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Tips for  you  to  buy  Mac  data  recovery   software   Hard  Drive  Damaged  –  Data  Lost  –  What  Can  I  do   Everyday  we  are  working  in  the  front  of  computer,  doing  all  the  things,  whatever  at  office  or  home.   Computer  has  become  necessary  item  on  our  life.  However,  many  people  save  their  data  such  as   important  business  or  customers’  documents,  private  photos,  email  files  and  entertainment  files  like   movies  and  songs  on  the  hard  drive.  Does  this  sound  like  you?  Of  course,  I  am  one  member  of  them.   All  of  my  files  have  been  stored  on  my  Mac  hard  drive,  while  there  is  only  one  partition  of  my  hard   drive.  I  have  to  say,  I  am  layman  of  Mac.  So  less  is  more.  I  don’t  have  extra  time  to  learn  how  to  create   hard  disk  partition.  Then,  the  problem  arises.  How  do  you  deal  with  your  Mac  hardware  meltdown?   Do  you  know  how  to  rescue  your  data  when  Mac  dead?  If  you  have  a  good  habit  to  backup  your  data   periodically,  then,  congratulate  to  you,  your  loss  could  be  minimized;  if  not,  just  like  me,  it’s  a  bad  egg,   all  of  my  documents  including  my  kids’  pictures  were  gone  to  heaven  without  backup  timely.  Here  are   my  questions  when  this  terrible  case  happened.   1.  Is  it  possible  to  recover  lost  data  when  Mac  hard  drive  crashes?   2.  All  or  part  of  my  lost  files  on  Mac  could  be  rescued,  if  some  data  recovery  software  could  help  me?   3.  For  some  kinds  of  professional  data  recovery  tool,  are  they  hard  to  handle?  As  layman  of   technology,  I  don't  want  to  buy  hard-­‐to-­‐operate  software,  I  don’t  want  to  waste  my  time  to  be   familiar  with  this  hell  user  manual  and  confused  buttons.   With  these  questions,  I  took  my  Macbook  to  professional  Mac  data  recovery  center  to  ask  for  help.  It   cost  my  300  bulks  on  repairing  hard  drive  and  recover  lost  data  from  Mac.  Finally,  one  staff  told  me,   there  is  a  simple  method  for  you  to  rescue  lost  data  on  Mac  by  yourself,  on  condition  that  your  hard   drive  could  be  reboot  successfully.  He  said  you  could  buy  Macintosh  data  recovery  tool  online  to  do   this  recovery  task.  But,  you  need  to  choose  easy-­‐to-­‐use  tool,  when  I  let  him  give  me  some  suggestions   on  which  brand  or  providers  would  be  available,  guess  what’s  answer?     "Um,  it’s  up  to  you!"   "What  a  perfect  answers,  thank  you!"  

Tip to  Choose  Data  Recovery  Tool   Since  it  is  so,  I  came  home  and  searched  “mac  data  recovery”  keywords  on  google,  there  are  more   than  60  million  related  results  displayed.  No  wonder  that  guy  was  unable  to  give  me  an  exact  answer.  

Well, there  are  so  many  software,  which  one  is  suit  me,  and  which  one  could  help  me  fix  my  problem   once  data  lost  again  later  on?   Finally,  I  accessed  to  toptenreviews  website  to  get  some   professional  reviews  to  get  some  useful  tips  to  choose  data   recovery  software.  Where  toptenreviews  page  listed  top  ten   data  recovery  software  for  users  to  review,  including  Mac   version  and  Windows.  Seemed  powerful  software  vendors,  I   extracted  some  of  them  below.   1.  Stellar  Phoenix   2.  EaseUS   3.  uMacsoft   4.  Disk  Doctors   Now,  it’s  up  to  you  to  choose  which  one  to  purchase.  My   choice  is  uMacsoft,  which  is  professional  Macintosh  data   recovery  software,  I  don’t  find  out  its  Windows  version,  maybe   this  vendor  specializes  in  Mac  software  development.  The   other  vendors  like  Stellar  Phoenix,  who  provides  both  Mac  and   Windows  version.  So  you  can  choose  it  if  you  have  PC.   My  reasons  to  choose  suitable  recovery  application  among  those  60  millions  results  are  as  followed.   It’s  just  for  your  reference.  Quoted  those  staff’s  words:  it’s  up  to  you!   Tip  one.  Free  version  –  the  website  provides  trail  version  for  you  before  you  buy  it.  This  feature  could   help  you  decide  if  this  software  could  fix  your  problem  successful.  Generally,  there  are  no  big   differences  between  trail  version  and  full  version.  Some  free  versions  allow  you  to  use  30  days;  some   could  only  scan  your  lost  data,  if  you  want  to  recover  them,  you  need  to  pay  for  the  full  one.   Tip  two.  Easy-­‐to-­‐use  –  the  software  must  be  easy  to  handle,  I  don’t  like  the  one  that  designed  only  for   technology  experts.  I  like  the  software  whose  interface  is  simple  enough,  no  matter  how  cool  your   interface  is,  less  buttons  would  be  better,  like  uMacsoft,  there  are  only  two  buttons:  Scan  and   Recovery.  You  are  able  to  know  their  roles  straightforward.   Tip  three.  Scan  and  Recovery  –  these  two  features  determine  the  value  of  this  recovery  tool.  That’s   why  I  suggest  you  download  the  trail  version  to  see  if  it’s  powerful  enough  to  retrieve  your  data.   Please  keep  the  above  tips  on  your  computer;  it’s  necessary  for  you  to  save  time  and  money  when   choosing  software.  

Easiest Way  to  Rescue  Lost  Data  on  Mac  

Generally, almost  all  the  recovery  tools  have  the  same  workflow,  which  is  “detect  device  –  scan  data  –   recover  data”.   First  of  all,  you  need  to  download  and  launch  data  recovery  tool  on  Mac  OS.   Detect  device.  When  you  launch  software  successfully,  there  will  be  a  hard  drive  image  displayed  on   the  interface;  you  just  need  to  click  it  to  be  scanned  automatically  by  program.   Scan  data.  When  clicking  hard  drive  or  any  other  devices  that  you  want  to  recover  lost  files,  the   software  starts  to  scan  it  for  the  loss,  this  is  robot  process,  and  you  don’t  need  to  be  babysister.     Recovery  data.  When  finishing  scanning,  your  lost  files  would  be  listed  on  the  interface;  you  are   allowed  to  check  them  to  preview,  and  get  them  back  by  clicking  “Recovery”  button  or  some  other   names  like  this.   Finally,  you  need  to  keep  in  mind  that  once  your  data  lost,  do  nothing  on  this  computer,  that’s   because  the  overwritten  data  can  not  be  recovered  successfully,  no  matter  how  expensive  and   powerful  recovery  software  is.    

Tutorial for you to buy Mac data recovery software  

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