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Love I wag my tail because I love you so much

GC101 Wagging Tail French Bulldog

Every morning when I wake up I drink my cup of coffee and I realize how much I love you

I love you so much

I love you

I can’t stop drooling I love you

GC102 Love French Bulldogs

GC103 Pencils

GC104 Drooling French Bulldog

You are as sweet as an Alpaca You are as warm as an Alpaca You are as lovely as an Alpaca

You are sweet to me

You are very sweet


Drinking Coffee French Bulldogs

GC106 Alpaca

GC107 Doughnut

I like being together with you I will hold you forever

I am melting for you

GC108 Coffee and Sugar I am the rice You are the curry I feel your warmth I feel your spice I feel your love I currylove you !

GC109 Ice Cream

Although I am shy, I want you to know that I love you

GC113 Shy French Bulldog

GC110 Eggs

GC111 Sea Otter

You are the only one who can make me laugh when I don’t want to smile

GC112 Currylove

We both have cute butts

You are as sweet as a pancake

GC114 Laughing Shiba

GC115 Cute Butts

GC116 Pancake

Love You are sweet to me

GC117 Shortcake

All my cuteness is for you

GC121 Shiba Cuteness

I am so crazy about you I can’t even see what is in front of me

My farty, I can accept everything from you

GC118 Farty French Bulldog

I love your smell

GC122 French Bulldogs Smelling

You are sweet and creamy

GC119 Rollcake

You have kissable cheeks

GC120 French Bulldogs Kissing

All you need to know is that I love you sooo much


French Bulldog Loves You So Much

You are warm ... You are comfortable ... You are so perfect I can’t leave you

GC124 Warm Shiba

When I have cold feet at night, you warm me up You are a baby, my baby

When I wake up in the morning, I feel your warm body Thank you for loving me and keeping me warm

I love you

GC125 GC126 Poop Stepping French Bulldog My Baby French Bulldog We are as stinky as natto but... we always stick together and we are always natty-happy

GC129 Stinky Natto

You are too handsome! I can’t even look at you

GC130 Shy Hedgehog

GC127 Loving Shiba

I am so fresh and delicious I am afraid that you will become crazy about me

GC131 Fresh Sushi

GC128 Warm French Bulldogs You are smart You are funny You are kind I love you

GC132 I Love You Boston Terrier

Love All I want is you!

GC133 I Want You Boston Terrier I love you You love me We are happy

GC137 Boston Terrier Couple

Sometimes I have a bad day but ...

You are Cute! Pretty! Adorable!

GC134 Adorable Boston Terrier

I love you so much! Can I lick you?

GC138 Licking Boston Terrier

I will always be your cutie pie

You caress me saying not to worry You hug me saying I am not alone You kiss me saying you love me My day just became a happy one Thank you for everything I love you

GC135 Cutie Pie Boston Terrier

I feel a lot of pleasure whenever I think of you

GC139 Pleasure Boston Terrier

I love the way you really are!

GC141 Real Boston Terrier

GC136 I Love You Boston Terrier

My farty, I can accept everything from you

GC140 Farty Boston Terrier

Birthday Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

GC201 Hedgehog Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday!

GC205 Candles

Happy Birthday! I am your gift

GC209 Shiba Gift Happy Birthday Big Boy! Time to wake up!

GC213 Wake Up Banana

GC202 Wasabi Birthday

Surprise Happy Birthday

GC206 Surprised French Bulldog

Happy Birthday! I am your gift

GC210 French Bulldog Gift

Am I late ? Happy Belated Birthday!

GC214 Late French Bulldog


Shiba and French Bulldog Birthday


French Bulldog Blowing Candle

Happy Birthday


Small Candle French Bulldog

Happy Birthday

GC211 Shiba with Cake

Happy Birthday! I wish you have a wonderful day like being tofu in a warm delicious miso soup

GC215 Tofu

Happy Birthday

GC208 Owl

Happy Birthday

GC212 Strawberry French Bulldog

Happy Birthday Big Boy! You are amazing

GC216 Amazing Poop

Birthday Happy Birthday! I am sooo excited for you!

GC217 Excited Boston Terrier

You are so amazing! Happy Birthday Big Boy!!

GC218 Big Boy

Happy Birthday! You should blow a candle with it It’s much stronger!

GC219 Blowing Boston Terrier

Happy Birthday Any plans tonight?

GC220 Naked French Bulldog

Thank You Thank you for your kindness Thank you very much

GC301 Shiba and French Bulldog

GC302 French Bulldog with Chicks

Thank you

Thank you

Thank you for your wonderful company

GC303 Wonderful Company

Thank you


French Bulldog Smiling Flower

Big thank you!

Thank you for your kindness Have my banana!

GC305 Banana Monkey

Thank you very much


French Bulldog Three Flowers

Thank you

GC313 Boston Terrier Thank You

GC306 Snail

GC307 Rose Flowers

Many thanks

Thank you

GC310 Sea

GC311 Edamame

Thank you very much

GC314 Shiba Thank You

Thank you for being cute

GC315 Cute Shiba

GC308 Hamburger

Thank you for giving me warmth, I feel cozy with you

GC312 Cozy Shiba

Thank you for being cute

GC316 Cute Boston Terrier

Baby Congratulations on your new baby

Welcome little one

Welcome little one

Congratulations on your new baby

GC401 Baby Hippo

GC402 Baby Turtle

GC403 Three Boston Terriers

Congratulations on your new baby Congratulations on your new baby

GC405 Baby Elephant

GC406 French Bulldog Family

Welcome little one

Welcome little one

GC409 French Bulldog Diaper

GC410 Three French Bulldogs

Congratulations on your new baby Daddy will need to wait now ...

GC407 French Bulldog Drinking Milk

Congratulations on your new baby

GC411 Baby Lion

Welcome little one

Welcome little one

GC413 Baby Sea Otter

GC414 Flower Elephants

GC404 Baby Koala

Welcome little one

GC408 French Bulldog Carrying Baby

Congratulations on your new baby

GC412 Balloon Baby Boston Terrier

Congrats Congratulations I am so excited for you!

GC501 Excited Fart Boston Terrier

Congratulations on your success! The journey was as hard as that of a tapioca pearl escaping from a cup of milk tea And you did it

GC502 Tapioca Milk Tea

Congratulations You are the star!

GC503 Wasabi Star

Congratulations! You must feel like an egg floating in delicious tonkotsu ramen

GC504 Tonkotsu Ramen Congratulations

Congratulations! Let’s stay in our oyster shells and get sprinkled with fresh lemon juice

GC505 Oyster

Congratulations on your success! The journey was as hard as that of a corn seed escaping to freedom And you did it

GC506 Corn Seed

Congratulations ! Let’s celebrate !! Oops... !!!

GC507 Oops Boston Terrier

Congratulations You are so big and amazing!

GC509 Big Mushroom

Well done!

GC508 Well Done Boston Terrier

Friendship I am so lucky to have a friend like you!

GC601 Boston Terriers Big Bone

Spending time with you is the best part of my day

GC605 Butterflies with Friends

You look great!!

GC602 Potatoes

You are a precious friend

GC603 Precious Shiba

I am very happy to have this precious friendship

GC606 Precious Friendship

You are always there when I need you Thank you for being a precious friend

GC607 Supporting Friends

We don’t see each other very often, but I always care about you

GC604 French Bulldog With Tulip

My dear friend, thank you for making me happy

GC608 Making Me Happy

Don’t be sneaky, I know it was you

We are best friends Or are we twins?

GC609 Twin French Bulldogs

It’s so foggy and smelly around you Was that you again?

GC610 Sneaky French Bulldog

GC611 Foggy Smelly Boston Terrier

Cheer up!

GC612 Soft Poop

Sorry I am sorry I hurt your feelings

I am so sorry I didn’t mean it

I am sorry

I am sorry


GC801 Sorry Boston Terrier

I am sorry

GC805 Shiba and French Bulldog Sorry Big Heart

GC802 Innocent French Bulldog

GC803 Sorry Shiba Heart

I am sorry

GC806 French Bulldog Sorry Flowers

GC804 Sorry French Bulldog Heart