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When Not to Upgrade Your Car Different people have different car buying habits. Some people like to upgrade their car every year or two while others are content driving around an old beater because it still gets them from A to B. It really comes down to a matter of preference. While there are many good reasons to upgrade your car (want a car with better gas mileage, want something more reliable, need a bigger/smaller vehicle) there are also reasons to not upgrade your car. Here are 4 situations in which you should not upgrade your vehicle: Your current car works fine A car is meant to safely and comfortably get you from place to place. If it does both of those things, there really is no need to buy the next best thing. Sure, you may want to impress your friends with a flashy car, but is it worth the extra costs associated with it? You can’t afford it You can expect a car payment to increase when you upgrade your car. Although, costs associated with a new car don’t just pertain to the sticker price. The cost of insurance will go up with a new car, as will the cost of parts and service repair if anything goes wrong. If you were planning on upgrading to a larger vehicle, you need to take the increased cost of gas into consideration. The future is uncertain Sure a sporty car might be nice now, but what if you decide to start a family? A flashy new car might be well suited for a young single person or a young couple but the size and or cost could become inconvenient within a few years. The new model isn’t any better Some car enthusiasts just like to have the “new toy” simply because it’s new. However, newer doesn’t always mean better. For example, the manufacturer may remove a feature of the vehicle that you loved. About the Author: Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts of Waterbury, CT is a multi channel used foreign auto part retailer. Tom’s Foreign Auto Parts specializes in parting out all foreign late model salvage cars and sells quality car replacement parts and accessories online. For more information please visit or call 800-255-6656.

When Not to Upgrade Your Car