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Obesity in advance nations Obesity is caused by intake of excess fat or cholesterol that accumulated in our body. This mainly caused by the excess unhealthy or greasy or junk food one consumes. At the same time, the advancement of technology provides much convenient to our life which impedes regular exercise to burn off the excess fat consumed. For example, transport, cleaning, computer, etc provide so much convenient to mankind that many of us do not have time to exercise. This is especially serious in advance nations such as America, France, Germany, Great Britain, etc. It is stated that 20% of each of the states in America grown ups is obese. Another problem that can cause obesity is due to “genetic disorder”. Our body produces “cholesterol or fat” through a process called “Cholesterol biosynthesis”. Obesity caused by this problem can be more serious and difficult to notice. Diseases that caused by obesity and possible solutions Obesity can produces a lots of different kinds of diseases and may cause deaths. One of the most serious problems caused by obesity is heart disease caused by the stress exerted on our heart for having to pump blood through blood veins which are clotted with fats. This problem is called Pulmonale Emblism. In some cases, it may result in deaths due to heart attack. Obesity also reduces the movement of the body and can cause numbness in the various parts of the body. This numbness is due to the reduce blood flow to an organ and can be life threatening. Lost of self-esteem may have an impact on the social aspect of a society. Therefore, obesity can also cause serious problems to a nation. Obesity causes a wide variety of diseases and also cause a loss of productivity of a country. These can result in substantial increase in health cost. Therefore, many countries are working hard to solve this problem. Proper health and socializing education may help to solve some of these problems. Government usually carries out aggressive propaganda to encourage people to eat healthy food and to have healthy lifestyles. Regular exercises are encouraged. In certain countries like in Japan, there have regular and fixed TV programs that introduces short exercise program to burn off the excess fat during fixed time of the day. Furthermore, the food in all the school meals are recommended by qualified dieticians. Science can also help to solve this problem. New technology called “liposuction”, which is a kind of surgery technique, helps to remove excess fat from the body. This method is only used in serious cases of obesity as it has various side effects such as danger of the operation, sudden loss of weight may cause other problems, etc. If not controlled properly, the fat will grow back gradually. Obesity caused by “genetic disorder” is more difficult to treat. Research in the development of new drugs which can block the biosynthesis of cholesterol is one of such area. Discovering cholesterollowering drugs is an expensive process but can be very rewarding. Currently, there are some good cholesterol-lowering drugs in the market. Many pharmaceutical companies are actively doing research to search for new and more efficient drugs to treat obesity. Conclusion In summary, obesity can cause problems to one's health and cause substantial economic loss to a country due to increase in health cost and lost of productivity. Therefore, it is important for countries to come up with good educational programs to prevent or reduce obesity rather than just finding solutions to treat obesity. It is important to note that obesity can be controlled if one takes control of his or her body. Control the intake of unhealthy food and exercise regular can substantially reduce obesity. For more serious cases of obesity, extra steps such as liposuction

or/and the use of fat lowering drugs may help to solve this problem.

Obesity in advance nation  

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