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PORTFOLIO – JANUARY 2020 – mongolia


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Hi, i‘m tom Traveling is essentially a meaning of our existence. I‘m totally convinced of that. For what do we live here on this planet if we are not interested in exploring this little blue nutshell in the midst of the vast ocean of the Universe?

In addition to my portfolio on my homepage and my pictures and stories on Instagram, I want to create another stage for my experiences with „SEEN - by Tom Tautz“ and set a focus for each issue. On a topic, a journey, a job. v

I want to show how I see the world and how I preserve it photographically. I want to value and be grateful for what I have been allowed to experience – i want to inspire! And of course I would like to recommend myself. To you, your publisher, your magazine, your company. As a photographer, and multimedia storyteller.

Thank you for your interest, Tom.

mongolia! Wide, jagged, dusty, juicy, colorful, dreary, striking, quite varied and quite impressive: the Republic of Mongolia. 1.500.000 km2, over three million inhabitants, approx. 6.000 kilometers and 11 hours flight time away from Europe, framed by Russia, Kazakhstan and China. An unreal place - as unlikely as dreams can be. And that‘s how it was – my two-week tour of Mongolia – it was like a dream.

It may have been because I could not really sleep during my time there - perhaps due to the jet lag - or by the unusual accommodations - but certainly because of the really very incredible impressions I have sucked every second like a sponge the water.

And of course: from the photographer‘s perspective, i can hardly imagine another country that offers so many facets like Mongolia. Snow-capped mountains, green forests, vast grasslands, the Gobi Desert, the city of Ulan Bator and of course the Mongols: city dwellers, villagers, nomads, hunters, ranchers, traders. There are stories here ... you hardly believe it.

Therefore, a two-week trip can not be anything but a tasting. A brief moment of looking through a keyhole, meaning you are seeing the world. It is only a very small section. And that pretty much makes me want more.

Finally I would like to say a big thank you to Max Münch. One of the most creative people I know and the one who showed me Mongolia as part of his project „Follow the Tracks“. Max, you are the dude - thank you so much!

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Seen – 2020 / #1 – Mongolia  

Seen – 2020 / #1 – Mongolia  

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