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TOM|NAPPEY INDUSTRIAL DESGINER YEAR 2: Northumbria University +44 (0) 7936166639

I am an Industrial deisgner whose interests lay in harnessing technology and applying it in more efficient and less obvious ways. I am currently in my second year studying Industrial Design at Northumbria Univeristy in Newcastle, UK. ‘Consider your role in the creation of new things, and the resonsibility this comes with.’ Freddie Yauner. This is a quote i am hoping to design by and although i would be happy to tell you about myself, i feel more value will come from showing you what i can do.


A quick CAD render of my Alumni Drawing Pen done in Solidworks | Keyshot.

4 hours

This was a conceptual project completed with a focus on attraction, communication and interaction. It allowed the user to engage through form, texture and function. Using childhood insipration i began exploring simple toy like behaviours and mechanisms that could be embedded into a sleek outer casing. I desired to achieve an object that could be played with yet would not look out of place if situated in a Bang & Olufsen catalogue.

Sketchwork | soft modelling | final model

NON|literal exploration in design communication

100 hours

1. PICK UP.....

2. SQUEEZE.......

3. CLICK....

4. RELEASE.......

Interaction & experience


Final presentation model

CAD rendering of a V6 engine

The engine is contains fully functioning pistons through to valves. It was an oppurtunity for me to explore mechaniics on a greater level.

100 hours | Solidworks 2011 | Keyshot 3.

Bowers & Wilkins




When faced with the challenge of designing a portable bluetooth speaker to compete with the Jawbone Jambox, Bose Soundlink and Arcam R-Cube we created an entirely new series called VINT.

Bowers & Wilkins



Bowers & Wilkins


100 hours | group project of 3

Interaction & experience | app design for bluetooth device


Style & Status | themed design

OMEGA | Replica A replica of the ‘Seamaster PloProf 1200m’ made out of white plastic.

detailed | model making

20 hours


20 hours | sketching | rendering


It was an oppurtunity to really explore the level of detail applied to such everyday items such as your common pen, and from there take it one step further to become a really refined design idea.


Final photoshop renders


PetRo is an on going project and exploration of modular robotics focused on how these can sense, interact and join with one another in order to achieve various tasks and movements. Able to locate other modules with sensors positioned on each of the wheels, PetRo’s tetrahedral shape enables there to always be a stable base.

sketching | solidworks | rendering | prototyping | robotics | electronics

Lead by Ben Salem, PetRo is a culmination of work from myself, Ross Lawton, Dave O’Leary and Simon Scott-Harden.

THANK YOU for your time.

TOM|NAPPEY INDUSTRIAL DESGINER YEAR 2: Northumbria University +44 (0) 7936166639

Mini-folio 2012  

tomnappey Industrial Design

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