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Come and wonder at ‘The World’s Most Beautiful Beach’! By Matt D’Arcy mysterious cliffs that enchant the eyes. And the Huffington Post article goes on: Yes, we have stumbled upon some incredibly gorgeous beaches, and yes, we stumble upon beaches a lot. But we couldn’t resist running off to Ponta da Piedade, the beach in Portugal where rock cliffs are so high they almost touch the blue, blue sky. Fishermen have given silly names to each formation, and there are oodles of caves, grottoes and arches to duck into as you navigate the crystal-clear water by boat.

It’s been described as ‘probably the most beautiful beach in the world’…and it’s right here on your doorstep! So, why not put aside a day in your diary to visit Ponta da Praia Piedade in Lagos, which has been given that label by the renowned American website Huffington Post. Under the headline ‘Behold the most beautiful beach in the world’ they also claim that Ponta da Piedade, which translates variously as ‘Point of Pity’ or ‘Mercy Point’, could very well be part of the most beautiful shoreline on Earth.

In fact, it’s kinda hard to look at, it’s so beautiful. With magnificent views of the Atlantic and the shapes of cliffs carved by the sea and time, Ponta da Piedade is an idyllic setting of cut out rocks that sharply contrast with the greenish blue waters below. Located 2 km from Lagos on the Costa d’Oiro and full of grottoes, unknown bays and quiet beaches, the Ponta da Piedade is particularly captivating when viewed from the sea.

The promontory of Ponta da Piedade is ‘a fantasy landscape of caves, grottoes and sea arches that nature has sculpted from the cliffs over thousands of years, with

Long, narrow stairs lead you down to a small cove where pretty boats wait for visitors wishing to explore this natural paradise. On these trips, experienced

fishermen wind their way expertly through the gigantic stone sculptures whilst revealing their names and secrets. Some names given to these misshapen rocks and perpetuated by fishermen include General De Gaulle, Chaminé (chimney), Catedral (cathedral), Belas-Artes (fine arts), Camelo (camel), Museu (museum), Submarino (underwater), Cozinha (kitchen) and Gruta dos Amores (grotto of love), O casal se beijando (The Kissing Couple) and the Sphinx. Further enriching this setting are the many bird species that make it their habitat. A little distance away from the coastline, there are several islands on the slopes of which it is common to see nests of peregrine falcons, ravens, jackdaws, alpine swifts and pallid swifts, as well as colonies of egrets and cattle egrets. Those daring to climb up 182 steps to the top of the lighthouse will have a view of the Ponta da Piedade promontory, which marks the limit between land and sea.   ponte-da-piedade_n_5133300.html

A day in the life

This is part of a new series we will be running over the next few months. It features a day in the life of someone in our community. This month we are starting with Guida Vieira who runs a business doing massages on the beaches. If you would like to suggest someone to do 'A day in the life' piece of if you would like to volunteer yourself then please contact Amber at Guida works on Meia Praia, in front of Linda Beach Bar and here she tells us all about it. “Many evenings when I get home from the beach I ask myself, how could I cope with this? The answer is easy- I love my work! I love doing massage, I love doing healing,

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I love helping people and I love the feedback! Doing massage on the beach is very much about all that but is also a pleasure to socialise, to meet people, to be outside, to feel the breeze (sometimes strong wind) to enjoy the light (with sunglasses).

connection of energy. I keep many of them in my heart. I do counseling for body and mind and sometimes, years later they got back in touch to say how much I have helped them,that is very rewarding. Some other times it is just a good massage, it is not up to me to decide...

When I started doing it, some years ago, my clients were mostly the ones passing by, those became regulars and now every time they come to Lagos they have at least one treatment from me. They have learned they have to book in advance (lol).

Do I work alone? No! We are a team, the lifeguard, the boy in charge of the shades, the staff from the bar, the regular visitors... even those that aren’t having a massage from me, make contact, wave when they arrive and wave again to say see you tomorrow, year after year...

Sometimes people observe my work and they wonder what it will be like, then they say to me ‘I have to get one of your treatments, they seem so different...’ I have learned Oriental therapies, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic and traditional massage, and I put them together to create my own style. I work on my knees. No, it is not difficult but it makes the massage stronger and keeps my body in balance. Over the years I made many friends among my clients, a session with me is not just that, it is a

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Do I get tired? Yes, of course! Don't you get tired just from being on the beach? So, imagine that over four months and working hard day after day...does it pay back? Yes of course, with money, with emotions, connections and the feeling of sharing something.”  You can contact Guida on:  00351 914 554 674  

Tomorrow August 2016  
Tomorrow August 2016