baby until birth or to stop creating a baby at any point. infertility • insomnia • menopausal Both the woman and the soul must agree completely or symptoms • pain • past life • skin • the baby will not be created and carried to a successful birth. The soul holds no negative emotion about being spiritual stuff refused the womb; it fully respects the woman’s free will and will simply search for another appropriate body. How I know this: During healings I have seen and communicated with souls who were looking for a womb. A few examples: One client had aborted 3 times, 2 of them recently. Certified B.O.S. practitioner She was shocked by the 3rd pregnancy so close on the Holographic healing heels of the second, and she worried that she should have a baby now, although, for many reasons, she wasn’t ready to be a mom. She asked me if her future children needed to be born now for some reason. The little girl floating around the client during the healing was a giggly sweet thing wearing ladybug pajamas, about a year old in the vision I had of her. She I was working on a client for childhood rape. She said she loved the client from another life, but if she was raised without a father in a South American village wasn’t ready for parenthood, then she would choose where unprotected girls like her were considered fair another mother close by. game by the men in the village. She had been raped The client’s sister became pregnant within months many times. I had removed some of the old emotion and a year later, a healthy girl was born. She has red hair. and dysfunctional energy in previous sessions, but The client swears that, far more often than is normal, more kept rising to the surface. At this session, a little she will see ladybugs while caring for her niece. One on girl appeared to me, ragged and dirty. the ceiling of the hospital room, several in her sister’s “Who are you?” I asked, and learned she was a baby house, cartoons, clothes, toys and books. She calls her miscarried by the client at age 13. niece My Little Ladybug. The client remembered the event A client who wanted children with profound shame. The visiting dearly but could not conceive after 2 baby soul wanted the client to know years of effort, had a little boy baby (through me) that she had terminated appear at her healing with me. This the pregnancy herself because the life soul told me that he didn’t see how would have just been too hard. She he could fit into these prospective had simply changed her mind. parents’ lives. They both worked A client who always felt guilty fulltime; she was taking an evening about an abortion had the soul visit course. Most days, they went to the during a healing session and tell her gym before work, and he was starting that there was nothing to forgive, a part time photography business on only love; there was no sin, only free the weekends. I told the client to speak The Word Not Spoken will. a novel by Laurie Fraser the baby’s soul throughout the days, A romantic adventure set in Turkey addresses human telling him what would be different rights, risk and the requirements for love., $90 if he were there in body, welcoming Find it at Ottawa independent bookstores or order online at Amazon or any of your favourite e-bookstores. 613 822-8587 him. He was born 11 months later: a Watch the video, see photos and read chapter one, excerpts and more at stubborn boy who loves attention.

Laurie Fraser 613 822-8587

November 2019


What is the Medicine Wheel? Here is a short introduction – the tip of the iceberg – I have a word limit... The Medicine Wheel could be called the cover page to Indigenous Peoples’ cosmology. It has been around for over 2,000 years and put in place in approximately 500 BC. I propose to you that the Medicine Wheel is a moral compass, an owner’s manual on how to live life on Earth for all People! It is also known as the Wheel of Life, the Circle of Life, the Sacred Hoop and its teachings can also be found under the title of the Sacred Tree. As you can see, there are four equal quadrants to the Wheel. I have added my creative touch by placing a heart in the center. These colours represent the major human skin colours found on the Earth. There are no delineating lines between the colours, which indicates that we are all equal, one family sharing one home. White represents winter, the cardinal point North, the element Earth and the time of our senior years on Earth. It represents our physical aspect of being human. The power-animals assigned are Great White Buffalo/ Bison. Yellow represents new beginnings as we see in Spring and where the sun rises, the East. Its element is air. This is where our birth and childhood growth takes place. It represents the mental aspect of being human. The Eagle/Hawk sit here. Red represents the South, summer, water. We learn to expand our horizons as to what we want to do with our life and where we develop emotionally. Coyote/Wolf are the boss here.

Black is the one aspect of the Medicine Wheel that is misunderstood. But like all other colours, it is universal to every single human being on the Planet and has an equal share – most call it the spiritual aspect of being human. It is actually the sacred energy aspects of all of Life. This is where you find the language of the Soul and the understanding of soul/psychic gifts. Black represents the West, autumn, fire and its theme is introspection or self-analysis. This is a time where you establish yourself in Life. The power-animals here are Grizzly Bear/Cougar. There are seven moral teachings: Love, Respect, Courage, Honesty, Wisdom, Humility and Truth. It’s underlying themes are Unity, Balance, Harmony, Movement, Growth and Attunement. It is a path to self-mastery where the balance is obtained by including all aspects of Life, including learning from Mother Nature and all of its elements. Imagine, if we are spirits having a human, terrestrial experience, since we all come from the same Source, everything that was created is also a spirit having a terrestrial experience… everything has consciousness and deserves respect. My speciality is in the Spirit of the West – introspection, the language of the Soul, sacred energy healing and training. Reach out if I can be of service to you.

Diane Oliver Medicine Woman Shamanic Energy Healing, Training & Mentoring 613-261-1602 /

198 Main Street, Ottawa, ON • 613-234-9597 • 34

November 2019

Planet Botanix Wellness Clinic

Welcome to our healing space. Our holistic practitioners are ready to assist your journey to wellness. Heather Garrod Owner of Planet Botanix and a Certified Aromatherapist, Heather has a passion for all things natural. The store is anchored by her own line of natural body care, and boasts over 100 varieties of therapeutic grade essential oils. Heather gives monthly aromatherapy workshops. Helene Arts Helene Arts has been a practitioner of the occult for over 30 years. She has worked as an Astrologer since 1995 and is experienced in numerous types of divination such as Tarot, Runes, Pendulum, etc. She has authored several books, and is currently pursuing a PhD. Helene offers readings, as well as coaching, workshops and retreats in various aspects of Magick, Witchcraft and the Occult for the purpose of increasing understanding, building skills, and healing. For more information please visit her website at

LAW of Attraction Life Coaching Practice Are you feeling stuck in your life and not able to make a decision regarding a major change, based on the theories of the Law of Attraction and the concept that we create our lives moment by moment, we use processes and techniques to change our current thoughts and preconceived ideas to begin creating the life we want rather than the life we thought we had to live. Using proven tools and fun, uplifting processes, clients discover within themselves that which will bring them the levels of satisfaction and fulfillment in their lives, whether it be their career, relationships, lifestyles, abundance. Everything becomes possible with LoA Coaching with Aileen McKenna at Aileen’s Oasis 45 minutes to one hour in length Give me a call at 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751 or Send me an e-mail at

Julie Larochelle Usui Reiki Master and Tarot card reader (bilingual) Julie is a certified Reiki Master and Tarot card reader that has been practicing out of Planet Botanix for many years. She provides 1 hour and or/ 30 minute sessions and she will be more than happy to provide you with surprise information of a presence that surrounds you. She is available every Friday evening between 6 and 9. Julie can be reached at for appointment and through the store at Planet Botanix, walk-in are welcome as well. Oksana Strelbitsky – Certified EFT (Tapping) practitioner and a graduate of 8th Fire School of Shamanism Unprocessed traumas from your past negatively influence your present. Oksana facilitates processing the traumas by working with your unconscious mind through tapping, shamanic journeys and other modalities. Working with your unconscious mind is a very effective way to change unhelpful patterns in your life. Oksana holds monthly tapping circles, visit www. for more information. Mark Joly - The Blind Psychic Sees Through Your Eyes Using only his fingers, he sees both the past and the future. When he touches your hands Mark sees vivid images of the events and milestones that have defined your life and influence your future. Book your appointment today, only at Planet Botanix. Marc can be reached at 613-600-8071

November 2019


Boosting Immunity


he chilly air has arrived, the clocks have turned back and it’s that time of year where people start to get sick. Let’s talk about boosting your immunity so you can skip those unwell feelings! Your immune system is such an important part of your body, it is your system of defense against germs, bacteria and viruses. Antibodies and antitoxins of the immune system recognize these intruders and attack them using white blood cells. When this system is faced with a pathogen it has not built up defenses for it may translate into illness, or when this system is weakened from things like stress, lack of sleep, poor nutrition or dehydration it becomes vulnerable to these foreign bodies. The immune system is made up of two systems; innate and adaptive. The innate immune system fights against general pathogens that enter the body, it is a non-specific immune response. The adaptive immune systems job is to fight against foreign invaders that the body has been in contact with before, a specific immune response (It remembers!). There are cells in your body called “killer T-cells” which are a form of white blood cells and their role is to find and attack cells that have been taken over by a virus – how neat is that! Now that you know how amazing your immune system is and how its sole purpose is to keep you healthy, here are ways to keep it well and strong. You can help your immune system help you! 1) Load the gut with healthy bacteria and its food, did you know they have to be fed?! Do this by increasing fermented foods, loaded with probiotics such as kombucha, kefir, sauerkraut and kimchi. Incorporate foods into your diet that contain inulin, also referred to as a prebiotic. Prebiotics are food for your healthy gut bacteria. You can find them in, Jerusalem artichokes, onions, asparagus, garlic and dandelion


greens. Remember: 70% of your immune system is wrapped around your gut, let’s keep it healthy! 2) Speaking of garlic, ever cut into one and wonder why it becomes sticky after a few moments? That is allicin. It’s a potent compound that is activated when garlic is cut up or chopped. It contains anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties. Let your cut up garlic sit for a few moments to increase the allicin content then eat the garlic raw and reap the benefits! 3) Consume foods containing Zinc, it is an immune boosting element and helps to regulate immune response. You can find zinc in many foods, some great options are pumpkin seeds, legumes and whole grains. 4) Vitamin C is the superstar vitamin of the immune system. Many cells of the immune system store vitamin C and is needed to perform their tasks against pathogens. Boost up on your fruits and veggies, such as citrus, leafy greens, peppers, broccoli and tomatoes. 5) Eat foods high in Vitamin E, a fat-soluble vitamin that can be found in nuts & seeds. It is full of antioxidants and helps the body combat infection. 6) Incorporating herbs such as echinacea, gold seal, and ginger are amazing for increasing immunity. 7) Reduce your sugar intake! Studies show 1 tsp of sugar can suppress the immune system for up to 5 hours, by putting your white blood cells into a temporary coma, preventing them from attacking pathogens. 8) Last but not least, we can’t forget the role of a whole foods diet and loads of water to keep your whole body feeling amazing and performing optimally. I hope this finds you well and inspired!

November 2019

Yours in health, Emily Manuel, B.A, RHN  Holistic Nutritionist

The Power of Intuition

By Daniel Roy CD, BA, MA, CFP, EPC, CIM, FCSI, CIWM, CRC Tel: 613.440.2734 Fax: 613.440.2560

Daniel Roy


Principle Instructor / Certified Financial Planner

T Usui Holy Fire®III Reiki Level 2 with Angel D’Aoust ~ November 9

Are you looking for non-intrusive way to eradicate negative emotions: fear, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, sadness etc? Tired of medications with side effects? A 30-minute session for only $40 (tax in). Ask about other package deals Lise Desjardins 613-795-1469

Pesi Shroff

he past thirteen years of my life have been filled with a wonderful array of events that have brought me to where I am today. Some were painful to live through while others were filled with joy. Regardless of their nature, these events are there to teach us something about ourselves and to help us develop new skills to assist us in living our lives on purpose. I can assure you that the hardest skill I have had to develop is that of my intuition. Through trial and error, I have come to realize that when you trust that “nudge” or that “feeling”, magic starts to fill your life. This happens because you are now “listening” to your “higher power”, your “guides”, who are constantly sending you messages. It’s through this connection that you are able of make the correct decisions to take you closer to your goals. It feels scary at first but through the element of trust, you are able to take the first step and start your journey and, over time, strengthen that connection with your guides and develop a powerful relationship with them. As you progress further, you will be able to access other skills to add to your toolbox. For me, that has meant that my psychic and mediumship abilities have now been fully “turned” on. This is an even more powerful skill which can be developed by each and every one of us. It is our birth right to dream big and go after our goals. However, it is your responsibility to get into alignment with your thoughts, your feelings and your actions to make this all happen. Your Intuition will be there along the way to act as your GPS. Trust your gut. Trust that feeling. Trust that nudge. Dare to Dream! Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawabased Praxis Wealth Institute. He is a Certified Financial Planner as well as a Certified Retirement Coach and public speaker. He is the author of “The Essential Guide to Retirement Readiness”. He conducts workshops and courses on the subject of wealth management as well as designing meaningful and rewarding retirements.

November 2019


Reconciling Our Relationship with Mother by Amâeil, Energy Psychotherapy and Ascension Healing


umanity’s had a conflicted relationship with our Divine Mother. We’ve needed her and refused her, been devoted to her and distorted her. With the macrocosm reflected in the microcosm, our experience with our birth mothers can be very similar. If we’re to truly reclaim our inner feminine in sacred balance, we must allow reconciliation with both. To either, our healing prayer could be so very much the same.

THE FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES a non-profit public charitable and educational organization Is offering Michael Harner's

The Way of the Shaman


Shamanic Journeying, Power & Healing The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism

January 18-19, 2020 Toronto February 22-23, 2020 Ottawa Led by Glenn Campbell

Faculty Member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies During this experiential workshop, participants are introduced to Core Shamanism, the basic methods used by shamans to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, as well as on shamanic divination and healing. A practical, enjoyable workshop, even for beginners! For more information or to register, contact Glenn at

905 655-6756


Dear Mother, I’ve missed your love when only you could comfort me. I missed your gentle touch, never imposing but waiting for my invitation. I hoped for you there, never belittling me for needing you, nearby when I did. I’ve refused your wisdom though I’ve been lost in the noise of my confusion: I didn’t care to hear what you could whisper to me in guidance, too afraid that you might speak the truth. I’ve blamed you for the growing pains of being your child, while silent about the blessings. From you I’ve been birthed, millions of your atoms eager to cocoon around my soul, that I may know you through my eyes, my voice, hands and heart. You’ve only asked me for my courage to be a presence with you, as our histories of being denied and wounded are twisted together in our bones, awaiting healing. So while I know you deeply, I’ve tried to be separate. I felt your care for me but also felt abandoned. I wanted you to recognize me but I faltered in my expression. I loved you and hated you. I cared for you and hurt you. And I’ve missed you. Forgive me Mother. I feel you now, and humbly witness how you too have suffered. In truth, we‘re eternally bound. I accept your gift to give me wings. Thank you. Only now can I know nurturing without condition. Now I AM my own comfort. Helping you return to sacred, inner balance by healing disharmony in your daily life. 20 yrs. intuitive counselling, energy education & multi-dimensional healing. Individuals, couples, children & animals. In person or phone/skype 613253-2888. 2019

November 2019

Exploring the Akashic Records

Your spiritual journey of healing, begins with a single breath and an open heart!


e are here on the earth plane, for a purpose that is both individual and collective. We humans have been given a unique gift, “access to the Akashic Records”, to reinvent our world and ourselves. An Akashic Records Consultation will take you on a journey of selfdiscovery. It will provide you with the tools to become empowered and the architect of your own life. So, you may ask what the goal is, of exploring your Akashic Records. For many of us, the goal is to truly become acquainted with our “soul”. To “know thyself”. To really know who you really are and what you are here on the earth plane to do; to figure out the patterns of self- limitation, that have kept you from fully realizing your inner beauty and creating a happy and fulfilled life for yourself.


In everyday life, we have the very real possibility of stepping into very emotional, uncomfortable, and stressful situations and believe it is our responsibility to clean it up. When this happens again and again … this is a very clear message, that we need to find out what is triggering all this confusion and turmoil in our lives. During an Akashic Records Consultation, you are not alone anymore. You will have the guidance, illumination and guidance of the Masters and Teachers at your disposal and the Lords of Akasha taking the journey with you. For this reason, you will now have, along with your personal commitment to spiritually heal yourself, the tools to bring about the complete resolution of all past events and bring all current issues to a place of total and unwavering peace. I invite you to enter a spiritual healing space of exploration, that will take you deep within yourself with endless possibilities, as you come to understand the Akashic Records. Namaste! Krista Dunlop, Akashic Records Consultant Light Touch Therapy; Phone: (613) 612-5028

Abundant Life Coach Psycho-Spiritual Counsellor Wedding Officiant Biofeedback Practitioner ORGANIC SUSTAINABLE + VEGAN OPTIONS

232 LAURIER AV. EAST 613.569.8611 WWW.LUCASNAULT.COM 613-236-8852 Insurance Receipts Available

November 2019



The Joy of Discovery A D i a m on d Approac h S e min a r The Diamond Approach teaching is a path of wisdom through direct experience. It recognizes the uniqueness of each individual and adapts itself to each person’s needs at the time. It does not require that people conform to some ideal, but welcomes people as they are and helps them to take the natural next step for their unique development. An ongoing Diamond Approach Group is now forming. The group meets in Ottawa three times a year with interim Zoom meetings, optional online inquiry groups, and a Zoom webinar in the winter. These 4-day weekend retreats include evocative teachings, inquiry, meditation, and body-based practices. In this April retreat we will be working with inquiry and the Yellow Essence, which includes spontaneity, playful curiosity, and the joy of discovery, coming closer in contact with our hearts desire. DATES:

April 16, 17, 18, & 19, 2020 • Thursday, April 16 10:00am – 5:30pm (registration/sign in begins at 9:00am) • Friday, Saturday & Sunday: 10:00am – 5:30pm


$425 + HST $300 + HST Full-time academic students


Lisa Barrett & Milia Ahu


For registration and information, please contact Lisa Barrett at

Saint Paul University 223 Main Street, Rm L-120 Ottawa, ON K1S 1C4


There is a possibility of an additional meeting Friday or Saturday evening, 6:30 to 8:30pm LOCATION:

June 25, 26, 27, 28 Oct. 29 – Nov. 1

(Affordable housing available nearby)

Human Being is a wonderful mystery, the more we know about this mystery the more we realize how little we know. “ The This only impels us to look further, to explore deeper, and to investigate in newer ways. It is a joy to know ourselves and others, to actualize more of our infinite possibilities, and to extend our humanity to it’s farthest horizons. ” - A.H. Almaas


The Diamond Approach ~ A path that engages and leads to the discovery, development & preservation of the Human Essence.

November 2019

DIAMOND APPROACH, RIDHWAN DIAMOND APPROACH and RIDHWAN are registered trademarks of the Ridhwan Foundation. The Ridhwan “HU” symbol is a trademark of the Ridhwan Foundation.

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition:

Cross-Cultural Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Renewal Do you seek harmony, health and community in your life? Wishing to experience a deeper relationship with nature and unseen realms? Are you called to a path of healing service? “The PMT apprenticeship has changed who I am to the core and given me the ability to navigate life with grace and purpose. Connecting to this lineage has healed parts of me that were disconnected or broken. It has given me words for truths that I have always instinctively KNOWN, and given me a community of family that understands the world in the same way. My path of service is clear and I feel empowered to follow it with joy, wisdom and support.” ~ Alaina H., Sebastopol, CA

This Apprenticeship has been carefully crafted to offer people from all walks of life a heartfelt initiation into the healing power and earth honoring ceremonial artistry of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT), as originated by world-renowned kamasqa curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Inspired by the living soul which sustains the various ancient traditions of Peruvian Curanderismo, the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition maintains contemporary relevance in its dedication to compassionate personal and planetary transformation. Sanctioned by the PMT Lineage and by don Oscar, curandera and stellar teacher YOLA DUNNE is offering the PMT Apprenticeship in Chelsea, Québec with two alternative opportunities to attend Part One, The Call to Heal (see below). As a PMT sanctioned teacher, Yola draws on over 30 years of practice and experience in the healing arts. Her path began in 1993 in the Dür Bön Tradition, a pre-Buddhist shamanic tradition of Tibet where she assisted in many ceremonies. These profound experiences paved the way for her service as auxilia (ceremonial assistant) to don Oscar, and her deep apprenticeship in the living lineage of the PMT. Yola serves her community with a thriving private healing practice, ceremonial offerings, and workshops.

NEW Apprenticeship Series Offered in Chelsea, Québec, Canada

The Heart of the Healer A Shamanic Portal into the Universe of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition


The Call to Heal (Releasing the Past) The Call to Heal – Alternate Weekend A Balance of Power (Transforming the Present) The Condor’s Quest (Creating the Future) The Hummingbird’s Ascent (Living the Mystery) The Shamanic Self (Serving the Earth)

March 15-17, 2019 May 17-19, 2019 August 9-11, 2019 November 15-17, 2019 February 21-23, 2020 May 29-31, 2020

Contact Yola Dunne at or call (613) 291-0315 or visit Cost: $450 CDN (per weekend). Pay by e-transfer, cheque, or PayPal. Fees include tax. For more information about the PMT visit our website.

Walk a path of ancestralNovember healing wisdom in the modern world 2019


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November 2019 Tone Magazine  

The November 2019 issue of Tone Magazine Ottawa, one of Canada's longest-running health and wellness magazine. Since 1985!

November 2019 Tone Magazine  

The November 2019 issue of Tone Magazine Ottawa, one of Canada's longest-running health and wellness magazine. Since 1985!