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World Politics Tomooki Loh

Detail the concerns regarding the treatment of workers in Qatar What is the link between the treatment of workers and the upcoming World Cup? Why would the ILO be involved in this issue? Why would ITUC be involved in this issue? What action by fifer is the ITUC calling for? What is the purpose of the re-run the vote campaign? Do you personally support this camping? Why? Why not? Why is this an example of a global political issue?

The treatment of workers in Qatar have being mock as the higher authorities have abuse and cut their salary and the worst of all, it costs death as there are no safety for workers. The link between the upcoming world cup is that, Qatar is pushing the workers to their limit to have their dateline due in and is really for the world cup. They have been pushing workers to work by abusing them to make them work harder. The ILO have been involved in the right to organize in a trade union, the right to collective bargaining, protection from discrimination, and the elimination of child labour and forced labour. ITUC is involved as there are trade union and human rights; economy, society and the workplace; equality and non-discrimination; and international solidarity in Qatar. The ITUC works in cooperation with the ILO to advance the interests of workers through both advocacy, political pressure, and collaboration with policy development to advance workers’ interests. The purpose of the re-run the vote campaign because some people think that Qatar do not know how to treat their workers right. For me personally i would not support this campaign. I think that if FIFA choose Qatar, Qatar need to be able to do whats right and not what will be faster. I think that we should not take the world cup away from Qatar as they are already in their progress. I would think that would be better if there would be a supervisors for the

workers and teach them the right way to treat a worker and the right to change the ancient Qatar to be a fully well develop country. It is a global political issue as this issue does not involve in Qatar but effecting other countries like india and Nepal as most of their workers are from there. This issue also does involve ILO, ITUC and FIFA.

The concerns regarding the treatment of workers in qatar  

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