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>>>Click Here To Get Your HP Touchpad Ice Cream Sandwich O.S<<<

>>>Click Here To Get Your HP Touchpad Ice Cream Sandwich O.S<<< Want The Latest Ice Cream Sandwich Operating System That Will Convert Your HP Touchpad Into A Killer Machine?

Google launched an Android OS with codename Ice Cream Sandwich specially for Android tool like cellular phones, WIFI tablet and laptops/computers.The makers (Google) want an OS for Android which can outdo some systems.It is all about merging the Android industry by making one software for all as Google planned it to be.

How The HP Touchpad and Ice Cream Sandwich Come Together This software makes the Android industry for mobile phones, computers and WIFI gadgets more useable by its clients. With the new update, the Android has become a entertaining and user-friendly device. So far, there is nothing better than this Android software upgrade. Everything about the improvement was impeccable. You have to try an Android’s UI; it is up there.It has terrific sharing function and communication functions. The HP Touchpad developer have terminated the series but with this software, it is still operational. CM 9 Alpha 1 is responsible for its new found usage. Updates on the ROM build is sure from 0.6 to 1 Alpha in a period of days. Viewing videos is possible both online and offline because of the reboot menu and video support expanded. If you do not know where to find the CM9, try Rootzwiki . HP Touchpad is now nicer due to its CM settings. Alert menu is scrollable now. If you tap the clock, the info screen pops up. The CyanogenMod 9 has included some features in the quick settings and a tap opens a screen list. You can relish net surfing without troubles. It will be more in the near future, though. Some things fall short functionality, at this time, like the camera or Netflix. The HP Touchpad will be better in time with new upgrades. This withdrawn gadget is now alive. It has many significant changes and all of which are worthwhile upgrades. The user interface is amazing with an Android 4.0. The communication and sharing potentials are also commendable. Top Features of the HP Touchpad Ice Cream Sandwich Software 1. Face Unlock – With others, unlocking requires a swipe, tap or code clicking. With Ice Cream Sandwich, your face is the unlocking code. Cool! 2. Android Beam – Sharing has never been this easy! Android 4.0 has the NFC feature to which android devices just TAP. 3. New Browser – It is similar to Google chrome – bookmarking and tabs. You can also decide between mobile view and desktop browser.

4. People – Profiles of your contacts are connected with their social networking pages and if there are changes, it will also appear in your phone or tablet. 5. UI – The design is forward and the multi-tasking function is literally, one click! It is so easy to use. 6. Camera – Pictures are clearer and better. Snap time is not delayed anymore. It also has a photo editor and image rotator for making fun images. 7. Speech Feature – You can dictate emails and messages.

There are many things rendering Ice Cream Sandwich a winner. To be updated, get your software now. You can install it with just a few simple steps Getting Your Ice Cream Sandwich If you like I.C.S. now, you can have it at no additional fee. It does not take 5 minutes and again, it is worth mentioning - ZERO COST 1. Go to this site: 2. Follow the three steps needed to have your I.C.S.! 3. Enjoy your improved HP Touchpad!

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