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See behind the mystery of mastering with Sarah Register by Amy Klein Photos by Shervin Lainez

A veteran of New York’s independent music scene, Sarah Register exudes a quiet confidence and devotion to artistry that brings the world’s best musicians to her mastering room. Combining deep technical skill with an ability to hear what makes each album unique, this mastering engineer has risen to the top of her competitive craft by listening with empathy and making choices that enhance each artist’s vision Register perceives subtle shades and tones in recordings the way a painter examines a work of art. She has a unique ability to see both the album as a whole—its overall shape and color—and the tiny details within each song—those stylistic elements that make the complete picture uniquely itself. When she applies EQ and compression, edits, and makes choices to create the tones and color that render the album complete, there’s an artist’s hand at work on the board.

Tom Tom Magazine Issue 29: Digital  

Tom Tom's DIGITAL ISSUE explores the way that the rise of the internet and electronics in music have affected the way musicians live their l...

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