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setting beckett to music Brighton Festival’s Chris Challis meets JUDY HEGARTY LOVETT, whose ‘Here All Night’ finds the music in Samuel Beckett

Where did Here All Night originate? As a company – Gare St Lazare – we’ve been working pretty much solidly on Beckett’s texts for the past fifteen years. To date we have produced, performed and toured over seventeen Beckett titles in over seventy cities, and across twenty five different countries.


Above, Connor Lovett, actor / Right, Director Judy Hegarty Lovett


Gandy on piano; Melanie Pappenheim who is a soprano-singer; Caoimhin O’Raghallaigh, our fiddle player; Conor Lovett on text and then we have three female chorus singers.

At the for At the Institute for Institute Cosmological Research, Cosmological in Croydon... Research, in Croydon...

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That’s quite a mix of performers! Yes, a lovely mix, particularly contrasting Caoimhin’s fiddle playing, which is very much improvised, with the cello and the piano, considerably more classical. Much of the work has been the marriage of those two very disparate forms, and then marrying them to the text, and building a structure that itself to all three. At thelends Institute for Cosmological Research,

The musical element for Here All Night began in 2006 when the national radio station in Ireland asked us to do all of in Croydon... Beckett’s radio plays for the centenary year. The performance allows audiences to Working with the musician Paul Clark, we experience Beckett’s writing in a different began collecting references to music in way. You’re meeting the work through Beckett’s work and using actual music that music, through song and through text, Beckett has written himself. At the same and we’ve worked very hard to combine time we looked for examples of the text those, obviously realising Beckett had a which we thought would connect with talent for all three. it. We were both very enthused by the It must be exciting for you to take a step project, so the next step for us [some time away from the prose? later] was to gather together a bunch of Yes, we’ve Jeff really it. We’ve always musicians and singers. was a enjoyed Canadian, who thought his beard At the Institute for Cosmological Research, worked in a very singular way, so meeting looked good on him. in Croydon... Who features in the performance, then? other artists Jeff called Amanda over,opportunity whose presence to is a welcome always caused him a pleasant frisson. We have Chris Allan the cellist; John Paul [...continued Page 3]

At the Institute Jeffwas was a Canadian, whofor thought Jeff a Canadian, who thought his beard Jeffhis called Amanda over, whose presence Cosmological beard looked good on him. looked good on him. in Croydon... always Research, caused him a pleasant frisson.

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And he was checking the spectrum of cosmic spectrum of cosmic rays when he rays when he spotted a small anomaly. spotted a small anomaly.... Mr Friendly-Face said, “Hi Amanda, Jeff Jeff said, “Let’s just keep this scientific. You’re thinks youform look of extremely cute whenand youknow a cartoon cosmic radiation [Continued Page2...] look serious... why dead strange things are happening?”

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[...continued from cover]

the day the fairy dust landed Tony Haase by:

At the Institute for Cosmological Research, in Croydon...

Jeff called Amanda over, whose

Jeff called Amanda over, whose presence presence always caused him a frisson. always causedpleasant him a pleasant frisson.

Jeff said, “Let’s just keep this

Jeffscientific. said, “Let’sYou’re just keep this scientific. a cartoon formYou’re of a cartoon form of cosmicand radiation know cosmic radiation knowand why things happening?” whystrange strange things areare happening?”

Jeff was a Canadian, who thought his beard looked good on him.

Mr Friendly-Face said, “Hi Amanda,

And he was checking the spectrum of cosmic rays when he spotted a small anomaly.

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“Hello Jeff,” said Mr Friendly-Face,

“Hello Jeff, said Mr Friendly-Face, “I’mofa “I’m a”cartoon manifestation cartoon manifestation of psychedelic psychedelic cosmic radiation cosmic that night. radiation thatfell fellin in the the night. ””

“And Jeff, Amanda is seriously

MrJeff Friendly-Face “Hiextremely Amanda, Jeff thinks yousaid, look cute thinks you look cuteserious... when you when youextremely look dead look dead serious...

...but when you wear that expression expression he thinks youhe look thinks you look like like a rat.a” rat.”

“And Jeff, Amandayou is seriously considering as a lifeconsidering partner, beard reminds you asbut a lifeyour partner, but your beardher reminds of Noel Edmonds. ” her of Noel Edmonds. ”

“There could be a Prize Nobel in “There could be a Nobel in Prize it, for both it, for both of you. It would be so ofromantic, you. It would be so romantic, go to Stockgo to Stock- holm. Collect holm.the Collect theThen prize.get Thenmarried?” get married?” prize.

“What’s to happen to the “What’s goinggoing to happen to the world?” asked world?” asked Amanda. Amanda.

“Aftercosmic the cosmic radiation really “After radiation really sinks in, the sinksthe in, the world is going to totally world is turn goinginto to totally turn into a cartoon, ” a cartoon,” said said Mr. Friendly Face. Mr. Friendly Face.

This comic strip forms part of the live, animated, psycahedelic disaster movie, The Day The Fairy Dust Landed. The performance is drawn, written and performed by artist and comedian Tony Haase [pictured, right.]. Tony was a founder member of Cliffhanger Theatre Co, he has written for Mr Bean - The Animated Series and appeared on The Day Today and Alan Partridge. His unique and innovative style of theatre blends projected cartoons and live storytelling.

THE DAY THE FAIRY DUST LANDED, Monday 13 May, 20:00, TOM The Old Market

inmates’ inner calm 250,000 prisoners & guards de-stressed Inmates worldwide are being taught inner calm, and this month an event at TOM The Old Market - The Yoga Jam raises funds for the project.

“Prison SMART offenders are easier to look after” Since its inception in 1992, the Prison SMART project has become a massive worldwide success. More than 250, 000 people in around 40 countries have already experienced its positive effects. Prison SMART serves the needs of all people involved, incarcerated or working in the criminal justice system: from adult and juveniles inmates to law enforcement personnel and administrators. The program teaches advanced breathing techniques which bring relief from the accumulated effects of stress

and negative emotions. Practical skills and knowledge teach participants how to handle stressful situations, deal with emotions, live up to their highest potential and contribute in a positive way to society. By focusing specifically on de­stressing and calming the mind, Prison SMART courses mean that offenders are easier to look after, require less work from prison officers, and are more receptive to rehabilitation. At a time when prison budgets in many countries are under pressure due to the financial crisis, Prison SMART offers an efficient alternative at a lower cost than many other therapies. Proceeds from The Yoga Jam, a club night fueled by natural energy boosters, this month go to the Prison SMART project.

prisoners’ break

The Key Programme Stats: >> 10,000 Participants in USA >> 18 European countries: UK, Germany, Italy, Kosovo, Poland... >> 100 Indian prisons registered, with 150,000 inmates taught THE YOGA JAM Wednesday 15 May, 7pm

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[...continued from cover] share what we had come to realise and enjoy about Beckett’s work. How and why is Beckett still relevant today? He is absolutely modern and I think there’s no mistake when people discuss him as one of the greatest writers of this century. His philosophy is not localised - what he speaks about

is not particularly Irish… he’s discussing universal themes; why are we here, what is it for, what is it about and what has to be. These things are on everybody’s mind. LISTEN TO THIS INTERVIEW IN FULL ON FESTIVAL RADIO:

HERE ALL NIGHT, 17-19 May, 8pm [+ 2pm Sat 18]

the great enormo:

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Got something to share? Insider tips? Fascinating find? Let us know: Editor: Will Sawney, Contributors: Chris Challis, Tony Haase, TrailBlaze, Ed Lower

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Someone Else’s Shoes

“A total theatre experience of engrossing intensity” The Stage: Must-See Show.1012 May, 8pm (+Sat 11, 2pm) £12.00 tickets, groups 5+, first 2 shows

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Les Enfants Terribles

Nick Pynn and Kate Daisy Grant

Two multi-award-winning, 5* star shows in one. instrumental avant-folk masterpieces, and emotive, quirky pop songs. Thursday 09 May, 20:00, £10-12

// TOM’s Bar

at The Old Market A lively cultural space, hosting its own

TrailBlaze Theatre Company

Sex Guru: The Sexological Comedy Show

Funny provocative and always intelligent, this is a bold, new approach to sex. “An hour and a half of laughter, astonishment and discovery” The Times. Tuesday 14 May, 20:00 2-for-1 tickets with code: “Guru241” // 01273 201 801

The Trench

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