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Number 7 Jun. 2009

newsletter specialist manufacturer of preventative and remedial below grade waterproofing products

At the 2009 World of Concrete show in Las Vegas, De Neef’s Bentoject® was The Experts’ Choice as the Most Innovative Product in Construction Supplies. The MIP contest took place in January 2009 at World of Concrete with World of Masonry, the commercial construction industry’s largest annual international event with more than 65,000 attendees. This year’s MIP contest featured almost 100 products in 14 categories. De Neef’s Bentoject® was The Experts’ Choice as the Most Innovative Product in Construction Supplies.

for future grout injection. A bentonite rubber outer skin covers the membrane. In high grade concrete pours, double systems, active systems and injection tubes, are provided to make certain that the construction joints are waterproof or problems can be solved with a minimum of time or labour. The world-unique combination of an active swelling Bentonite strip with a post-injectable grouting hose, allows

Bentoject® combines two technologies in a single product. A reinforced spiral steel wire forms the core of the system and prevents collapsing of the tube during the concrete pour. This wire is covered with a filtering membrane to form a permeable tube

the contractor to install two preventative waterproofing in one single operation thereby saving time and money.

Dear reader, Here is already our 7th Newsletter with some interesting news facts. We want to inform you about the fact that we won a price for our Bentoject at the World of Concrete in the USA. Our US division is doing very well and this was also highlighted in an article in Trenchless Technology. In Europe, we have reformulated our already successful range of (mainly) epoxy coatings and selflevelling flooring products so that they can all be used with the same powder pigments, supplied separately. The benefits of this are explained in the article. And finally we wanted to highlight some interesting projects that were executed with De Neef products. Best regards, Guy Colson

1 pigment powder is used for a whole portfolio of epoxy and polyurethane coatings and self-levelling flooring screeds.

supply and will give flexibility on site. The system is also economical because it is not necessary anymore that the contractor makes an accurate estimate of the amount of product that he needs. Shortages can be easily resupplied and excess product can be used with a different pigment. A number of projects have shown that the pigment can be easily mixed on site, that there are no colour differences between the various mixes (due to slight over-pigmenting) and that the new product formulations have excellent coverage The following 7 products are already on the market under this system:

Providing pre-coloured products is always a logistical and production nightmare. De Neef has therefore opted to develop a range of products that will be supplied in a transparent version with the powder pigment supplied as a separate component. There will be 8 standard colours immediately available, which can be used with every product in the range. Special colours can be obtained on demand. This will improve the time between order and

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De Neef introduces new method of pigmenting coatings and paints

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Industri epark 8 B -2220 H Tel.: +32 eist-op -den-B erg Fax: +32 15 24 93 60 Email: co 15 24 80 72 w w w.d nchem@denee eneef.e u

Multitek EPS 100: A solvent based gloss protective epoxy coating, Multitek EP 200: a pure epoxy protective coating, Multitek EPA 350: a water based semigloss, non-yellowing epoxy paint, Multitek EPB 300: a water based gloss, non-yellowing epoxy paint, Multitek Floor 103: an epoxy self levelling floor for dry applications, Multitek Floor 103W: a water based self levelling epoxy floor for moist applications, suitable for repeated water contact, and DenePur EM UVR: a1-C aliphatic polyurethane elastomeric membrane. The chosen standard colours, which are available immediately out of stock are: Grey (approx. RAL 7038), Light Grey (approx. RAL 7035), Red (approx. RAL 3009), Blue (approx RAL 5012), Brown (approx. RAL 8023), Green (approx. RAL 6021), Black (approx RAL 9005) and White (approx. RAL 9010). A small colour card is available to give an impression of the colour.

De Neef Construction Chemicals make cover of Trenchless Technology In the November 2008 issue of Trenchless Technology, the cover article was reserved for the success story of De Neef USA. President Brian J. Iske presented the company’s progress from the start in June 1981 until now. In the article which is of course directed to the readers of Trenchless Technology, Brian points out that “Our products and services are a result of more 30 years of industry experience, we don’t

have just one product, we have numerous products to fit the variety of problems at hand. Whether the problem is in mainline sewers, manholes or treatment plants, we have a product that will offer a long-term fix.” He also says that companies, especially those with older technologies, are basically pushing a commodity. De Neef has counteracted that approach by positioning itself as the champion for new technol-

ogies. Combined with a thorough understanding of the market’s problems, needs and requirements, the high level of technical knowledge and skill of the entire team, this attitude takes De Neef US to a vantage point in providing solutions for the trenchless industry. The company also plans on continuing to introduce new products to the marketplace that are effective, as well as environmentally friendly. Iske notes continue page 3

De Neef renovates an underground parking deck in the old Pirelli Factory of Barcelona Pirelli invariably means to most people fast cars, calendars and high quality tires. When the site of the old Pirelli factory was redeveloped, an underground parking was created to cater for the ever increasing flow of visitors and tourists to this former industrial port. The owner of the site wanted to protect the surface of the parking from the ever occurring oil and liquid spills, tire marks and to give the finished surface an overall fine and high quality look. Additionally he required the finish to be easy to clean so any markings and spots can be removed easily and swiftly without the need for involved cleaning equipment or products. For the safety of the users of the parking, the surface finish also needs to have an anti-skid texture. Together with the applicator, the choice was made to finish the surface with Grey Multitek EPA 350 over broadcast sanded Multitek Primer BW. Multitek EPA 350 is a water-based semigloss surface finish paint with excellent resistance against yellowing. While yellowing is not of prime importance

in the major part of the underground parking, ramps and other exposed areas can cause colour to change. Multitek EPA 350 is vapour open and therefore highly suitable for sub grade applications where vapour pressure can cause other systems to blister or delaminate. Easy to clean, Multitek EPA

that around the world, the use of certain chemicals is no longer allowed, so the company is continuously working to develop new, greener products to address these concerns in various marketplaces. With seven chemical grouts with UL Listings under NSF 61 (potable water), De Neef offers the largest line of products approved for potable water applications in the industry. Brian Iske (left) and his team 

350 is chemically and mechanically resistant to the loads and requirements found in car parks. To obtain the final required colour, Multitek EPA 350 is pigmented with the supplied pigment powder to the approximate RAL colour. Application of the system is easy and requires little or no special equipment other than good rollers and clean mixing vessels. After complete sandblasting of the surface, Multitek Primer BW was applied using squeegees

and rollers over the entire surface. Next step was to surface saturate the still wet primer with dry sand of 0,2 – 0,5 mm to prolong the overcoat time and to create the anti skid texture required. After all loose sand was removed and the surface inspected for damage or incomplete coverage, Multitek EPA 350 was applied in the specified grey colour in 2 coats. As finishing touch, the lines were marked using white pigmented Multitek EPA 350.

Aquatek Super XA waterproofs Brussels’ infrastructure Regular flash flooding has torn through the Woluwe and Maalbeek valley in the Brussels region. The solution to this recurring problem of overload on the drainage systems is the construction of storm basins. During the renovation of the E Flagey Square in the Brussels centre, a 33.000 m² storm basin was created to accept the water of the Maalbeek. On the request of the Community of Elsene, the high part of the basin will be used as an underground parking. The construction also entailed the installation of a drainage system in certain adjacent streets. Total cost of the project was budgeted at close to 25.5 million Euros. Planned under supervision of the Brussels Hoofdstedelijk Gewest and constructed by temporary association BAGECI-CFE, Aquatek Super XA was applied to the entire surface by E.M.B bvba. The selection for Aquatek Super XA was made because the specifications

for the project provide for the use of a crystalline penetration waterproofing and protection on all wet surfaces. The purpose of this waterproofing and protections is to protect the concrete from attack by de-icing salts which come with the water during winter. All joints and cracks were fixed and repaired before application of the Aquatek System. Due to large scale of the project, a spray application needed to be considered. The knowledge of De Neef in the field of large surface spray application of crystalline products like Aquatek Super XA, was one of 2 reasons to select De Neef’s Aquatek Super XA for this project over competitors. Aquatek Super XA was also chosen because of its high efficiency and concentrated active component content which is supported by the large number of test certificates which De Neef could present. With a crystalline penetration of up to 75 mm in dense concrete, the performance of the product was proven.

A total of 33 tons of Aquatek Super XA was applied to the highest satisfaction of the owner and the applicator. The success of the application has resulted in the proposal to make Aquatek Super XA as standard solution for storm basins by the Belgian WTCB (Scientific Technical Centre for Construction) and has helped in obtaining an approval for the Aquatek Waterproofing System in France

IKEA selects Colflex E to waterproof basement for all the customers and articles of the new IKEA Market. Colflex E has passed all the tests and has obtained an AbP (Allgemeines bauaufsichtliches Prufzeugnis) in Germany.

During the construction of the new 18.230 m² IKEA Market in Rostock, the joints between the precast concrete segments of the basement where waterproofed with the Colflex E system supplied by Wagener Bauartikel GmbH and applied by Züblin.

Colofon The system was chosen because of the high elasticity of the Colflex E EPDM strips and the excellent adhesion of the Colflex MS Fixer. The excellent performance of the system assures a lasting waterproofing

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