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HOW DO YOU FIT IN TOURING WITH YOUR DAY JOB? It's difficult! I save as much vacation time as possible and so far, the balance has worked out. HOW DO PEOPLE AT WORK REACT WHEN THEY FIND OUT YOU ARE A DRUMMER? They think I'm the coolest! You'd be surprised to find out how many meteorologist drummers there actually are out there. HOW DOES BEING A DRUMMER AFFECT YOUR JOB? Well, I'm financially able to pursue my drumming dream because of my meteorology career. If anything, the drumming has given me a little more notoriety within the weather community. HAVE YOU EVER FELT LIKE YOU HAD TO CHOOSE BETWEEN YOUR JOB AND BEING A DRUMMER? Not yet, but I feel like I'll be making that decision in my near future. DO YOU EVER HIDE THAT YOU ARE A DRUMMER OR YOUR PROFESSION? While I'm drumming, I don't really like to tell people I'm a meteorologist because everyone wants a forecast (laughs). I can "nerd out" a bit on severe weather and tornadoes. I'll always like talking about that. But I love talking about music while I'm at my day job. HOW IS YOUR JOB SIMILAR TO DRUMMING OR HOW DO THE TWO COMPLEMENT EACH OTHER? The two positions are very mathy, that's probably the biggest comparison. But my day job is a management position, so I've learned to use those strengths within the business of the band. We do everything ourselves in the band. HOW DO YOU GET INTO THE FRAME OF MIND OF WORK OR DRUMS IF YOU ARE IN THE OPPOSITE ONE? The biggest struggle is trying to focus on my day job—all I do is daydream of where this band is going. I literally have to hide my phone and ignore my personal email if I want to accomplish anything at

FULL NAME: Angela Lese AGE: 36 HOMETOWN: Fort Wayne, IN LIVES IN: Nashville, TN PAST BANDS: CatFight (Louisville, KY) CURRENT BANDS: The Dead Deads (original hard rock), The Cherry Bombs (Runaways tribute band) PAST JOBS: Weather Observer CURRENT JOB: Meteorologist EDUCATION: M.S from Purdue University WORK HOURS: 40/week BAND PRACTICE HOURS: 12-16/week (between practice,shows, band business) YOUR TITLE AT WORK: Science and Operations Officer (aka the office trainer) BAND WEBSITE: WORK WEBSITE:

work! Getting into the drumming frame of mind is easy though. It's where I belong, so my mind can take me there in an instant. WHAT ARE SOME NEW THINGS COMING UP WITH YOUR BAND? So much! Represented by Triad Entertainment and TKO Booking, our plan is to tour, tour, tour in 2016, the soonest being SXSW. We're currently writing a new EP and hope to have our second full-length album out by summer. We began 2016 with a bang by being on the ShipRocked cruise, and we're going to hit the ground running with that momentum!


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