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The Great Gatsby - The Classics Back in Fashion

Fitzgerald’s most famous novel, The Great Gatsby, has been a literary treat for millions of people around the world. Translated to numerous languages, the book continues to fascinate today’s generations with the same freshness as when it was first published. A mediocre educational background and a short military career were not good premises for Francis Scott Key Fitzgerald. His success came with the publication of the This Side of Paradise, when Fitzgerald’s career took a different turn. He knew success and fame and, just as the character of The Great Gatsby, also decadence. Portraying a little bit of Fitzgerald’s personality and lifestyle, the novel was one of the biggest literary successes every known to the American public and not only. Adapted for the big screen several times, the novel discusses key issues of the American society of the 1920s. The 192 pages of thorough analysis of the social and economic crisis during the ‘Jazz Age’ combine the freshness of a great writing with powerful characters and a twisted plotline. Storyline The novel is the story of Nick Carraway, a successful, young entrepreneur who moves to New York, namely to the West Egg district of Long Island. Daisy Buchanan and her husband, Tom, Nick’s former Yale classmate introduce him to the beautiful Jordan Baker, with whom he starts a romantic relationship. As he starts getting acquainted with the neighborhood, he receives an invitation to one of the fabulous parties organized by his mysterious neighbor, Jay Gatsby. Because of Gatsby’s confidences with Jordan Baker, Nick will find out that Gatsby is deeply in love with Daisy. Reunited through a series of arrangements made by Nick, the two meet and start an affair. The confrontation between Tom and Gatsby regarding their love for Daisy leads to a series of dramatic events. The tragic epilogue of The Great Gatsby focuses on two events: the death of Myrtle, Tom’s lover, hit by Gatsby’s car but driven by Daisy, and the murder of Gatsby by Myrtle’s husband, George, who wrongly assumes that Gatsby was the lover of his wife. The final act is George’s suicide, which closes this vicious circle. Feeling disgust and disappointment, Nick organizes Gatsby’s funerals, puts an end to the relationship with Jordan and moves back, reflecting on the illusions and disillusions of the American dream. Main Characters The novel highlights the destiny of several characters:

Nick Carraway- he is the narrator of the story: a pleasant, honest and serious man, interested in deepening his knowledge on bond business.

Jay Gatsby- is the character that names the novel, portraying a very wealthy young man with a decadent lifestyle, trapped in a love story from the past.

Daisy Buchanan- playing three roles (Nick’s cousin, Tom’s wife and Gatsby’s lover) she feels lowliness and despair having accepted a loveless marriage. Cynical and fainting superficiality, Daisy ignores Tom’s infidelities and, when possible, starts her own affair with Gatsby.

Tom Buchanan- arrogant, racist and violent, Tom comes from a wealthy family, leading his existence between his wife, Daisy, and his lover, Myrtle.

Jordan Baker- portrays the new woman of the age: self-centered, a little bit boyish and cynical. Beautiful and charming, she has an inclination towards gossip and fraud.

Myrtle Wilson- George’s husband and Tom’s lover, she is a dynamic, very lively woman, always in search of new adventures.

George Wilson- he is a lifeless character, deeply in love with his wife and content with a slow life pace.

Pros and Cons When one thinks about The Great Gatsby does not know exactly what to love more: Fitzgerald’s fabulous writing, the captivating story or the powerful characters. All in all, the novel is definitely one of modern literature’s pearls. Reactions Critics like it, the audience adores it, and the lightweight version offered by Kindle adds a plus of charm to the lecture itself. Verdict There is nothing better than reading a classic novel and millions of readers have concluded that The Great Gatsby is definitely one of literature’s finest works.


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