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What's On - Candle Fair Lagoa

Candlelight coup in Lagoa Last month the atmospheric Cultural Market by Candlelight took place in Lagoa. It was an absolutely stunning event featuring 12,000 candles in individual glass jars. The lighting started at about 8.30pm at night – a team of volunteers joined forces to make the event really sparkle. They were mostly arranged into over 50 different and intricate Celtic patterns on the streets and pavements. The ‘Mercado de Culturas – à Luz das Velas’ or ‘Cultural Market by Candlelight’ attracts thousands of visitors from across Portugal and the rest of Europe.

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Some estimates suggest there were more than 40,000 people at this year’s event candlelight market which was around the town’s São José convent. ‘Mercado de Cultura… à Luz das Velas’ also featured several musical performances and rituals, as well as a fair with over 60 craftspeople from different cultures and religions. The theme this year was Celtic Culture. One of the highlights was Malcolm Macmillan and his Highland bagpipes. There was a profusion of market stalls selling all kind of food and handicrafts. There were also lots of stalls selling herbs, seeds and fruit too.

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Following another successful event Lagoa Council has confirmed that the event will return next year between July 6th and 10th. Thanks very much to Dan and Natasha Birch for these stunning photographs. To check out more of their work go to:  You can contact them:   965770093  birchphotography

Tomorrow August 2016  
Tomorrow August 2016