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Background BBE Biogas


Project example – Anerveen DBFMO project


Project example – Scheemda DBFMO project


Project example – Heeten FMO project


Other project examples


Chicken manure


Philosophy BBE Biogas


Reasons for choosing us



Background BBE Biogas • 

Founded in 2005 and very experienced in anaerobic digesting and specialized in transforming manure, local biomass and waste into different kinds of local energy and natural fertilizer;


Very broad experience in DBFMO (designing, building, financing, maintaining and operating) digesters and is very well known for its expertise in the field of renewable and sustainable energy, fertilizer production and systematic improvements in ground quality;


In the past 8 years BBE Biogas developed itself into a leading company for digesting in the Netherlands. At the beginning of 2013 BBE Biogas has produced approximately 500,000,000 kWh of renewable energy through the biogas plants it owns, owned or operated whereby realizing a carbon footprint reduction of more than 200,000 tons of CO2;


Innovation is one of the key drivers for success. All the plants developed, build and operated by BBE Biogas are adapted to local conditions in order to maximize the value for both the owner of the site, as well as the surrounding area and customers. Every biogas plant is unique and designed according to the local 4 local principle, whereby local waste products are used to supply in local energy demand.

BBE is unique We offer  the  integral  chain:   1. 

Research and identification of opportunities


Analysis of local demand and supply


Design of anaerobic digester


Budgets and (calculation of-) business case


Permits (health/safety issues, odor and noise)


Construction with local contractors under Dutch supervision


Education of operators in the Netherlands


Support of operators on distance or locally


Analysis of (financial and operational-) performance

Anerveen – DBFMO project

BBE Biogas was closely involved in the development of this 2.1MW biogas plant in Anerveen, the Netherlands. After the deal was financially closed, construction started in 2006 under the supervision of BBE Biogas. The build quality and in-depth operation knowledge of BBE Biogas ensure high availability and uptimes.

Anerveen – DBFMO project A dryer is installed in the central hall to dry the digestate. Dry matter contents of 85% are reached.

This silo hydrolyses the (solid and wet) substrate. The substrate in Anerveen consists of 50% manure and 50% biomass and fat residues.

Two of these Jenbacher engines are installed to generate 2.1MWe. BBE Biogas is specialized in the maintanance of these gas engines and is able to carry out most of the maintenance and repair works itself.

Scheemda– DBFMO project

This 2.3MW biogas plant in Scheemda was constructed at the end of 2006. BBE Biogas co-financed the plant and supervised the construction process. After the construction was completed, the plant was operated together with the Anerveen plant to optimise economies of scale.

Scheemda– DBFMO project Besides two larger Jenbacher J320 GS engines a smaller CHP was used to generate 2.4MWe. The maintenance and repair of these CHP’s is done by the skilled BBE Biogas team.

The substrate in Scheemda also consists of 50% manure and 50% biomass and fat residues. A large part of the feedstock purchase process is coordinated by BBE Biogas’ headquarters.

Heeten–FMO project

Acquired by BBE Biogas in 2008, this project was originally initiated by a consortium of 35 piggeries. With a total installed capacity of 2.1MW, this biogas plant is able to process 100.000 tonnes of manure per year. Not only through anaerobic digesting, but also a decanter (centrifuge) is installed and also filtration techniques like ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis.

Heeten–FMO project A decanter seperates manure and digestate into a solid and wet fraction. The solid fraction is dried, the wet fraction is fed into the Ultra Filtration installation.

The Ultra Filtration and Reverse Osmosis installations transform the wet fraction into 1) a very rich fertiliser and 2) clear water.

Using the heat from the CHP’s, this dryer dries the solid fraction up to 85% dry material.

Other projects - overview BBE Biogas designed, financed and constructed this innovative 1.8MW biogas plant in Stadskanaal, the Netherlands. All systems are fully closed to ensure maximum odour reduction. The heat from the CHP’s is used to warm up the neighbouring Refaja Hospital.

This 5.5MW biogas plant in Veendam, the Netherlands was designed and constructed under BBE Biogas’ supervision. Feedstock can be brought to the plant via the canal.

Other projects - overview This 835kW project in Baarlo was advised and operated by BBE Biogas for some months. Shortly after the consultancy work started the production of the plant increased to steady levels and outstanding conversion rates.

The 2.4MW digester in Ysselsteyn was acquired by BBE Biogas in 2009. Since then, the plant is modernized and optimized to supply in local market needs and demands. The permit on this digester makes it possible to digest different kinds of (animal) waste.

This 2.0MW plant in Zwolle is owned by ROVA (a large waste collector in north/east Holland) and advised by BBE Biogas. This plant digests green material from companies and residents.

Chicken manure BBE Biogas co-developed a patented ammoniac stripper. This ammoniac stripper enables poultry farms to digest their manure without the addition of co-products. Of course, the addition of other products is still possible, but not necessary. This revolutionary stripper opens many opportunties for poultry farms.

Philosophy BBE Biogas Feedstock examples


Product examples

BBE Biogas strongly believes in the local for local principle, whereby local products are used in order to supply in local (energy) demands. We are convinced that this type of sustainable, decentralized energy production is the future of the energy industry. Every digester we build is a turn-key project, whereby the design of the digester is based upon a thorough research on the specific market conditions.

Reasons for choosing us 1.  2.  3.  4.  5.  6. 

BBE Biogas provides unique and innovative integral DBMO (designing, building, maintaining and operating) biogas solutions for food- and agricultural companies; BBE Biogas is very experienced and in the Netherlands very well known for its knowledge in the field of biogas and sustainable concepts. BBE Biogas has a very high level of knowledge on the production of soil improvers and fertilizers. The plants of BBE Biogas are easy to operate and because of the solid constructions known for their low maintenance costs. Furthermore BBE Biogas is able to remotely operate and control the biogas plants. BBE Biogas offers the unique possibility to train future operators on the job at one of BBE Biogas’ operating plants in the Netherlands. BBE Biogas has co-developed a patented technique to digest 100% chicken manure without the addition of other types of feedstock, which is unique in the world.


Tom van Essen International Business Developer Tel +31 6 46 23 55 59

Henk Nijman CEO Tel +31 6 13 48 46 49

BBE Biogas BV Postbus 2210 3800CE Amersfoort The Netherlands

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