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Businesses whether small scale or large scale needs to have adequate amount of public exposure in order to get popularity and prospects. Over the years different mediums of advertisement and promotion are in use to promote businesses like Television, Radio or newspaper but a recent and new medium of business promotion is gaining popularity like anything. We all are aware of messages or sms (as we say it). Widespread use and popularity of sms makes business owners to think about the use of messages as promotional material and with the support of advanced technology it is quite possible to send thousands of promotional messages with almost no time laps.

People often refer mass sms as Text online or computer messages also as bulk messages are often sent by a computer using a sms gateway and messaging software. Message generated from a computer goes through a computer and sms gateway to service provider and then get routed as the normal mobile messages. Messages from computer are identical to the mobile messages and receivers cannot distinguish between mobile text and online text. There are few web services also which allows people to send messages to any mobile number using online interface but such web services are not useful to send bulk sms as there is often a limit to send messages and message sending process is time taking and complex.

Using a sms gateway is quite useful and appropriate way to send text message in bulk. Many operator provide sms gateway as a part of their business services at a very economical prices which are in reverse proportion to the quantity of text message for example if you are taking a 1000 message pack your per sms cost is quite low as compared to the 100 text message pack. So more you use lesser you pay

and some companies provide message services at even a price hard to believe.

Text messages have many advantages as compared to any other medium of business promotion and messages are not only useful to business promotion but they can serve many other purposes and infect many organisations use text messages as an integral part of their business services. Have you ever noticed a message reminding about your policy date, account balance and other useful stuff? These type of messages are in use by many organisations as a regular part of their business services to increase the customer satisfaction levels.

While going for a bulk messaging campaign focus on the following few points in order to gain the maximum ROI. First of all it should be very clear that what customer niches must

be targeted in order to make the highest impact ratios for example if you run a beauty parlor for women then it’s not important to send messages to men. Again what is the highest age group coming to you in parlor must be focused. There is a limit of 160 characters in almost every country for message sending therefore every important information regarding your message must get displayed in those 160 words itself. Try to make a list of points which are important and needs to be communicated in any message and then try to design the message body accordingly. Successful messages needs to be concise rather than precise.

– There are many benefits any bulk sms can give to your business. It can be used as business promotion medium or can be used as an integral part of business services. With the use of sms gateway text message can be sent using a compute often termed as text online.

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