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The Focus July 2015

Freedoms of the Entrepreneur Not an easy decision to make, but being your own boss is becoming the new thing

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There are all sorts of things going on in the world today. Who would have thought that a whole country would have to file for bankruptcy? you just never know how finances will shift. you can only try to be as prepared as possible when the “shift” comes. I was at the Putting Roanoke Back to Work job fair held this month and I ran into an old coworker of mine. I had taken a job at the factory while I was getting my business off the ground. I asked why she was out at the job fair. She told me that the job she had been working over 20 years, was in the midst of downsizing and had to let her go. That thing hit me hard. Had I stayed there instead of pursuing my dream, that very well would have been me. This month we talk about other entrepreneurs and how a trend seems to be happening in the marketplace. More people are becoming “Independent” by being their own #BOSS. As always we truly appreciate your support. You already know it is proven that people become smarter by downloading the Focused Radio App and getting their days started off “Focused!” #StayFocusedMyFriends TommyP

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September 4, 2015

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Where’s Your The Focus July 2015 6

Paradise Island

A lot of entrepreneurs fear the unknown of starting a business. However, after seeing the instability of the job market in recent years, making a job for yourself has been an escape for many.

by TommyP A Honda Legend! I actually saw one. I know it sounds crazy because we know that Honda makes Accords and Acura makes Legends. I didn’t believe it either when I saw it driving through the streets of Rhodes, Greece. It made my mind think though. Maybe business is not so black and white. Maybe there is more out there than I know about. I was on my second tour of a “Med” cruise (Mediterranean Sea Deployment) in my tenure as a Unite States Sailor. People looked at my enlisting as a patriotic thing, which I was proud to serve my country, but really I needed a JOB. I did that for almost 12 years and then it hit me, it’s time for the next thing. I loved my paycheck, benefits, opportunities to see the world and even finish college twice. Still I felt a need to try my hand at business myself. Not an easy choice when you have 5 children and a wife. I had to really pray about my choices, however I had been calculating the whole time and becoming an entrepreneur made the most sense. There are many people who are living in the land of the free, home of the brave that are challenged with a similar decision as life progresses. Forbes reported as of March 2011, there are 320 new businesses started each month per 100,000 adults. What! I never thought that it would be so many people seeking the freedom of driving their own ship. Anxiety of the unknown is something just about everyone that speaks of their “jump” experience says. The thought that you could lose everything without the security of a job to come back to was the reason that stalled most of their doing it earlier. I The Focus July 2015 8

spoke with many different business owners and they all say they wouldn’t change a thing about their decision. Even though you are under pressure to make sure your business not only stays afloat, but grows year after year, entrepreneurs seem to always make the case that you are doing the same thing when you work for others. For those who have succeeded in their businesses, they seem to agree it’s not the money that’s the biggest issue. It’s the desire to trust your instincts. With all the resources that are out, opportunities are more accessible to the common man. There are going to be challenges and times where it seems you’re going to lose all. It comes with the territory. There are more times you will say, hey there is an opportunity here in the event another closes. That’s what makes the difference. Can you set in your mind that you are going to Fight Obstacles and Continue Unto Success? Russell Simmons wrote in his book “Do You” one of the laws was, “There are no failures, only quitters!” That hit me like a ton of bricks. I realize that the fact that I’ve been able to see many things that suggest if you really want it, you are going to make a way. I still believe in the Bible and it tells me “I can do all things through Christ that gives me the strength.” Money comes and goes (Greece that country I saw the car, couldn’t pay it’s bills either) but to walk in Liberty is something all together different!

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#IndieExclusive @TheFocusedRadio gives you hot new music from the independent artist that are making serious moves in the industry.

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@TheFocusedRadio gives you hot new music from the independent artist that are making serious moves in the industry.

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In “Dependence” Long before Beyoncé coined the infamous words that empowered women all over the world: “All the women who are independent, throw your hands up at me”; independence was something that blacks, women, the poor and disenfranchised and many other groups had to fight for, and still do. Anybody who desires freedom, must fight for it. It does not come easy. Independence has as much to do with our thinking, as it does with our spirituality and physical actions. An old Chinese proverb says “Sow a thought and reap an act; Sow an act and reap a habit; Sow a habit and reap a character; Sow a character and reap a destiny”. Or in simpler terms, as stated by Funkadelic, “Free your mind and you’re a$$ will follow”. Our thoughts shape everything that we do, say and feel. If you believe that you are in bondage and dependent upon something, you will be. Conversely, if you think that you are free and you believe it, you will be. Independence begins firstly with a thought. When that thought becomes a belief, action/change follows. Although this sounds simple, changing our thoughts takes discipline, desire, determination and most of all spiritual Dependency on something greater than ourselves (God). We do not have the power to do anything without the power of God, but through Him we can do all things. The Focus July 2015 16

Dependence is IN independence. We cannot be independent without being dependent on something or someone. It’s all about what or who we place our dependence on or in. If in our independence we depend on money, our own intellect, our own strength, a person, our talent or anything other than the Spirit of God, it will not last nor will it be fruitful. In our society it is so easy to become a slave to everything the world has to offer including; technology, wealth, perfect body shapes, cars, drugs, illicit sex, pride, just to name a few. Many times our dependency is rooted from a deficiency deep within. When we are fulfilled and whole we operate in the freedom of our independence. Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. (Independence, freedom). Take hold of your independence today…..its yours for the taking!

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The Focus July 2015  
The Focus July 2015  

More and more people are finding the value of starting their own business