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If the new Dodge Challenger was a poet, it would be a heterosexual Alan Ginsberg on Viagra. Getting only 16 mpg on the highway, these throwback machines are dripping with the pure, unapologetic testosterone that once made American cars great. AD: Shane Knight 3 Print Spreads | 3 Radio Spots | 1 Billboard

Client : Dodge Challenger Radio : 30 seconds Title : “Vegan” ANNOYING HIPPIE CHICK: Oh my god, last week, Brennan, that guy I told you about, yeah him, the one I met at yoga, took me to the that new vegan restaurant, “The Radish Rose.” We talked for hours about alternative proteins, and which animal rights protests we’d been to. I was so turned on when he turned down a free desert because the chef wasn’t sure if the sugar was vegan. (giggles) I know! It was so roman--- s/x (VROOOM!) ROARING ENGINE interrupts and revs for a few seconds. V.O. (over quieting engine sound):

Don’t listen to anything that doesn’t eat meat. The 2009 Dodge Challenger has a 6.1 Liter Hemi- powered V8 that only dines on dinosaur juice.

Dodge Challenger. Your move.

Client : Dodge Challenger Radio : 30 second Title : “Scientific” OFFICIAL SOUNDING, NASAL SCIENTIST-TYPE (quickly): We must plant more trees. Based on the latest readings, it has been determined that, last year alone, 8.47 gigatons of carbon dioxide were released into the atmosphere from the burning of fossil fuels, a 3% increase from the year before. America still produces nearly a quarter of the total emissions, but it won’t be long before China surpasses them. Our only hope is to we act quickly. New legislation and the planting of forests may help to offset some of these emis--- s/x (ERRRRR!) SQUEALING TIRE SOUND interrupts and peals for several seconds. VO. (over fading tire sound):

We’re all in favor of planting more trees. Especially rubber trees. The 2009 Dodge Challenger. Your move.

Client : Dodge Challenger Radio : 30 second Title : “Hybrid” DIFFERENT VOICES staccato over HAPPY MUSIC: “I love my hybrid because it’s so easy to park” “...because it’s so quiet.” “...because I know I’m thinking I make a difference.” “I love the way it crawls up hills.” “ it hides in SUV’s blindspots.” “ it gets me a tax break” “...and a spot in the HOV lane.” “I love how safe it feels...” “” “I love...” “I love...” “I love...” “I love...” “ it just seems to make more se----” s/x (VROOOM!) ROARING ENGINE cuts in and revs for a few seconds. VO. (over engine sound):

You know love when you hear it. And with 425 horses under the hood, you don’t need words. The 2009 Dodge Challenger. Your move.

Dodge Challenger  
Dodge Challenger  

An advertising campaign for Dodge Challenger done by Thomas Scaglione and Shane Knight at VCU Brandcenter