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Quality Training, Convenient and Affordable Pricing is one of the most important functions for a firm, yet it is often the most neglected when it comes to formal professional education. Keep reading to learn how our new online Certified Pricing Professional (CPP) program is certain to become the smartest and most profitable training investment your company makes all year. How can pricing training help my company? Pricing is the only one of the “4P’s of Marketing” that generates revenue for the firm, and in today’s highly competitive market having a strategic and systematic set of pricing processes is exceptionally important. The education provided by the CPP program will equip your company with a profitable and invaluable competitive edge.

We’re on a reduced budget, can we really afford this? We understand that training budgets are tight, so we launched a cost effective way to deliver our outstanding training programs. Our new online training platform now makes it more affordable than ever to learn both fundamental and advanced pricing concepts, easily making it one of the best returns on a training investment around.

How long will this online, on-demand training take? Our new online training platform means no longer having to go offsite for high quality professional education. Courses and exams are available 24/7 and can be completed at your convenience in 5-6 hours. Single courses are $495, and the Individual CPP package is $3,795, a remarkable savings over the $15-20k typical offsite training entails.

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Certified Pricing Professional • Online Courses

CPP Training benefits your company and YOU! For 25 years, the Professional Pricing Society has been the only organization that exclusively supports professional pricers. We have provided valuable pricing strategies, publications, research, and other pricing resources to thousands of members from leading industries in over 50 countries. Top 5 Benefits of CPP Pricing Education 1. Best Practices from Top Pricing Experts Our faculty represents the top minds in pricing management, consulting, and academia. All of our course materials are based on industry best practices, extensive applied experience, and practitioner success stories. 2. Comprehensive Pricing Training Some courses cover broader fundamental pricing strategies while others provide in-depth study of more advanced topics. All of our materials are designed to equip your department with the tools and concepts that will improve profitability. 3. Develop an Internal Pricing Culture Quickly orient your employees to best pricing practices and help instill a structured approach to pricing within your company, creating a powerful internal culture of like-minded pricing experts for your firm.

4. Rigorous Certification Process In addition to completing 6 online courses, participants go through a rigorous certification process including an extensive 300 page study guide covering 14 essential pricing areas and online preparation sessions. For final certification participants must pass a comprehensive four-hour CPP Accreditation Exam. This is why the CPP certification is the most respected pricing credential in the world. 5. Bring Your Pricing Function In-House Your firm knows its products, services, and strategies better than any external consultant. Empower your own organization with the knowledge needed to improve profits and minimize revenue leaks, while saving big on outside fees.

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A Few of Our Current Course Offerings... Now getting pricing training is easier than ever. Participants can learn at their own pace while learning from the most knowledgeable pricing faculty in the world. After completing 6 courses and passing the post-online course tests, participants will be eligible to take the CPP Exam. “Core Pricing Skills” This is one of the best ways for those who are new to the discipline of pricing to quickly become acclimated with the crucial fundamental concepts and practices that are needed to implement a structured pricing methodology in any firm.

“How to Achieve Pricing Excellence” Built around the World Class Pricing© framework, this course examines the 5 levels of World Class Pricing excellence as well as the tools, skills, and change management considerations needed to lead an organization to higher levels of pricing excellence.

“Pricing During Turbulent Times” This is a dangerous time for pricing. A recession, combined with large fluctuations in commodities and exchange rates are making it extremely difficult to manage pricing. This course will help pricers become more effective during this time of economic uncertainty.


“Implementing Price Changes In Competitive Markets” Developing and implementing a pricing strategy is a challenging task for every firm, but in uncertain economic times it is even more difficult. This course examines a variety of factors that can be leveraged to launch pricing strategies that stick inside and outside the firm.

“Bundling’s Impact on Profits” Has bundling become a silver-bullet pricing tool for all pricing and selling problems, or is it a pernicious value-destroying discount disguised as a rose? Clearly, the answer lies somewhere in the middle and pricing professionals need to understand where.

“Avoid the Commodity Trap: Pricing in a Recession” During this market downturn, companies are especially price sensitive when buying services or products. Learn how to avoid sacrificing your prices by developing clearer value propositions, and keep your company out of the commodity pricing trap. New courses are added monthly. For a complete list, please visit:

Certified Pricing Professional • Online Courses

Meet The Best Pricing Instructors Around The CPP instructors are some of the foremost pricing experts in the world from a variety of industries. There are far too many to list here, and each has too many qualifications to fit on a single page. If you would like to learn more about our faculty, please visit: Reed Holden, D.B.A. With his latest book, Pricing with Confidence: 10 Ways to Stop Leaving Money on the Table, Dr. Holden provides a practical framework and compelling examples for his presentations and keynotes. Richard Lancioni, PhD, CPP Richard is the Chair of the Department of Marketing at Temple University, the primary designer of the CPP program, and the author of over 100 articles that have appeared in all of the major marketing journals. Stephan A. Butscher Stephan is a Partner with SIMON-KUCHER & PARTNERS and the Managing Director of SKP’s London office. He is the also the author of Customer Loyalty Programs and Clubs — A Practical Guide. Jia Li Moore With over 9 years experience consulting in the areas of change management, communications, and training, Jia currently plays an active role in the Deloitte Consulting Pricing and Change Management Team. Paul Hunt Over the past 18 years, Paul has worked extensively in both B2B and B2C markets and has conducted over 500 engagements, delivering more than $1 billion dollars worth of value to his clients. Ron Baker Ron is the author of numerous books, including The Firm of the Future: A Guide for Accountants, Lawyers, and Other Professional Services and his Intellectual Capitalism Series, which so far includes three books.

A few more of our renowned authors and trainers... Jerold Bernstein “Engineering New Product Success” in Industrial Marketing Management John L. Daly, MBA, CPA, CMA, CPIM Pricing for Profitability: Activity-Based Pricing for Competitive Advantage Robert Doctors Winning the Profit Game. Smarter Pricing. Smarter Branding Frank Luby Manage for Profit, Not for Market Share Dr. Robert Phillips Pricing and Revenue Optimization Tim Smith, PhD Hawks, Seagulls, and Mice, Paradigms for Systematically Growing Revenue in Business Markets. ...Just to name a few!


Pricing Plans and Course Packages The CPP program sets the industry standard for advanced pricing knowledge and expertise. Please email us at or call our Director of Certification and Education at (770) 509-9933 if you would like help selecting the program or courses that best satisfy your needs. Single CPP Package Provides the courses, study guide, and final examination that a pricer needs to receive the CPP certification.

This package provides everything 4 Pricers need to complete their CPP certifications at their own convenience.

• 6 Online Courses This will cover all necessary prerequisite courses for taking the CPP Accreditation Exam.

• 24 Online Courses This will cover all necessary prerequisite courses for taking the CPP Accreditation Exam.

• CPP Study Guide & Exam Prep Sessions Extensive 300 page study guide covering 14 topics and online test prep sessions.

• 4 CPP Study Guide & Exam Prep Sessions Extensive 300 page study guide covering 14 topics and online test prep sessions.

• CPP Online Accreditation Exam The rigorous, 4-hour Accreditation Exam required to achieve the CPP accreditation.

• 4 CPP Online Accreditation Exam The rigorous, 4-hour Accreditation Exam required to achieve the CPP accreditation.



for current PPS Members

for current PPS Members

Can I just take individual courses without the full CPP Package? Absolutely! The packages above are ideal values for those who are ready to become certified pricers. But if you are more interested in specific strategies, tactics, or topics... then each of our pricing courses is available independently for just $495 for current PPS Members.


Team CPP Package

PPS Memberships PPS Memberships come with a number of great benefits. • Discounted rates on all conferences and online courses. • 24/7 online access to the largest pricing library in the world with over 500 articles. • Monthly “members only” newsletter, webinars, white papers, and our quarterly pricing journal. Certified Pricing Professional • Online Courses

Hear What Our Members Are Saying... “I enjoyed the range and depth of topics covered. Beginners to more advanced people all have the same chance to gain knowledge...” — David Sandor Sr. Mgr. Business Account Mgmt, Fujitsu Network Communications “Anyone who is in the field of pricing should consider CPP certification a top priority, and anyone who touches pricing should get involved in the PPS and pursue their CPP...” — Douglas F. LeRoy (CPP) Manager, Pricing & Market Analysis, LORD Corporation “The content was very useful and informative. I was made more aware of the importance of our role. It seemed this is indeed the area most companies are looking at...” — Carrol-Ann Montgomery Strategic Margin Management, Acuity Brands Lighting “The exercises proved very helpful in depicting the complexities of ‘real-world’ pricing while providing practical application of the principles being stressed in the course...” — Tammy Teten Manager of Pricing, Union Pacific Railroad

“I have broadened my pricing understanding in areas I might not traditionally have the chance to touch in my dayto-day. This has benefited me greatly...” — Dante Bellizzi (CPP) Regional Head of Pricing & Yield Management, DHL “PPS continues to push the envelope with refreshing intellectual content and assembles best in class practitioners... helping my team take our performance to the next level...” — Harold Peck Vice President of Strategic Pricing, Cardinal Health “I enjoyed learning about different pricing techniques and gaining a better sense of the science that can be applied to pricing. Thank you for championing this discipline!” — Jeff Kittell Gordon Food Service “I now oversee pricing for my company, and manage a growing team of professionals dedicated to the organizationʼs pricing strategies and processes...” — Greg Piligian (CPP) Hitachi Global Storage Technologies


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Certified Pricing Professional Brochure