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Editorial: Korean dramas By: Laritza Juárez The Korean drama is a miniseries produced in South Korea, we can see it online. It is short, typically run from sixteen to twenty episodes. I think that many people from all around world have seen Korean drama because it is different from another program of television. The drama can be defined as a deep feeling that makes people cry, smile and sometimes they get scared.

Korean drama allows expressing and exploring human feeling, it is essential form and fundamental human activity. We can learn another culture and language. It can be funny and enjoyable, so I recommend it, because it is a new way of entertainment.

I personally really respect Korean dramas, I feel like the actors are great and you can get caught up in what´s happening. In my opinion, Korean dramas are popular because of the quality of acting and the script. From my viewpoint it’s exceptionally attractive the idea of meeting the Korean perspective, their customs and traditions.

Koreans dramas as a new form of entertainment are very popular nowadays among many young. As a result, South Korea has become a country with a lot of tourism and in turn their television programs have begun to spread throughout the world.


Interview to Guillermo Cheang (ICC’s coordinator) By Eduardo Medina Yllescas

1. What age is the best to start coding? Coding? Whenever you can. There is no date, not age. I have students that started coding since they are eleven, twelve years old. So all can be done, there is not a problem about the when. It’s like asking, since when can you use math? It depends on each one, the family, the ambient, where he is. 4 2. What do you think is the best part about coding? Finding a solution’s models for every problem, this is even before coding. Find a solution’s models, how you are going to solve a problem, when you know how to solve a problem, then you start coding. You will see languages and all the show, but know how to solve a problem is the interesting part. And that’s what I called the solution’s model, which model I’m going to use. That’s the intellectual part, the creative one, how you are going to solve it, and how you are going to attack it, there are many ways to do it. For example, you are in FIMA, how you find the arithmetic mean of a number, the balance? Well there are many ways to do it, but you need to know with which way you are going to attack it, but before you needed to know it, to searched it. That is the solution’s model, and is the most interesting, right? And after you found your model, or models, you have to test them, which one is the fastest? Which one the most reliable? Which one use less RAM? Which one use less processors? Now depends on what is your objective.

3. What is the best profession to study in your opinion? Oh, on the machine, what can I tell you? This will not benefit your investigation because someones will orient for their profession, right? What is a better profession? I’ve always said this, all professions have objectives on life or careers around the world, all professions are important, it all depends on the approach you want. A very drastic example, I’ve heard a lot. A medic, surgeon, very important and everything, wanted to relax, so he went to Miami to a partner’s house, he was an artist, a painter very well known around the world, the doctor told him, what are you doing, well I’m here relaxing and painting. Then he asked, hey, when could you lend me your paint and paper so I can paint? Then he answered him, when you borrow me one of your patients. So it’s important to see how important is that career, the profession; every profession has something to do with the importance of the world. It doesn’t mean that the profession of being mother is bad. Well, what are we talking about? Right? If you asked me, well, my career, obviusly you have to see the light, to see ICC. The life of this is next, I feel everyone is changing of profession, of what they are doing professionally, in their lives. So it’s very important to know eveything else, learn how to learn, learn values, all this is apart. So it’s very probably you will study a master degree, a Ph.D. For this, if you are studying ICC it is better, I can’t see no other future. The theory says that the career of the future doesn’t exist right now. So this means that you are going to study now is not the career of the future, you should study something that will exist in the future, and whatever you are going to study, for sure in ten years, there are going to be computers. So if you are going to continue studying after your master degree, you have to work with computers, and being an ICC you will


know about computer, systems, processes, will give you another big picture about you could study later, so you could be more preparad.

4. What advantages an ICC has against other engineers careers? Well, maybe I’ve already answered it, maybe if you want to study in the future, with knowledge about computers, or if you want to study a master degree and you don’t like computers, you could not study it because you’ve already learned it. Because for everything you could study, a master degree, there are going to be computers, something. And besides that, around the world are missing a lot of people able to work with computers, especially in the Sofftware development area. If you search on Youtube Bill Gates, all the important people of Facebook or Google, they are saying there is missing people, and in the USA. The people saiys that in India they have all, are missing people, are going to miss. It’s a worry that we will required a lot of people in Mexico, USA and around the world working the computer’s area, Software Development.

5. Do you think CETYS Universidad is a good option to study? Definitely is the best option you could find, you are at high school, here at CETYS, and I say for sure that the formation you have is one of the best nationally, almost you can study what you want where you want. And what could be better than continue with that formation, not just in the career, but the person’s formation. Almost all the schools you heard about, when you enter to their webpages, you can see the values, and blah blah blah. Well, here they inculcate, I’ve always said to family’s parents, if you want to


know how good is your son, you can come here at class, ten minutes before the hour, you will see all students running. But also, before the hour, everyone is already in their class, what is happening, the value of punctuality. Even if you don’t want, you have that values. Now, go to other school, see how are the values, this is about living, not teaching, and I think you have found how important the values are. The advantages of studying and engineering at CETYS is that is totally supported by the Industry. A lot of people have come here, when they are credited, they are all shocked because all the buildings are donated from businessmen. The other time came CACETY, for the certification of the ICC career, recertification not certification, there were two teachers from different schools from Monterrey and they were amazed, how can you get this building? “Donated by these businessmen”. “Donated by these businessmen”. They that are in Monterry couldn’t get that, even that there are more businessmen. Why do they donate buildings? Because they now students of CETYS are going to work with them, they trust on that, they don’t give free money just because they give. They trust on CETYS’s students, they give free money because they look for quality, they know they are going to find good people to work with them. Not all the colleges could say that. I’m a teacher that says: “don’t work when you are studying, enjoy your life” because if you are good, I don’t worry, you are going to get a job, for sure, if you are a good student you are going to get a job. So you have to enjoy your student’s life. There is going to be work, I don’t worry for that. So this is a total advantages out studying an engineer career here at CETYS.

6. What would be of the world without ICC? You tell me, why in that video from Youtube in which appears Bill Gates, Facebook and Google people saying the world needs people. Just imagine a day without Microsoft, Facebook, Google. What do you think? Think in something. No Android. What do you imagine about this world without this in this


momment? Just imagine, what would be of the world, there would not be a browser, no Internet, there wil be the hardware but any software to move it. You turn on the machine and there is no Operative System. What do you think about that? Is there Word? No. Excel? No. Access? Neither. There is nothing of that. PowerPoint? Neither. Nothing of that exist, imagine, there is no Facebook, imagine. Facebook is pure Software. Well, who is the best prepared to make a Facebook? An ICC.

7. If I like computers, but I’m bad at coding, should I enter to ICC? Well, first of all, if you are bad coding, well, why you are bad at coding? I infer you are bad, because you didn’t like how you received in high school. Because, who enters here, even if he doesn’t know about coding, he could learn. At this moment, a person of 4th Semester, when he enters at CETYS he didn’t know anything about coding, today is one of the best of the group starting from zero. I don’t hope people to know, even better, is preferable that someone doesn’t know anything than knowing somethin bad, because later I’ll have to erase that and start from zero. No, here is if you like it, you could learn it. It’s like Math, it’s about that “metal lizards”, all is about resolving problems, coding is about that just that, a solution’s mode, an engineer is going to invent a solution to a problem, here you resolve problems using SoftWare. So it’s not necessary to know how to code to enter in this career.

8. What kind of software have you done? What kind of software have I done? Well, when Kenworth was Mexican Kenworth, the confidential nomina they use was mine, many years ago contability,








“maquiladoras”, mine. The first system of point-sell of Proconsa, I did it. Contable systems that are used right now, mine; a spreedsheat connected with contability, that no one else had, I did it. A base manager, when Microsoft didn’t have


Access, able to do contability work, nomination. I have system that I’ve sell, I have 200 costumers that use them. The first system radio sensor in the whole latinoamerica, and al Northwest zone I did it. The first impediment control in the whole Northwest zone of Mexico, I did it.

9. Why is important to work in group when you are coding? Very Important!, all is about working in group, no one will do a whole software alone. May happen that you can do it, but that’s not the main idea. Coding is about working in group, and not just in this career, but in all. Any career, at this level, will make something alone, right now is impossible to do it, is impossible, and also, how long does it will take? Do you think software is easy to make? No. A good software is not something fast to do, it takes time. For example, how much time does Microsoft take to do an upgrade to their OS’s. How much time do they have been working on that? Not all is the technical part, there are the values, and here you are obligated to work in team, talk in public, even if you don’t want it. Now that is something they expect, if you came to a company, they are going to tell you they expect you to have these values: responsible, hard-working and also able to work in team, companies assume the technical part you already have it. That is fact, you should be good. The other is important, the extra, the technical part they know you know it. Working in group is not a quality of every one. That is why you, as a high school, you have certain formation, even if you don’t want it. See your middle school’s partners, see you middle school’s partners, for sure, if you return with them, the one that didn’t entered here, you will see a lot of differences, for sure, without the need of see all around. The same happen when you enter to college, that is what I say to my students, when all the high schools


are together, you will se a big differences, that is what is going to happen if you get back with your partners of middle school. You have the decision, I didn’t.

10. What advice can you tel to the students of 6th Semester? An advice? On the machine, I always say this to them: what you are going to study is something important? Where to study is something important as well. My recommendation is, if there is a career you are interested in CETYS, enter here. Because you already know the system. More in engineering, I, because I’m from engineering I’ll talk about it. If there is the engineering career you want here, study here. And think a little, is important where to study. I always say to my students, think in how you see your office in 10 years. Doesn’t matter the career, how is your office the ambient, and maybe that will help you define what to study.


Interview to Paola Mancilla, Captain of Cheerleader team in Cetys By: Xóchitl Richart e

1. Why did you want to become a cheerleader? Well, I started this sport when I was in first grade of high school, and I liked it because implies gymnastic, strength and cardio, and then I thought this will be a good activity for me. To choose the captain of the team, the decision is take in group, and we vote to see who is more suitable for this post. It has to be a person that is joyful and that can be in any post is need in the routine. Besides is has to be someone in the fifth semester, even though I wasn´t, because I was in the third semester, so I have been captain for two years. 2. How hard is to be the leader? The truth is that you need a lot of self control, because you need to manage people that are going to have different points of view and how it is a team, you have to treat people on a way that they feel good about themselves, but at the same time they have to listen to you. So you can’t come and give orders in an authoritatively way


because they retract and feel bad, and the environment turns contradictory for the team. Then you have to be smart enough and capable of manage this people in a way that they feel fulfill with what they have, and they do what you need them to do for the team. 3. What sacrifices you had made for the team? I have made physical sacrifices, like show and train in conditions of physical damage, with lessons. Also, in the academics, I missed the opportunity to going in a exchange, actually, and I have left aside my family a little for try to be the head of the team, because if I as the captain fail, then they will say me that they need to skip training too, and I wouldn’t be capable of say no. So you have to be always an example for them, and make people understand that they are the base of the team, and that there is a way of do the things and you have to follow the rhythm. 4. How do you prepare for a competition? The truth is that you don’t only prepare physically but also psychologically. First we train to do the loads and gymnastic, then we set a routine that coordinate with music, and finally we add the dance. We practice this for several months so we can avoid conflicts or changes in where you can put your life in risk, because in this sport is where more lives are lose in the past years. Also you need a psychological control because you have show in front of other people, and there are some ones that feel intimidated in front of the public and can’t talk or express themselves, so stay in front the public and entertain them there is very difficult for them. That is why you this is a psychological event, because you have to keep accounts in your mind but at the same time being smiling and see the public to their faces. I try help my team by showing to them that no matter where you are, if you like what you are doing then you will know how to do it, then you have to keep focus in your work and everything will be alright. 5. Are you going to continue being a cheerleader in college? I would continue being a cheerleader, but in the campus where I am going to study, there isn’t cheer team, but as an alternative I will take gymnastics.


6. What are the benefices of this activity? Being a cheerleader has left me a security and a knowledge about myself. I learn that no matters in what conditions you are, you can develop a maximum potential in your body and that you can support your own weight; and also that you can make others to trust you and feel confidence about yourself because you have the power to present yourself in front of people that you don’t know and with an expression reflect what you want, and make those people feel good and happy. This had help me a lot in school expositions because I can talk in front of others like there’s no tomorrow, because I have developed a personal security that allows me to feel free in front of others. 7. What do you need to be good at this? You need patience, attitude and a lot of empathy. You need to know that if you are tired, the one is in front of you also is, and that you don’t have the right as a individual in a team to waver o stop doing what you are suppose to because of yourself. I mean, you have to know that you only have 2:30 minutes to do the routine you have been practicing for a year, so you have to know that you don’t exist as a person because we all are a reflection and we only are one person when we are in the team, we all are the same and you don’t have the right to fail. You have to be very responsible because the lives of other depend on you. Also you need to have a positive attitude, and to know how to separate the sport with what happen in your home, because you can’t bring your problems to a team because this is reflected, you get to have such an intimate relationship with your partners that they can feel your emotions and fears, then when you come and reflect those things that aren’t good for the team you cause a conflict, so you have to learn to be responsible with your actions and thoughts. 8. How many competitions have you won? I don’t know how many and numbers, but we have gone to a lot of competitions. The last one was the “Copa Amistad” organized by UABC, here in Mexicali, and we won the first place in our division.


9. Do you recommend to other to others to become cheerleaders? To say the truth, yes, I totally recommend this sport, because even though people don’t believe is a sport, I have seen that the projecting sentiment with other persons in this sport is something very strong, you get to feel that they are another part of your family, and I am not the only one that think so. The different ages of the people of the team, I am now one of the biggest and we also have two previous generations, and the truth is that age doesn’t matter, because of the bond you share with them is cause by the trust you have to keep in them by letting your life in their hands, and you don’t have another choice but to help them to do physically dangerous things, and they turn in to your family, in the way that outside the team you can ask them for anything you need, they turn into your friends and you share a bond. To learn how to work in a team I believe cheerleading is essential. I totally recommend this sport that implies everything, cheer, projection, dance ability and gymnastics, in addition to strength, is all in one. 14

Interview to an industrial engineer By: Andres Mirón

1. Where you always sure that you wanted to study I.E? No, it gradually downed upon me

2. What is the most challenging part about studying I.E? not knowing where you will be able to apply it, because you have various options 3. What do you think are the most important requirements to be a successful I.E? Always be adapting, reed what’s new 4. What other careers were you considering on studying? Almost always engineer, or something applying to that 5. Why were you considering that career? Because I knew it had the better future her in the city and they were a lot of job offers for industrial engineers 6. Did you find it difficult to study I.E? It was a challenge, but I think I did okay 7. Did you encounter any difficulties on finding a job? No, I was almost immediately recruited on kenworth , and then they knew about my development in my carrier and I went directly to a managing position at maquilas 8. What type of work does an I.E. do on an industry?

My first job I was a standards engineer, I took the type and took care about the production process that everyone did the right steeps so that we didn’t have any losses


9. Which is the most difficult task on an industry job for an I.E.? Having the entire production process be on time, making sure you don’t have any left over inventory 10. Do you think there is a lot of demand on I.E. now a days? I have no idea, there will always be a need for new talent and I think now a days everything will be more computer savvy


By: Benjamin M.


1. Are you proud of being Mexican? Yes. 2. What do you miss about Mexico when you’re in another country? The food. 3. What song do you think that represents Mexico? El mariachi loco. 4. What food would you recommend to a foreigner when he visits Mexico? Burritos. 5. What different cultures do you know about Mexico? Toltecs, Aztecs, Mayans, Mexicas, Chichimecas and some of those cultures. 6. What place do you think someone can’t miss to see how that cultures is/was? Can’t miss museums with information about those cultures, I think you can also visit places where those cultures are, people who have those cultures. 7. Is there a typical wear in Mexico? Ponchos. 8. What do you love about Mexico? I love their energy, people is known because they are very energetic with their parties and their culture, everything is a reason for a party in Mexico, it’s cuisine, it has one of the most varied cuisines around the world. 9. How are the Mexicans? Do they treat the foreigners the same way they treat each other? I’ve heard they are very famous for being good hosts to visitors, people who visit our interesting places, beaches; they receive people with open arms, and are received for each one of our parties. We’re also famous for being a little racist with other cultures. 10. What city do you think is the most beautiful from Mexico? I haven’t visited them all, but the one I think is the most beautiful is Guadalajara.


Interview – Mirón Jabalera 1. When did you start practicing football? I began to practice football, when I entered CETYS in first semester. 2. What is the importance of your position? My position was offensive lineman my job is to protect the quarterback and keep out the defensive players. 3. Is the training hard to do? Is very exhausting to do training, because when you end your day you usually go to house and you rest, but when you train, you usually go to your house you eat and then you go back so it can be very difficult to sustain a constant training. 4. Have you ever won a championship? How does it feel? I won one championship, and it didn’t feel very good cause I was injured right before it and I couldn’t play in the game, but knowing you accomplish the goal that you said on the beginning of the season it was a very good experience for the whole team, but in my personal opinion I didn’t felt really good cause I didn’t play in it. 5. What abilities and skills do you need, for practicing this sport? You have to have a lot of consistency and know that it is a team based game, you cannot acquire a good performance just by yourself you need to practice almost every day and never lose your sight of what your goal is. 6. What abilities and skills do you acquire? The main abilities you acquire by playing this game are primarily discipline and a lot of team focuses, you learn how to work with your other teammates, physically your physical abilities grow a lot, because of the constant training. 7. How does it feel losing an important game?


It feels really bad, because you know that could had change if someone or some people would have worked harder, and focus on what they should have been doing, not in what they were doing. 8. Have this ever help you in a social or healthy way? Yes, when I first started to play football, I was overweighed and with the constant training and exercise, I lost a lot of my healthy issues and I gain a lot of condition and strength, that really helped me socially and in my health. 9. Why would you recommend this sport? I would recommended because it really helps you to focus yourself with the people around you, because really in life you cannot accomplish a lot of things alone so this sport helps you really to appreciate the meaning of a work team, that being in a work place, this sport is really fun but dangerous, so you must take caution when you are practicing or playing it but overall, I think it is a great experience to be in a team and win a game. 10. Are you willing to be a professional football player? I wouldn’t consider myself a professional football player, but it would be nice to be at least in a game or two, but not to dedicate my life to it, I really enjoy the game, and I really enjoy seeing it and playing it, but I wasn’t born with some abilities that most players have.


How to make an origami crane By: Benjamin M 1.- Fold in half. 8.- Pick a tip to make a space.

2.- Fold in half. 9.- Flatten the pockets.

3.- Open the pocket. 10.- Turn over.


4.- Flatten to square. 11.- Fold. Open and flatten the pocket.

5.- Turn over.

6.- Open and flatten the

12.- Fold to meet the center line.

13.- Pocket fold in the dotted line.

pocket. 14.- Pocket fold the head and 7.- Fold to make creases and fold back.

open the wings.

How to make... strawberries

covered with chocolate

By: X贸chitl Richarte

This is a very simple but delicious recipe that you can make for any occasion, from a friends reunion to a more formal party. 1. First, you need to have all the ingredients: chocolate chips, clean strawberries and two tablespoons of vegetable shortening. All of those you can found them on any market. 2. Put in a plate the chocolate chips and the vegetable shortening. Then minutes, depending on your microwave. 3. Once the chocolate is ready, you have to be fast, because it gets cold really soon. Move it a little with a spoon and to make sure all the chips are melted. 4. Take a strawberry and immerse it in the chocolate. Make sure not to have so much. Then put it on a tray with wax paper. Continue this with all the others strawberries 5. Once you have finished, put the tray on the refrigerator for the chocolate cover get hard. Leave it there for 30 to 40 minutes. 6. Enjoy them!



How to become a philosopher. By Eduardo Medina Yllescas Right now, being a philosopher is very important for the world, you can make a remarkable progress to the humankind by philosophizing about all the important things about life. At the end, a good philosopher, a real one, is the person that search for the real truth, doesn’t matter how work you have to do to discover it. 

Cimb hills. If you are all the time, talking and thinking about something from a single angle, you are not going to be able to get a better answer or thought about your reality. To be able to see a new picture of all, you need to climb hills, so you can see a same reality from a different point

of view.

Knowing how to seduce.

A good philosopher needs to speak very well, but that is not all, you also need to make people believe you, you have to seduce them, so what you say stay in the mind of future generations.

Knowing how to dance. Speaking in a way you can convince people is important, but for that, you need to know how to talk, and also how to think and structure what is in your mind and what are you going to say.


In conclusion, everyone has the skills needed to be a philosopher, it’s not very hard to get there, but you could need to make some changes in your life. Other important aspect that I didn’t mention is about being curious, and what to know the truth about something, I know everyone wants to know the truth, therefore, is very convenient to become a philosopher


By Lessliey Araujo

News Very little public interest in environmental care Low participation of the population of the entity in environmental programs or campaigns, reported the National Institute of Statics, Geography and Informatics (INEGI) in the last study “Basic Statistics on Environment”, applied in Baja California, it was reported by Gerardo Coutiño, state coordinator of the Institute. The study reveals that of the total population in the state, in the ranges of 18 to 65 years, only 35.9% reported having been involved in one or more programs concerning environmental protection, reforestation and tree care; while 64.1% of participants in this statistical exercise admitted to never having worked in a program of this. The federal official said that the percentage of people involved in actions of environmental care, 57.6% participated in clean-up campaigns, reforestation 31.9%, recycling 16%, in organizations 11.4%, in the tree watered 3.8%, in disseminating environmental protection 3.4% and the last 1.1% in other areas. In hard numbers these data translate into that two of every tree inhabitants of Baja California haven’t participated in strategies of environmental protection, explained INEGI coordinator in the state, the study was completed in 2011 by reference to the information 2010 and actually working to get the numbers from 2012, but the trends don’t seem that rates will be better. Gerardo Coutiño said that the competition only goes up data collection, dependencies on issues concerning them handle should be in charge of reversing trends that the institute shows, now that was unveiled this little part of B.C in environmental issues is the responsibility of the authorities to change this attitude.


New North Korea demands apology from the South for 'Hostile Acts'New By: Laritza JuĂĄrez

North Korea mentioned with a threatening tone, that it will begin to take action against South Korea. It also says that requests an apology for the hostile acts of South Korea. The Supreme Command of the Korean People's Army stated that groups of people in South Korea burned effigies of North Korea, with the intention of ending the kim dynasty and also proposed communication between the two koreas to solve the current crisis, avoiding any such problems. Usually, in such situations, North Korea always denounced these kinds of protests, but this time South Korea has offended the Supreme Command´s name, Kim Jong, which is headed by Kim Il Sung's grandson and North Korea's new leader. North Korea says it is small or big the hostile acts, they should receive an apology from the another Korea, otherwise there will be no peaceful communication between them or in which case there will be no contract business, especially for the offense to Kim Jong official.


Literary criticism: Hunger Games Author: Susane Colliz

By: Xóchitl Richarte

This book is more than a love and action story, because the author takes deeper subjects like political and sociological topics and incorporates them in the story but in an interesting and attractive way. The plot of this story develops in Panem, a country that is controlled by the Capitol, in which lives people accustomed to luxury and advanced technology. But on the other hand, the rest of the country lives in misery, dying of hunger and under the extremely discipline of the Capitol that forces them to work. They live in this conditions because of an unsuccessfully rebellion occurred years ago, and as a punishment and reminder of who has the power, each district has to sacrifice a young girl and boy to compete each other to death in a TV show that everyone is obligated to see, this event is known as the Hunger Games. The author creates characters that are vulnerable but strong at the same time, and I believe this is for make emphasis in how everyone is a victim of the government but at the same time they are strong enough to confront it. For example, Katniss, the protagonist that is capable of doing anything for her little sister, even sacrifice herself in the Hunger Games for her. But this doesn’t mean she isn’t scared and sometimes the even gets so paranoiac can’t act in a clever way. Te other co-protagonist, Peeta, is a very sensible and romantic boy that seems to be weak, in contrast to Katniss, but he has a very powerful talent, he knows how to manipulate people with his charisma, very useful when you are in television and people can help you if you like them. A lot of characters get murdered in the book, being good or bad doesn’t matter, because the cruelty of the Capitol doesn’t know limits. The author with this shows how the government can do what he pleases when the people is scared to anything about the injustice, and I believe she successfully shows this. The author used a phase from ancient Rome, “Panem et circenses” referring with this that while the country has food an entertainment, they won’t have time to concentrate in how the political system works, making easy to the government to do what it pleases. The entire story is told from the point of view of Katniss, and I believe this was a clever decision, because, even though we can’t completely understand what the other character are thinking or why are acting in certain way, we can understand how is she feeling in every situation, try to put ourselves in her shoes to feel the frustration and fear she felt, but also the anger against the ones that kill your friends and love ones. It couldn’t be a better narrator


The climax of the story is one of the best. Almost at the end of the Hunger Games the only ones left are Katniss, Peeta and a boy crazy with the idea of winning. By this time Peeta and Katniss had make a fake story of themselves deeply in love, and the people like this so much that the rules of the game change and this time can be two winners. There is a moment when Katniss doubt between save Peeta or not, but she take the right decision and save him. Everything looks like they both will be winners, but then they hear that the rules are not longer valid, and they have to kill each other. This was try from the Capitol to make loose popularity and the power they have won with the people, but this result contradictory, because Katniss, make a decision that will change the history: she confronts the Capitol by saying she an Peeta will comet suicide. She knows people like them, so if she does that, a rebellion will start and obviously they don’t want that, so she has them in her hands. Their lives are forgiven, but not for free, they have won a powerful enemy that will make their lives more miserable that were before. This is how the Hunger Games ended but how a Revolution started.


Book Review

By Lessliey Araujo

I recommended the book called Brave new world of Huxley. This is a futuristic novel. It presents a world where the humans aren’t born, they are made inside of bottles, and there are no more moral values and neither the idea of hav-ing a family. Nobody has a father and mother, the people escaped of the


commitment, they are attracted by the fun, but in reality they are instruments of the state like slaves, however, they are happy in that world because they have no concerns and critical thinking, they only act according





New world is a novel very deep, reflective about the

Book review: Divergent By: Xóchitl Richarte

It is hard to find a good story that combines successfully different genres and that is writing for any kind of people. This is book is like that, a rare jewel that you can become addict to read, so if you are looking for something like that, this is a good option. This is a futuristic story that takes place in Chicago, where people have created a new system to preserve the peace. It consists in divide the people in different sections based on their aptitudes. There are five sections and each one has their own responsibilities: Abnegation, in charge of the government; Amity, agriculture; Candor, in charge of the law; Dauntless, the security of the city; and Erudite, the development of technology. At the age of sixteen, everyone has to make an aptitude test to choose between staying in the section they were born with all the people they know and love or changing sections base on their aptitudes and never see them again. 29 The protagonist, that is from Abnegation, is in a dilemma, her aptitude test shows that she could be in three different sections, but this isn’t normal at all, people like her are called divergent but they are persecuted by the government of the sections and eliminated, so she is in a grave danger position. This book is full of action, drama and romance; following all the adventures the protagonist lives and trying to resolve all the mysteries her condition has. It is almost impossible not to get caught by this story and be commoved by the different situations that are live in here.

Book Review: Playing for pizza By john Grisham John Grisham’s Playing for pizza is a fictional book mostly set on Italy, in which the main character experiences a mayor change on his life, the story starts when you are introduced to NFL third string quarterback Rick Dockery who is currently playing the AFC championship with the Cleveland browns, and on that game he finaly gets his chance to prove his long awaited moment to shine as a professional football player, with only 11 minutes to go in the game and a 17 point lead he manages to give the single worst performance of his young NFL career, the browns lost the game and decided to cut him, out of despite the NFL burries him with horrible comments and nasty insults, but his manager somehow get him a second chance with a new team, the only problem is that it is in Italy, having no other options he decides to go and try to lead this team to victory, the story develops in a traditional love sport flick but in the process it makes you care for the young protagonist and the entire team, it is a very entertaining book with some minor flaws, like some story elements but in the end you end up forgiving theme, it is a great experience and has a lot to offer for those young readers who are looking for something new and interesting with lots of fun to read.


y: Andres Mirón


Mass Effect 3 Review By Eduardo Medina Yllescas Videogames are very popular in the actual world, and there are a lot of kinds of it, for example: shooters, RPG, strategy, etc. And also there exists combinations, so there a lot of mixes, and Mass Effect 3 is a product of that mixes. A combination of shooter and RPG is Mass Effect 3. That’s why it’s so great, two of the best types of videogames joined together to make an incredible videogame. Like the product’s name indicates, this is the third release of the Mass Effect’s trilogy, so this is the final game of the Shepard’s legend. In the previous games you played of the Universe. In the first one you started being a common soldier who worked for the Earth, then you started leveling and became a very respectable soldier of the galaxy. In the second one you made an awesome team to destroy the reapers with their help. In this one, you destroyed all the reapers, if you want to or worked hard to do it. The mechanic of the game is very similar to Mass Effect 2; you can analyze worlds in search of important material that could help you fighting against the reapers, you can cover yourself using the elements of the scenario like in Mass Effect 2. There are a lot of bad reviews of it for the videogame’s end, and of course, the trilogy’s end, but at the end, the story is amazing and the action is very entertaining. In conclusion, this is a game you are going to enjoy a lo


Personal Experience – Hard Work at CETYS By: Ivan León If you go to a strict high school like it is my case, you would know what it feels like having lots and lots of homework, teachers always leave projects, final works and exams for the same date, which puts you under pressure, which sometimes can lead to stress. Most of the time I leave all my homework for the last day, but there was this special homework, which just made me crazy the day before we had to hand it in. It was team homework for the Research Methodology’s class, and we needed to make the theoretical and conceptual framework for our investigation project, so we decided to leave it for the day before, but, we didn’t remember we also had to deliver another final project, an essay for Philosophy’s class. The day before came and we started working on the essay around 7:00 pm, I don’t know what we were thinking on, but, we finished the essay around 10:00 pm and we didn’t wait any time to start the theoretical and conceptual framework. My friends and I didn’t sleep all night; each one of us just slept a couple of hours. We were 3 in the team, all of us stress out, because we though we wouldn’t finish, but we did. We learned a lesson that day, never leave work for the last day, as it may accumulate and it can causes problems, like stress, and the work probably won’t be as good as expected. Never make team with friends, it’s a good relationship at the time of coexisting with each other, but, that might interfere when working together. Not everything of this horrible experience went wrong, we learned how to manage stress, how to work under pressure, and we also learned which person we work with, and with which persons we don’t. From that day and on, I became so much responsible than before.


Profile – Dalai Lama By: Ivan León The Dalai Lama, Tenzin Gyatso, was born Lhamo Dhondup on July 6, 1935 to peasants in Taktser, a village in northeastern Tibet. He was one of five children in the family. He was found by Tibetan monks when he was 2 years old. The monks tested the boy to see if he was the reincarnation of the 13th Dalai Lama. He passed the tests and had physical traits that the monks were looking for such as moles in certain places and long ears. At 2, he was renamed Tenzin Gyatso, took the throne at age 4 and became a monk at age 6. The Dalai Lama grew up in Tibet's thousand-year-old Potala Palace in Lhasa. But he has lived in exile in India since the Chinese Army crushed an uprising in his homeland in 1959. In 1989, the Dalai Lama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize, for his work advocating nonviolent means to free Tibet from China. His Holiness's hobbies include meditating, gardening, and repairing watches. It was a long-time dream of the Dalai Lama to visit the Johnson Space Center in Houston. During his 1979 visit to the United States he was scheduled to tour the space center, but the tour was cancelled at the last minute. The Dalai Lama has an interest in machines, which he developed as a young boy. As a teenager he repaired a movie projector by himself, without its guide or any instructions. He has been known to say that he would have become an engineer if he hadn't been a monk.


Survey By: Andres Mirón

How much time do you spend on the internet ? 15 10 5 0 Half an 3 to 5 hour to hours 2 hours

6 to 8 9 to 10 hours hours

How much time do you spend on the internet

what activities do you spend the most time on ? 10 5 0

what activities do you spend the most time on

At what time do you usually go to sleep? 10 5

At what time do you usually go to sleep?

0 …. To 11 to 12 12 to 1 1 to … 10 pm am am am


How many days of the week do you use more than 2 hours the internet? 10 How many days of the week do you use more than 2 hours the internet?

5 0 2 days 3 days 5 days 7 days

Do you think you are addicted to the internet? 15

35 10

Do you think you are addicted to the internet?

5 0 yes



Service: Top 5 movies to see By: Laritza Juárez If you do not know what to watch with your family or friends, you can see the next list to choose one or more of the five movies that I recommend below. The films take an order, I consider the number one as the most interesting film, although this does not mean that other movies are less good. This is only my opinion so I hope you enjoy them. 

Erin Brockovich This movie is about a true story of an unemployed mother who becomes a legal assistant and almost single-handedly brings down a California Power Company accused of polluting the water of city. Water pollution causes people, who live near there, suffer from diseases due to exposure to hexavalent chromium, which is a hazardous substance.

The pursuit of happiness The story is about a man named Christopher Gardner, he invested all his money in a device known as "Bone Density scanner". But unfortunately, he fails to sell the devices; he also has to look after his son since his wife left him. Unemployed and with a child to protect, Christopher Gardner will have to get ahead in order to achieve happiness. Based on a true story.

As good as it gets

It is a film of Jack Nicholson; he interprets to a misanthropic, obsessed with cleanliness. In addition, he is considered as a famous novelist of New York City. He takes an interest in his


waitress, named Carol Connelly; she is the only server at the restaurant who can tolerate his behavior. 

A walk to remember

The story focuses on a young man named Landon Carter, he is a popular guy and irresponsible. Because of a joke, he is forced to do community service after school, is in that place where he meets Jamie Sullivan, a girl who has nothing in common with Landon Carter, but although their differences, he begins to have strong feelings for her.


Notebook The story of this film is about two young people who fall in love and get to live together, named Allie Hamilton and Noah Calhoun, but because of Allie's parents, they are separated, over time Allie gets engaged with Lon, a handsome soldier. Allie, out of curiosity decides to visit Noah, to the meet again they realize that the two are in love yet.

These are the five films that you cannot miss; I hope that the descriptions of each film have been helpful. Now you already have options to choose that see on a Friday night.


Service-OS (Operating Systems) By: Ivan León -


Almost everybody has a PC or a laptop and if you are reading this probably you know what it is. I will try to guide you so that you get to a decision of what the best operating system for you. -

Interface Design

+ Windows 8 Company Microsoft has released this new beautiful operating system, it comes with a new and modern UI which means user interface, the problem is this big change have come with so much problems, because it’s not compatible with most of the apps in the store, so it can be a problem, at the time you have to be switching between the old and the new UI, as you have both integrated. + Mountain Lion 38 Apple has always made a good and familiar design for the users, so that they can interact in an easy way. This time they integrate this new idea, that becomes the app in a wide screen so that you maximize space, it removes the toolbars at the top and bottom, and gives you a more panoramic view of your window without removing the easy interaction. -


+ Windows 8 Touchscreen should be the primary use for windows 8 unfortunately not everybody can purchase a touchscreen PC or a tablet, but the mouse still does his job. + Mountain Lion Apple has always had this pad interaction that with the multi-touch of your fingers you can navigate through your computer. -


+ Windows 8

It has the ability of installing third-party applications for playing games, listening to music or watching videos. + Mountain Lion Apple makes his own laptops called Macs, which in part is good, but some of them like the Mac Air don’t include a DVD player, which can be a really bad disadvantage if you want to watch a movie you already have, for the part of music Mountain Lion has a program called iTunes that you would have probably already heard it in which you can go from listening to music to buying music, and the games well their mostly made for Windows but you could use boot camp for installing windows and playing some games if you desire. -


+ Windows 8 You can always use a third-party app for protecting your PC, and Microsoft have also integrate some utilities for a better protection but there still a lot malware that can harm your computer. 39 + Mountain Lion This operating system is Unix-based so is harder to infect it, it isn’t invulnerable but you’re a lot less likely to encounter a virus in a Mac than a PC. -


You should go for windows if you are looking to have a more open experience, as you have more freedom at the time of installing third-party apps, but, you should go for Mountain Lion if you’re willing a more professional experience.

Essay about society and politics’ origins By Eduardo Medina Yllescas In the following essay, I’m going to discuss the first four Politica para Amador’s charapters, about the next topics: beginnings of the politics of the humankind (reasons to obey or disobey). Also a small and short cronologic success of the evolution of the politics, and how has changed the mind of the people. The beginnings of the humankind establish a new picture, totally different, of how the society live and act with each other, the men in small groups, and just like the animals, the stronger member is the leader. But actually, with that stronger philosophic difference of man and person, it’s illogical to think that we continue choosing as the past, if there is the opportunity to choose. Back in that times, there were rules that worked as a valve to avoid problems against the people, we all have in mind that if we kill other person we are going to jail, right? Well, the same happened in the past, even in that uncivilized society existed norms, but today, those norms are stricter, and they are called laws. The law and the normal person live in a complete symbiotic relation: the person needs the law to live in peace, so he can live and fully grow all his capacities and also to fulfill all his dreams and expectations, In the other hand, the law needs the person so it can involve. And how has changed the poitics since then? The power started as a “pyramid” structure, like in the old Egypt, this is the government where an elite group of people is the most important and powerful, they decided everything about it. This shouldn’t be like this, all humans are similar, with the same value, with some differences,


but with commom skills and the same right to decided about our life. The next step of the evolution of politics, take part with the Griegs, with they, a complete spin in the government of that time occurred. The value of a person, just by the fact of were born like a human being, was important and appreciated by the Griegs, they showed it with polis, and with the beginnings of a new form of government: Democracy. In the old Grieg, people’s opinion was important and made the difference, unluckily not all the people were as important of a considered Grieg’s citizen, there were also slaves and women that couldn’t participate in politics. Even if they couldn’t give the human value


everybody, they make and important contribution discovering the importance of the people. To finish, I’ll say that I have learned, primary, to value and respect each other, then respect them as society, even though my attitude to them is to push them apart, deep inside myself, I like them. Living in a democratic society means to respect different opinions, and that’s what I’ve done and everybody should do.


Essay: Junk food in teens By: Laritza Juรกrez Today, most teens prefer fast food, this is due to how delicious this food can be, and that in the short time it takes to get ready, it is not strange to think that young decide buying this junk food. But the question to ask is: what consequences this will bring in the near future? Most of the time we do not measure the consequences, that is why in the following essay will show a better view of this.

People of all ages can be detrimental when they eat junk foods such as greasy snacks, pizzas, sodas and candy, but nearly always, the consequences for teens are especially high. The teens tend to make the wrong decisions, because they become more independent in their food choices, even if they who were brought up eating healthy.

Junk food worsens our physical condition, and not only cause diseases such as obesity. Another problem affecting us directly, are cavities and dental disease, mainly for food and sugary sodas. When teens are not getting the necessary nutrients for the body, their efficiency tends to drop, therefore, is likely to feel tired.

Teens tend to eat too much calorie snack and fat foods, because of this, is that many of them want to follow the footsteps of others and this is probably common among them to eat junk food. In order for our health not to be affected when we buy and eat junk food, we must consider what the consequences in the long or short term we also need to consider what our body needs. Bad decisions can be common at our age, but the best choice is to learn from our mistakes and change everything for a healthier life.


By Lessliey Araujo

Creative Sometimes I think

Sometimes I think all That it was useless Think about the last time Only we stayed one day It make me very sad, because Believe it or not came into my life When my heart was dying And the only that i wanted Was able to feel that

You still love me.

I loved you because you was my source of life I loved you because without your love I felt and feel that vanish

So the day In that you say Again if To someone else more I will cry And I will not for penalties I will make because i really i love you. I will love you, be the last to do I will love you because the heart tells me Because believe it or not Other me shout that I love you I know that it is already too late for all I know that I crazy, crazy but crazy Crazy for say, that I love you.


By Lessliey Araujo

Creative How to forget you? Even I don’t know Because you belong to my You are already inside of me. My life and my heart. How to know that you were mine? Neither can I know Because with you I had unforgettable moments Never can’t I forget Although now also I’m thinking and I know perfectly well That never you loved me

That you only pretended joys To not feel alone. But nonetheless I appreciate the moments I which you lied To make me feel loved. Although in reality

Your heart never belonged me I don’t know if hate you or I love you I hate you because I’m not with you I love you because I miss you But I know that I miss you Because even though all My heart still belongs to you Dignity of a man What is that?

I don’t know I lost it with you Because I humbled with you To ask many times Or perhaps thousands of times I told you sorry When in reality I don’t make it. Now you know how I feel After all these line express

I feel good Because writing all this God came into my heart And let me know that he does His will in my Because maybe one day He will give me something best And only I have waited The love only Finds that person That has Pure feelings and real.


Historical Cinco de Mayo By: Andres Mirón May 5th is a celebration held on Mexico, primarily in the state of Puebla, where it is known as “El dia de la batalla de Puebla”, this event goes back to may fifth 1862, when Mexico was occupied by French forces which entered with a large force through Veracruz, driving President Juarez and his government into retreat, moving on from Veracruz towards Mexico city, the French army encountered resistance from the Mexicans near Puebla at the fort of Loreto and Guadalupe, the French army standing a much stronger, better trained and better equipped army stood against almost half as much Mexican soldiers who counted with very little supplies and ammunition, having all the odds against them, the Mexican army still managed to deceive and somehow defeat the worldly respected French army, giving the Mexican people reason to never under value their strength, now a days this event is still celebrated in the entire country of Mexico and some of the southern American states, this event has been mislead in some countries to be known as the independence of Mexico where in fact that took place in September 16th 1810 against the Spanish who had colonized Mexico, this celebration will always be known for how the Mexican people managed to defeat a much stronger enemy and prevail as a free country, maintaining their values and culture as they do today.


Historical: Titanic By: Xóchitl Richarte A hundred and one years ago, a master piece in engineering and luxury was finally finished in Europe. The RMS Titanic was the best of the best, and it was supposed to be unsinkable. It left for first time the port of Southampton in England the 10th of April of 1912 full of people with hopes and dreams to go to America and have a better life. But for a lot of them, this never happen, because the Titanic never reach its destination. Nobody could imagine the tragedy they will live. Only five days after the ship left the port, the 15 of April of 1912, the RMS Titanic struck with an iceberg at the midnight. There weren’t enough lifeboats for all the 2223 passengers that were aboard, there were only for half enough of the people and not all the boats were at their maximum capacity at the moment of the rescue. That is because the designers thought that putting all the lifeboats would make the boat look bad, they couldn’t know this decision will be the cause of so many deaths. In total, 1554 people died that night. Some of them drowned because couldn’t even reach the deck of the boat because they were a lot of obstacle, for example, for passengers of third class, there were closed doors and even people from other classes that make difficult for them to move. This explains why 75% of third class died. Some others died from hypothermia, because in the Atlantic Ocean, the temperatures are below the 0 degrees. This was one of the most famous tragedies on the sea. All the people of the time were surprise for the quantity of deaths and all the mistakes that were made, and a hundred and one years after, still make the same impact. On the other hand, this disaster had helped the make more laws to prevent disasters like this, and of course to put enough lifeboats for all the passengers don’t matter if they look good or not.


By: Benjamin M Remember the time when we all wanted to be the best trainer of all? When almost every kid was dreaming about catching all 151 pokemon. I remember that every day in front of the classroom before the class started all a few classmates were always talking about pokemon,

what was last day’s

episode about, what pokemon they caught yesterday in their game, what gym leader they defeated.

The world of the kids of those days was spinning around pokemon, because in that time there were also some kind of toy that came in the potato chips bag called tazos, and they had the image of pokemon, so they didn’t just want to get all the 151 in the game, they also wanted to get them in the tazos, and they had facedowns to win the other player’s tazos. Those were some good feelings, when you start your adventure, when you receive your first pokemon from professor Okido, the excitement of seeing your starter pokemon evolve into a more powerful pokemon. The desire of being stronger when you are beaten by your rival, and the sensation of being capable of doing anything when you get to defeat your rival, the eight gym leaders and the four celestial kings. Those are for sure some good memories that will be in the minds of the kids from the same generation as me, pokemon made us believe that we can do anything, and I know for sure that we can.



By: Benjamin M

The Fancy Cow


Investigation of the addiction to videogames in 4th Semester students (Investigative) By Eduardo Medina Yllescas

Justification The investigation’s interest about this topic is to know which are the beginnings of the addiction to videogames in the young students of 4 th Semester from Cetys Universidad. Every day, increase the wrong use of the videogames in teenagers, the big percent of incidents for using videogames to the grade of an addiction is a prove of that. The data indicates “7.9% of the children are compulsive players” (Delg ado, 2009, p. 4). Videogames are entertainment for a while, maybe one hour or two per day, but some people, when they start to play, those colors and interesting movements catch your attention and cannot avoid to think in that all the time, feeding that need, it makes a vice born, play in excess may bring several problems in your attitude and health, but the problem to discuss in this investigation are the problems in the academic field, because playing in excess makes you lose time and avoid your responsibilities, just like stop doing homework, stop paying attention, finish a test faster or play inside the class because all that is in your head are videogames. This problem is very serious because of the strong consequences in the students of the future, and very probably they wouldn’t be contemplating this when they are playing. This research is important because it gives awareness of the


mistake they could be doing. Also, they are wasting a lot of money on videogames instead of they own education. Videogames’ adiction has turned very common through the time because now is easier to play them, “72% of the population on U.S.A. play videogames in their homes, and 4% of them is extreme users with an average of 50 hours playing videogames in the week, and 12.5% of the people are addicts to this� (Media Violence, 2011, par. 3). This investigation was done with the goal of finding the percent of incidence of 4th Semester students, know how videogames are afdecting them, what cases are more frequent, and someway, how to control an addiction. Also, to obtain information that could help avoid the expansion, knowing how people enter in this kind of problem, is easier to get with ways to prevent this problem, or how to moderate it. This will help parents with their sons, and kids or teenagers, willl think more about what they are doing with their lives.

Hypothesis This research takes place in CETYS Preparatoria, during the cycle 2013-1, and 4th Semester. The inpendent variable is how many hours the students waste playing videogames, and the dependent variable the consequences they have in their lives, and being more specific, their scholar performance.

Hi: Playing videogames for a long time will modify the scholar performance of the students.


Ha: Playing videogames doesn’t determine the scholar performance of the student. H1: Students who play, a lot, of videogames have problems with concentration in school. H2: Students with an addiction to videogames, have some eating disorders in their lives. H3: Students who play more than two hours daily, think it improves their abilities. H4: 30% of 4th Semester’s students play videogames for long periods of time, more than five daily, and the 70% has problems in school. H5: Around 40% of videogames’ addicts suffer from over obesity.



Salón 2407 Cetys Preparatoria