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The Contact 8” splash is the brightest out of the three. It has thicker lathed marks that set it a part from the rest of the splashes. Once I set it up with my kit I noticed that I couldn’t hear it very well when I added it within my fills. The tone is bright, almost too tin-sounding for me, and the decay is very quick. This splash would be great for someone who plays mellow music, so it’s not drowned out by the other cymbals and drums when you’re playing. It also isn’t rounded correctly. On the right half and left top of the splash it’s not evenly cut. I’m not sure if this augmented the sound at all or if its the design. Overall, I would recommend this splash to anyone who plays softer music. It has nice bright tone and short sustain that works perfectly for a quick accent cymbal.

The new Bliss series 8” splash is powerful with middle range tone. The Bliss splash is thin and is complimented with subtle lathing. In terms of sound, the Bliss reminds me of the Energy but without the initial shimmer. Playing it with my kit I also found it was hard to hear over the sounds of my drums and other cymbals. The Bliss has a very bright sound on the first initial contact with my stick that quickly decays into a mid range tone. There is also a quarter size dent in mine, which could have altered the sound. I would recommend the Bliss for any drummer that plays softer music. Overall, this splash is great for any drummer that wants a distinctive, middle range sounding splash that won’t overpower any of the other cymbals.

The new Energy 8” splash is a great cymbal to add to any kit. It has fast attack and a mid-low tone. This was my favorite to play with my kit because of its outstanding presence. On initial contact, the splash gives off a shimmery and distinctive sound—close to that of a gong. The raw bell adds to its interesting tone and weight, truly setting it a part from the bliss and contact series. I would definitely recommend this splash if you’re looking for one modestly priced, combined with a bright explosive sound that quickly decays into a distinct mid-low range tone.



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Issue 18: The Rebel Issue featuring Gina Schock of The Go Gos, Fay Milton of The Savages, Habibi, The Suzan, Skip the Needle, Planning to Ro...

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