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Thomas Tramby innovative and creative solutions

Through superior design, manufacturing quality and a client focused approach I have been able to foster and maintain international strategic alliances

I continually seek versatility in my solutions ensure accommodation of any request or requirement.

I have worked to various international standards and take pride in my ability to generate innovation within their limits

Through a personalized approach to customer service I am able to fully understand the wants and needs of the end user which enables me to provide more user friendly, cost effective and customized solutions

I am able to utilise a number of techniques within both my handling of projects and designs

With all my solutions, I strive to include as much adaptability and versatility as possible to ensure the results may be sculpted to overcome any scope modification

Today’s commercial environment calls for constant improvement and innovation to produce growth I have spearheaded changes to strategic practices which have lead to an increased presence in international markets

While I have refined my designs practices to a unique style, which assists with development costs, I customize each project to suit client requirements

In today's commercial climate, functionality of a design is simply not enough to remain create competition, superior aesthetics is an ever increasing requirement I always maintain a constant dialog with clients to ensure a suitable balance between functionality, aesthetics and cost

I employee creative and innovative digital design methods to develop both CAD and non-CAD related projects including the construction and administration of data management and design vault systems

Designs precedence can assist adaption, however user applications are generally unique and I believe in effective client relations to increase awareness of operating practices and requirements

I am comfortable exploring creative and innovative research and development approaches that differed from traditional techniques

To produce the required results of my biomedical FEA thesis, I was required to work innovatively in the digital design world by integrating scanned and researched data to produce creative solutions for simulated and controlled experimentation

As a result of this thesis I have had two papers published and a third currently being reviewed

Free-form material presents very interesting challenges for both CAD and FEA

Accordingly, my Thesis required the production of extremely creative and complicated design solutions

FEA on free form material is a very resource intensive exercise and, as with all projects, resource availability is always a factor

Accordingly, I employed a series of creative design and meshing techniques to produce the most accurate results possible within the presented constraints

I designed a transportable, inter-lockable high stress performance platform for Sydney Pole Dance Academy

This project required creative and innovative engineering to produce the required reliability and versatility as the platform had to accommodate varying number of performers, stages size and design configurations

I tailor all projects to communicate the relevant information in mediums which best suit the situation

I gain as much information as I can about the client to ensure I produce value adding informaiton

I take a holistic approach to every project I am involved in to produce the best possible result

I look to precedence for inspiration but am conscious of not being limited by it

I take pride in producing results that exceed expectations

Currently working with:

e. p. +61 4 0029 5175

Design Portfolio  

Design Portfolio

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