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by Chloe Saavedra of Chaos Chaos Illustrations by Maia Saavedra

As a female drummer I’m often annoyed that the ‘female’ is recognized before the ‘drummer.’ All genders should have the same eligibility and ability to play the drums. However there is one very specific problem for female drummers. I’m talking about boobs. Honestly I wish we could just go topless and avoid the issue altogether but unfortunately that can one, be very painful and two, bring more attention to your boobs than your beats. Drumming is like a sport and we gotta play it right. Here are some stories from female drummers about their boob struggles.

BIKINI KILLS Anonymous: I was playing an outdoor concert in the middle of the summer in a bikini top and a low cut tank top. I was having a blast and really rocking out. In the middle of one song the knot in the back came undone and my bikini top was swinging back and forth from my neck. I had to finish the song with the bikini barely hanging there. I’m pretty sure the audience saw a lot of sideboob that day, not ideal.

GETTING CAUGHT My drum group and I were standing behind curtains as we waited to be announced. We were wearing cowrie-shell bras and long dangling earrings (not the ideal drumming combo) and right before the curtains dropped my earring got caught in my bra strap. Within seconds I needed to detangle it. Luckily my bandmates rescued me and I was safe. Lesson learned—it’s more fashionable to wear something I can drum in.

STRAPLESS OR BUST Anonymous: The straps fall off I’d say about 85% of the time. I’ve had moments where I’ll be in the middle of a song and my boob decides to make an appearance ... but luckily my friends usually pull through and come to my rescue. I have a select few who are constantly on bra patrol. I sometimes wish it was okay to be completely topless. I’d be all about that.

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