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Hardware solutions Software solutions Custom solutions Pronov8 designs

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Rugged tablets Rugged phones Asset management GPS tracking Seamless On or Offline operation  Remote site connectivity




Data Analysis

Building Relationships

Forefront of Technology

 Real-time data, right first time  We help customers analyse data to make better business decisions  We simplify data for customers

 We build long lasting customers relationships and partnerships  We don’t just provide technology. We help customers to solve problems

 Leaders in technology development  Leaders in technology integration  Partners with industry experts

Typical Business Process & Challenges we help address Our Scope

Support Activities

Primary Activities






Service Provision


Change Manage

Inventory Manage

Order Fulfil

Ship & Track

Support Service



Management Reporting Profitability & Margins • •

Intense competition putting pressure on pricing Labour drives cost. Productivity is key

Data Management & Reporting • • •

Measured process can be managed better Live, high quality data, allows better decision making Clients often require custom reports

Health & Safety • •

Compliance is critical Ever increasing regulatory controls

IT Applications & Infrastructure • • •

On premise hardware costly to maintain Legacy applications often don’t share data effectively Cyber security an increasing challenge

Source Data • • •

Still a high reliance on data collection using paper High admin costs to process data & leads to errors Data often too late to make positive impacts

What We Do….. We provide End-to-End Technology Business Solutions

We partner with industry Technology Leaders

Data Analytics “Where you have the targeted App plus the device & with NetSuite as the backbone transacting system is a good & different approach. It would definitely differentiate Pronov8 within the NetSuite Partner Community” “Your focus on vertical markets where NetSuite has not yet got a strong presence is attractive to us”.



GeoPal Partner Custom built Mobile App Solutions

NetSuite Partner Standard & Customised Solutions to meet client needs

Remote Site Connectivity

Hardware Phones/Tablets

LEAN / Continuous Improvement We help CUSTOMERS to


Asset & Inventory Management

Mobile Field Operations

• •

Helping customers to eliminate waste processes Apply this methodology to our work methods

Capture accurate & real-time information for better decision making Reduce operational costs Increase profitability & customer satisfaction

• •

Biometric Solutions

The Industries we serve… Now



2018 +




Industries We Serve As industries rapidly change, we help our clients navigate these shifts and give them the processes & tools needed to survive and thrive We combine deep industry and technology experience in support of our clients. Our overarching goal: to respond to each client’s unique issues with the right mix of capabilities and technology to help release commercial value



Our Mobile Applications customised to meet your exact requirements‌.

Cost-Effective Solutionfor End-to-End Contract Performance Visibility

Data capture at source to provide real-time accurate process performance Job Workflow Steps

Management KPIs /Reports

Pick from List


Take Photo & Annotate

Health & Safety KPIs /Reports

Performance measures also sent to field supervisors

We are a NetSuite Solutions Partner NetSuite – Single Business Platform for Growth Cloud Business Solution #1 Cloud end-to-end business solution

Designed for Modern Business Run your business from anywhere using mobile devices

Flexibility Built In Rapid delivery of functionality, easy configuration & customisations & scalable

Business Intelligence For All Dashboards, Real-time, actionable data. Ability to run ‘What if?’ scenarios

Commerce Ready System Single system for delivering the front end experience to customer and fulfilling backoffice operations

Software as a Service SaaS No on premise datacentre hardware required and always on the latest version

Product Overview: NetSuite Capability Worlds #1 Cloud ERP ACCOUNTING / ERP • Revenue Recognition • Advanced Billing • General Ledger • Accounts Receivable / Payable • Advanced Financials • Project Accounting* • Budgeting • Multi-Currency • Purchasing & Order Management • Commissions* • Accounting Period Management • Renewals Management* • Global Business Management* CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT • Sales Force Automation • Marketing Automation • Customer Support and Service • Incentive Management* • Offline Sales Client* • Issue Management* • Partner Relationship Management * Some features sold as add-on modules

EMPLOYEE MANAGEMENT AND PRODUCTIVITY • Role-Based Dashboards • Project Tracking • Paperless Expense Reports • Advanced Calendaring • Activity Time Management • Employee Records • Purchase Requisitions • Document Management • Employee Self-Service* • Saved Searches / Direct Drill-Down • Custom KPI Reporting

BACKGROUND World’s most deployed cloud ERP Used by 40,000+ organisations Fastest growing top 10 ERP Used across 100+ countries

SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT • Purchasing and Vendor management • Inventory control & Warehouse management • Manufacturing DATABASE-DRIVEN WEBSTORE • Front / Back-Office Integration • Electronic File / Software Delivery* • Affiliate Marketing • Customer Acquisition • Customer, Partner Self-Service • Website Analytics*

NetSuite Delivered Results


TRANSFORM REMEDIATE • Reduced time to close books 75-90% • Improved staffing utilization due to automation 10-25% • Improved order processing efficiency 45-75%


EXPAND • Improved production efficiency and lead times 50-80% • Reduced obsolete inventory carrying cost 60-80% • Improved fulfillment rates and reduced back orders 75-85%

INNOVATE • Increased average proposal volume 36-49% • Reduced planning cycle times 20-30% • Improved customer service capacity 25-60%

ENHANCE • Reduced equipment cost and maximized throughput efficiency 30-40% • Improved distribution cost as a % of sales 15-30% • Reduced inventory cost 2030%

• Increased average deal size 78-105% • Improved customer satisfaction 50-75% • Remove monitoring enables anything-as-a-service

NetSuite Delivered Results









• Increased average deal size 78%-105% • Improved Customer Satisfaction 50%-75% • Remote monitoring enables anything-as-a-service

• Market Intelligence • Marketing Automation • Industrial Internet of Things

• Reduced equipment costs and Maximized throughput and efficiency 30%-40% • Improved Distribution Cost as a % of sales 15%30% • Reduced Inventory Costs 20%-30%

• Warehouse Management (WMS) • Advanced Order Management • Maintenance

• Increased average proposal volume 36%-49% • Reduced in planning cycle times 20%-30% • Improved Customer Service Capacity 25%60% • Improved production efficiency and lead times 50%-80% • Reduced obsolete inventory carrying costs 60%80% • Improved fulfillment rates and reduced back orders 75%-85%

• Reduced time to close books 75%-90% • Improved staffing utilization due to automation 10%25% • Improved Order Processing Efficiency 45%-75%

Market Disruptor

Intelligent Distribution

• • • •

CPQ PLM Quality Paperless Manufacturing

Quality and Process Improvement

• • • • • • •

Scheduling Global Expansion B2C and B2B Commerce (B2X) WIP and Routing Asset Management Rough Cut Capacity Planning Shop Floor Reporting

Production Efficiency

• • • • • • •

Financial (FMS) Order Management Inventory CRM Operational BI Work Orders and Assemblies Demand/Supply Planning

Operational Efficiencies

Pronov8 Rugged Phones Designed to compliment rugged lifestyles and survive industry’s tough challenges, either on construction sites, farms or extreme, outdoor environments - without compromising on design LONE WORKER Built in lone worker features

HD VIEWING 13mp camera & HD screen


DUAL SIM Unlocked, any network

WATERPROOF Submersible up to 1m

SD CARD Expandable memory


PUSH TO TALK Walkie Talkie capable

VERY DURABLE Dust proof and can be dropped from 6ft

1.5 YEAR WARRANTY Comprehensive warranty

Phone & Tablet Range Device


S2 Pro





Android 6.0

Android 6.0

Android 5.1

Win 10 / Android 5.1

Win 10 / Android 5.1

Win 10 / Android 5.1

Cost €\£

€330 / £295

€400 / £355

€535 / £475

€597 / £530

€735 / £650

€897 / £797








5.5” 1920 * 1080

6.5” 1920 * 1080

7” 1280 * 800

8” 1280 * 800

10” 1280 * 800

12.2” 1920 * 1200 (IPS)

32 GB

32 GB

32 GB

64 GB

32 GB

64 GB

3 GB

3 GB

3 GB




MT 6735 (1.3GHz, Quad-Core)

MT 6735 (1.3GHz, Quad-Core)

Snap Dragon 410 (1.2GHz, Quad-Core)

Intel Cherry - Trail Z8350 (1.44 - 1.92GHz)

Intel Cherry-Trail Z8350 (1.44 - 1.92GHz)

Intel Cherry-Trail Z8350 (1.44GHz - 1.92GHz)





5MP, 2MP

5MP, 2MP

5MP, 2MP

5MP, 2MP


Bluetooth NFC\Wi-Fi Memory Card Slot Screen Size Resolution Internal Storage Internal Memory CPU Dual SIM (Nano) Front\Rear Camera

13 MP, 5MP

13 MP, 5MP

Portable Remote Communications Quick Connectivity via Wifi & Cat5  A solution to provide quick connectivity without the need to arrange a broadband line

Portable  Entirely portable for those who work on the move

Power Protection via UPS  Battery Powered, to allow for sites without power to still be connected

Easy Integration with existing Infrastructure  Can become part of your Wan, so you never need a third party VPN Client

Provides internet access for a small office  Everything you need to establish site connectivity included out of the box, with little config required

Asset Inspection System Custom designed paperless inspection system for any Asset that requires Inspection compliance. Enables live updates of asset database to reduce admin by up to 100% & up to 75% more inspection time

CITB Approved – conforms with legislation requirements

Automatically creates F91 Asset register

GPS Location of Onsite Assets

Automatic alerts when asset fails inspection

Monitors compliance and generates alerts when asset not inspected (e.g scaffold inspection 1 week overdue)

Photo capture of failures with annotation

Digital Signatures

On/Off-Hire Alerts including Real-time Asset status

Entirely paperless and stored in the cloud

IOT connection to ERP System (NetSuite)

Management Dashboard / Suite of Automated Reports

Pronov8 Round – Security System Pronov8 Round is a Security Sentry System that uses NFC tags and a mobile Device in order to log rounds – Ideal for FAFF (First Attack Fire Fighting)

Easy to use, Operatives are assigned an ID and use this to log into the App

Operatives scan start tag, device automatically knows what ship the round is being completed on

Operatives are able to report issues at certain points, which are auto-recorded to a digital logbook

Entirely cloud hosted; so no need to download data of hardware and device cannot get full

Pronov8 can provide devices managed by MDM and provide remote support

Free updates providing new features regularly issued

Case Study 1: Increase profitability by 10x in less than 2 years Challenges • Billing process suffered from errors & delays resulting in lost revenue • Legacy applications did not link effectively causing reporting errors and time lost in reconciliation • Lost margin due to lack of project visibility at site and ineffective process to manage client change requests

Pronov8 helped Event Solutions to: • Increase in profitability by 10x in less than 2 years • Bill immediately after an event which could take up to 6 months previously • Integrate business processes and eliminate lost revenue opportunities and lost margin

Actavo | Event Solutions delivers awardwinning event services to public, cultural, corporate and sporting events globally They oversee all aspect, including on-site support for the duration of the event, providing site survey and inspection, full CAD design, SHEQ Teams, and technical support, complete with health and safety evaluations

Case Study 2: Digital Transformation Drives Growth Challenges • Scaffolding handover process to the client was paper based. Handover sheets were being late/lost and driving inaccurate billing and lost revenue • Process was admin intensive and error prone

• In a growing business Scaffold Management process was not scalable

Pronov8 helped Northseal to: • Win new business due to the new technology differentiator that puts them ahead of the competition • Replace paper handover forms with mobile apps providing real time back office updates allowing accurate billing and live operations updates • Reduce admin overhead by 60%

• Implement new productivity features – GPS Location updates, client Digital Signatures, live client Reports, Asset Lifecycle Tracking and robust Regulatory Compliance

Northseal Scaffolding are an established scaffolding company providing a professional service The Ayrshire based business provides Scotland wide Scaffolding services to commercial clients, private clients and local authorities Offering Scaffolding services for general roofing, installing solar panels, extensions & new construction builds

Case Study 3: Improve Asset Inspection Productivity by 80% Challenges • Scaffold inspection was a paper process and administration intensive • Failures took time to communicate back to operations delaying causing project delays • No management visibility of daily performance

Pronov8 helped Industrial Solutions to: • Improve productivity by 80% by automating administration process • Auto-schedule jobs loaded automatically to Inspectors mobile devices daily • Live visibility of failure details by management & supervisors for quick resolution

Actavo | Industrial Solutions provides essential Engineering Services to the world’s leading industrial companies in the petrochemical, power, oil and gas, marine, nuclear and pharmaceutical sectors Providing solutions to support client industrial construction, term maintenance and shutdown projects

Pronov8 presentation  

Pronov8 are Digital Transformation Experts... Specialising in Business Process Optimisation enabled by leading edge technology solutions.

Pronov8 presentation  

Pronov8 are Digital Transformation Experts... Specialising in Business Process Optimisation enabled by leading edge technology solutions.