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Number 10 April 2010

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De Neef steps into the world of energy saving solutions Although the opinions about global heating are still divided, on the necessity of preserving energy and reducing the carbon foot print of buildings and factories, there is little discussion. If we want to safeguard our world for the generations to come, there is a direct need to isolate our buildings. Being fully compatible with spray foam, DenePur EM is the optimum solution. The excellent weather and UV stability as well as the waterproofing properties were tested in a stringent CE testing scheme to comply with ETAG 005 for roof waterproofing. Guaranteeing long life times and easy application by airless spray or roller, DenePur EM allows the seamless application of the foam to continue into the waterproofing layer.

Several isolation techniques exist, but the vanguard of the technology is the use of sprayed polyurethane foam. Sprayed polyurethane foam has a number of advantages which include fast application, high efficiency in insulating power and the possibility to apply around extricate details without the need for welding or the manufacturing of designed adaptors. The seamless application of the foam is the biggest benefit of such a system. In renovation, where the roof already exists with all the penetrations and appendages fitted, the possibility of a seamless application with the system itself is a mayor benefit. Polyurethane spray foam needs to be kept dry to retain the insulating power of the foam build-up and further needs protection from the weather and UVradiation. Optimally, given the properties and application of the foam, the waterproofing and protection membrane should also be efficient and easy to apply, present a seamless solution,

be fully adherent to the foam and have excellent waterproofing and weather resistant properties. Together with Belgian market leader Thermo Technique, De Neef has developed the ap-

plication of the CE approved 1-C polyurethane membrane DenePur EM for these applications. After extensive testing and trial installations, DenePur EM came out as the best of the pack when it comes to applications onto sprayed polyurethane foam. Applications were made on both fresh sprayed foam and in renovation of existing foam roofs, where the protective layer was damaged and/or degraded over time.

Dear reader, We are probably all glad to see that there are positive signals with respect to the state of the economy. Furthermore, many governments are injecting money into infrastructure projects. That’s all promising. On the other hand, all raw material suppliers are announcing hefty price increases again. We believe that the Reach initiative might also have an influence on pricing. Several raw materials will not be registered and will have to be replaced by new, more expensive alternatives. We at De Neef Conchem will do our best to stay competitive and give you the best service possible. Best regards, Guy Colson Managing Director

On site mixer for powder pigments

With the introduction of the powder pigments in the Multitek and DenePur EM coating ranges, many applicators found it difficult to get the right mixing equipment to mix these pigment powders into the product. To obtain a uniform dispersion of the powder pigments into the coatings, you need high

speed, optimal dispersive power and avoid air entrainment into the mixture. The use of standard site cement mixer has in the past resulted in a number of failed applications, singly caused by bad pigment dispersion. As an added service towards our customer, De Neef recently introduced the Multitek PMX range of mixing rods. Multitek PMX mixing rods are available in 2 sizes to suit all our packaging sizes. Multitek PMX 60K can be used with kit sizes up to 6 kg, Multitek PMX 120S can be used for kit sizes up to 25 kg. Both mixers have connections which fit into standard power drills and can be used efficiently with drills of 500 to 1000 W.

Contractors Gather in Houston For DeNeef USA Training School

Some eighty contractors from across the USA, Canada, and Mexico converged on Houston Texas to participate in the two day training school put on by De Neef. The goal of the school is not only to educate contractors in the proper installation techniques of De Neef products, but also to show them innovative ways to solve problems and help them expand their businesses into new areas. Day one featured classroom presentations. Topics ranged from the chemistry of injectable grouts to techniques on installation for polyurethanes, acrylates, and epoxies. All participants were then treated to dinner at a local Mexican restaurant.

Day two began with additional presentations on grout placement via the soak and place method and through injection hoses. After a short bus ride to the De Neef plant, participants were treated to an old-fashioned Texas barbeque and then broken into small groups for

De Neef Far East We are pleased to announce that De Neef Far East, our branch office in Singapore will be acquirRichard Tan ing the shares of Rewah Construction Coatings & Chemicals Pte Ltd (RCCC) to make it a wholly-owned company of De Neef Conchem. RCCC, a local company, specializes in making hybrid silane paints and water based epoxy coating and flooring systems. RCC builds its reputation in the fields of restoration, water sealing and concrete protection. The RCCC and De Neef Far East Trading Pte Ltd businesses will be merged on 1 January 2011. We will also change our operating name in Singapore to De Neef Asia Pte. Ltd. Richard Tan has been appointed to head the combined business. He brought with him more than 25 years experience in the construction industry. Prior to joining us, Richard was with BASF Construction Chemicals, holding various key appointments with extensive experience in the Asia Pacific market. For more information, please contact

the live demonstrations. Since much of grouting work contractors do, is done blind, plexiglas panels were used to show the contractor what is going on inside the concrete crack or outside the structure. (see picture)

HA Cut Cat XF saves the day in France

On a job site in Mantes la Jolie, all work on an excavation site ground to a halt when heavy water leaks were found in the joints of diaphragm walls. Being located on the banks of the river Seine, the ground water level and ground water pressure are very high in this area.

Leaking diaphragm wall joints present a dangerous situation because the inflowing water will also wash out the soil behind the structure causing instable situations. During the excavation, heavy water leaks were found at the bottom of the diaphragm wall.

Although the applicator managed to seal most of the leaks using HA Cut with HA Cut Cat F, the reactions were just not fast enough to seal the very large leak which was left at the end. In this case, HA Cut Cat XF, the eXtraFast version of the catalyst was used to seal the leak. HA Cut is a single component high and fast foam polyurethane water cutter with a long and distinguished track record for waterproofing even the most difficult jobs. Used for over 30 years in tunnels and underground construction, HA Cut can be adapted on the job site using different versions of HA Cut Cat to set the reaction speed. Combined with the use of the IP 1C-Pro pump which is specifically in the range for such high flow applications and using adapted drill and packer techniques, the applicator’s team was able to seal the leak with support from De Neef France in less than a day’s work.

De Neef launches and innovates with CEmarked Multitek Fix VSF anchoring grout In response to market demand, De Neef has recently launched Multitek Fix VSF, its first chemical anchoring grout. Based on styrene free vinyl ester technology, Multitek Fix VSF is a 2-component product packed in an innovative concentric caulk cartridge. This specially designed concentric cartridge has the big advantage that the applicator does not need to purchase dedicated 2-component caulking guns which are usually big, heavy and difficult to handle in the confined spaces sometimes found in anchoring jobs. The Multitek Fix VSF cartridge can be used in a

standard and universal 1-component caulking gun and dispenses the material components in perfect ratio. Multitek Fix VSF is a fast curing styrene free vinyl ester resin which cures rapidly in dry and moist conditions and is suitable for horizontal and vertical applications. Suitable for anchors in the M10 to M16 size range, admissible loads of up to 34 kN in a C20/25 concrete can be handled. With installation times of 5-10 minutes and load times of 3 to 6 hours depending on the temperature of the application, Multitek Fix VSF not only allows the installation of the anchors to move quickly but also speeds up the next

building steps. Since anchoring grouts in the European Union now all have to be provided with a CE label, Multitek Fix VSF has been tested according to ETAG 001 Option 7. Having passed the tests for the designated anchoring rod size, Multitek Fix VSF is cleared for use in dry or moist non cracked concrete.

Swellseal Mastic WA shows its versatility in The Netherlands The city of Amsterdam in the Netherlands is built on 90 islands in the a swamp area formed by the Amstel and IJ rivers. The city is well known for its large number of bridges and canals. This of course means that any underground construction will run into problems with the high ground water level found in these areas.

Due to the weak soil composition, the most popular method of diaphragm walling is the use of sheet piles. While sheet piles are an excellent solution for perimeter stabilisation of the excavation pit, they also present numerous problems in waterproofing. If the sheet pile wall is watertight in its own, the joint between the cast slabs and the sheet pile can be problematic to seal effectively. The foundation slab in these areas is typically a thick cast concrete construction with a large amount

of reinforcement steel. Injections of leaking joints can be very problematic because drilling with the large amount of steel present is very difficult and costly. During the construction of a new underground parking at the Borneohof in Amsterdam, the contractor was looking for a proven, reliable and foolproof solution for sealing the joint between the concrete slab and the sheet pile wall. Due to the shape of the sheet piles and the presence of the reinforcement cages, the product needed to be applicable

New version HA Cut obtains KTW potable water approval in Germany Because the need in renovation and waterproofing in structures holding or transporting potable water in Germany, De Neef is frequently solicited for a solution to supply a 1-component water cutter capable of stopping large leaks. For potable water applications in Germany, all resins or products need to comply with the KTW approval system. KTW stands for Kunststoffe in TrinkWasser or plastics in contact with potable water. KTW tests all products to be used for possible contamination of the potable water system. Potable water testing is subject to ever changing requirements as technologies and knowledge expands. In order to meet the expected developments in the future, De Neef Conchem has developed a new version of its renowned HA Cut 1-C polyurethane water cutter. Called HA Cut AF with HA Cut Cat AF accelerator, the resin recently passed the test regime and has been approved for application in potable water systems in Germany. The test certificate and literature is available by request to your local De Neef distributor.

in the confined space that remained. Swellseal Mastic WA was chosen. It is a hydroswelling caulk applied mastic suitable for application in wet or moist conditions. Swellseal Mastic WA has a proven hydrostatic pressure resistance of up to 15 bars and has excellent adhesion to

the steel surface of the sheet piles. Due to its pastelike consistency and the application by caulking gun, Swellseal Mastic WA can be applied between the reinforcement steel bars and on the corrugate surface of the sheet piles without risk of slumping.

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