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Not too much from me this issue! I wanted to have a nice short comic, but so much stuff has occurred in four months I‟m struggling to get it all in! And even though the front is just proclaiming our new site, I‟m already considering a new one! This TCC is the first to have some of its copies digitally distributed! K, bye! -ed.

Fig 1 Fig 4 is what you see when you arrive at, Fig 2 click Tom! And ANN to find a primitive webcomic of TNA, as in Fig 3, Flipnotes require Adobe Flash Player to be installed (it‟s free to download) and Fig 2 shows the Reviews section, with categoFig 3 ries per format, system, franchise, as obscure as Transformers to QI to 3d films to the Game Boy.

CONTENTS 1 Shiny Glossy Flashy Cover 2 This Very Page 3 Tom! And ANN shorts 4 Tom! And ANN Biggie! 5 What You Want For Christmas! 6 SuperTom III: Chapter One 7 ST3: Chapter 2! 8 More of that cool Story! 9 Some of Next Issue‟s ST! 10 Tom! And ANN shorts you love! 11 Tom! And ANN Biggie! 12 Ultimate Game and Film Reviews 13 Mini Reviews and Book Club 14 Chess Tips, Gaming News This issue you can find more content online exclusively to TCC Readers at tccplus.html So don‟t miss out on extra comics!

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Fig 4

This photo was taken at the top of Pen-y-Fan mountain. Note that there were two pics, one taken by John, one taken by dad, so I‟ve used Paint to chuck Dad in to the picture he took. L-R, dad, Evan, Tom, Ryan, mam, Mia, Eleanor, Ann, John, Glenn, Debbie, Vicki, Robert?

19 Llys Y Coed, Ystrad Mynach, Hengoed, CF82 7FD, UK

You fancy something really cool for Christmas, but you just don‟t know what, right? Right. We‟ll help you with TCC Guide To What You Want For Christmas! Start: You must have a rough idea of what you would like. So what? High Tech

Low Tech Books Or DVDs


Phone! PC!

Want a game When buying a computer, do your research. Sites such as will help with this. Always try to go with what you‟re familiar with, unless you hate it. Me? I‟d say either buy a Windows 7 laptop-cum-tablet or wait until next year‟s Windows 8– for tablets.


TV! Want a console


Why not take a quick look over at tomscartoons. reviews.html ? Click on BOOKS or FILMS on the right sidebar. If you‟re getting a TV, HDTVs are going down in price due to the advent of 3DTVs but 3D won‟t catch on for ages yet. Get an LED HD TV for good colour quality between 30 and 40 inches, after 40 things get blurred. You can get TVs from Tesco relatively cheaply.


Blackberry All the cool kids have Curve „em, cheap-ish. Apple Huge amount of apps, iPhone (4) video calling between iPhones, expensive. Windows Microsoft and HTC Phone 7 made their own expen(HTC) sive smartphones! Sony Full gaming, including Xperia Minecraft, inside a Play cool, expensive phone.

Fat People!!! Catch „em in a commercial sized fishing net! Have a look at some of these awesome Roller Coasters. You could also get a Ball Machine or two. if you‟re in the US, but elsewhere will have to deal through Amazon or Knex User Group.

On PC, gift Minecraft at or Portal 2. On DS, get Ghost Trick or Solatorobo: RTH. On Wii, get Zelda: Skyward Sword, Xenoblade and The Last Story if you can. On 3DS, you‟ll be spoilt for choice: Luigi‟s Mansion, Metal Gear, Mario Kart, they‟re all here for Christmas!

Swingball There‟s a video on my YouTube page of it– that‟s tomutwit. You can get the one we have from Argos.

LEARN CHESS If you‟re after meaty home gaming, get a PS3, now cheaper, with maybe Little Big Planet. It apparently has a lifespan of ten years. Or get a 3DS, which is like the future, except NOW. We like it a lot, and there will be lots of good games for it by Christmas. You could also get an iPod Touch, a multimedia power house, like a budget iPhone, or blow a ton of cash on a sweet iPad.

The below Tom! And ANN Comic Strip is another of our latest Tom! and ANN “flashisization” tests. It is one of the T-Shirts that the Reidys won after writing in with a lot of great HERO feedback. Thomas also won because he wrote in with HERO feedback too. I don‟t think the original version of this comic has been in the TCC and if you think I‟m bothered to check you‟re funny, so here it is!



OCARINA OF TIME 3D 12 years ago, OoT was released on N64. People called it the best game ever for many years. I didn‟t like it though, or at least the GC port, due to yucky graphics, clunky controls and annoying bugs. It was also really dark. This one though, fixes everything! Except Navi. She‟s still annoying and useless (“We should go to the desert,” “WE‟RE THERE!”). 3D adds a lot to the game, though I think the graphics COULD be better.95% Majoras Mask and Wind Waker next please!

PORTAL 2 First PC game I ever got? Single


player is the funniest game ever and is flabbergasting. Story, rules, gameplay rocks, pretty good graphics. There‟s also a shorter co-op mode where you are paired with someone random and you both go off to test. There‟s no lag but no jokes either. Almost everybody on there‟s great to play with. Worth getting for the fabulous single player though. 97% I wish I had the first!



There's just so much to say about Minecraft. Far too much to fit here. Read the WHOLE review at!!! 97%?

Xenoblade Chronicles and Zelda: Skyward Sword (both on Wii) REVIEWED ON TC WEB 4.0 FIRST, soon!!! DS

THOMAS REVIEWS: DRAGON QUEST VI: REALMS OF REVERIE Low customisation level, outdated battle system, this port is mostly un-changed from the original. Very much an

TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON Wait a second. Recall what we said of the first two from the TC Web Reviews Archive. The first: “It‟s a very good film… 9/10” and the second, “confusing, but good, 8/10”. So the third is 7, right? Wrong. This time around, the Decepticons take on a Doctor Who-esque plot to transport Cybertron to Earth, and use the humans as slaves. It is a lot like the first one, except it‟s not as simple as “Optimus and Autobots v. Megatron and Decepticons.” Sam has a new girlfriend also, not quite as hot. The acting is mostly great and the film looks terrific. Due to a… planning hitch… I was not able to see the film in 3D though I am sure it would have looked great as it seems to be designed for 3D. It is a lot darker than the others also, with Optimus and Megatron both taking no prisoners (one memorable scenes sees Bumblebee about to be shot in the back of the head). If you like robots, girls, explosions and laughter aplenty (it‟s the two little ones!) then you will love this! 9/10 NEXT ISSUE: DISNEY’S THE LION KING 3D: OUT 14 OCTOBER

Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth It‟s ironic that the game that inspired me to play the entire PWAA series in the first place is the worst of a wonderful lot! Couldn‟t even be bothered to finish it. 77% Super Street Fighter IV 3D Edition Loads of options, looks great. It has lots of faults: how do you pick stuff up? Lite Mode takes away all challenge. A messy mash of button bash. 82%



NINTENDO 3DS UPDATE! REVIEW PART 2! -Browser works pretty well, genuine alternate option when there aren‟t any computers around. No flash or HTML5 but you can upload and download photos. -eShop is a well-done thing that makes it easy to spend money, with videos and reviews to show what you‟re spending money on. There‟s also 3D game and movie trailers. -Excitebike 3D and Pokedex 3D are both alright. But I certainly wouldn‟t want them if they weren‟t free. -DSi System Transfer is pants. You can‟t transfer Flipnote Studio and I transferred Photo Dojo but the data was wiped!

TCC BOOK CLUB Noughts and Crosses Saga, Malorie Blackman Noughts and Crosses A powerfully moving story of racism and terrorism. One of the most shocking books I‟ve ever read. To Kill A Mockingbird for our times, it swaps positions of power: blacks, or Crosses, are in charge and whites are the oppressed noughts.

Knife Edge Stays shrouded in the original‟s misery the whole way through but is still a good read somehow.

THE WORLD OF MORTAL ENGINES (PT.1) Fever Crumb A masterfully written story with brilliantly developed characters. Set in a fantasy world that‟s different enough to be believable but not so different it doesn‟t make sense. SHOULD BE THE NEXT HARRY POTTER! It‟s funny because after a nuclear war random bits of culture remain: on the London travel system they have Oyster shells instead of Oyster travel cards.

A Web Of Air It‟s awfully good, but Checkmate Utilizes a dodgy time-hopping set-piece and dwells in the shadow of Ns&Cs much like KE. Should really have been called Stalemate.

Double Cross Instead of relying on the tired old yarn about racism and its effect on the Hadley and McGregor families, DC takes a fresh take on the series for a story about gangs. It‟s fantastically written, adrenaline-pumping, you won‟t want to put it down.

the ending is sad. Doesn‟t have the humour of Fever Crumb. There are 5 more books in the Mortal Engines series, the next being Scriveners Moon. Reviews soon!

3D ART BOOK Compiled by Tristan Eaton I haven‟t won something in a long while. But I won this!!! Woo!!! You put on Red-Cyan glasses and look at the nice pictures in 3D. Some work, some don‟t, it‟s surprisingly 13+, or maybe more. Awfully expensive if you buy it though.

When starting a game, get out the Queen and Bishops, this takes 5 moves, as seen on the left. You can then also checkmate in four moves with Scholar‟s Mate, where your queen assaults the King, backed up by a Bishop, as on right. This move can be blocked by Knights though! Also try making an arrow of pawns in front of your King (left). This makes it hard to get in! This one takes 6 moves to do. Also try a zigzag as in the right picture. Tom is showing off here.

The games industry is notorious for moving faster than a greased duck on a ski slope, and the last five months are no different. They began with the big show in LA, the Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3. Nintendo‟s Show was the best, with Zelda 25th Anniversary celebrations and the announcement of the next gen console, Wii U. As for Zelda, Four Swords will be a free download for all DSi and 3DS owners, and Skyward Sword is out on the 18th November in Europe, 2 days later in America. Also at E3 were lots of awesome new 3DS games such as Luigi‟s Mansion 2, and new details on Animal Crossing: Trousers! Swimming! There was also news on Kid Icarus Uprising: online tag team battles and AR cards! Mario Kart 7 is looking awesome, with customizable karts! Out just now on Wii is the epic JRPG Xenoblade Chronicles– expect a review soon! For Microsoft fans, a brand new Halo Trilogy was revealed recently known as Reclaimer Trilogy, and for Sony fans there is the new handheld, PSP‟s successor, the PS Vita. How it will compete with the now lower-price 3DS I do not know! For Mojang fans, Minecraft is nearing completion. It will also be launched for Xbox/ Kinect and is out for the Xperia Play phone. For EVEN MORE TCC, meaning this is not the TRUE back page, visit New pages will be added every fortnight or so until October, when work on the last ever TCC, TCC January 2012, will begin! INCLUDES ROARIN’ REIDYS!!!

Make sure you don’t lose your Queen!

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