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PSYCHIC FAIR • January 24-26, 2014 • Chimo Hotel, Ottawa

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January 2014, Vol. 29, #5, Priceless

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Bringing Grief out of the Shadows…

Grief – Finding Peace By Vonne Solís, Angel Therapy Practitioner®


fter devastating loss, it is very likely and most probable that most grievers will lose all hope of finding peace again. Glimpses of joy and happiness (most certainly the main ingredients one must feel to live peacefully) may come and go; but to maintain everlasting peace, one must come to a complete and final acceptance of the circumstances in which he or she finds him or herself. It really is that simple. Rather like accepting one’s fate (and that’s a whole other stream of articles), the death of a loved one cannot be reversed and the circumstances leading up to that event cannot be changed. There is no right or wrong, nothing more you could have done or influenced pre-death. In all cases (and this is my view), every death occurs exactly in the moment and manner intended by the individual passing. This truth rooted firmly in the metaphysical, is one that in the physical we as humans find the most difficult to bear. With the mounds of guilt, remorse, doubt and anger we heap upon ourselves after losing a loved one, especially tragically, it is a wonder any of us could ever come to understand this truth to any degree. It can take years for a seasoned faithful to forgive, accept and be willing to move forward in joy to find the peace we all so richly deserve. Yet, it is necessary that we find forgiveness in our hearts, and significantly for ourselves for all that we cannot control, to trigger the heart’s healing, which then with certainty will lead us to the path of peace. And while this path requires us to make life changes to embrace who we are becoming after loss, some that are downright scary, the more we accept the inevitable (we can’t go back and do things differently), the easier it becomes to map out a future. All losses are painful and represent change in some way. With the loss of any family member, we have to learn to act differently given our role has naturally altered. Whether from parent, sibling, child or multiple losses, the type of death and severity of pain any death has had on us will impact the type and degree of change we ultimately choose to experience.


The path to peace comes to those of us bereaved through the hope we can rekindle to carry on; the courage we must summon to seize all opportunities we discover; the vision we must endeavour to sustain to feel inspired to move ahead, no matter how many times we have to get up and start again; the care for ourselves and others we must remain mindful not to abandon, the faith in ourselves that our choices are correct, and the trust we can regain by allowing our vulnerabilities to show. It’s okay to hurt and express our needs. When we no longer resist what is, peace will find us. Quiet introspection and if you are so inclined, communing with the angels and/or other higher beings (including loved ones departed) will guide you to know the difference between resistance and true acceptance. To find peace, be willing to expand your thinking, change your mind, think outside the box, seek the wisdom of others, be decisive, flexible and true to your heart. For more information, check out Divine Healing available at Chapters and The Power of Change available at and in digital format through iBooks . For angel readings, grief consultation, free meditation audios and events visit

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“When the time is on you, start and the pressure will be off.”—Yogi Bhajan 342 Gladstone Avenue between Bank & O’Connor • 613.234.7974 •


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Drug Resistant Microbes Are Already Here



Hesitate No More

rug resistant bacteria, moulds, viruses and parasites are already in the general population. A larger percentage than I had expected of my patients either harbor them or have been exposed to them. Most Clostridia strains for example, are beneficial to the gut but seven, including Clostridia Difficile are not. This is the bug we usually hear about when they lock down hospital wards or nursing homes. ‘C. Diff’ is in the general population. Hospitals can be reservoirs of drug resistant microbes. There are several drug resistant strains of the enterococcus bacteria which can even cause postoperative infections. I asked Dr. Shaw, Director of the ‘GPL’ laboratory why so many people are already carriers? ”Being a spore former, C. Difficile’s spores can become aerosolized when toilets are flushed. They land everywhere” was his answer. Marketplace, CBC’s investigative show found antibiotic-resistant “superbugs,” including C. difficile and methicillin-resistant staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) on TV remotes, light switches, bedspreads and drinking glasses in hotel rooms across the country.

What to do to protect yourself? Always employ safe hand washing practices: lather your hands with soap and wash, rubbing hand to forearm for 20+ seconds. Rinse under running water. Turn off taps with a paper towel or with your elbow, as surgeons do. When we scrub for operations we use our elbows to shut taps off. I always use paper towels to close taps and to open doors on my way out of public washrooms. Why? Ever observe how poorly people wash their hands after using the toilet? Some never wash and just exit after they


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819-661-1061 are done. Others do a quick spray with no soap. Most do not wash for 20+ seconds even if they use soap. Few use paper towels to close taps or open washroom doors that others have handled with sullied hands. Good hand washing hygiene is protection. Hand gel is no substitute for proper hand washing. Use gels after a proper hand washing. We boost hand gels in my clinic by adding in extra 70% isopropyl alcohol. Whereas NAET treatments are great for treating allergies, they are even more impressive in boosting one’s ability to fight infection. We regularly treat people for bacterial, viral, parasitic and yeast infections at the NAET Clinics Ottawa and Outaouais. In addition to NAET, we use superlative homotoxicology and herbal preparations either to kill microbes and/or to boost the body’s ability to kill them themselves. We have had exciting results treating people infected with drug resistant microbes by using these modalities. I even developed a testing and treatment panel for drug resistant microbes which has shown much promise in treating infected patients. We also have this year’s flu bug vials that energetically boost your body’s ability either to stave off or to fight infection. This is Energy Medicine at its best. This year’s flu bug can take a full week to pass. Kids may vomit but teens and adults tend to feel just a bit ‘off’ and may experience waves of nausea. If you catch a cold or flu, reach not only for Echinacea but also for strong immune boosters like Pascoleucyn by Pascoe. We take Pascoleucyn when we are exposed to particularly invasive microbes because we need to maintain strong immune systems against exposures from patients who see us to treat infection. After drinking a vial of Pascoleucyn we can feel

January 2014


By: Judy Spence, ND(QC)

> assure you are the best you can be (613) 728-2579 (819) 661-1061

our bodies fighting off pathogens within minutes. As well, give your body the tools it needs to make Natural Killer (NK) cells like Vitamin C, omega 3-6-9 and take multivitamins. Targeted probiotics help when exposed to the flu. We use Culturelle (in the Bowel Health section of pharmacies) which is an excellent ally in killing pathogenic invaders. Flora also sells top-of-the-line probiotics. Of course, when fighting a flu or a cold, stay home for the first couple of days. This is when you are most contagious. If you absolutely must go to work, be considerate and wear a mask. People will appreciate your thoughtfulness. Drink plenty of fluids to flush out their toxins. Sleep lots to allow your body to fight the good fight. Allow fevers. Fevers tell your body to make Natural Killer (NK) cells. If you turn off the heat, you’re telling your body that the infection is no more. It stops waging war and things can get worse. If OTC’s are a must, ibuprophen is better than acetaminophen, which can affect the health of pregnant women, children and others at risk. home/eng/Acetaminophen.asp Wishing TONE magazine’s readers a Very Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year.

Judy Spence, RN, ND(QC) and Gerry Spence, R.Ac., P.Eng., MBA, are Advanced NAET practitioners at NAET Clinic of Ottawa or the Outaouais. (613) 728-2579, (819) 661-1061.


Traditional Herbal Medicine

Immune System Support * Proprietary Herbal Formula Gluten Free cGMP Compliance Trusted Worldwide Since 1922 Made only in Canada Exported Worldwide

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Wholistic Healing Re-Treats


constantly strive to be at the leading edge in the fields that I practice (counselling, coaching and hypnotherapy) and one of the ways that I do this is to take seminars and experiential workshops at wholistic learning, healing and re-treat centres in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. Over the years, I have stayed at about two dozen such wonderful places from Hawaii to Greece. In this article I will describe five of the intentional healing communities that I have stayed at four times or more. They have all been running successfully for over 30 years. I will continue to return to all of these many more times. Here are the websites for all five. Enjoy doing a virtual tour of them:


e. The Hollyhock Lifelong Learning Centre is located on Cortes Island, British Columbia, in the archipelago near Campbell River. It is now 30 years old. The views out into the Straits of Georgia are s s magnificent. There are community llnes we residences and picturesque cabins smokin along the beach. Hollyhock offers frui many workshops and seminars both on Cortes Island and in Vancouver. xie ty They focus on Spirituality, self -esteem environmental issues, community t development, leadership training weigh and personal growth. Hollyhock is an ideal place to go for a personal or COUNSELLING, COACHING & HYPNOTHERAPY CENTRE Spiritual re-treat far away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Richard M. Haney Bon Voyage! Ph.D.(Counselling), Hypnotherapist (613) 234-5678

g tion


The Findhorn Spiritual Community, Learning Centre and Eco-village has several sites in the countryside of northern Scotland. It is now 50 years old and has hundreds of residents. All of the administration and chores are collaboratively allotted and done in rotation, and shared equally, by all the residents, visitors and folks on re-treat. All of the locations are maintained in a totally green and sustainable manner. Findhorn aims to be a prototype eco-model for many other ecovillages around the globe. The folks at Findhorn continually “attune” to a very high Spiritual frequency. “Attunement circles” spontaneously occur each day.

d. The Esalen Re-Treat Centre and Educational Institute is located at Big Sur, on the rocky Pacific coast near Carmel, California. It is now 50 years old. Many of the greatest minds in Spiritual teaching, psychology, literature and the arts live or have lived and taught at Esalen. The Beatles performed concerts there early in their career. Esalen has four hot tubs built right out on the Pacific. The vegetarian/vegan food there is superb.

str e


The vegetarian/vegan meals at Omega are wholesome and delicious. My experience at Omega is that, if there is something you need to learn, you will walk right into it at Omega.

(613) 726-3636

This article was written in December of 2013 by: Richard M. Haney, M.Ed., Ph.D. (Counselling and Mediation). Richard has been practising Wholistic Counselling, b. The Sirius Spiritual Eco-village is located near the Coaching, Hypnotherapy and Mediation for the past 25 town of Amherst in western Massachusetts. It is years in Ottawa. Richard by phone: (613) 234-5678. By a sister eco-village of Findhorn in Scotland. It is e-mail: now 35 years old and focuses on sustainability and permaculture. The community has constructed several eco-buildings, a huge organic vegetable garden and solar and wind-power facilities. It is an oasis of healthy and Spiritual living situated in a gorgeous country setting. Bank St. (in Centretown)

Pinecrest Rd.

c. The Omega Institute for Holistic Learning is located in Rhinebeck, New York, in the upper Hudson River Valley. It is now 35 years old. Omega has branches in Boston, Costa Rica and on the Caribbean island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Each year Omega hosts hundreds of Spiritual, environmental, personal growth, and healthy lifestyle workshops and seminars.


January 2014

Unleash the Power Within Through Hypnosis “Someday, after mastering the winds, the waves, the tides, and gravity, we shall harness… the energies of love, and then, for a second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire.” Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


ooking out my window on this early December, I can admire the snow-covered trees, fences and houses that surround me. Since the snow is already melting, I can a­lso notice little droplets of water, suspended on a branch, and flakes of snow falling. It is truly majestic, and if we look closer, it just may appear magical. The universe that surrounds us remains a mystery, in its smallest manifestation to the grandiose dimension of space above. If we look very closely we can connect with what can truly fulfill us – loving. Loving the people in our life, the lessons they

teach us and how they inspire us just by being in our lives. A choice we have the power to make daily. Watching the environmental catastrophe in the Philippines on TV, hearing from the locals and their stories, like many, made one of my clients deeply depressed. She told me that she did donate as much as she could, but still feels saddened and helpless. We talked about understanding that on some level we are limited in our ability to reach out and help, but we do have the power to do good, here and now. She told me that in a way she needed now to give herself the permission to be happy again. Talking together was good and she connected with a profound truth: each one of us has tremendous power within. We can shine, love, and forgive. We can shift our perspectives. But how to do this, and how to make it last? Deep within our subconscious mind lies a power that far surpasses our wildest expectations. Accessing the power of your subconscious mind, where your wisdom lies, is core to hypnosis. For example, we may understand from the superficial mind that we are

blowing things out of proportion, but it is only through empowering your deeper mind or subconscious mind that you can shift your perspective. In my experience, the shifts last or can readily be accessed again. We can simplify for our purpose here the functioning of the subconscious mind in that it serves two vital functions. First, your subconscious mind has memory of what has transpired in your life. If you need information from the past, your subconscious mind can be worked with to present it to you. Hypnosis uses positive regression techniques to heal and explore the past. Second, your subconscious mind can work for you and be very obedient. You can purposefully direct your subconscious mind’s creations by carefully ensuring that your thoughts are consistent with what you want in your life. It is in strengthening this response that hypnosis proves so effective. When one is open minded, hypnosis works deeply to create success in your life.

Hypnosis works with your subconscious mind to create success – incredibly dramatic success at times! I have been doing hypnosis for years now and have nothing, but a growing appreciation for hypnosis as a powerful tool for change. It is gentle, relaxing and focused clearly on your objectives to make them manifest. Truly, hypnosis makes things so much easier! Lynne Cardinal is a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She is certified by Dr. Weiss in Past-Life Regression Therapy and she has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy. In person and Skype sessions are available to clients. Lynne has been offering Stress Management and Burnout Prevention workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. Insurance receipts are available. For more information Lynne can be reached at 613.721.7888 or by e-mail at You can also visit her web site:

January 2014


Who Do You Think You Are? by Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) Healing with Divine Heart to Awaken the Deep Truth Within


hese days everything around us and within us can feel intense. You may find yourself asking, “Where is all this change taking us?” It’s understandable. However, it’s the ego-victim that asks a question like this: its reference point is external. Perhaps a more powerful question is, “Where am I taking the world?” We all learned to look externally for answers. Whether a child learns a true, healthy sense of self depends on whether his/her parents validated their feelings and choices, or overrode them with parental control. Often it was easier for the caregiver to be authoritarian, if they themselves did not learn how to validate their own feelings and value. So, like many, you may have learned to keep looking to others before looking to yourself. Based on my experience, it’s still very common because we have forgotten who we are. The continued need for external validation is rooted in feelings of inferiority. Inferior self-perceptions manifest in many different core beliefs: I am wrong, inadequate, bad, unworthy, unlovable, etc. Only the inferior ego needs to play the game of seeking assurances from someone it deems superior and more valuable. Anything that makes this victim feel better about itself will suffice, such as seeking approval for its accomplishments, or enjoying being right. When strategies like these are frequently engaged, you perpetuate external dependency, and deny the development of your inner strength. The inner ego-tyrant is one aspect of the lower self that will perpetuate the negative, inferiority messages, creating self-doubt. Try to step into your truth and it might scornfully ask, “Who do you think you are?” Do you act as the tyrant with yourself? These are some are some characteristic victimizer behaviours: controlling, degrading, authoritarian, unjust, critical, pushy, narcissistic, blaming, exploitive. Nobody really likes to acknowledge that they feel inferior or that they have an enemy tyrant within. So this fragile self often hides in your shadow, unacknowledged, unconsciously dictating your self-perception and consequently your behaviours. Sometimes, so much so, that you can use such an archetype as your identity. When left unhealed, you not only reinforce your own diminishment, but can project your shame onto others, trying to diminish their sense of Self. If you’re triggered, you may unconsciously move into a controlling, manipulative, tyrannical behaviour, as your inner tyrant tries to rebalance the perceived inequality between your own inferiority and another’s superiority.


Still Looking Externally for Answers? We can easily bring clarity & Divine healing to your 12-dimensional spiritual-energetic foundation to help you learn to trust your deep truth within. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. pain & dis-ease  attachments  emotional triggers  traumas  ancestry  fears/phobias  karma  inorganic structures 

Amâeil (Melinda Urban RIHR) energy psychotherapy, thetahealing, vocal healing holographic multidimensional ascension clearing in person or by phone 613-253-2888

Gratefully, we are beginning to bring an end to the long-standing, mind-controlling tyrant archetype on this planet, so it’s more visible now. Of course, global change begins within, and this is an opportune time to face and release your inner tyrant. The services I offer make this very possible. Self-validation is “knowing your own Self as God”. This says everything! Once you know that you are GodSource, nothing external holds more or less value than you. The ego-fears and games become obsolete. The focus of reference is within. A significant part of healing, inner work is cultivating self-validation as you come to remember who you are. As we meet chaotic phases in our evolution, many people will still look outside themselves for reassurances and rescues. Hold compassion for yourself, and others. Listening within and relying on your own inner, core Spirit is now a necessity. Only your God-Self can anchor you in security, as the calm centre in the storm. Without this, you are tossed around unpredictably with all the other whirling debris. Your God-Self is your reliable wisdom: it sees the higher path for your life. Nurture this trust now – not tomorrow nor next month. You cannot hope that the miraculous answers will appear from ‘out there’. You are your own leader, if you choose to be. To be a leader requires you to face change and take chances. Only your Spirit will guide you, and us, gracefully. FREE newsletter – timely articles, tools and inspiration. Specializing in clearing stubborn patterns. Integrating multi-dimensional blueprint restoration, energy psychotherapy, thetahealing®, and healing vocals. Appointments in person or by phone. 613-253-2888.

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Inner Child Work is Not for Sissies Rev. Sherry Harris, MSW, RSW


his may sound harsh, but I have realized that not everyone has the courage and commitment to their ultimate healing to do the inner child work. It can be challenging at the beginning. After all, you are opening up a relationship with a hurt, angry and frightened child within that has felt lost and abandoned for a long time. All of a sudden grown-up- you comes along wanting to find how you can love and support this inner child to grow up to feel safe, loved, and worthy. Not an easy task, but definitely doable and very worth the difficulty and resistance you may face at the beginning. Once your little person decides, even reluctantly, to let you in, the healing begins. At first it can be physically painful as you are now connecting with the pain the child has been carrying for a very long time. Usually we start connecting with the child around age 5 or 6. At that age, the child is able to communicate telling you what is felt, what is thought, how he/she is acting and why and what you can do to help. Generally your little being just wants to talk, to tell someone who cares how hard it has been and how very frightened they are. You job is to love and support, encouraging them to share what has happened and how they have felt. Above all, they need respect and encouragement to connect with you, the inner loving parent, and to feel safe to share their feelings. It can be a bit scary at the first when adult connects with the pain of your child within. With encouragement and support, wise and loving words. the child begins to release the pent up pain, anger and fear. You will feel it moving through, but it will not stay with you. You are grateful the child is releasing it in a healing connection with you and it is not spewing out, lashing out in ways that are destructive to your adult life. As you become to understand your little person more and more you will understand where the fear, rage and sorrow you have been experiencing comes from. As you work with your inner child, your world will change, relationships of every kind will open up and blossom in ways you could never expect. Most of all your relationship with yourself will become more open with vastly increased understanding of your feelings, where they originate and what they are seking from you. As I said, the inner child work is not for sissies; the beginning is difficult. Working through the resistance of the inner child to trust you, feeling the pain, fear or anger of the child can be tough, but I guarantee you this work will change your life. Your relationship to your self can become clear as you see the conditioning you took on in your childhood. As soon as you could comprehend that you were a separate being from you mother you began to manipulate for love and valiation. By the age of 8 most of us have created our life scripts, internalizing how we relate to the world, what it looks


Abundant Life Coach Spiritual Counsellor Psychotherapist www. 613-236-8852 Insurance Receipts Available like to be a female or male, a child, a sibling, what moms and dads do, what parents are like, couples, how the family relates to each other, extended family, friends, the community, and on and on. And within this learning is the ever powerful search for love, acceptance, selfworth and safety. We very quickly learn as infants, toddlers and children what we have to do to be loved and validated so we can feel good about ourselves and have our needs met. The inner child work will take us



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1230 Wellington, Ottawa, ON 613-729-5973 into all of this, allowing the child to express with safety and trust what it needs to grow up strong, healthy, safe and balanced. We have the key to open the door for that to happen. Picking up that key and opening the door to the hidden world of your inner child takes courage, but if you persevere you will be rewarded beyond imagination. As the child heals, the games, the unexpected emotional outpourings of grief and rage, and the manipulation of others for love and security will stop. As you and your inner child heal, you will experience an inner strength and self-awareness you never knew possible. And from this place, life just gets better and better. Sherry Harris is a psychotherapist, spiritual counsellor, coach and teacher, healing facilitator and inner faith and Christian minister. For sessions you may call her at 613-236-8852 or email her at

Dr Paul Greenacre DDS, FAACP. FAGD, FICOI

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Tarot Workshop

Saturday February 1 at Singing Pebble SPI RI TPAI NTI NG. COM 6132668063 Works hops

“Read the Tarot without using guidebooks.” $150 - Includes Judy’s Tarot Matrix© Early Bird $125 by January 15, 2014

To Register: Email Cell: 613 304 4255 Web:

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Happy New Year Everyone


would like to send a warm thanks to all who have encouraged my work, supported me in all I do. Thanks for attending my workshops, for all your great testimonials, and following me on Facebook/Twitter/ YouTube. It has been fun to hear all your feedback and get to be part of your lives. Tell me, what are your feelings about what 2014 has in store for us? 2013 was a tough year for many but I am pleased to say 2014 will be easier. It will be a healing year and time of letting go of past issues with a feeling of compassion and grace. We have just entered the 14th year of a 100 year energy cycle called the Awakening and as well as it being the 14th year into the rise of the Feminine Energies on Earth. This will be a very spiritual year, with lots of Angel activity being reported. For many it will be a spontaneous event. Suddenly they will begin to hear guidance more clearly or have a feeling that is more pronounced of just knowing what to do. Many will be drawn to living a more spiritual or holistic life, especially men. Men will begin to feel a bit softer

are morphing into. Manifestation, magic, and alchemy are all highlighted once again, but with a more global theme and with compassion and love pouring forth. The Angels will be watching over you and you will hear them and feel their presence very clearly. Wait and be patient‌ the angels have heard your request and work is going on behind the scenes. Namaste By Psychic, Healer & Teacher, Marlene Stevens. Marlene does Psychic Readings, Medical readings, Intuitive Development classes and her latest CD to How to Meet your Guides and Angels can be purchased at or eBay. For contact see

Take your Confidence, Fitness and Health to Unbelievable New Heights

Intuitive Readings

Intuitive Development Classes Psychic Readings Medical Readings Healing Sessions Life Coaching

Marlene Stevens and more emotional also with anger rising too as they become more sensitive to the injustices of the world. There now will be a pronounced increase in psychic, telepathic, and healing abilities. Changes and transformation in this year. However, it is not a year to charge forward in big grand plans but a time of just flowing and going along with the guidance that life is giving you. It is a time of preparations for the coming difficulties of 2015 and 2016 when there will be significant upheaval in the world. If you flow with this year and listen, you will be in good hands. You could say this year is the calm before the storm. Balance within and moderation are the keywords for 2014. As well we will see a blending together and a working together of global organizations that once were not together, coming together to work in unison for world causes. There is a blending of energies, transformation, and change on a global scale. Many of us will feel a change occur within us, a balancing, and softness coming forward and we will have a clearer ideal of what we


POWERFUL NEW CLASSES FORMING JANUARY, 2014 Get 20% off when you sign-up before Jan. 31st

270-A Catherine St Ottawa • (613) 569-0545 Register for our Brand new anti-aging seminar, using ancient Chinese, Kung-Fu, Neigong, nutrition techniques, to keep you vibrant and young. Martial Arts is a sport like no other: Tone up & build muscle, release stress, feel calmer, learn self-defense skills, train as a family and much more. We offer classes for women, men & children Celebrating 35 years in Business!

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A course to help you thrive in changing times by aligning with your Higher Self

TOOLS for ASCENSION A course to help you thrive in changing times by aligning with your Higher Self

visualizations to help you connect with your Higher Self, and send healing light to yourself and others. Other tools will help you dispel fears and align with the love and joy of spirit.

Discussions will focus on the following • Understanding ascension and By Jennifer Bernius Mon. Jan. 27 - March 17 where we are in the process. The his course will help you leap glorious possibilities ahead for us (8 weeks) 7-9 p.m. forward in your spiritual as we raise our consciousness. Signs Cost: $250 (16 hours) growth by learning to live in the and symptoms, joys and challenges love, wisdom and guidance of your of ascension. Call Jennifer Bernius at Higher Self. Many people today are • Riding the waves – tools and feeling great turbulence as ever(613)721-3787 strategies to help you flow with rising waves of consciousness come shifting energies, allowing you to to Earth. Old fearful ways of living heal, grow and fulfill your purpose. based on conflict and a belief in • Using the new energies to help you understand and separation are passing away, and many of us are just clear old-energy patterns/beliefs/emotions that stop beginning to embrace the way of love, oneness of spirit you from living your truth. and the joy of sharing with others. • Listening to the “voice for love” of your Higher Self These classes will guide and support you in making and receiving its guidance. this transition. They will help you heal and grow beyond • Being your Higher Self as you create what you want your identification with your ego and its perceived with light and channel it for others’ healing. limitations and defences. And to welcome these extraordinary times as an incredible opportunity to • Learning to love and heal as your Higher Self, extending compassion and forgiveness to others – make rapid progress. Learn practical ways to integrate and yourself. Releasing your fears. more with your Higher Self. These include: raising your vibration and opening your chakras to help you • Mental vigilance – keeping a watchful eye on thoughts; cultivating those that are uplifting, loving thrive; extending love and forgiveness to others and and true. Techniques. yourself; making love, not fear, the foundation of your life; learning to receive guidance from your Higher Self Jennifer Bernius teaches group, and to channel light and healing to yourself and others. corporate and private classes in yogaThe course will strengthen your commitment to grow, based meditation and workshops support you in meditating regularly, and help you on personal development. She’s awaken to your truth as a divine being of light. been teaching for over 25 years and Mantra meditation and breathing exercises will be experiencing signs of ascension for just practiced in every class to help you relax, raise your as long. For information, call 613-721vibration, open your chakras and strengthen your energy 3787 or email fields. Other techniques will include mindfulness and




Gatineau, Québec La Boîte à grains - 325 Gréber Blvd La Boîte à grains - 581 St. Joseph Blvd Hudson, Québec Que De Bonnes Choses - 484D Main Rd

January 2014

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Soul Healing Miracles

with Master Lynda Chaplin Worldwide Representative of Master Zhi Gang Sha

Master Lynda Chaplin Worldwide Representative

NEW! Soul Healing Miracles New York Times Bestselling Author!

“Heal the soul first; then healing of the mind and body will follow®” is the key foundation teaching of soul healing. Soul healing is a breakthrough system emphasizing the power of soul, or soul over matter, to reveal a simple but profound truth: the soul can heal. Soul healing uses simple, practical and easy-to-learn techniques to heal every aspect of your life. Soul healing, when offered by a high-level spiritual master, carries the highest frequency of love, forgiveness, compassion and light. The divine vibrations that fill the body help to melt blockages at the soul level where karmic blockages occur and cause life challenges including relationship disharmony, chronic pain, financial blockages, and more. By practicing soul healing, you can begin to transform this karma and create your own soul healing miracles. Master Lynda offers sacred soul healing teachings to help create personal soul healing miracles in every aspect of life. Come experience an enlightening and life-transforming weekend in the presence of a Divine Channel. You will receive powerful soul healing blessings as well as permanent divine treasures as gifts.

Soul Power Group with Certified Divine Healing Hands™ Soul Healers Wednesday, January 15 and 29, 7 pm – 9 pm • FREE 2650 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa K1B 4S9 Info: Sara at 613.620.1996 or

Soul Masters: Dr. Guo & Dr. Sha Film Screening & Divine Healing Hands Blessings Friday, February 7, 7 pm – 9:30 pm • FREE 2650 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa K1B 4S9 Info: Sara at 613.620.1996 or

Soul Healing Miracles Evening with Master Lynda Friday, February 21, 7 pm – 9:30 pm • FREE Tao Crystals & Healing Centre, 355 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa K1K 3Z7

Personal Consultations with Master Lynda Soul Readings, Crown Chakra Blessings and Soul Healing Miracles Blessings By appointment: 647.654.7711

More than an invitation ... a sacred calling! Information: Master Lynda • 647.654.7711 Institute of Soul Healing & Enlightenment™ 888.3396815 • •


January 2014


Soul Healing is helping people around the world create their own Soul Healing Miracles. Many are experiencing relief from chronic pain, increased energy and stamina, improved mobility, and more. See hundreds of personal soul healing miracles on

Experience Soul Healing Miracles with Master Lynda Chaplin

To help accelerate your healing and spiritual transformation, Divine Crown Chakra Blessings will also be offered. The Divine Crown Chakra Blessing is one of the highest blessings you can receive to transform every aspect of your life. During the blessing divine light flows through the seven Soul Houses (chakras) and Kundalini Channel to heal and rejuvenation the soul, heart, mind and body. The force and effect of this blessing is beyond imagination. You can transform, clean, and solve spiritual, emotional, mental and physical blockages and bless your health, finances, relationships, and all aspects of your life. Join Master Lynda Chaplin February 21-23 for a Free Soul Healing Miracle Evening and two weekend workshops at Tao Crystals and Healing Centre, 355 St. Laurent Blvd., Ottawa, ON K1K 3Z7. Every participant will receive a free copy of Master Sha’s most recent book, Soul Healing Miracles: Ancient and New Sacred Wisdom, Knowledge, and Practical Techniques for Healing the Spiritual, .real. .real. Mental, Emotional, and Physical Bodies. Coming of Age - Keeping our Soul

Master Lynda is a Divine Channel, Disciple and Worldwide Representative of Dr. and Master Zhi Gang Sha, world-renowned master healer, soul leader, and servant of humanity. She offers Soul Healing Miracle Blessings for any condition, personal consultations, soul readings, and monthly workshops in Ottawa. Contact Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or

Coming of Age - Keeping our Soul

OPEN HOUSE January 16 or February 13, 2014 6:00pmIfto 7:30pm you ever wonder about being Club Aventure authentic – about showing up exactly as you are, the stories, 115 Parent Ave poetry and insights in “real” will


If you ever wonder about being authentic – about showing up exactly as you are, the stories, poetry and insights in “real” will help.

Written for women with a deep sense of the spiritual, “real” is an introspective that will guide you through life’s crossroads and beginnings- past the facts to the truth of who you are.

Written for women with a deep sense of the spiritual, “real” is an introspective that will guide you through life’s crossroads and beginnings- past the facts to the truth of who you are.

Available at:

Available at:

Books on Beechwood

Books on Beechwood Singing Pebble Books Rama Lotus Yoga Centre

Pebble Books Come learn about Singing Yoga Travels Rama Lotus Yoga Centre cultural and yoga tours to For more information, visit my

Bhutan ⋅ Sikkim ⋅ Bali website:

March, April & October 2014 RSVP Club Aventure 613-789-8000 or 613-883-5850 *Yoga is optional on all tours*

January 2014

For more information, visit my website:

Book Signing and Talk by Willow-Marie Power author of real- Coming of Age – Keeping our Soul Singing Pebble Books January 27, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. For more information call 613-230-9165


Developing Self-Awareness


hy is self-awareness important? Seeing yourself as you truly are is absolutely crucial to personal growth. Once you can see the truth, you can more fully develop your natural talents and use your natural passions to find greater success and fulfillment. As Lao Tzu says, “Knowing others is wisdom, knowing yourself is Enlightenment.” Why Self-Awareness is Difficult It’s so much easier to find fault with others and point out exactly what they’re doing wrong, but finding fault with your own self can be extremely challenging. Instead of admitting your mistakes, it’s tempting to try and escape by making excuses and justifying your actions. Or you may just ignore these errors by distracting yourself with pleasurable activities or doing something good for someone to feel better about yourself. Alternatively, you might depend on recognition and admiration from others in order to mask your faults. By doing do, your mind learns to motivate you by external praise rather than by the greater rewards inherent in living a lifestyle in congruence with your values and natural abilities. Even though it might be a wee bit challenging to find out the truth, discovering yourself can help you determine self-defeating behaviors like these so you can move toward behaviors that help you. Be Aware of Your Motivations Knowing your motives may not always be easy, but it’s essential if you want to become self-aware. When you say something to someone, ask yourself why you said it. Even better, ask this question before you say it. For instance, if a couple of your friends are discussing their fear of flying, you might be tempted to barge in and tell them how you adore flying. But before you speak, ask yourself why you want to say it. Is it because you feel superior to them? If you go ahead and blurt it out, you’ll likely find that it creates some amount of tension in your friends. Maybe they resent you for being better off than them. They just might play the game of win and lose with you and bring up something you’re afraid of. Without self-reflection, all sorts of vicious cycles can be perpetuated. This is just one example. I’m sure you can think of many others! Be Aware of Your Intentions On a slightly different note than knowing your motivations, it’s also important to know your intentions. Your objectives can set off a chain of events, negative or positive, depending on what your aim is. For example, let’s look at Sarah. Sarah’s secret intention is to hook a wealthy boyfriend. She doesn’t


really care about his personality or what he looks like. But because the intention goes against her essential self, she is likely to invite disastrous results. Maybe the man she attracts is also looking for some way to gain from the relationship, regardless of the cost to Sarah. In the end, there can only be a parting of ways because neither intention took the other person into account or what they truly needed for happiness to thrive. In becoming self aware, you can delve into your intentions and modify them as you wish. Recognize Your Patterns We all operate in life on certain patterns, which we have created from our past experiences. We keep acting in the same ways, often without realizing it. With selfawareness, you can recognize your patterns, keep the ones that help you, and then form new patterns that better contribute to your goals. For instance, a lonely person might try and overcome her loneliness by attracting attention. She could be arrogant and flamboyant and bossy. But her behavior will create the opposite effect: instead of being recognized and loved, she may end up being shunned and scorned. When you recognize these internal programs, though, you can see which ones no longer serve you. Then you can take steps toward changing them. When you use these guidelines, you’ll have started on a path of self-awareness that can bring you great fulfillment throughout your life. As you uncover new behaviors and patterns, you’ll be able to ask yourself if they’re what you really want. Through selfawareness, you can have the life you always wanted. Moira Hutchison CTACC CCHt Mindfulness Coach 613.432.1239, Have you ever noticed that when we feel stuck - we become the expert of everything that does NOT work... The truth is that in order for a problem to exist - the solution must also exist! To get started feeling *unstuck* hop on over to www. and sign up for Step One of “The Get Unstuck Method”

January 2014

New Knowledge For A New Year


t’s traditional to make New Year resolutions, usually resolving to do something like lose weight or stop smoking. This year, why not decide once and for all to learn something about family law, especially the law around separation and divorce? Even after working as a mediator in the family law field for almost 35 years I am still surprised at the amount of false family law information out there. Whether this is due to watching American TV shows, or simply listening to a friend describe (inaccurately) what happened to someone they know who separated, there seems to be an abundance of inaccurate information floating around. If knowledge is power, then there are a lot of powerless people dealing with separation and divorce in Ottawa. In the spirit of the season, I will be hosting a FREE two - hour family law seminar at the end of January when I will be talking about the law of Ontario as it relates to separation and divorce. Some of the topics I will be covering include: • parenting issues after separation • is joint custody always best for children? • dividing up assets and debts • special treatment of the matrimonial home • how pensions get divided upon separation • the effect of gifts and inheritances • spousal support (how much? and how long?) • is the law different for common - law couples? • child support • separation agreements • marriage contracts • cohabitation agreements • getting a divorce • mediation as a process to reach a Separation Agreement This seminar is for anyone interested in knowing more about family law, but it may be of particular interest to two groups of people: 1. Couples who are thinking of separating. This is a time when many couples feel most vulnerable to fears and anxieties around their children and their financial arrangements. I have found that even a little accurate knowledge goes a long way towards easing these fears. 2. Mental health professionals who work with separating individuals. Knowledge of the basics of the laws that deal with separation and divorce may be useful in understanding patients’ concerns.

• 34 years’ experience as family lawyer-mediator • Mediation of Separation Agreements, Marriage Contracts and Cohabitation Agreements • Evening and weekend appointments available • Sliding fee scale • Free initial consultation Evita M. Roche 33 Somerset Street West, Ottawa, ON K2P 0H3 email:

613.237.7335 I will provide useful handouts to all registrants. I will also leave ample time for a Q & A session at the end, and I won’t leave until everyone has had their questions answered! At the time of writing this article in December I have yet to lock in the specific date and location for this seminar. But it will be in the downtown Ottawa area sometime during the week of January 27. If you are interested in attending, please send me an email and I will keep you posted as soon as these final details are confirmed. Better knowledge of family law? Now that’s a resolution to keep! Happy New Year, everyone. Evita Roche was Canada’s first full-time lawyermediator. Since 1979, she has helped over 5,000 couples mediate the issues arising from their separation. In the 1990’s Evita was a Professor of family law and mediation at the University of Ottawa law school, where she received the first Excellence in Teaching Award. Her private practice is restricted to separation and divorce mediation, and she frequently delivers seminars on subjects related to family law.

January 2014


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January 2014


L’ Essence-Ciel Books


ring the Angels into your life

Music Tarot Crystals Stones Jewelry Talismans Incense

Come live the experience at L’Essence-Ciel where everything serves to restore harmony.

Always with the angels, Monique Briand transmits angelic teachings through workshops, conferences and private readings.


Connecting with your angels.Teachings on how to perceive and interact with them in a natural way to live more joy, peace and love on a daily basis.A wonderful and lasting experience.


Demystifies this esoteric medium and introduces you to its different uses and methods.Facilitates the understanding of oneself and others and brings concrete help to decision making.All you need to know to get you started with this excellent tool.

Essential oils


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– $ 50

Brings awareness to the energies which surrond and affect us. Encourages the conscious choice of using Universal life force; a practice which transforms our lives in a healing way. Makes us responsable and capable of creating a better world. Initiations and teaching Level I,II and Master teacher. Information and schedule at 568-2643.

Herbs Magic Feng Shui

Information at L’Essence-Ciel:568-2643

Private Readings –

$ 90

For those who are searching and ready to connect with their TrueSelf.Individualized teachings and answers to personal questions.Guidance concerning your path. By appointment at 568-2643.

Les essences vibratoires sont disponibles à L’Essence-Ciel

The Angels are present at 867, RUE JACQUES-CARTIER, GATINEAU (819) 568-ANGE (2643) OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK January 2014

Monique Briand,



Think Outside the Box

Reflexology for Colds/Flu By Kymberli Ker, Canadian Registered Reflexology Therapist, Owner of Salt Puddle Alternative Healing Therapy & Yoga


ummer has left and Fall has arrived. The leaves are slowly changing colors and our nature to turn towards hibernation is fast approaching. With the colder weather, our bodies are starting to get into the rhythm of warmer clothing and comforting foods. Our kids are back in school, exposing us to the risk of catching a cold or possibly worse, the FLU. For many of us, our first approach to the cold/flu is to reach for pharmaceutical drugs to alleviate the symptoms, rather than looking towards a natural alternative solution. When one does get sick with the cold/flu, we know to take rest, drink lots of fluids and eat tons of garlic. But what other approaches can we look to? Think outside the traditional fixes and give Reflexology a try. It’s a highly effective way to help reduce or eliminate your symptoms and most importantly to boost your immune system, helping to prevent sickness in the first place. So are you wondering what symptoms you can alleviate with a treatment? Below are just a few. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Reduce sinus pressure Clear mucus from the sinuses, chest and lungs Reduce headaches/migraines Eliminate fatigue and body aches Strengthen immune system, allowing your body to recover faster.

So next time the cold/flu hits you, see a Reflexologist first before reaching for that bottle of Tylenol. Your body and mind will thank you for it. I have been working as a Registered Reflexology Therapist since 2012 and am affiliated with the Reflexology Association of Canada. I own my own business, Salt Puddle Alternative Healing Therapy & Yoga. I offer treatments at Planet Botanix in downtown Ottawa and at Salt Puddle located in Stittsville. Receipts are available to those who have coverage under their health insurance plan. Visit Salt Puddle Alternative Healing Therapy’s website at for more information on the benefits of Reflexology and to book your appointment.


Magazine Check out our new website:

THE FOUNDATION FOR SHAMANIC STUDIES a non-profit public charitable and educational organization

Is offering Michael Harner's

The Way of the Shaman®

Shamanic Journeying, Power & Healing

The Basic Workshop in Core Shamanism Ottawa (Almonte): March 15 - 16, 2014 September 13-14, 2014

Led by Glenn Campbell

Faculty Member, Foundation for Shamanic Studies During this experiential workshop, participants are introduced to Core Shamanism, the basic methods used by shamans to enter non-ordinary reality for problem solving and healing. Particular emphasis is on the classic shamanic journey, as well as on shamanic divination and healing. A practical, enjoyable workshop, even for beginners!

For more information or to register, contact Glenn at, 905 430-4953 or

January 2014

Crystal of the Month Rose Quartz


feel guided to write about Love as we start this New Year. Quite some years ago I realized that I wasn’t very good at it – not good at it at all! Believe it or not, this realization gave me a great sense of freedom; I understood that it was okay to not know how to love well. I realized that was why I was here -- to learn about Love. Of course this is the nature of everyone’s Earthly incarnation but many of us have forgotten. In the materialist whirl of third-dimensional life, many lose sight of it altogether. Great avatars have visited Earth to remind us. Christ’s one great teaching was that we love each other unconditionally. It’s my understanding that is all he ever asked of humanity – just this one thing. It is also well documented that at the moment of death, the only thing that matters to us is that we are loved and that we have loved well. Other studies have demonstrated the healing power of Love, going so far as to prove that it is not healing modalities that heal people – it’s Love. I have come to the conclusion that all dis-ease in the body is generated by lack of unconditional love. All of our emotional, mental and spiritual issues end up expressing as disease in the body. None of them would exist if we had always been loved in an unconditional way with no judgment, no abandonment, no betrayal, and no rejection. So how do we move beyond the wounded love of the ego and learn to love unconditionally? I recommend Rose Quartz for this job. It is the stone that most perfectly embodies the essence of Love that our Creator feels for us. If you will accept Rose Quartz as your teacher, it will begin to show you that it knows everything there is to know about you - every single thing, and it loves you just as you are. It loves who you are, who you have been and all that you are becoming. There are no conditions. Rose Quartz will help you learn to love yourself unconditionally. The more you surrender to its frequency of Love, the faster this transformation will take place. It doesn’t matter where you are on the journey or when you stopped loving yourself – Rose Quartz will begin where you have left off and take you as far as you are willing to go. You will never finish your work with this stone. As long as you occupy a third-dimensional body, you can keep learning about Love. The lessons in loving will continue until we have learned to love ourselves and each other the way that God has always loved us – and always will.

Rose Quartz purifies the heart. It cleanses the pain of old betrayals, abandonments and rejections that block our ability to love well. It eases anxiety by showing us that only love is real. It helps us to feel and open to the love that is all around us. Rose Quartz heals the heart chakra and strengthens the physical heart. It comforts grief and heals conditions of the lungs, thymus and skin. Rose Quartz builds empathy and compassion so that we can forgive. It is also a great aid to accepting necessary change in one’s life. Rose Quartz is a stone of friendship too. It is highly beneficial to anyone of any age, no matter what their life circumstances may be. If you want to gift someone a Crystal and you don’t know which one to pick, go for Rose Quartz. You will truly be giving them the gift of Love. Karen Osborne is a Crystal Healer, Shamanic Practitioner and Educator. She operates a full-time healing practice, a Crystal store, and regularly offers training. She teaches a 2-Year Certification Program in Crystal Shamanism and a 5-Day Certification in Crystal Healing. Contact Karen: karen@ 613-798-2828

January 2014



The new slogan for 2014, “IT IS TIME”.

The Intelligent Design of Creation - Part 1



MF Pollution is increasing each and every day. You are being bombarded 24/7, 365 days of the year. Feeling stressed at work and at home, in your car and at play. The silent killer that you can’t see from Smart technology, cell phones, laptops, ipads, microwaves, WiFi, satellites, GPS units is called ELECTROPOLLUTION, the new disease of the 21st Century. There is no place to hide, not even on the mountain. Wake up Canada all this EMF pollution is here to stay. More technology coming every day to make out lives better such as Wi-fi in all our schools, coffee shops, planes, etc. Do you think for a moment that our government will protect us from this environmental disaster? It’s called denial when you go to your doctor about your declining health they tell you its all in your head and prescribe more drugs. EMF Sensitivity is a disease, ADHD in our children is on the rise at an increase of 42% in just 8 years from ages 4-17 have learning or behavioural problems. “IT IS TIME” to stand up and protect ourselves from this evasive pollution so that we can have a very good quality of a healthy life. We have the tools to help you protect yourselves and your families from EMF Pollution. Our EMF home and work balancers are built in Kemptville, Ontario by Peter Webb who has been working on solutions for this global problem for 30 years. We have balancers for home, work, autos, cell phones, handheld’s, ipads. NOW IS THE TIME to call for free info on how to protect yourself in 2014. Call now (613) 842-4758 for information • Join us at the Energy Exchange Meeting first Friday of each month at the Ottawa Citizen Bldg 7pm to 9:30 HAVE A BALANCED 2014


he moment Mankind has been waiting for over a millennium has finally arrived. A tangible proof of off-planet life has at long last arrived. The higher powers have shown their hand. In nineteen ninety nine, a website called ‘The Revelatorium’ was launched. The website revealed many aspects of the higher dimensions not previously known. By fall of two thousand and thirteen the Revelatorium had morphed into a full revelation of the Intelligent Design by which all of Creation has been blueprinted and expressed. The verity of the Design has now been proven in real time. This drawing is Figure 77 in Chapter 8 of the Revelatorium. the figure depicts the cubistic blueprint of the first six dimensions of the Outer Creation according to the formats of the Intelligent design. The image below of Saturn’s North Pole was taken by the Cassini probe. If you carefully compare the Revelatorium and Cassini pictures you will see that they are structurally identical. The Revelatorium drawing was done in two thousand and two. The Cassini probe was launched in 2009. Both have a clearly defined center circle and hexagon area representing the first, second, and third dimensions collectively. A blue coloured hexagon shaped ring with some pink spots around the center matches the ring of six different designs around the center of Figure 77, representing the fourth dimension. A large pink coloured hexagon shaped ring around the blue ring matches the ring of twelve identical designs around the first ring of six cubits of Figure 77, representing the fifth dimension. And finally a third faint pink coloured hexagon shaped ring with completely different background color around the second large pink ring matches the ring of eighteen identical designs around the ring of twelve cubits of Figure 77 on a different background, representing the six dimension. Part 2 will be the nest issue of Tone Magazine. By: Delahnnovahh-Starr Livingstone email:

January 2014

Conversations It Is Worth Having


(Part Two) By Marlene and Bob Neufeld


n previous issues of TONE Magazine, we wrote about conversations we recommend people not put energy into and began to explore conversations we recommend people do put energy into. For a copy of those articles go to Today, we would like to continue to explore conversations it is worth having. 5. Reflecting, Validating: Often people around us just want to be heard accurately. They don’t want our advice or opinion. For more about this important topic check out the article on our website about listening. Frequently reflecting back what you are hearing can help clarify what is being said and can reduce anxiety and defensiveness. It is especially helpful to reflect back emotions that are being shared (without taking them personally) and to reflect back what you hear the other person wants. You don’t have to agree, you do need to hear what is being said. Once you have truly heard the other person, it is helpful to validate as much as you can. The most useful phrase in validation that we have found is “it makes sense to me that you would think, feel, want…” 6. Unarguable truth: We often say to our clients that if you are getting an argument back from someone, then you are being “arguable”. For example, saying “you never do your share of the dishes” will likely provoke an argument, while saying “I notice that the dishes didn’t get done tonight” will be less likely to do so. Of course, the other person can be finishing your sentence inside their head, especially if you have been used to blaming them. The most useful phrase in telling the unarguable truth is “I’m making up a story that…” This helps remind both you and the person you are talking to that what you are saying is really just your perception. For more about this topic see the articles on “Honesty” on our website.

ROLFING® Miranda (Dayvis) Greenacre Advanced Practitioner



Insurance coverage available

Marlene & Bob Neufeld A Couple helping Couples learn life-changing relationship skills

Contact us NOW to find out if we can help YOU and qualify for a COMPLIMENTARY one-hour SESSION 613-594-9248

7. Genuine regret, followed by what I plan to do differently: While we don’t recommend apologies (see article on our website of that name) letting the other person know that you do feel regret and taking response-ability; i.e. what response you are planning on taking, can be extremely helpful.

In next month’s Tone Magazine, we will be continuing this exploration as well as delve into why people insist on having the conversations that it is not worth having. Marlene & Bob Neufeld practice body-centered Coaching and Psychotherapy. They are a couple who help couples learn life-changing skills and create closer, more loving relationships with one another. To learn more, see or call 613-594-9248 to arrange a complimentary 1-hour introductory session. For articles mentioned in this article see

Ottawa Spiritualist Temple Christian Spiritual Ministries Inc.

Olde Forge C.C., 2730 Carling Avenue Sunday Service at 1:30 pm Worship, Healing & Message Service

Rev. E. Stoddard

& Various Guest Mediums

for Information call 613-521-9711

January 2014


Ask a Naturopathic Doctor

Reframing Colds and Flus Katherine Willow N.D.


rom a holistic point of view, colds and flus are not a matter of catching a “bug”, they are about being off balance, physically and emotionally, through congestion, nutritional deficiency and significant stress. The interesting thing is that the cold or flu is actually the body’s way of trying to re-establish our balance. These “illnesses” are healing symptoms, with a subsequent improvement in health if they are managed properly—with rest, fluids, positive attitude and natural remedies. Drugs are required in emergencies, when a person does not have enough vitality. Drugs do more harm than good during acute episodes if one is basically healthy by suppressing our bodies’ healing mechanisms. In healing chronic conditions, even cancer, we see patients going through colds and flus as the body starts to detoxify, although we do our best to avoid this by going slowly. So how do we prevent these miserable conditions— even if they are supposed to be good for us? • Manage stress. Unmitigated fight or flight state is the number one immune buster. Often the cold or flu comes on during the “let-down” phase after a stress is resolved and we descend into let-down/recovery mode with its accompanying detoxification. • Sleep 7-9 hours, starting before 10pm when the energies begin to rise, in a fully darkened room, away from electronic equipment; dim lights after dinner to avoid suppression of melatonin which makes us sleepy to recharge our bodies after the stress of the day. Take small naps/rests during the day to pace energy. Good sleep is our best immune booster. • Movement helps keep toxins from congesting our body and manifesting in colds and flus. • Food that fits the season, warming and nourishing, raw in small servings gives us energy, balances our weight and keeps us de-congested; then we rarely need to have a cold or flu. Think non-wheat grains, lots of veggies, nuts, beans, grass-fed organic meat and poultry, wild fish, cold-pressed oils, herb teas and coffees, natural sweeteners and condiments. And the biggest food trick for most of us to avoid illness is: EAT LESS.

CARP RIDGE Natural Health Clinic

Chiropractic Care - Registered Massage Cancer Care - Food Sensitivity Tests Naturopathic Doctors - IV Clinic


2386 Thomas Dolan Parkway, Carp just up the hill from where Thomas Dolan intersects with Carp Rd. • Do regular cleanses; include herbs for parasites. This is a HUGE flu preventive and overall perk. • Supplements include: vitamin A, C and D; echinacea in small doses a few days/week, garlic, digestive enzymes, adrenal support; elderberry concentrates in small doses, homeopathic flu prevention monthly and zinc are a few immune builders when life is stressful. • About the flu shot: I don’t recommend it unless a patient is afraid not to have it and use alternative methods to boost immunity and build health. Treating a cold or flu: • Fevers are therapeutic; only medicate if lifethreatening. • Stop eating or eat as lightly as you can. You can stop a flu/cold in its tracks if you do this immediately. • Take echinacea, astragalus or elderberry extract, homeopathic aconite or oil of oregano. Everyone has their favourite, just take it IMMEDIATELY. Once the process takes hold, we’re usually down for a few days. • Rest, rest, rest. If you can’t, you’ll probably be “sick” longer. • Make sure bowels are regular. • Stay warm: baths, hot compresses on chest, infra-red sauna (if feeling strong enough) • Hot fluids: ginger tea, chicken broth, lemon water with raw honey, other herb teas. • Stay positive and smile. Katherine Willow N.D. is a fourth generation naturopathic doctor who directs the Carp Ridge Natural Health Clinic and is currently laying low in order to undertake her own healing program, which is why there are no events listed this month.

ROLLANDE THOMPSON Since 1974. Renowned bilingual tarot card reader, palmistry, numerology. Accurate, honest and dependable. My readings consist of guidance in your work, health, love and your finances. I respect my work and will give you only my best. Individual consultations at your service. House parties and my own psychic line. Only a phone call away. Formerly on CFRA, CHIP & Rogers TV Telepsychic Show Call now Rollande Psychic Line (819) 684-6125


January 2014

Biofeedback Therapy: Imprinting healing information on your Body … of Water By Ati Petrov, DHHP

Biofeedback uses technology to scan your body for sources of stress (physical or mental) and applying corrective treatment. It works by imprinting information onto your system. Since your body is 80% and water records information, with biofeedback therapy corrections can be made to fit exactly your current needs. Q: “Does this mean that our environment also affects us?” A: Yes, everything around you makes an impression! You are affected by the moon, barometric pressure, elevation and especially by mental impressions. But your body has controlling mechanisms, which under normal circumstances counter these strong impacts and maintain balance. When there is repetitive or excessive influence by one factor the balance or fluidity is disturbed. Q: “How do I know that I have tipped the balance?” A: You feel “stuck” in a state distress. A physical symptom is often a visible confirmation of the situation. Biofeedback can find and correct such extreme imbalances. This will allow your body to resume its own natural regulation processes.

Q: “How is this done?” A: Biofeedback is used to tune into your subconscious field. This process does not require a physical contact with the client. Once the problem is identified, a series of energy treatments are set up over a period of time individual to each client, but usually for 30 days.

A healing journey to a calmer state of mind...

Q: “How quickly can I expect results?” A: This depends on your level of participation and the ability of your body to heal. Biofeedback treatment will shift the situation, but you can also use other therapies to strengthen your body so it can heal faster. The results of the scan by themselves are interesting. They will provide you with information you can use to work on emotional or life issues. Q: “Are the results permanent?” A: As with any therapy, acute conditions resolve quickly. Chronic problems require multiple treatments in order to cover all the variations in the case. The quality of the results also depends on the practitioner’s ability to use the technology and especially in their training as a healer. Ati Petrov DHHP works at the Village Clinic in Westboro. She has worked with biofeedback with the Inergetix-CoRE system since 2007.

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January 2014

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Hives and Acupuncture By Steve Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac.


n outbreak of hives can be one of those conditions that is particularly confusing. They seem to come and go for no good reason, they can be supremely itchy, and often the underlying cause is never known. Hives, also know as urticaria, are associated with an allergic reaction, and can occur over a long period of time (chronic—more than six to eight weeks), or they can be acute, which means they’re of short duration (less than six to eight weeks). Hives occur because histamine is released from your cells, causing raised flat wheals that can range in size from smaller than a dime to that of a dinner plate. In rare instances, an allergic reaction can cause severe symptoms, called anaphylaxis. In those cases, the histamine reaction causes your blood vessels to dilate, making your blood pressure drop. At the same time, the reaction may cause asthma-like symptoms that constrict the airways in your lungs and throat. These cases are considered to be life threatening and should be treated as an emergency by getting medical help—fast. In Chinese medicine, hives, or urticaria, are considered to be a wind rash. Wind is a pathogen in which there is movement where there should be none. The nature of hives is very wind-like. They come and go, move around your body, and change size rapidly. In addition to being associated with wind, in Chinese medicine hives can be either warm or cold. Hives that are very red, aggravated by heat, and feel warm to the touch are associated with heat. In contrast, hives that are pale, worse in the cold weather and are relieved with the application of heat are considered to be cold. In Chinese medicine hives are almost always associated with a weak exterior. Your body is surrounded by a “protective bubble”, which is your exterior and which acts a little like immunity. It protects you from things like colds, flu, and allergies. When your protective bubble is weak, you become more prone to catching the cold du jour, as well as suffering from conditions that affect your exterior—most notably your skin. In Western medicine, the treatment for hives is antihistamines. However, Chinese medicine may combine body acupuncture with Chinese herbs and/or ear acupuncture to resolve your hives. A few things you can try to temporarily relieve the itching associated with hives includes: 1. Try a cold compress or cool bath. The application of cold shrinks the blood vessels and decreases the amount of histamine being released. This will work even if you have a Chinese medicine diagnosis of

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cold wind rash. However, if cold is a trigger for your hives, this tip won’t work for you. 2. Calm down with tea. In many cases, episodes of hives are brought on or aggravated by stressful situations. So sit down and have a cup of herbal tea. Try chrysanthemum, chamomile, peppermint, or passion flower. 3. Get topical. Try some calamine lotion, milk of magnesia (it’s alkaline and should help the itch), or witch hazel. You can chill any of these in the refrigerator for a cooling effect. 4. Avoid anything, if known, that might be triggering your allergic reaction. For example, certain foods, temperature changes, and even exercise can bring on a bout of itching for some people. Steve Eun Kyu Ryu, R.TCMP, R.Ac is a Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner at New Life Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Center in Ottawa. He is affiliated with Ottawa Fertility Centre and Riverside Acupuncture & Wellness Centre for infertility treatment. For further information or to make an appointment call 613863-6906 or visit website or

Article in June 2013 of Tone by Steve Ryu on Lower Back Pain was originally published here: and


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Psychiatric Drugs Worsen PTSD: Veteran and Military Suicide Epidemic Linked to Psychiatric Drugs


sychiatry appears to be the hidden enemy of all military and especially those suffering PTSD. The militaries of the world are now drenched in psychiatry and psychiatric drugs resulting in some 23 soldiers and veterans committing suicide every day. These statistics seem to parallel the chilling statistics we see in the civilian population, including children, on psychiatric medications. ( Dec 2013) World renowned psychiatrist Dr. Peter Breggin has been calling for a ban on psychiatric drug treatment highlighting the many studies showing the worsening of all emotional and mental issues by psychiatric drugs. Still, the medical/pharmaceutical cartel claims we need more psychiatry and drugs! Even newborns by the thousands are being drugged for ‘anxiety’. A new DVD “The Hidden Enemy: A documentary’, features interviews with over 80 soldiers and non-pharmaceutical controlled experts on the connection between psychiatry and worsening PTSD outcomes. This insightful documentary reveals the real culprits in the destruction of the world’s militaries from within and again supports the assertions made by Dr. Breggin for years: • The undeniable effects of combat stress have been chronicled by writers for centuries. But in 1980, psychiatrists labeled it “post-traumatic stress disorder,” or “PTSD,” later claiming—without evidence—that it was a “brain” dysfunction. 37% of recent war veterans are being treated for it. And once diagnosed with PTSD, 80% are given a psychiatric drug, even though study after study shows psychiatric drugs worsen outcomes and causes perfectly normal brains to function abnormally. • Since 2002, the suicide rate in the U.S. military has almost doubled. From 2009 to 2012, more U.S. soldiers died by suicide than from traffic accidents, heart disease, cancer and homicide. In Canada recently, 4 sol-

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diers committed suicide within one week, yet mainstream media fails repeatedly to link their treatment to their suicides, despite the fact that these drugs come with warnings for increased risk of suicide and homicide. • Psychiatric drug side-effects include agitation, aggression, mood swings, paranoia and hallucinations that family members are ill equipped to handle. Every year since 2001, there has been a 15% increase in visits to mental health professionals by military family members. • Veterans with PTSD are often prescribed medications not supported by government guidelines or independent study results. Most of these prescriptions are written by mental health care providers, who rarely, if ever, help sufferers access safer alternative treatments. • Reuters has reported on a study that analyzed the prescription and medical records of 1.85 million veterans who filled prescriptions in 2010 for at least one psychiatric medication. They found veterans older than 65 were prescribed these addictive psychiatric drugs without a diagnosis 44 percent more often than veterans in their 40s. So, why is the military brass so keen on drugging its veterans and active soldiers instead of helping them find and use empathic therapies? Perhaps the answer comes from following the money trail. Until psychiatric drugs are completely banned, no one is safe from the greed of the medical/pharmaceutical cartel where now even newborns are sacrificed for profit. As long as someone profits from another’s suffering, empathic treatments such as the successful hypnotherapy approach I offer will never be given their rightful credit. Since the 1930’s empathic treatments such as hypnotherapy have been proven repeatedly to be far superior in helping restore lives and health. Now, even Psychiatric Service Dogs are proving to be far superior to drugs. Soldiers went to the Great Wars, lived through the Great Depression and survived to build productive lives. The difference is that today, soldiers are too often drugged to an early death.

~courtesy, Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist, GracePlace Wellness email: tel: 613-422-7027

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Mayor Watson Declares January 4th as World Hypnotism Day In Ottawa


one are the days when people think of medals and people giving off starry eyed stares whenever they hear the word “hypnotism”. It is no longer just a tool used my magicians and hypnotists to get people to do what they ask. In today’s modern world, hypnosis is being used to help people break free from barriers that hold them back so that they can be the best that they can be. On January 4, the world welcomes the New Year by celebrating the very first World Hypnotism DayIn Ottawa. Now that people recognize its many benefits, citizens of the world have a reason to celebrate and inform those who are not aware of how hypnosis can help and benefit them. This holiday declared by Mayor Jim Watson & Founder Dr Luke Michael Howard will surely be the first of many. On January 4, people will learn about the many benefits of hypnosis. Feeling stressed lately and you can’t seem to shake it off? Instead of taking those medications to help you sleep, why not find true relaxation and distress through hypnosis? True, it cannot be done by just anyone and must be facilitated by experts, but many would attest to its efficacy. Hypnosis Ottawa is equivalent to the name of Dr. Luke Michael Howard, who is among the names to watch for during World Hypnotism Day. The benefits of hypnosis Ottawa by Dr. Luke include finding help to get over an addiction may it be drugs,

alcohol and gambling among other things. It can even help people lose weight because a big chunk of it is all about self-control – something that many find very difficult to practice in this day and age. What many people are not aware of is that hypnosis affects not just mental concerns but physical ones as well. Chronic pain is something that becomes manageable when properly dealt with using hypnosis. Pain management is one of the many things that experts in hypnosis learn and practice to help people live their best life. The countless benefits of hypnosis include helping people deal with childhood issues in a healthy manner. Psychologists would agree that many issues that people deal with stem from childhood. Lack of self-esteem, anger problems and other things relating to that time lead people to making bad decisions as adults. It prevents them from enjoying and living life to the fullest. Hypnosis can help individuals with childhood issues so that they can break free from it once and for all. Even repressed memories buried deep in the brain can be recovered through hypnosis. On January 4, do not expect to see medallions being used by hypnotists. Do expect to be educated on the benefits of hypnosis and what it can do for you along with special events. Allow Dr. Luke to introduce you to what hypnosis is all about. There will be no medallions but there will be a lot of mental prodding to help people be the best version of themselves. Exciting things will surely happen on the first ever World Hypnotism Day Ottawa.

“I Can Make You Stop Smoking in One Hour” If you’re having trouble kicking the Evil Habit Dr. Luke Michael Howard can transform even the most ardent smoker into a healthy non-smoker IN JUST ONE HOUR.

been featured in all forms of media such as Tone Magazine, CTV Morning Live, and CBC Radio.

Dr. Luke, owner of the LUKEnosis Complete Mind Therapy organization, is a Smoking Cessation Specialist, has a Masters degree in Hypnotherapy as well as a Doctorate in Psychology.

He has developed an advanced hypnotherapy technique that turns weak willed smokers into empowered Non-Smokers in just one hour. He says “This technique is so powerful we are achieving a 95% success rate. This is incredible when you think that patches are only about 16% successful. We are so confident in the success of this treatment that we offer a free backup session for the remaining 5%. In fact, if after the session any one should need an extra session, it’s theirs, FREE OF CHARGE.”

Dr. Luke has been studying Hypnosis for over 16 years now and has trained all over the world. After over a decade, Dr. Luke is still the youngest person certified by the American Board of Hypnotherapy. Dr. Luke has

Dr. Luke explains, “This powerful breakthrough technique combines the latest discoveries in hypnosis and the new science of personal achievement known as Neuro Linguistic Programming. This takes the power of hypnosis to a new level in


helping people take back control of their lives.” Many local doctors are so impressed by the power of hypnosis that they are now referring many of their patients to Dr. Luke for his Accelerated Change Stop Smoking Programme. Dr. Luke says, “I am currently building a Doctors Referral Network to keep local GP’s informed of my developments and to keep them informed of their patients’ progress. Many celebrities, professional business people, nurses and housewives have benefited from stopping smoking with hypnosis, SO CAN YOU! The good news is that this incredible method of stopping smoking is available locally. The bad news there usually is a two or three week waiting list for an appointment – but even the medical profession believes it’s worth waiting for.

January 2014

“I walked out a nonsmoker!” Caroline had been a smoker for the majority of her lifenearly 30 YEARS! She had tried every type of stop-smoking aid possible, tried using ‘will power’ to quit cold turkey but to no avail-that is until she met Dr. Luke. She recently sent him this follow up email: “I promise I will totally do a video testimonial for you in the future though, as the hypnosis TOTALLY worked...not only have I not smoked...I have not even WANTED to!!! It really is amazing” Check out more testimonial videos on: and you can contact Dr. Luke at LUKEnosis to arrange an appointment at 613-878-5874.

Latendresse Life Memories


n an effort to combat higher prices, he has decided to charge even less each year for the same product. What does that mean? Well, in 2014, the cost to a customer is $500.00 for a lengthy video montage of your loved one’s photos on a DVD to be played at the funeral or anytime in the privacy of the home. It’s a issue, late in its inception as he has been making these compilation video for over ten years for friends, family and neighbours where he lives right here in Ottawa. He says, ‘I am disgusted by the lack of material one sees at funerals and the poor quality one pays for the high cost of $500.00 for a little 15 minute video montage of anyone’s favourite person, now dead and in a box. A person’s life cannot be expressed effectively in such a short video and it’s an insult to anyone to have to pay to view such triviality when the biggest loss ever has happened to us. So, I decided to try to provide the public with an alternative concept, and one which better focuses on a person’s early childhood, growing up in the family, the clothes, the smiles, the joy and laughter, the schooldays, the plays and sports in high school, the dating, the jobs, the all important marriage and family which it produced, and as we grew older and had our own grand children. I suppose that we would be more happy to spend time smiling and laughing then crying at a wake, so here is my little protest to funeral homes’ inappropriate and all too short dvd products.’ In the launch of John’s five year attempt to make things more affordable, his plan is to charge in this fashion: All photo/video montages comprise of scanning photos, some alterations such as close-ups, restorations, themes, appropriate music for the times involved, smiles, accomplishments, special events, jobs, family and more on 5 DVDs and one of the restored + photos in digital form also on a DVD.

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ECO & SPIRITUAL LIVING Tel: 613 692 2800

2014 prices: long videos = $500.00 or a short video will be available for $50.00 every year. 2015 long videos = $450.00 / 2016 long videos = $400.00 / 2017 long videos = $350.00 / 2018 long videos = $300.00 then John will retire as he hopes to continue his other projects with more time on his hands as he does now before starting this business. He says he knew that the funeral parlour in his home town would only offer a tiny rendition of his mother’s wonderful life for people to see, he made his own and presented it at the funeral wake. During this time, a cousin mentioned he should start this as a business and thought it would probably take-off and so John decided to try it for a short five years to see if people responded and if it actually made a difference in forcing funeral homes into focusing on life rather than death. John says, ‘If I can help a few more people before my own passing, so be it; And also because I know how hard it is to think when your loved one dies, it’s not the right time to make a video when your missing someone and it becomes a rush to produce it so I recommend everyone to make their own DVD now or have me make it for you soon since I plan to only do this for a few years myself.’ Although his main focus for the last few years has been Jesus videos shown on Youtube known as the1stshepherd, he now would like to make a difference in his own community by allowing us all to better enjoy the memories of our dearly departed on DVD to enjoy the whole year through and for years to come. John says, ‘Play Barry Manilow’s Even Now and see where my heart is; And although I know we will all see each other again on the last day, I will remember my mom always until my own day comes.’ He continues, ‘Just send me your photos and video, your certificates and diplomas, your life memories to me by mail-order and I will gladly spend the time to produce something worth watching every year, the smiles, the joy, the good times we share together. We should not wait until the last minute as we know not when our day will come nor the hour of its approach.’ John can be reached after 5 PM any day of the week at 613 - 408-4877

January 2014


Calendar ... Conferences ... Workshops rama lotus yoga centre 340 Gladstone Ave 613.234.7974

January 4th Holistic Stress Management 1-3:30pm $25 or $15 for students Feeling under pressure? Make stress in your life work for you. Learn breathing techniques, lifestyle tips and nutrition strategies to manage stress and take care of yourself.

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January 4th Life Lessons from Great Yogis 4-6pm $20 or $108 for series Join us for a series of meditations through story telling. By delving deeper into the lives of great yogis and nourishing our minds and hearts by hearing their inspiring stories, we begin to internalize their exemplary character.

rama lotus yoga centre 340 Gladstone Ave 613.234.7974

January 18th Raja Yoga 1-3pm $25 This workshop will include an introduction to Raja Yoga, a Raja asana yoga practice to quiet the mind and meditation to bring you into you own center of stillness. This workshop is suited to everyone wishing to experience positive energy as we discover another tool to calm ourselves in our daily lives. January 18th Prenatal Refresher for Yoga Teachers 11am-2pm $50 Learn basic physiology,prenatal considerations and contraindications by trimester, modifying classical hatha poses and identifying poses that are especially useful during pregnancy

January 11th Beat the Winter Blues with Yoga Therapy 1:30-3pm $30 It’s that time of year again...Winter...where we can fall out of balance by eating too much, or eating too little, sleeping too much or sleeping too little. Now what can you do to cope with the ups and downs of winter? Join us for Yoga Therapy to find out!

January 19th Naad Yoga 11am-6pm $45 workshop $25 kirtan or $60 for both Mantras help energize and center ourselves, calm the negative chatter of the mind, deal with addictions, improve self-image, break thru obstacles in life and induce inner peace and harmony. Join is for a full day with Ram Vakkalanka

January 17th Yoga Dance Mix 7-9pm $21 Creating Healthy & Happy Dance Parties YogaDance Mix (YDM) is designed to give you an experience of dynamic fitness, stillness and ridiculous fun.

January 19th 62 Minute Mantra Recitation 11am-12:30pm $11 Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio is a mantra of ecstasy. Experience a deeper connection with yourself and the joy within you.

January 17th Opening up to Ourselves 7-9pm $80 for series The journey toward self-awareness can open us up to the dynamic quality of our lives by allowing us to open our hearts and our minds. January 17th Partner Yoga 7-9pm $40 per pair Yoga for two! Enjoy this fun and interactive class with your partner, friend, workout buddy - everyone is welcome to attend!

BowenworkÂŽ Module one January 25-26, 2014 380 Forest St., Ottawa Bowen Training Academy, Janet Riley, RN Licensed BowenworkÂŽ Instructor Courses in Ottawa and across Canada 613 848-2083

Book Signing and Talk by Willow-Marie Power author of real- Coming of Age – Keeping our Soul Singing Pebble Books January 27, 6:30 to 7:30 p.m. For more information call 613-230-9165

January 2014

January 31st Relax into Bliss 7-9pm $20 In this 2 hour class you will sink into a yin practice where tension and stress will leave the body.   In this state of relaxed bliss you will then experience a gong bath meditation where the vibrations from this ancient instrument will wash over you and vibrate your very being.

TAROT WORKSHOP Saturday February 1 at the Singing Pebble. Email or 613 304 4255. Early Bird Pricing by Jan 15; Info at

JOURNEY INTENSIVE WORKSHOP with Dr. Marie-Sylvie Roy February 1 – 2, 2014 – Ottawa - $395 The Journey: a simple step-by-step roadmap that clears out and heals the root cause of physical or emotional life issues. Discover the radiant essence of your own being and the incredible – even miraculous – healing potential of your own body. Call toll free 1-855-625-6876

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Love Peace Harmony Ottawa Calendar Listings January 2014 Soul Power Group with Certified Divine Healing Hands™ Soul Healers Wednesday, January 15 and 29 7 pm – 9 pm • FREE Join certified Soul Healers to learn simple, daily practices to transform health, relationships, finances, and more. Receive Divine Healing Hands Blessings. 2650 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa K1B 4S9. Info: Sara at 613.620.1996 or Soul Masters: Dr. Guo & Dr. Sha Film Screening & Divine Healing Hands Blessings Friday, February 7 7 pm – 9:30 pm • FREE Two powerful healers, each committed to a sacred childhood vow discover and share the secret of all true healing. Receive Divine Healing Hands Blessings. 2650 Southvale Crescent, Ottawa K1B 4S9. Info: Sara at 613.620.1996 or Soul Healing Miracles Evening with Master Lynda Friday, February 21, 7 pm – 9:30 pm • FREE Divine Soul Healing is helping people around the world experience relief from pain, boost energy and stamina, increase mobility and agility, and improve chronic conditions. Receive powerful blessings for healing and life transformation. Info: Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or Personal Consultations with Master Lynda Soul Readings, Crown Chakra Blessings and Soul Healing Miracles Blessings for all aspects of life. By appointment: Master Lynda at 647.654.7711 or

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New Year’s Day Yoga Classes – January 1, 12:00–1:15 pm Celebrate joyously in the vibration of 2014. Lift and align your spirits as we embrace this pivotal year with the choice of 3 transformative classes – Hot, Hatha or Kundalini Yoga. PranaShanti Kirtan with Gregory Kaps – January 3, 7:30 pm Let’s chant and raise our vibrations. With Kirtan a lead person calls out the melodies and the mantras and then the group responds together. Minimum $5 donation in support of The Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Open House – January 6, 7:30 pm FREE INFORMATION SESSION: PranaShanti offers internationally recognized Yoga Teacher Training programs and is an approved 200-hour Registered Yoga School through Yoga Alliance. Meet the Trainers, learn about our program and ask questions. FREE Introductory Class- Tai-Chi with Jurgen Portz – January 7, 7:30 pm Tai-Chi is a moving form of yoga and meditation combined that expands one’s vital energy (chi) and opens oneself to a spiritual dimension. Give it a try! Weekly drop-in classes begin Tuesday, January 14 at 7:30 pm. Mindful Self-Compassion with Dr. Kim Sogge, Ph.D. – Begins January 9, 7:30 pm Mindful self-compassion is the foundation of emotional healing—being aware in the present moment when we’re struggling with feelings of inadequacy, despair, confusion, and other forms of stress and responding with kindness and understanding. Mindful selfcompassion also means holding difficult emotions— fear, anger, sadness, shame and self-doubt—in loving awareness, leading to greater ease and well-being in our daily lives. Hatha Yoga Teacher Training – Winter Begins January 10 Meeting over 11 weekends, the program is a total of 200+ hours including 180 contact hours and 40 personal hours. Featuring an international training time of Laurie Howe, Todd Norian, Joe Barnett and Dr. Blaise Ryan. Jump in and expand your practice! Yoga for the Office Worker with Alan Viau – 6 classes beginning Tuesday, January 14 at 4:30 pm Do you feel tight and tired after a day at the office? This series of classes will focus on five areas where we can relieve the tightness and stress from our day in the cubicle.

January 2014

Full Moon Meditation with Devinder Kaur – January 16, 5:45 – 7:15 pm Enjoy this special class that calls upon the powerful energy of the full moon. We will learn the astrology for the Full Moon and do a short yoga set (kriya) and meditation. Class concludes with a deep healing Gong relaxation. Yin vs. Yang with Katherine Rankin and Phil Landel – January 19, 2:00 pm This workshop includes: an Ayurvedic lecture about the doshas, two 45 minute practices with a short break in-between and tools to take with you to continue to find balance on and off the mat. Vinyasa, Zumba & Yin! With Maria Figueroa – January 24, 7:30 pm 3 incredible forms of movement blended into one dynamic class. Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement. Zumba really gets us moving with music and a workout. Yin Yoga is our cool down. Discover the 8 Limbs of Yoga with Michael Hutkins – January 25, 2:00 pm Take the time to travel from limb to limb in order to gain a deeper understanding of the yoga practice and yourSELF. No previous knowledge on this topic is necessary. Hot Yoga 101 with Stéphane Ippersiel – January 26, 1:30 pm We will do a short introductory Hot Yoga set covering basic Hot Yoga postures. Leave with a good understanding of how to proceed with your Hot Yoga practice. Dress in comfortable clothing. Bring your sense of humour. Double Gong New Moon Meditation with Devinder Kaur – January 30, 5:45 pm Every New Moon, we have the opportunity to manifest a new beginning. The class includes an overview of the lunar astrology followed by a meditation for realising opportunities, openness and prosperity. The class concludes with a double Gong deep relaxation. Quantum-Touch therapy Level I Certificate Training weekend Saturday and Sunday, January 25th and 26th, 2014 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 9 Moorside Private, Ottawa Information from Aileen McKenna Aileen’s Oasis • 613-228-2272, by cell at 613-795-3751 Or toll free at 1-866-493-0236 In a few short hours you will learn how to run energy using meditation and special breathing techniques that will allow you to heal yourself, your friends, family, plants and animals. You will be learning from the first Canadian Quantum-Touch Instructor


DIRECTORY • Groups ISUL GROUP INTERNATIONAL. RON CHAPMAN. Meditation classes and seminars. 232-1160. PATHWORK® Practical spiritual wisdom that lays out a step-by-step journey into personal transformation and wholeness. A challenging yet compassionate voyage of discovery to the Real Self through the layers of our defenses, denial and fear, guided by our own inner authority. Ottawa info: SUFI ORDER OF OTTAWA

• People RON CHAPMAN. Classes and seminars, meditation all levels, private consultations 232-1160. NADINE LA BELLE, M.A. Body, mind, spirit Integrative Healing®. 613-258-7492. T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER, coaching and teaching transformation:; Phone: 613.769.5575.

• Places MOVEMENT OF SPIRITUAL INNER AWARENESS (MSIA) (an ecumenical church), Ottawa-Morin Community. Weekly, Thursday, 7:30 pm services, followed by fellowship, at 103 Westpark Drive, in Ottawa: call to reserve. Marriages and spiritual counselling by appointment. Peace Theological Seminary Courses: as scheduled locally, by correspondence and by internet. For information or to reserve: or 613-841-1458

• A Course in Miracles COURSE OASIS. Courses, support and study groups, spiritual gatherings, individual mentoring, books. Mary Anne Buchowski and James Gregory, 613-726-0195. Email: courseoasis@; Website:

• Acupuncture CHINESE TRADITIONAL ACUPUNCTURE & NATURAL MEDICINE CENTRE. TCM. DAC. Jia Jun Huang & Annie Huang. Graduate of Shanghai Medical University (1960). Over 45 years experience. Member of Chinese Acupuncture Association of China & Canada. Acute & chronic pain, Accident. Sports injuries, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Depression, Insomnia, Stop smoking, Menopause, etc. Disposable needles are used. Insurance coverage. Free parking. One of the largest herb stores in Otawa. 613-235-5504. 867 Somerset St. W. Ottawa.

HARMONY ACUPUNCTURE, Rural Kanata location, Alice Kwasniok, Dr. Ac. and TCM, MSc, member of CMAAC, graduate of ACOS, Nelson, BC. Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine for prevention and treatment of


a variety of acute and chronic conditions. Weight loss and detoxification, anti-aging facial rejuvenation. 613-832-0658. www. PAIN RELIEF; correction of chronic conditions; addiction relief; weight loss; pro-active tune-up for health maintenance. Meridians Clinic (613) 728-2579 SUNRISE COMMUNITY ACUPUNCTURE clinic offers affordable treatments on a sliding scale from $15 to 35 ( +HST). You pay what you can, no questions asked. There is an additional $10 for the first treatment only. 20 years of experience. 613-853-9099. BLAISE T. RYAN, R.TCMP, R.Acu. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Qigong and Child Psychology. Experienced & Registered. Adults & Children. Insurance receipts available. Located in Westboro at The Village Clinic. Book online at or call 613-702-5377

• Adiewa ACCESSING DEEP INTENTION AND ENERGIZING WISE ACTION Intuitive, embodied inquiry process for deep personal and spiritual growth. Experience your innate knowing, energetic intelligence, Source guidance. Private sessions, healing circles, workshops with Jane Lindsay. 613.761.9249

• Akashic Records PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Psychic Medium, Empath, Intuitive Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Certified Hypnotherapist. Akasha is the fundamental energy at the very core of creation. All that is created emanates from and returns to the energy of the Akasha. Held within the Akasha are the individual records of each soul from the time it leaves its point of origin until its return. Every thought, word, deed and intent generated by each soul’s experience is recorded within the Akasha in one’s personal Akashic Records as well as in a collective recording of the experience. Accessing information from the Akashic Records gives us Divine insight as we create and manifest our desires.

• Alexander Technique ELENA CALVO. Certified teacher(England) Personalized mind and body work. English, Spanish, and French spoken. Health Insurance covered. (819) 771-0110.

January 2014

THE OTTAWA-HULL SCHOOL FOR THE ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE, Richard Albert, Director. Health insurance covered. I now offer Alexander lessons in my office or at your home 819-456-3484; or visit BRIGITTE CARON fully bilingual, certified teacher (also speaks Spanish). 317 Chapel (@ Laurier). 789-7972.

• Allergy treatment ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-the-art computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais.

• Angel Therapy ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER® Diane Lanthier incorporates various modalities, including family constellation work, into a unique and compelling Emotional Freedom Techniques session. EFT is gentle yet powerful energy work that allows you to release any negative memories and feelings that are blocking you from moving forward in life. 613 297 8293,, VONNE SOLIS. 613-258-3550 DISCOVER YOUR WISDOM WITH SOUL COLLAGE®. Fun, creative workshops and one on one sessions., Elise Laviolette 613-864-6377, HEALING ANGELS OF THE ENERGY FIELD, Integrated Energy Therapy-Master Instructor and Journey Practitioner. Learn how to connect with your angels and be the best you can be. Contact Susan at 613-220-6551 or email me at

• Aqualead AQUALEAD ENERGY - Healing water, environmental healing. Level I, II and Master classes. Free of charge, donations accepted. Sabine Blais, Aqualead & Reiki Master. email for schedules, www. (819) 230-6638.

DIRECTORY • Aromatherapy PLANET BOTANIX fills all your pure essential oil needs! We carry over 100 oils and other supplies. Purchase products from our line of all natural bodycare. 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444, PROMOTE WELLNESS with AROMATHERAPY! One hour sessions - $50. Available Thurs., Fri. and Sat. at Classy Nails & Spa Inc. (613-834-9922) 260 Centrum Boulevard, Ottawa

• Art / Art Therapy SCULPTURE FROM THE HEART: a powerful creative process working with the whole person, energizing and grounding. Free introductory session. Hilde Paz - BA Visual Arts, qualified Steiner sculpture therapist, Tobias School of Art, UK (1988). individuals and small groups. Info: 613 829-3408 JOURNEY THROUGH THE RAINBOW: Participants gain a greater understanding of themselves by exploring the seven colours of the rainbow through art, visualization, sound and food. A “sense”-ational experience! Tammy Smith 613-799-1022

• Ascension Healing NEWLY-ACCESSIBLE LIVING TECHNOLOGY INTELLIGENCE for clearing stubborn, limiting energies from your 12-D Divine blueprint.

• Astrology JACQUES GIASSON: Professional Astrologer with a background in psychological counseling and 28 years of experience. Become aware of your path and take advantage of your challenges and opportunities, natal, actual and future. Call: 819-770-9259. JUDY JIBB, Astrologer CertFAstrolS 613 304 4255, 11th House Astrology Group, open to all levels, to exchange & learn, 2nd Monday of month (Sept.June), 61 Main St. Ottawa. Info:. 613-821-4839. INSIGHTFUL, INSPIRING, and in-depth Astrology Readings. Over 15 years experience. Eve Mari Crete 819-457-1694

• Aura Photography AURA PHOTO & Chakra Balancing Aura pic & interpretation, Colour therapy, Clear blockages, Healing. Rina Soucy 613-841-8651

• Ayurveda NOEL SMITH-SPARROW: Ayurvedic lifestyle Consultant, phone: (613) 294-7798

• B. O. S. LAURIE FRASER, certified B.O.S. practitioner.

Excellent results: emotional issues (depression, anxiety, grief), pain, disease, allergies, mould, menopause, infection, insomnia, etc. Spiritual development, chakra work. 613-721-3781

• Beauty and Health HOLISTIC ESTHETICIAN. Non-surgical Facelift hydrate, rejuvenate, healing your skin.Pure organic skin care product. Call Dina 613-526-1255 NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Birth Doula BIRTH DOULA offering 3 educational prenatal sessions, continuous birth support & 1 postnatal home-visit. Offering a wide range of holistic resources, including Hypnotherapy, Massage & Aromatherapy for pregnancy, birth & beyond. Visit: 613.282.6001

• BodyTalk KRISTIN PETERSON: Registered Massage Therapist, Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & Certified Acupuncturist or LORI HOLLOHAN MA, Advanced BodyTalk Practitioner, Yoga Teacher, Cranial Sacral and Reiki. Contact: (613) 866-7091; lori@ and

• Bowen Therapy BOWENTHERAPY OTTAWA Bette Madigan. Certified Bowen Therapy Practitioner (advanced) 376 Churchill Ave. Suite 203 (Westboro Clinic) insurance receipts available. Call 613-722-4249 or e-mail MARIANNA MEDVID, Registered Bowen Therapist, Homeoplus Outaouais Clinic, Hull. Pain relief and body balancing. 819-777-1818 (w) or 613-291-6651(c); THE BOWEN APPROACH - Gently restoring your health. PAIN, digestive & respiratory issues and more. Certified Bowen Practitioner (Advanced) 613-799-3315. BOWEN TRAINING ACADEMY, Janet Riley, RN, Licensed Bowenwork® Instructor. Courses in Ottawa and across Canada. 613 848-2083 BOWENWORKS OF KINGSTON, Andrée Boisvert, Certified Bowenwork® Practitioner, 920 Princess St., Suite 105, Kingston, 613331-3625, BOWEN TRAINING ACADEMY, Janet Riley, RN. Licensed Bowenwork® Instructor Courses in Ottawa and across Canada. 613 848-2083

January 2014

• Buddhism PINE GATE SANGHA - pinegate.htm - Engaged Buddhism in the tradition of Thich Nhat Hanh. 1252 Rideout Cr; 613 726 0881. Thursday meditation and study class 7:00pm; First Saturdays of each month - dharma talk and pot luck supper 5.00pm. Nucleus of Friends for Peace Resident teacher: Dharmacharya Ian Prattis True Body of Wisdom INTRODUCTION TO AUTHENTIC ZEN TRAINING through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM. Pre-registration required: or 613-562-1568. Zen Centre of Ottawa

• Ceremonies CARRIE RATHWELL, CEREMONIALIST. Personalized ceremonies created for and with you: weddings, funerals, baby and family ceremonies, rites of passage, pet funerals, shamanic journeys for ceremonies, and more. 613-2371473.

• Chakra/Aura Balancing Rica 613-257-8362 THE BOUTIQUE offers a 30 minutes Chakra/ Aura Assessment and modification session. Also the Boutique offers many more services, please refer to or call the Boutique at 613 424 9094.

• Channelling DONNA KINNIBURGH, Internationally Renown, Deep Trance Medium (Edgar Cayce Style) Is now accepting Limited Appointments – 613 649-8245

• Child Care Conscious, healthy, heart-centered care and support for your child(ren) and family. Julia Horvath: 613-724-8228

• Chiropractic ACTIVATOR CHIROPRACTIC CLINIC. Restore proper spinal balance safely and comfortably with the precise low-force activator analysis and instrument. Dr. Stephani S.Dunk 613-226-9800. Baseline @ Prince of Wales

• Church CHURCH OF PERFECT LIBERTY, Ottawa,ON. (613-225-1850)

• Cleaning GREEN CLEANING since 1988. Completely insured and bonded. We clean both homes and offices. Personalized friendly service with all healthy products. 613-731-1532 or email


• Clinics PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 5674444: visit our website for a list of practitioners KILLENS REID PHYSIOTHERAPY CLINIC now offering TCM with acupuncture practitioner. Other services, Osteopathy, Vodder Lymphatic Drainage, Vestibular Rehab, Urinary Incontinence Rehab, Massage Therapy, Orthopaedic and Sports Physiotherapy. (613) 594-8512.

• Clubs OWLS Club: socially-responsible club for ladies 40+, for friendship, support and co-creation. For info or to join:

• Clutter FROM CHAOS TO ORDER - bring on the Flow. Edie Lane Feng Shui Consultant, DeClutter Specialist. 613-565-1919

• Coaching ACADEMY OF PERSONAL AND RELATIONSHIP COACHING www. Coaching concentrates on healing and empowerment and deemphasizes being clinical and helping. Richard Haney is a wholistic coach who brings a wide range of skills, techniques and modalities to each coaching interaction. He provides warm, heart-connected and empathetic coaching. Please contact Richard Haney to enhance your life and make the most of each moment. Listening well is the most eloquent sign of caring. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy), 234-5678 or 726-3636. T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER, Functional, Integrative and Vibrational transformation. By appointment only. Phone: 613.769.5575 ANNA MARANTA: Coaching, Counselling, and Spiritual Direction from an Integral Perspective. Call: 613.867.5505 or email: MARLENE NEUFELD, MSW, RSW, AND BOB NEUFELD, M.ED., help couples create closer loving relationships. We specialize in two-on-two couples coaching/psychotherapy. Experience our life changing approach which will help you learn skills and techniques that facilitate lasting personal change in a faster and easier way than traditional talk-therapy. We each have over 37 years experience in helping couples/people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information or to arrange a one-hour no-chargeto you initial consultation see or phone 613-594-9248. ANNA GREEN, MA CCC - providing Coaching, Counselling, Spiritual Growth, & Body-Mind Healing Therapies. 613-295-9987


LIFE SKILL WORKSHOPS INCLUDESAnger, Communication, Denial, Roles, ACOA, Co-dependency, Relationships and Spirituality. Every second Saturday from November 9 at The House of Hope and Healing. Lynda @ 613-858-7181

• Colonic Therapy DETOX AND STRENGTHEN THE COLON. Gentle, safe, effective. Experienced Colonic Therapist and Holistic Nutritionist, SatDaya WIlliams at 815 Merivale Rd, Ottawa, 613-761-5982,,

• Counselling CAROLINE ELSON a Wholistic Lifestyle Counsellor. B.Sc M.Ed,CCC 613 282 7905, Starting where you are, moving to create the life you want. Explore the physical, mental and emotional through traditional and alternative forms of counselling. Individual and Couple. ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Individual therapy to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282 ACADEMY OF COUNSELLING. Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D. (Counselling Therapy) Specializing in individual and couple counselling and in comprehensive family mediation. Also specializing in bereavement, career and stress counselling. Richard is an empowerment counsellor who is heavily influenced by Roberto Assagioli (Psychosythesis), C.G. Jung, Fritz Perls (Gestalt Therapy), Alfred Adler, Milton Erickson, Ken Wilber and Stanislov Grof (Holotropic Breathwork). 234-5678 or 726-3636. Web: NURTURING A LOVING RELATIONSHIP with your embodied wisdom thru Focusing, NVC & Yoga. Phone/Skype, in person. Shulamit Day Berlevtov 613-868-9642

most insurance providers. She may reached by phone at 613-236-8852 or by email at Her website is www, If you cannot come to her, appointments may be done by phone or Sykpe or in your home (travel costs added to the session fee) Hourly fee: $120. LUC DUMOUCHEL, MA, CCC. INDIVIDUALS/ COUPLES. Anxiety, ACoA, communication, depression, emotional dependency, infidelity, loss, separation, sexual problems, GLBT issues, self-care, spirituality. Ottawa/Hull. Insurance/sliding scale. Bilingual. 613-2359813 SONJA MULLER, Member of College of Nurses, Healer, Sat Guru Teacher Ashtanga Yoga Therapist, and Health Coach. Practicing the Path of the Rose in the Lotus of Life as a teacher of the Revealed Teachings of Christ. Renewal of faith, and spirit through conversion and the path of the rose of spiritual understanding and awakening. 613 7954583. Retreats, personal therapy, path work, initiation, workshops, trainings by appointment. GET RESULTS @ FREE COUNSELLING AVAILABLE for people dealing with death and dying. Also, guidance to achieve your goals in life. 613-828-2836

• Couples MARLENE AND BOB NEUFELD help couples who want to create a closer, more loving relationship with one another. Learn how to avoid the common relationship problems of criticism, defensiveness, or just drifting apart. Experience Bob and Marlene’s life changing approach, which includes their ability to bring a couple’s perspective to helping other couples. We each have over 37 years experience in helping couples/people create more satisfying relationships/lives. For more information or to arrange a one-hour no-charge-to you initial consultation see or phone 613-594-9248.

KATHY GLOVER SCOTT M.S.W., professional, experienced Reiki Master/Teacher (Ascended Levels). Reiki to the 21st degree, 5th Dimensional Consciousness Program, Reiki and Crystals and Root Cause Release Work. Classes and individual appointments (some covered by extended benefits). 613-271-8636

ANNA EARLE GREEN, MA CCC Counselling couples and individuals toward more peaceful, loving relationships within themselves and each other. LIVE, LAUGH, PLAY. Develop more insight and happiness - improve communication - find time to walk together. Counselling and mediation services are available. Receipts available, clinically supervised therapy. Downtown area. 613-295-9987

MARY O’KEEFFE, MA., MSc., Clinical member, Ontario Society of Psychotherapists. Mindfulness & Compassion-Based therapy, for emotional balance, anxiety, stress, burnout, grief, relationship and childhood issues. Experienced therapist, Integrative & Holistic...613-608-7809

JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011.

REV. SHERRY HARRIS, MSW, RSW is a heart-focused psychotherapist, certified spiritual coach, counsellor, teacher, minister and energy therapist. She works 7 days a week and offers receipts reimbursable by

January 2014

• Cranio-Sacral Therapy

AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main Street,, 613-6975644. Receipts available. Light-touch soft tissue and nervous system therapy. Targets dysfunction and honours body’s own intelligence for healing. Also decreases depression, anxiety, stress. Increases range of motion, longevity, quality of life.

DIRECTORY DENISE GAULIN, B.A., CST Since the early 1990’s, Denise offers individual CranioSacral Therapy (CST) and SomatoEmotional Release (SER) sessions; she also has a specialization and a vast experience in pediatric CST and Visceral Manipulation (Barral). Denise is a certified CranioSacral therapist and certified teaching assistant for all levels of coursework (Upledger). Tutorials are offered to students of CST and SER. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080 WELLNESS WITH MOIRA: CranioSacral and SomatoEmotional Release Sessions. Specializing in self empowerment for healing and health. Insurance Receipts. 613.432.1239 BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! ANNA EARLE GREEN, MA CCC Cranio-sacral therapy (Upledger) and body-mind healing from life’s mishaps. CALM. RELAXED. CENTERED. Assists the body’s natural healing intelligence and optimal restoration of immune and nervous system functions for many conditions. Downtown area. 613-295-9987

• Crystal Healing LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Beautiful hand-picked crystals & jewellery. Workshops. Home parties. Crystal Healing sessions. 613-868-8468. Join my mailing list, send an email to:

• Crystals ASCENSION HEALING – Full-time Crystal Shamanic Healing Practice: Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Space Clearing ▪ 2-year Certification Training Program in Crystal Shamanism ▪ Crystal Workshops ▪ Sacred Travel ▪ Crystal Store: Geodes, Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Shamanic Supplies. Karen Osborne:, 613798-2828

• Dance DANCES OF UNIVERSAL PEACE: Join us in simple, meditative multi-cultural circle dances that use sacred phrases from the many sacred traditions of the earth to touch the spiritual essence within ourselves and others. For more information call 613-594-9248, checkour schedule at www.marleneandbob. com or email BELLY DANCING FOR FUN! Awaken your own Goddess of Dance. Tracey @ 613-241-3397 or PEACOCK DYNASTY DANCE STUDIO: Specializing in Bollywood, Indian Classical Dance Style-Bharata Natyam, Indian Folk, &

Persian/Bollywood Fusion. Please contact Sem at or 613-2866484 or visit

sensitivity to material from the unconscious such as dreams. (819) 568-0282

• Ear Candling EAR CANDLING - HYGIENIC. Fireresistant head cover. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255.• Eco-Friendly

• Eco-Friendly ADORIT BOUTIQUE. Fair Trade Eco-fabric Boutique. Tarot Readings every Saturday 12:00 - 6:00pm. 153 York St. Ottawa. (613) 241-8354

• EFT & Energy Medicine SACRED CIRCLE DANCE. Experience joy in movement, well-being, and harmony with others. No dance experience required for this fun, accessible exploration and practice of unity and alignment. Ottawa Circle: Barbara (613) 225- 3253 Aylmer Circle: Jen (819) 682-1434

• Dementia AN ALTERNATIVE, UNCONVENTIONAL, AND HOLISTIC approach to Memory Loss. Mark Andrews 613-257-0003

• Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Detoxification Rica 613-257-8362 ION CLEANSE” Foot Bath Detox, fast, easy, effective way to detox the body in 30 min. Also offering “CHI MACHINE and FAR INFRARED DOMES’ sessions. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna-Foley 613-842-3337 OTTAWA WELLNESS & DETOX CLINIC. IONCLEANSE™ FOOT BATH with full nutritional support for the ongoing process of detoxing. Nancy 613-596-0260 ION CLEANSE FOOT BATH - Removes accumulated toxins from your body through the pores in your feet. Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613)272-2739

• Dowsing OTTAWA DOWSERS, 2nd Wednesday of the Month Routhier Community Centre 172 Guiges St.(Cumberland/St. Patrick) 7-9:30pm. Pendulum, L-rod, Y-rod, bobbers and more. 613-596-0260

• Dreams ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst and psychotherapist. Therapy practised with

January 2014

COMBINING THE POWER OF DONNA EDEN ENERGY MEDICINE AND EMOTIONAL FREEDOM TECHNIQUE to release blocks and empower you to step into your magnificence. Catherine McLenaghan, certified Donna Eden Energy Medicine Practitioner and certified Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner. Call 613-730-0411. Private sessions and ongoing

• EMF Balancing P.W. EMF BALANCERS, Home, Work, Auto. Steve Priebe (613) 842-4758,,

• Emotional Freedom Technique EMOTIONAL, MENTAL AND SPIRITUAL PAIN AND STRESS can lead to physical pain and illness. Life is too short to live with pain of any kind! EFT is an important tool in getting rid of pain - and also in removing the negativity that blocks you from manifesting and attracting the positive and allowing for fullness of self and your divine plan. Tap into emotional freedom - try it on EVERYTHING! Diane Lanthier (613) 2978293 VIOLETTA BOROWSKI, BEd, CHt, EFT Cert-1, SPHE-RE Through this gentle tapping technique, release emotional, mental, spiritual blockages and imbalances on all levels that were preventing you from experiencing peace, happiness and success in your life. A healthy emotional state, will immediately activate physical healing and well being. 613-808-4822

• Energy ENERGY TRANSFORMATIONAL FACILITATOR The Art of Neutrality - sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858

• Energy Healing LAURIE FRASER, B.O.S., holographic healing, Reconnective, facade healing, past life. Excellent results: anxiety, depression, insomnia, hormones, disease, allergies, pain, addiction, spiritual blocks. 613-721-3781. HEALING FROM WITHIN. Energywork and Bodywork through Inner Knowing. Contact Jim Holland at 613-824-1181


MARTIN DESLAURIERS – Physical and emotional healing. From injuries to chronic diseases, pain, burnout, grief. Grounding and self-healing group sessions. 819 965-0108 ext 101 – LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective energy medicine. Stress, childhood issues, depression, pain, grief. In person or distance, people & pets 613-868-8468 QUANTUM HEALING -Past Life Regression; Any health issue, Any Question -Dolores Cannon Hypnotherapy Method - Contact Nancy McColl 613-237-4904 email: VIOLETTA 613-808-4822 The goal is for you to reduce or eliminate your pain rapidly & effectively. Let’s work on you using EFT along with other tools for your mental, emotional, and physical well being. EFT Certified

• Enneagram JANE LINDSAY,MSOD, Riso-Hudson trained, experienced teacher of the profound Enneagram system of personality type and consciousness development. Type identifying, coaching, training. 613.761.9249

• Face Massage FACE MASSAGE (REJUVENATING) The Canadian Centre of Indian Head Massage. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298.

• Facial Rejuvenation Burnham Systems Facial Rejuvenation is a powerful AntiAging Holistic Therapy. Realignment and toning of facial muscles; Release of physical and emotional blockages; Deep renewal of body and spirit. Jurlique Organic Skin Care. Gayle Mickelson 613.422.5701

• Feng Shui BALANCE - HARMONY - ENERGY Enhancing spaces that transform your life. Registered Interior Designer and Certified Feng Shui Consultant. Specializing in Space and Clutter Clearing, Space Planning, Design and Decoration, Colour and Light, Renovation and Construction. Pamela Burns, ARIDO, IDC, Reiki Master (613) 741-4055 CLEARING THE ENERGY OF YOUR HOME can be magical. Move to the next level of your healing. Contact Edie 613-565-1919

• Feng Shui Workshops PRACTITIONER/FACILITATOR LINDA THERRIEN from Life Health Healing Center provides two workshops. Introduction to Feng Shui with compass and Advanced Feng Shui with crystals both include certificates. Let Feng Shui in your home and in your life help


you achieve Harmony, Abundance, Happiness and more. Workshops are held on the third Saturday or Sunday of each month from 1pm to 5pm. Pre-registration required. Linda is the founder and teacher of Dimensional Meditation with crystals. Call: 613-824-4548 or visit

• Family Planning FAMILY PLANNING CONSULTING using the highly successful Lunar Phase Method. One time fee of $100.00 includes personalized profile and follow up. Nancy at 613-324-4458 or fertility-wheel “WOMEN UTILIZING MIND/BODY TECHNIQUES such as hypnosis have a 42 –55% increased rates of conception” Engage the power of your subconscious mind to enhance fertility with hypnotherapy. Visit: 613.282.6001

• Flower Essences FLOWER ESSENCES can support you through all phases of life. Gentle release of blocks and patterns, healing of old wounds, assistance with acute or chronic issues. Californian, Pacific and Bach essences. Will treat animals. Barbara Schuster, FES-certified practitioner; 613-8204303 or

• Foot Orthotics DR. JEAN-FRANCOIS GAUTHIER B.Sc., D.C., C Ped (C) is a certified pedorthist, a trained foot health specialist. Providing solutions for conditions such as plantar fasciitis, metatarsalgia, etc. Restore proper foot, knee, hip and lower back balance with confortable custom-made foot orthotics. Conveniently located near Rideau Center, free parking: 418 Rideau St. Please call 613-241-3434. For more information contact us at dr.gauthier@ or

• Gifts PLANET BOTANIX, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444: eco friendly, recycled, unique and inspirational ideas!

• Gum Disease DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Hadoscan HADOSCAN Sessions available by phone, distance or in person Contact Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858

• Head & Neck Pain DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Healing From The Core AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main

January 2014

Street,, 613-6975644. Receipts available. Tools for whole body presencing, pain and trauma releasing.

• Healthy Bra HEALTHY BRA - Orthopaedic and Post-Surgical Bra (Medical Device License). No wires. No elastic. Custom-fit. Where health, comfort and shape matter most – Sizes 28A to 44KK. Comfy Posture Solutions 613-521-9100

• Health Kinesiology Rica 613-257-8362. Treat causes, not symptoms

• HeartMath® 1:1 Coaching BREATHE THROUGH THE HEART AND STOP REACTING UNCONSCIOUSLY. Self Regulation, Energy Management, Optimal Performance. Contact Robbin Zrudlo at

• Herbalism ANNE DRISCOLL R.H. is a traditional herbalist wise in the healing ways of plants. In her practice she blends the wisdom of herbcraft with modern scientific knowledge. She works with individuals to restore the innate balance and strength of the body. All remedies are custom created to address each person’s unique health needs. For both chronic and acute conditions - let plants walk with you on the journey to wellness. Call the Avalon Herbal Clinic at 613-6121181 or drop by on Saturday to Mother Earth Natural Health (747 D Richmond Road.)

• Herbs JUDY’S ORGANIC HERBS Canada’s favourite source for medicinal herbs & health items. Huge selection of highest-quality organic bulk herbs including Premium Herbs from our gardens, vibrant tinctures, oils & vinegars, custom formulas, Ayurvedic herbs, Best-Tasting Krispy Kelp, DEET-Free Insect Repellent, Poison Ivy Remedy, fresh Ginseng, Vita-Mix, LiteBook, Chi Machine, Far Infrared Hot House, large selection of books & more. Mailed to your home or office. Free e-newsletter. Consultations available by appointment. 613-832-8241 613-832-8241

• Holistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Homeopathy J.B. HOMEOPATHIC DISPENSARY. Jo-Anne Bazinet, homeopath. Member of S.P.H.Q., C.S.H., H.M.C.C. 2062 St. Joseph Blvd., Orleans, ON, K1C 1E6. (613) 830-0487. Consultations & products available. MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM D.I.Hom(Pract.), RNCP, Registered Homeopath for acute and chronic conditions and Registered Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultant;;; (613) 842-9328

• Hotstone Healing Rica 613-257-8362 JOIN HOT STONE ENERGY THERAPIST and Reiki Master Pauline Brown A.N.N. member for the utmost in healing, relaxation, and a wonderful state of well-being. $75.00 for 90 minute session. Call: 819-684-7885 or visit: Receipts provided and gift certificates available BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Hypnotherapy WHAT DO YOU WANT TO CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE? Holistic hypnosis guides you to your unique solutions and a better life! Priscilla Corcoran, 613-859-3902 AVOID THE MEDICATION ROULETTE! Advanced Clinical Medical/ Dental Hypnotherapist successfully treating anxiety, stress, depression, addictions, unwanted habits, fears, pain, smoking cessation, weight mgmt, obsessive-compulsive behaviors, low self-esteem, self-sabotage and more. Specialist in Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Fibromyalgia, Migraine Headaches. Visit www. for info, verifiable credentials & free Tranquility recording- Grace Joubarne, CCHt, LAPHP 613-422-7027 Tollfree 1-888-390-3553 RID YOURSELF OF OLD HABITS AND ADDICTIONS. Hypnosis and HypnoAcupuncture. SLEEP despite your partner’s snoring thanks to hypnosis. Weight loss, Drug, Smoking, Sex, Food and Gambling addictions. Age regression to correct decades old influences.  Hypnosis by Judy Spence (CH), National Guild of Hypnotists-certified. Ottawa 613-7282579 OR Gatineau: 819-661-1061. 1st session: $100. Subsequent $80. Insurance receipts.

MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: With a blend of Hypnotherapy and Coaching, the focus is placed upon what YOU want and together we make it happen in the right way for you (613) 432-1239 ACADEMY OF HYPNOTHERAPY www. When talking therapy is just not enough to dissolve old emotional blocks...Create new pathways by trusting and following fresh images, empowering suggestions and inspiring visions. Become whole again by re-membering and re-connecting forgotten parts of yourself. What inside! What outside! Consider the Whole... Richard Merrill Haney, Ph.D.(Counselling Therapy) Hypnotherapist, 234-5678 or 726-3636. JAIME PALLEN CERTIFIED Hypnotist N.G.H member. Past lives interfering with your present explore how and what you can do to change it. Make an appointment @613-454-1429) or HYPNOSIS WORKS! Reach your objectives with Lynne Cardinal, a fully Certified Hypnotist with the National Guild of Hypnotists, holding additional certifications in Hypnosis Innovative Techniques and Weight Loss. She has a PhD in Eastern Philosophy from India. Lynne has been offering Stress Management, Burnout Prevention and Meditation workshops at the government and private sector for over 30 years. Insurance receipts. 613.721.7888 -

• Indian Head Massage Experience the rejuvenating power of REIKI & INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE (IHM) with Juane, Reiki Master and IHM Certified Practitioner Available Thurs., Fri. & Sat. at Classy Nails & Spa Inc., 260 Centrum Boulevard. 613-834-9922 $50/60 minutes, $30/30 minutes. KYMBERLI KER, IHM Practitioner, Relaxing Treatments. THE CANADIAN CENTRE OF INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE. Two day Certification course with Debbie Boehlen. 905.714.0298.

MARTINE BRISSON, hypnosis and alternative therapies. REDISCOVER THE JOY OF LIFE with the help of hypnosis, EFT, NLP, Eye movement Integration therapy, Psych-K, Reiki and IET. I get to the source of the problem to eliminate it. Only certified 5 Path (5 phase advance transformational hypnosis) in the region. Teacher of 7 Path self-hypnosis. Stress reduction, remove fears, anxiety, self-esteem, traumas and more. Insurance receipt available. Gatineau . 819-2056670

AYURVEDIC HEAD MASSAGE certification with Jackie Cave, Fusion School of Natural Health. 613-389-4344 or

WENDY ARMSTRONG, CHt, MHt, Master Consulting Hypnotist, CCIr. You can create the life you desire NOW! 613-823-3316 wendy@

A NEW SCHOOL OF THOUGHT. Psychic Consultation. Laura Young 725-7232

• Infrared Sauna SAGE WELLNESS 340 Gladstone Book online or call 613-235-7243, Detoxify, Treat injuries, Pain relief, Weight loss, Reduce Stress, Improve Skin

• Intuitive Numerology

January 2014

• Intuitive Psychic Readings LINDA THERRIEN World Known Medium Clairvoyant. Using Crystals, Chinese Astrology and Channeling Cards, my Readings consist of guidance in your work, health, love and Spiritual Healing. I am accurate, dependable and gifted. I am Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, Past Life Regression Channeling Facilitator and a Reiki Master Teacher Practitioner. (613824-4548)

• Intuitive Readings MARLENE STEVENS 819 483 9915 Intuitive readings & tarot. Medium & Angel card readings. MOIRA HUTCHISON CTACC DHP Acc. Hyp.: Connect to your Higher Self and your Inner Wisdom. For insight, guidance, validation, inspiration and support. On-line, by phone and in person (613) 432-1239 INTUITIVE COUNSELING, Reiki Training and Energy Therapies are accessible through practitioner and authour Cheryl Jiala Driskell. Please view my site for testimonials and details. Hope to see you soon. MICHELLE VEZEAU spiritual guidance to your life’s questions - insightful, profound clarity. 819 827-2579 KERRY PALFRAMAN RN specializes in a unique intuitive modality, which offers both healing and profound personal insight into the vast depths of your Being. Session recorded on mp3. SUZANNE WHITE Bilingual Psychic/Medium, Card & Photo Readings, Dowsing, Psychometry and House Clearing. 343-8826559 LINDA MEDIUM, Palm reader: for appt: Tele: 613-816-1808

• Iridology LANE JENSEN is a certified Iridologist and a certified Nutritional/Herbal counselor. Trained in (ERT) Emotional Reflex Technique Assessment, an advanced form of Muscle Testing for Emotional and Nutritional support. For more information and consulting call (613)424-1647 or (613)-406-8798 Email: will be coming soon!

• Journey JEAN BRAZEAU, Ottawa’s first Accredited Journey Practitioner. Give yourself the gift of freedom, physically, emotionally and spiritually. Reclaim the truth of who you are. Works with children, teens and adults. Energy Medicine (Reiki Master, Shamanism, Universalis) NLP, WEL-Systems TM Institute Master Facilitator. Phone: 613-295-2756.


EVELYNE LEMIEUX-NAULT, Accredited Journey Practitioner/Visionary Leadership Coach. Address the root cause of emotional and physical issues. Open to the wisdom, freedom and love within yourself. English and French. 613-824-3368.

• Jungian Analysis ROSEMARY MURRAY-LACHAPELLE, M.L.S., M.A., Dipl. Analyt. Psych. Jungian Analyst. Depth psychology to address your unique concerns. (819) 568-0282

• Kinesiology CHECK Health Kinesiology / Rica Gerhardt T. M. (THOME-us MARTee) TEGTMEYER. Instructor: Touch For Health,® Brain Gym®, “Beyond Belief Synthesis”, “Ultimate Efficiency”, other. Phone: 613.769.5575

• Labyrinth ST. JOHN’S ANGLICAN CHURCH, Parish of March, 325 Sandhill Road, Kanata offers an outdoor, 11 circuit, paver Chartres design labyrinth open to the public at all times. We also offer an indoor, 7 circuit Petite Chartres permanent,painted labyrinth in the church hall. Contact the Parish Office for availability of our indoor facility. ( 613) 592-4747 or HEALING CIRCLE LABYRINTH Set amid 1,000 evergreen trees surrounded by a garden sanctuary overlooking the St. Lawrence River. Paths are lined with chakra coloured plants and stones. Now scheduling workshops and candlelit evening walks. Call Liz at 613-925-1278 or

• Life Between Lives THIS IS THE SPACE between your current life and the one before. The times between death and re-entering the womb for another life. But what goes on in that time-space? What happens to the soul? This is journey to the other side to better understand the reason for which we came on earth. The process is profound, the session itself last up to three hours. Martine Brisson, hypnosis and alternative therapies Gatineau, 819-205-6670

• Life-Cycle Celebrant CERTIFIED LIFE-CYCLE CELEBRANT and trained labyrinth facilitator available for funerals, life event celebrations,memorials, anniversaries, naming ceremonies, special birthdays, pet funerals, pregnancies and other life events. Visit or call Patti at 613-253-3099.

• LifeLine Technique MASTERY UNLIMITED The LifeLine Technique™ offers you the opportunity to view symptoms of Pain, Fear, and Challenges as gifts for self-healing using the power of Infinite Love and Gratitude. To learn more visit: and call Graham Wiseman: 819-483-0667 email: graham@

38 or Judy MacLeod: 613850-7780 email:

• Light Body Acceleration LIPHE DESIGN.COM. pH Nutritional Microscopy. Donna Porteous 613 253 7467

• Low Impact Yoga LOW IMPACT HATHA YOGA www.zenforyou. ca The Zen for You Hatha Yoga classes are easy to do for people who have never tried yoga before. Manali Haridas, Certified Yoga instructor progressively teaches the yoga postures and different relaxation breathing techniques in a period of 10 weeks.

• Lymphatic VODDER METHOD. Effective treatment for acute & chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM, RN. 613-728-2579 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Lymph drainage (Vodder), Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. LYMPH DRAINAGE, MASSAGE. Detoxify body. Reduce cellulite, edema. Effective for fibromyalgia. Dina (613) 526-1255.

• Massage BODY MASSAGE & Manual Lymph Drainage. Reiki. Insurance coverage available. Riverside Health Centre. Dina (613) 526-1255. Also in Valdes-Monts, Québec. MOVEMENT HARMONY MASSAGE. Spinal alignment work, employing osteopathic techniques, attunement, Swedish & acupuncture massage. 33 years experience treating injuries and chronic back challenges in Orleans. Contact Heather Brown (613) 878-6480. ANN receipt available for insurance. LEARN INFANT MASSAGE. Kind gentle woman would like to teach infant massage to a parent and young child, aged birth to crawling (IAIM curriculum.) The classes will be 5 consecutive Wednesdays at a time convenient for you. We can meet in my south end studio or I may be able to travel to your centrally located home. There is not cost. Friends also welcome. For additional details please call 613.304.3427

• Massage Therapy LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE FOR CHRONIC ILLNESS Effective treatment of many chronic conditions. Judy Spence, DNM RN. 613-7282579  CALM CONNECTIONS Massage Therapy, 42 Holland Ave. Cathy Chatham RMT, Kirsten Greenleaf RMT. Tel: 613 792 3223 JENNIFER PRESLEY, RMT. Massage Therapy, Craniosacral, Reiki lll, Shamanic energy work. Vibrant Health Massage, 190 Somerset St W

January 2014

(at Elgin), Suite 208. 613-237-4400 NATURAL BALANCE MASSAGE THERAPY CENTRE Located in downtown Ottawa. Specializing in deep tissue / sports massage, pre / post pregnancy care, relaxation / stress reduction, headaches & chronic conditions. Gift certificates available. B6 - 130 Albert Street (between Metcalfe & O’Connor) Phone: (613) 566-3000 RIDEAU MASSAGE THERAPY - Feeling stress, pain,or just need to relax? Therapeutic massage can help. Providing treatment for acute and chronic conditions and injuries. Also trained in Acupuncture and Thai Yoga Massage. Free Parking. 418 Rideau St. 613-241-3434. More info at or contact Lori at BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care! KAREN MUNRO-CAPLE, RMT. Providing Healing, Relief, Joy! 1105-85 Albert St. between Elgin & Metcalfe. (613) 230-3527. RE - SELF - ING, a Journey to Wholeness, orthotherapie, swedish massage, reiki. Insurance coverage. Christianne Akyna 613842-3337 YONG KAI, RMT, Registered Massage Therapist. Stress & Tension, Back & Neck Pain, Stress & Tension, Muscle Strains, Headaches & Migraines, Sciatica, Tendonitis, Sport Injuries (613) 435-6988, cell (613) 852-4852. Insurance Accepted. MAITLAND MASSAGE THERAPY: a healing company.Online booking. www.MaitlandMassage. ca Free parking. Melanie Ransom, RMT, BHSc. 878 Maitland Ave. 613-722-6423 RACHELLE BEHRENS RMT now accepting new patients at cozy home based clinic in Kanata.

• Matrix Energetics MATRIX ENERGETICS - Facilitator in the Art of Transformation Certified Practitioner since 2007 sessions available by phone, distance or in person Yvette Marie-Claire Guy 819 771-8858

• Medical Intuitive MANUELA WERTHWEIN 613-231-4575. www. Medical Intuitive, Medium, Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Soul rescue. Reiki Master & Teacher. Colour healing. Teaches intuitition skills (private or classes). Releasing blockages and stagnated energy grids within the Human Energy Fields takes place regardless of hereditary, environment or inherent factors that may endure. Manuela will access the information in your biology and soul using clairvoyance as well as energy scanning with healing and Past Life Information.

ANGELA KEHLER, Certified Medical Intuitive utilizing intuition to understand the role of psychological, emotional and spiritual stressors in disease.

• Meditation CHRISTIAN MEDITATION COMMUNITY – There are about 40 groups in the Ottawa area that meet weekly to practice a way of silent, contemplative prayer using a prayer word or mantra, as taught by the late Benedictine Fr. John Main. For more information contact the Ottawa Area Coordinator at 613-725-1328 or or consult COSMIC MINDFULNESS, Meditation in the Yogic Tradition. Ongoing classes and guided meditations, Wednesdays at 7:30pm given by Chris Simmonds, including chakra awareness, Pratyahara and Yogic Meditation techniques. Attend an ongoing class or practice group. Advanced personal instruction is also available. Call Chris at 613-298-2447 or email Visit for more info.. DYNAMIC MEDITATION. Learn the lifechanging techniques of deep mantra meditation and mindfulness for peace and wellbeing. Introductory and advanced classes for individuals, groups, workplaces. Courses on mastering thoughts, healing emotions, self-care and empowerment, consciousness expansion, development of chakras. Call Jennifer Bernius at 613-721-3787; THE SILVA METHOD. Lise Blouin, Certified Silva Method Instructor. 1 800 226 4428 GROUNDING AND SELF-HEALING group sessions. Emotion integration and transmutation. 819 965-0108 ext 101 –

spiritual rebirth. Visit us at or Saturdays 3:00 pm Ottawa Public Library 120 Metcalfe (FREE)

• Meditation on CD JENNIFER BERNIUS guides you through 5 soothing and inspiring meditations to calm your mind, relax your body and uplift your spirit. This CD, Into the Silence, with gorgeous musical accompaniment, will revitalize your daily meditation practice, helping to open your chakras and awakening you to the healing power of light. Cost: $20. 613-721-3787;

• Mentoring Program FOR OVER 20 YEARS KERRY PALFRAMAN has been a spiritual teacher and healer. This program offers you her personal support and guidance in any area of your choosing. Empowering you towards you your next level of mastery.

• Migraines DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Music & Healing FOR 29 YEARS I have helped clients 2-82yr. with health concerns including ADHD, dyslexia, depression, cancer etc. Hands on approach using musical instruments. Call Shirley Schober @ 613-729-7758 DEEP SOUL ENERGETICS – Deep core healing using sound, improvisation, creative visualization, DNA activation & energy healing. Connect with Archangels and Ascended Masters. Pamela Holm MTA. 613-820-1556

• Music Therapy

A FORMAL INTRODUCTION TO AUTHENTIC ZEN TRAINING through instruction in zazen (sitting Zen) and kinhin (walking Zen). First Saturday of each month, 2-4 PM. Preregistration required: or 613562-1568. Zen Centre of Ottawa

PAMELA HOLM MTA - Exploring creativity unblocks stagnant energy/problems. Supports insight & healing. 613-829-1556

LEARN TOOLS AND TECHNIQUES that will enhance your growth and development to bring the meditative process into daily living. Individual and group classes-daytime/evening. ISUL method. Contact Nancy 613-5960260

ALLERGY & CHRONIC CONDITIONS. 10th year serving Ottawa-Outaouais. Judy Spence’s Medical background assures your program is tailored to your individual health needs. NAET is excellent for treatment of allergy & infection as well as Autism, CFS, FM, MCS, ADD & other chronic and conditions including pain. Doctorate of Natural Medicine (DNM), Acupuncturist., Advanced Level 2 NAET, Advanced 2 BioSet, Laser Acupuncture Detox & Lymphatic Drainage. Western medicine meets Eastern medicine to correct persistent and acute health issues.  State-of-the-art computerized testing. The NAET Clinic of Ottawa is a full service, full time practice and also offers Hypnosis, Homeotoxicology, Auricular Medicine, Ion Detox Foot Baths,  Sauna Detox, Weight Loss and Stop Smoking Programs. 613-728-2579. Quebec location: 819-6611061.  On parle francais.

WEEKLY MEDITATION Meditation on Twin Hearts: every Wednesday, 7pm: 5 Blackburn (Blackburn & Laurier, Sandy Hill). Join us for this beautiful guided healing meditation. No experience necessary, held on donation. Come every week, or come when you can. RSVP with Faye Healey:, SAHAJA YOGA MEDITATION. Awaken your Kundalini energy to balance you, connect you to cosmic consciousness, and bring about your

• N.A.E.T.

January 2014

• Naturopathic Medicine DR. KANDIS LOCK, ND. Licensed  Naturopathic Doctor. Digestive Disorders, Allergies, Headaches, Womens Health, Chronic Disease, Cancer. Come in for free 15 minute consult to find out how naturopathic medicine can benefit you (no treatment provided). 210-190 Somerset St. 613-627-3880,

• Nutrition MARILENA GAVRILA - NUTRIHOM RNCP, D.I.Hom(Pract.), Registered Nutritional Consultant and Homeopath; Nutritional and lifestyle consulting for your individual and unique health concerns.; 613-842-0373. BODY CHEMISTRY TESTING & BALANCING for optimal nutrient absorption & vibrant health. Physical & Emotional healing begins at the cellular level. Sensible, Sustainable, Effective Nutritional & Lifestyle recommendations. Iridology, testing for Heavy Metal Toxicity, Adrenal Function, & Free Radicals. 613-7259013;

• Oral Health DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Orthodontics DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

• Osteopathy JOAH BATES, D.O.(UK) Biodynamic Osteopathy. Creating a space for self-healing through structural balance. Over 25 years experience. 613-742-0011.

• Past Life and Spiritual Journeys ALLAN GREEN, Master Past Life and Spiritual Journey Facilitator since 1982; Allan sees what you see & feels what you feel. Eliminate Fears, Blockages, Pain from Past Life wounds. Find your Mission/Purpose, Meet Spirit Guides. Talk with People crossed over. Clear up people issues, that holds you back. 1-877-213-7576.

• Pranic Healing NO-TOUCH HEALING that works on the energy body (the blueprint of the physical body). Treats physical injuries & diseases, emotional, & mental ailments. (Broken bones, migraines, poor vision, liver disease, muscle pain, general fatigue, stress, anger, PTSD, neurological disorders, etc. as well as blocks to career, relationships, & financial success, and for maintenance of good health. The list is endless.) Email or call Faye Healey to book a session:, 613282-0801. Visit


• Qigong LAMAS QI GONG Association offers Qi Gong and Tai Chi courses at various locations in Ottawa. The classes are taught by Master Philip Lai (a certified naturopath therapist who has 30 years of experience teaching Qi Gong, Kung Fu and traditional Chinese medicine) and associates. Qi Gong helps to reduce your stress, control pain and allergies, strengthen your self-healing ability and increase your energy level. Training to become a certified instructor and private consultations with Master Lai are also available. For more information, contact Catherine at 613-737-0553 or visit CHOW QIGONG. Chow Medical Qigong exercises and meditation classes held at McNabb Community Centre, 180, Percy Street since 1986. Tuesdays 9:15-10:45am, Wednesdays 6:00-7:30pm. Chow Qigong is taught by certified instructors and helps to relieve stress and promote self-healing. Complementary 1st class. For more information contact OttawaChowQigong@

• Quantum TouchTherapy THE POWER TO HEAL Aileen M. McKenna, Certified Quantum-Touch, Instructor/ Practitioner since 2004, first instructor in Canada improve physical strength, release physical and emotional stress, improve sleep, increase creativity, remove pain. Information on personal appointments and classes: Aileen’s Oasis 613-228-2272, 613-795-3751, out-of-town enquiries at 1-866-493-0236, or by e-mail and check out.

• Reconnective Healing PATRICIA V. LACROIX, Reconnective Healing Practitionerª. The Reconnectionª and Reconnective Healing¨. Visit: JACKIE LOGSDAIL, RECONNECTIVE HEALING PRACTIONER, and Reconnection™. Allow the universe to give you an energy healing through the mind, body or spirit. For an appointment or information call 613-440-1204 or email, ALEXIS NICOL – Reconnective Healing® Practioner and the Reconnection since 2005. 613-263-7925

• Reflexology VALCRON REFLEXOLOGY - the healing touch providing holistic reflexology to clients for over 13 years. Home-based practice in Orleans. Hospital, retirement & nursing home visits provided. RAC certified reflexologist, RN, SCM, MA, CCRP. For more information contact Valerie Cronin at 613 837 9435 BALANCE RELAXATION THERAPY. Reflexology, Ayurvedic Yoga & YOGA MASSAGE FOR BETTER HEALTH. Lori Chamberland,


613-255-7934 NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Reflexology, Shiatsu,  Lymph drainage, Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd. DEB DESJARDINS 613-435-2100. Homebased in Kanata. REFLEXOLOGY ASSOCIATION OF OTTAWA offers Individual sessions (foot, hand or ear reflexology), private or corporate events, as well as fund raising events are available. We offer training towards certification as well as membership for professional Reflexology practitioners and students of Reflexology. Contact: ALEXIS NICOL - RCRT - Foot reflexology, receipts provided 613-263-7925.

levels. 613-823-3316 wendy@wellness-centre. com iHEALING CONNECTION: Usui & Karuna Reiki Master, Lightarian Reiki, QuantumTouch, Intergrative Energy Therapy, EFT and Magnified Healing. These holistic therapies will help you to relax, relieve stress and heal on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Roger, 613 322 7585, email; VERA & PESI SHROFF TRADITIONAL USUI Reiki Master/Teachers, are committed to selfempower individuals who commit themselves to healing & personal growth. They offer Reiki Treatments and Reiki Level I & II courses & Reiki Masters. Reiki is used for: Pain, Stress & Chronic Medical Condition Management, Anti-aging & Health maintenance, Improving Immunity, Increasing Vitality to bring Peace, harmony, balance, love, joy in one’s life. Reiki Exchange Healing Group every Thursday 7:00 p.m. Contact: Vera or Pesi at (613) 8290224 or email:

ENJOY AN HOUR of head, feet & hands reflexology. Great for stress, relaxation and general well-being. Contact Nancy 613-596-0260

ALEXIS NICOL – RMTT, Reiki Master Teacher Trainer. Private sessions and training, receipts provided. 613-263-7925

KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided,, 613.897.9642

UNIVERSAL LIFE FORCE-MASTER REIKI CLASSES 3 in 1 based on the Usui Method. New and all levels welcome...individual and small classes. Contact Nancy 613-596-0260

• Reiki DINA. Usui Reiki Master. Harmonize body. mind and emotional system. Bring peace of mind. Sessions and training for all levels. Riverside Health Centre. 613-526-1255. LIFE HEALTH HEALING CENTER Linda Therrien, Usui-Tibetan Reiki Master/ Teacher. Weekly classes and treatment sessions. Founder of Dimensional Meditation with crystals, weekly private classes. Call: 613-824-4548 VISION REIKI- CATHERINE BASTEDO Holographic-Usui Reiki Master. Personalized Reiki classes in English or French; individual sessions, daytime/week ends. Online Healing Your Chakras clas­ses; Bird Vibes meditation decks. Nature Retreats in Muskoka. Call 819-778-2590 RAINBOW OASIS: Usiu Master / Teacher / Practitioner. Experience the natural healing, relaxing and balancing effect of Reiki Energy. For personalized sessions, contact Dianne at or call 613-733-9481 MANUELA WERTHWEIN, Reiki Master/ Teacher. USUI system of Natural Healing. Private treatment & classes, Level I, II & III. Spiritual and Emotional Counsellor. Medium. Medical Intuitive. Soul Rescue. Body/Mind/ Soul Intuitive. Past-life Information. Colour healing. 613-231-4575 www.VisionofSpirit. com WENDY ARMSTRONG, CRA-RT, Usui & Karuna Reiki Master. Sessions & training for all

January 2014

ANNA GREEN, MA - SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – - 613-729-2775. Bodycentered Process Work, Spiritual Care, Reiki & Training, Chakras, Aromatherapy, Bach Remedies, Muscle testing, SET, EFT, Meridians/ Qigong. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime - Civic Hospital Area. REIKI IN THE WEST END Stressed out? Aches and pains? Reiki can help you relax and feel better. Flexible sessions from 10 to 60 minutes. Contact Barb at 613-228-9176 or DEB DESJARDINS 613-435-2100. Homebased in Kanata. FINDING YOUR SELF - Reiki is a gentle technique for restoring and balancing your body’s natural energy to encourage better health. Reiki treatments are available on the Amethyst Bio-Mat. A true mind, body and spirit experience. Reiki Master, Linda O’Connor 4406 Old Kingston Rd. Lombardy. (613) 272-2739 JIKIDEN REIKI – FRANCINE MINEAULT, Reiki Master and Shihan, teaches Jikiden Reiki in the Ottawa-Gatineau area, in French or English. / info@ / 613 446-7307. KIM SWAN, Reiki Master Certified BodyTalk Practitioner & doTerra Product Consultant.,, 613 225-1127 KYMBERLI KER, RCRT, Foot Reflexology. Receipts provided,

HEAL. GROW. THRIVE. I am an IET and Usui/ Karuna Reiki Master teacher offering healing sessions, Reiki and IET classes. Frederic Papillon 613 805-3733 ANNA EARLE GREEN, MA CCC – SPIRIT WELL HOLISTICS – Body-centered process work: Reiki & Classes, Craniosacral, SET, EFT, and more. Assisting your journey toward an energy-filled life. Daytime. Downtown area. 613-295-9987 FIND YOUR WAY, HEAL YOUR PAIN, and move forward with intuitive messages from your Angels. Visit to begin your powerful healing journey.

• Restorative Yoga PATHWAY YOGA, Wednesday 1-2:30pm, Ease, Soothe mind and body through a series of supported postures nourished by the breath. This Iyengar yoga class is a haven if your energy is low, your stress is high, or you just want to be quiet and go inward. 613 806-9642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor

• Retreats TARA SHANTI RETREAT CENTRE Near Montebello, Qc. Large property, quiet location. Open year round. Max 5 persons. Yoga, polarity and Esalen massage. Also silent retreats. MAPLE KI FOREST * SPIRIT WATERS Unwind, Unfold, and Emerge Renewed. Secluded lakefront/woodland setting. Restorative, soothing atmosphere. Beautiful accommodations. Superb whole foods / Veg. cuisine. Yoga / Healing Bodywork / Infrared Sauna / Jacuzzi / 700 sq.ft. Yoga space, Workshop Studio. Welcoming individuals, couples & groups. 2 1/4 hrs. S.W. of Ottawa, near Tamworth. (613) 379-2227 info@ BEAUTIFUL LOG CABIN by a pond in a wooded area, private, ideal for retreat or peaceful getaway. Located near Killaloe, close to Algonquin Park. For rent all seasons call 613-625-2200. ALLAN & CATHERINE GREEN Personal customized Up-levelling Retreats for people using our services, on the Canadian Shield in OMPAH, 45 minutes North West of Perth. www.catherinegreen. net 613479-0299

• Rolfing JULIA BERG, Certified Rolfer and Rolf Movement Practitioner. 69 Holland Avenue, Ottawa, ON, K1Y 0X9. (c) 613-894-3663. MIRANDA GREENACRE (Dayvis) Advanced Rolfing Practitioner 400 Pleasant Park Rd. Ottawa, On. K1H 5N1 (613) 866 2427

• Room for Rent Workshop space and therapy rooms available at

Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Schools THE 8TH FIRE - School for professional training and development in the Algonquin Healing Arts of Shamanism, Spiritual Healing, and Energy Medicine. Two-year professional training program and certification offered, among the most comprehensive Shamanic Training programs in the world, taught by a Traditional Algonquin Medicine Person. Many teachings are unique and exclusive to this training alone. Phone 613) 274-3708 or for more info.

• Shamanism (Traditional & Authentic) ALGONQUIN MEDICINE MAN - Spiritual Healing & Energy Medicine, offering a comprehensive listing of services and ceremonies to help facilitate healings on the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels. Traditionally trained Algonquin Healer available at (613) 274-3708 or TIM YEARINGTON NATIVE TEACHINGS Algonquin Traditional Knowledge: Medicine Wheel teachings, Thunderbird medicine, Serpent medicine, Seven Grandfather teachings, Manitous & Animal totems, Fire Bird healing ceremonies, Sacred Fire ceremonies, spiritual counseling, personal medicine work & training, guided medicine walks in nature & wildereness vision quests. Also public speaking & storytelling. 613-725-5225

• Shamanism ASCENSION HEALING – Full-time Crystal Shamanic Healing Practice: Crystal Healing, Soul Retrieval, Entity Extraction, Ancestral Healing, Space Clearing ▪ 2-year Certification Training Program in Crystal Shamanism ▪ Crystal Workshops ▪ Sacred Travel ▪ Crystal Store: Geodes, Crystals, Jewelry, Books, Shamanic Supplies. Karen Osborne:, 613798-2828 LINDA ENERGY HEALER - Highly effective Shamanic sessions for anxiety, childhood issues, depression, abuse, pain, grief. In person or distance, clients worldwide. People & pets. 613-868-8468 IN A SUPPORTIVE ENVIRONMENT, experience traditional ceremonies and medicine that promote physical, emotional and spiritual healing. Distance Healing also available. SatDaya Williams at 447 Holland Ave Unit 3, Ottawa, 613-761-5982,,

• Shiatsu NATURAL HEALTH THERAPEUTIC CENTRE. Shiatsu, Reflexology, Lymph drainage, Massage. Twenty years experience. Receipts for extended health plans. Free parking. By appointment only: 613-798-8385. Lincoln Heights Rd.

January 2014

• Skin Care NATURAL BODYCARE by a certified aromatherapist. Natural makeup, cleaning products: Planet Botanix, 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444 HOLISTIC ESTHETICIAN provide organic skin care product that purifie the skin - incorage skin self regulate. 613-526-1255.

• Sound Healing DEEP SOUL SINGING – Healing Vocals & Singing Bowls. Body/Soul/Mind. Individual/ group. Singer/songwriter/musician: Pamela Holm MTA 613-829-1556.

• Sound Healing Massage COMBINING CRYSTAL BOWLS, tuning forks and other sound healing instruments to enhance your relaxation experience. Julie certified Orthotechnician (massage) since 1994. 613-254-8469.

• Spa Days Rica 613-257-8362

• SPHE-RE NEW TO OTTAWA! In Pain? Experience this new Divine healing energy.

• Spiritual Centre OTTAWA SPIRITUAL PATHWAYS CENTRE, Weekly services, Sundays 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Nicole Moronval, President and Founder, Westboro Masonic Hall, 430 Churchill ave. N.

• Spiritual Counselling FACILITATOR & GUIDE: ConstellationWork, Soul Talk, creative meditation practices, reiki. Workshops/individual sessions Diana ClaireDouglas. 613-820-8850.

• Spiritual Direction A ONE YEAR ONLINE TRAINING PROGRAM for spiritual directors. The program is grounded in the Jewish wisdom tradition with an integrated interfaith component. Visit our website or email us at

• Spiritual Medium ANGELA OHLMAN, PSYCHIC MEDIUM & SPIRITUAL COACH,, 613 913 8511,

• Systemic Constellation Work CONSTELLATIONS WITH SPIRIT: personal, family, & soul transformation individual & group sessions Diana Claire Douglas. www.inspiritworks. com 613-820-8850


• Tai Chi WEEKLY TAI CHI (Yang style) classes at PranaShanti (PS) Yoga Centre. Every Tuesday night from 7:30-9pm. Suited for both beginner and intermediate practitioners. For more info call Jürgen Portz at 613-7217888 or PS at 613-761-9642.

• Tarot TAROT AND CARTOUCHE READINGS: I have been reading cards since 1986 and use the Mother Peace Tarot deck as well as the Cartouche deck. Eleanor Ann Rowan 613-746-6778 PERSONAL READINGS Tarot-Astrology Judy Jibb 613 304 4255, TAROT READINGS with DAVID CLOUDS. If you’re looking for a Reading, it’s a good indication that you would benefit from having one. I no longer . Read at Oh So Good Cafe but have moved to a home practice & house calls. Please visit my website, davidclouds. com, or ring 613 619 5977 TAROT INTERPRETATION BY SUZANNE DUC. Private consultation and party readings available. Home page at sdtarot. Contact (613) 841-2597 or suzanne. to arrange an appointment.

• Thai Massage LORI MACKAY RMT- Thai massage stretches the whole body and helps remove deeply held tension in the muscles. 418 Rideau St.613241-3434 Free Parking. For more info contact Lori at or BODY POETS MASSAGE THERAPY - Skilled RMTs - Many Modalities - Convenient Hours - Online Booking - Downtown Location - Free Parking - Gift Certificates. 504 Kent St. (At Arlington) Visit or call 613-222-0465. Step into the Circle of Care!

• Therapeutic Touch THERAPEUTIC TOUCHª - profound relaxation, effective pain relief, supports healing on any level. For acute, chronic or emotional conditions. House calls, hospital visits available. Will also treat animals. Barbara Schuster, TTNORecognized Practitioner, 613-820-4303 or

• Theta Healing FILOMENA LAVIGNE is a spiritual - intuitive, advanced certified Theta Healing Practitioner, Reiki-Master and IET Master-Instructor: She believes wherever you are is always the perfect place to start uncovering, healing and evolving into the song of your truest heart. The song that declares your divinity and wholeness and brings forth into your life the beauty that is residing in your truest brilliant-self. Appointments in person or by telephone at 613-596-9249 or email at


• Visceral Manipulation DENISE GAULIN, B.A., CST offers visceral manipulation sessions for adults, children and infants. She is a certified CranioSacral therapist and has a specialization in pediatric CST and VM. By appointment. Tel. 613-738-9080 AVIVA COHEN, Happy Body Works on Main Street,, 613697-5644. Receipts available. Gentle hands-on abdominal treatment dialogues with body’s proprioceptive awareness, facilitating physical and emotional trauma release. Improves structure and function. Complements conscious eating, exercise and supplementation for optimal health.

• Visionary Art SPIRITPAINTING® – using the Lightwolf method. Offering workshops, exhibitions, books, reproductions, and originals on paper and larger pieces on canvas. Commissioned spiritpaintings® and readings are also available. For more information contact: Jen 613266-8063 or see

• Web Design A WELL-DESIGNED WEBSITE will help spread your message and grow your business. Contact us, and get an effective online presence today!,, 613-236-5758.

• Weddings WEDDING CEREMONIES. Rev. Evelyn Richter 613-596-2817;; www.revev. ca CO-CREATE THE GOWN OF YOUR DREAMS! Wedding, handfasting, commitment ceremony attire for all - bring your ideas to life for your special day. Tracey at 613-241-3397 or email Online portfolio: MARTINO‘S BRIDAL ALTERATIONS AND TAILORING. 30 years experience Tailoring for the whole family .by app. 613-739-5034

• Weight Management LOVE YOUR BODY WORKSHOP ~ discover the power of proven hypnosis techniques to easily re-pattern your thoughts, beliefs, habits about food, your body & yourself. Imagine what it would feel like to make friends with your body - forever. Visit: 613.282.6001

• Wholistic Dentist DR. PAUL GREENACRE. tel: (613) 234-5758;; 100-152 Gloucester Street, Ottawa

January 2014

• Workshops GROUNDING AND THE ART OF CREATING SACRED SPACE A two-day workshop about creating boundaries, clearing the aura, learning how to clear a space, how to be present and secure in your own energy field. Ideal workshop for energy workers, massage therapists, lawyers, social workers and anyone anywhere who works with or lives closely with others. For information and registration call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-2282272, or by e-mail at QUANTUM-TOUCH: The Power to Heal Certificate workshop in Quantum-Touch therapy, a powerfully simple modality that will transform your ideas about your health and your life. This wonderful modality can be used with other modalities and is very helpful for self-healing, distance healing, working with clients, friends, family, pets, water, and gardens. For information, call Aileen’s Oasis at 613-228-2272, aileen@ and Check out WWW.PLANETBOTANIX.COM for a full listing of upcoming workshops/certifications! 301 Bank (Somerset) 567-4444

• Yoga MOUNTAINGOAT YOGA CENTRES serving Ottawa’ west end in Nepean and Kanata since 2003. Over 30 classes per week per location. Hot Power, Hatha, Yin, Prenatal, Restorative. Workshops and teacher trainings. RAMA LOTUS YOGA CENTRE is your yoga studio. Are you stressed? Anxious? Overwhelmed? Exhausted? We’ve got you covered. With 100+ weekly yoga and meditation classes in a variety of styles there is something for everyone (sometimes even soup!). Not in the mood for yoga just yet? Come shop, socialize, sip on our house tea, read from our community library or drop off a food bank donation. Can’t afford yoga rates? Let’s talk. Work exchange, student rates, early morning, donation, like we said, we’ve got you covered, because yoga is for everyone. 613.234.7974 342 Gladstone Ave YOGA & TEA STUDIO. Located on 10 acres of land in the beautiful village of Carp, near the Carp Farmer’s Market. Over 20 classes a week, for all ages, sizes and life-stages! Beginners, Hatha, Yin, Kundalini, Hot, Gentle, Restorative, Prenatal, Baby&Me, Kid’s yoga and more! Yoga Teacher Training certification course available - see website. Nice selection of yoga mats, bolsters and other props, DVDs, CDs. Complimentary tea after each class! Experience yoga in the country fresh air just minutes from the urban outskirts! Conveniently close to Kanata, Stittsville and Almonte! Beautiful drive, peaceful setting, lots of free parking, why go downtown? 613-304-6320, GENTLE YOGA AND MEDITATION. Mondays in Crystal Beach (just west of Bayshore). 8:00 pm to 9:00 pm. Maki House Community Centre. 19 Leeming Drive. Julie 613-254-8469

PRANASHANTI YOGA CENTRE. A full-service wellness centre in the Hintonburg area of Ottawa near the Parkdale Market minutes from downtown and numerous public transportation stops. In our custom designed eco-friendly 8,000-sq.ft centre, our dedicated team of teachers and therapists offer a wide variety of classes in 4 spacious studios and specially designed therapies in our Consultation spaces. Our soothing atmosphere and inspiring setting will help you cultivate a deep inner state of body centered restful awareness that will benefit every aspect of your life. Our spa-like change rooms with ample showers, Infrared Sauna and full service boutique further support your healthy lifestyle. Open 7 days/week, 80+ classes/week. Workshops, teacher training programs, concerts and events offered throughout the year. 100+ free parking spaces, complimentary tea served all day. Relax, take your time, leave feeling renewed. Drop in for a visit! 613.761.9642 (YOGA)

CLASSIFIEDS • For Rent QUIET COUNTRY HOUSE for rent. Artist, writer, skier (cross country/downhill), or just an appreciator of nature and peace and quiet. Small gem of a house in country about 20 minutes from Almonte, Perth, Carleton Place or Calabogie (30min) available for January to April inclusive (i.e. 4 months). Cross country trails adjacent. Ideal for couple or single person. Fully furnished. Rent reasonable. Email HELP PLAN new model farm/forest/mixed activity co-op, some housing, 100+ members, different levels of participation, easy join, efficient technologies, within 1.5 hrs SW of Ottawa. Carlos 613-231-6181

• For Sale As seen on TV - The Ultramatic vibrating adjustable bed, includes headboard..4 years old, clean condition, original price $3350 - Asking $1300. Phone 613-7333033 Email:

ADI SHAKTI YOGA CENTRE IN ORLÉANS/ OTTAWA EAST serving with gratitude since 2003. Director/Owner: Lise Ram Das Latulippe. Ottawa’s Home of KUNDALINI Yoga: humanity’s most ancient yoga. Beginners & Advanced classes of uplifting, fun & highly informative Kundalini Yoga taught by professionally certified teachers. Enjoy our healing ambiance, heavenly music, a cup of tea & community spirit. Private classes; Personalized Health-Longevity-Vitality Program; Yogic Numerology; Nutrition consultations; Reiki treatments & training; Vedic cooking classes; Yogic workshops; Annual Women’s Yoga Retreats; Concerts; Gong relaxation evenings; Pre-natal friendly yoga; Sunrise Kundalini Sadhana; Eng. & French classes; Books, CDs, DVDs, soaps, teas, mats, clothing. We are the Yoga gem of Ottawa East - Come Feel Great... One Breath at a Time! 1445-A Youville Drive, 2nd Fl., Orléans. Call 613 824-9189 SATTVA YOGA - A Kanata Yoga Experience Classes taught integrating a variety of yoga styles (Kripalu, Viniyoga, Structural Yoga, Vinyasa) as well as Somatic Movement & Pilates. A practice of balance, integration and compassion is offered: centering, breath work, warm-ups, flowing & static poses, relaxation, meditation and reflection. All levels welcome. Jo-Anne Stasiuk, MA. Professional Level Yoga Certification. 592-5936 or MAITREYA YOGA STUDIO offers you an amazing atmosphere where you can take a break from everyday life and find your own authentic mind/body experience. Over 25 classes weekly on our Open Class Schedule. Visit us online for our Registered Classes and Workshops at or contact us at 613-692-1515. PATHWAY YOGA. A beautiful, welcoming studio in the heart of Westboro. Learn how Iyengar yoga can lead body and breath, heart and mind along a brighter, healthier pathway. 613 8069642 346 Richmond Road, 2nd floor


Natural Beauty & Health Clinic Where Healing Art ancient tradition and modern Natural Health science merged together Since 1997

• Lymph Drainage and Professional Massage • Ear Candling • Energy Healing: Reiki Initiations and Training • Non-surgical Facelift and Natural Esthetic Services • Acne and sensitive skin Organic solutions • The Green Panacea, a powerful antioxidant All types of medical insurance accepted Book your appointment NOW 613-526-1255

• Zenith Omega CATHERINE GREEN, CANADIAN REGIONAL: Teacher/Facilitator Dissolve Emotional, Mental, Physical Blocks. Embrace Positive Change. DNA Upgrade Long Distance Available. 613-479-0299

• Looking for... WANTED: RMT, At an established (1998) Natural Health Centre. Very reasonable rates and great co-workers Please call Denise: 613-913-2803 OFFICE SPACE AVAILABLE in Riverside Health Centre. Excellent rate and wonderful co-workers. Located at Bank & Riverside. Dina 613-526-1255 for more info.


1230 Wellington, Ottawa, ON 613-729-5973 January 2014


Is Mainstream Media Behaviour Endangering Lives? by Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist


ainstream journalists seem willfully oblivious to what is really going on in the world of adulterated food, vaccination scandals, the world-wide anti-GMO revolt and the medical-pharmaceutical-fluoridation frauds perpetrated on the public daily. We have to hear of pharmaceutical, psychiatric and food scandals that are maiming and killing millions by way of lawsuits and alternative news agencies such as Natural News, InfoWars, Organic Consumers Association, CCHRint and WDDTY (What Doctors Don’t Tell You). While mainstream news outlets seem ignorant of the enormous revolt against Monsanto across the world, the calls for the banning of the psychiatric drugging of children (including of newborns), as well as the public demand for labeling of GM foods, major petition organizations such as Avaaz continue to force massive change in the world. Not long ago CTV News (Ottawa) reported on an unidentified study about how Aspirin may decrease the risk of melanoma. No information as to who carried out the study or their links to Bayer who manufactures Aspirin was provided. Absent in this misleading reporting was the fact that as early as 2004, reliable studies proved that a person taking 1 Aspirin per day as recommended to ward off heart attacks increased their risk of pancreatic cancer by at least 58% and at 2 Aspirin per day, by 85%! Not a word escapes their mouths and articles about how hypnotherapy and empathic therapies have been proven to be effective, healthy, drug-free, addictionfree options to brain-damaging psychiatric treatments. CCHRint (Citizens Committee on Human Rights International) this week released major statistics that show psychiatric treatments worsen PTSD outcomes, yet not a question in our mainstream media about why psychiatrists insist that sufferers of mental illnesses be streamed to them for their damaging and useless drugs despite this dreadful failure rate. Vaccination rates around the world, and therefore pharmaceutical profits, are decreasing dramatically as the truth about their link to permanent brain damage, behavioral problems and autism spread across the internet, despite the best effort of mainstream media in Canada and the USA to smother this vitally important information.


Three things were clear in Tristin Hopper’s article (May 4/13 National Post) on the battle to force parents to vaccinate their children: First, she is either both deliberately misinforming the public and skewing facts or she is simply so biased she cannot do her homework. Secondly, just because corporate-sponsored proponents use undemocratic behaviors to force parents to inoculate their children with illness-causing mercury, Thimerosal and MSG, it does not make it right, particularly since the courts in the USA are now awarding $10 Million dollar settlements to parents of children made autistic and brain-damaged by vaccinations. Thirdly, she not only neglected to mention the landmark lawsuits against vaccine companies, she left out that antivaccination parents can sign an exemption form, have it notarized and put on the child’s file to protect them. Hopper did not inform the public about the more than 10 Homeopathic vaccines licensed by Health Canada as safe and effective, which provides yet another alternative to the Russian Roulette of conventional vaccines. As far back as 2008, the US Court of Federal Claims quietly admitted that pharmaceutical vaccines, particularly those containing mercury-based preservative Thimerosal, caused autistic behaviors. Over $2.3 Billion has been quietly paid out in vaccinerelated damages during 1989-2013 in the US alone, some with gag-orders. On Jan 28, 2013, David Kirby of the Huffington Post broke yet another story of $10 Million dollar payouts in two separate cases of children irreversibly brain-damaged by vaccines with health records of both children reading like a novel about medieval tortures. Mainstream media never requires full disclosure of financial connections between the ‘experts’ they interview and the pharmaceutical companies whose products they are pushing. Where there is a proponent of vaccines/drugs there is a money trail…yet it is never until after the damage is done and the fraud and collusion between doctors and Big Pharma are exposed in the courts that mainstream media meekly report on it, if at all. By then thousands, if not millions, have been irreversibly harmed. You will never hear on most TV channel news programs that millions vaccinated against the flu caught the flu, that studies show a 1,400% increase in the risk of narcolepsy with the H1N1 flu vaccine, that Merck was exposed in court for faking efficacy data for its measles vaccine, that swine flu vaccines increased the risk of paralysis disorder and failed to provide protection especially to the elderly, that flu vaccines during pregnancy lead to 4,250% increase in fetal deaths and that the HPV and tetanus vaccines cause deadly autoimmune disease. Or that 98 million people were

January 2014


Finding courage through connection – Reiki and me


year after I moved to Ottawa, while pregnant with my first son, I decided that I wanted to volunteer at a local drop-in women’s shelter giving Reiki treatments. Prior to that, I had been practicing Reiki out of a yoga studio in downtown Toronto and I really missed it. The volunteer coordinator suggested that I help out at a permanent residence for women in need of continuous care and support. She felt this would be a safer, calmer place than the drop-in shelter. And so my journey as a Reiki volunteer began. Even a few minutes of Reiki can help calm a person and restore their sense of wellbeing. “What the heck is Reiki?” you might ask, as many do. Reiki, pronounced RAYKEY, is a practice that helps to restore balance to one’s system by engaging the body’s selfhealing mechanisms. A Reiki treatment, which is usually facilitated through light touch on or just above the body, typically brings rapid stress reduction and relief from pain and anxiety. The recipient remains fully clothed and can either be seated or lying down. Having experienced this feeling myself through treatments, I was well aware of the benefits and wanted to share the experience with others. It is so rewarding to help bring more ease, calm, focus and peace of mind to people. The rewards of volunteering far surpassed my expectations. I became friends with women of all ages and backgrounds. Some shared stories of their trials and tribulations, some preferred to just quietly receive

given the polio vaccine containing the SV40 Cancer Virus! Certainly you will never hear that the shooters in most, if not all, of the mass shootings in Canada and the US were, or had been treated with addictive psychiatric drugs. Mainstream media never reports on the childhood disability and brain damage due to psychiatric drugging, or the epidemic of dental and skeletal fluorosis due to fluoridation of drinking water, or sounds alarm about the many thousands of newborns now psychiatrically drugged for ‘anxiety’. They never interview those experts who are not shills of Big Pharma, such as Dr. Peter Breggin and Dr. Paul Connett so the real facts are aired. School authorities are now ‘bragging’ about forcing parents to vaccinate and psychiatrically drug their children against their will…mainstream media should be doing a huge exposé on how our democratic right to choose our own medicine

Reiki, and others just curiously looked on. After an evening of volunteering I would happily return home to my role as a stay-at-home mom, feeling like I made a meaningful connection, not only to the world outside, but also to the sacred world inside. Reiki assists one to open a channel to the divine – it inspires and uplifts. I have gained a greater sense of purpose from serving others in the community as well as my family. Connecting with women through Reiki has nourished my spirit. I get to do something I love and received trust and friendship in return. Recently, I was invited to offer Reiki at a new permanent residence, built in 2011. For the first time ever, many of the support staff, including nurses and social workers, have come to try Reiki. Many have reported feeling calmer and more peaceful after a session. It only makes sense that caregivers also need to take care of themselves. Offering Reiki in the workplace can help ease stress and tension, improve concentration and boost morale. When you feel good, that feeling spreads to others! As a volunteer, I have made new friends, heard many stories and learned more about myself and the world. By touching the lives I others, I have gained a valuable sense of confidence and contribution. Serving in this way has deepened my connection with Reiki and the community I live in. Curious about how Reiki can bring more ease and energy into your life? Visit to learn more.

is being dissolved by Big Pharma collusion with the medical and education community instead of aiding in these crimes against humanity through absentee journalism. Seventy-five years of psychiatric drugging has made it abundantly clear that no pill will heal emotional or mental issues, that the only vaccine needed is the one to protect us against pharmaceutical scams, We all need to abandon main stream media in favor of alternative health-focused media if we are to survive this holocaust of corporate greed. Grace Joubarne, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Offices in Ottawa & Belleville, ON 1-888-390-3553; Blog: Custom Hypnosis Scripts

January 2014


ottawa health & wellness expo


be fit • eat right • think well • go green

Saturday, January 11th, 2014 • 9 am to 4 pm Shenkman Arts Centre Enter your team in the Be Fit Fitness Challenge! Visit the website for more details and to register! • Health and Wellness experts, speakers, live demonstrations and much more... • Over 110 exhibitors in the Be Fit - Eat Right - Think Well - Go Green categories • First 500 attendees will receive a free expo bag

2014 Keynote Speaker

Tickets $8 $12

Adria Vasil Best selling author of Ecoholic Body

Expo Admission Expo & Keynote Admission

Purchase your ticket on-line or at the door (Only 500 tickets available for the Keynote speaker) Kids under 12 get in for free

Time: 1:00 pm THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS IN PRIZES Enter for your chance to win on-line



January 2014

Keynote Speaker at Upcoming Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo


dria Vasil, bestselling author of Ecoholic Body, will be the keynote speaker at the 8th Annual Ottawa Health and Wellness Expo on Saturday, January 11th at the Shenkman Arts Centre from 9:00am-4:00pm. Adria has been writing a weekly column since the spring of 2004, answering reader questions about everything from greening your food choices, finances and footwear to detoxifying your home and office. She has also appeared on a variety of television shows including: CBC Marketplace, The National, CTV’s Canada AM, The Marilyn Denis Show, MTV Canada. Ecoholic Body, her latest book, deals with every product that comes into contact with our bodies and dispels many myths and claims made by producers of so-called green products. “We are really looking forward to create a buzz around Adria’s latest book, which is amazing,” said Dr. Beauchamp. “Ecoholic Body is almost a bible of what we have to do when we buy products.” Adria’s talk will take place at 1:00pm on the day of the expo in the Harold Shenkman Hall. Tickets for her talk can be purchased online at Those attending Adria’s talk also receive access to over 120 exhibitors, health and wellness experts, speakers, live demonstrations and more.   Advance tickets are recommended for this anticipated sold out event. 

About The Orleans Wellness Expo On a quest to make Ottawa Canada’s healthiest city, Wellness Expert, Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp, Owner of Santé Chiropractic and Wellness Centre, is the driving force behind the 8th annual Ottawa Health & Wellness Expo. Dr. Beauchamp is tireless in her efforts to help people live healthier, longer lives. She believes in working and playing in her own community and is deeply involved in making Ottawa a healthier and better place to live and raise a family. Dr. Beauchamp’s goal is to create awareness of the resources people have in their very own community. She is passionate about helping small and medium sized businesses connect with their target market so we can all be healthy and successful. Dr. Nathalie Beauchamp  613-837-2883

For more information view

Meditation on Love and Light by Reza Shadman


editations on light and love is a very heart-based and healing practice. There are plenty of heart opening meditations and many calls onto love, light, Angels and beings of Light. Many who join the classes are not necessarily familiar with these concepts or may have never meditated at all. Yet a familiar sense attracts them or they are at ease with what I say. The first time I ran into the concept known as the Divine Mother, I just felt loved. If it weren’t for my teacher describing the “Divine Mother”, I wouldn’t probably label such a feeling. It was simply a distinct feeling of a loving energy holding and surrounding me. There is no rigid way of sitting or doing things. Classes are small and the sessions are in guided format. I’ve found guided meditations helps with focusing and calming the mind. To get a feeling of this style there is a free intro on Monday the 27th, and for those who wish

to continue 8 more weeks will follow. You can know more about me and classes at Meditation on Love and Light Free intro, Monday January 27th 6-7:30pm no experience necessary Planet Botanix, 301 Bank, (Bank and Somerset ) Must register at 613 794-0677

January 2014


Winter Study Session at Pine Gate

Ian Prattis e continue with the “Fully Alive” retreat by Pema Chodron as the main study of the Winter Study Session beginning on Thursday January 16, 2014, 7.00pm - 9.00pm. The Fall Study Session provided some deep and pithy dharma from Pema Chodron. It was interspersed with talks on Engaged Buddhism, Consciousness, Judgement, The Sutra on Knowing the Better Way to Be Alone and the Science of Mantra from Dharmacharya Ian. Deep Relaxation with Carolyn and a Five Mindfulness Trainings Recitation rounded things out. The Fully Alive retreat is on 2 DVD’s and totals 5 hours. We will begin the Winter Session with Talk 4. The book - Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change – is the text. Folk are encouraged to get a copy - either from Singing Pebble or Serendipity bookstores in Ottawa.  The second DVD and  discussion sessions will be interspersed with the Buddha’s Foundation Teachings, plus  important ceremonies such as a Tea Ceremony to stir the pot of dharma. The focus on the “Fully Alive” retreat addresses the difficult times we are in. Life sometimes seems like a roiling and turbulent river threatening to drown us. Why, in the face of that, shouldn’t we cling to the safety of the shore - to our comfortably familiar patterns and habits? Pema Chodron teaches: that kind of fear-based clinging leads only to greater suffering. In this recorded retreat, based on the program “Living Beautifully with Uncertainty and Change” she provides a wealth of wisdom for learning to step right into the river, to be completely, fearlessly, present even in the hardest times, the most difficult situations. It’s the secret of being fully alive. When we learn to let go of our protective patterns and do that, we begin to see not only how much better it feels to live that way, but, as a wonderful side effect, we find that we begin to naturally and effectively reach out to others in care and support. The teachings and practices include:   1. A teaching - based on Native American prophecy - for cultivating the ability to take nothing personally. 2. A guided meditation for developing patience in the midst of irritation. 3. A curiosity practice to release your mind from old habits. 4. Tips for accessing your innate strength and confidence - simply by altering your posture. 5. Ways to make your practice the impetus for serving others.”



Pine Gate Mindfulness Community Nucleus of Friends for Peace Canada Teachings every Thursday 7.00pm - 9.00pm Pine Gate Meditation Hall 1252 Rideout Cr, Ottawa, ON K2C 2X7 Contacts: • 613 726 0881 Meditation Guidance from Pema Chodron: 1. First of all - come into the present. Be aware of what is happening with you right now. 2. Be fully aware of your body, its energetic quality. 3. Be fully aware of your thoughts and emotions. 4. Feel your heart, place your hand on your heart. Accept yourself just as you are. 5. Go into the next moment w/o any agenda 6. Now deal with an incident that has hurt or alarmed you 7. Just be with the pain of it. 8. Ask yourself - am I going to dwell on who/what caused this suffering or am I going to take care of it? 9. Come back to the pain and just be with it 10. Ask yourself - who is running the show - all my fears, negative thoughts, blaming and judgements or the best that is in me? 11. Make a conscious choice - the best in me 12. Summon your resources of Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity - The Buddha’s Teachings on Love. 13. Come back and be with the pain 13. Place Love, Compassion, Joy and Equanimity in a practice - Walking Meditation, 4 Brahmaviharas Meditation, Touching the Earth etc 14. Come back to your heart - place your hand on your heart. 15. Breathe and smile. Ian is the resident teacher at Pine Gate and founder of Friends for Peace. He now stays local to help move things just a little bit, so that good things continue to happen spontaneously in his home city. Lots of help along the path.

herapeutic C Health T entr l a r u e t Na Shiatsu ~ Reflexology ~ Massage ~ Lymph Drainage Combination Of Techniques To Better Address Your Needs Over 20 years experience ~ By appointment only Free parking ~ Students/Senior rates ~ Receipts Lincoln Fields area, Ottawa • 613-798-8385

January 2014

Sri Chinmoy Answers Question: From the spiritual point of view, does the new year have any specific significance?

SRI CHINMOY: From the spiritual point of view, the new year does have a specific significance. On the eve of the new year, a new consciousness dawns on earth. God once again inspires each human being with new hope, new light, new peace and new bliss. God always wants us to move ahead; He does not want us to look back. We know that if a runner looks back while he is running fast, immediately his speed decreases. Similarly, if we are constantly looking behind at the year that we are leaving, we will think of our sorrow, misery, frustration, failure and so forth. But if we look forward, we will see hope dawning ahead of us and a new light illumining our consciousness. Each new year is like a new rung on the ladder of consciousness which we have to climb up. When the new year dawns, we have to make ourselves conscious of the fact that we have to transcend our present capacity and present achievement. Every day must come to us as a new hope, a new promise, a new aspiration, a new energy, a new thrill and a new delight. Tomorrow will dawn and we have already seen thousands of days. If we think that tomorrow will be another day like those which we have already seen, then we will make no progress. You have to feel that tomorrow will be something absolutely new that you are going to create in your life. It is only with newness, newness at every moment in life, that we can succeed and transcend ourselves. If we always have the hope of newness in thought and in action, then only can we transcend. The new year energises us, encourages us and inspires us. Every day we have to energise ourselves


MEDITATION Free Ongoing Classes Relaxation, concentration & meditation Developing calmness, confidence & poise S Creating a life of inspiration & happiness S S

Sri Chinmoy

Call for dates & locations: 613-232-2387 Offered as a free community service by students of Sri Chinmoy.

to such an extent that we will feel new hope and new aspiration. If we want to live on earth, then we must have hope and promise. Newness always carries the message of hope, the message of promise and the message of fulfilment, divine fulfilment. Every time we invoke newness, newness gives us hope. Newness gives us promise. Again, newness brings us the message of fulness. Anything that is old is not complete. Anything that is new is full of hope. In newness there is the hope and the promise that we will be complete. Oldness can never embody the complete reality. It is the ever-transcending newness that will carry the message of completion. As a new year dawns, every day think of yourself as a new flower. In the morning, think of yourself as a bud. Then at noon, feel that this bud is blossoming. Finally, in the evening, think of yourself as a fully blossomed flower. It all started with newness. In the morning, the newness of the flower is just tiny. At noon it becomes a little bigger. In the evening it becomes the largest. This is the life of eternal newness Visit for further writings by Sri Chinmoy.

January 2014


Classes, Events & Promotions

The INSIGHT Studio offers the very best in Personal Coaching as well as Training for Healing & Vision. With over 30 years’ experience, choose from a variety of accredited services including:

At Planet Botanix 301 Bank Street, Ottawa 613-256-8394 ~ 613-567-4444

Life Coaching, Hypnosis, NLP, Emotional Freedom Techniques, PSYCH-K®, Reiki, Tarot, Palmistry, Astrology, Numerology & Magical Assistance

Visit & for more info

The Psychic Spa

Grand Opening!! Choose from our list of specialties and get 3 hours of spiritual healing and INSIGHT for the price of 2!

Gift Certificates Available

Book your 3 hour session for only $200+hst before January 1st and save $100!!

Classes & Certification Tarot Level 2 Certification – 6 weeks, Saturday Afternoons, 4-6pm – Jan 11- Feb 15 - $225+hst Reiki Level 1 – Sunday Afternoons, Jan 12 & 19, 1-5pm - $225+hst – Max. 6 people Tarot Level 1 Certification – 6 weeks, Tuesday Evenings, 6:30-8:30pm – Jan 14-Feb 4 - $249+hst (includes THOTH Tarot Deck) – Max. 5 people Palmistry 101 – 4 weeks, Thursday Evenings, 6:30-8:30pm – Jan 16-Feb 6 - $180+hst – Max. 5 people Past Life Regression Practitioner – 6 weeks, Saturday Afternoons, 12-3pm, Jan 11-Feb 15 - $650+hst Max. 2 people

For more info call 613-256-8394 or go to AncientInsights.CA

ORDO AURUM SOLIS ~ The Light of the Hermetic Tradition Presents

Hermes Nights Rooted in the Ancient Mystery Schools of the Chaldean & Egyptian Religions, The Ordo Aurum Solis continues to transmit the vital Initiation into the Hermetic Tradition. Please join us every second Wednesday evening from 7-9pm, starting January 8th, 2014 for an ongoing series of lectures on Theurgy, Magic & the Ogdoadic Tradition by a working Initiate of the Order. Suggested Donation: $5.00 Call 613-256-8394 for more info on the lecture series. Learn more about Ordo Aurum Solis at 50

January 2014

361 Churchill Avenue N, Ottawa ON, K1Z 5C4 Telephone: 1 (613) 686-6650 Email:

Happy New Year!

Erin Lamont is a registered massage therapist (RMT) and owner of Therapeutic Effects Massage Therapy located in the Village Clinic.


anuary is always an inspiring month. We feel motivated for change. We vow that we are going to try and eat healthier, exercise more, go to bed earlier, be more positive in our thoughts and actions and make 2014 the best year ever. But something happens usually around March. We often lose our drive and motivation and think, “I’ll do better next year.” It’s no wonder our positive drive is drained, because we put too much pressure for lots of change in a short period of time. So instead of trying to make your whole life change in a year, I challenge you to change in 12 months. Yes, this is different from a year! Pick 12 things to do and dedicate 1 month to each of them. Reflect both at the end of the month and at the end of 2014 on what it was you liked and didn’t like about each month’s activity. You can use these reflections to decide which activities you would like to permanently incorporate into your life. Having trouble coming up with your 12 activities? Here are some suggestions: 1) Be a vegetarian for a month 2) Volunteer 3) Research and compare the local community shared agriculture (CSA) farms 4) Try a new sport 5) Try a new exercise- weights, different cardio exercises 6) Meditate every day or every second day for 10 minutes or even 15 minutes 7) Try new thinking- before jumping out of bed in the morning think of 3 positive things in your life 8) Read 1 book that’s a genre that you would never read 9) For every negative thought about yourself, say something positive about yourself 10) Try eliminating one thing from your diet- ex.: dairy, wheat, sugar 11) Try new holistic therapies such as reflexology, massage therapy, osteopath, colour therapy, etc. (1/week) 12) Try a month of yoga going 2-3 times/week Remember that each activity is only for 1 month! If one of your activities for 2014 is to have more youtime and work on your mental health when it comes to burnout or compassion fatigue, our holistic program at the Village Clinic can help guide you to the healthy state of mind and body that you want to achieve. 613-797-5481

Thanking Nature Saying thanks in voice and speech helps animals and plants. They want to be appreciated.  (Respect, a First Nation teaching). “Thanks to monarchs...” Accent words with footsteps.  This slight body movement increases the power of intention.  (Dance, learned from First Nation teachers). Thanks to caribou, 
 Gifts of caribou, Appre - ciation!
 Thanks for caribou’s contribution! As well as cheering on the animals, this gratitude practice cheers myself up!  Try it, go ahead and see if it works for you. Thanks to Creator
 Giving us the bears
 Healthy bears on the land!
 Be happy bears!  But stay away from the city! Always end with a warning for non-urban animals.  They are attracted to your positive vibrations and could wander into the city and get into trouble.  Animals are receptive to human thought and emotion.  Nature’s condition mirrors the web of mental ambience spun out by humans (A.Bailey). Thanks to plants and flowers, thanks for forests,
 Thanks for waters, thanks to rocks and soil,
 Thanks for sunshine, thanks to the air. As well as helping Nature and cheering yourself up, this gratitude practice awakens the world.  When we project appreciation and recognition, flowers sing and rabbits wiggle their ears. I’ll host a Thank Nature workshop free if 3 people call! Carlos Lee Murray 613-231-6181

January 2014


Transforming Through Art


aking ‘art’ has helped me to explore unconscious beliefs; to manifest goodness and peace; to get to the other side of anger and frustration, to assit in my emotional and physical healing and to find creative solutions naturally and effortlessly. Art has allowed me to heal in ways I could never have dreamt of. One afternoon I got so angry at someone that I was “beside myself” and I went for a walk to calm down. I stopped for soup, which often makes me feel supported and cared for, but it didn’t really help. I had brought some paper and a pen with me, but that day I was so angry I couldn’t even write anything down. I came back home still feeling very upset, and felt drawn to take out paints and a big piece of paper. I ended up doing 3 or 4 paintings quickly and instinctively. The 1st painting was a fantastic way to release the anger and the intensity. I needed to see my feelings as bold angry splatters of colors: facing me, talking back at me, or simply witnessing where I was at, I’m not sure. After looking at the 1st painting for 5 minutes or so I went on to the next painting, and the next, and the next. And somehow, I can explain how, because I wasn’t really trying, I felt much better, much calmer. I’m not going to pretend that everything was fixed and that I had a peaceful blissful sleep that night. However what I can say, is that I was calm enough to go to sleep. The next morning when I looked at my paintings it was as if a huge storm had passed and I would now be able to get through the next thing. In fact what it allowed me to do is to get the anger and the emotion out of the way so I could talk to the person I was angry with. It allowed me to share my feelings, thoughts, and reasoning without exploding and most importantly, to make peace with myself and the other person involved. There are lots of ways of using art to go a little deeper within ourselves. Sometimes it helps us to find solutions we never would have thought of, sometimes

it can help us to consider other possibilities or see things in a different way without even trying, and it can be plain fun! If you would like to see some images of this work and hear other stories I will be offering a free presentation February 13th 2014 at the Royal Ottawa Hospital. Please email me at for more details. If you would like to explore how art can help you connect with a deeper part of yourself there is a new space in Sandy Hill called SpiritArt Studio that was created precisely for that. Workshops are offered for you to nurture your spirit through a multitude of artistic expressions in a supportive environment that encourages a soft focus on the process, thereby inviting innate wisdom to surface. Louise Lalande, coCreations creative director, is a versatile artist, facilitator and reiki master and the coordinator of the SpiritArt Studio. For more information please visit and

DEAR ALL, Tone Magazine is seeking several volunteer Board Members with professional business experience. Attend monthly board meetings and help contribute to the success of Ottawa’s leading conscious-raising publication since 1985. Please email your CV to


January 2014

Laura’s Numerology News for January 2014 HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! *Note: This is a general numerology forecast. You have many other numbers connect to your name and birthday that will give you a better understanding of who you are and where you are going, this year. Contact me for a 90 minute personal numerology consultation if you are at a major cross-road in your life.

Add the day of your birth to the month of your birth. Then you will add the number 8 to your number. NOTE – If your final number adds up to double digits, add the numbers together again, and again, if you have to, until you get a single number. If you still have trouble, email me at 1. Get ready to be brave and take a leap of faith as new opportunities are knocking on your door. A short term contact or job that will morph later may come your way. Go for it especially if there is a learning curve attached to it. 2. Bait your hook and get it in the water as there could be a new love interest or business partner close by. The year will start out slow in all areas, but be patient as it will pick up later. Think diplomacy and compromise all year. Pushiness will push back. 3. There will be much scattered energy around you this year and it will be tough to keep your head together and remain focused. First of all, finish the commitments from last year, then weed out the junk, and only then, take on more. Take time for creativity, too. 4. Give your accountant a shout to set you up with a spending plan for the year. Left alone you might blow your entire wad on mindless pursuits. Make a decision to save your money now, so you can take a good chunk of the summer off. You need to do some emotional healing this year, too, so get busy. 5. I hope that you factored in a bit fun, last year? The fun stops here and now, my friend. This is a hardcore rebuilding year, on all fronts. What need fixing in your life? Make friends with work and lots of it in 2014. You will accomplish much if you get serious early. 6. Are you moving from your home or office this month? Are there some really big changes on the home front? Your life is in flux for the whole year, but these changes are in the area of “domestic things” in Jan. You need loose hips and a hard hat to get through this year.

7. Now is the time to get ready for a very, very busy year. You must refuel and focus on yourself, first, though. You will need mega energy to be present for everyone else for the balance of the year, so plug in and charge up your battery, now. 8. The perfect use of this year is to take a year long sabbatical and sit on a mountain, alone and Zen out. I know that this is tough to do but you must try to factor in as much “ME” time as possible. Don’t do this and the universe will slap you in the back of the head and make you. This is a great year for self improvement and education. 9. This is a major excavation month to clean away the unfinished projects and chores that you do not want to take with you into the balance of 2014. Get rid of habits, attitudes, medical issues, people and anything else that is clogging your life. It is full steam ahead in Feb., so get busy, now Laura Young is an intuitive numerologist and core belief modification coach. She is located in Ottawa, but can conduct phone or skype consultations anywhere. For personal consultations please email: or call 613-725-7232.

What can Numerology do for you? Numerology is a study of numbers. There is evidence that numerology was in use thousands of years ago in China, Greece and Egypt even before the time of Pythagoras, who is generally accepted as the "father" of numerology. Why is numerology still in use and of interest to so many? It is because it works, that is why. • Are you currently at a major cross-road in your life? Should you make a decision or move forward now or wait? • Numerology can help you uncover hidden talents and turn them into a career. • An analysis of partners, children, friends or co-workers can help you deal with them more efficiently. • Numerology can help you heal from past issues and move on. • Help you understand how you can use the current year, month and day for its best influence. • Be more aware of your own areas of weakness and learn how to turn them into strengths. Stop repeating history once and for all. Laura Young is an intuitive numerologist/life coach living in Ottawa. She has written “Laura’s numerology News” in Tone Magazine for over 8 years. To book an appointment or receive Laura’s monthly newsletter please email L.BAIRD@ISTAR.CA or call 613-725-7232

January 2014

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Tooth medicine or poison?


ess than 1% of the water that municipalities treat for drinking purposes is actually used for drinking; the rest ends up back in the environment with the fluoride (and its many co-contaminants) that is banned by the EPA as an environmental contaminant. You may never look at tap water the same way again. The proponents of fluoridation call it fluoride, but it’s more than just the Fluoride ion, it’s a soupy chemical that has the dreaded H2SiF6 (Hydrofluorosilicic acid HFSA) in it, plus all of the co-contaminants associated with this fluoridation chemical, claimed by fluoridation promoters to be a water additive with tooth decay remediation properties. There’s a list of what uses are made of treated water, just so you get the full picture of how little water is actually used for drinking, at waterUses.html There are other known contaminants in that toxic fluoridation soup not declared but that independent testing has found in it, such as Polonium, Uranium238, barium, radon, cobalt, radium and possibly others, varying based on the batch, because it is derived from the mining processes used to extract phosphate for the super phosphate fertilizer industry. Do you still think Ottawa’s water is good and safe to drink? Fluoridation is done under the false pretence that it treats tooth decay in some way: proponents now euphemistically call it an “oral health measure” but we call it what it is: a fraudulent “tooth medicine” because actually, it does nothing to treat tooth decay. It’s been found to damage teeth and cause or aggravate many illnesses. After over three years of research, I am thoroughly convinced of that last statement. If fluoridation worked to prevent or reduce tooth decay, I would still have most of my teeth today and there would be far less dentists than there are now. The sad fact is that I no longer have any teeth, yet I drank Ottawa’s fluoridated water for over 30 years. But I digress. Here’s one example of what’s in their “fluoride” among other substances declared by the specifications data sheet found here: hydrofluorosilicicAcidSpecifications. html Everyone should read a copy of the Manufacturer’s Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), and become familiar with this acid, copy available here: http:// or this one: MSDS_Mosaic_HFSA_05_11.pdf. Currently, Ottawa drips this fluoridation chemical into your water


VOLUNTEERS WANTED Event organizer/planner, Marketing Specialist, Political consultant Fundraiser, Accountant, Lawyer Contact the President, Fluoridation-Free Ottawa supply, like many other communities, and eventually into our waterways at a rate that far exceeds 70 metric tons per year, since that is just what’s been calculated for the Fluoride ion alone, and this, just for the City of Ottawa, population approximately 900,000! About 35% of Canada’s population is still currently fluoridating their community water supply, with over 70 cities having stopped fluoridating since 1990, and more in the works... however, the remaining ones are having a very hard time breaking with the status quo; see the results of the work of cessation advocates across the country here: Would it not be wise to consider legal action against cities regarding the poisoning of the environment due to fluoridation of municipal drinking water supplies? I am available for consultation by phone, email or via Skype, as you wish. So we are looking for volunteers to help end this unproven, unsafe, unnatural, unnecessary and unethical fluoridation that uses an unregulated and unapproved chemical water additive. It’s not just for yourself, but for all residents of Ottawa. Because of all the damage the Fluoride ion can do to our bodies, it will continue to drive up our soaring health care costs, so think about it, we all pay for this foolish and dangerous practice in the end.

January 2014

355 St. Laurent Blvd. 613 - 288 - 2274 Workshops in January 20 1 4 MEDITATION FROM THE HEART; Wednesday, Jan. 8th Join us on the second Wednesday of each month for meditation. Doors close at 7:25 p.m. Heart offering of $5 is suggested. Please register at 613-288-2274. SPIRITUAL DEVELOPMENT GROUP; Thursday Jan. 9th 7p.m.. to 8:30 p.m. Join us in our Spiritual Development Circle at 7:00 pm. We are spiritual beings having an earthly experience. Heart offering of $5.00 is suggested. Please register. TALK WITH ALLAN & CATHERINE "ALIENS/GALACTICS AMONG US”. you could be one" Friday Jan. 10th 7 p.m. Join Allan and Catherine are so excited to share their knowledge and expertise in this area. $33.00 + HST ZENITH OMEGA CLEARINGS: Saturday and Sunday Jan. 11th & 12th Catherine Green uses Color Light Frequency Levels ALL Dimensions, Zenith Omega clearing sessions are 1 ¾ hours for an investment of $150.00 + HST. OR 5 in 1 HEALING ENERGY SPA PACKAGE; Saturday and Sunday Jan. 11th & 12th Includes de-stressing on a chi machine; an ionic foot bath to detoxify; a reflexology massage; an amethyst bio-mat treatment and finally a zenith omega clearing. $150 PAST LIFE & SPIRITUAL JOURNEYS: Saturday and Sunday Jan. 11th & 12th with Allan Green You can access 3 – 7 Past Lives, + Meet with your Spirit Guides, (and even hug them) and talk with people passed over. Heal pain from Past life wounds. Cost is $160.00 + HST = $180.00. UNDERSTANDING AND USING CRYSTAL ALLY CARDS Saturday Jan. 18th. Learn to work with the crystal ally cards to help you explore your path more deeply, your direction for the year, and so much more! 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. $250.00 Includes a set of crystal ally cards. ULTIMATE BEGINNER CRYSTAL WORKSHOP: Sunday January 19th from 10 to 4 pm. Join Patty and explore these beautiful treasures, experience their energies. We will complete two meditations and you will also leave with a picture of your aura and chakra system. Cost is $99 plus HST.



The Wellness Clinic at Planet Botanix


Soundara Rajan

Daughter of Professor Krishnamurthy

Practicing and Teaching Stellar and Vedic Astrology Guiding people since 1959 in Finances, Career, Investment, Relationship and Family. Teaching meditation Individual service as well as follow-up queries 1 Woodthrush Green, Ottawa, ON, K1V 0A9

737-5206 • Fax: 739-2973

hat does wellness mean to you? The community of therapists at Planet Botanix believe that a holistic approach to healing and wellness is essential: encompassing body, mind and soul. The approach is an empowering one, which includes the client’s awareness and participation in their own healing. Whether you are coming in for body work, deep mind reprogramming or an energy session, renewal occurs on more than one level.  Please read on for some personal glimpses into what these talented healers provide!

Heather Garrod, Aromatherapy, Lymphatic Drainage Massage, Indian Head Massage Heather is a Certified Aromatherapist specializing in lymphatic drainage massage using therapeutic grade essential oils. She has been creating natural bodycare for almost two decades. She is also an Indian Head Massage Practitioner, which she believes is a greatly beneficial treatment for those of us holding our stress and tension in the upper back, neck, head and face. She also does Reiki energy worker and loves to combine it with her other healing modalities.


Sound Balancing  with  Tuning  Forks  


FREE online events (limited space) Strategic Intervention - What does it entail? How can it positively transform your life? Mondays 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

         Experience  deep  relaxation  and  enhanced  well  being  

                             Serenity  Wellness  Services                                                                          613-­‐254-­‐8469  


Archetypes - What are they? How is it that we consistently attract the same situations in our life? How do they influence our destiny? Tuesdays 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. Reverse fibromyalgia - addressing questions related to the guaifenesin protocol described at Thursdays 7:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. RSVP at, 613-830-6838 or via the contact page at

January 2014

Linda Graham, Quantum Touch, NLP Linda assists her clients with negative self chatter and changing their feelings of fear, unworthiness, sadness or grief; freeing them to take action to change their lives.  Negative emotions are common for everyone from time to time, but by using the tools of  NLP, Time Line visualization, hypnotic suggestion, quantum touch and self awareness, these emotions can be changed quickly. She has helped her clients with ptsd,  new jobs,  improve relationships self- confidence and better health. Richard Haney, Counselling, Mediation and Hypnotherapy Richard provides warm, heartconnected and empathetic counselling, coaching, mediation and hypnotherapy services to individuals, couples and families. Basically, he   forms   what he calls a “Healing Partnership” with the people who come for his services. Richard tends to be quite eclectic and “wholistic”.  His knowledge of Spiritual Emergence and Cellular Consciousness from his hypnotherapy practice helps to heal wounds that are emotionally blocked.”

Kymberli Ker, Reflexology, Reiki, Indian Head Massage Kymberli is honoured  to be  a Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT), certified through the  Reflexology Association of Canada, in addition to a  Second Degree Reiki and a certified Indian Head Massage Therapist. After many years of chronic illness, insomnia and fatigue, by exploring the healing benefits of Reflexology, Reiki and Yoga, Kymberli was able to bring a sense of balance and harmony to her body, mind and soul.  Knowing what these alternative healing therapies could provide, she embarked on a journey to help others.

Erin Lauzon, Reiki Erin’s life has been spent seeking ways to help others to improve themselves and find meaning in their lives. Now she offers her compassion and positivity through Reiki healing. She is continually working and studying to improve and expand her skills and has had great success dealing with all sorts of ailments. All her treatments include personalized aromatherapy and crystal therapy components. Erin looks forward to helping you overcome the illness and injury of the past Devin Johnstone, Thai Massage Thai massage is a form of applied yoga that dates and move forward into a more fulfilling tomorrow. back to the time of the Buddha. The receiver is fully clothed and moved passively through a flow of yoga- Trevour Strudwick , Life Coach, Consulting Hypnotist, like stretches with deep tissue mobilization. Along with MNLP, Master EFT Practioner, Reiki Master As the originator of Canada’s only Psychic Spa, the therapeutic effects of relaxation and deep healing, Trevour brings together a variety of modalities for Thai massage promotes mental stillness and integration. healing in vision to assist clients in achieving clarity Devin is a senior practitioner and teacher with over a and success in all areas of their lives. With over 30 years’ decade of experience with people
of all ages, conditions experience he offers certification in Tarot, Palmistry, Past and stages of healing. Life Regression and Reiki, as well as ongoing lectures in Theurgy and Western Mysticism.

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Soul Healing Miracles with Dr. and Master Sha Soul Power to Transform Your Life!

January 2014




s we turn the calendar and look to a new year, we mentally review the past year’s accomplishments, the things we pushed aside that didn’t get done, our new relationships and those that were lost. We perform an analysis of what was, what served us and usually how we can improve on the many aspects of our lives where we believe there to be weakness. For many, this self-analysis can be a critical one, and it invokes a determination to ‘do better’ and ‘be better’.  The New Year Resolutions lists are created... How many of us do you think actually look back over the year and are at peace with their accomplishments?  How many are content in their relationships, are pleased with their bodies, their jobs, and where they are right here and now?  I doubt very few are actually content, and love themselves exactly as they are.  Very few have not created ‘lists’ to do better, do be better, and in doing so feel the need to strive towards a higher level of accomplishment in order to be pleased with themselves.  Our human conditioning constantly pushes us towards higher levels of personal achievement, of establishing ourselves in this everchanging world in which we live, and in striving to find or create the perfect relationships with our friends, coworkers  and family.  When we complete our review from the place of our human conditioning, we tend to look through critical eyes, through the eyes of self-judgement, and feel the need to ‘improve’ somehow.  We forget that life is a journey to be relished and enjoyed every step along the way.  We forget that we are so much more than our accomplishments or acquisitions.  We are, after-all, pure spirit living a human experience, not human living a spiritual existence.  Every single moment of our life has meaning and purpose.  We are after-all, eternal beings experiencing the human condition in physical form.  We are a Divine spark, a Divine child of GOD.  We are of source, of the light.  Our humanness is only a small


part of who we fully are. What we do with our time here on earth, is as we choose every step of the way.  It is up to us to remember our perfection and embrace every aspect of ourselves, learning and growing in light and LOVE throughout our time here.  Only by choosing to ‘un-plug’ from our human condition, and by truly loving ourselves here and now, exactly as we are, and by recognizing our uniqueness and strengths, can we find Peace throughout the year(s) ahead. When we truly love ourselves, we are no longer critical (of ourselves or others), and are content with what is at any given moment.  We recognize the blessings in our lives.  The selfimposed pressure of being ‘better’ dissolves.  The JOY seeps in, and we shift into a higher vibration.  We begin to see the miracles around us.  This shift in vibrational reality attracts more loving relationships into our lives, and more of what we are and project. So, instead of a ‘critical’ review, why not simply resolve to fall in LOVE with yourself this New Year?  Why not turn your list of resolutions into a list of what aspects of yourself and of your life you love most and are most Grateful for?  You may just find yourself inclined to eat better and get outdoors more, find the job that is more satisfying, and treat others the way you now treat yourself, thereby naturally attracting more harmonious relationships. And…you may find yourself letting go of people and situations that no longer feel right, that no longer serve the new ‘you’. Resolve to simply LOVE, and see what happens.

January 2014

Submitted by: Barbara Simpson, Director

New Year Resolutions



he months of January and February are always difficult for people when it comes to following through on the many resolutions that were made holding a glass of champagne and doing the year-end countdown at midnight. As we put our bodies through this period of excesses, we come out of it feeling guilty and make these grandiose plans to change our lives! Unfortunately, many of us are stuck in this cycle of self-deception when it comes to taking action on these resolutions that we committed to and had the full intent of accomplishing. Then reality sets in after only two weeks of getting up at 5am to get yourself to the gym. You start to “miss” one day’s training. Then you miss another day, and another…until you are back in your old routine. I personally do not make resolutions at this time of the year because I have learned over the years that I too get caught up in this same cycle of deception. Because of this, I have shifted the period for making my resolutions out of the January time frame to the present. The present for me is any time in my life when the need to change something, to start something new or to go in a different direction emerges as a dominant thought. When that need for change makes it way to the forefront of my thoughts, I take the time to analyse

Drunvalo Melchizedek's Workshop

Awakening the Illuminated Heart

Dates for 2014:

2 week-ends format:

January 25-26 and February 1-2 March 1-2 and March 8-9 4 day intensive: April 18-21 Love and Peace, Frederic Papillon 613 805-3733 Tel: 613.440.2734 Fax: 613.440.2560

Daniel Roy


Principle Instructor / Certified Financial Planner

that issue and formulate a game plan to get me going in that new direction. Once that new direction is decided, I commit to it 100% and start the process of change, regardless of the time of year I find myself in. Over the years, I have found that I am much more successful in working on my resolutions this way because there is no artificial pressure placed upon me. By artificial, I mean that feeling of guilt that takes over our emotions in early January and pushes us to make resolutions that we know fundamentally are bound for failure regardless of how hard we try. I am sure that you know what I am talking about here! Resolutions are great in getting you to make positive changes in any aspect of your lives. For me, resolutions are synonymous to goals and there is a process for attaining your goals that does work. The first thing you need to do is decide what it is that you want to accomplish, to attain, to get. The second step is that you must develop the feeling of wanting this new thing in your life. It has to be a burning desire deep inside of you. The final step is that you must take action to get what you want. By taking action you will launch this whole process of attaining your goals! Thoughts + Feelings + Actions = Results This is a powerful formula that will help you attain anything in your life. You set the process in motion by deciding what you want and then taking the actions steps that are required to get you there. If you still want to stick to your New Year’s Resolutions then by all means go for it! I encourage you to follow this formula and make the goals attainable. By making them attainable, you will not be disappointed if you don’t achieve them. Build on your small success until you have developed the habit of using this formula effectively. Once there, dream big and go for it! Daniel Roy is the principal instructor of the Ottawa based Praxis Wealth Institute. He is a Certified Financial Planner as well as a Certified Retirement Coach and public speaker. He conducts workshops and courses that are focused on helping people accumulate wealth as well as designing meaningful and rewarding retirements.

January 2014


Cosmic Counsel for January 2014 Aries (March 21- April 20) There is no doubt that this month and year begins with a bang, and you are revved up and ready for business. As an Aries, you are typically comfortable with the intensity in the air. You can harness its power, especially within the realm of career and social position. In fact this month you may sense that the waiting is over and what you desire is no longer beyond your reach. Embrace your fullest potential by seeing life’s challenges and opportunities from a higher perspective. Trust yourself, you will soar. Taurus (April 21-May 21) The New Year tends to bring to the collective a sense that we need to start fresh; this rings especially true for Taurus’. To begin anew consider discarding old ways of doing things, which is typically challenging for earth signs like you. Focus now more than ever on what your gut instincts are telling you. Perhaps this month you can engage in a personal initiation where you visualize yourself surrendering heart-first into your truth. Trust, kind Bull, that you are supported. Let Go and let God/ Goddess/Gaia. Gemini (May 22 – June 21) My apologies if this sounds cliché: There is an ocean of potential inside you, get ready to ride the wave. This New Year begins with intensity, for some this will be rewarding, for others depressing. The cosmos calls you to face yourself, shed your skin and experience renewal. Don’t be afraid to do your inner work with someone you trust, perhaps even exploring sexual healing. It is an ideal time to tune into psychic capabilities and take greater responsibility for your soul’s path. Doing your inner work this January will carry you forward into a promising New Year. Cancer (June 22- July 22) The year begins with Cancerians highly aware of their closest relationships and the work that lies ahead to allow them to deepen. Your ruler the crab is quite symbolic; the hard shell that you move through life with protects the tender and sweet person inside. Of all signs, you are most vulnerable to being hurt; this is why it is so important that you feel safe within your professional and personal relationships. This month focus on healthy relating especially on January 1st’s new moon, and the full moon on the 15th. If those relationships pass your tests, then allow them in. Those lucky ones deserve your trust and love.


Eve Mari Crete Astrologer Insightful and Inspiring Readings 819.457.1694 Leo (July 23 – August 22) After last month’s good times, January calls you to ‘rein it in’. Time to roll up your sleeves and get to work. Considerable cosmic forces are supporting your efforts for self-improvement, work dutifully to heal the parts of you that need attention. Set your intentions yet leave ample room for Spirit to move through you. Near months end relationships will begin to demand your focus, therefore spend early January bettering your Self, so that you are whole, clear-minded and prepared to connect with others in healthy relationships. Virgo (August 22 – September 23) January and the New Year indicates a time for beginning a creative project. The cosmos supports you and calls you to build something that expresses your capable and talented gifts. It might be a business, something artistic in the classic sense, a project around the house, or even something you foster within a child. The message is that you have the resources and skills in you to create something lasting. It is time to take what you envision and make it real. Libra (September 24 – October 23) There are two new moons this month, which is rare. The first new moon on January 1st, can be a powerfully reflective time for you; indeed it is timely that you think about and integrate the emotional lessons you experienced in 2013. You gained strength last year and the momentum is building. You have the potential to draw from that strength and to experience a rewarding year ahead. The energy surrounding you on the new moon of the 31st will be liberating, proving that indeed you have earned the right to succeed. Scorpio (October 24 – November 22) In January your thoughts may be more intense than usual, it is a particularly important time to speak your mind. You will feel a great sense of release and satisfaction if you express yourself. You may also find that the people close to you will need your time, attention and your reliable guidance. If you are a student, writer,

January 2014


Eve Mari Crete’s

researcher, or in communications in any form… the cosmos gives you a huge boost this month, you can be incredibly focused. Reach out and experience life, connect with people… butterfly it up! This will help bring you fulfillment and success this month. Sagittarius (November 23 – December 21) Sometimes things take time. Last month your new solar year began creating in you a feeling of excitement. Now that the spark of rebirth begins to settle, take time this January to ‘take root’ and to nurture your self-esteem. Take stock of who you are and what you bring to the banquet of life. It is beneficial to ask yourself what you need in order to feel safe and secure. Once you are clear work towards it, and trust that what you desire will come to you when the time is right. Capricorn (December 22 – January 20) “Whatever you think you can do, begin itremember the magic of boldness” Lisa Noble. Let these words be like a mantra to you as we begin the year. There is a lot required of you right now, tremendous power and potential. Even though you may come up against challenges and obstacles, be sure to draw from your inner reserve and climb that mountain, Capricorn. You are known as a mountain goat after all… accomplishing incredible feats with sure and steady steps. The key to truest success is to remember to take each step with love all along the way. Aquarius (January 21 – February 19) In order to make way for a rebirth, which begins for Aquarians on January 21st, this may be a time where you experience some degree of letting go and loss. This won’t necessarily be a loss of something in the outer world; perhaps it may be a long held belief or a dream. If you can accept the loss something better can take its place. The universe works in mysterious ways. Allow yourself to feel what comes up and do your best to go within and heal perhaps through meditation, movement or prayer. Pisces (February 20 – March 20) January begins with a great opportunity to focus on what you want for your future, and to commit to the work it will take to make it happen. Harness the potential now because near the end of January you may energetically retreat until your birthday. Until then, put the emphasis on working towards a future goal. Also consider taking time in January to connect with friends and like-minded people in your community. You may receive motivation and express a lot of creativity through these interactions. Eve is a professional Astrologer and a holistic therapist specializing in insightful and in-depth natal chart readings. To learn more about her work, and to read more on this month’s forecast, visit her website at or contact her at 819-457-1694.

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Ottawa-Gatineau February 1-2, 2014 $395

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“Deep inside a huge potential beckons, waiting to open us

to the wisdom, freedom and love within. This presence is calling you home right now, longing to set you free.”

Brandon Bays, internationally acclaimed best selling author, speaker, mind-body healer and pioneer of The Journey

January 2014


Building your Resilience to Overcome Anxiety and Trauma


tress and trauma exist in everyone’s life. It isn’t a question of if, it’s a matter of when. The true question is how do we recognize and embrace the resilience within us, to cope with and overcome the burden that stress and trauma bring to our lives? Resilience is essential because it allows us to deal with changes and see challenges as opportunities. We’re more effectively able to recover from anxiety and trauma, and we gain a higher level of independence and improved self-esteem. We become very effective at managing our feelings and those of others, and inevitably this enhances our relationships. With resilience, a sense of purpose is ever present in our lives, and it’s possible to make decisions and set goals for a bright future. Not everyone’s story of stress involves PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder). But for anyone dealing with mild levels of anxiety, all the way to trauma, there are strategies that can make life easier. The following is a heartfelt personal account of the impact of trauma, and a true example of resilience. PTSD has been a living hell for me. I have spent 38 years living through my reactions to trauma, trying to piece my own personal story together, wanting to create peace and self love. I was sexually abused which created a long list of childhood symptoms including bed wetting, nightmares, insomnia, numerous physical ailments, huge amounts of anger, poor concentration, over eating, fear of physicians and anyone in authority. A healthy sense of my body, well-being and innocence were taken from me. My sense of wonder, my ability to feel comforted, all gone. My list of adult symptoms is too long and complex to share. I functioned through it all. I have spent over half of my life in therapy, once I realized that sexual molestation isn’t supposed to happen, and trying to get away from the ongoing, unhealthy family relationships. Along the way I became spiritual and worked on healing myself through Reiki, NLP, meditation, self love practices and honouring my intuition. I haven’t been diagnosed with PTSD, but it existed my entire life. Fear has played a major role, trapped in the emotional walls of trauma, with a landslide of guilt, shame and an overpowering sense of unworthiness. People in my inner circle have no clue what PTSD is, and I have lost many friendships. I have had many


failed intimate relationships, looking for security that will never be there, wanting someone to love me enough to save me, to accept me as I am. I didn’t have healthy boundaries. Finding trauma support has been very difficult, and I chose not to take any drugs in my healing journey. Having someone listen, through years of therapy, has been extremely supportive, in a world fraught with denial and projection. Overcoming PTSD, finding myself, my truth, and spirituality, has become my sense of identity. Piecing the puzzle together has offered a sense of integrity and strength, learning to cope with not being normal, feeling normal, or reacting normally. I don’t have all the answers as PTSD is very complex. Each journey is very personal, awareness and recovery vary greatly, as does ones approach to healing. Shifts take place over time and you can’t force anything, but feeling safe and developing healthy strategies are vital. Learning self love is key, meaning self care and self acceptance. It takes courage to speak our truth, to create change and to become intimate with ourselves and others. These are some of the triumphs of living with ongoing stress, trauma or PTSD. I now know that I have the power to rise above and find the beauty in my life. Your story may be quite different as trauma and stress are the result of many causes and conditions. As we are all in a process of learning and renewal, there is much to discover in learning to cope through a holistic approach. This is the focus of our upcoming workshop, Building your Resilience to Overcome Anxiety and Trauma, to be held on Saturday, February 15. The day will offer information and provide a personal experience that will offer clarity and guidance. Details regarding the practitioners and course content are available at www. or 613-421-3138. Peggy’s Holistic Oasis may help guide you along your path of wellness, knowing that the best approach is unique to you.

January 2014

January 2014


Get Ready for the Year Blaise T. Ryan, R.TCMP, R.Acu Traditional Chinese Medicine of the Wood Horse By: Blaise T. Ryan, R.TCMP, R.Acu

Registered Member of the CTCMPAO - College of Traditional Chinese Medicine of Ontario Specializing in:

Maybe you are searching among the branches, for what only appears in the roots.”   - Rumi


inter is associated to the Water Element and the Kidneys. According to Chinese Medicine, the Kidneys and Water are the root of Yin and Yang. Water is the beginning of the 5 Element Cycle. Like the womb, filled with amniotic fluid, slowly feeding and growing the baby within, it’s in the depths of Yin, inside the Water Element where we conceive creation. The Kidneys and the Water Element are associated with our Essence and our Will. The Liver and the Wood Element come next in the Spring. Wood is associated with Growth and Manifestation. Like trees, Wood must be nourished by Water in order to grow strong. As we recharge our bodies at night while we sleep, so must we recharge our roots and Essence using the Water Element in Winter. This allows us to more easily manifest our Will into the world and achieve our goals with the Wood Energy. Nourishing the Roots in Winter Prepares our Branches to Grow in Spring. Fear holds back our growth. Fear is the emotion that injures our Will and our Kidneys. Fear is the opposite of Love. Love is the force which penetrates obstacles, dissolves fears and empowers our Will. Fear is the anticipation of pain. Fear also acts like a magnet – attracting exactly what you are afraid of. Fear is illusion because it’s the anticipation of something that may or may not come. Fear causes our “Qi” to move downwards, freezes our Water, weakens our Will, and injures the Kidneys. Often our fears operate at a deep subconscious level, where we are not even aware of them. They manifest in behaviors and actions that sabotage our abilities to fully manifest our loving dreams. These fears are often buried under old physical and emotional traumas from our past that haven’t been healed. Circumstances that remind us of these past hurts will trigger our fears. If we are not aware of what is happening, these fears will move our behavior and actions until we find ourselves facing the exact problem or issue we wanted to avoid. Awareness of our fears is the first step to healing and transforming ourselves. Winter is the perfect time of year for deep inner reflection as it gives us easier access to our own subconscious. It allows us to penetrate more easily into our Essence and see what fears are holding our Will captive. We are coming to the end of the Year of the Water


Acupuncture Herbal Formulas Cleansing & Detox Organ Diagnosis Qigong Physio

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Village Clinic, Westboro 361 Churchill Ave. N. Ottawa 613-702-5377 Call for appointment:

Snake. The Snake is the animal that is closest to the Earth (yin) of the 12 animals. Water is the Most Yin of all the 5 elements. The combination brought us a very “yin” year starting with a long winter, wet spring and summer, cool fall, and the onset of a cold and snowy winter. The next Chinese New Year is the Year of the Wood Horse, which will ride in on January 31st, 2014. The Year of the Snake and the Year of the Horse represent a significant shift between the yin energy of the slithering snake to the yang of the galloping horse. This year, the shift will be BIG ! Wood represents growth and movement. It’s the growing yang energy. The Year of the Wood Horse promises fast change and great movement. Like a race horse galloping towards its destination. It can propel us forward in great strides and speed. However, a word of caution is that if you don’t harmonize your Will and free the blocks of Fear from your heart, the Year of the Wood Horse can feel more like riding a bucking bronco ! That’s why it’s crucial to use this winter to heal your Kidneys, your Essence and strengthen your Will. Bring awareness to the Fears that stop you from your desires and goals. And nourish your Yin energy by taking it easy, going slow, and building your Essence through internal reflection and moderate activity. Avoid emotional turmoil and accept the way things are. Focus your energy to get more clear on your goals. Plant the seeds to the dream you want to manifest and nourish the roots in your mind. Great change is coming just around the corner with the Wood Horse. The direction of this change in your own life will be dependent on how strong your Will is to maintain the direction of the Wood Horse. Blaise T. Ryan is a Registered Acupuncturist and Registered Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioner. He accepts new clients at his Westboro location.  Insurance receipts are available.  You can book an appointment with him online at or by calling 613-702-5377.

January 2014

Wild Chaga, the Healthiest Coffee Substitute is Finally in Ottawa!

F A N T A I N A Independent Research Centre brings the Royal Chaga to Ottawa. We are on a mission to inspire and contribute into a pain-free hat is Chaga? Chaga Mushroom, the Medicinal world, a joyous, healed world. We are, oh, so happy King of Herbs, according to some experts, 55 times to be guided by Spirit, which enabled us to procure more potent than Reishi mushroms, is found (almost) the FINEST THERAPEUTIC Chaga in the world, and exclusively on white birch trees, and despite that fact it happens to be a Canadian Chaga! Which is ethically that there are some companies who have cultivated foraged to our orders, selected by hand, air-dried and its mycelia artificially, is potent and active ONLY carefully cured by our expert-arboculturalist and his when skilfully and ethically wild-crafted. The Chaga specially trained hunters team, collaborating with Mushroom has been used medicinally for centuries, (some say for at least 4,000 years!) for its amazing effects us. The Gratitude prayer and a sacred offering of on overall good health, immunity and can be helpful in tobacco, in Indian tradition, is offered to each birch tree, fighting cancer cells. Worldwide research has focused impregnated with the harvested chaga. This Long Kept on there primary areas: combating cancer, improving Secret of Siberia and Eastern Europe is brought to you by FANTAINA Longevity Research Center, and finally, immune response and moderating diabetes. now is available to you. For those who are interested, Beware! Do not accept cheap imitations! At our Ottawa-based company sells the FANTAINA Nature and Functional Longevity Center worlds premium, Fair-trade, phenomenally potent and we had been on a long quest for a quality Chaga pure wild-crafted Chaga in a form of clean, convenientmushroom for years. In general, every nine out of for-use nuggets. ten Chaga testing specimens requested by the FTA Try wild Royal Chaga today! Sip your way into Centre from a various on-line sellers, went straight to happy, pain-free life and the functional longevity! a garbage bin. We could not even compost it! Because Please follow us and “like” us on Facebook. Visit www. several samples were contaminated with mold, and a for more info and Research articles. pesticide/herbicide-residue. Quite other few, arrived Yours in Beauty & Health, Magister Andreus B.A., from the States, were tinted with the radioactive B.Eng., Wildcrafted Hydrosol Master Distiller, Reiki waste (the aftermath of a recent Fukushima disaster) Healer, A. Alchemista, B.A.(Hons), B.Ed., Certified and the rest WERE NOT Chaga at all, but some other Herbalist, Spiritual PhytoEssencing Therapist types of polypore mushrooms (not medicinal). Or the Co-Founders of the Independent FANTAINA Nature, man -made/ lab-made fungal powdered material of a Beauty and Functional Longevity Research since 1998. doubtful origin (probably China ) with a totally absent FANTAINA is a mystical name, and it has several holistic healing nature of true Chaga. sacred meanings:”An unfolding fan of secrets”. “The Divine Feminine, Who Knows the Secrets of Nature”


Serenity Wellness Services

• Sound Healing Massage

• Tuning Fork Sound Balancing • Past Life Regression Therapy

• Auricular Acupuncture for stress relief January 2014

Julie Tierney Orthotechnician, Acudetox Specialist 613-254-8469 65



ow many of us have learned how to communicate effectively? Are you able to share who you are, what you want or need from a place of your core and power? We only communicate as well as we have been taught. If our parents spoke to us with anger, we learned to speak to others with anger. If we were not listened to when we spoke, we learn not to listen. In reality effective communication is very complicated. Eighty percent of our communication is how we say things, our body language, inflections and energy behind what we say. If you are fearful when you say something then the fear holds more weight than the actual words. As we grow up each of us pick up different perceptions and carry baggage, which creates unique views of the world. From this unique place we decide what we wish to convey to another person. With the filters of our perceptions we choose the words to use to send the message to another person. What happens when we send this message to the other person? Before the message is received it is filtered/ decoded through the receivers filters/ baggage. This can mean the receiver hears something very different than the intended message sent. The history between the sender and the receiver also impacts the reception and interpretation of the message received.

3 s y a D ly On

Life Lines of Recovery Workshops January 4th - Talking January 18th - Listening February 1st - Family Lynda @ 613-858-7181

Being truly heard validates what we are saying as well as who we are. We often do not need someone to agree with us. We need to know that someone can hear what we are saying from our perspective. Validation validates who we are. e.g. Last year your husband missed your anniversary. He decides to take you out this year. He is all excited and he says “I am taking you to someplace special this year to make it up to you,” You presume he knows what you like and do not ask any questions. You arrive at an inexpensive restaurant. There are only the two of you there. He is an introvert who is very frugal. You are an extrovert expecting something special. Neither of you have taken each-others point


119 Joseph Cyr, 417 & St. Laurent

January 24-26, 2014


PSYCHIC FAIR Friday: 2pm-10pm Saturday: 11am-10pm Sunday: 11am-7pm

TOP PROFESSIONAL PSYCHIC READERS Psychics Palmistry Mediums Lectures Tea cups Demonstrations Astrology Crystals & tarot cards Holistic wellness show for sale Come in and get a reading Numerology for yourself. Find out about Tarot Cards your love life, work, health Aura Camera and your finances. BE PREPARED FOR WHAT’S COMING UP!

Free gemstone with admission $6.00; $5.00 with this ad 66

January 2014

of view into consideration nor have you checked in to make sure you really heard what was being said. No one is happy. It is easy to see how communication is much more complicated than stringing together a few words. What are some of the filter, perceptions that get in our way? Birth order, introversion and extroversion, our parents, religion, teachers, community etc. influence our perceptions as well as every experience in our lives. There are many places you can learn communication skills. It may be worth your while exploring your options. Lynda Brooks retired R.N., HTPA, IET Master Instructor. Workshops presented at The House of Hope and Healing. www.lifelinesofrecovery

Joyful Expressive Dance

Communication Workshop: Saturday January 18 2014 The House of Hope and Healing 14 Bayswater Ottawa from 9a.m.-4p,m. Lynda Brooks at 613-858-7181 Ruth Stanton at 613-628-3046

Want To Feel Good? Move Your Body!


n the cold, long, dark days of winter we can have a tendency to want to hibernate spending more time inside and alone forgoing the outdoor activities that bring us so much vitality and joy during the warmer and sunnier weather. This can result in isolation, depression and listlessness. If we want to feel happy and healthy, it is important to keep moving the body even when we are tempted to crawl into bed under a warm blanket. Dancing is a great way to keep moving and to help us connect with others. It can also be a powerful tool for self-healing by enabling us to free up blockages and create a sense of freedom and spaciousness. It can also enable us to release negative patterns, awaken buried parts of ourselves and experience joy. In many shamanic societies, if you came to a shaman or medicine person complaining of being disheartened, dispirited, or depressed, one of four questions they would ask you was “when did you stop dancing�? As children, we moved and expressed spontaneously and freely. Somewhere along the way we were taught to sit still and behave. We learned to curb our natural impulses to move and express in order to fit into the cultural norms dictated by parents, teachers and later, bosses. As a result, our natural inclination to move and express became suppressed which can result in emotional and physical pain including depression, isolation and listlessness.

~ A fabulously fun way to reduce stress ~ ~ Guided and free-form dance followed by relaxation ~ ~ Open to all ages and fitness levels ~ ~ No dance experience required ~ Mondays 6:50 p.m. to 7:50 p.m.

Starting January 6, 2014 Maki House Community Centre 19 Leeming Drive Wear comfortable clothes for exercising such as yoga pants and a t-shirt. Bring water and a yoga mat or exercise mat if you have one or blanket.

For Info or to register call Julie at 613-254-8469 Whether you dance in your living room by yourself, at a party with friends or in a regular class, try incorporating more joyful movement into your life and see for yourself how much better you feel. Julie Tierney is a dance teacher, meditation group facilitator and drum circle organizer who has been studying and practicing the healing arts (reiki, massage, reflexology, therapeutic touch, EFT, tuning fork sound balancing, past life regression and Acudetox - auricular acupuncture) since 1993.

January 2014


Lila endorses and recommends programs that are intelligent, helpful and aim to support the wise play of our global community. Go Slowly

Be Mindful

Live Simply

Play Wisely

Shanti Retreat Wolfe Island

Meditation Consultation with


Private consultation available on a by-donation basis

Meditation, Spiritual and Yoga Audio Downloads Available On-line!


*Yoga *Meditation *Weekend & Midweek Retreats Now available at web-site when *Spayou & Detox Days sign up for enews! *Corporate What is The Wellness Essential Skill Set? *Sunday Cycle & Stretch It’s “TESS” – Lila’s suggested Skill-Set for life in general!

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Sunday Mornings with Jane Forrington starting in January!

“check out Lila On-line for support in learning to play our parts wisely and also to see the following pages for Lila endorsed businesses. ” Peace & Happiness, Jane / Lila Come experience a simple combination of silence,

Lila isstretching, a sanskrit word meaningmeditation, that life is a divine play. I invite you to easy guided philosophical

musings and an overall refreshment of your uniquely ordinary Self.”

Location: Janati Yoga in Kingston

Visit for full details!


January 2014 613-545-1063

Kingston's Original Natural Food Store 81 Princess St. K i n g s t o n , O n t a r i o4.3” x 3.5” 613-546-4439



Organic Milk Cream Yoghurt &Cheese Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables, Macrobiotic Foods Nuts Spices Vitamins & Minerals Peanut Butter


Monday to Thursday:9am-6pm Friday: 9am-8pm Saturday: 9am-5:30pm Sunday: Closed


"Spring Fling" Myrtle Beach S.C. Tickled Pink City in Bloom Washington Cherry Blossoms Arizona - Desert In Bloom Berkshire Cottages Pennsylvania Amish Country Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard

March 17-25/14

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Luxury, Reliability, Optimal Pricing and Superior Service guaranteed to meet all of your transportation needs!

613.966.7000 / 1 800.267.2183

Dried Fruit Juices Teas Fair Trade Coffee Fresh Baked Goods

* free delivery within city for orders over $40 (regularly priced items) – deliver to your door, office, desk as you work – within two hours – surcharge may apply for outlying areas in city

Carol Belanger

2014 is a proud partner ofJanuary


Meditation Events

Winter 2014

Jan 22: Meet your Meetup Mates for meditation and Tea.

Meditation: The Inward Journey – Class Series Weekly courses for deepening into meditation practices Each class will incorporate stretching, yoga breathing exercises and a guided meditation.

Jan 29: Breath and Mindfulness Feb 5: Breath and Mantra Feb 12: Meditation for Healing Feb 19: Yoga Nidra- Profound Relaxation Feb 26: Chakra Awareness Mar 5: No Class March 12: Seeking the Inner Guide March 19: A Musical Meditation and Celebration

Wednesday Evenings Time: 7:30pm to 9pm Location: 253 Echo Drive (Church of the Ascension)

Cost:70$10 (pay what you can students and seniors)

January 2014

for more information please visit: or find us on Facebook and Meetup

Energy Maintenance Channelled by Lisa Virtue

Maintaining your energy field is very important. We all have an energy field that makes up who we are here. Throughout our days we have a variety of experiences and encounters. Our energy fields collect debris, in a sense. We can pick up energies from others and take them into our field unwittingly. We can also create our own dissonance, or blocks as they are referred to in energy healing. Blocks come from learning as we grow. They come from beliefs formed. They are our issues which we wish to resolve. As many of you have experienced through healing procedures such as the energy healing Lisa Virtue provides, you can clear these blocks through a variety of methods. Healing their source will transform them permanently. But what can you do about the day-today collection? You can develop a home practice for yourself of methods to release and shift that which has come in the day. You have many resources for individual maintenance: meditations, self-energy clearing visualizations, showers help to rinse the aura. Maintaining emotional integrity with positive reflection and thoughts; keeping yourself well grounded and centred in your own energy field – not shooting out things to others, but being a self-contained being; drawing in Universal love, rinsing yourself with it there are many ways indeed. You may also wish to visit Lisa on a regular basis to deal with the issues that help attract the more day-today energies. By healing the larger energy dissonance or blocks, you find that similar energies no longer attract to you. We hope you see that regular clearing will help you resolve things more and more, will bring you into your state of grace and joy more frequently. You have had many lifetimes to accumulate issues. You may not be aware of all of the things that are bringing dissonance into your experience. While initial healing sessions will absolutely bring you significant relief and shifts, a regular plan of cleansing healings will continue your journey to recognizing your true, pure self everyday. Your journey to healing, to truth, to joy in every moment, this requires a frequent action of resolving the dissonance you’re holding. So build a plan for yourself of not just maintenance but steady growth. For each healing will bring you into more of your amazing self. You will find great blessings, coincidences, transformations taking place in your life for which you will find you are thanking the Universe. For it almost seems too good to be true that you could be on such an exquisite journey of finding yourself more and more, happier and happier, more fulfilled, more in your bliss. So, we recommend you find or learn ways to assist yourself on a day-to-day basis and schedule a regular program for tackling the larger blocks and you

Lisa .Virtue .


connect heal

grow grow

heal 613.296.4271

medium . healer . teacher

will feel your journey accelerating in such a positive manner that you love the thrill of life. It is our wish for you that you find the thrill of being who you truly are, that it ever increase, every day. Lisa Virtue is an energy healer and medium. She has a variety of service packages that make energy maintenance easy and affordable. Find more details at www.Lisa Contact Lisa to schedule an appointment at 613-296-4271 or Join the community on Facebook:

Shi’s Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture & Tuina Clinic

Shi Ji-ling

M.D. in China, M.Sc. (Canada), R.TCMP and R.Ac (Ontario) 40 Years clinical experience • Disposable Needles Sciatica, Frozen shoulder, Whiplash, Tennis elbow, Arthritis, Migraine, Ulcerative colitis, Insomnia, Allergic rhinitis, Asthma, Hypertension, Diabetes, Gastritis, Chronic fatigue, Stroke, Facial Paralysis, Impotence, Menopausal Syndrome, Depression

207 Twyford St. (near Hunt Club), Ottawa, ON (613) 234-3767

January 2014


TONE MAGAZINE PO Box 45024, 680 Eagleson Rd. Kanata, K2M 2Y1 613-435-TONE


January 2014

Mailing address : Tone Magazine, 680 Eagleson Rd, PO Box 45024 Kanata South PO, Kanata, ON K2M 2Y1


January 2014 issue of Tone Magazine

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