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Issue 16 Wednesday 01.10.08

Portsmouth Uni best in the South

Inside... News & Comments Olympic medalists, More awards for uni, Festival cancelled, and whether or not nuclear energy is the way forward.

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analysis on the results, said in a report to the University Learning and Teaching committee that “The challenge for 2009 will be to maintain our position. Each year the sector as a whole shows improved levels of satisfaction. We have been able to keep above the sector in 2007 and 2008 but it will be even more challenging for 2009”. The next National Student Survey will take place in January 2009, so if you are in your final year make sure you watch out for the publicity and take part in the survey. It really is your chance to praise your course or if necessary highlight areas which make you unhappy; either way it is your chance to invite change on your course, as every course wants to be like finance or politics, which both came in 1st place for overall satisfaction this year!

A round up of London Fashion Week, Johnny Bell is the new English man in France, Britain goes Nuclear, Getting your NUS Card and your essential new Freshers Fayre guide.

The University of Portsmouth has received outstanding results in the recent annual National Student Survey (NSS). 88% of final year students at Portsmouth said that they were satisfied with their course. The results put UoP up three places on last year’s results, at 14th out of 90 universities. The results also place the university as the best post-1992 university and the best rated university on the south coast, beating Southampton yet again. University Vice-Chancellor John Craven said: “This is an outstanding achievement to be in the top 20 per cent nationally, best on the south coast and best post-92 university. I am extremely proud of these results and grateful for the hard work across the University that goes into making our students satisfied with their experi-

ence here.” All final year students have the opportunity to take part in the survey and this year’s response rate was 72% - well above the national average, making the results representative of the student view at Portsmouth. The result of 88% overall satisfaction is a marked improvement from 2006 when only 79% of leavers were either satisfied or very satisfied with their course. It is also pleasing to note that for the second year running the University exceeded the sector average for each of the sector groupings, which are: Teaching, Assesment and Feedback, Academic Support, Organisation and Management, Learning Resources and Personal Development. The Education and Representation Officer at the Students Union joined the University in celebrating the results, however warned against resting on our laurels by saying “These results are highly commendable and are just

reward for all the hard work put in by all staff at the University. Whilst these results are fantastic, the challenge now is to maintain the standard and continue pushing the University in improving areas such as assessment, feedback, organisation and management, which whilst being above the national average still cause issues for a number of students. Since the release of these results I have discussed the analysis of these results with Dr Valda Bunker (Director of DCQE) and am confident that work will be done in these areas to improve”. Some of these improvements have already been seen with heavy investment from both the Students’ Union and the University in the Course Representation system, and feedback and coursework receipts are being reviewed by the members of the University Learning and Teaching Committee. Dr Valda Bunker, who conducted

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News » Local

Raising and Giving

Southsea Common Parking Lot

Cash to tackle yobs

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Controversial plans to open up swathes of Southsea Common to car parking have been passed by the council. The plans allow for the common to be used to park cars for up to 17 days a year. It comes despite a petition with more than 100 signatures objecting to the plans. Southsea Cllr Linda Symes said she was disappointed at the move. ‘This is one of the only green lungs in the city’, she said. Cars parking on the common is not a new system. Cars have been parked on the common for the past 25 years or so. However the new plans allow for more usage and better organisation. One prediction is that the parking could net the council an extra £30,000 a year in revenues.

Portsmouth is set to receive new funds to combat antisocial behaviour in young people. The city is one of 69 local authorities that stands to receive nearly £800,000 from the government over the next three years to combat the problem. Council and police leaders anticipate using the funds to conquer underage drinking and related problems amongst the area that most need it. Councillor for children and young people Alistair Thompson stated that: “It’s good news. My only concern is that it is spent in the correct way. I hope that it is spent on early intervention projects which prevent young people falling in to a life of crime.”

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Marriott hotel, Pakistan

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A political detainee in Burma has been released after 19 years of detention by the Burmese government. Win Tin, a founder of the National League and a poet, editor and close aide to Ms Suu Kyi, he was originally arrested in July 1989. He stated “I will keep fighting until the emergence of democracy in this country,” he said after his release. Win Tin’s release comes as a part of a rumoured prisoner amnesty in which approximately 9,000 antigovernment prisoners are planned to be released. The Pakistani army is investigating the wreckage of a suspected US spy plane found near the Afghan border, but has rejected claims it was shot down. The spokesman said the crash appeared to have been due to a malfunction.

Portsmouth student wins gold at Olympics A student at the University of Portsmouth won a gold medal at the 2008 Paralympics in Beijing for Great Britain. Daniel Bentley, 24, a graphic design student made his debut for Great Britain at the games. Bentley was part of the The GB mixed Boccia team who beat China in the semi-finals. Boccia (pronounced botcha) is similar to bowls and is designed as a sport for those with cerebral palsy. It is non-contact and relies on skill and subtlety, rather than size, strength or speed. The aim is to propel a set of coloured balls and position them closer to a white ‘marker’ ball than those of

your opponent. It is thought to have originated in Greece with competitors tossing large stones at a stone target and came to the UK in the 1980s. Bentley said, “I’ve never been to a Paralympics event before but in boccia you are considered in your prime when you are in your late 20s and early 30s so, if I am lucky, I stand a chance of making it to the London Paralympics in 2012.” The GB team narrowly missed out on the gold medal in the 2004 Paralympics in Athens. Boccia was not the only sport that Portsmouth students represented Team GB in Beijing.

The Iraqi parliament has passed a law which paves the way for provincial elections, after months of wrangling. The decision brings to an end months of debate over how the law would be applied to the oil-rich city of Kirkuk. As a compromise, parliament has agreed to deal separately with the issue of Kirkuk, so that elections can go ahead in other parts of the country. Insurance companies and lending agents in America are allegedly under investigation for fraud by the FBI. Rumours are spreading that the senior executives are being investigated by the bureau however the Justice Department refuses to comment on ongoing investigations. Finland’s prime minister has called for gun laws to be tightened after a school shooting that left 11 people dead. Matti Vanhanen said Finland should consider banning private handguns. Thousands of people have been fleeing renewed fighting between African Union peacekeepers and Islamist insurgents in the Somali capital, Mogadishu. The peacekeepers, who came under heavy attack for the third day running, said they had to use unusually tough measures to repulse the insurgents.

photo: Xinhua

Portsmouth and Southsea Festival Cancelled The Portsmouth and Southsea Festival, due to take place on Castle Field on 12th October has been cancelled. The festival with headliners such as The Charlatans and the Fun Lovin’ Criminals has been shelved despite 10 months of planning, complying with all council requirements and securing a strong line-up. Ticket sales are too low to be able to proceed. The festival also expected to give local bands the opportunity to play to a packed audience. The festival organisers are offering full refunds to those that bought

tickets, and information is available through the website The organsiers of the festival maintain that the “only financial losers from cancellation are the festival’s directors.” Continuing to state that “We truly believe that Portsmouth deserves to have a major music event and will reconsider our position in 2009.” For information on how to get a refund if you purchased a ticket visit:

Ravelin Park wins more awards for the University Ravelin Park, in which the students union sits, has received glowing praise by judges in the South and South East in Bloom competition. The park has undergone a complete transformation from wasteground to stunning green space under the guidance of Tony Davis, head of campus environment at the University of Portsmouth, and his efforts were rewarded with three prizes in the regional competition this week. Once undergrowth and weeds hid both tramps who lived in the park and the historic Ravelin House, now home to criminology students, used by General Montgomery during World War II. But after six years of hard work judges said the park was now a “great credit to Tony Davis who has managed to get the park to its excellent state through obtaining funding and working with English Landscape”. The park’s latest awards are ‘outstanding’ in the ‘neighbourhoods with over 1,000 people’ section and two discretionary prizes; the Community Action Award for the involvement of nearly 1,000 local school children in the nature trail and other community and university activities; and the Waterwise Award for the sedum roof on the library and using grey ‘recycled’ water to supply the library toilets. Sections of the park are used by the Union to host various events inclduing the 2008 Graduation ball, The Societies Carnival and The Freshers Fayre. At these events the park has been host to live bands, performances from dancers, a mechanical bucking camel and a multitude of other oddities. The space is not just used by students however, during the summer The New Theatre Royal and the university arranged theatrical performances open to the general public. Mr Davis said: “Five years ago the area was completely overgrown and closed off to the community. I am delighted at the transformation and it is a joy to have helped bring the park back to life. “The judges praised the fact Ravelin Park is in the city centre and open to all and used by so many people. It is wonderful to see the park’s restoration recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society.”

Scientists from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Lab have been using rubber ducks (the classic yellow ones) as part of an experiment into the movement of a glacier in Greenland. 90 ducks were used in the experiment.

A French court has called on the evidence of a dog in a murder case. “Scooby” was called to the witness stand to supply evidence in the case of the suspicious death of his owner. The French court service has confirmed that this is the first time a dog has been called on to give evidence.

A British schoolboy has gained a place in the Guinness Book of World Records by balancing 16 spoons on his face for 30 seconds. Joe Allison, of Totnes, Devon, said: “There isn’t really a secret to it. The spoons just stick on. I know I’ll make 17 one day.”

Nicole Kidman has credited a waterfall with bringing about a flurry of pregnancies including her own - on the set of one of her films, Australia.

A Japanese company has invented an airbag for elderly people. The device detects a falling motion and inflates in less than 0.1 seconds. Two bags encase the person when inflates and protects the person.

A featherless chicken recovered from a battery farm by the RSPCA has had a stripey woolly jumper knitted for it by a volunteer. Buffy is now an attraction at the rescue centre in Brent Knoll in Somerset

News » Currency

News » Community

News » Community

Pound Coins

Special police unit to open

New dental school

Chris Spackman

Is it not annoying when you put a pound coin in a vending or games machine, only for the coin to be spat back at you? Even scratching the surface of the coin does not seem to get the coin accepted! This week the Royal Mint announced an explanation for this, claiming that an estimated 1 in 50 pound coins in circulation are fakes. Forgers produce the coins and sell them on through organised crime syndicates for between 50p and 70p. Under the 1981 Forgery and Counterfeiting Act, forging coins carries a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

So how can you tell if the pound coin in your pocket is completely worthless? There are many ways you can spot a fake pound coin. The most obvious way is to check if the Queen’s head and the design on the reverse are both upright. Also, many faked coins also have the incorrect Latin inscription on the side for the year that the coin was issued. So, the next time you find your change won’t work in a machine at least you can feel some sort of pleasure in knowing that you haven’t broken the law by using fake money!

Jacob Leverett

The first serious dedicated sexual assualts unit outside of London has been created at Fratton Police Station. The unit - to be known as the Crystal Unit- is a Home Office funded project with the intention of uncovering more cases in the area. It is led by a Detective Inspector, and is made up of six Detective Constables, two Detective Sergeants and four Sexual Offence Trained Investigators. It will also benefit from dedicated CPS lawyers who will work with the unit from an early stage in a bid to improve the strength of cases put before the courts. Staff on the Crystal

Unit will also be working closely with partnership agencies such as the Sexual Assault Referral Centre (SARC), known as Treetops, in Cosham, and Portsmouth City Council’s Early Intervention Project. The aim of the Crystal Unit is to provide a dedicated, multi agency, gold standard service.” Detective Chief Inspector Richard John, who will oversee the unit said: “The Crystal Unit spells out our commitment to survivors of these terrible crimes. We want to give them the confidence to report serious sexual assaults to us, and to know that we will do our very best to bring offenders to justice.

A new £9m facility will merge with the existing dental facilities to form a new School of Dental Education, and will provide free routine NHS dental care to adults and children. Scheduled to open in 2010, the centre will be at the leading edge of dental education, providing training of dentists, dental therapists, hygienists and dental nurses. The centre will see teams of final year dental students performing treatment on members of the public under supervision of staff from the school. It will provide NHS treatment to communities in Portsmouth and the Isle of Wight where, in some areas, oral health is significantly poorer than the national average.


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008


Super Johnny to save the world Jacob Leverett

Global Ethics, the company behind the One Water campaign, has launched a new product aimed at helping to combat the spread of HIV/Aids in Africa. The One Condom is aimed at young people across the UK, with all profits going towards helping raise awareness and addressing the problems associated with HIV and AIDS in Africa. The One condom range is a fusion of leading manufacturing technology and cutting edge product design. All the condoms come in distinct round foil wrappers and are packaged in a stylish silver tin for utmost discretion. There are 120 funky foil wrapper designs to choose from, featuring playful slogans – a personal favourite being the cockerel design with the slogan ‘One for the early riser’. According to the United Nations, AIDS is still the biggest threat to Africa’s development. 1,400 African chil-

dren under the age of 15 die of AIDSrelated illnesses every single day. And, currently more than 15 million children under 18 worldwide have been orphaned as a result of AIDS. Ama Uzowuru, NUS Vice-President for Welfare, said: “When buying a packet of One condoms, students will not only be getting a great product but helping to address the problems associated with HIV and AIDS. We urge students to buy the One range of condoms over other brands.” Duncan Goose, founder and managing director of Global Ethics and ‘One’ concluded: “We are simply asking current users of condoms to make an educated purchase and choose ‘One’ over their normal brand, in the knowledge that they are helping to address the AIDS and HIV issue in Africa too. To find out more about the One range of condoms and One water and how you can support them, please visit:

Ooh Aah Cantona, can I be a movie star!

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In 2006, two University of Portsmouth graduates set up their own theatre company, Kalimasu Productions. 2007 saw the graduates on the set of their first feature film, working alongside the legendary footballer Eric Cantona. In the autumn of 2008, two years of hard work finally paid off as their debut movie, Jack Says, was released nationwide on DVD. Toby Meredith and Aaron Sayers are delighted at how their company has been growing from strength to strength. And who wouldn’t be! An idea that begun on a drunken university music tour around Poland culminated with them producing the last cinematic work of EastEnders legend, Mike Reid, before his untimely death. Jack Says is a dark gangster film set between the sleazy suburbs of London and Paris. It follows the lead character, Jack, on the run after being framed for a murder he didn’t commit. He escapes

to France, but never has the phrase ‘out of the frying pan and into the fire’ ever rung so true. On the path to distribution the filmmakers have had an exhausting year touring around the film festivals in the UK, Europe and the US. In order to reach a global market, the prequel (not sure that’s the right word for it, maybe the novel that inspired it or something?) graphic novel - Jack Said - has been translated into Japanese, and there is already talk of trying to secure online distribution deals. Jack Says, the DVD and Jack Said the graphic novel are both available to buy in most high street shops. Keep an eye out for next month’s Pugwash magazine for an in depth look at the making of Jack Says and find out what the future holds in store for Kalimasu Productions. For more information visit:

Are you Mature? Andy Brown Mature Students Officer

Were you older than 21 when you enrolled at uni? If so, you are classified as a mature student, whether you feel like one or not (personally I’m mature in age but many would say somewhat juvenile in outlook). The University and the Students’ Union recognise that life at uni can be somewhat different for mature students and can pose

different issues. For that reason there is a post within the Students’ Union called the Mature Students’ Officer, and for the coming year post is filled by me. So, if there are any issues you have with student life that you don’t know how to resolve, any suggestions for how things can be improved for mature students, or just any general gripes, feel free to get in touch with me via the contact email below. There was a Mature Students Society in the past which is now dormant but could be easily revived, so I’m in-

terested to hear from anybody who feels that would be worthwhile. It could be no more than a social vehicle but could also act as a forum for raising issues and lobbying on behalf of mature students if that is required. For instance we plan to look into proposals for raising fees for distance learners, which will mainly affect mature students. So, don’t hesitate to get in touch via email, or you can often find me hanging around in the local coffee bars or various hostelries in Albert

Road winding up the staff and talking nonsense with a range of interesting local citizenry. I’ll be with the one with the pony-tail, a large latte or a pint of Guinness, depending upon the time of day.

For more information visit: To contact Andy Brown email him at:

News » Olympics

Summer of Content Abbey Dixon

With the credit crunch getting to us all and a summer that distinctly lacked any sun, it was good to see something finally go well for this little country, even if it was on the other side of the world. The reason why this summer wasn’t a complete lost cause? The Olympics. For those of you who have been living in a cave for the past few months, Beijing took on the ever so slightly daunting task of holding the 2008 Olympics. Now, I’m not a big sports fan; the closest I’ve got to a football match is a party at Goals, and the nearest I’ve been to tennis racket was going

past Wimbledon on the Underground. So why would someone like me enjoy two weeks packed full of sports? The answer: we were brilliant. The UK showed the rest of the world that even though we might be a tiny island floating in the middle of the Atlantic, even though we can’t qualify for Euro 2008, and even though the news would have us believe we’re all obese, we can still thrash most other countries in the world when it comes to sport. Rebecca Adlington became our most successful British swimmer in 100 years in her first Olympics at just 19 years old, bringing home two gold medals from the pool. With a final medal haul of 19 golds, 13 silvers and 15 bronzes putting us firmly in

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University Vacancies 4th place in the world, our little country showed the planet who’s boss, outperforming even the likes of Australia, Germany, France and Japan. And it wasn’t just the Olympics that we did well in. The Paralympics closely followed in September, in which Team GB gave an even more impressive performance, surpassing the medal haul from the Olympics. University of Portsmouth’s own Daniel Bentley competed as part of the GB Boccia team and after an impressive performance, brought home no less than a gold medal on day six of the Paralympics, after beating Portugal 8-4 in the final. The graphic design student is bound to be a name to watch in London 2012 (and to look

out for around campus!) Back home in Portsmouth, to celebrate the Olympics handover ceremony, hundreds of dream birds, designed by University of Portsmouth artist in residence Jon Adams, were released above Guildhall Square. It proved that the upcoming London Olympics is not just about the capital, but the whole country celebrating sport and culture. It’s hard sometimes to be proud to be British. After a meltdown financially, it wasn’t looking like this would be changing any time soon. However, both the Olympic and Paralympic teams proved how this country is actually very talented and determined. Long may that continue.

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Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

Life and Style

The London Fashion Week Experience Fashion Editor

London Fashion Week consists of the most important six days in any fashionista’s diary. All prior engagements are postponed or cancelled and every stylist, buyer, journalist and photographer from this side of the globe flock to London to witness the unveiling of the designers’ current collections. These people plan their year around this event, the show dates are engraved in stone and if you do a no show, people’s tongues begin to wag. Therefore, when I managed to blag myself tickets to various shows throughout the week, I was impressed with just how well I could bullshit; with just 5,000 people attending London Fashion Week I was chuffed to bits that little old me, a fashion student from Portsmouth, had managed to get my hands on a few golden tickets. My week started off on Sunday 14th September, with a Caroline Charles show early in the morning at the BFC tent in High Street Kensington. Ms Charles was to show her 45th collection at London Fashion Week – evidence that Caroline Charles has a talent for getting it right, time and time again. Although Ms Charles isn’t necessarily my designer of choice

when skimming the rails, she has a very loyal following of clients who snap up her beautiful but safe garments season after season, therefore making her a huge success in the fashion industry. The show started off with a band that was introduced as “Emmy and her band… clap…”, which the audience had a bit of a giggle over (note to self, don’t say the cue lines out loud). They played a jazz version of “Just the Way You Look Tonight”, which set the tone so much better than a pre recorded backing track; a nice touch. The show itself kicked off with a beautiful range of swimwear in citrus and strawberry tones. The kaftans were beautifully printed and hung from the body in a way which a high street knock off could never compete with. The highlight to the show in my opinion was when these smiley, beautiful, glowing models paraded down the catwalk looking so God damn healthy. After all the size zero banter that has been splashed all over the media of late, it was reassuring to see women with no ribs on show and who had, shock horror, their boobs out. It was nice to see girls with a bit of a chest looking so confident in themselves. The print colour soon turned to sea blues and turquoise shades and then subtle, but gorgeous floral prints

on cream chiffon used in high waisted floaty trousers and 50s inspired bandeau tops, which complemented the bouffant hairstyles the models were sporting perfectly. The Hawaiian beach collection soon turned into daywear, with fine, tailored suits of an airhostess vibe and coloured pop socks. As the collection took its clothing through the stages of day wear and early evening, the models came out in very distinctive gangster suits in black and white pinstripe, wide legged trousers and beautifully fitted suit jackets and waistcoats. The perfectly fitted suit teamed with fedora hats was a case of “Guys and Dolls” - eat your heart out – quirky and fun, yet practical and wearable. The show came to a close after a handful of beautiful hand embellished dresses, dripping in brightly coloured sequins and beading. The dresses were very simple styles – empire line, flapper, halter neck and shift dresses with the occasional fishtail skirt, letting the high quality of fabric and the natural drape of the dress speak for itself. Finally came the bride to finish the show, dressed in a beautiful bias cut, white chiffon halter neck dress, with pearl trimming – she looked like the ultimate bride ready for her beach wedding. Ms Charles had summed up the beautiful wedding dress every girl grows up fantasising about. Congratu-

lations. The next morning I was back at High Street Kensington for the John Rocha show. By the time the show started at 9.30 a.m. I’d already drunk four cups of tea, so was positively buzzing with caffeine excitement. Although I hadn’t quite managed to swing myself V.I.P tickets again today, I didn’t have to queue very long and still had a fairly good view of the catwalk, so I was content. Spring/ Summer 09 collection for John Rocha indulges in a colour palette of broken white, black and muted rose and he has really played on his love for texture and fabrics, using lace, silk, georgette and summer weight tweeds. The majority of the fabrics were transparent and hung from the body in a flattering fashion. The females had powdered makeup and their hair pulled off of the face into ballerina buns, making them appear like very delicate porcelain dolls. The men wore mesh caps covering their faces and I got the distinct feeling that some of the clothing was influenced by the mod scene, with a fair few Harrington inspired jackets. The show ended in brightly coloured evening gowns in “true blue, perfect yellow, coral pink and weighted turquoise”, and were made up of layers and layers of chiffon and georgette; the dresses looked so dainty and fine

that they looked perfectly in place with the porcelain faces of the models. Over the next few days I also attended the Laura Lees show – a personal favourite of mine, you may have seen her concession department in Topshop. A true individual renowned for her “guerrilla embroidery” and her traditional embellishment techniques. For her “Sitting Pretty” Spring/Summer 09 collection, Ms Lees has mixed up figure hugging silhouettes to show off the feminine form and embellished them with hard, damned images. Although not entirely wearable, Ms Lees brought a bit of fun and edgy character to the catwalk and pulled it off fantastically. The new collection was without a doubt, joy to the eye. Now London Fashion week is over, I’m counting down the days till the new collections are ready, so that, once again, I can attempt to pass myself off as some high flying journalist. If I can, why can’t you? All the commuting to London, tantrums over outfits and contacting PR companies trying to get lucky over tickets was 110% worth it, and I would, no doubt about it, do it all over again. Who knows, maybe in a few years I could be writing about an ex Portsmouth student exhibiting their collections at London Fashion Week!

photos: courtesy of

Carys Rolley

Life and Style » Travel

Oh no I’m a Frenchman The Jonny Bell

So the day arrived for me to spend an entire year in France, the reality of which still hasn’t quite dawned on me as I write this. But what has occurred is a new sense of independence; it’s the next level up from when I started at Portsmouth. I came to Pompey as a wide eyed 19 year old who had no real experience of living on his own. Devon was comfortable but with Portsmouth came new challenges and a whole lot more excitement than the countryside. Now the tables have turned; I was so happy in Portsmouth by the end of my time there and I’m going to

miss everyone dearly, but complacency began to creep closer and I needed to try something different. I’m in a city called Poitiers which is about a 10 minute bus ride from the famous theme park Futuroscope. As I took a train from Paris to Poitiers, we travelled across miles upon miles of open farmland, with run down old outbuildings to break up the monotony of yellow and green fields. It was then I began to feel a part of France; to me this epitomises France, the stereotypical farmer in his late 50’s still working the land with horses on a hot summers day. On reflection though, this is only a small part of France’s culture, from the fashion guru’s in Paris to the simple folk who live in

central France far away from any modern technology but still enjoy life to the full, to the rich and famous who live in plush hotels on the Cote d’azur. Poitiers is somewhere in the middle of that, it has modern shops and it has bars and clubs, but these are housed in its rustic buildings which give the city a sense of history. So the longer stay here the more French I’m going to feel.

Keep up with Jonny Bell as he continues his adventures around Europe.



Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

Life and Style

Britain goes Nuclear Matt Reeves

Is it just me or is all this CO2 emissions lark starting to get a little old? I mean, we’re regularly being warned that we’re guzzling Mother Earth’s precious oil at an ever increasing rate, but I’m starting to wonder if turning my washing machine down to 30 is really going to save all the polar bears. It seems a bit knee jerk to me, a good idea but essentially ill thought through, a bit Boris Johnson. I don’t mind using the same carrier bag more than once, I really don’t, I’ve even done it a few times, but as I stride to Tesco, pockets brimming with my polythene friends, 90% of the world’s transport is still running on the black sheep of mother earth’s family. The point I am trying to make is that we are trying to cut down on the effect (the CO2 emissions), where

we should really look at the cause. So what can we, as a nation, do? Well, for now, sit down and have a good cup of tea/coffee/hot Bovril, we’ve got 30 years(ish) until oil runs out and at least when that happens there will be hardly any CO2 released. Then maybe work on a better way to fuel transport. Luckily scientists with whiter coats and bigger beards than you and I have already come up with a solution… in 1908. Hydrogen power! I won’t go into all the alchemy but oil is made of hydrogen and carbon, and if its carbon coming out of my 1995 Nissan Sunny then it must be the hydrogen which makes it go. Luckily for us Hydrogen makes up 75% of the whole dang universe; that’s not even made up, NASA said so. On earth most of that lovely, magical hydrogen is found in oil, but as we know oil was made by the devil himself so it falls to the next best

thing, our old pal water. Jesus walked on it and turned it into wine so I reckon we’re probably alright using it. It is at this point I will reveal that this story has a twist: to get hydrogen out of water it takes electricity. Where can we turn? You’ll kick yourself, it’s right under your nose, its nuclear power and it isn’t half clean- it produces less CO2 than coal, gas, water and wind and actually emits less radioactive gubbins into the environment than conventional coal power stations; its perfect! So let’s be realistic, swap our light bulbs to ones that don’t take ages to warm up and turn the washing machine back to 40 and admit that if we really want to be green, we need more nuclear, not bags for life. Want to discuss?

Kris Taeleman @

Editorial Jacob Leverett Editor, Pugwash News

As a new year has started and I have the new privilege of a newspaper to edit, I’ve been forced to examine what the role of a newspaper is both in the real world and in a student union. This is not an easy task and one that different people will see in their own light. As a student of political science I can discuss the importance of the media in regards to agenda setting and a degree of control of policy. But I needed a new approach and for this I looked for the advice of others in similar positions. I came across CP Scott, the editor of the Guardian, who in 1921 wrote an essay on the hundredth birthday of the paper. I can barely claim to compare myself to him; however, on this the first birthday of Pugwash News it is relevant to explore his ideas and aims. With this in mind, I dedicate this, my first editorial as Editor to CP Scott and his essay. Scott’s essay is heralded by the Guardian as a cornerstone of its history. It outlined not only the Guardian’s values and intentions but also a collection of ethics and a sense of direction which a great deal of our media would do well to follow. Scott recognised the power of the media mogul before the term ever really existed. With this power that the media hold it is imperative to ensure that it is used in a sensible way. To inevitably quote Spiderman, with great power comes great responsibility. It is important then to remind ourselves not only the role of a newspaper, its freedoms, its liberties and its independence but also of its responsibilities. A newspaper has the potential to “educate, stimulate, assist, or it may do the opposite. It has, therefore, a moral as well as a material existence”. A moral existence adds a considerable amount of pressure to the work of a newspaper; not only does it have to accommodate its publishers’ wishes, the role of advertising and whoever else has a finger in

the pie, but it must also maintain an ethical backbone throughout. Media ethics is a huge new kettle of fish, and one that has a place, but I fear that it will be a conversation that we must return to as it will detract from the main direction of this discussion. Instead we will acknowledge that we have an ethical and moral duty, we will have decisions to make over the coming year and beyond in which we will all have to think over our own beliefs. In these cases, I feel that we must remain honest to ourselves and let ourselves be the judge of those choices. We also need to ensure that we are sure what the role of a newspaper is, and Scott does this with aplomb: “[A newspaper’s] primary office is the gathering of news. At the peril of its soul it must see that the supply is not tainted.” News is what a newspaper does, it can do it well, it can do it badly but its soul, its very creation, its job is to supply news. News is then in itself a difficult thing to define. Fundamentally it implies honesty, cleanness, courage, fairness, a sense of duty to the reader and the community. News has to be the truth, but the truth never really exists, as it is persistently questioned and debated. Truth is subjective, so how does a newspaper that must portray the ‘truth’ achieve that task? I think the answer is simpler than most people believe. The answer is that one truth does not exist. Instead a collection of truths exist; every person has a different truth, everyone has a different opinion. Scott saw this, and I follow in his thoughts that “Comment is free, but facts are sacred” - facts are so sacred that they cannot exist, instead they begin to take shape as several opinions on a subject take hold. It is with this in mind that during my time editing this publication my intention is to focus on “Informing, Educating and Stimulating Debate” To explain that in a more manageable way, Pugwash News, its Editors, writers and you ,its readers, will “provide a forum for the student body to discuss local, national and international issues”.

2 PM Function Room 2 Students Union Visit:


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

The Union

You don’t run your bars?

n a d t n d n e g l n n s o t t g t ” t s y , r e yAndrew Machin d President

s e eIt’s a common misconception that the eStudents’ Union runs all the bars and enhtertainments in the Student Centre. Let fus take a moment to clarify. - The Student Centre and all its servtices are run by three companies:w • The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union (The UPSU) , - • The University of Portsmouth and their subsidiary compad nies UPEL and Campus Servl ices Catering s e The University of Portsmouth Stusdents’ Union (The UPSU) – consists dof six Sabbatical Officers, members of tstaff and Portsmouth student staff. The hUPSU is a charity who is responsible for sacademic advice and support, student ewelfare services, VIP (volunteering in lPortsmouth), RAG (raising and giving) and runs sports clubs, societies. Our mission statement is to “pro-

Party like its 2008! Peter Hooley

Freshers Fortnight kicks off this week and we’ve got the information on what the Union has planned. The Union re-opens for business on Thursday 25th September 2008 with the Waterhole bar open into the late evening. Then from Friday the full entertainment programme kicks into gear. For more information see upsu. net/sociallife or pick up a wallplanner from the Union. In the meantime we’ve highlighted some of the events here: Saturday 27th September -Pyjama Party. The main nightclub will be open for a Pyjama party, open to all it is an opportunity to meet up with friends old and new. Monday 29th September - IBIZA foam party. Kicking of the first day of term, lasers, foam and dance music

mote, extend and defend the rights of students”. The elected officers are also trustees of The UPSU and it is their duty to consult with the membership (YOU) and run The UPSU in the most effective way possible. How did this situation arise? In the past the Students’ Union was made up of The UPSU (charity) and The UPSU Trading Limited which was a subsidiary trading company of The UPSU. Since moving into the Student Centre in 2002 it became apparent that The UPSU trading subsidiary would struggle to make a bottom line profit having a client base of only students and being able to trade for only 33 weeks a year. At that time Portsmouth City Council created Gunwharf Quays a purpose built complex with shopping and entertainment outfits which had an adverse effect on The UPSU trading subsidiary. The Sabbatical Team at that time could not allow the trading company

to continue this way and after discussing this at great length with The University of Portsmouth the decision was made to place the trading company into administration. After taking legal advice it was agreed this was the only way to preserve the assets and facilities available to the student membership. To maintain the commercial services provided by The UPSU trading subsidiary the University in the form of UPEL took over the provision of all Union entertainments, bars and events so that when students returned, in October 2005, they were able to enjoy full use of the Students Centre facilities as they had always done. The UPSU and UPEL work alongside each other to provide the membership with meeting, activity and social space. If you would like to know more information about who runs the Student Centre and what the Students’ Union can offer you, check out the website at or e-mail the president at

for a truly mental night out. Thursday 2nd October - RnB. Set in CO2 you can join the Union’s new RnB night in CO2. Double vodka & V Energy for £3.50 plus other offers Friday 3rd October - Sounds like Ministry. MC Josh Roberts from the Cut up boys will be making a special appearance at the new union dance night. Saturday 4th October - Comeplay. The UK’s largest student night lands in Portsmouth with a guest appearance from Holyoakes star Ricky Whittle (AKA Calvin). Monday 6th October - Papa Vs Toady. Toadfish from neighbours will be joining us. We’ll also be setting up to break the Smurf world record attempt. These are just a few of the select highlights. More info on all union events is available via the website, sociallife


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

The Union

Freshers’ Fayre 2008 1st and 2nd October Ben Norman

Once a year a horde of students descend on Ravelin Park, pockets bulging with the first instalment of their student loan. This is the day when Football players and forensic biologists stand side by side, where a small forest’s-worth of paper is used for propaganda, and where the scrum at the free pizza stand more then equals any pitch side heroics the rugby team may achieve throughout the year. This magical day is of course Fresher’s fair, and this year it takes place on the 3rd and 4th of October. Fresher’s Fayre is your first opportunity to get involved in all the Union has to offer, including diverse societies including the 101 things society, the Rock Soc, People and Planet and the Hindu society to name but a few. The Union is also proud of the sporting achievements of its clubs which range from ultimate Frisbee, extreme sports, football, rugby and hockey. Overall thereare 41 clubs and 56 societies which include over eight thousand students, making them the most representative body, not only in the Union, but in the entire university. Fresher’s Fayre is also the first chance to get involved in the wider

opportunities the Union has to offer. Such as V.I.P, Volunteering in Portsmouth the Union’s key link between the University and the local community. V.I.P offers students the opportunity to take part in projects ranging from coordinating pirates days for local disabled children, visiting a local residential home or playing a vital part in saving local environmental projects. There is a R.A.G (Raising and Giving) stand, the charitable arm of the Union which last year raised thousands for good causes with projects as diverse as R.A.G jail and a hitch-hike to Amsterdam. There is also S.T.A.N.D, the Union’s new Student training and new development programme which aims to give students tangible and transferable skills in fields such as Media training, campaigning, and society management to make Portsmouth’s students stand out from the two hundred and fifty thousand students who graduate across the country each year. Of course Fresher’s Fayre isn’t just about parting with your barelyearned cash. Students are an opportunistic and resourceful breed, so for many it is the free stash of corporate goodies that make the event. Like a victorious barbarian horde students will be seen retreating, arms fully loaded with pot

noodles, pizza slices and free samples of Pantene, all of which are destined to lurk at the back of the kitchen cabinet until that cold December day, when the student loan has disappeared into the ether and desperate times call for desperate dinner measures. Contrary to the name Fresher’s Fayre isn’t all about Freshers. Weather beaten second years skulk the park with veteran third years, battle hardened from past fairs. Like connoisseurs they browse slightly more carefully then their first year comrades. If you’re one of these students the fair is the place for you to sign up to the club you always meant to join or to sheepishly restate your allegiance to the society whose meetings you started to miss or, just as likely for you to get some more free Pizza. This year we have a range of new societies for you to join including Forensic Biology, Geography, Latin Dancing, Unsigned talent, a wine tasting society and the EU student’s society. These new societies are perfect examples of what clubs and societies mean to the Union. They represent who you are; they represent your interests and your talents. Ultimately they are the Union and Fresher’s Fayre is your chance to join them.

A guide to the Freshers’ Fayre Tents and Tables 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70 71 72 73 74 75 76 77 78 79 80 81 82 83 84 85 86 87 88 89 90 91 92

Union Stand Union Stand Union Stand Union Stand Union Stand Union Stand Kens Kebabs Volunteering in Portsmouth Raising And Giving Campaigns Pure FM UPSU Media Portsmouth City Council Belly Dancing SSAGO Scouts CCUSA Krishna Consciousness Faculty of Technology Language Society Road Safety and Sustainable Transport Hindu Curves Hug and Rock Greek & Helenic Etap Music Orange Creative Writing Groupies Pagan MIG School of Rock Ahlul Bayt Christian Union Cricket Ladies Cricket Mens Yates Wine Lodge Little Johhny Russells ACS Conservative Future Liquid and Envy Football Ladies Portsmouth FC Football Mens Tritan Scuba Badminton SUOTC Basketball Power Kiting Ski and Snowboard Ski and Snowboard Wakeboard Skateboard and Longboard Film & Photography Jobshop Course Reps Societies & Sports Home Union Dominos Pizza Virgin Media Union Union Computer Gamers Vue Cinema Walkabout Aikido Lloyds TSB American Football Las Iguanas Athletics Endleigh Ten pin bowling o2 Mature Students People & Planet Canoe Radiography Geography English Road Trip Cheerleading Mountaineering Equestrian Juggling LGBT UPRAW Sci-Fi IFCS Renegade Anime Moss bros

93 94 95 96 97 98 99 100 101 102 103 104 105 106 107 108 109 110 111 112 113 114 115 116 117 118 119 120 121 122 123 124 125 126 127 128 129 130 131 132 133 134 135 136 137 138 139 140 141 142 143 144 145 146 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167

Fencing Portsmouth Snooker Club Golf Royal Naval Service Jitsu Taylor and Francis Karate Air Squadron Play Football Bollywood Dancing Kings Theatre Labour Students Literature Malaysian Hockey Hockey Skydiving Avalon Drum & Bass Lacrosse Mountaineering & Climbing Mountain Bike Law Netball Octopush Paintball Razors Edge Jsoc Purple Door Careers and Recruitment Criminology Police - Dave Fairbrother Eqaulity and Diversity Dept Purple Door Careers and Recruitment Tennis The Big Choice Polo Roller Hockey Gym & Tramp Breakdance Neosoul Poetry Hip Hop Windsurfing Motorcycle Scuba Diving (sub aqua) Rowing Boxing Dance Intra Mural Sport and Rec Ultimate Frisbee Rugby Rugby Softball Dolland And Aitcheson Squash STA Surfing Swimming Taekwondo Portsmouth Mind Volleyball The Akash Tchoukball Feminist Samaritans Sikh Fresh Direction Urban Music Chess ISOP Stop the War Purple Door Careers and Recruitment Socialist Students Bell Ringing HMV

Outside stalls OS1 OS2 OS3 OS4 OS5 OS6 OS7 OS8 OS9 OS10

Bar Food Soton Uni Air SUOTC Links Pyramid Posters Sailing Rowing Nu Music Motor Cycle Sub Aqua


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

The Union

Freshers Fayre 2008 Tents Layout Fire Exit 4









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117 118



President of VIP

On the 20th September the sun was shining over Plymouth as VIP (Volunteering in Portsmouth) went to the train station very early in the morning to meet the South East and South West Regions of the Student Volunteers Network, who joined for a beach clean in aid of International Clean up dthe World Week and National Beach Clean Weekend. The Student Volunteers Network gives students the opportunity to talk to other volunteers, ask questions about volunteer work and to organise regional events. There were people of all ages from around 4 for 64 cleaning two of Plymouth’s beaches; it was great to see all members of society helping their community including students from VIP, BTCV and the Student Volunteers Network (and even the occasional diver cleaning the sea bed). We found the usual rubbish with some strange things too such as light bulbs, bed linen and glow sticks to name a few. Lots of bin liners later we stopped for a BBQ on Jenny Cliff






If you would like to get involved with VIP this year contact

Tom Worman Media and Publications Officer

For many years the Students’ Union has had a stack of video’s and nowhere for them to go. Literally our office has tape after tape of unused footage and now it is our aim to get all this and much, much more online for your viewing pleasure. Each year it seems like the Media and Publications Officer strives to setup a new project which leads the way with some of the latest ground-breaking technology, last year Alex Harries set up this fantastic newspaper and it is my aim this year to establish a successful webTV presence like YouTube but just for Portsmouth students. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly in webTV this year, but it is our rivals over at Southampton who seem to be leading the way with their fantastic efforts at www.susu. tv; so working closely with Adam at Southampton we will be gaining the experience, technology and expertise that we need to get off to a cracking start that we would like to see.

34 35





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Fire Exit




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106 111


Fire Exit

Beach which was a great time for everyone to meet each other and talk about their volunteering experiences. All the volunteers had a brilliant time, and we all enjoyed the sunshine and the burgers! Jenny Lowthrop, the Volunteering Development Officer, Student Volunteering Team at Volunteering England said: ‘It was wonderful to see students from across the South East and South West regions getting together to clean up Plymouth’s beaches, volunteering alongside members of the community and BTCV volunteers. I hope more regional events take place to help promote the great work of student volunteers’


Fire Exit



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Fire Exit

VIP wave hello to UPSU launches Plymouth Beach WebTV channel Beth Shephard

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Fire Exit

Fire Exit 81


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Fire Exit

We are actively looking for as many video producers as possible to capture everything that is happening within student life, whether it is filming a prestigious University event or sports game, everyone is welcome to have a go whatever your skill level. Whatever your interest from producing to presenting there is an opportunity for you. Our new Apple Mac suite combined with 3 brand new video cameras, lights, lenses and a whole host of other equipment you can borrow means the experience you can gain is almost unbeatable. Previous graduates from UPSU media have gone on to work for Galaxy FM, Radio One, MTV and Monkey Magazine and it is with this knowledge we will continue to push forwards the standard of our media in the hope that you will be able to gain jobs in the media industry that you deserve. Find out more about UPSU media and how to get involved with the teams online at And catch up on all the latest action from Graduation Ball through to an interview with John Denham - the Secretary of State for the D.I.U.S.

Learn to STAND

S.T.A.N.D is the Student Training and New Development courses that the Students’ Union runs in association with the various aspects of our services and volunteering sectors. This year, courses will range from Course Rep training over several weeks through to one day courses in Talking in public and even radio production. The courses proved incredibly successful last year and most of the seminars including the Aled Hayden-Jones (of Chris Moyles Radio One fame) tutorial in radio production sold out not only with our students, but enquiries coming in from other local universities such as Southampton Solent. The Sabbatical team, Student Union staff and our top-end volunteers have been through a Media Law course recently with everyone came out saying how fantastic it was. The Media Law course is one of the first we shall be running for our Media volunteers. Bernie Saunders, Senior Lecturer in Journalism suggests that if “candidates want to go through the NCTJ law exams, they could enter as external candidates”. You can find out more information at:


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

The Union

NUS Extra: Your ticket to freebie central NUS Extra is the definitive student discount card with a range of exclusive discounts, offers and competitions designed to make student life more exciting, more memorable and more rewarding. Use it to make your money go further on books, clothes, sports stuff, CDs, travel, computer gear, gigs, eating out... We’ve got discounts on the essential things in life and some great savings on life’s little luxuries as well. All of our discounts are exclusive to NUS Extra cardholders, you won’t be able to access any of these great deals without our little blue card. We think you’ll be quite impressed with the money you could save with your NUS Extra card.We constantly update and add new offers throughout the year and we make sure that there will be also be some very prizes and extra special bits up for grabs.

UPSU gets benefits from the card too!

To give you an idea of what freebies you can blag check out a select few of the offers below. Get an Extra 5% off low prices at Free UK delivery on orders over £15.

McDonalds Get Free Medium Fries with the purchase of a Big Mac® or McChicken® Sandwich.

Ticketmaster Ticketdeals by Ticketmaster are great online savings on selected entertainment tickets for NUS Extra cardholders.

Superdrug NUS Extra cardholders receive a fan-

tastic 10% off when they spend £10 or more in store. JJB sports NUS Extra cardholders can get 10% discount in over 300 JJB stores nationwide or online. Matalan Get a great looking 10% off student fashion and home at Matalan, plus you could win a £1500 student grant! La Senza Students receive an exclusive discount of 10% off when they use their NUS Extra card in all La Senza stores throughout the UK. Your students’ union benefits too! The University of Portsmouth Students’ Union also benefits from card sales as nearly £5 of the £10 you pay goes back to them so they can invest in more services, activities, clubs and events for you. So buying the card helps you out even more! NUS Extra costs just £10, not bad for something that’s going to save you a whole load of cash throughout the year and even better only students are eligible to buy the card You can sign up for a 2008-2009 card from August 1st 2008, and collect from October 1st at the Union, you wont be able to miss the NUS extra tent its gonna be huge with plenty of information and people around to help you complete the sign up process. You’ll need to visit us online at to sign up for your card, whether you are getting an NUS Extra card or one of the new Union cards it is essential you visit the site to register before heading to the Union to collect your card. The NUS Extra card and Union Card (the free one) are your key to signing up to a Club or Society at Freshers Fayre, without registering for your card this year you wont be able to complete your registration and therefore wont be an active member of the activity within the Union. It takes 5 minutes at

Your views

Money Matters

What would you change?

Financial Advice from those who know

For no other reason than sheer curiosity, we’re asking students past and present what they would change about the Union - what would you change to make it a better place? The Student Centre offers a range of services, from food and bars, to events, clubs, societies, support and more and hopefully you will realise from the article on page 7 who controls what aspect of the Union and its services. If you could change something about the students’ union, whether it’s more comfy sofas, MTV and a fried breakfast early in the morning, somewhere for your club or society to practise their thing... Anything at all, then tell us by leaving your comment

We understand that as a student at the University of Portsmouth you’ll want to make the most of the many great activities the city can offer. We also know that you have lots of costs like accommodation, housekeeping and bills that have to be paid. To help you to make the most of your money we’ve put together some useful hints and tips and a budget planner. University students can also benefit from special higher education bank accounts.

below. This is all part of the ongoing drive to make the Students’ Union your Union - we can only do the best possible job by getting feedback from students, so now’s a great chance to have your say. There are already some very active members of the Students’ Union who are posting a whole range of comments, views and opinions on the website at The Students’ Union values your opinions and we can assure you that those who matter in the University are eagerly awaiting reading your comments and views Add comments at:

Council Tax If you are a full time student, living in a property with only other full time students you should not pay Council Tax. If however you are a full time student living in a property with ei-

ther one or more part time students or non-students, Council Tax will be charged but you may be eligible for a 25% discount if students make up more than half your property. TV Licence If you are using a TV or another device to receive or record TV programmes you are required by law to have a TV licence. If you live in a shared house but each have TVs in your own room with a locked door you are each required by law to purchase individual licences. If there is only a TV in one shared communal area (e.g. the living room) only one licence is required. Landlords are unlikely to cover this cost in

your rent.

Health As a full time student you may eligible for free prescriptions. The HC1 form can be used to claim help with NHS Prescriptions; NHS Dental Treatment; NHS wigs and fabric supports; sight tests, glasses and contact lenses; and travel to hospital for NHS treatment. If you need any help with your finances, whether it’s assistance with your student support application or helping you to get a grip of your finances, you can come along and see a Money Doctor or attend one of the free mini workshops. Visit the Money Doctors website at:


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008



From 11.00am - 3.00 am Delivered within 30 Mins

All Meals Freshly Prepared


New store now open at 35 Guildhall Walk, Opposite St James Hall 104 Commercial Road 38 Osborne Road Portsmouth Southsea 023 9281 6000 023 9287 0492

80/82 Albert Road Southsea 023 9287 4414

14 Edinburgh Road Portsmouth 023 9281 9000

164 Albert Road Southsea 023 9229 4444



Our pizzas are freshly made each day, using fresh dough never frozen and the finest ingredients to ensure freshness each time.




Serves 1-2 6 Slices

12” 15” LRG


Serves 2-3 8 Slices

Serves 3-4 12 Slices





HAWAIIAN Ham & Pineapple HAM & MUSHROOM Mushroom, Green Peppers, Onion, Sweetcorn VEGETARIAN




SPECIAL PEPPERONI & SALAMI Double Pepperoni, Salami BEEFEATER Onions, Mushrooms, Ground Beef TASTE OF THE OCEAN Tuna, Prawns, Anchovies MARINARA Prawns, Pineapple, Garlic CHICKEN MARGHERITA Chicken, Sweetcorn, Onions, Mushrooms BBQ CHICKEN Barbecue Sauce, Barbeque Chicken, Onions, Green Peppers MEXICAN Onion, Chillies, Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Pepperoni VEGETARIAN SPECIAL Green and Red Peppers, Onion, Mushrooms, Tomato, Sweetcorn, Pineapple SPEEDY SPECIAL Onion, Sweetcorn, Olives, Green Peppers, Ground Beef & Pepperoni TANDOORI SPECIAL Tandoori Chicken or Balti Chicken, Chilli, Onions & Garlic SICILIAN Salami, Red Onion, Green Peppers, Mushrooms & Oregano Seasoning CHINESE SURPRISE Chinese Chicken, Mushrooms, Onions, Sweetcorn, Green & Red Peppers MEAT FEAST Ham, Salami, Beef, Chicken, Pepperoni, Onions & Mushrooms PEKING DUCK Crispy Peking Duck, Hoi Sin Sauce, Spring Onion DONER KEBAB FEAST Sliced Doner Kebab with Chilli Sauce, Onions PHILADELPHIA Broccoli, Spinach, Fresh Tomato, Sweetcorn, Red Peppers FARMHOUSE SUPREME Spicy Sausage, Bacon, Ham, Onion, Mushroom








11.99 15.49


Peri-Peri Chicken, Red oinion, Mushrooms, Green Peppers & Fresh Tomato Green Chilli Pickle, Onions, Balti Chicken, Fresh Tomato & Sweetcorn




Mushroom, Jalapeno Peppers, Spicy Beef, Red Peppers & Oregano Herbs


Chilli Powder & Chilli Sauce


Free pizza to be of equal or lesser value. On collection until end June 09 On delivery until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order

FREE CHICKEN WEDGES COMBO WHEN YOU BUY ANY LARGE SPECIAL PIZZA Collection or Delivery. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order



Free pizza to be of equal or lesser value. On collection until end June 09 On delivery until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order


Collection or Delivery. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order


Collection only. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order

Collection only. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order



Free pizza to be of equal or lesser value. On collection until end June 09 On delivery until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order

Collection or Delivery. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order

Red Onions, Fresh Green Chillies,Green & Red Peppers,

AMERICAN HOT Peperoni, Spicy Chicken, Ham, Green Peppers, Sweetcorn & Chilli BBQ Sauce SEAFOOD SPECIAL Tuna, Prawns, Pineapple, Sweetcorn & Tomato Slices ITALIAN FEAST Ham, Mushroom, Green Peppers, Pepperoni, Salami & Olives


Using the Cheese & Tomato as a base, you can create your own speedy pizza by choosing as many toppings as you like from the following list. Or simply add to your favourite speedy pizza. Green Peppers, Red Peppers, Fresh Tomato, Garlic Sausage, Chinese Chicken, Tandoori Chicken, Garlic, Balti Chicken, Ham, Mushroom, Pepperoni, Salami, Onion, Jalapeno Peppers, Chilli, Ground Beef, Pineapple, Olives, Sweetcorn, Tuna, Prawn or Anchovies, Hoi Sin Sauce, Sausage, Barbecue Sauce, Chilli Sauce.







£10 FREE TO SPEND WITH YOUR ORDER WHEN YOU BUY ANY EXTRA LARGE SPECIAL PIZZA Collection only. Valid until end June 09 Please mention coupon when ordering Cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer Only one coupon per order

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Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

Arts & Entertainment

Singles We Are Scientists: Impatience Rating: 4/5 Tallie Kane

Giant Jr vs Eartha Kitt: I Want to be Evil Rating: 3/5 Tallie Kane

Black Kids: Look at Me

(When I Rock wi-choo) Rating: 3/5 Tallie Kane

Forever the Sickest Kids: Whoah Oh! Me vs. Everyone Rating: 3/5 Tallie Kane

Film A little more grown-up and reminiscent, American indie rockers’ We Are Scientists newest single is calmer but still as satisfying as anything they have previously released, seemingly forgetting the lo-fi paranoid mutterings of “With Love and Squalor”. The driving guitar causes an almost anthemic quality to the track,

which unfortunately loses a lot of the character which the threesome were praised for, yet the lyrics make up for it. Not bad, but they have done a lot, lot better.

A gorgeously soulful fuse of pop, showhall tunes (Eartha Kitt is responsible for ‘Santa baby’, one of the good christmas songs) and sample mastery from the duo, which no doubt will bring many more remixs than the two featured on the single release from Spence and Hill, and The Young Punx, which I recommend anyone to discover.. A fresh summer tune that will sure-

ly see a new breed of fun, female lead anthems, which most DJ’s seem to be lapping up at the moment, but lacks the originality that prolongs a single’s staying power.

It’s very easy to want to get annoyed at the boy-girl exchange in the Black Kids that seems too corny to work, but “Look at Me” is incredibly catchy and will no doubt please committed fans and grace the airwaves during the drive home. Unfortunately, it’s nothing special and after it’s finished it leaves you somewhat unfulfilled, but not asking

for any more, as any good disco-indie tune should do.

I know last year we had a little bit of a go at Elliot Minor every time they cropped up in on our playlists, and maybe it would do well for us to stay away from anyone that is equally as corny and yearning for that status as a good “power-pop-punk” band. Blink 182 were a good pop-punk band. Forever the Sickest Kids are not. Although I can sense the appeal that they would have for an already small, yet strong fan base, I wouldn’t go and spend 79p on getting the single

from iTunes. Go and get some Space Invaders and a mini milk instead.

With a vocalist that sounds like a Scottish born Joe Strummer, and rough working-class demeanour, Glasvegas fills in where all those other irritating lad-rock bands have failed. The album is full of Glaswegian-boy nostalgia that is undoubtedly charming and harks back to the day when songs were heartbreakingly honest and self-deprecating. “Go Square Go” is a narration on a school-boy fight

which is the underdog of the album; not as epic as the other offerings, but unmistakably one of the cleverest. “Glasvegas” has the potential to be anthemic, yet certain parts over-do it, such as “Stabbed”, a spoken piece over Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata. Album highlights - “Geraldine” and “Daddy’s Gone”, for their painful look into reminiscence.

Jeremy Warmsley’s voice is sweet and listenable, but lacks the depth and sincerity that is needed to take this album seriously. The record at times can be bland, and unfortunately is occasionally irritating, instead of its perhaps original intentions that can only be surmised as being the sugar-sweet musings of a

boy in the throes of love. Certain tracks on the album are mildly Beatle-esque, such as “Turn your Back”, which narrowly saves this album from being easily dismissed as boring. Nothing to write home about to be honest, but not an awful record.

Let’s face it, most of us have missed the Verve terribly, and if this album is anything to go by, our pining has been well rewarded. Not as sad, yet every bit as sincere as previous record “Urban Hymns”, it shows a transgression that can only come from a professional maturity, which this record reflects. “Love is Noise”, the adequately chosen single

from this album, is a beautifully written track that pulls all the best elements from the Verve’s back catalogue and shows the world how grown up they’ve become. A definite must-have for old fans, and will gain them new ones, but lacks the amount of heart we saw ripped out of ‘Urban Hymns’

Out now on Virgin Records

Out now on Try and Make me Records.

Out now Records



Hellboy II: The Golden Army Chris Walsh 4/5

Hellboy II continues to follow the eponymous red hell-beast turned good guy, his pyrokinetic girlfriend Liz and best mate Abe - an amphibious blue, fish-man creature - as they fight a new evil. Namely, Prince Nuada, who wants to end a truce between his people and humanity by regaining control of the ancient and indestructible Golden Army. Better than most sequels, Hellboy II has a surprising amount of homour as it goes about setting up a possible trilogy that may or may not ever happen. Director Guillermo del Toro has a lot on his plate before he can make Hellboy 3; a ton of producing for different films, plus co-writing and directing The Hobbit movies, which

take place before the original Lord of the Rings trilogy. I wouldn’t bet against a Hellboy III though. Guillermo del Toro clearly has the energy and creativity of that metaphorical kid. Visually stunning throughout, he cleverly mixes the volcanic steampunk styling of the Golden Army with the otherworldly influences of the numerous trolls, goblins, evil fairies and the like into a believable world. His alarming attention to the little details, like something smaller than a loaf of bread dying theatrically or the intricate workings of the headpiece of a soldier of the Golden Army, makes me wonder if I could hear the cogs working in del Toro’s head if I got close enough. Clearly then, I loved this film. I loved the characters, the humour, the imagery, and the ideas. The plot could have been better or just resolved better, but with this much going for it, this is a minor problem.


Out now on Universal Motown Records Group.

Albums Glasvegas: Glasvegas Rating: 4/5 Tallie Kane

Jeremy Warmsley: How we Became Rating: 2/5 Tallie Kane

The Verve: Forth Rating: 4/5 Tallie Kane

The Streets: Everything is Borrowed Rating: 4/5 Tallie Kane In a departure from his previous themes of drink, girls and being utterly wasted, Mike Skinners’ latest

creation is altogether more positive and upbeat - a welcome break from the dark world that we have been previously introduced to. That doesn’t mean it’s any less clever or poignant, and tracks such as “I love you more (than you like me)” give an insight into a more romanticised Skinner who actually does like girls for something other than their mark on a scale of attractiveness. A certain degree of awareness of something more than his immediate surroundings is one of the best, and freshest, parts about ‘Everything is Borrowed’ - commenting “It’s not Earth that’s in trouble / It’s the people that live on it”.


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008

Arts & Entertainment

Opinion Tallie Kane

Earlier this month, the AQA shocked fthe cultural and educational world by demanding that Carol Ann Duffy’s ypoem “Education for Leisure”, which yhas references to knife crime and vitolent behaviour, be taken out of the gGCSE syllabus. The decision came after -concerns from two unnamed schools nthat the poem dealt too strongly with -themes of violence, which lead to the lpoem’s dismissal from the syllabus. In ethe Guardians’ report on the decision, ea spokeswoman from the organisation rconfirmed “that the decision had been ymade in the context of the current -spate of knife-related murders”. , The AQA’s decision to pull Carol eAnn Duffy’s poem is treading dangertous water. The restriction, and subsequent taboo made out of the themes Ipresent within the work, only causes ethe issues to become a glamorised dand often misinformed - version of -those that Duffy attempts to convey. ,Something as delicate an issue as knife crime is an important discussion

Gigs that needs to be had in classrooms. Children and young adults should to be able to talk about its effects on a platform that is educated, and not explored unhealthily through hear-say and misinterpretation of the “status” that is received from carrying a weapon. I remember reading the poem in class myself, and the conversations that were struck up with my classmates were vital in understanding the undoubtedly negative effects of knife crime. Never was it sensationalised, as its meaning was explained for what it was. Now, without this discussion, these important conversations will not happen. Later in the Guardian article, Duffy’s literary agent commented on its relevancy to education and the social climate that existed when “Education for Leisure” was penned, stating: “It was written as a plea for education. How, 20 years later, it had been turned on itself and presented to mean the opposite I don’t know. You can’t say that it celebrates knife crime. What it does is the opposite”. The AQA’s decision raises the debate

of censorship and what right certain authorities have on what is taught in schools or listened to on a public platform, such as the radio, and its subsequent effects on a national consciousness of a particular relevant issue. Glasvegas’s song “Stabbed” has recently raised eyebrows on its insight into juvenile knife crime. Bassist Paul Donoghue told Pugwash News this week that “knife crime has always existed in Glasgow; James [Allen, guitarist and vocalist] wrote ‘Stabbed’ three years ago. I can’t understand for the life of me why since [knife crime] has been reported more in London, more reaction occurs.” Perhaps the decision regarding Carol Ann’s poem may be reversed, but for now it’s up to educational institutions to find another platform from which to talk to kids, yet now with less tools to aid them. What do you think? Read the full Paul Donoghue interview in the next Pugwash News.

Glasvegas Tallie Kane 4/5

Seeming like an antidote to the alt-folk that has suddenly cultured itself in the music world, Glasvegas burst into our midst with plenty of reverb, angry yet soulful lyrics and a great live show. Not that there’s anything wrong with the alt-folk lot, it’s just that everyone likes getting roughed up a bit sometimes. This isn’t to say that Glasvegas are a shouty, bolshie lad-rock band. Their live show echoes the tone of the album; loud yet painfully beautiful songs that churn their dedicated fan base into a frenzy which eerily reflects the pride that beams from football fans on the stands every week. During “Go Square Go”, some of the more ‘active’ fans take it upon themselves to release some of the energy of the song that is emitting from vocalist

James’ Allen’s huge, cavernous throat. It seems fitting, as Glasvegas’s music is something to jump with, as fans did along to the driving drums. One of the best moments of the night was the pause during “Daddy’s Gone”, where James Allen listened to the crowd echoing the anthemic lyrics – “Forget your Da / He’s gone, he’s gone, he’s gone” - back at him. Thankfully the band didn’t choose to play “Stabbed” live; although strong in message, it is one of the weaker tracks on the album musically and might not go down well with the general atmosphere that buzzed during the show. As James Allen left the stage, he seemed frozen with pride, holding his chest and kissing the air. Call me old fashioned, but I’m a sucker for an encore, unfortunately Glasvegas did not deliver one, which gave a mild damper on the whole night. Otherwise, to use an extremely overused phrase, Viva Glasvegas.

Books The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Emily Morgan

This number one international bestseller first published in Australia in 2005 is a novel with a difference. It concerns the very power of reading itself and the amazing influence the written word can have on people. Set in 1939 Nazi Germany the story commences and revolves around nineyear-old Liesel sent to live with a poor foster family. Owning few possessions and for various other reasons, she begins to steal books. Before Liesel has even learnt to read she initiates a fascination with the stories lying beneath the dusty covers and the imagination that such stories can awaken. Every night after her ever reoccurring nightmare of watching her brother die be-

fore her, Hans; Liesel’s foster father begins to teach her to read the books she has stolen. This soon becomes an obsession for Liesel and together with her best friend Rudy Steiner; she steals more books from a variety of places including a Nazi book burning pile and the Mayor’s library. As the war progresses, Liesel’s family (who are in the few percent against the Nazi Party) hide a Jew in their basement whom Liesel gradually forms a unique attachment to and shares her love of reading with. With this as well as the distressing time of hiding in the air raid shelters, Liesel discovers that she must unite all the inhabitants of her street under the magic of reading, until suddenly, one night; the siren’s call comes too late… This already sounds like the mak-

ings of an intriguing read, before even considering the narrator of this story; quite literally the deadliest storyteller possible, Death himself. Death; who reluctantly collects souls departing from their dying human bodies sees everything and his judgmental voice is all knowing. This is not a stereotypical view one might have of a ‘Reaper’ as Death’s profession allows him to witness all of humanity, seeing both kindness and brutality. Many intense images stand out in this book, which is sure to be described in years to come as a groundbreaking masterpiece, including the marching of the Jews through the streets to the concentration camps and in particular, the last sentence of the book will especially haunt you long after you have finished devouring its pages.

Jack Said by Paul Tanter Gamel Oki 4.2/5

When I was given “Jack said” to review I made sure NOT to raise my expectations too high. My previous experience with independently released comics had left me somewhat sceptical as had some of the more recent releases from the big publishers. Despite this I delved into this Comic Noir world of gangsters and crime lords and found myself unable to pull away from it. Jack said is a brilliantly scripted graphic novel that brings to life the story of Jack, a retired criminal trying to go straight. The story follows Jack as he’s dragged unwillingly back into the criminal underworld in an effort to protect his best friends’ sister from the seductive and psychotic “Natalie” and her crime boss father “The Guv’nor”.

Soon Jack finds himself embroiled in a underworld power struggle between the old school gangster ways of the “Guv’nor” and his power hungry and impatient daughter. Jack’s character is brought to life by sharp wit and venomous tongue. As enticing as it is darkly comical the witty dialect drives the story forward and helps develop the characters. The art work conveyed the dark and murky London underworld, animating the situations and bringing to life the characters. On the down side in places the shadow heavy style can become hard to follow, despite this the story still flows smoothly and overall is a highly enjoyable read. For more information visit

Have something to say about the latest bestseller? Know your Smiths from your All Saints? Fancy yourself a dab hand at photography? If so, get in touch with the Arts & Entertainments team at:


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008


Behind the Scenes with the ...

Lacrosse Committee

In this week’s edition of meet the committee, Lacrosse club President Ben Endley introduces you to some of the current club committee and provides an insight into their world.

Want to see your club committee team here? Email:

(Danger! In-jokes). Name: Laurie Charles Role: Vice President Comment: I will be the first to admit it sometimes takes a lot to put up with me so imagine living with me too. That’s the nightmare she faces every day!

Name: Jack Williams Role: Kit Sec Comment: I can’t believe we appointed Del Boy to kit sec!

Name: James Agar Role: Captain Comment: Having only played the sport for a year he became captain of the BUSA team, demonstrating both his leadership credentials and our shortage of willing candidates.

Name: Liam O’Mahoney Role: Vice Captain Comment: If he wasn’t so damn good at Lacrosse he’d be in trouble, there’s not much else going on up there…

Wakeboarding make a splash at student nationals Continued from Page 16 The result of this was his cable pass fee of £45 going straight behind the bar! Tuesday Everyone was in anticipation of another great day and for two very different reasons. The first was obvious... It was the first ever hits of the Hyperlite pier, easily the largest obstacle in the UK and the only one with a wall ride. Local Simon Chappel was the first to hit it with the students following close behind after the cable was opened once again. The day did include the arrival of a brand new Mastercraft X2, unfortunately with only 1 hour on the clock it developed a steering fault, which meant that the one handed Kenny struggled with the boat all day. Mastercraft sent out 2 engineers and the boat was fixed within 2 hours: massive thanks to them! The second reason for all the talk and hype was the now infamous Themed “fancy dress” night to kick off SN08. Each Uni had its own theme, and with the locals being told their theme was Students, they decided on schoolgirl sluts. Portsmouth went for a cross dressing theme and all of a sudden there was a whole host of male flesh masquerading as females. Was a very surreal night with more than one person admitting to taking a double look at a few of the, erm.… ‘ladies’! Fancy Dress Prize went to Ben ‘Mme Doubtfire’ Kelliher (Portsmouth) Everyones favorite Scottish Aunt. Wednesday The overcast nature of the weather only helped the hungover lie-in excuses and as such the day started a little later than normal. Practice boat sets from the day before were started on the less than flat water, but Dave and Pat in the Caff served up some incredible breakfasts for all 80 of the attending campers! You need to try potato dogs! Hash Browns wrapped around a hot dog... Amazing! We decided not to hold the

Comment: The role of social sec requires a bright and bubbly character along with a fondness for alcohol and dressing up, Claire has that in abundance.

Friday Pack up and go home was the order of the day, but even then it was time to start planning for next year when the BWSF and BUSA will be taking the results and making them more official than they ever have been in the past. Thanks... Thank you everyone who was involved! It is impossible to complete this week without their help and support. I love all of you who competed and equally those who supported. Lets see the comp on our screens soon!

arturodonate @

Boxing hit home for charity

They say that charity begins at home, in this case charity began a 4 mile boat trip away In the early hours of 21st September, three members of the University of Portsmouth Boxing Squad started off on bikes over the hilliest terrain you could possibly imagine. The course was 70 miles long and circled the entire circumference of the Isle of Wight, rising and falling with the extreme hills - all in the name of charity. The event started at 9.00 am and happily began at the peak of the largest hilltop on the island; unbeknown to the cyclists, they would have to make it back up the hill to finish.

Thursday Finals Day showed us some great weather and we kicked off at 9am with the Girls boat comp which was dominated by Sam Filsell (Edinburgh). Cable Semi Finals followed the boat comp and there was an upset with Dan Jordan not making it out of his

semi, despite the rules changing just before the semis to allow 4, not the initial 3, riders through to the finals. The Mens B Boat comp provided a controversial result when Steve Hewatt (Southampton Solent) took the top honours. Sam Mitson reran after some leniency from me and managed to podium, coming 2nd. The Mens B Final was a seriously high calibre, with the occasional invert and spin being thrown but nearly everyone trying to hit the Hyperlite pier. In the end though Tim was able to take the win with some great moves and even landing both the Kicker and the Box Section of the New slider. Mens A Section was again an awesome competition and saw some of the big names in UK wakeboarding competitng for the top university prize. Final Night BBQ was awash with gossip as to the winning combination and which uni was going to take over all prize, and when prizegiving came around the biggest cheers of the evening were for an absent hero, who had taken his horsebox and gone back to his Mitson Clan. After crowning the winners and a lengthy thank you speech from both myself and Andy Granger, the party could finally start with a keg of free beer. The party continued until 7am with blurry memories of tower jumps... though that could have been a dream!

Name: Claire Hooley Role: Social Sec

Sports » Charity

Wayne Gardiner

wakskate comp in the evening but went ahead with all 4 of the Mens B Cable heats and the Mens A Boat comp. The heats are always a pleasure to watch, with a huge amount of showboating going on. The mens A boat comp was a definite highlight of the week and the order seemed to suit everyone apart from David Coates (Essex), who had to ride in almost Seastate conditions. His set went well but every hit of the wake needed to be timed like a double up, and he must have been cursing when the wind dropped and the lake flattened a bit for Dan Jordan (Notts Trent), who took the riding up a notch though his major tech trick Tantrum to blind, was just out of reach. The next to up the level of riding was Johnny Carne (Oxford Brookes), fresh from EAME Bronze he went out and got a huge reception from the crowd. Always smiling he even managed a fashion air and some tidy grabs to really annoy Matt Crowhurst but always performing with style. The distance on his raley was unreal. The chat in the boat had been if Sam Mitson (Portsmouth) would compete, given that his captain had entered him for the wrong competition, yet we saw him on the dock, ready to go out and have some fun! The underdog came out and gave it everything he had, and became a Nationals Legend when at the end of his set, was given a pro level double up, that he hit perfectly and was launched into the stratosphere for a Straight Air that he stuck perfectly to a massive roar from the crowd.

There were four checkpoints, one at each corner of the island. The first stint took the cyclists along the coastline and up the seemingly everlasting freshwater hill; the scenery was absolutely stunning, second to none even though the cyclists were probably breathing too hard to enjoy it. After this there was a lovely ride across to Ryde and then onto Cowes, leaving a very heavy uphill stint to the finish. The final two miles was a sheer hill climb which each boxer cycled at the fastest capacity possible for individuals who have already completed 68 miles. Boxing are widely recognised around the AU as the strongest and most dedicated trainers, however

on reaching the peak and crossing the finish line, every boxer concluded that they would rather do three rounds with Mike Tyson than the Tour De France. It was a fun day in all and gave a pleasurable sense of achievement, plus we raised a tidy sum for the British Heart Foundation. Congratulations to the cyclists Holly Keats, Matt Wilcock and coach Wayne Gardiner.

If you are interested in becoming involved with the boxing club please email: or visit their stall at Freshers Fayer.


Pugwash News Wednesday 1st October 2008


Ultimate Frisbee Produce GB Medallists

Wayne Gardiner scoops Coach of the Year 2008 Tom Worman

On the 19th June 2008, University of Portsmouth Amateur Boxing Coach Wayne Gardiner was awarded Coach of the Year by John Inverdale at the Annual BUSA (British University Students Association) Dinner in London. Since leaving the Royal Navy and joining the club in 2005, Wayne has almost single-handedly transformed it from a loose group of enthusiasts to arguably the most successful University Club in the country. There are now 34 carded boxers competing in an average of 104 bouts per season from Penzance to Aberdeen. Last year they hosted three wellattended shows and entered competitions in Denmark & Norway as well as every available University and ABA Senior Championship, bringing home plenty of gold and silver medals. Wayne was also instrumental in

Kerry Harvey

A member of Sublime recounts her experiences of Ultimate Frisbee and celebrates in the glory of coming away from an international tournament with some more silverware for Team GB. Considering I only started playing Ultimate Frisbee in October last year - when I was told by the other girls on the team about trials for the Great British Under 20’s team - I never thought I would be good enough. I could barely throw a disc when I first started, let alone represent my country; not to mention that the rules were completely beyond me! However, after learning that one girl from the team had made it through trials for the past three years, and that I wasn’t going to be the only one from Sublime going, I figured I may as well go for it, for the experience if nothing else. I was really nervous when I first showed up for trials, but after talking to a few of the other girls it was great to know I wasn’t the only one that had been playing for such a short time; in fact, most of them had been playing

bringing Universities and the ABA together to hold the inaugural English Universities Championships at Sheffield in 2007, and the British Championships soon after. This was a delicate task that required a great deal of time, determination and commitment to ensure that the University Championships were of a standard comparable with other ABA tournaments. Paul Porter, Sheffield Boxing Development Officer of ABAE said that without Wayne, both championships would have been much more difficult to run, and might not have happened at all. University of Portsmouth Amateur Boxing Club is now widely recognised as the most active University Boxing club in the country, more than holding its own with clubs in the outside world. This is due to Wayne’s disciplined command of his athletes, and the fact that he obviously cares for their welfare above all else. Several students have now achieved ABA Tu-

for the same amount of time as me. The coaches were all really helpful as well, so going back for a second set of trials suddenly seemed far less daunting than it had done! Initially, I was disappointed to learn I hadn’t made the First team. Who wouldn’t be, after all? However, when I was told I’d been chosen to compete with the Seconds, I was absolutely thrilled, even more so when I found out my friend Hannah had made it too! We travelled to Slovakia for our tournament with the Under 17 girls, as well as the Under 17 and Under 20 boys’ teams, and on the second night I was told I had been chosen as one of the captains for the team, which just made the whole experience even better. Despite managing to sprain my ankle before even playing a match and having to wear a full support for the rest of the tournament, it was brilliant to play against international standard teams. The Swedish Under 20’s team were really amazing, both to watch and play against. Not only was it a fantastic experience, but coming away with a silver medal (as well as a whole team of new friends) was pretty awesome as well!

Sports » Womens Rugby

Sports » Men’s Football

The AU Fresher Experience

4th’s Win big in Essex

Gen Beard

Hopefully many of the new Freshers will be considering joining a sports club this year. It could be that you already have a sport in mind, or perhaps not. Either way, Gen Beard shares her experiences of joining Women’s Rugby. Last year I was a Women’s Rugby Fresher and I can honestly say that my first year at university would not have been as enjoyable had I not become a member. I had never played contact rugby before coming to university and yet within two months I was playing with confidence for the team, a result of

tor status and are taking their skills out to local schools and the next generation of boxers. The students themselves lay the reason for their successes at Wayne’s door. They demonstrated this by nominating him for the University of Portsmouth Coach of the Year, which he won in May, prior to this new award. Wayne commented: “It was a pleasure, an honour and a surprise to receive this award, I thought it was only presented to rowing and sailing coaches. I must say that the success of the club is not solely down to me. The students, the staff, BUSA, ABAE and many more people helped us to get where we are. I have to say a personal thank you to Q Shillingford, the England ABA Advanced Coach who introduced me to coaching and helped me to get the position at the University - I would not be where I am if not for his passion and knowledge of the sport.”

both the training and a team I trusted and loved. Socially it is simply fantastic; many nights out, dress ups, combined socials with the boys, end of season, the list goes on. This year there are plenty of reasons to join the club. You may make some of the best friends you will ever have, can learn to play rugby at normal training sessions, as well as special ones aimed specifically at Freshers, play within a great team and have some awesome drinking and non drinking socials. I can’t wait to get this year and season started, hopefully it should even top last year.

Chris Musgrove

The day started with an early doors meet at the Union. The banter started from the off with Karris and Gee taking the brunt of the punishment with their terrible shirt and tie combos. Getting to Romford with around 20 mins till our 12.30 kick off, a mad dash was made for the changing rooms from the bus. The main problem with this was that in one of the bags was two crates of beer. The game then started in the changing room with Higgins announcing the team, with a shock exclusion of big Dave not being lino. The game saw NESCOT on top for

the opening half with challenges flying in from the likes of Ouzo, Davids and Higgins who injured their star centre back. NESCOT had a host of opportunities but top goal keeping from Karl Harris kept them at bay. Leigh Higgins had a rasping shot from 20 yards which went over by inches. The second half started with us on top after a poor first half Ebun had a header wonderfully saved by the NESCOT keeper. Phil Cable was causing all sorts of trouble for the NESCOT defense but the conditions conspired against him. Outstanding performances on the day from the defense included Ryan Beak, Tom Rowe, David Gardner and

Jaime Atherton. The game was going into extra time with a goalless 0-0 draw, but no! In the small print in the rules the games would go straight into a penalty shootout. The five brave men to step up were Roman Wolf, Nedjad Medic, Phil Cable, Chris Musgrove and Thomas. It came down to Chris Musgrove needing to score to win the game after a perfect penalty record from the rest of the team and a top save from Karl Harris. Musgrove remembered his technique and slotted it home to a mass bundle. Unfortunately the 3rds and 6ths were not so successful, both slipping to agonising defeats however a good day and a great night followed.

Sports hit the target

Ben Endley Sports Editor

Several of our major sports clubs will benefit from a new initiative launched over the summer. The Sport and Recreation Department, in conjunction with the Athletic Union have unveiled their Target Sports program. On a wider scale it is hoped that this program will improve the overall sporting profile of the university. The benefits for the clubs involved

Inside... Behind the Scenes This week:

The Lacrosse Committee p14

Summer News: Wakeboard place 2nd in the UK p16

Sporting Achievements: include help in creating a performance environment, and individual and team development through use of the sport science facilities and expertise. The final key benefit of Target Sports is the development of local links with community clubs in order to attract elite players to the University of Portsmouth. A number of clubs applied for this facility, however places were limited to five. The program will review the development of these teams following an initial two year period All the clubs have distinguished themselves not only through perform-

ance and sporting success but also through their off the field infrastructure and expansion. Dan Tilley, sports development manager explains that “One of the key aims for the University and the Sports department is to develop a nationally recognised sporting profile for the University. For this we need to ensure we focus on sports that we feel can best deliver on our aims.” Congratulations to all the successful teams and Purple Wednesdays will be following their progress throughout the year with interviews and feedback on the success of the program.

The five target sports are: • Boxing • Men’s Hockey • Swimming • Men’s Football • Men’s Rugby

Ultimate Frisbee produce GB Medals Boxing coach scoops award p15

Sports » Welcome

Sports » Event

Write for PWs

Hello and welcome to the Athletic Union!

Wakeboarding student nationals

PWs needs your club news!

Monday Portsmouth, demonstrating their determination to make an impression of this competition were the only side had arrived by midday so could get an extra day on the cable practicing and getting used to the obstacles. The massive Hyperlite pier was still tethered to the bar balcony and drew a fair crowd to watch the final pieces being put in place. It may have taken over 12 months but by midnight it was in the lake, anchored and glistening in the moonlight, dwarfing the ski jump like an oversized nessie! Just the one injury from today, a semi dislocated shoulder from Portsmouth’s JLo, 14 » put him out for the week...

...and features, and photos, and socials, and anything else you want to tell us about your club! It’s easy to get a mention in PWs - just e-mail everything to, visit, or come in to the Sabb Office at the Union and have a chat with us any time!

My name is Simon ‘Darby’ Leach and I am the Sports Officer for this coming year, my job is to take care and look after the sporting interests of students which includes my main role of running the Athletic union. Some 3500 students and over 60 sports teams make up the Athletic Union which makes it the largest student group at the University of Portsmouth and one of the largest Athletic Unions in the country! Pompey Athletic Union prides itself on catering for all levels, from community work coaching with local schools and an extensive array of sports catering to beginners to our new elite development program ‘Target Sports’; our priority is getting people playing

sport regardless of ability, this is not to say that our clubs are not of a high standard; We are now a national performance centre for England Hockey and our boxing club is the best University club in the country with more success expected! Our strength is definitely our diversity; where else would you find a club like Frisbee mixing with the traditional mainstream sports like Rugby and Football? We have competitive clubs and recreational clubs alike, it doesn’t even matter if you have never played a particular sport before, we have room for you so come and join. My office, along with the other student representatives is in the sabb office opposite the student union. If you

want to know more about the sports we offer drop in and have a chat with me. The Athletic Union is a very close knit community and the social side of life that sport brings is priceless, it provides you with a friendship network and more importantly a distraction from your course and as we all know a healthy body equals a healthy mind! So all that being said I’d better be seeing you at freshers fayre joining one of our sports clubs, I promise you it will be the one defining moment of you University experience and will not be one you regret. Peace out and be careful ‘Darbs’

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Pugwash News - Issue 16  

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