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Members of the group : José Pablo Rodríguez, Tomás Urrutia y Dominga Osorio

Name of the planet :Fluor land 1. Drawing of the planet 2. The Map Of the landing place. 3. Description of the planet The sky was green and the climate was very humid , the plants were huge and the trees were little . 4.

Description of the inhabitants They wear triangular clothes and the boys wear adjustable clothes . their house can move.They have robots and the people who create them are green androids .They are ,very naughty , they are cute , they are responsible , they are short but with a big heart and they live in peace.

5. Drawing of the inhabitants. 6.

Descriptions of were they lived The inhabitants lived underground. There was only one city that was enormous and it was full of trees.

7. It’s a drawing 8.

Description of the meal

The meal on this planet is very strange , because they eat were things , but commonly meal and insects , they liked to eat fish but, the were people that eat only green things such as salad .

9. 10. Description of the money The money they had was triangular coins with fish faces in the middle and they were called “fishues� . There were bills , they are pentagonal and the wallets are pentagonal too but their credit cards were circular. 11.Descriptions of their schools They had schools like ours but the children sit up in chairs and they get automatically the information they learn everything in less than 10 minutes . 12. Description of how they obtain their food The people obtain their food by , every weekend the food come down , because the sky is green so the sky produces food . the people lived in something like trees under ground but the difference is that the people are so small and the trees are also small so they can go inside the tree.

Day 1 The first day when we land on “Flour Land� all the people were scared. We told them why we were in the planet. Then we asked where we could stay , and they gave us one house (for 3). They were very impressed because they hade never seen a human and they gave us food and an android for each one. They showed us their food and how the androids constructed pets and robots and our androids made a pet for each one. Maine was called Kenny; Tomas pet was called Chimna and Dominga`s pet was called Tiny. We played all the night with them, and the thing that was the most interesting for me is that I met a person and he told me that in Flour Land there was an old part and a new part and he told me that we were going to see the old part and the new part the next day, and then I told everything to my partners.

DAY 2 We woke up in the tree house and our androids brought us a very strange breakfast that contain a very big salad with lots of insects in it. Then we asked our android if they could make the house bigger and they told us they could. Then we decided to go with Wexford to the antique part of the city. The thing that surprised us was that the antique part was like ours so we couldn’t imagine what the modern part was like. Later we went to eat to a big house and we ate the typical food: fish and dead insects and then we went our route. But finally we went to our house and it was ready it was bigger and we inmediately went to sleep.

DAY 3 We were already adapted . once we went out to visit the places and the people because we were tall and they were very small . In the afternoon we asked about “pets” the people had . So they could teach us all the history places they had, but we realized that they didn’t have things like that. They had only funny things. I have received my pet. I named her Tiny because I loved her name . She´s very nice , she has squared body and she´s all pink. At night (8:00 o´clock) we went to the modern part of the city (because yesterday we went to the old place). This place had types of robots called androids they were in charge of making technological things . we also realized that the androids were the same things they gave us.

DAY 4 In the next morning we woke up and we went to buy things to eat because there wasn`t anything to eat at home .We realized that in the was only junk food so we bought only junk food and food for pets . We ate so much junk food that we got ill. All the people were scared and no doctor could cure us but the last doctor was the worst doctor in the land and he sacrificed his life to make a cure and the method was successfully made and we were like new people. We felt very well but we felt very bad for the doctor that sacrificed his life for us and we thought that we were going to the funeral and then a giant hand appear and took the doctor`s body to the sky. Because of that we were very happy and that was why all the people were not sad because they knew that and we had a crazy day so we went to bed with our pets.

DAY 5 We woke up and immediately started packing all the morning. We were in such a big hurry that we forgot to eat breakfast and when we went out, all the people were outside our house and then Wexford brought our car and took us huge stage and they thank us for being so good with them not like other people that had gone to that planet. Then we had to give away our cars and mascots which was the saddest part. Then they took us to a talk about how planet had that name and that talk was for a lot of time and then we took our things to the rocket and then we went back home.

The planet project  

the planet project

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