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A Hometown Story

selves. Not like ourselves in reference to the type or age of people. This is something that is shared by all willing to come. From children to those so elderly you can only hope to be doing what they are in 40 years.

“We can only appreciate the miracle of a sunrise if we have waited in the dark” *

* As if by command the first light of sunrise triggers

Each morning, for those who are up early enough, the sun rises over the Atlantic Ocean in Atlantic Beach Florida. The

movement all down the beach. Each group such as

ocean shimmers with the dancing waves as the light strikes down. The foam from waves shoot up with the crashing

ourselves has staked out their own part of the shore and

water causing a volcanic like spurt.

we take to the water. It becomes considerably louder *

with the yells and laughter involved with attempting to glide through the breakzone without being shoved back into shore. Then all of the sudden it becomes quiet again. With the exception of a few stragglers still fighting their way out the majority of us have reached the outside and lie in wait for their first wave.

I have been up since 5, some even earlier than that. We wait for what we have seen so many times and hope we will never stop. We sit on the dunes with our boards alongside and our coffee in hand. I study my almost new Al Merrick Channel Island board 6 feet long with its green fins, orange footpad, and pink and yellow logo. My “darn good cup of joe” as we say rests in my hand, almost used to warm me rather than quench my thirst or wake me up as coffee is not something I enjoy drinking, but is part of the regiment we follow.

* “Good things come to those who wait.” *

how the day will turn out. And then it comes. Some see it from afar and holler to their friends, others spot it as it grows closer but everyone wants a piece of it. Sometimes up to around 30 different riders attempt to position themselves to have the right of way on the wave but on the first wave the rules are thrown to the wind. No one complains about sharing this wave and as many as possible join in to take part in the fun. *

For the superstitious among us it is the most important

After the first wave, it becomes the calmest frenzy one

wait, but even for those who aren’t the first ride of the day

could think of. There are riders moving around

As we sit we talk little, just thinking of how lucky we are to be able to be where we are. With the dunes elevation

comes as an important moment. It is the ride that some

everywhere but no one in a hurried or angry manner, just

giving us a view out into the water as well was down the shoreline where we are able to see other groups like our-

believe will tell you everything you need to know about

everyone out to have fun in the ocean with their friends.



* After the morning surf rush people begin to file onto the

Next the sports begin. Usually this entails a game of

beach. They come out one by one through the entrance

touch football with two of the fathers volunteered by

walkways alone and with families.

others to be the quarterbacks. Sometime to shake it up

* My own family will come down soon, my parents, sis-

someone will bring a soccer ball, or frisbee which leads to some of the most unorganized games of soccer and ultimate to ever exist.

ter, and dog. They will set up the rainbow umbrella and


each do their own thing be it reading a book for my mom, going for a jog down the beach, or grabbing a board and

Time you thought was wasted with those who mean the

coming out to join me on the waves.

most to you will never be time that is truly wasted. *

* After coming in from the morning surf sesh, we come in

The rest of the day goes by at a blur. There is time spent

to find that many of our families are on the beach relaxing

surfing, especially during high tide, boogieboarding, for

and just enjoying the time they have.

the jokers and the younger members at the beach, and


general splashing in the water, generally for those not yet able to swim in the deep water. Some let the dogs loose

Next come out the lunches. All different types of sand-

for a game of fetch or just to run around creating all kinds

wiches made in every which way possible, leading to

of havoc, of course always on the lookout for the dog

a massive trading market like atmosphere as everyone


attempts to weasel their way into grabbing the sandwich they want. The always classic peanut butter and jelly is my personal favorite and one I will defend at all costs.

* As the day begins to wind down the activities begin to

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