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urban youth. A lot of my workshops are STOMP inspired– using everyday household items to create music, so when I heard STOMP was holding open auditions I went for it.

HOW IS T HI S JOB DI FFE R E NT F RO M OT H E R D RU M M IN G E X PE RIE N C ES? The show is completely prop-oriented. No one grows up with special training in brooms and trash can lids. The props are a able - being on time, taking criticism positively, and having a conduit to what you can do rhythmically. What may be easy to willingness to practice. This is a profession and creative outlet play on a practice pad is completely different when playing with that I do not take for granted. a wooden pole and hammer handle. Prior to STOMP, I had always played behind the kit. I A R E TH E R OLES IN STOM P GENDER -S P EC IFIED? felt so exposed when I first started performing NAME: KRIS LEE RAMOS AGE: 27 with STOMP, just out there - vulnerable with How have you dealt with being only one of HOMETOWN: COLCHESTER, CT no drum kit in front of me. two women in the cast? There are certain LIVES IN: NYC roles that are female or male preferred. The PAST BANDS: THE KIM TRUSTY WH AT ’S THE B EST WAY TO P R E PA RE FO R A SH OW? characters are modeled after the original BAND, GUERILLA MONASTICS London STOMP cast members. The producers DRUM SET UP: FOUR PIECE CUSTOM MADE NESTING KIT FROM I get to the theater early, set my props, warm will cast new members into a role that will fit DRUMMERS WORLD IN NYC, DW up, and stretch before rehearsal. 20 minutes well, whether it be male or female. I love be7000 PEDAL before we go on stage is my favorite. We meet ing a gal on the stage with the guys. My goal SECONDARY SNARE: 3X13 in the green room to clap through routines is to get to the point in my performing career PEARL PICCOLO, DW AND TAMA or talk through parts of the show. It’s a time where they need to keep up with me. HARDWARE. CYMBAL SET UP: 14’’ ZILDJIAN A where we can set the tone for the night. The CUSTOM HH’S, 16’’ PAISTE MEDIUM solidarity and love that flows immediately WH AT A DV IC E WOU LD YOU GIV E TO OTH ER WOM EN W HO CRASH, 22’’ SABIAN RIDE before a show is what propels me to perform DR EA M OF LA NDING A JOB LIK E TH IS? STICKS: REGAL TIP 7AN’S FOR JAZZ at my best. AND VATER 5A’S AND VIC FIRTH Tenacity is key. I auditioned twice before I was STEVE SMITH SIGNATURES FOR ALL ELSE WH AT S KI L LS HAV E YOU L E A RN E D T H RO U G H T H IS, A N D considered for the show. Timing is everything. FAVORITE PERCUSSION HOW HAS I T HE L P E D YOU GR OW AS A D RU M M E R? Talent is important, but the producers may PIECE: THE DJEMBE not see you fitting in at that moment or with FAVORITE VENUE: HARPA THEATRE Listening. STOMP is an incredibly tight ensemthat particular cast. Be patient. Have fun. The IN REYKJAVIK, ICELAND ble. Balancing the finesse of a prop and being casting directors want to see that you’re conspatially aware on stage is always a challenge, fident. Your music doesn’t have to be perfect, learning to vibe with the cast and connect with you just have to go in there knowing who you the audience is an ongoing, creative process. The demands of the are and play to your strengths. Fluidity with others on stage is show have made me physically stronger and have helped me to paramount. Enjoy the process. Be kind and supportive to others, cultivate a workout discipline. A lot of this job is being dependthey want this dream as much as you do. TO M TOM MA GA Z INE


Tom Tom Magazine Issue 18: Rebel Issue  

Issue 18: The Rebel Issue featuring Gina Schock of The Go Gos, Fay Milton of The Savages, Habibi, The Suzan, Skip the Needle, Planning to Ro...

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