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Dan Brown New Book Inferno


Inferno – When Literature and Real Life Meet Inferno is a captivating new thriller coming from the bestseller writer Dan Brown, the author of the astonishing Angels and Demons, The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol, all of them featuring Robert Langdon, the renowned Harvard specialist in iconology and symbology. The Kindle edition will be soon released. A few technical details on the Kindle edition:     

Number of pages: 480 Published by: Transworld Digital on May 14th 2013 Written in English X-Ray: enabled Text-to-speech: enabled

Storyline As Dan Brown said, he studied Dante’s Inferno while he was a student, but did not appreciate, until recently, the huge influence of the poet’s work on the modern world. The new novel is meant to invite the reader on a journey into a mysterious realm of symbols, codes, and secret passageways. In Italy, Robert Langdon is drawn into an excruciating world, built around one of the most mysterious literary masterpieces, Inferno, Dante’s renowned work. Langdon fights a chilling adversary and solves a riddle that pulls him into a world of classic art, futuristic science, and secret passageways. Drawing form Dante’s poem, Robert Langdon races to give answers and choose whom to trust before an irrevocable alteration of the world. Main characters Known for his brilliant mind and genius, allowing him to solve almost any kind of problems, Langdon has an eidetic memory. He teaches iconology and symbology at Harvard University. His greatest hobby is swimming 50 laps daily, as a morning ritual. Although raised as a catholic, Langdon says that he will never be able to understand God. As he mentions in Angels and Demons, faith is a gift that he has yet to receive. The character was built after the personal typology of Dan Brown himself, and was named after John Langdon, who was a professor of typography at Drexel University. John Langdon is known for the creation of ambigrams, which are typographical designs readable in several ways, such as, for example, right side up as well as upside down. Pros and cons Dan Brown had a tremendous success with his previous novels. The Da Vinci Code was sold in over 80 million copies worldwide, being one of the bestselling novels ever. The author appeared in the pages of some famous magazines, such as Forbes, People, Newsweek, The New Yorker, GQ, and many others. Dan Brown’s novels are published in more than 50 languages worldwide. Reactions Inferno has been well received by Kindle owners and has been ranked in Kindle Store as follows:    

#17 Paid; #1 in Books / Fiction / Action & Adventure; #1 in Books / Fiction / Adventure Stories & Action #4 in Books / Fiction / Crimes, Thrillers & Mystery / Suspense

Verdict The fans of The Da Vinci Code and The Lost Symbol can hardly wait to read the new novel of Dan Brown, a very popular contemporary writer, author of several #1 bestselling novels. They are sure that Inferno will be a catchy reading, as all Dan Brown’s novels.


Dan Brown New Book - Inferno  

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