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Quinta do Pincho Blueberry Farm By Chris and Sue Wells was blueberries (mirtilos), which are low in calories but highly nutritious.

We visited the Algarve in 1998 and by our next visit had decided to retire here. By 2003 we had purchased land with planning permission to build, but because of the complicated and incomprehensible regulations, we eventually bought an adjoining villa and ended up with 40 hectares (100 acres) of beautiful tranquil countryside, with a huge lake, trees, and copious weeds! We decided to use our water to good effect, and in consultation with the ever helpful and supportive Patrick Castaldo, from Flora Verde, thought the best crop to cultivate

As health care professionals we knew they could reduce DNA damage, lower blood pressure, protect against heart disease and cancer and improve brain function and memory – a true superfood! At that time, they were not grown locally, but imported from Spain and further afield. This means they have to be chilled or even frozen, reducing the nutritious value and adversely affecting both taste and consistency.

delighted to find the taste is excellent! Friends and customers have been thrilled with our blueberries and can’t get enough of them. We enjoy them for breakfast with yoghurt, and they are great as a smoothie or used in cooking.  For further information re sales, contact: Elaine Matthews, Sales Director at:  Chris and Sue Wells at: 

We decided to grow them as organically as possible in our unspoiled countryside; the first plants were sourced from northern Portugal, and planted in prepared terraces in October 2013. With intensive care they are thriving, and our first proper harvest has arrived this year, one year ahead of the expected schedule (due to the wonderful weather and constant care). We are

Bringing history back to life A new venue opened its door in Lagos in June. Mar d’Estórias was born as a place that takes Portugal to the world. The developers took an 18th century building in the heart of the city, which had been used as the Church of the Lagos Maritime Association, a winery, a wine warehouse and even at one point the headquarters of the Lagos Fire Brigade, and converted it. It is now a shop, café/bistro and art gallery with a sea view terrace bar that invites you to delve into this sea of memories and experiences that characterise the best of Portugal.


The developers’ mission is to promote what’s best of Portugal, adapting traditional techniques to what’s modern and taking advantage of materials that are genuinely Portuguese.

“Mar d’Estórias tells the story of the people who are connected with the sea in a space that is a testament to time.” The developers want visitors to share this sense and be part of the history.

Luis wanted to establish a business in Lagos on the basis of cooperation and Célia had a passion for arts and craft and everything that springs from work done by hand.

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Mar d’Estórias progressed from a dream to an idea and then from an idea to reality.

In a statement the developers say: “We want to promote culture and tradition where the flavour of the gastronomy, inspirational events at the Art Gallery, the excellence of products which are genuinely Portuguese, together with the identity of the Portuguese people all come together in one physical space.

The project came about when two people – who didn’t really know each other – came together in 2014 with a shared ambition. Luís Ledo was a real estate entrepreneur in western Algarve with an instinct for business opportunities and Célia Real moved to Sagres looking for a quieter life and a new project after 8 years in Lisbon.

They wanted to find the perfect space in the historic centre of Lagos. The building

they chose, which dated back 500 years, was ideal as it was steeped in history.

They have done everything possible to recover the architectural, historical and social identity of a place that has been so important to the history of Lagos. What you will find today is a shop selling

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a selection of the best artifacts, jewelry, footwear, wine, liqueurs and local delicacies. There’s a café/bistro with walls lined with traditional Portuguese ‘azulejos’ tiles serving delicious nibbles and light, tasty meals. You can try the Mar d’Estórias bread made with figs and carob flour From the roof terrace you will find a fresh breeze, excellent views towards the sea and over the rooftops of historic buildings. On the mezzanine is a space dedicated to books about the history, culture, local gastronomy and regional and national architecture. There’s also the art gallery which will host exhibitions, workshops and conferences as well as thematic dinners with a very personal service. The venue is open every day between 10.00 am and midnight. It's on Rua Silva Lopez, Lagos (near St António Church). Why not go and see a different side of Lagos for yourselves?  

Tomorrow August 2016  
Tomorrow August 2016