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Handling False Allegations of Abuse during a Child Custody Dispute

If you are undergoing a divorce in San Jose, you should know that a number of people will go to shocking lengths to harm their ex during a divorce proceeding. There are plenty of “dirty divorce tricks” that individuals have tried over the years. One of the most heinous includes incorrect allegations of child misuse. Allegations of child abuse are treated very seriously in Family Court in Santa Clara County California. Each child custody and visitation decision made by the Court will be made after considering the best interests of the children, and child abuse is never in a child’s best interests. There are serious legal charges associated with child abuse and there are also serious legal charges associated with lying under oath (perjury) when intentionally making a false allegation of a criminal activity. There are two common circumstances including false misuse accusations during a divorce-related child custody dispute. Typically it is the mother who accuses the father of sexually abusing the children, or the father accuses the mother’s new romantic partner of sexually abusing the children. Cases including statements of sex-related abuse are usually difficult to deal with in Court but they are even more susceptible to problems when the alleged victim is a young child. Read the complete Article at its Original Source.

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Handling False Allegations of Abuse During a Child Custody Dispute  

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