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June 2012

June 2012

Bent Magazine


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Issue 161 2012

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6 - Adam Lambert Trespass at your peril

27. Deadmau5 The Veldt

40 Reviews Film, Books, DVD

11. Stooshe Girls with attitude

29. Sam Sparro New album, new image

46. Travel Isle of Wight

12. Beyonce Gay TV Drama

31. American Connection

Mika Newton

47. Travel Stratford

15. ftw New Boy Band

34. Tellin’ Stories Going for Geisha

56. Savidge Opinions The arrogance of youth

22. The Wanted Man candy

36 Johan’s Blog Twinks and more twinks

60 Bent Fiction It’s my job

23. Ryan Jagger Pride in a performance

39. Alan Turing Tribute to the genius

62 Horoscope By Phillip Garcia


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Bent Magazine

June 2012

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June 2012

Bent Magazine


Trespass At Your Peril Adam Mitchell Lambert is a bit of a phenomenon. For those here in the UK who plugged into what could possibly be the finest debut album, For Your Entertainment, we already know what this man is capable of doing. A vocal range that is simply stunning, an attitude (the man is gay and makes sure everybody knows it) that is perfectly thrilling, sold out stage shows and looks that any catwalk model would simply die for… oh yes, Adam Lambert has it all… and then some. Not bad for a man who was only the runner up on American Idol. You’re a very fashionable chap so how important do you think the link is between fashion and music? Why thank you! I don’t think one NEEDS the other but when fashion and music are combined it becomes a stronger representation of one’s lifestyle and general outlook. I think they definitely influence each other. Do you have a designer who creates your look or is it all you? I make final decisions and dress myself often but I also work with stylists that help pull things and suggest pieces and combinations. I have a few favourite designers whose collections inspire my style. His second studio album, Trespassing, has been a while in coming. With an original release date of March, the disc was delayed as he said he wanted 6

Bent Magazine

June 2012

Gordon Hopps

more remixes and include new collaborations. For the album he teamed up with a host of songwriters and producers including Pharrell Williams, Claude Kelly, Benny Blanco and Sam Sparro. The fact that he released a brilliant single from the album,’ Better Than I Know Myself’, earlier in the year only added to the clamouring expectations for what is to come and what we could expect. “Trespassing” took over a year to create. I wrote on many of the songs and I’m excited to drop it later this spring. It’s a different sound than the last album. Lots of electronic dance funk and darker synth pop sounds are used to convey my personality. The songs are auto-biographical and very honest. Even though the material is very personal, I hope almost anyone will be able to relate to it. I think all human beings want the same things out of life. We want happiness, love, attention, sex, and FUN. Since American Idol you seem to be in the gossip columns all the time… are you just playing a part or are the paparazzi getting to you? I think true art and those who create it should inspire conversation. If there’s interest I hope it’s because people find me interesting. Gossip comes with the territory called Celebrity I guess.

When you are back home where do you hang out and who with? I hang at home a lot. I invite friends over or meet them out for dinners occasionally. My boyfriend and I go to the movies a lot. I’m pretty normal... Who would you like to be stuck on a desert island with? My boyfriend! What is your guilty pleasure? Dark Chocolate. And Gossip Girl. Away from music what do you like to do? Shop. I have a fashion addiction...

‘Never Close Our Eyes’ – is the second single release and was written by Bruno Mars and produced by Dr Luke, will be available to download from 24th June, while the album ‘Trespassing’ will follow on 2nd July. Adam auditioned for American Idol by singing a selection of Queen songs. His theatricality and superb vocals were obviously likened to his music hero Freddie Mercury, which came to a brilliant and show-stopping conclusion when he joined members of Queen for the series final singing We Are The Champions. Since then, Adam has been continuously linked with the band, many gossip columns and music journalists thinking he would be a natural replacement for Freddie. All this came to a head when earlier this year it was announced that a version of Queen fronted by Adam would perform at the Sonisphere festival in Knebworth and a show in Moscow. Adam said of this liaison: “I will be their guest as lead singer this summer… two very special nights that I’m honoured to be a part of.” Unfortunately, according to organizers, plans for the event in England in July were scrapped due to unforeseen difficulties. Adam later tweeted his fans: “While I’m sad that the Sonisphere festival has been cancelled, I’m hopeful that Queen and I will share a stage again someday in the future.” Almost immediately there was frenzied activity to make this happen so Adam and Queen are set to perform three shows on 11th, 12th and 14thJuly at the Hammersmith, London. The tickets sold out in a matter of moments when they went on sale.

June 2012

Bent Magazine


BLOOMS FOR BOYS SAYING it with flowers is about to get a whole new meaning thanks to a stylish new website aimed at the male market. Blooms For Boys is about to revolutionise the flower industry, thanks to its imaginative and highly stylised floral sculptures targeted at men. Three ranges – Lifestyle, Wicked and Wonderful – are for men who like flowers but have been unable to find any arrangements with a masculine edge – until now. They are also perfect table centrepieces for parties, celebrations or civil partnerships or even as a present for a woman who prefers highly stylised and unique floral arrangements. Prices range from £155 to £165 per arrangement.

Obama joins global trend to gay marriage “President Obama joins the British Prime Minister and the new French President in backing same-sex marriage. It’s an unstoppable global trend, with more and more countries planning to end the ban on gay couples getting married. There is growing momentum for samesex marriage in many countries, from Cuba to Nepal, Denmark, Australia and Columbia,” said human rights campaigner Peter Tatchell. Mr Tatchell is the national coordinator of the UK’s Equal Love campaign, which seeks to overturn the twin legal bans on gay civil marriages and heterosexual civil partnerships. “It is significant that Obama’s change of heart was prompted by discussions with his family and friends, including gay White House staffers and gay parents at his daughters’ school. He was also influenced by the sacrifices of US lesbian and gay military personnel. This is further evidence that people who have gay friends are more likely to support gay equality. “Same-sex couples are already allowed to marry in Canada, Spain, Portugal, Argentina, Norway, Sweden, Belgium, the Netherlands, Iceland and South Africa; plus several states in the US, Mexico and Brazil.

“British public opinion is overwhelmingly in favour of same-sex marriage. A Populus poll in March 2012 found that 65% of the public agreed: “Gay couples should have an equal right to get married, not just to have civil partnerships.” Only 27% disagreed. This represents a steady increase in public support for marriage equality and a decline in public opposition,” said Mr Tatchell. 14th June is the end date for submissions to the government’s equal-civil-marriage

La Leche The Fashion White Party After a break of several years, the Fashion White Party from Matinee Group ‘La Leche’ returns to London with a huge production party at an incredible club space. Now, with Bank Holiday season upon us they are thrilled to be moving home to the spectacular Electric Brixton venue, formerly the Fridge. With a huge stage to mount full-scale shows and production, , with stunning gogos and performers in head to toe white couture outfits from Barcelona. Special guest DJ JORDI LIGHTS flies in from Spain, joined by vocal powerhouse VANESSA KLEIN responsible for such anthems as ‘Addicted’ by Taito Tikaro and ‘Pray’. Plus the all-star London residents including Rob Sykes and Paul Heron. Sunday 3rd June 11pm-6am @ Electric Brixton, London Admission: £10


Bent Magazine

June 2012


and the


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June 2012

Bent Magazine


Mardi Gras Cardiff

Donna Summer There have been many ‘diva’ disco singers – some worthy of the name, others mere pretenders. Donna Summer was the real deal. Her first hit was I Feel Love and her voice, coupled with the electronic Giorgio Moroder production sent disco music into the realms of DISCO. Yes, that dance music that everyone was scoffing had suddenly found a sound like nothing else around at the time and it was accompanied by a voice that a whole dancecrazed public wanted more of. Donna didn’t disappoint; releasing hit after hit and keeping those dancefloors filled and becoming, perhaps surprisingly to her, an icon for the emerging gay movement. We all loved her and thought nothing would


Bent Magazine

June 2012

ever change but, later in her career, this deeply religious woman was reported as saying some very negative things about the AIDS crisis, which many of her adoring fans found insulting. She always claimed that she never said anything detrimental, and Pete Waterman, who produced several of her hits, said that she stopped giving interviews after that. However, the damage was done… but it hurt. Donna may have hurt for being mis-reported but her fans hurt because of the perceived betrayal and the fact that we still loved her and her music. The hits may have dried up but her legacy of gay anthemic songs that were a soundtrack to 80s gay culture lives on. Donna Summer died on 17th May in Florida after a long battle with cancer.

X Factor finalist Marcus Collins and Chart topping Heather Small will headline at this year’s annual Cardiff Wales LGBT Mardi Gras event to be held at Coopers Field, Cardiff on Saturday 1 September. Marcus Collins said: ‘As a singer it’s a great privilege to be asked to take part in such an event. I hope that people come from far and wide to celebrate their diversity and make Cardiff come alive on a very special day” Now in its 13 year, this year’s event will see the launch of the inaugural Mardi Gras Parade through the city centre. Organisers are encouraging festival-goers not only to have a great day out and celebrate d i v e r s i t y, but to fill the

streets of Cardiff with colour, floats and carnival for the occasion. This year’s attraction will kick off at midday and feature ten hours of music and entertainment as well as advice and support for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Tr a n s g e n d e r communities. O t h e r highlights i n c l u d e : Local and international talent, cabaret, dance arena, f u n f a i r, bars and catering. Tickets for the daytime event: £6 Adults, £3 for 10-16 yearolds and free entry under 10. The official Mardi Gras After Party in conjunction with SuperMar tXé presenting the Freemasons: A Wales Debut for SuperMartXé and their first UK gig out of London, as part of their World tour.

Tickets £17.50 Adults only

Girls with attitude By Ryan Houston Utterly uninterested in following the formula, Stooshe, the Londonbased three-piece have not only disregarded the girl band code of conduct; they’ve ripped it into teeny tiny shreds. Having received positive reviews wherever they perform and with the release of their first studio album immanent, we wanted to see what made these feisty ladies tick.

Alexandra Burke Fresh fr om the huge s u c c e s s of her Top 3 s m as h ‘Ele p h a n t ’ , pop jugger n aut Alex a n d r a B urke retur ns with her h u g e l y antic ipated s econd a l b u m , ‘H ear tbr eak On Hold’. S inc e emer ging as v i c t o r of the X Factor in 2008, A l exan dr a has had unprecedented s ucces s . He r debut s ingle ‘Halleluj a h ’ i s sti l l the fas tes t s elling s i n g l e by a fem ale ar tis t i n UK c har t his tor y. She has t o d a t e sol d an as tonis hing 4 m i l l i o n records in the UK alo n e a n d had th r ee No.1 s ingl e s a n d N o. 1 debut album.

Li k e a l l g r e a t p o p m u si c, t h i s a l b u m e f fo r t l e s sl y w ra p s lyrical sadness in songs that m a k e y o u wa n t t o d an ce. It ’s n o t b y a c c i d e n t . “I ’ m t h a t p e r s o n wh o a lwa y s w a n t s t o t u r n a n e g a t i ve i n t o a p o si t i ve b e c a u s e i t ’s j u s t t h e w a y I t h i n k ,” ex p l a i n s Al ex an d ra . I t ’s a n a l b u m o f p owe r p o p, e l e c t r i c e m o t i o n a nd d e m o n d a n c e t r a c k s … d o n ’ t m i ss i t . ‘ H e a r t br e a k O n H ol d ’ O ut : 4t h June

What makes you ladies different? The main difference with us is that there are no rules. A lot of girl bands that are around at the moment are really constructed by their managers, we’re not. We are three girls from South London having a lot of fun and expressing ourselves through music. We say exactly what is on our minds and we hope to always keep that vibe around us. For your first single, ‘Love Me’ you teamed up with Travie McCoy, how did it feel working with him and is there anyone else you’d like to work with in the future? We absolutely loved working with Travie, we say he’s like the BFG (Big Friendly Giant), such a great guy. He is so friendly and easy to talk to as well. We are open-

minded about working with anyone and everyone, as long as they allow themselves to be free and can link in with our vibe then that’s great. However, Jay-Z and Kanye West can call us anytime. What is the best thing about being in the band for you? It’s a mix of so many things, we love being able to travel and see things that we wouldn’t be able to do if we weren’t involved in the industry. We also just love making music and having the chance to do it every day is something that is just brilliant. How did it feel for you to go from everyday normal London lasses to chart topping singer’s over-night?   If we’re totally honest, it hasn’t sunk in yet. We are three happy girls that got very lucky and are living it up right now, and hoping that it lasts for a very long time. What can fans of ‘Stooshe’ expect from the upcoming album and when will the album be released? The album is out at the end of this month, it’s a real electronic mix of everything. There’s not a definitive theme, it’s a lot like us. Single: Black Heart Out: 18th June

June 2012

Bent Magazine


The Gay TV Drama Llama? Remember when Channel 4 made that radical new drama about gay men living in Manchester? Seems like a million years ago, doesn’t it? Back in 1999 we saw Stuart Alan Jones rimming a 15-year old Nathan Maloney. Since then we’ve seen Anthony Cotton on Corrie and a gay chav in Shameless. But there hasn’t been anything as groundbreaking in suggesting that gay men aren’t all victims or camp sideshows. Queer as Folk’s most provocative premise was that we have problems just like everyone else, and they’re problems that matter. It’s not a secret that there’s a paucity of gay role models on TV. Gay magazines have discussed this issue, at length, before. I’ve discussed this issue before. But what I have noticed is that while we’ve not had a single mainstream drama about and for gay men since Queer as Folk, off the top of my head I can think of three about and (allegedly) for lesbians: Sugar Rush, The L Word and Lip Service. I say ‘allegedly’ because the first came perilously close to teen drama territory, while the last seems entirely for the titillation of straight men. Perhaps this is why dyke dramas are so much more popular with commissioners than gay dramas. I had the wonderful opportunity to speak to Henry Swindell, who develops new writing talent in the north for the BBC, and his thought was that a show that focussed on gay male protagonists would probably only be picked up by Channel 4, with a smaller chance of being picked up by BBC3 if the age-range was 16-25. When I spoke to Red Media, the production company behind Russell T. Davies’ queer classic, they themselves said it had been a long time since a gay drama had hit the screens, and acknowledged there might be an audience for it. But if there is, why has it been so long? Why are gay men much less appealing than lesbians to mainstream TV? I’m going to go

out on a limb here and suggest it’s this: sex. Think about it. The gay men who are popular and acceptable on mainstream TV are all pretty neutered these days: Graham Norton is a cheeky Irish chappy who seems a million miles away from his raunchier Channel 4 days, and Paul O’Grady has long since said goodbye to the acidic wit of Lily Savage. Add in the unfairly maligned Louis Spence and Anthony Cotton, and all-in-all you have a bunch of gay men without balls. No, let me rephrase that, because it’s not fair: they probably do have lots of balls, but we’re not usually allowed to see them.They’re not allowed to have spunk, and they’re not really allowed to discuss their sex lives outside the realms of camp innuendo. Gay men on TV these days are pretty much castrated by the powers that be. When was the last time anyone saw Julian Clary boldly claiming to have fisted a politician? When was the last time anyone saw him at all? These days I only see his face when I pass his book on the shelves in my local Waterstones. Gay sex must be, if you happen to be a straight male TV exec, rather terrifying. If you’re a female TV exec (and I hear there may be a few out there somewhere), gay sex probably isn’t terrifying, but it might be a little bit . . . dirty. I mean, it’s all bums and public lavs, isn’t it? But lesbian sex? Well that’s almost dainty. It’s just the glide of fingers with manicured nails, sensual stroking of furry things, and pink lipsticked mouths closing over pert, inoffensive nipples. (At least, it is if you believe the fantasy sex scenes in Lip Service.) Lesbian sex is appealing to straight men and, as it’s presented on TV, cheeky but nonthreatening to straight women. I guess this can partly be chalked up to gender inequality. It’s still perfectly fine to see a woman’s knockers in the family paper, but not at all to see an erect male penis on

TV, which is one of the few things still banned. People don’t like to be reminded of cocks standing firm and proud, like a blade ready to cut even the most masculine of men down to size. I imagine straight men don’t like to be reminded that in the face of Stuart Jones’ well-used cock—or even his probing tongue in that opening episode—even they can be rendered passive and receptive. Commissioners may have something up their sleeves, I guess. But why wait? I think it’s about time to claim back TV drama for the gays. I don’t just want to see the politically-correct, well-behaved, boy-next-door homos of lighthearted sitcoms. I want to see the messy, angry, confused, downtrodded, broken-hearted, slutty, passionate, crazy, fabulous and thoroughly uncompromising side of queer life we all see every day. As a community we’re a weird and assorted bunch. For every clean-cut cissy and disco dolly, there’s a gay accountant or a sex-crazed homo investment banker. We fall in love. We go to work. What’s most terrifying about us, I guess, is that we’re perfectly normal. So if the normal and everyday is the stuff of TV drama, and can be spun into countless variations on a theme, why not when it comes to gay men? One recent ray of light was BBC’s Beautiful People. Though it wasn’t wholly gay, the main character and his best friend were gay, albeit in an asexual way (they were, after all, pre-pubescent boys). Scriptwriter Jonathan Harvey is the incisive writer of Beautiful Thing and Gimme Gimme Gimme, and he never fails to deliver (those scenes he writes for Coronation Street are the ones where Anthony Cotton actually does shine). But both RussellT. and Jonathan are from the 90s.Where’s the next queer scriptwriter of our decade? There must be one waiting somewhere. It’s been a very long time. TV execs take note: we’re here, we’re queer, and one of us must have a script idea!

Yorkshire Know Your HIV Status A quarter of people living with HIV do not know that they have the virus. Knowing if you are HIV positive or negative enables you to make confident choices about your health and gain peace of mind. Yorkshire MESMAC is launching the first Yorkshire Know Your HIV Status Day on 7th June to encourage everyone living in Yorkshire to know their HIV status and get tested. The sooner you know your status the better. An earlier diagnosis gives you access to the healthcare you may need and allows you to protect your sexual partners as well. Tom Hunt explained, ‘Yorkshire MESMAC has a long running, award winning, rapid HIV testing service called Testing Times which has expanded from Leeds to cover the Wakefield, Bradford and North Yorkshire regions’. On the Yorkshire Know Your HIV Status Day, our offices in Leeds, Bradford, Wakefield and York will be throwing open their doors Thursday 7th June for people to come and get tested from 10am to 7pm. The service is open

to everyone over 16. It is free, fast and confidential with results back in 20 minutes using a small pin-prick sample of blood from your finger. Testing Times also runs during the week in different locations, during the day, evenings and even on a Saturday. Call your local area office for more information or if you have any questions: Leeds 0113 244 4209 Bradford 01274 395 815 Wakefield 01924 211 117 North Yorkshire 01904 620 400 If you are not in the areas above and you would like to find your closest HIV testing centre, call the National Sexual Health Helpline on 0800 567 123.

Yorkshire know Your

hiV status DaY th


June 2012

For directions to your local hiV testing site call our dedicated mobile 07980 176 746 or contact your local Yorkshire MesMaC office.

LeeDs 01132 444 209

60 upper Basinghall street, Leeds, Ls1 5hr

BraDForD 01274 395 815 / 01274 740 548 Discreet central venue please call for details

wakeFieLD 01924 211 116

VawD, 13 upper York street, wakefield, wF1 3LQ

York 01904 620 400

the workshop, Marygate Lane, York, Yo30 7BJ

Showgirls Smash Gran Canaria Pride' Maspalomas Pride has become a ‘must-go’ event on the gay pride calendar. This annual celebration of diversity, hedonism and fun in the sun was brought to vivid, colourful life last month by the inclusion of the ‘girls’ (and boys) from the Viaduct Showbar in Leeds. It was their first International booking and excitingly they were the only British Drag Showgirls to perform on the main stage. Danny Cher Bailey, Anja Bach and Cherry Pops, along with dancers Aaron Audis and Andy McGuire, took the crowd of thousands on a trip through some pretty perfect routines. Also part of the team was Leeds

Drag Idol winner, Simon Millea, who won the title when he sang a brilliant tribute to Adele during the original competition. This time, and in front of this massive crowd, and a TV audience of millions, he performed a live vocal tribute to Celine Dion with “My Heart Will Go On”, which had a terrific response from his spell bound audience. The Yumbo Centre is the pivotal point where the huge stage and non-stop entertainment has the crowd in party mood from the very beginning. Top Spanish acts, European DJs, dancers, singers… you name it, there’s a place of the programme for

everyone. However, the Showgirls were a tremendous hit and were found, not only taking the main stage by storm but also hosting events, taking over guest DJ spots and performing at the showbar Sparkles. Photos:

For The Winning formula... By Ryan Houston The latest, in a long line of boy bands ready to take on the screaming hordes is FTW (For The Winning) who have created a bit of a buzz about themselves because, as their facebook page describes them, they are the UK’s No1 new boyband. With the current world success of One Direction it seems that youthful sexiness is still much in demand (although here at the Bent office… it never went away) FTW have signed to Universal Records and, having spent the last year touring the UK appearing alongside artists such as The Saturdays, Example, Alexandra Burke, McFly plus former X Factor winners and finalists the boys hope that their latest single will catapult them into the charts. What first sparked the creation of FTW? Social media played a massive part in the formation of the band. We all met through friends of friends on Facebook and we started going out on nights out. When we got to know each other better we all started singing and trying out different sounds and it was kind of a natural progression from there. We then secured a gig in Birmingham where we got scouted… the rest is history. You guys have been dubbed as the No1 new boy band in the country by the media, how does that feel? It feels amazing to be given that kind of accolade. We just hope we can live up to the hype now. We’re really happy with the sound we’ve chosen and hope that everyone else likes the track and gets behind us.

What is the new single about and what do you hope for it? ‘Loveshot’ is the kind of song we’d all love to dance and sing along to when we’re out in a club. We wanted a song that would be ‘cool’ to play to our mates. Something we’d enjoy listening to and that’s where ‘Loveshot’ came from. We were sick of songs about how guys are too cool to admit they like a someone, and ‘Loveshot’ is about when you see that one person across a club and you’re instantly besotted with them - they’ve got you ‘Loveshot’

You guys have appeared alongside some amazing performers, who has been your favourite? Some that have been right up there at the top have to be Mutya Buena from the Sugababes and also Example, he was just so down to earth and really friendly. What can fans expect from you in the near future? Well we’re carrying on promoting ourselves up and down the UK, getting the FTW name out there. Unlike other bands out there at the minute we’re working from the ground up so there’s still so much more for us to do. We want to get out there and meet as many people as we can and get them involved in the FTW journey - build more weekenders! The debut single ‘Loveshot’ is now available on iTunes.

June 2012

Bent Magazine



Adam Lowe

Bradley Johnson


Stereo Influence


Bradley Johnson’s hot new single ‘Boomerang’ features an addictive chorus. No doubt it will soon be parading across the summer playlists, following the paths of previous X Factor pop creations Olly Murs, JLS, One Direction and Cher Lloyd. Kelly Rowland has already said of the cheeky solo artist, ‘I could listen to that voice on an album from top to bottom’. Bradley proves it’s his voice that’s key; he doesn’t need his former bandmates from the hastily-created Nu Vibe. Already this handsome young crooner looks set to carve himself a place in the nation’s hearts (and in the charts).

Caan returns with ‘Into the Night’: a bold electronic pop song writ large. ‘Into the Night’ is a nod to the UK garage of Caan’s formative years, with sleek melding of 2-step beats, cavernous bass, droning synths and strings to a massive chorus. Though the track crosses over from the underground to what is undoubtedly a mainstream sound, Caan pulls off the difficult task of remaining credible. Caan’s talent, despite only one single release prior to this, has not gone unnoticed. Reebok, i-D magazine and Benny Banks are just some of the big names clamouring to work with him.

Stereo Influence is the brainchild of barely-legal singer-songwriter Marcello Constantinou, and it is this 17-year-old’s youth and vivacity that spills across into the music. ‘Edgar Allen Poe’ is an eclectic melting-pot of clever riffs based on the writer of the same name. Here the band showcase their unique blend of raunchy pop and ear-gripping lyrics which have already snowballed them to critical acclaim and have seen their music play on heavy rotation across the country. The band have been featured artists on Q Radio with their debut single ‘Minority’, and look set to build on that success with ‘Edgar Allen Poe’.

Labelled variously as ‘Ladyhawke meets Florrie’ (Record of the Day) and Ladyhawke with hints of Garbage and The Kills (NME), Wolfette is clearly in good company. But the comparisons do no one any favours, because they ignore Wolfette’s individuality, and an emerging sound that is clearly her own. What’s also clear is that Wolfette’s chic pop is ambitious, full of dirty beats and electro sting. ‘Risk for You’ boasts an elevating chorus and ends up both upbeat and mesmeric. Top-notch production from Icelandic producer Gisli Kristjansson ensures this first single of 2012 continues on the same sure foot Wolfette has become known for.

Boomerang 24th June

Into the Night 11th June


Ibiza Dance Anthems Pacha and Ibiza have always been the leading lights on the summer clubbing scene and with this compilation of 60 huge hits across 3CDs, including massive tracks and remixes from Calvin Harris, Avicii, Swedish House Mafia, David Guetta, Tiesto and Afrojack plus a host of others, makes this the number one Ibiza album for this year. From beach party beats to peak time, dance floor destroyers, this mix is set to stun in the sun. Out Now – New State Music

Win This

Page 62 for details

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this fantastic 3CD collection, just complete the title of this Swedish House Mafia v Tinie Tempah hit: Miami 2 _______?


Bent Magazine

June 2012

Edgar Allen Poe 10th June

Risk for You Out Now

UK GAY OK In a recent survey by TrustLaw, Britain was placed first on the list for the best place in Europe to be LGBT largely due to it’s recognition of civil partnerships for same-sex couples and solid anti-discrimination laws. The International Lesbian and Gay Association (ILGA) ranked 49 countries on more than 40 categories in its first-ever European survey on the legal rights of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersex people (LGBTI). ILGA-Europe said last year saw “great progress” in European and international legislation on LGBTI rights, particularly in the fields of asylum and protection from violence. But it also noted that, from a legal perspective, no European country can claim full equality for its LGBTI citizens.

The TOP 5 1. Britain 2. Germany 3. Spain 4. Sweden 5. Belgium

June 2012

Bent Magazine



Adam Lowe





That’s Why God Made the Radio 4th June

Lily of the Valley 4th June

The Band Called Out for More 11th June

A Tribute Album 25th June

The Beach Boys have reunited for this 50th anniversary album, the first in decades to feature all of the band’s surviving original members. Eleven new songs illustrate The Beach Boys’ unique West Coast story through the band’s signature sound. Lead single ‘That’s Why God Made The Radio’ showcases The Boys’ soaring harmonies in an upbeat ode to music’s radio champions. Other new songs include ‘Think About The Days’, ‘Isn’t It Time’, and ‘Summer’s Gone’. The Beach Boys’ collaborative approach to creating their music is evident throughout the album, with all of the band members participating in its glorious harmonies, lyrics, and arrangements.

This young Irish foursome spawned their debut album in a disused office in North Country Dublin back in 2010. Fast-forward to 2012 and the album is ready to launch, with production duties helmed by Stephen Street (The Smiths, Blur). In the meantime, gigging with Franz Ferdinand, Passion Pit, The Maccabees, and Local Natives has given the album a welcome maturity not normally expected for a young band’s debut. This album is both dark and epic, moving between sorrow and hope, from acoustic to rock. Its accomplishment is its accessibility in the face of an otherwise broad, ambitious scope.

Written by Gabby and her partner and producer Stephen Ellis, this second album represents a step forward musically, with increasing depth and the revelation of greater versatility. Though colourful, the album manages to maintain an avant-garde aesthetic with its jungle of orchestration, horns and quiet melodies. There are snatches of burlesque, music hall, prohibition-era jazz, Nouvelle Vague cinema and torch songs. Gabby comes across as a 1920s’ flapper brought up on Rufus Wainwright, Bjork, Imogen Heap, and Joanna Newsom, as she sets out to reinvent the genre she established with her first album, Circus Swing.

With contributions from George Michael, Boy George and Yusuf Islam (Cat Stevens), this tribute album is dedicated to promising young singer Natasha Anastasiades. Natasha, on the verge of stardom, was tragically killed in a car crash back in 2005. This album, compiled by her father, features a dazzling guestlist of contributors, collaborators and composers from across musical genres. The result includes everything from R&B to ballads, dance tracks to cover versions. Standout tracks include hook-laden, mid-tempo ballad ‘Yell Cut’ (featuring Marcella Detroit and Antony Costa), the slinky eastern-tinged hip-hop of ‘Follow my Lead’ (Marc Nelson), and the Britneyesque anthem ‘Breaking all the Rules’.

Not all Grim up North Aiden Grimshaw appeared as a finalist in The X Factor in 2010. His audition is one of the most watched on YouTube – a striking a cappella version of Kanye West’s Gold Digger. Aiden said of the show: “I didn’t really know what I wanted from it. I love music, and I knew I could sing, but I didn’t think I was X Factor material. I’d been given this opportunity and I didn’t want to waste it. But I had no idea what sort of music was really me. Everyone else had their own ideas, but all I knew was what I didn’t want.” Following his appearance on the show, 20 years old Aiden moved from his hometown of Blackpool to London and set up a home studio where he spent two years writing and recording demos with various writers and producers. He found musical soul mate Jarrad Rogers (Lana del Rey, Tinchy Stryder), and the resulting songs make up his debut album. ‘Is This Love’ is an extraordinary, soaring pop anthem exploding with grinding drum & bass beats, and offers a taste of the light and shade which Aiden explores in ‘Misty Eye’. The single is not what you’d expect from an X Factor contestant; this is mature, thoughtful, dynamic and absolutely brilliant. Debut single ‘Is This Love’ out 3rd June. Debut album ‘Misty Eye’ out 13th August - RCA Records 18

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June 2012

P Friday 8th June (Afternoon) Karaoke with DJ Keiron 2pm - 6pm £100 CASH PRIZE (Evening) Corinne Lorri (Vocalist) Cage (Male Stripper

Corrine Lorri


Stella Artois

(Afternoon) Emma Louise (Voc Nico (Male Stripp Joanna Shorrock Falcon (Male Strip with DJ Captain G

(Evening) - Our Gu

With Stella Artois and DJ Captain Ginger


+ Our Special Guest (Evening)



(hits include ‘Searching’)


(hits include ‘Time Warp’


(hits include ‘Total Eclips of the Heart’)

Angie Gold Cheap drinks noon until 7pm Admission £2 from 9pm • Open until 3am

With Stella

Artois a

Cheap drinks n Admission £3 from 9p

Telephone: 01

114 Talbot Road • Blackpool • FY1 3AY


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June 2012


calist) Joanna Shorrock per) (Vocalist) pper) Ginger

uests include:


Sunday 10th June (Afternoon) Stella Artois 2:30pm - 7pm Starr (Male Stripper) with DJ Captain Ginger (Evening) Starr Jamie Rae (Vocalist) Tracey Jorden (Vocalist) Tim James (Vocalist) Angel (Male Stripper)

Stella Artois

Tracey Jorden

Tim James


Hazel Dean




+ Our Special Guest (Evening)



Nicki French

and DJ Keiron Stella Artois

noon until 7pm pm • Open until 4am

Tersa Marie

Cheap drinks noon until close FREE Admission • Open until 3am

1253 296262

Y •

Most Wanted

By Alex Wiggan

Left to Right - Tom, Jay, Max, Siva, Nathan.

Boy bands are hot property right now, especially in the good ol’ US of A, where twink pop stars One Direction are trailblazing their way across the charts. However, hot on the heels of the former X Factor contestants are man candy heartthrobs The Wanted; a group that are notching up a quite few hits themselves. As well as being a bit more rugged in the looks department than the 1-D boys, The Wanted are also a bit more outspoken when it comes to dishing the dirt on other celebs. Both Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears have recently been on the receiving end of a few of The Wanted’s discussions about the music industry and this just makes us love them even more. But, with so many good looking lads in the band it’s difficult to decide who is worth fantasising about. Well thankfully we’ve got a handy little guide to help you find the correct member of The Wanted that’s right for you!


Bent Magazine

June 2012

Max George

Siva Kaneswaran

Best feature: Shaved head and stubble Physical attributes: Looks like a well-dressed scally Most notable contribution to pop: Erm... he looks like a well-dressed scally and he sings, isn’t that enough? Reason why he’s the one for you: Butch beef-cake and Manchester lad Max George looks like the kind of boy that would know exactly what to do in the bedroom, bathroom and over the car bonnet. Phwoar-o-meter rating: 10/10 – He’d get it!

Physical attributes: Tall, slim and beautiful Most notable contribution to pop: Er...who cares,he’s hot! Reason why he’s the one for you: Former model Siva Kaneswaran knows how to parade around in his underwear whilst looking mighty fine and what’s better than having a man do that for you? Oh wait, forgot to mention he has a twin brother too! Phwoar-o-meter rating: 9/10 – Catwalk charisma!

Best feature: Cheek bones to die for

Tom Parker Jay McGuiness Best feature: Curly hair Physical attributes: Looks a bit like a fit mate. A fit mate you’d want to touch inappropriately. Most notable contribution to pop: Er... his curly hair? Reason why he’s the one for you: With his ‘boy next door’ good looks Jay McGuiness seems the sort of lad that would lend you a cup of sugar before inviting you in for a cup of coffee and a quickie. Take him up on the offer. Phwoar-o-meter rating: 8/10 – Sweet-treat!

Best feature: Eyebrows Physical attributes: Hunky Most notable contribution to pop: Called Christina a bitch! (Although he later said he regretted it) Reason why he’s the one for you: Invite him over to yours and get him to dish the dirt on all of those celebs.Then reward him with a quick fumble for spilling the beans. Phwoar-o-meter rating: 8/10 – Rumble-tumble-fumble!

Nathan Sykes Best feature: His twink-like face Physical attributes: Looks like a twink Most notable contribution to pop: Looks like a twink Reason why he’s the one for you: Erm... he looks like a twink. That reason pretty much speaks for itself. Phwoar-o-meter rating: No time to score him, too busy fantasising about him!

Ryan Jagger The lad from Cleethorpes has changed his image and style of music a couple of times now but he’s not changed the drive he has to be famous. He’s currently undertaking a huge UK tour to promote his funky pop essence but you are just as likely to find him headlining a gay pride as fending off screaming fans as he lends his support on The Wanted tour. Ryan Houston asks the questions. When did you first begin songwriting? I’ve always scribbled song ideas since I was a geeky kid in school with pictures of Michael Jackson glued all over my books. I wasn’t academic but music was something I could just do. Writing gave me identity and got me through some tough stuff that other guys and girls reading this probably went through as a teen, too. I believe you have to dream big and follow your heart in everything you do, whether it’s creating catchyas-hell pop songs or something more important. What would you say has been the most pivotal thing you have done? The first time I saw my picture printed in a magazine (Bent, July 2008) was mind-blowing for me as a young, blonde and pretty naïve boy chasing a dream! I’ve had an amazing 4 years of making music & performing live but I’ll never forget where it all started. Cheers Bent! What made you want to support the Terence Higgins Trust and appear in GT‘s ‘Naked Issue’?

I was so excited when I got the call to appear in Gay Times ‘Naked Issue’ and I think I enjoyed getting my kit off in front of the camera a bit too much! It was so exhilarating, kinda like being on stage - but without the music… or the outfits! I always get asked if I was ‘nervous’ stripping off for a mag, but that didn’t come in to play as I knew we were raising money for the THT - an amazing charity who do incredible work promoting sexual health, which is such an important issue to young people like me. If I can contribute just by wearing my birthday suit, I’m game! Has being gay affected you in this industry? No. I’ve never felt the need to hide who I am as a person or as an artist and I’m proud to be true to myself and to my fans. I hope to set an example to anyone struggling with their sexuality and show them that it really is okay to be gay. That’s why performing live at Prides means so much to me… it’s about coming together to bring unity, love and strength to everyone in the LGBT community. Having performed across the country what has been your favourite gig? I’ve played to hundreds of thousands of people at events all over the Europe and I’ve learned that every crowd has their own personality and creates a unique atmosphere. It’s tangible… you can literally feel their energy on stage. Glasgow and Grimsby, my hometown, have both been special gigs but I think playing with The Wanted at Birmingham Pride 2010 was unbeatable… and

drinking beer with the boys backstage wasn’t too bad, either. I fancy Nathan, if you were wondering! What can fans expect from you over the coming Pride season? My 2012 tour is my biggest ‘n’ baddest yet and I’m crazy-excited to perform for my fans and reach new people with my electro-pop-dancerock music. I’m hitting festivals around England, Wales, returning to Scotland and playing Ireland for the first time, too. It’s my dream to be playing to tens of thousands of people this summer and I want to make each and every one of them in the crowd feel like a ROCKSTAR! Pride 2012: Glasgow 14/7, Hull 21/7, Huddersfield Pink Picnic 22/7, Belfast 4/8, Milton Keynes 11/8, Wakefield 12/8, Grimsby 1/9, Cymru Wales 5/10. for more!

June 2012

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Newcastle's Pride Cafe The Pride Cafe nestles near well-established gay pubs: The Yard, Switch, The Bank, and The Eagle. It is a place to meet and eat in relaxed, comfortable, stylish surroundings, where patrons don’t have to shout over “background music” to be heard. It is the perfect place for a stimulating coffee, a soothing tea or hot chocolate as well as cocktails or a range of draught and bottled beers. Open from 9:00am to Midnight daily, offering freshly made mouth-watering meals, sumptuous sandwiches, wraps and home-made cakes delivered to nearby office workers and catering


Bent Magazine

June 2012

for meetings and community events. Regular “Curry Clubs”, “Sunday Lunch” and other specialist menus are set to become important community events. With free WiFi and Mobile Phone charging facility whilst you dine! Brainchild of Bar and Events Manager John Harrison who has 20 years of experience running bars in the ‘Pink Triangle’ area of Newcastle between Central Station and the Metro Arena, ‘Pride Cafe’ is to become an important destination for LGBT visitors to the city centre. Harrison masterminded the growth of the annual

‘Northern Pride’ from a modest 2,000 visitors in 2008 to one of the top 6 UK “Pride” events of 2011, attracting 16,000 visitors. He is passionate to see community development match the commercial successes of Newcastle’s LGBT clubs and pubs. The venue also invites LGBT and other community groups and organisations to hold meetings, organise training and workshops, advice sessions as well as arts and cultural activities from exhibitions to live performances etc in its large first floor function room.



are you our MrGayUK Newcastle?



You say you want a Revolution... again! Rich B is a London based DJ with 20 years experience of rocking dance floors worldwide. He is the man behind REVOLUTION, his single with Marcella Puppini, new remixes of which are out now on Toolbox House. Revolution was a huge anthem a decade ago, and was voted “Essential Tune of the Year” twice by clubbers in Manchester. His DJ residencies have included Paradise Factory and Essential in Manchester, Luvely in Edinburgh and Heaven and Love Muscle in London. So, why the remix now?

When I started DJing again last year after some time off, loads of folk were asking for a remix. On top of that Marcella has a really high profile these days – she has just had a Number One album in the US with The Puppini Sisters and Michael Buble - so the remix just had to be done! Who have you asked to remix the track? This has been a dream! I can’t thank the wonderful Nik Denton and Toolbox Recordings enough for signing the track and arranging all these big-name remixes. Nik himself was my first choice and he has delivered an inspired mix - totally innovative, fresh and mindblowingly good! I also asked chart superstars 7th Heaven because I wanted a more commercial pop mix, and they have done us proud with two remixes. Then superstar DJ Pagano has given us a stunning circuit mix, which totally rocks the big floors he plays on, and the fantastic Dig-It remix team, who are superstar DJ Wayne G, Andy Allder and Luke Jonnstone, have done a blinder of a mix that is as uplifting as they come. It’s a totally great package, that hopefully covers all corners and will spread the Revolution to many a new dance floor worldwide!

There is going to be a launch party in Manchester on Jubilee weekend.  What can you tell us? It’s a right Royal Revolution! On the Bank Holiday Sunday 3rd June, Marcella Puppini will be performing Revolution live at Federation (at the gigantic HMV Ritz Ballroom), which will be a night - and a show – absolutely not to be missed. Manchester is the city where the Revolution started a decade ago, and this will be a massive homecoming celebration! I will be spinning at Afterfed, the official after party and am so looking forward to playing the new remixes of Revolution, as well as some of my other new productions. We are going to raise the roof! Do you plan to do any future tracks with Marcella who features on Revolution? Yes! In fact we have already finished the follow-up. It’s called “What Have You Done To Your Face?” It’s all about plastic surgery, and is another great bouncy anthem. It’ll have you singing and pointing at each other like no tune before, and there is no way you will miss it when you hear it out! I will be playing it at Afterfed, but there are no plans to release it as yet…let’s see where Revolution takes us first!

Photo: Chris Jepson

Dance Trax Leony

Last Night A DJ Saved My Life (Tiger Records)

Jason Guy

Seamus Haji & Cevin Fisher I Love The Music

Copyright featuring Tasita D'Mour

Serge Devant

UK production duo Copyright have really come to the fore in the past year and with productions like ‘You Got Me’ it’s easy to see why. The pair, who’ve been producing and DJing for over 10 years ago, again enlist the help of long term collaborator Tasita D’Mour, with a dose of vocallyminded, energetic yet soulful house that oozes elegance and class.

As a lifelong New Order fan, Serge pays tribute to one of his biggest musical influences with his take on New Order’s ‘True Faith’. Featuring anthemic house beats and club-ready breaks, the track breathes new life to the 80’s classic. My remix of choice is from Paul Thomas & Luke Marsh with electro progressive house remix with massive builds and breakdowns.

True Faith (Ultra Records)

You Got Me (Defected)

This sounds a bit dodgy on paper granted... a 24 year old model from Germany covering the 1982 classic from Indeep. But it’s the reworked yet familiar vocals that make it stand out. Superb remixes from David Jones, Manuel De La Mare and my favourite, Punk Investigation. Their charging, funky version has an almost hypnotic like effect on the dancefloor.

This duo team up for the first time and deliver a a new take on Ai No Corrida. Both Haji’s mainstream remix experience and Fisher’s gritty club ethics are in full effect. Big room grinding electro beats and huge breakdowns. For a tougher version, with a funkier edge Manuel De La Mare & Alex Kenji throw in some extra horns for extra energy.

Email: Podcasts: 26

Bent Magazine

June 2012

Deadmau5 The electronic dance music titan is an artist who is constantly looking for innovative ways to push his craft forward. With this release he’s set another yardstick of what it is to be an artist in this socially networked age. The mau5 recently overhauled his studio in his home town of Toronto. Since the end of his gruelling North American tour he’s locked himself in and gone on a creative spree. Ever committed to his fan base, he has invested in a high tech setup so that he can Live Stream his writing/recording sessions and give fans a window into that process. During a 22 hour Live Streaming session, deadmau5 created a new track titled ‘The Veldt’ inspired by a short Sci-Fi story written by Ray Bradbury. He then uploaded it to his FML Soundcloud page for his fans to enjoy. At this time it was just an instrumental. “I’m keen on short stories, since I lack the time to dip into a massive novel. And well, as some of you know, other peoples art, poetry, writing or otherwise can very easily juxtapose to your own craft. Inspiring you to create your own personal extension or compliment to the work… hence the track itself…anyway, after being inspired, I felt… man, I’d really like

to create a soundtrack to this. A somewhat melancholic yet uplifting audio image of kids bestowed with insane technology which enables them to conjure up any setting or anything they desire.” The next day he found that his fans were tweeting him about a vocal version on Soundcloud. He didn’t react to their tweets initially as he gets so many submissions, but the volume of messages was such that he gave in and decided to check out what all the fuss was about. The fan had taken his comments on board and based his lyrics on the short story. When deadmau5 heard the fan’s version he was totally blown away. This has all been caught on video during the Live Stream. “He righteously did his homework, and came up with just a few bang on verses that completely compliment the story and the mood, which is all i ever want from a song that contained lyrical content. Can’t give him props enough.” For those of you not familiar with the story, check it out here: The Veldt EP released 25th June

Photo: Rukes

June 2012

Bent Magazine


Eric Prydz Since his arrival, Eric Prydz has inadvertently broken into uncharted territory for dance music. Festivals, events and venues across the planet have rocked to his performances, safe in the knowledge that they’re witnessing something special. In 2011 Eric launched his innovative new show concept , ‘EPIC’, at London’s O2 Academy Brixton to a sell-out audience. This special show features exclusive cutting-edge production, 3D

Chicane The 5th full-length studio album from Chicane (producer/songwriter Nick Bracegirdle) sees one of the 21st century’s most imaginative sound designers deliver his new, 12-strong track collection. Stylistically the music on ‘Thousand Mile Stare’ ranges canyon deep and valley wide, incorporating themes from a wide scope of dance music. The man who brought you the chilled quintessence of ‘Offshore, the cultivated trance of ‘Saltwater’, the chart conquering ‘Don’t Give Up’ and the superinfectious ‘Poppiholla’ is about to deliver again. “This is music I made whilst consciously trying to disengage from electronic dance music’s genre/subgenre loop. It’s a call-it-what-you-want/it-is-what-itis, maximum latitude album. No matter what I do though, whatever style I produce in, it’s always going to have that Chicane sound, feel and vibe to it.” – Nick Bracegirdle, somewhere up the mountain. Throughout the summer, from the speakers of Café del Mar to the plains of the world’s outdoor festivals, Chicane’s ‘Thousand Mile Stare’ will sound out. Out: 4th June 28

Bent Magazine

June 2012

holographic video projection and lighting systems. Coupled with Eric’s rousing music it is a ground breaking audio and visual feast. Eric Prydz’s releases and forward thinking live shows have allowed him to achieve worldwide recognition with his integrity intact. Now signed to Virgin Records, Eric Prydz has started working on his much anticipated debut artist album (due for release late 2012). However, before this,

Virgin will be releasing a compilation album of his key productions under the Pryda guise, ‘Eric Prydz presents Pryda’. ‘Pryda’ Out: 18th June Photo: LawrenceWatson

A Sparro's return In 2008, Sam Sparro hit the UK charts with his single Black and Gold, a haunting, funky number that had all the hallmarks of an artist destined for superstardom. The cute, clean, almost nerdy look that he portrayed on the covers of many magazines made him, and the fact that he was gay, the most desirable of a new breed of singing sensations. Often parading around in shorts, wearing his trademark big glasses (which he didn’t need) he could be seen on every music show and outdoor festival seemingly having fun and enjoying being ‘out and proud’. But now, for the release of his second album things appear to have changed. Part soul crooner, part pop star with an ever-morphing, chameleonlike quality, Sam coasts a fine line between disarmingly earnest and a chic, credible cool. He has become known not only for his distinct, scaledefying vocals and epic live shows, but also as a visual artist and style icon. The ‘new’ look tips a backward glance to the black and white gangster movies of the 20s and 30s. In fact, for his new video he takes on the persona of ‘The Bird’, a criminal caught up in a game of power, money and revenge in prohibition era Los Angeles. Had it been the Krays we might have got a gay criminal reference but perhaps that’s for another image move.

Meanwhile, Sam has also been busy collaborating with the likes of Mark Ronson, Adam Lambert and Basement Jaxx, as well as writing for other artists such as Natasha Beddingfield. His fans include Katy Perry, Beyonce, Cee-Lo Green and Adele who covered ‘Black & Gold’ in the Radio 1 Live Lounge. Sam’s new album, ‘Return To Paradise’, is a play on nostalgia and “paradise garage” – a genre derived from the hedonistic discotheque scene in New York in the late 70s that began in a parking lot giving rise to the term “garage” famous for its unique and eclectic style of disco and dance music. It has been co-produced with long-time collaborator Jesse Rogg. It took a considerable amount of time as Sam was determined to get it right. “It is the product of a lot of experimenting and songwriting – I changed direction at least 2-3 times, completely. I started doing more rock oriented stuff, then I went in a pop direction and then through the process of scrap booking stuff that was inspiring me I ended up with an album that was influenced by music from 1978 to 1984”.

innocence and peace of mind and things that I felt had escaped me for a while”. Whilst drawing on influences from the 70s and 80s the album is very contemporary with a modern take on these themes. Working between the USA and UK – Sam is conscious of the sense of disillusion and struggle many people are facing. “I know things in Australia are still pretty good but things in America – especially with the economy, people are struggling and disillusioned and looking for escapism and when times are tough people resort to nostalgia”. During the process of making this album Sam says he tapped into a new found confidence to become a more prolific song-writer and generally more self-assured. “I’m more comfortable now and I’ve left things a little bit raw and not completely polished – so much modern pop music is so polished that you lose the soulfulness and essence and human touch”. ‘Return To Paradise’ out: 11th June Virgin Records

The central themes are love and loss and the quest for inner joy and happiness. “A lot of the songs are about me trying to find my sense of June 2012

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FESTIVALS GUIDE (in brief) LATITUDE Henham Park, Southwold, Suffolk 12-15th July Paul Weller, Bon Iver and Elbow headline Latitude 12. Joining them are great names like The Horrors, Rufus Wainwright, Lana Del Ray and Bat for Lashes. Besides music, Latitude also boasts comedy from Jack Dee, Reginald D Hunter and Brian Cox. Shakespeare’s Globe, the National Theatre and Sadler’s Wells provide the theatrical class, while literar y heavyweights Benjamin Zephaniah, Simon Armit age and Mark Haddon serve up poetry and spoken word. Tickets st art at £75 for one day or £175 for the whole weekend.

KUSHKAMP Willow Farm, Essex 13-16th July KushKamp provides a fun, electric and friendly festival for gay people, their friends and family. The first of its kind, KushKamp hopes to push the boundaries of queer clubbing and festivals. Live acts include Fynn Farrell, Dance a la Plage, Alfie Ordinary and Angry vs the Bear, with a top secret headliner to be announced. Tickets start from £79.50.


Bent Magazine

June 2012

Global Gathering

GLOBALGATHERING Long Marston Airfield, Stratford upon Avon 27-28th July GlobalGathering is the monster mother of all music festivals, showcasing the very best of electronic talent. This year’s line-up includes Tiny Tempah, Chase & Status, Armin van Buuren, Skrillex, Friendly Fires, Maverick Sabre, Nero, Labrinth, Afrojack, Annie Mac and Knife Party. Hospitality, Godskitchen and A State of Trance will all be hosting arenas, among others. Weekend tickets start at £105 plus booking fees.

BESTIVAL Robin Hill Country Park, Isle of Wight 6-9th September Stevie Wonder, Sigur Ros, Justice, Hot Chip, Emeli Sande, Gar y Num an and Sister Sledge are just some of the m an y acts listed for Bestiv al 2012. You can also expect DJ sets from Annie Mac Presents, Greg Wilson, Mat ador and Giles Peterson. Tickets st ar t at £170 per day.

Beauty And The Beat

By Dustin Fitzharris Mika Newton isn’t afraid to admit she is relentless. She vows that she will never stop working hard, going to places, meeting people, and encouraging everyone around her to make a difference in the world. If it sounds like Newton is on a mission to prove she isn’t just another pretty, blonde pop star, you’d be correct. Last month, the 26-year old released her Americandebut single titled “Don’t Dumb Me Down,” written by Danish composer Rune Westberg. The beat is instantly infectious. The lyrics, “Sometimes you don’t get what you ask for; Sometimes you get a whole lot more,” are empowering and yet clever enough to stick in your head throughout the day. “It is a song with a very encouraging message,” Newton says. “People tend to think that if you are pretty, it’s unlikely that you have some brains too. I come across this opinion all the time!” With “Don’t Dumb Me Down,” Newton’s A m e r i c a n career has been launched on a high note. She is the latest protégé of veteran producer and “American Idol” judge, Randy Jackson, who produced the single. MTV immediately took notice of the song

and its video, directed by Marc Klasfeld, who is known for his work with Beyoncé and Katy Perry, and named it “buzzworthy.” But make no mistake, Newton isn’t trying to be a carbon copy of her peers. While she believes that every artist has a gimmick, her focus is on inviting her audience to take an emotional journey with her to recognize the potential they have within. “My ultimate mission as a performer is to help people believe in themselves, bring them hope of a better life and inspire them to be the best they can be,” explains Newton. “All our life is a struggle with something. And if we achieve everything easily, we wouldn’t appreciate what we have as much. If you do what you do with love, you don’t think of anything else and just do it because it comprises your life.” Since Newton, born Oksana Stefanivna Grytsay, was a young girl growing up in Burshtyn, Ukraine admiring the talents of Celine Dion and Michael Jackson, she always knew she wanted to sing. At 7 years-old she started going to music school. Both of her parents supported her passion, and her father even helped train her to be the kind of performer who could sing at any given moment. Newton remembers how often he would wake her up late in the evening to entertain guests who had come by the house for a visit. Newton continued to hone her craft and participated in various song contests. In February 2011 she was chosen to represent Ukraine in the Eurovision Song

Contest. While she finished in fourth place, she caught the eye of producer and “American Idol” judge Randy Jackson. She signed a contract with JK Music Group and Jackson’s Dream Merchant 21 and moved to Los Angeles in hopes to reach a whole new audience with her music. “I am very honest with myself in my songs and what I want to say to people,” says Newton. “I want to help them be honest with themselves. I would call my ‘stamp’ on today’s music as ‘the stamp of truth.’” At the moment Newton describes her audience as young people who “understand that life is an amazing adventure and everything is in their hands.” However, her colorful dance beats combined with empowering messages about finding pride within, are finding resonance among gay fans too. Some naysayers may say her image is too innocent for today’s pop music scene, but she isn’t concerned with fitting into a mold and using what is hot now to sell her music. “I do not really believe in fads, nor do I want to be a part of it. My intention is to continue to follow my heart and create my own art for people to enjoy and make their lives better,” Newton says. The future is bright for Newton. She has been quoted as saying that having wings to fly was something she always wanted. If she continues to keep her dreams alive and work as hard as she’s doing today, she may get her wish and soar to heights she never even imagined. June 2012

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Tellin' Stories Going for Geisha Terry George

Continuing my obsession of globetrotting - I was recently fortunate enough to find myself halfway around the world in a country I was really looking forward to visiting. Japan was a destination that turned out not to be quite what I was expecting. I was anticipating seeing Geisha Girls on every corner of every street but they are illusive and don’t like to be photographed. I crossed many taboos as I chased after a couple who were dressed in splendid costumes thinking what a marvellous photo they would make. They didn’t stop for my camera and my paparazzi style of ‘chase and hassle’ was viewed as very bad form by a few other tourists who were tut-tutting on the pavement. I also expected to see the youth of the country dressed in their ‘harajuka’ fashion but this style, of part Goth meets frills with a touch of Lolita, seems to be part of TV culture and not much in way of an actual scene. However, I was horrified to meet one of the few harajuka girls around as she had gone to the extent of having her tongue split. Uurrgghh… fashion or not it was just too extreme for me. Talking of preconceived impressions, I think that the movies have a lot to answer for because I envisaged a country that was awash with technological advances. For instance, I anticipated being picked up from the airport by a taxi bristling with hi-tech gadgets and a robot driver who would cheerily greet me in several languages before silently whisking me to the allotted hotel. It didn’t happen. What did happen though was that every time I went to the loo, my bum got a bath as jets of warm water was sprayed against my most tender of parts. I was surprised that such a technological country would have difficulties with wi-fi. 34

Bent Magazine

June 2012

Only the most expensive hotels seemed to offer this facility and I would have thought such a basic service would have been seized on years ago. Having said that the Bullet Train is something special; with timings of departures and arrivals accomplished to the second. It’s sleek, fast and a beautiful thing to see and once embarked, the journey is a fantastic experience. I knew it would happen one day. I might have had to journey almost 6000 miles but I have become a bit of a pussy magnate. I was told that some cafes in Tokyo had masses of cats for their customers to interact with… and when I say interact, I mean stroke… nothing more. The idea being that any stressed out Japanese businessman or hard-core pleasure seeker could take time out of their busy schedule and relieve anxiety with a fondle of a cat, while sipping a green tea. It is supposed to be something special and as a result is being copied in other cities across the globe. I thought it a cute idea but wasn’t impressed, although I suppose in a country whose biggest star is Hello Kitty it isn’t that surprising. Personally, I can take or leave cats but they appeared to like me by rubbing against my leg and jumping up wanting to be petted. I know the feeling. A visit to Mount Fuji (no not to get film for the camera) was hampered by low cloud and rain so was a little disappointing. However, Hiroshima, the site where the first atomic bomb was dropped that signalled the end of the Japanese fight in World War 11, was a very thoughtprovoking place. How a place can return from such a disaster is

amazing but, as we saw with the recent tsunami, the Japanese people are spiritual, stoic and industrious. Don’t think I’ll be rushing back but if you’d like to see some more of my images please go to TerryGeorge.

It's all gone nuts Lots of brave men across West Yorkshire came together on to celebrate Maschio Grooming’s first birthday. The salon decided to give something back to the community and celebrate its birthday by donating all the proceeds of the day to charity. Hunky Thomas Burgess, from Bradford Bull’s Rugby Super League was one of the volunteers who decided to go for the back, sack and crack ‘experience’. He said: “It’s for a great cause, close to my heart and thought it would be a bit of fun, I’m always up for a bit of a laugh, so thought why not”. After the wax he told us: ”It wasn’t as bad as expected and I actually might considering having it done again in future…even though it did hurt slightly”. OK guys, just remember that checking your equipment out can be fun but it can also save your life. More info from:

Nautical But Nice Ahoy Matey! Prepare to way anchor and set sail, Liverpool Pride, the UK’s biggest FREE Pride event outside of London is going nautical for its third annual celebration of all things LGBT, to be held on Sat 4th August. It will take place at Liverpool’s iconic pierhead and throughout the Stanley Street Gay Quarter. In addition to this, there will be a weekend of cultural events taking place at some of Liverpool’s most influential arts and cultural establishments. In just two years, Liverpool Pride has established itself as one of the major highlights in the city and the wider LGBT community’s summer

calendar. Bursting onto the scene in 2010, the inaugural Liverpool Pride festival attracted over 20,000 people, which was doubled to over 44,000 in 2011. For 2012 Festival organisers are promising the best event yet, a festival which Liverpool’s LGBT community is proud of, attracting people from across the country to experience the diverse culture of one of Europe’s most exciting cities. So, if you are planning a visit, or maybe take part in the march, think of a seafaring theme… Seaman Stains and Roger the Cabin Boy spring to mind. www. Photo: Jeb Smith

June 2012

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Johan's Blog Twinky, twinky... little star. Our STAXUS-ON-TOUR shows are always lots of fun. What’s more, they’re always different – depending on the city, the club, the programme, even the local law! I remember the first shows I did, probably around 5 years ago now. I was young and innocent in those days – and in many respects so too were the parties. They took place at the Wunderbar in Hamburg, near Reeperbahn, one of the most famous gay bars in the city. It was a small venue, but it was always crowded with young, twinkytype, party people, and I hosted some kind of gay quiz/bingo party there once a month. The salary was ridiculously poor, but I always had a great time and over time, everyone who worked there became a kind of substitute family for me. Why, I even still have “lifetime guest-list” status there! Needless to say, over the years the shows have become increasingly sexy and raunchy – not to mention much more professional. Indeed, sometimes it’s quite funny – and not a little embarrassing – to see five year old photos from those Wunderbar bingo nights. Shyly standing there in front of everyone and hardly able to speak because I couldn’t think of the right words in German, but I did have a grin from ear to ear for the simple reason that I was so proud to have


Bent Magazine

June 2012

been allowed to host the evening. To be honest, the guests weren’t at all interested in the quiz. All they wanted was to be able to touch my body and to get a free shot and a kiss from me for every right answer. Well, maybe they just wanted the free drink! Good times, good times. Today, in contrast, there aren’t any clubs that would book us for an innocent bingo evening. Now it’s all about eroticism, sex and porn. We have shows in almost every European country, regularly visiting cities like London, Brussels, Vienna, Hamburg, Athens and Barcelona to name but a few. But my favourite ones are when we head off to holiday destinations, such as Gran Canaria, which we visited recently, and Ibiza and Mykonos, which we’re booked to visit later this summer. On these occasions we always try to stay a few days longer so that we can combine our work with a few lazy days on the beach and in the sun. Strange as it sounds, however, the shows in these holiday destinations are always harder and more excessive than the ones we put on in the big cities. London is by far the most aggressive place we go to – the British guys are really unbelievable and seem to like everything just that little bit harder

and rougher. The Scandinavians are always up for fun – first they are always shy but then they drink a lot, and the more they drink the hornier they get until it ends up in a gangbang. But the wildest venues are Paris, Brussels and (most of all!) Berlin. The German capital is such a sexy and dirty city. Why, in some (public!) gay clubs no-one seems to even bat an eyelid when some guys are being fisted right in the middle of the dance-floor! Excuse the pun, but no-one gives a fuck! Instead, guys quite literally just step over the action or dance around it. And of course here in Berlin we have a show in the famous Apollo Splash Club Sauna every Sunday. No, we don’t do fisting there – we leave that to the hairier, more manly professionals – but we do perform a hardcore show in the cages. Expect the full programme, if you get my drift. That said, the atmosphere at these shows is always fantastic, whether we’re doing a hardcore or softcore show, or even if we’re just performing some go-go dancing and serving drinks. For us models it’s great to chat with people and to get to know the fans; but for the fans themselves it’s something else completely. Just to be able to see a porn star in real life and to touch him is an unforgettable experience – not to mention seeing a hardcore fuck actually taking place just a few centimeters away from them! The STAXUS-ON-TOUR guys always change from week to week, so it was quite a surprise when a fan came up to me during a signing session to promote our new movie “25 Cocks, 1 Blond Twink” to say that he had seen me fucking George Basten in the Berlin Sauna the day before. To be honest I was really flattered, especially when he told me how fabulously horny the show had been. But the truth of the matter is that I haven’t fucked George Basten for several years. Nevertheless, this fan was adamant that it was George and myself. Why, he even described how we began by blowing each other off 69-style, and then gave colourful details as to how we fucked in a whole series of different positions before I shot my load all over his face. And all this whilst the whole shop listened intently to every word being said! Thank God my boyfriend wasn’t with me at the time – I’d have had some explaining to do, that’s for sure. But believe me folks, I didn’t have sex with George, as this man insisted – either in a show or in private or in a darkroom in a Berlin sauna! Which is a pity really because he’s a damn good fuck! But still, this guy gave me quite a lot of good input, not to mention some great ideas for our next productions. He sure had some great horny fantasies – indeed, perhaps we should hire him as a writer for our team?! Bookings on: All DVDs available on: Hugs Johan

FANCY A SHAG? FREE FULL-ACCESS WITH THIS CODE: BENT UK Cruising Listings • Live Cam IM & Group Cam Chat • UK Profiles • Member Videos • Mobile June 2012

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Life Is A Cabaret For Will Rufus Norris’ much anticipated re-imagining of his double Olivier-award winning production of CABARET is to star internationally renowned singer/songwriter Will Young in his musical theatre debut as the enigmatic Emcee. “I am very excited about the challenge of choosing Cabaret as my first musical theatre role.” Will said. “The role of the Emcee is a part I have wanted to play since before I started training at Arts Education in Chiswick when I first moved to London. With Rufus and Javier I couldn’t wish for better people to be surrounded by. I have spent the last ten years, singing, dancing and acting all separately. For the first time I get to do all three in one show. How could I NOT be excited. After the success of my latest album, ‘Echoes’ it feels like the perfect time to step back from pop for 6 months and take on the challenge of storytelling in another form and what a story to tell!” The production will play The Savoy Theatre in London’s West End from 3 October, following an exclusive four week tour.

Cabaret Tour 3-8 September. Mayflower Theatre, Southampton 10-15 September. Theatre Royal, Nottingham 17-22 September. Theatre Royal, Norwich 24-29 September. The Lowry, Salford Quays 3 October (for a strictly limited season) The Savoy Theatre, London,

‘GREASE for the 21st Century’



Gay Photographers f20-12 is an exciting exhibition of new photography from the Gay Photographers Network. Following the success of last year’s show, which raised over £1300 for charity and had over 1,000 visitors, the group is once again proud to be official participants in the Pride London festival of cultural events. To mark London hosting World Pride, the 2012 exhibition has been extended to cover the 2 weeks of Pride Festivities and will include photographs by almost 60 group members. With work from emerging and established photographers, f20-12 promises to both challenge and excite the viewer as well as provoke questions about the world around us. The photos exhibited will be available for sale with prices to suit all pockets. Sales will help to raise money for the Disabled Photographers Society and London Friend, the two charities the Gay Photographers Network supports with their annual exhibition. f20-12 will run 26th June - 8th July @ Strand Gallery, 32 John Adam Street, London WC2N 6BP


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June 2012







Remembering Alan By Alex Wiggan June 23rd 2012 is a very important date, as it’s the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Alan Turing. Not sure who Alan Turing is? Well although you may not know his name chances are you will have seen his image or will be familiar with his work. If you live in Manchester then you may also have seen a statue of Alan in Sackville Park. It’s the statue depicting a smartly dressed man, sat on a bench with an apple in his hand. Formerly a student and teacher at Cambridge University, Alan Turing was a mathematician and a computer whiz, whose work during World War II was of vital importance. He worked for the British Government Code and Cypher School and during the Second World War he played a pivotal role in deciphering secret codes encrypted by the German Enigma machine. He also devised many important theories regarding computation and artificial intelligence which are still highly regarded today. Alan Turing was also gay. In 1952, he was arrested and tried for gross indecency under Section 11 of the Criminal Law Amendment Act 1885. To put that more simply, Alan was arrested simply for being gay. To avoid being subjected to a lengthy prison sentence Turing agreed to an alternative method for dealing with homosexuality amongst men – oestrogen injections. The injections were designed to neutralise Alan’s libido, acting as a form of chemical castration that would effectively ‘rehabilitate’ him in order for him to see the error of his ways. As a result of his criminal conviction Alan’s security clearance for the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) was also withdrawn, even though his work during World War II had been instrumental in our victory. Just two years later, on 7th June, 1954, Alan Turing died. The inquest into his death recorded his passing as suicide.

Now think about that for a second. Just sixty years ago, if you were gay you would be committing a crime. Regardless of your contribution to society, regardless of how considerate you were to your fellow man you would have been breaking the law just for being you. Thankfully in today’s more accepting age this isn’t something that we even consider in the UK, and it hasn’t been since 1967 when homosexuality was decriminalised. Sadly this came too late for Alan Turing. In 2009, encouraged by a very vocal campaign, Prime Minister Gordon Brown released a statement regarding the UK Government’s treatment of Turing. The statement offered Alan a posthumous apology with the Prime Minister delivering the line, ‘we’re sorry, you deserved so much better’. He really did. However Alan’s work is not forgotten and today

many people around the world recognise his contributions to technology, both during and after the War. An annual accolade – known as the Turing Award – is given out by the Association of Computing Machinery to those who contribute to the computing community, whilst many universities continue to teach students about the importance of Alan’s achievements. He may be gone, but he is certainly not forgotten.

Alan Turing – The Enigma By Andrew Hodges Vintage Books Turing’s far-sighted plans for the digital era forged ahead into a vision for Artificial Intelligence. The full story behind the persecuted genius of wartime code breaking and the computer revolution.

June 2012

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Books The Essential Bent Triangle Camping Cookbook By Roger Croft

Cruising Gay Erotic Stories

Drawing on the know-how and exper tise of the Scout Association this inspirational cookbook t akes the ar t of eating outdoors to a whole n ew level. Packed with recipes and ideas from celebrity ex-Scouts including Levi Roots, James Martin and Ray Mears it is perfect for the growing interest in camping, festival-going, st aycations… or just to tr y and survive with an egg and an orange!

Hot flings at a seedy truck stop; homemade glory holes in the stall walls of a dorm shower; fun and fornication at an infamous park; steamy bathhouse trysts and other tales of eroticism… this is what this little tome of tales is all about. Filled with hot plots and even hotter characters, it includes several true confessions from the editor himself.

By Nick Allen

Simon & Schuster UK

Authors Choice Press

Cleis Press


69 Positions


Firbank’s fine comic skill, quick-fire dialogue and descriptive flights of fancy are perfectly captured in Vainglory, as the fairly young and entirely alive Mrs Shamefoot wants a memorial window erected in her honour in an English cathedral. The piece is crowded with a cast of hilariously drawn characters. No wonder the lies of Auden, Forster, Waugh and even Stephen Fry regard Firbank so highly.

Beyond doggy style and the missionary position, there are countless possibilities to enjoy sex between men. Popular Bel Ami models Kris Evans and Dolph Lambert present 69 of them—each an opportunity to provide some fresh inspiration to your love life. The guys present the various positions; brief texts give competent information on how to perform each position and everything else you should consider.

It ’s pr et t y o b v i o u s w her e t he inspiration fo r t his b ook comes from—the a r t is t lives in M iami B e a c h , F l o r i d a . T he et er n al su mmer, t he u nique light i n t h i s p a r t o f t h e w o rl d a n d t he s ilent fo rce o f n a t u re, a l l t h i s ca n b e found in h i s p i ct u re s. B u t m a i n l y, o f co u rs e, it ’s all a b o u t h i s m o d e l s. T h o se yo u n g , spor t y men a re fi l l e d w i t h j o y a n d h a p p i n e s s .

By Ronald Firbank

Penguin Classics


Travelling around the world after inheriting $50million, brother and sister, Jason and Frances Innes fall under the spell of Enrico, a suave, sophisticated financial advisor who claims to represent sheiks, third world dictators and pop stars. He beds them both as he lays out his plans to make their inheritance much more substantial… well, to be precise… more substantial for himself. The financial world is full of cheats and doublecrossers but, as the plot to defraud the young couple escalates, it becomes apparent that it pays to know just whom you are getting into bed with. Available At All Book Stores , Amazon.Com And On Kindle.

Edited by Shane Allison

Bent Magazine

By Bel Ami

June 2012

By Max-Arthur Mantle

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The Courier

The Woman In Black

Out: June 18th DVD & BluRay – Studiocanal

Out: 11th June DVD & BluRay - Entertainment One

Out: 18th June DVD & BluRay - Momentum Pictures

When two eleven year old boys get into a confrontation in the local playground where one gets hurt, the parents of the boy who was struck invite the parents of the “bully” to their apartment to deal with the incident in a civilized manner. At first, the verbal exchange between the two married couples maintains a high civility factor but when the differences between them start to emerge the couples begin to turn on each other and finally each on their own spouse. As their civility and inhibition washes away, aided by a bottle of Scotch whisky, the geniality vanishes, descending fully into verbal warfare with all their character flaws laid bare.

A million bucks to d e l i v e r a b r i e f c a s e, b u t w h a t ’s t h e c a t c h ? I t n eeds to be delivered to an elusive killer who is so feared that the entire U n d e r w o rl d t r e m b l e s a t t h e m e n t i o n o f h i s n a m e. In a business that asks no questions, this specialist courier is the best there is, and with the life of his family held t o r a n s o m t h e r e ’s n o w a y h e ’s m i s s ing this drop. Hounded by hit men and hustlers, dou ble-dealing feds and double-crossing accomplices, the Courier embarks on an impossible journey t o d e l i ve r t h e m y s t e r i o u s c a s e t o t h e u n d e r w o rl d ’s m o s t d a n g e r o u s h i t m a n … M i c k e y R o u r k e.

This tells the tale of Arthur Kipps (Daniel Radcliffe), a lawyer who is forced to leave his young son and travel to a remote village to attend to the affairs of the recently deceased owner of Eel Marsh House. Working alone in the old mansion, Kipps begins to uncover the town’s tragic and tortured secrets and his fears escalate when he discovers that local children have been disappearing under mysterious circumstances. When those closest to him become threatened by the vengeful woman in black, Kipps must find a way to break the cycle of terror.

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this fantastic DVD, just answer this simple question: Jodie Foster is in this movie but what was the title of the film she made in 1976 that co-starred Robert DeNiro?

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this fantastic DVD, just answer this simple question: In 2008 which Mickey Rourke movie won him a Golden Globe and a BAFTA award?

To be in with a chance of winning a copy of this DVD, just answer this simple question: Daniel Radcliffe appeared naked in which stage production? A, War Horse. B, Equus. C, Mamma Mia.

Bringing You The

Best In Gay Entertainment!

Available now on DVD at:

June 2012 Bent Magazine Free Super Saver Delivery and Unlimited Free One-Day Delivery with Amazon Prime are available. Terms and Conditions apply. See for41 details.

Boys On Film Gay themed films and DVDs are now part of the entertainment mainstream and it’s thanks to such companies like Peccadillo that we can often access the more ‘obscure’ titles. However, one of the great successes of the brand has been the Boys On Film compilations that have taken short films with a gay interest and given them a much wider audience.

Pout Festival Taking over from the BFI’s cancelling of the London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival Tour in 2011, Peccadillo Pictures is proud to present three films from this year’s official selection, (Circumstance, Leave It On The Floor, North Sea Texas) along with the official POUT UK premiere of Sabine Bernardi’s Romeos. The films and dates for the 2012 POUT Film Festival (Apollo Piccadilly, Regent Street, London from June 21st-23rd) & Tour (June thru September) are announced on-line at and include the UK premiere of Romeos – a tale of star-crossed lovers… with a difference.

Back in 2000 Peccadillo MD, Tom Abell, launched Boys On Film to great acclaim under his old company called Dangerous To Know. However, this month sees the release of the eighth in that highly successful series, Cruel Britannia. Hong Khaou was production manager and did acquisitions for the short films on the BOF series. He left the company recently to make his first feature film. He says: “Peccadillo have always supported emerging feature filmmakers, it seem perfectly natural to have a compilation concentrating on emerging UK short filmmakers. So often I come across filmmakers, who have sweated tears and blood to make their film, to then find no platforms to have their works seen, particularly LGBT films. I feel we’ve played a small part in helping towards that with Boys On Film. It’s a very proud moment when I see how touched the filmmakers get knowing their films are available to buy on DVD in all the shops. We’ve put a lot love and effort into these compilations, to have a sense of value and still be entertaining.”

Jason Bradbury, director of one of the compilation shorts ‘We Were Once Tide’ says: “I’m so happy to be a part of Boys On Film; it is such a recognisable brand to be associated with and the shorts are always of a very high standard. We Once Were Tide has been around the world at festivals and to end that with a release on Boys On Film will really help get the feature I’m working on, Broken Colours, off the ground.”

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To be in with a chance to win a copy of this fantastic DVD, just answer this simple question: In what year was the Boys On Film brand launched? 42

Bent Magazine

June 2012

Michael Twaits, an actor who plays the drag queen in ‘What You Looking At’ added his comment: “As an actor short films are something that come up quite often but it’s rare they get seen by a lot of people. The Boys On Film series is a great collection of to be part of! I’ve got most of the collection at home so I’m happy that a film I’m in will be added to the collection.” Cruel Britannia is out now on Peccadillo Pictures


Chris Amos

Prometheus Out 1st June Anticipation for this flick is sky high as Ridley Scott, director of Alien and Blade Runner, returns to the genre he helped define. With Prometheus, he creates a groundbreaking mythology, in which a team of explorers discover a clue to the origins of mankind on Earth, leading them on a thrilling journey to the darkest corners of the universe. There, they must fight a terrifying battle to save the future of the human race. This is thought to be a prequel of sorts to the Alien films. Great list of the hottest stars around right now including; Noomi Rapace, Michael Fassbender, Charlize Theron and Guy Pearce.

Red Tails

Rock Of Ages

World War II rages and the fate of the free world hangs in the balance. Meanwhile, the black pilots of the experimental Tuskegee training program are courageously waging two wars at once – one against enemies overseas, and the other against discrimination within the military and back home. Racial prejudices have long held ace airman Martin “Easy” Julian (Nate Parker) and his black pilots back at base - leaving them with little to do but further hone their flying skills. Until now. As the war in Europe continues to take its dire toll on Allied forces, Pentagon brass has no recourse but to reconsider these under-utilized pilots for combat duty. This is a feel good Top Gun. Worth checking out.

Based on the musical production, Rock of Ages tells the story of small town girl Sherrie and city boy Drew, who meet on Sunset Strip while pursuing their Hollywood dreams. Their rock ‘n’ roll romance is told through the heartpounding hits of Def Leppard, Joan Jett, Journey, Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Night Ranger, REO Speedwagon, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Poison, Whitesnake, and more. Adam Shankman worked his magic with Hairspray and looks to repeat that success with another musical to film crossover (although Hairspray’ original source was a John Waters film). Everyone is talking about Tom Cruise’s performance, which is brilliant fun as rock legend Stacey Jaxx. Catherine Zeta-Jones, Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand all appear too.

Out 6th June


Bent Magazine

June 2012

Out 15th June


Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Killer

Out 15th June

Out 22nd June

Director David Cronenberg returns to the surreal world, where he works best. Cosmopolis is based on the novel by Don DeLillo, and follows newly married billionaire Eric Packer (Robert Pattinson) as he cheats on his wife, is pursued by a stalker (Paul Giamatti), is attacked by a protester and gradually loses his entire fortune over the course of a single day. Samantha Morton and Juliette Binochhe also star in this destined to be cult classic.

It seems vampires are never going out of fashion. Yet another film with the sharp tooth baddies hits cinemas. This is an adaptation of Seth GrahameSmith’s novel of the same name reimagining Lincoln as an axe-throwing, highly trained vampire assassin, promising to give new context to real historical events such as the Civil War and Lincoln’s ascension to the White House. It begins with his mother’s murder when he was still a young boy and his vow of revenge. Pretty cool action horror thriller.

10 Things You Never Knew About Matthew McConaughey 1. Lived briefly in Australia following high school and adopted an Australian accent for a while after returning to the USA. 2. Police responded to a disturbance call at Matthew’s home in Austin. When they arrived, the music was blaring and he was playing bongo drums in the nude. He was with an unknown man and police attempted to arrest him after spotting illegal drugs. He resisted arrest. 3. Was strongly considered to play Jack Dawson in Titanic. 4. His favourite sport is golf. 5. Born on the same day as Puff Daddy (Sean Combs). 6. Is of Irish descent. 7. People Magazine’s 2005 Most Sexiest Man Alive. 8. His life motto is “Just Keep Living”. 9. Doesn’t wear deodorant or cologne. 10. Good friends with Lance Armstrong and Jake Gyllenhall. Matthew stars in Killer Joe out 29th June

June 2012

Bent Magazine


Hello Sailor:

Gay Portsmouth & Isle of Wight! Ahoy me boys! Manly mariner Adrian Gillan drifts into dock for a naval binge in Portsmouth – plus the neighbouring Isle of Wight! A pleasant 1½ hour journey from London - on South West Trains - wafts you down to Portsmouth: the place that gave Nelson his Victory and has given sailors a warm heartfelt passage ever since! Sights Portsmouth combines great shopping, eating and drinking with stunning attractions and centuries of oft naval history - all on the water’s edge. Get your bearings, and a nice cup of coffee, 170 metres up, atop the lofty decks of the space-age yet still nautical Spinnaker Tower (, England’s tallest viewing platform, featuring Europe’s largest glass floor. Shop or dine at the buzzing Gunwharf Quays


traditional queer staple of drag, karaoke and quizzes plus the finest pub grub around!

During this year (2012), the bicentenary of his birth, visit the Charles Dickens Birthplace Museum (, the beautifully-restored Regency house where Dickens entered the world 200 years ago – also featuring the very couch on which the great writer later died! And, of course, don’t miss Portsmouth Historic Dockyard (, spiritual home of the Royal Navy, and literal home to the worldfamous HMS Victory. See the very plank where Nelson fell at the Battle of Trafalgar, plus this nationally iconic ship’s original shot-ridden top-sail; before viewing artefacts from Henry VIII’s favourite warship, Mary Rose, which sank before the king’s very eyes in the harbour in 1545, and whose hull will be on show again in a new boat-shaped museum come late 2012!

Then totter over the road to the eternally trendy HB (1 Hampshire Terrace; T: 023 9229 7509; www. where bright young things bob and bop, all ship-shape!

(; genteel Southsea promenade.



Scene Let the costal breezes steer you to The Old Vic (104 St Paul’s Road; T: 023 9229 7013; www., the oldest gay bar barnacle in town, and logical first port to cast anchor, screw on your land legs and start your inland Portsmouth foray. It offers your usual


Bent Magazine

June 2012

And if the old horn pipe’s still strangely aloft, try Tropics Sauna (2 Market Way; T: 023 9229 6100; www., whose steamy cabins are open 11am-10pm all-week-round. Stay at the splendid Portsmouth Marriott Hotel (Southampton Road, Portsmouth; T: 023 9238 3151; www.portsmouthmarriott., tucked away from the seaward hustle and bustle, on the edge of town, but a great base from which to explore – and escape to, after a busy day’s sightseeing! Relax in the sauna and pool; then enjoy a fantastic, doubtless fish-led, dinner in the hotel’s excellent AA-Rosetted Sealevel Restaurant, or a nightcap in the Sealevel Lounge, pre retiring to your stylish, spacious room!

It makes perfect sense to split a trip to Portsmouth with its more rural offshore haven, the Isle of Wight.


Previously part of Hampshire, the gently hilly Isle of Wight has been a county in its own right since 1974; is now the UK’s most populous parliamentary constituency with resident population 130,000; and is England’s largest island: a 23 mile by 13 mile diamond set between the Solent and the English Channel - on average 2-4 miles from the mainland, from which it separated post-Ice Age, around 7,000 years ago. Its 70 miles of oft fossil-brimming coastline includes the dramatic Needles on its westernmost point. Reportedly captured by Vespasian, before he became Roman emperor, the island then became a Jutish kingdom until the 7th Century when it was brutally converted to Christianity - the last part of England to so-do – before swiftly reverting to paganism! It briefly became an independent kingdom in the 15th Century; imprisoned King Charles I in Carisbrooke Castle during the English Civil War; and was summer home to Queen Victoria, at Osborne House, near East Cowes - consequently becoming a fashionable Victorian holiday resort, attracting the likes of Tennyson and of Dickens, who wrote much of David Copperfield here. Marconi set up the world’s first radio station on the island in 1897; and hovercraft design was also pioneered here – a technology that still helps links the isle with the mainland to this day. Tourism remains the Isle of Wight’s largest industry – with around 2.7 million annual visitors, 1.5  million staying overnight - and the island is perhaps best known internationally now for the newly-relaunched annual Isle of Wight Festival, and for the annual Cowes Week sailing regatta. An annual Walking Festival (5-20 May 2012, also attracts considerable interest. Savour every moment of your thrilling Solent crossing on Wightlink ( which offers a regular car ferry service from Portsmouth or Lymington (journey time 40 minutes), or regular foot passenger catamarans from Portsmouth Harbour (journey time 20 minutes). On a nice day, it feels almost Mediterranean at 30-acre Rosemary Vineyard (, one of England’s largest wine producers, where you can tour the winery; watch an explanatory “vine to wine” video; stroll through the vines; and even enjoy free tasting of the award-winning wines, liqueurs, juices and ciders! Then tuck into a delicious panini or ploughman’s - or a richly-stacked full-on cream tea - at the friendly Vineleaf Coffee Shop, overlooking the estate! The new award-winning Owl & Monkey Haven ( is sanctuary to a wide collection of rescued primates and birds of prey, with daily keeper talks and guided tours! For something truly queer and quirky, don’t miss The Garlic Farm (, an “Island legend in the heart of the Downs”, run by surely the world’s-most-charming-garlic-farmer, Colin Boswell, whose “lifeaffirming crop” has been grown here since 1975. Enjoy one of several on-farm walks too – taking in thousands of years of history – “farm built upon farm” – all explained in the adjoining Heritage Centre. Fab café and shop too! Located just a stone’s throw from a beautiful sandy beach, beneath impressive cliffs, stay at the Shoreside Inn (39 Esplanade, Shanklin; T: 01983 861393; in lovely Shanklin. Run by fab hosts Andy and Jo, this unique boutique hotel boasts six wonderfully-appointed sea-view suites – some with luxurious roll-top baths, others with private balconies. Ask when their next regular (Oct-Mar) hosted LGBT night, Paint It Pink!, is on – drawing a fun crowd of all ages, to booze and chat, or even enjoy top cabaret, generally before heading on to The Jolly Sailor and adjoining Bogey’s Club ( in nearby Sandown. Savour breakfast, lunch or dinner - either inside, or out on the large sun-trap terrace!

Now the summer is upon us, our thoughts turn to days out, or even longer trips, to explore the Great British countryside. It appears that this year more people than ever are opting to spend their vacation time in this green and pleasant land rather than hightailing it to some sunny beach and all that entails; waiting at an airport, queuing up, bus trip to resort… delays! For those visiting Yorkshire we would suggest the Rendezvouz Hotel at Skipton overlooking the beautiful Yorkshire Dales. The hotel offers a variety of room types and each has been designed with the comfort and convenience in mind, plus, a rare thing these days, the rooms are large and spacious. The complex also has a leisure centre with swimming pool, steam, sauna and whirlpool spa, which is a great addition for when you’re spending time away, but the canal-side location and the easy access to some fantastic scenic walks, should give you all the exercise you need. For those looking for a place to hold their civil partnership or marriage ceremony, the hotel is licensed to conduct such events and has several rooms that can accommodate any number of guests. The ballroom hosts tribute acts and theme nights and with the great reputation of the in-house restaurant, which caters to residents as well as passing trade, the Rendezvous is a great place to base yourself. For the latest deals or for further info:

June 2012

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For relaxation, take one of the Bancroft Cruisers ( along the Avon. For something absolutely - arguably well-nigh refreshingly - unconnected with Shakespeare, visit the UK’s biggest Butterfly Farm (, just over the river.

Stratford-upon-Avon: Shakesqueer? Adrian Gillan visits Stratford-upon-Avon and asks: was Shakespeare bi, or even full-on gay? Plus: Nearby Warwick! Amidst gorgeous Warwickshire countryside, on the edge of the Cotswolds, on the banks of the River Avon, Stratford-upon-Avon is one of Britain’s most popular tourist destinations. With well-staged plays and potentially gay history galore, it may have bore William Shakespeare, but it won’t bore you! Sights In the pedestrianised bit of the town centre lies Shakespeare’s Birthplace, the half-timbered housewith-garden where Shakespeare was born in 1564 complete with biographical exhibition. King Edward VI Grammar School, in Church Street, is where The Bard was most likely educated. Beautifully-furnished Nash House and - Shakespeare’s Stratford home from 1597 until his death in 1616 - New Place, are nearby, both with fine gardens. Halls Croft, where Shakespeare’s eldest daughter, Susanna, lived is just around the corner.

Anne Hathaway’s Cottage - with pleasant adjoining orchard and woods - is where Shakespeare’s wifeto-be lived before marrying him in 1582. Mary Arden’s House - complete with period-reenactment role-playing staff - is the Tudor farmstead where Shakespeare’s mum lived before marrying his father. A few miles out, both these sites are easily reached via the CitySightseeing bus ( Tranquil riverside Holy Trinity Church is where both William Shakespeare and Anne Hathaway are buried - its gardens bordering the lovely swan-filled Avon, as do the spectacularly successfully revamped Royal Shakespeare Theatre and Swan Theatre, home to the world-famous Royal Shakespeare Company! Ascend the 36m-high Tower, adjoining the theatres, for panoramic views of the town and surrounding countryside. Take in the Gower Memorial, depicting The Bard and some of his most famous characters, in front of said theatres. For an earthy slice of Tudor life, visit tad-cheesy Falstaff Experience (

Boozing ‘n Eating Just two minutes’ walk from the Swan Theatre, the “Dirty Duck” (a.k.a. The Black Swan, Waterside, Stratford-upon-Avon; T: 01789 297312; ( boasts its signed-photo-filled ‘Actors’ Bar’, plus ‘Conservatory Restaurant’, perfect for pre-show meals. What with all the theatre crowd, it’s doubtless the nearest thing Stratford-upon-Avon has to a gay bar! Sleeping Stay at the much-lauded 5-star luxury boutique B&B, White-Sails (85 Evesham Road, Stratfordupon-Avon, CV37 9BE; T: 01789 550 469; www., a short walk from the centre, run by lovely Phillip and Chiung-Wen. Enjoy the garden in summer; or relax in the guest lounge before retiring to one of its five contemporary, air-conditioned, ensuite bedrooms. All chic, warm and friendly! Free parking, sherry and Wi-Fi! Sumptuous homemade breakfasts too! Nearby Warwick A mere ½-hour away from Stratford-uponAvon lies the historic town of Warwick. Gawp at Warwick Castle’s ( lavish State Rooms, ghostly towers and ramparts, roomy grounds and darkest dungeons - enjoying regular jousts and bird-of-prey displays Drop into the Lord Leycester Hospital (, 14th & 15th Century stone and timber-frame buildings housing a chapel, Great Hall, Guildhall, galleried courtyard and Regimental Museum of the Queen’s Own Hussars,


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June 2012

PRIDE IN EATING Park Plaza Riverbank is perfectly situated for the gay traveller: across the river from Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament, and a mere stone’s throw from Fitladz and Chariots. During this year’s Pride London, which runs from 23rd June to 8th July, the Riverbank promises to be a hotspot for LGBT tourists, diners and trendsetters. Chino Latino, Park Plaza Riverbank’s in-house restaurant, will celebrate Pride London 2012 with an exciting addition to its menu: rainbow sushi. This sushi maki roll represents the pride flag in all its glorious colours, with salmon, onion and beetroot included in the selection. At £10.50, this is a reasonably priced lunch, or a starter for a larger meal, and is complemented best with a glass of Choryo Sawasawa (sparkling sake). Chino Latino also boasts an exciting fusion menu and exotic cocktail list, which makes it the perfect dinner venue prior to your evening revelries. Though the range of items available might seem a little daunting at first glance, the idea is to order lots—which some diners might consider a challenge! For those who can’t tell their wantons from their spring rolls, however, there are taster menus for two or more. Among the highlights are the beetroot and yuzu cream cheese with lemongrass, the crab and scallop dim sum with mushroom soup dumpling, and the sirloin steak on hot rocks with soya, mirin and garlic. But the runaway favourite of the menu is the succulent black cod with spicy miso, which we at Bent would happily have eaten again and again. The rainbow sushi maki roll will be available from 20th June to 19th July, especially for Pride.

Park Plaza Riverbank London 18 Albert Embankment London SE1 7TJ

June 2012

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June 2012

Special Offer - 5 day pass just ÂŁ18! Come and go as you please 7 days of fun!!! more details coming soon


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June 2012

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be my


DATE 10p p.m.

08715 223 033

Confessions 09097 908 680 Heroes - June_Layout 1 23/05/2012 14:32 Page 1



Rail Arches, 63 -64 Albert Embankment, SE1 020 7735 6709

Shoreditch 1 Fairchild St, EC2A 020 7247 5333


574 Commercial Rd, E14 020 7791 2808


292 (rear-of) Streatham High Rd, SW16 6HG 020 8696 0929


101 Lower Marsh, SE1 020 7401 8484



Special Events TUESDAY FREE HIV AND CHLAMYDIA TESTING Plus a FREE entry voucher into Heroes next visit

WEDNESDAY FANTASY DAY Fully clothed, nude, rubber, swimwear, military, sports kit, pvc, leather, towels

OPEN 7 DAYS A WEEK Noon till late - £10 £6 after 6pm each day £16 pass - 2 admissions in 7 days £24 pass - 4 admissions in 10 days

W W W. H E RO ESSAU N A .CO.U K 5 Lower High Street, Stourbridge, West Midlands. DY8 1TE • Tel: 01384 442030


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June 2012

gay connect

June 2012

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Are men turning into girlie-boys? According to a recent survey conducted by Salon Services, the UK’s largest professional Hair and beauty supplier, there has been a 66% increase in the number of guys looking for treatment. Findings from ‘Beautiful Britain’ - a survey of over 1,500 hair and beauty professionals - found that this is increasingly driven by the soaring popularity of male beauty treatments Most popular male treatments and percentage increase plus average cost 1.Haircut 2.Massage 3.Hair removal 4.Hair colour 5.Skin treatment 6.Nail treatment 7.Tanning 8.Shaving

60% £18.60 31% £32.80 30% £20.90 28% £37.80 19% £33.60 18% £23.90 17% £19.70 9% £14.10

Regional Trends Beautiful Scotland Scotland would appear to have the best-groomed men in the UK with nearly three quarters (74%) of hairdressers and beauticians who offer male treatments in the region seeing an increase in male clientele – the largest increase in the UK. This compares with the North East where only half of salons see increased male custom – the smallest in the survey. ‘Henson’ effect felt in Wales No doubt inspired by local rugby playing celeb Gavin Henson, tanning treatments are particularly popular in Wales, with 35% of male customers requesting it – the highest demand in the UK. Welshmen are also the ‘smoothest’ operators in the UK as nearly half (47%) of male customers in the country opt for hair removal treatments. Hair removal in Wales is therefore twice as popular than in the South West where only 23% are asking for the treatment. Stressed Londoners opt for massages and “Man-icures” It appears busy London men overcome the stresses and strains of the capital by treating themselves to invigorating beauty treatments with over a third of male customers (38%) opting for massages and nearly a third (31%) for skin treatments – the biggest demand for these treatments anywhere in the UK. Male grooming in London comes at its price though, with the total bill for the three most popular treatments (haircut, massage and skin treatment) coming in at £111.00 – £25.00 more expensive than the average UK bill for the same treatments.


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June 2012

Savidge Opinions: The Arrogance of Youth In t h e se co n d o f h i s n ew o p i n i o n p i e ce s fo r B e n t , S i m o n S av i d g e l o o k s a t w h o t h e re a l p re d a t o rs o n t h e g a y sce n e a re a n d i f we sh o u l d b e l e ss co n ce rn e d a b o u t ‘ d i r t y o l d m e n ’ a n d m o re a b o u t ‘ d i r t y yo u n g m e n ’ i n st e a d . We a lw a ys p ro m i se t h a t we w o n ’ t fo rg e t w h a t i t w a s l i k e t o b e yo u n g d o n ’ t we ? Ye t i n a few ca se s so m e o f u s m i g h t ra t h e r fo rg e t i t b e ca u se i t ca n co m e b a ck t o b i t e u s o n t h e a ss. T h i s h a p p e n e d t o m e re ce n t l y w h e n I w a l k e d i n t o a g a y b a r i n Ma n ch e st e r, w i t h so m e si m i l a rl y b e a rd e d f ri e n d s a n d we we re g i ve n t h e ‘ w h y o n e a r t h h ave yo u j u st w a l k e d i n h e re ? ’ l o o k f ro m a g ro u p o f a b o u t t e n ‘ t w i n k s’ . In i t i a l l y I w a s m i l d l y o f fe n d e d . Wh e n yo u g e t t o yo u r t h i r t i e s I fi n d l e ss o f fe n d s yo u b u t t h i s b o t h e re d m e a l i t t l e, u n t i l I re m i n d e d m yse l f o f t h e p e rso n I w a s w h e n I w a s j u st t we n t y a n d m a k i n g m y w a y (re a d t h a t a s sl e e p i n g m y w a y) ro u n d t h e L o n d o n g a y sce n e. I t h o u g h t I w a s t h e sh i t (i n a g o o d w a y). I w a s yo u n g , t h i n a n d m y f ri e n d s a n d I, w h o a l l w o rk e d a t a S o h o sex sh o p (h ow st e re o t yp i ca l ) t h o u g h t we ow n e d t h e ci t y a n d co u l d h ave a n y m a n t h a t we f a n ci e d . B a ck t h e n I t o o w o u l d p ro b a b l y h ave t u rn e d a ro u n d a n d sn e e re d sh o u l d a g ro u p o f b u rl y o l d e r (a t t h e t i m e I thought anything ove r t h i r t y w a s t e ch n i ca l l y t h e gay walking dead) men h ave e n t e re d ‘ m y d o m a i n ’ . H oweve r, sh o u l d o n e h ave t a k e n m y co n t ra r y f a n cy I w o u l d p ro b a b l y h ave t ri e d t o g e t t h e m t o b u y m e d ri n k s, w i t h t h e p ro m i se o f b e i n g m y n ew b o yf ri e n d a n d sl e e p w i t h t h e m l a t e r o n (t h i n g s d o n ’ t ch a n g e … a s o n e o f t h o se Ma n ch e st e r sn e e ri n g yo u t h s t h e n sh owe d w i t h o n e o f m y m a t e s). T h e re we re l o t s o f ‘ O h I h ave a lw a ys f a n ci e d h avi n g a n o l d e r b o yf ri e n d ,

I l ove o l d e r m e n ’, only t he n ex t m o rn i n g h e w as t old: ‘ We w o n ’ t ex ch a n ge number s , yo u we re a b i t of s ympat hy sh a g , a n d I h ave n ’ t had a bear b e fo re.’ A h h t h e memor ies b e ca u se … I w a s l i ke t hat . Yo u se e, p e o p l e t h ink t hat ‘in t h e g a y w o rl d ’ i t is t he older m e n t h a t a re t h e pr edat or s . I re m e m b e r a s a yout h being w a rn e d a b o u t ‘ ch i c ken haw ks ’, o l d e r m e n w h o would hunt m e d ow n a n d d e file me. Yet I d i d n ’ t n e e d w ar ning, t hey d i d . I w a s j u st co ming out ; m y h o rm o n e s we re all over t he p l a ce, a s we re m y under pant s . H u n t m e d ow n i n d eed? I w as m o re t h a n h a p p y t o oblige. I w a sn ’ t t h e h u n t ed; I w as ‘ g o o d w i l l y h u n t i ng’ but only w i t h t h e cl e a r u n der s t anding t h a t , I d i d n ’ t w a n t t o have t o se e t h e m a g a i n . Me a n w h i l e, back in Ma n ch e st e r m y f r iend w as u n d e rst a n d a b l y gut t ed. N o, h e i sn ’ t a p re d a t or y chicken h aw k , h e i s j u st a bear d y guy w h o l i k e s sl i m m er, younger g u ys a n d w a n t s t o meet on e t h a t h e ca n f a l l for. I ns t ead, h e fe l l i n t o t h a t age old m an t ra p - a l t h o u g h I am s ur e h e e n j o ye d i t a t t he t ime. T h e re fo re, n ex t t ime you ar e o u t a n d a b o u t , y ou s ee an o l d e r g u y yo u f a ncy having a ‘ b i t o f f u n w i t h ’ , eit her hold t h a t t h o u g h t o r at leas t t ell t h e m w h e re t h e y s t and. On e d a y yo u m i g h t fi nd t he r oles reve rse d a n d i t ’s a r at her u n p l e a sa n t fe e l i n g.

June 2012

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Summer Tune-Up

Beauty Products

By Michael Nelson

Coach Marc Montemerlo is known across the pond as the first out fitness expert on daytime television. Each week, he helps out-of-shape heteros meet their fitness goals on Lifechangers. We thought, why not use his expertise to help some our out-of-shape gay readers tune up for summer? You can trust Marc. Before joining the television program, he was a celebrity trainer, shaping the bodies and minds of stars like Reese Witherspoon, Chris O’Donnell, and Marcia Cross. So you know he’s good. Coach Marc answers some reader’s questions. Dear Coach Marc, Summer’s coming and I know I need to get off my blackberry and hit the gym but I’m busier than ever and just don’t have the time.  Any suggestions? “I just don’t have the time...” I hear this time and time again. One of the most important things to do is to schedule workouts into your day like any other appointment. There will always be another important meeting or event – make fitness a priority. Plan shorter and harder workouts that will get you in and out of the gym in no time. You might also try attending a boot camp or an indoor cycling class to create momentum. Dear Coach Marc, I want to lose weight. Is cardio enough or do I need to lift weights too? Losing weight not only requires cardio and weight training, you need a good eating plan too. Cardio strengthens your heart muscle, speeds up your metabolism and burns fat. Weight training protects bone and muscle mass. It makes you stronger and fitter and develops better body mechanics. It also boosts energy levels and improves your mood. And really, who doesn’t want a tighter, harder body? 58

Bent Magazine

June 2012

Dear Coach Marc, I lift weights a lot but I seem to have hit a plateau with my results.  What can I do to get stronger and bigger? Strength is not related to size. The reason we hit training plateaus is because we have been doing the same training over and over. We need to shock our bodies to get results. If it is size you are looking for, consider your eating plan. Are you getting enough calories to support growth? Also, are you getting enough rest? As far as your training, are you lifting heavy weights, focusing on large muscle groups, and isolating muscle? Dear Coach Marc, I was told that I do push-ups incorrectly; that my hands are too close together and that I’m putting too much stress on my elbows.  Is there really a wrong way to do push-ups?   One of the most important things to remember when executing a push up is posture and alignment. The tailbone must be slightly tucked under to activate the lower abdominals and support the lower back and shoulders down and away from your ears. If you cannot hold a good starting position, drop to your knees to make it easier. When lowering your chest to the

floor maintain a neutral spine and keep your core engaged. If you bring the hands closer together, you will focus more on the triceps and front of your shoulders; the wider the position the more chest you will recruit. Play with the different positions to get optimal results.   What am I suppose to do with the giant inflatable balls I see at the gym? They are stability balls. There are two types, a weighted ball called the Ballast and the regular un-weighted ball. The perfect ab crunch can be done using a stability ball because it allows you to work in extension in a safe range, recruiting more abdominals. You can also use the ball as a bench to do chest presses on and even up against a wall to help you in assisted squats. You can use it for athletic drills in a standing position doing lateral chops, figure eights and even explosive jumps holding it. The variations are endless, just get onto a ball and have fun with it.

Just the right Recipe

Recipe for men is pure hydration and energy for your skin. The foundations are based on the best quality natural ingredients available in the world and the actives are selected to fit a man’s needs. They don’t tell you that the product will “reduce wrinkles by 70%” or give your career a giant boost. However, they do say that Recipe for Men will make your skin look and feel much fresher and smoother…. No matter how tough a life you live. Prices start at £15 through to £65


Hair today The Hairbond Distorter Professional Hair Clay is an elite, matte styling product that creates texture with a supple finish. Flexible hold gives great results to thick straight hair. This product will give hair a strong to medium hold allowing elasticity for easy use. £12.50

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Bent Fiction - It's My Job - Part 1 By Les Lea

Nineteen year-old Sam is an escort who loves his job. At only 5’5”, his cute young looking body has his customers keen for a return visit. Here he tells us about one of his regular clients and just why he loves the work he does. Bob is one of my regulars. Once a month, for the past 9 months, he’d book me to indulge in his sticky fetish and, I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed these sessions. Some clients just want me naked and to get the deed over and done with as soon as possible. Some are guilty about what they are doing; some ashamed of hiring a rent boy to fulfil their needs, while others are on a deadline and just wanted a quick, no-nonsense shag. However, that is what I do and I am happy to do it while I can. I don’t moralise about what people want or ask me to do. In the main, they are the customer and what they want, and pay for, is what they get. Bob is quite well off. I believe he made loads of money when he was quite young and now, in his late 40s, lives off the proceeds. His penthouse apartment has an ultra-modern kitchen, two bedrooms and a huge living room that opens up onto a balcony, which overlooks the city. He has also converted his third bedroom into a ‘playroom’ and that’s where we get messy once a month. Kid’s TV would be proud of the amount of slimy sticky stuff he’s poured over the both of us in the times we’ve done this together. I am well paid for being the target of his slippery needs and it is great fun. He likes me to appear at his door dressed in suit and tie (and I’ve recently added a briefcase to complete the respectable young businessman look). He greets me dressed the same, it’s as if we are about to go into a high-powered business meeting, but that image only lasts a few moments as it is the removal of clothes, which are always neatly folded outside the play area, and the transformation into ‘sloshboys’(that is, guys who love messy fun), that gets him going. He supplies what he wants me to wear (sometimes I’m naked, other times I’ve had wellies and a plastic apron, shorts, a divers wet suit), whatever he has a sudden thought about, he gets me to try and I love not knowing what it’s going to be next. He’ll also have all the substances he wants to use stacked around the room; I supply the body, a smile and no attitude. We laugh a lot as plates of food, tubs of mud, chocolate mousse, buckets of foam, paint, oil, porridge - you name it and it is probably in his repertoire of stuff that we launch over one and other. Sometimes he’ll walk up to me, pull at my shorts or underpants and drip a gallon of some sticky treacle or greasy gloop all over my arse or cock and balls. The stuff gets everywhere but at the end, and especially if the goo covering my arse is still slick and liquidy, he likes to rub himself off against my slippery butt cheeks. His cock has inevitably been hard from the moment I arrive, so when he does cum his copious orgasm 60

Bent Magazine

June 2012

is a flood, which is then rubbed into whatever it is he’s covered me in. He seems to derive as much fun from our sloshy antics as he does from cumming and he’s deliriously happy from start to finish. He always pays me more than we’ve agreed. So, after we both take an innocent shower - the messy and sexy stuff is kept strictly for the fun room - I leave his place dressed in my suit and with no telltale signs of what we’ve just done (the ‘business meeting’ successfully completed) and always a lot better off than when I arrived. In fact, that one session with Bob could mean that I don’t have to work for the rest of the week… but I do… you can’t let your clients down can you?

Win This

APN Ltd will select a random caller to any of their chat lines before the 1st May to win a new iPad.

Calls to 09097 cost ÂŁ1.53 per minute. 08712 cost 10p per minute mobiles may vary. Service provided by All Points North LS11 8BP. Help: 08442 430 071

June 2012

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Horoscopes Celebrity Horoscopes and Psychic readings at:



Friends think you’re out of order for dating someone you don’t feel passionate about, but you enjoy each other’s company and this relationship has the potential for being a


great friendship.If it leads to a lively friendship full of exciting (June22nd-July23rd)

there seems to be an increase in people looking for

experiences with a mediocre sex life, you may be content

Having to be alone a lot of the time either due to

romance and you feel spoilt for choice. If it’s not a one

with that because what you mostly want is companionship.

the work that you do, being separated from your

night stand you’re after but a meaningful relationship

Anyway, whose business is it but yours and your partner’s?

partner or through choice gives you plenty chance to

let any would be partner know this from the start.

do some thinking. True, you miss company and some of the hours seem a little empty but so are many


relationships. You’re thinking about your life, past,

You aren’t sure about someone you’ve recently met

present and future, who matters to you and who

and you wonder why they can’t just be themselves.

doesn’t. This may be a temporary quiet phase but it’s

They’re flirtatious and fun to be with but now you

your perfect opportunity to decide on your priorities.

wish they would just drop the act to get to know them.


What you want to establish is the kind of interest



they have in you. Is it just romantic fun they want or

The person you least expect will surprise you with a

are they looking for a loyal mate? Since it’s the latter

generous and truly giving gesture. You realise there is a

that interests you, it’s time to have a heart to heart.

lot more to them than you had imagined.The person who disappoints you most is a partner or friend who doesn’t


seem to recognise the boundaries in your relationship.

An old flame needs a favour from you. Your current

They have dived into your life, made promises they

partner or other loved ones won’t understand why

can’t seem to live up to and you sense they’re about to

you’re so willing to help them, but the loves of your

leave because things between you aren’t working out.

life will always have a special place in your heart



and you could never turn a friend in need away. (Aug24th-Sept23rd)

Someone might ask why you don’t feel bitter

A romance you did have high hopes for could end in an

towards your ex; you’re grateful for what you

upsetting way. Your partner’s negative behaviour will

had together and not bitter about what you lost.

take you completely by surprise. Next time, you might decide to screen would be lovers more carefully. As a


Virgo you need to find someone who is truly compatible.

Making an emotional connection with someone will be

The best way to do this is to communicate extensively,

easier once you get them to talk and open up to you. The

both face to face and via the internet, before deciding

most difficult part is to actually get them to start talking.

the relationship is what you both really want.

For some people chatting about themselves comes naturally.



For others it’s a social skill they struggle with.A bad venue for (Sept24th-Oct23rd)

your first few dates is crowded places where there is no chance

Don’t involve your friends in your love life. It might seem

to talk alone. Find somewhere quiet if you want to make a

like a good idea to get a friend to arrange a date for

connection and discover whether or not this is a good match.

you with someone you fancy but if it all goes wrong, it will make them feel rotten. Be accountable for your


own issues and if there’s someone you’d like to get

It’s hard to work out when your relationship with a

to know better, tell them yourself. If you are already

neighbour started to deteriorate. It’s like they’ve

attached, issues with your partner will tug at your heart.

put up a big wall between you and no matter how










You’ve always been sensitive and hostile relationships

After giving a good percentage of your time to

can make you emotionally vulnerable and will affect your

your partner, friends and loved ones it is time to

health. Unfortunately, these walls were not built quickly;

focus on your own interests and passions. With

they were built as the relationship developed. You’ve

every relationship you learn something new about

just noticed they’re there because it is coming to an end.

people take advantage of your good nature. You’re


also finding the courage to let others know your

It may have been someone’s looks that initially

needs are important too. You will feel a strong

attracted you to them. You are now starting to

emotional connection with a place you visit in June.

discover that looks alone are not enough to guarantee


a good relationship. Bit by painful bit you are



learning that there are many other factors that matter,

If you’re lonely and looking for love a friend’s

often more than appearance. If you realise your partner

determined to help you find a partner. They’ve filled

or a friend you’ve got really close to, isn’t as loyal, loving

your diary with party nights, clubbing and gay bars

or sensitive as you, it might be better to spend less time

so you won’t get a minute to call your own. Suddenly

together to avoid even more hurt in the future.


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