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Employee Relations Are Directly Proportional To Industrial Relations Summary: Industrial relations help prevent tension in workplace and creates a better environment for workers to work. It improves relations between management and employees helping the company to yield positive results in productivity and sales. Main:

It is a universally acknowledged fact that bigger the industry higher the chances of industrial conflicts and unrest. Therefore maintaining industrial peace is one of the primary lookouts of the industry for these conflicts may give rise to strikes, poor productivity and damage to goodwill. Discontent among employees need to be pulled out from its root before it starts growing and hence industrial relations management is very essential to improve relationships between management and employees or between two groups of employees. We know that a huge change has occurred in the business world, more so in the 21st century. Industrialization, globalization and many other factors like liberalization of markets have brought about this huge change. Hence more attention is given to industrial processes and this makes human resource management all the more necessary. Increase in population and increase in demand of goods have given rise not only to higher productivity but also stiff competition. In a competitive market human resource management is the only safe option to enhance business survival and success. From the concept of human resource management arises the concept of industrial relations. It is a relatively modern term explaining the relationship between employees and management.

Improved industrial relations is a matter of how well you behave and how cordial you are even to the simplest of workers working under you. If the management is well behaved and has an attitude that goes along with everyone then relationships can be simple. But if the management is at fault and their attitude towards their staff is rude then it can lead to industrial tension and this tension harms the company in more ways than one. Hence, maintaining industrial relations is of vital importance if you want your company to run smoothly. Industrial relations establish industrial democracy and hence prevent workers from feeling like slaves. One of the prime reasons why you would want better employee relations is to run your company smoothly. You would not want internal tensions to affect your productivity and sales and damage your goodwill. Employee relations contribute largely to economic growth and in turn economic development. Cordial relations not only prevent disturbances but they also create an environment for workers to relish their work. It boosts morale of the work force and ensures optimum use of resources and before you know it your workers will not only work with greater enthusiasm but will also make good use of scarce resources that were previously wasted. Industrial relations also prohibit unfair practices both by the management and the employees. They also help solve internal problems through mutual agreement. Good industrial relations help build teamwork and boost cooperation among employees. This not only improves performance and productivity but also encourages work force to adapt and adjust to situations better. There is better understanding, better use of resources, better working conditions, discipline, better welfare facilities and what not! To run an industry smoothly it is very important to have cordial relation between management and union. Therefore there is a strong need of Industrial Relations to keep work environment positive and active.

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