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THE MAGIC BRA Anonymous: This is not a joke ... As a drummer with small, rounded shoulders, I have always struggled to find bras with straps that don’t fall off whilst hitting the drums. For most of my drumming life I have had to put up with straps falling down my arm, thus limiting arm movement, which causes me to lose my groove. In Australia we are pretty behind in boob support technology. However I found this bra while visiting the US in 2012 and have never looked back! (Front-Close Racerback Demi Bra). DANGER: CAMERA MAN Anonymous: When I was playing drums in the Dan Deacon ensemble at Bonnaroo, there were three other drummers playing simultaneously: Greg Fox, Denny Bowen of Double Dagger, and David Jacober from Dope Body. It was sooooooo hot out. In the middle of the set, the other drummers took their shirts off and I was like “fux it” and took my shirt off too. I was wearing one of those bikini bras from American Apparel. One of the dudes from the camera crew who was filming the set came over to me and started exclusively filming my boobs. He was being horribly obvious about it. I think a lot of people might have felt uncomfortable with this, and I guess I did a little bit too, but mostly I thought it was pretty funny. I have since attempted to locate the tape, but have been unable to do so. Maybe he kept the footage in his private collection... PARADIDDLE JIGGLE Anonymous: If you have smaller boobs and you usually don’t wear a bra that doesn’t mean you can go sans bra on stage. Your boobs will still shake around (you can only imagine a paradiddle-diddle) plus the stage lights have a weird effect of making materials transparent. One show I wore a light breezy white tank on stage without a bra and only realized once I looked down that the whole crowd could see right through the shirt to my boobs! That felt like the longest show ever. Pretty much was the reality of one of those naked dreams.

DRUMS AND BREASTS IN EQUAL MEASURES Anonymous: If you wear a shitty non-supportive bra you are screwed, you bounce too much and everyone is focusing on your boobs instead of your beats. Once I was wearing a button up dress that had become a little too small for me and the buttons across my boobs popped open mid song, a photographer from Impose Magazine took a photo and the tagline was “Drums and Breasts in Equal Measures.” Awesome (not). I also have pretty small shoulders compared to my cup size so even if I tighten the straps they end up sliding down and throwing me off, such a pain in the butt (or boob as it were). I now have a trick where I wrap the sleeve of my T-shirt up and around my bra straps to keep everything tucked in, like rolling a pack of cigarettes in your sleeve. THE SHOW MUST GO ON Anonymous: I was playing in a beauty supply store in a shopping center in San Francisco. The lights above us were so bright that it almost felt like I was sitting in the middle of a fashion show. Of course I happened to be wearing a see-through shirt and as soon as I started playing my bra strap fell off my shoulder. My boobs have grown a size or two since I last wore that bra so I could just feel the cusp of my entire breast resting over the fabric. I tried to cover it with my forearm but that prevented me from being able to keep the beat so I just played through it. It kind of made me feel like Tiva from Fantastic Planet and that is extremely worth the exposure.






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