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scribbles, issue 4:


chinese international school

summer 2012

art / prose & poetry / COMICS / teacher feature 4 how to draw like a badass by jade mallabone

6 photography competition feature Global Issues Group

When we started work on issue 4, we wanted this to be the best art and writing anthology that we can offer to CIS. This issue, we’ve worked with IB Visual

8 Interview: The incoming art editor Shirley lau


ne day in the library, I stumbled upon an artefact of CIS. It was a publication called Shuang Yu, dated 1993, volume 3. Inked into the yellow pages were photocopies of neatly written French and Chinese stories and freshly typed English musings. I was surprised to see then Headmaster Christopher Berrisford’s words in the opening pages. He wrote, “We hope it will inspire those who have been courageous enough to express their thoughts and feelings in public to keep on doing so.” CIS definitely has room for creativity and fun amid the spaghetti of chaos that is the MYP and DP.

Arts students from the graduating class of 2012 and the CIS ‘Most Talented Photography’ competition to showcase some of the best creativity this school has to offer. Our staff members have diligently simmered their ideas onto paper and tablet, and numerous CIS students have emailed us their work too. We’ve selected their best work to showcase the CIS community. Also, a special thanks to Frances Suria ‘12 for her valuable comments to us. Finally, Scribbles wouldn’t be possible without the solid support and guidance of Mr. Brian Mulcahy, our supervisor, in addition to Ms. Jenny Lee, the CIS Publications Technician, Mrs. Helen Parker, Mr. Stephen Megson, and Dr. Ted Faunce. We’re working hard with them to make Scribbles ever better than before for next year.

Speaking of next year, a new editorial board is coming to town. This is my last issue of Scribbles, and the editor’s crown/baton/cane is going to Bryce Lim ‘14, along with his über-talented team, who’ll be leading us from next year. The fire of Scribbles will most definitely continue for years to come. Of course, we’re always open to your work and ideas for improvements on how we can kindle our spirit.

vision is an anthology that’s enjoyed by a wider audience, giving more the chance to experience the creativity of our budding writers and artists.

work that has been put into this issue by everyone who has been a part of Scribbles. I look forward to working with all our artists and writers in future issues, and to bringing you, the reader, more of the creative talent that we’ve been proud to deliver over the past four issues.

From The Editors


stories that paint pictures and pictures that tell stories.


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Kenneth Lee, 12ZZ


arts features from from various various artists artists

17 Interview: The incoming writing editor Susan Maginn


18 eleanor rigby

writing features

25 i

Claron Niu

Yoon-Ji han

Boris But

May Huang

Kameka Herbst

19 eames’ Chair Sasha Corr

21 Autumn rain Yanna Lee

23 Silent movies 24 Happiness through food

portrait of the dusk

28 dancing on the sea 30 Magick

Susan Maginn

fire paper

Susan Maginn

Stephanie New

26 A walk in the woods Aspen Wang

27 bleary

Claron Niu

29 What is silence? Alison Lui

’m both pleased and honoured to be able to introduce myself as the upcoming editor-in-chief of Scribbles. Accompanying me will be a new generation of editorial heads - Susan Maginn in the Creative Writing Department, Shirley Lau in the Art Department and Aspen Wang in the Administrations Department. There is much in store for Scribbles. We’ll give it a fresh perspective, while keeping the soul of Scribbles alive. Our

fathomless floating spaces Justina Yam


daphne Ng

I’m happy to have Susan, Shirley and Aspen by my side as I endeavour to transform Scribbles into a truly professional creative arts anthology. I have faith in their experience and talent, and we are all excited to work together to help Scribbles grow and thrive. I’ve been immensely proud of all of the

Bryce Lim, 11YC

Deputy Editor Incoming Editor-in-chief

31 the ballad of footsteps in the snow Bryan Cheng


Chinese International School

Scribbles | Summer 2012


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