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Dream Cymbals was first established in Canada in 2005. Since their start, Dream successfully distributes its product all over the world. Their cymbals are carefully crafted in the Wuhan region of China where Dream creates its amazing cymbals and gongs. Selling in over 14 countries, Dream cymbals is just getting started, creating exceptional cymbals and gongs for an affordable price to drummers and percussionists around the world. Dream is unlike any other cymbal company on the market, specially designing their cymbals and gongs with bronze bell technology. They have many popular lines of cymbals which include the Bliss series, Energy and Contact. Their cymbals translate into all genres of music and are sturdy and durable for long term playing. Dream cymbals are a must-have if you want a cymbal with interesting tones, dynamic sounds, a competitive price, and beautiful aesthetics— they’re simply a great choice for any drummer.





Dream Cymbals has recently introduced a new Energy Crash to its line. At 17”, this cymbal has great attack with a long decay. The cymbal is adorned with a raw bell and is hand hammered, which adds to its interesting and explosive sound. It’s shimmery but balanced with dark tones which make this a dynamic cymbal for many genres of music. After I set it up with my kit, I noticed how loud this cymbal really was. The Energy’s explosive shimmer matched with its low timbre can cut through anything. Using it to complete drum fills, I wanted to see how it sounded as a ride. It has beautiful balance tonally and keeps its attack going when hit harder and harder. It has great presence and a dynamic sound that would be perfect for any musician who is playing live or recording in the studio. The Energy crash is a solid pick for someone who is looking for a new crash with a lot of character. Dream perfectly delivered quality, matched with great tone and volume.

Dream has recently created the new 22” Gorilla Ride to the family. Some of the outstanding aesthetics include a 5” bell, deep hammer marks adorned all over the cymbal, and matched with a lathed surface. Once I set it up with my kit, I realized how much power this cymbal packs. The heavy weight adds to its long sustain that cut over the sounds of my drums. I started playing eighth notes on the edge of the cymbal, which were a little drowned out by the ride’s loud ping. I began to play quieter so I would be able to hear the natural tones more clearer. The ping sound does not seem to subside no matter how loud or soft you play. After, I began to play quarter notes on the bell to see how it affected the timbre. The bell has very dry tones, but there is no real distinction in sound between the bell and the body of the cymbal—all the sounds blend together. I was hoping for a more pronounced bell but it did not seem to deliver for me. Overall, I had a fun time playing with the Gorilla Ride. Its 22” size is definitely exciting to play and it’s a gorgeous cymbal. Dream’s Gorilla ride is great for anyone who wants their ride in the forefront with dark and dry tones.

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