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The purpose of this document is a proposal of a campaign for British outdoors brand Berghaus in 2012.

This proposal will aim at this growing audience: the confused urban city professionals who romanticize about exploring the great outdoors and a life in the countryside, but have no time or means at their hands to explore it. The campaign aims to show them that no matter where they live or what they do they are always a part of the outdoors and Berghaus is their connection to it. This document features an analyzed market situation and where the brand is at the moment and in comparison of the current market place / competition: The North Face, Columbia Outdoors, Helly Hansen , Moncler, Jack Wolfskin. A detailed SWOT analysis with added focus on the opportunities and current / upcoming trends that are indentified as: 2012 Olympics, growth in domestic holidays taken, new exercise techniques, more people living in cities, but wanting to get out. The Berghaus ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ campaign will consist of 5 main tactical ideas in order to gain press coverage and change brand perceptions. These tactics are:

o Sponsorships: o Pop Up Store and Trial o Social Media and Online o The Post Code Lottery o Back to basics


Berghaus has suffered during the recent recession but has slowly started regaining its past position as a “leading outdoor brand”. Growing trends have shown that more and more people in Britain are spending their holidays domestically (Source:Trendwatching, Mintel) and as cities grow and areas become more urbanized they increasingly want to get out and enjoy what nature has to offer, even if this means flocking to the parks on a hot day in the city.


iNTRO Berghaus, a British brand became established due to a lack of high quality performance outdoor wear available for purchase in North East England in the late 1960s. It is still run and designed in Sunderland near Newcastle upon Tyne, delivering an extensive line of performance apparel, equipment, and footwear. Since the beginning it has continued innovating and experimenting with new technologies, and was the first European brand to introduce the waterproof and breathable material: gore-tex® to its collections. It made its name in continental Europe by exporting products to countries near famous alpine centers, hence the common misconception that it’s a European brand. Over the years it has collaborated with various people within the extreme sports sector to help them reach their world records and to improve their performance: base jumpers, hikers and extreme altitude mountaineers are fans. Recently Berghaus received some royal recognition: ‘the Queen’s award for innovation in the design and technical development of outdoor products’ thus increasing their status. Berghaus also had some successful collaborations with other brands such as: Boxfresh and Griffin in order to achieve higher sales and target different markets. An on-going partnership with the Independent Hostel Guide provides visitors of the website with information about the best walks, hikes and accommodation across Britain and Europe. Berghaus has two types of consumers at the moment. One group is the professional mountaineers and hikers who buy the clothing for its professional aspect and durability. The other set of current consumers are the ones who buy clothes more out of necessity (such as simple fleeces) rather than to follow trends or buy into a brand. Currently there are four flagship stores in the UK: London, Manchester, Newcastle and Bristol, while the remainder of the sales are via other outdoor retailers such as Blacks, Cotswold and via e-commerce on It has regularly updated Facebook and Twitter accounts, with a loyal fan base. At the moment according to research they own around 30 percent of the British outdoor market. (Source:



Strengths Berghaus is already a well-established brand, which has extensive experience in trading and is currently owned by a major retail investment group, which helps growth and survival in a tough market. It is a British brand, completely designed and managed in the UK, apart from the manufacturing which takes place in foreign countries especially in Asia. Sponsorship of successful athletes with fascinating stories is helped the image of the brand, such as: Chris Bonington and Mick Fowler.

Weaknesses The name of the brand does not sound British and creates confusion for consumers about the identity of the brand. It originates from the German: -berg and -haus meaning mountain hut. It seems like there is a lack of vision for future opportunities within the company, they haven’t developed any new initiatives in recent years. The product and the image of the brand might seem too dark and almost too hi-technological to people. Women do not seem to be represented.


Opportunites After a recession, most people are not thinking about going on exotic foreign holidays but are trying to holiday closer to home. A new generation of people have started going walking, exploring the outdoors and wanting to buy from brands that they can trust and that they associate with these activities. They no longer seem to be interested in spending money on cheap disposable products because consumers are thinking about making investment purchases in brands and products that they can rely on for the next few years and not just months. The 2012 Olympic Games could be a perfect product placement opportunity, but this could also be considered as a risk as heavy competition will be present there. New web 2.0 technologies will help reach out to a wider demographic. Targeting campaigns at women, who are underrepresented in the outdoor market.

Threats The strength of the pound sterling compared to currencies of other leading countries, such as the Yuan, US Dollars or Euros could affect Berghaus. There could be another economic downturn as in today’s credit obsessed world might end up in even greater debt. The cost of travelling is on a constant rise. New brands appearing on the market and stealing the limelight. People not being interested in the outdoors anymore. As new technologies are being developed in an extremely fast pace, it’s hard for brands to keep up and adapt their campaigns. Also, people might not be as interested in social media as much as marketers think.

tRENDS taken (Source: Mintel) Growing number of UK domestic holidays


The 2012 London Olympic Games buzz

Product personalisation

Online Status Symbols (Trendwatching)

Random Acts of Kindness (Trendwatching)

people are choosing a Urbanisation – therefore more and more nuous data) combination of city and country life (conti

boot camps New exercise techniques, such as army

Continuous rise in ecommerce

oil Rise of shipping costs due to the price of

ue The ‘Staycation’ trend looks set to contin


North face - Never stop exploring. North Face is Berghaus’ main competitor, specialising in the same active outwear and technology. It is the most globally recognized outdoor brand. Was founded in 1966 in California, the exact same year when Berghaus started operations. They gradually expanded their products including less extreme activities, the most important aspect of the business for the company is to produce gear things for serious climbers and athletes. Their


sales expanded in the late 90s when the ‘wilderness chic’ trend blew into high schools and colleges, this was when North Face established its great reputation and became a household brand all over the world. After such a rise in the popularity the brand faced and is now facing problems with counterfeit products.

Columbia Sportswear – the greater outdoors Launched as a hat company in the United States in the late 1930s, becoming Columbia sportswear in 1960. It remains a family owned business and as mentions: “the family - like our business - has experienced


its ups and downs, but enjoying the outdoors together has always been an inseparable part of the program.” It manufactures and sells footwear, headgear, camping equipment, skiwear, and outerwear accessories all over the world (currently available in 72 countries) and after the millennium became the biggest American ski apparel retailer. Throughout its history it has been known as a leader in developing new technologies just as all the other brands mentioned here.

Helly Hansen – confident when it matters HH is an award winning heritage Norwegian company manufacturing gear for sports and work on the ocean and in the mountains. It has a loyal consumer base, amongst professionals within sailing and snow sports but also consumers looking for leisure and active wear. One of the breakthrough companies in researching and inventing waterproof materials. It is a respected and highly priced brand all across Europe because of the craftsmanship it represents. But in the UK it developed a fairly big following amongst the working class urban youth in the late 90s. The tough, waterproof jackets found an unlikely brand appeal for ‘scallie’ youth in the north of England. A mass appeal was developed and is now sold in sports shops, (such as JD) far away from desired the specialized outdoor clothing stores

Moncler Although it represents the premier luxury outerwear market, this French brand (now headquartered in Milan) established in 1933, has a very similar line of products intended for the same use. It’s known for its use of the best materials, trendy appearance and exquisite workmanship. Moncler stands up to the test of time and is well known as a reliable brand. It generates ongoing interest because of collaborations with artists and other brands, such as: Pharrell and Comme des Garcons Jack Wolfskin – the european outdoors company Founded in 1981, this German brand has more than 400 stores around the world and specialises in weatherproof apparel. It is not just worn by hikers and mountaineers, but popularly used by Germans living in urban settings. Their goal is to motivate as many people as possible to lead an active life outdoors and they currently have four stores in the UK, three of these in London.





12 Berghaus is an excellent quality British brand and has been growing steadily since the start. It has a loyal fan base made up by hikers, mountaineers but our research has shown that consumers don’t know its heritage, even amongst the people who are regular buyers of Berghaus products. When conducting the initial research for this proposal, we spoke to a selection of Berghaus costumers about why they liked the brand. One of them replied: “Because it’s German and I trust the quality of all German made products” reinforcing the common view that Berghaus is a mainland European brand. After showing photos of the clothing and of the website to people, the majority thought that it looked too technical and they got the impression of the website that its for the use of professionals only. Many people said that they wished the website had a more welcoming feel, as they felt intimidated when using it. The marketplace and consumers present a constantly changing environment and Berghaus has failed to keep up with these new trends in the past couple of years. As well as the clothes are manufactured and as technologically advanced they might be, the brand does not represent a way of life or a lifestyle. The public has no emotional connection to what it offers. The brand is not inspiring real people, instead it makes them insecure about the lack of outdoor gear that they own. These issues present Berghaus with a great opportunity to launch a campaign to encourage further brand engagement, let the public know more about its true heritage and its core values and in doing so grow and expand upon its customer base.

c 13


Berghaus. Outdoors everywhere. Berghaus will democratise the great outdoors. The outdoors are not just for hardcore hikers who buy a certain brand head to toe. The outdoors are for everybody, everywhere and everybody can experience it no matter where they are. Berghaus will tap into and inspire the trend for wearing outerwear in urban environments as well as in the countryside.

technological innovations and similar key messages, but Berghaus has the advantage of being a brand from “home�. This presents a great opportunity to help the discovery of both the great outdoors and of the brand. Part of the strategy is to encourage people to explore the outdoors without feeling like they need the full and complete gear to do so. The outdoors is for everyone, everywhere.

It will be reinforcing a sense of Britishness and belonging while introducing a new youthful image to the brand without trying too hard to be something that it is not.

It is not easy to capture the attention of a younger target audience as they all want to be unique and won’t buy into a brand that might be preferred and worn by their parents, but engaging tactical ideas, well-placed products and sponsorships and new personalisation services offered both in store and on the website will help to achieve this.

The strategy will go beyond just building brand awareness. The aim is to get the customers engaging with the brand, discovering it, building trust based on its authenticity and to keep the technological edge but be more approachable to the everyday customer. People in 2012 are going to be even more connected and technologically savvy, so one of the key elements will be an interactive, interconnected viral campaign to attract attention and participation. It is hard to stand out as an outdoor active wear brand and especially when most of the competitors have almost identical

Using the Berghaus flagship stores and pop up shops in two major UK regional centres will give the platform to inspire and enhance brand experience, and with usage of the correct tools are used to gain press coverage out of this. The plan is to become an aspirational brand that people will think of for help and support but not just only when they want to hike the Mont Blanc.


Objectives To introduce Berghaus to the younger consumer, without alienating the

current fans who are often older // To establish Berghaus as the only reliable choice for British outdoor apparel. // To build a stronger brand engagement, positioning Berghaus in a market leader perception, the one who people would ask for help. // To drive traffic to the e-commerce site and stores in order to increase sales. // Last but not least: to encourage people to explore the outdoors, whatever it may mean to them.

Target Audience We propose to introduce Berghaus to a fresher new audience while retaining the current loyal fans and users.


These new consumers - regardless of their age, because they will have to have a young mindset - have either not heard of the brand, are not aware of its offerings and background or feel it is too hi-tech for them. They are not be interested in the outdoors on a professional level, but if they wanted to look for a trustworthy outerwear brand that they could feel comfortable in, their new first choice should be Berghaus. They dream about finding and discovering new interesting things to do, places to see while seemingly unaffected by mass marketing. They don’t like to wear many branded clothes and want to keep away from statement pieces, rather would have a personal connection to the brand they are buying into. These people are professional, can be single, married or with family. They all share one thing. The desire to get away. The need to get out and make the most of the time outdoors.






Sponsorships are vital for the success of the campaign in order to show the brand’s strengths in different fields away from the ones it is already established in. The sponsorship tactics would introduce Berghaus to the younger sports aware consumer without trying too hard.

Free-running: becoming a key sponsor of free-running in the UK.

Berghaus would organize a competition to find the best free runner in Britain through organising semi-finals in four UK cities (emphasising the tagline ‘outdoors everywhere’) and a final championship in London. The winner gets a prize and a chance to contribute in viral online campaign for Berghaus that would be distributed via social media and the branded website: Secret cinema screenings in the outdooRs. Secret cinema is a growing community of film lovers, who are gathered to watch a movie once a month in unusual/extraordinary surroundings – always outdoors (“Outdoors Everywhere”). The location and the amount of people are constantly changing; no one knows when or where the next screening will be. Berghaus would sponsor a series of outdoor screenings in the summer of 2012. Skating Wednesdays: Sponsorship of London Skate (, a weekly 2 hour skating session in the spring and summer months. Hundreds of skaters get their skates on every Wednesday evening to roll through all areas of London, usually by doing a 10 mile long route. Everyone is welcome to their events from beginners to pros. Berghaus would take part by inviting participants and seeding the clothing to the organisers and marshals. Video footage can be used for the later viral campaign. Sponsoring bicycle messengers. Bike couriers are a daily sight within large cities, such as London, but are not given much importance or appreciation from the general public. They have to fight the constantly changing weather, landscape, pedestrians and traffic. Berghaus would work with selected delivery companies to sponsor their employees with clothing. These cyclists are always in a variety of outdoor settings in an uban context. are the sort of fixed gear bicycle riding audience that we want to aim our campaign at This is their ‘Outdoor Everywhere’ story. Berghaus would also take charge of organizing the first annual Cycle Messenger Championship in London in June 2012, leading onto the world championship in the summer in Canada.

[Regional Press Release] Outdoors in the city Berghaus launches street running championships British outdoors brand Berghaus is on the lookout for the UK’s best free runners to participate in their new ad campaign for ‘Outdoors Everywhere’. The brand was searching for up and coming sports when it came across parkour and free running - a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and landscapes to perform movements through its structures. The concept has already created a buzz among established street runners as it will be judged by well known street runner: Aki Akbar. Berghaus’ Director of Marketing Sarah Schulpher commented, “We are extremely happy to have found a niche sport that fits in so well with our outdoors philosophy. So far our campaign has received an enormous number of positive responses from the free running community and we look forward to seeing and working with more and more ‘artists’ ” The winners will have a chance to be featured in Berghaus’ next viral advert and a trip to the Free Running World Championship in San Francisco in the autumn. Semi finals are taking place in 4 key cities: Bristol, Newcastle, Edinburgh and Manchester which is on the 3rd of June at 2pm on Canal Street. To sign up and for more information visit the website: or tweet at the crew @outdoorseverywhere The Berghaus regional flagship store is now open at 188-192 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 3ND Note to editors: The brand is a firm favourite with professional hikers and outdoor geeks for its technical performance, however Berghaus also wants to engage with the younger ‘less keen on the outdoors and have even less time for it’ market. This is why its launching the ‘Outdoors Everywhere ‘ campaign - commencing in March 2012 – to show people how easy it is to make the most of the great British outdoors, regardless if they are hiking in the Scottish Highlands or free running in Manchester. For further information and additional images please contact Tommy at Kreative Komms on 0207 327 7227 or


Free running is a form of urban acrobatics in which participants, known as free runners, use the city and landscapes to perform movements through its structures. It incorporates efficient movements from parkour and adds aesthetic vaults and other acrobatics, creating an athletic and aesthetically pleasing way of moving. It is commonly practiced at gymnasiums and in urban areas that are cluttered with obstacles.



Pop-up Trial Store

This tactical idea would help in establishing Berghaus’ as the only trustworthy British outdoor apparel brand , will engage people with the campaign, while still showing the technological aspect.


TRAVELLIng POP-UP STORE A travelling pop up store would mark the launch of the ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ campaign. The store would include a state of the art wind tunnel and experience booth for customers and visitors to experience the high technology aspect and the protection that the products feature. They would have the opportunity to try all the products on and test their durability. The store would help them make the right choice while creating a memorable experience. Purchases of the clothing would be done via online terminals through the official Berghaus e-store. 2000 visitors would also be given a branded single use camera and would be asked to capture images that they felt reflected the essence of being ‘Outdoor Everywhere. Once the cameras are returned to any of the Berghaus retail stores, customers would get a 20% discount on their purchase and the images submitted would be used for . This tactic would be backed up by a press launch in London and Manchester in the same stores before the public opening where journalists will be able to try the experience for themselves and receive a goodie bag featuring the camera and a pair of shoes from the new SS12 collection. Word would be spread by the press launch, in outdoors magazines, daily newspapers and in what to do sections. The press releases would be sent out in advance to be able to make the glossy and monthly magazines’ deadlines. The cameras would present an ongoing activity across all stores throughout the duration of the campaign

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BERGHAUS TESTS CLOTHING IN WIND TUNNEL IN POP UP STORE LONDON, 26TH OF MARCH 2012 Berghaus, the British outdoors brand is celebrating the launch of its ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ campaign by inviting members of public for a trial session at its pop up store just off Carnaby Street, London. The company is known for its continuous innovation through the decades since its start up in 1966 in Newcastle – upon – Tyne. The pop-up store will feature a state –of- the- art wind tunnel / experience booth where everyone will have an opportunity to try out Berghaus’ current line of clothing and participate in their new campaign. Berghaus plans to give away 2000 custom-made single use cameras for people to capture what their ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ experience is. The set up of the store will be quite unusual too. Apart from the already not common experience booth, the store will be decorated just like if someone was visiting the Peak District The store is open from 1-10 April 2012 @ 5 Broadwick Street, London, W1S Visit the website: or tweet at the crew @outdoorseverywhere Note to editors: The brand is a firm favourite with professional hikers and outdoor geeks for its technical performance, however Berghaus also wants to engage with the younger ‘less keen on the outdoors and have even less time for it’ market. This is why its launching the ‘Outdoors Everywhere ‘ campaign - commencing in March 2012 – to show people how easy it is to make the most of the great British outdoors, regardless if they are hiking in the Scottish Highlands or free running in Manchester. For further information and additional images please contact Tommy at Kreative Komms on 0207 327 7227 or



Social Media and Online The following tactic would fulfill the objective to drive traffic to the Berghaus website and to build a stronger, more apparent brand engagement.

No. 1


• • • • •

Tweeting your way to the outdoors. Are you bored of calling customer services and being put on hold for 20 minutes?

No. 2

[Press Release]

Images of what people perceive as being ‘Outdoors Everywhere’. An engaging result of the cameras given out during launch and also online user submitted Blog feature about their ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ life by selected Brand Ambassadors (i.e. Indie Mum and The Reluctant Banker) User submitted content Link to the online store and apparel reviews Links to other social media accounts run by Berghaus Online support of all other tactical ideas.

No. 3 Foursquare: Berghaus Outdoors Explorer Badge. Foursquare is a location-based social networking website, software for mobile devices. This service is available to users with GPS-enabled mobile devices, such as iphones, Blackberries and Android run phones. Users check in at venues using a website, text messaging or a devicespecific application by running the application and selecting from a list of venues that the application locates nearby. Badges are awarded after checking into various venues. Users would only be able to unlock their multiple level Berghaus badges once they have visited a minimum of 10 Berghaus approved locations. Once they visit the 10 locations they will be eligible for a 10% discount in stores.

British outdoors retailer Berghaus is encouraging its employees to use micro blogging website Twitter in order to connect and further costumer experience to create an unparalleled and unrivalled customer experience. Staff in all of their UK stores are armed with smartphones to assist all customers. Director of Marketing Sarah Schulpher says, “We can assist everyone that has a question in real time, whether the question is about our products or they’re just looking for inspiration on all things outdoors. Consumers want to see the real human sides of brands and Berghaus is happy to oblige” Employees don’t just answer; they take a proactive role by monitoring the conversations going on online therefore trying to open up and engage in new dialogues with potential customers. Berghaus added the new customer service experience last week and has seen the number of their followers jumped to more than 2000 in only a couple of days and traffic to their website has grown by 250%. Tweet at the crew @outdoorseverywhere The Berghaus flagship store is now open at 13 Shorts Gardens, Covent Garden, WC2H 9AT Note to editors: The brand is a firm favourite with professional hikers and outdoor geeks for its technical performance, however Berghaus also wants to engage with the younger ‘less keen on the outdoors and have even less time for it’ market. This is why its launching the ‘Outdoors Everywhere ‘ campaign - commencing in March 2012 – to show people how easy it is to make the most of the great British outdoors, regardless if they are hiking in the Scottish Highlands or free running in Manchester. For further information and additional images please contact Tommy at Kreative Komms on 0207 327 7227 or


Staff are the face of the company and the first point of contact to the brand once a customer enters the world of Berghaus. Berghaus has to be committed to this. This idea will present all Berghaus staff to be trained to a very high level about outdoor activities, the brand, and customer service. They are the key element in the business. We would be giving out two smartphones in each Berghaus store, where staff can monitor twitter and other relevant social media, and give advice and guidance to people travelling abroad, hiking, looking for adventures, and answer questions, queries about Berghaus products at the same time.





The Post Code Lottery:

Get to know your local green. The execution of the following idea would help in positioning Berghaus as the only reliable choice in outerwear, would create brand engagement with the public and last but not least: getting people outdoors.


OUTDOOR TRAINING DAYS In order to complete our objective to educate people about the outdoors and get them moving, the Berghaus ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ campaign would hold outdoor training days in local parks throughout the duration of the campaign. The parks and areas would be selected by residents who would be asked to vote for their own area by entering their post code onto the website or social media. Mobile phone users who read about it would be redirected to the branded mobile website via a QR code. The 12 vicinities who receive the most votes would win to participate in the campaign. We will work in close collaboration with local councils on establishing suitable parks and dates within these post code areas. This idea also presents a great opportunity to research the location and whereabouts of our consumers and therefore will be able to direct more specified location-based campaigns and promotions at them. The ‘Local Green’ days would consist of different activities, engaging everyone from families to young people. Among others it is planned to run: • • • • •

Treasure hunts Cooking classes where all the ingredients that are used would be from UK outdoors to give people an idea of the resources that nature offers Talks and Q&As with people who make a living of the outdoors of their experiences, aspirations and inspirations. Performances e.g: The London Street Running team who are sponsored by Berghaus Army boot camp fitness classes

In order to reduce costs we would invite outdoor activity companies to promote their activity equipment and therefore provide us with fun equipment. The objective of this tactical idea is to encourage usage of the outdoors whatever it may mean to the attending public.

[Press Release] The following press release would be sent out to local and national newspapers and online editions: THE BERGHAUS POSTCODE LOTTERY - SAY NO TO SOFALISING A nationwide research project conducted by the British outdoors brand Berghaus revealed that 87% of Britons spend more time abroad than in their local parks. It also reveals that 7 out 10 people would like to get out more but can’t find the right time or the right activity to do. In a national call to get people outdoors locally the brand is running a ‘Post Code Lottery’ where the 12 areas that get most votes will have an outdoor challenge day sponsored by them. The events will include a vast number of activities from cooking to performance and tuition by Free Running professionals. “The outcome of this research was a huge surprise to all of us at team Berghaus, this is why we decided to go along with our Post Code Lottery campaign, which will be a great day out for everyone. There is a huge potential in embracing the community and surrounding outdoors around us ” Director of Marketing, Sarah Schulpher said. Go ahead and vote for your authority on Note to editors: They want votes from all over the country to maximize the potential educational impact of the events. The brand is a firm favourite with professional hikers and outdoor geeks for its technical performance, however Berghaus also wants to engage with the ‘less keen on the outdoors and have even less time for it’ market. This is why its launching the ‘Outdooors Everywhere ‘ campaign - commenced in March 2012 – to show people how easy it is to make the most of the great British outdoors, regardless if they are in Hampstead Heath or hiking in the Scottish Highlands. For further information and additional images please contact Tommy at Kreative Komms on 0207 327 7227 or



Back to Basics

This tactic would work under the ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ tag line. As more and more people are using their smartphones and tablet devices to capture moments of their lives on the go, the art of writing and diary making is becoming forgotten and a lot less important.


They would be asked what the outdoors means to them and to write their own story. Visitors who stop by these attractions would take notice of our books, because they would be placed next to a Berghaus branded bench. They can sit down, enjoy the view and freely express themselves and their feeling to the outdoors. The books will have various names such as: “I breathe because...“, “I smile because” to prompt a response. The submissions would be registered by a member of staff weekly and transcripts would be posted on the Berghaus Social Media accounts as a way of showing how well can our brand integrate and recreate old traditions with the help new technologies. After a period of 12 weeks the entries would be collated and released as a series of ebooks available to download and a limited number of copies would be available from Berghaus Stores.

[Press Release] Berghaus the British outdoors brand is releasing an exclusive series of ebooks written completely by passers by. 4 months ago the brand decided to leave 7 completely empty waterproof books equipped with a pen and a bench in the most scenic UK locations, including the beautiful village of Portmeirion in Wales. They were curious to know what people really thought of being ‘Outdoors Everywhere’. The unusual venture has seemingly worked out because they had to employ 3 writers to filter through the thousands of entries. “It was on of our most successful and engaging campaigns. People just loved the idea, that they could be on this remote corner of the Isle of Wight and still be able to share their thoughts with the world, without the use of their smartphones” Which according to Sarah Schulpher, Director of Marketing, takes away the magic of sharing. The idea was so successful in the eyes of the public that next year Berghaus will quadruple the number of diaries around the UK to 28, meaning that more and more people will be able to read local stories, memoirs.

Proposed locations:

The documentary about the making of the campaign is available now on and books can be downloaded from

Primrose Hill - Greater London The Needles Park - Isle of Wight Chatsworth House – Derbyshire Portmeirion Village – Gwynedd - North Wales The Eden Project – Cornwall The Giants Causeway – Northern Ireland Edinburgh Castle - Scotland

Note to editors: The brand is a firm favourite with professional hikers and outdoor geeks for its technical performance, however Berghaus also wants to engage with the younger ‘less keen on the outdoors and have even less time for it’ market. This is why its launching the ‘Outdoors Everywhere ‘ campaign - commenced in March 2012 – to show people how easy it is to make the most of the great British outdoors, regardless if they are hiking in the Scottish Highlands or free running in Manchester.

The objective of this tactical idea is to encourage usage of the outdoors whatever it may mean to the attending public.

For further information and additional images please contact Tommy at Kreative Komms on 0207 327 7227 or


Diary writing is considered as something one would do from the comfort of their home but we decided to place 7 empty (waterproof) books in 7 iconic or somewhat significant outdoors locations around the UK where people could write in their own ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ stories.











- Tactic 1

Free running semi finals including rental of space from four local authorities: £4000 each Final London championship organizing fees, props, rental: £6000 Production costs of viral video: £3200 Free runners prize: £2500 Sponsorship agreement with Secret Cinema: £10,000 Skate London: £1500 + £1000 worth of clothing to give out Bicycle Messengers: £3600 worth of clothing Total: £43800 - Tactic 2

4000 custom made disposable cameras: £13,000 at £3.25 each Space rental: £12,000 Set up of wind tunnel/experience booth: £2000 Total £27000

Smartphones for 4 stores: £1200 at £150 each. Social Media training for staff: £500 Website set up: £500 Social Media and Website monitoring: £5500 Total £7700 - Tactic 4

Renting an area in 12 Local Authority managed parks: £17,880 at £1490 each Setting up costs: £8900 at £500 each Speakers fees: £6580 Total £33360 - Tactic 5

7 custom made benches with delivery: £1400 Space rental fees at 7 locations: £3500 Large quantity waterproof books: £500 Staffing and maintenance costs for 12 weeks: £5880 Total £11280 Kreative Komms Agency Fees: £1400 / month £16800 in total TOTAL : £139940


- Tactic 3





Tactic 2. Delivery of invites and press releases for pop up store



Tactic 1. Free Running semi - finals in Manchester, Newcastle, Edinburgh, Bristol Tactic 2. Pop up store and official campaign launch in London and Manchester Tactic 4. Commissioning survey

Tactic 1. First Skating Wednesday event - ongoing Tactic 1. First Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 3. Delivery of Twitter customer service press release



Tactic 1. Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 1. Shoot of viral video featuring free running winner Tactic 5. Delivery of press release about the success of the activity

Tactic 1. Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 1. Release of viral video Tactic 1. Delivery of Bicycle Messenger press releases. Cyclists given clothing to prepare for the autumn. Tactic 4. Events go live

Tactic 1 Tactic 2 Tactic 3 Tactic 4 Tactic 5


Tactic 1. Delivery of Free Running press releases Tactic 3. Commissioning bloggers for website

Tactic 1. Delivery of Secret Cinema press releases Tactic 3. Launch of Tactic 3. Launch of Social Media Activities



Tactic 1. Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 1. Free running final championship in London. Tactic 4. Delivery of Post Code Lottery press releases

Tactic 1. Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 4. Organising events throughout the month and consultation with the public Tactic 5. Launch of the creative idea



Tactic 1. Secret Cinema outdoor screening Tactic 4. Delivery of press release post event

Tactic 5. Release of ebooks, applications.








Berghaus. Outdoors Everywhere.

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By the end of the ‘Outdoors Everywhere’ campaign we hope to have changed people’s perception of Berghaus.

This campaign is about turning Berghaus into a brand that consumers can turn to for advice and will be proud to wear it in their normal daily surroundings. After and during the 12 month campaign product sales will have raised both via ecommerce and in store and the flagship stores around the UK will be essential stops for anyone on a shopping spree. The campaign and creative ideas will also work on establishing Berghaus’ British heritage in order to avoid future confusion about the name. These ideas will help to get more people out and to show everyone that the brand will always be a sponsor of getting outside and getting to know their surroundings. No matter where they live or what they do, they are always part of the outdoors and Berghaus is their connection to it. Berghaus. Everywhere Outdoors.


It will be a trusted brand amongst the people who have never heard of it before or were not particularly interested in outdoor wear. The clothing lines will not be changed and will look the same but consumers will not think of it as specialised outdoor gear which they can only use if they’re hiking up the Mount Everest. Consumers will still be kept aware of this aspect and fans of the brand will not be left alone and will know that they can still buy those highly specialized products as well. Therefore we will not compromise on the technical aspect just in order to gain more customers. We will show them different sides to Berghaus.


Berghaus Outdoors Everywhere  

analysed the outdoors apparel industry and A final major project which rebranded Berghaus the British Outdoors retailer with a new promotion...