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n 1950 Charles and Bonnie Barge, foresters from Macon, Mississippi, began an interdenominational evangelical Christian camp ministry in the midst of their 50,000 acre pine forest in rural Noxubee County. This gracious family has continued through the years to provide godly leadership for this wonderful ministry called Lake Forest Ranch. The 60 acre lake and the towering pine trees that surround the lake and the camp property provide a breathtaking natural setting for a deeply inspiring camp experience for children, students, and their leaders. The LFR facilities are modern and comfortable and the options provided for recreation are numerous and incredibly fun. New rec options are added every year.


 ke Forest Ranch exists to maga nify the name of the Lord Jesus Christ and to build up the Body of Christ. Godly staff leadership combined with programming that is geared to the exact agegroup of the campers attending,

means that the camp experience will have a lasting effect on young hearts who are a part of your ministry in the local church. The LFR mission statement is, “Building Relationships for Eternal Impact.” This is accomplished by making it our number one priority for each of the campers to experience meaningful one-on-one interaction with their carefully trained camp counselor. Counselors are equipped to spend quality individual time with every one of their campers in order to clearly explain the message of the gospel, to listen to the needs of their camper and pray for him/ her, and to point the camper to the truth of God’s Word so that freedom in Christ can be found. These staff members love kids and they want to enjoy this beautiful place with them. The love of Christ is so abundantly poured out through them and the results are life-changing for many kids every week of the summer.



Taste and See that the Lord is Good! Summer 2018 theme has been decided. These words are taken from Psalm 34:8. The verse goes on to say, “Blessed is the man who trusts in Him.” This will be an exciting year delving into and preparing for a summer proclaiming the goodness of God. It is our prayer that all of our senses will become more highly aware of His beautiful attribute of goodness. There is none good but Him and He is good good good. Not only will we taste that He is good; not only will we see that He is good, but let us pray that we will also feel, hear and smell the sweet aroma of His awesome goodness. Pray with us as we prepare for summer 2018 that it will be a summer of experiencing God’s perfect goodness with all of our senses and with all that we are. In the following pages, let us tell you a few of the details of what Lake Forest Ranch offers your group. Feel free to email, call or write us for more information about any of this. We invite you to join us this summer for an unforgettable experience in the beautiful and amazing walk with our Lord Jesus Christ.


Rich Malone

Executive Director

E D Recreation options for all ages of campers include horseback riding, a beautiful swimming pool, a ropes course with elements like a climbing wall, zip-line, “Flying Squirrel,” leap of faith, and the Dangle Duo, a wild ride on a tube behind the ski boat, two basketball courts (indoor and outdoor), tennis, beach volleyball, archery, swimming, fishing, kayaking, paddle boating, athletics tournaments, a game room, crafts, disc golf, a GaGa Ball court, indoor climbing wall, “four-square ping pong”, and carpetball (in case of rain). Of course, one of the most fun activities will be getting to spend time with an awesome camp counselor and some friends!

SUMMER STAFF We carefully and prayerfully select our staff from a large number of applicants each year from all around the country. The staff goes through extensive pre-summer training. Staff members make sure that the campers, who are our guests every week, have role models to follow who love Jesus, love people, and who know how to have a lot of fun. Counselors make it their number one ministry priority to spend one-on-one time with each of their campers to encourage them and share the love of Christ and the message of the gospel with them. This is done in a compassionate and gracious spirit. At Lake Forest Ranch we don’t manipulate campers to make spiritual decisions, but lives are changed every camp session as the Good News message is made clear through these precious ambassadors for Christ. Each camp counselor has a staff cabin partner to assist in building relationships with campers and help in all the other jobs necessary to keep the camp running smoothly. If you know any young adults (ages 16 and up) who are interested in LFR summer camp ministry, please encourage them to call us or go to our website for more information.








Kids Camp at LFR is super fun! Page 5 of this booklet gives the awesome list of some of the camp recreation activities that are available, but there’s more! Campers get to experience two morning activities classes each day. Pow Wow each evening is a highlight of our day. With a combination of funny icebreaker videos, Kids Praise music and speakers who really “get kids” and who point them effectively to Jesus. Whether they are juggling fire sticks, making themselves disappear, climbing into a giant balloon or bringing out their puppets to teach the kiddos, these speakers are so good at what they do. Check out the camp speakers on the next two pages.


for ages 7 & 8, provides an extra staff member (Tribe leader) in addition to the counselor to make sure those children have guidance 24/7 while they are at camp.



“Nobody should have more fun than a Christian!”…is a philosophy of Keith Coast. He has traveled around the world sharing the gift of laughter with kids and families for over a decade. A comedian at heart, he uses the art of illusions, balloons, escapes, fire-eating, juggling and backyard science to amuse, amaze and illustrate the message he delivers.



the Juggler for Jesus, makes the message of the Gospel come alive with his world class combination of juggling, comedy and challenging biblical teaching. You never know what you may see flying through the air – raw eggs, machetes, cannon balls, globes or giant Chinese yo-yos. Get ready to get involved as you enjoy the powerful message of this creative artist.



has led an extraordinary life. Overcoming a speech related defect to become a full time speaker evangelist, he now devotes his life to the art of educating through entertainment. Scott holds a B.A. in Communication Studies and Dramatic Arts from Trevecca University and has been awarded professional and community awards for his encouragement to young people.



is a professional entertainer who uses comedy, juggling, audience participation, unicycling, and balancing to provide fun and to communicate the gospel for audiences of all ages. He performs nationwide at theaters, festivals, schools, libraries, camps, and other various community events. Jesse’s messages are fun, inspiring and educational at the same time. He lives in Richmond, VA with his wife, Sarah, and their daughter, Keziah.




for over 35 years, has used ventriloquism, music, stories, and humor to reach people of all ages with messages that bring laughter, learning, and love. Dennis Lee’s humble spirit, contagious enthusiasm, and kind heart remain his greatest gifts. Get ready to have fun and be deeply inspired by the message of God’s truth that he brings. Children and adults alike love Dennis and his fun family of puppets. He has long been a favorite at LFR.



LFR is a special place and a unique camp experience! The personal and individual attention that both campers and adult leaders receive makes LFR stand tall above all other camps that we have attended. The location and setting help create an environment that allows kids to be kids while they learn more about God’s love for them. The adult leaders are challenged, encouraged and allowed time to just simply love the kids that are in their care. Thank you LFR staff for being the highlight of the summer! AIMEE BRADLEY, Mt. Vernon Baptist Church, Columbus, MS

One blessing was that our kids felt comfortable enough to share with their counselors. They felt like this was a safe place to be open and share with others. Halan Cox, The Bridge Fellowship, Mt. Juliet, TN

I love how well everyone is cared for at LFR. As an adult leader, I always leave having been able to rest and am near to the Lord. You can tell that the staff are being discipled and are growing in faith together. I have never seen anything quite like it. Our kids experienced so much love! I have seen some girls on this trip totally change their disposition, because they were being so well cared for. Thank you!!! Erin Ledbetter, North Star Church, Saltillo, MS


I loved how the staffers spent one on one time with my kids and followed up with me at the end of the week! This confirmed some things I had been seeing in my kids and opened my eyes to the things I may not have noticed. I loved seeing the staff engaged during every aspect of camp, even after a long day. Their energy never seemed to dwindle. Ellie Lynch, Country Woods Baptist Church, Byram, MS

LT LEADER TIMONIES What meant a lot to me was the definite acceptance of Christ and many seeds that were sown to be explored further in the days to come due to the one to one and small group settings. Also, I loved seeing children who were already saved verbally acknowledge a deepening faith experience with the Lord. I saw children ministering to one another through prayer, companionship, encouragement and genuine love of the Lord. Emily Walker, FUMC Senatobia, MS The reminder that we are saints… it’s hard to grasp that when the Devil beats us down. Thanks for giving us a much needed break so we can be fed spiritually during the adult leader upper room time. Dawn Hovas, Oakdale Baptist Church, Brandon, MS One of our girls had been struggling with understanding the gospel, but while at the campfire time she shared with everyone that Jesus saved her. It has been fun watching her grow in confidence. Kelsey Huggins, FBC Ridgeland, MS The Lord really spoke to me about some things that I’d been struggling with through Rich’s Bible study. It’s also a lot harder to ignore the Lord here so He honestly convicted me about a lot of things this week. Ashli Bixler, Great Commission Church, Olive Branch, MS I enjoyed watching the kids make lasting friendships with other kids from different churches. The counselors were great and encouraging to the kids. Felicia Walker, Providence Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS



14 14

ENT PS LFR is not a youth ministry conference like “Student Life”

and “Centrifuge”, but rather it is truly a summer camp experience for church youth groups. While conferences may focus on large group energy, the focus at LFR is one-on-one evangelism, mentoring and discipleship of young people led by godly collegeage staff members. Director, Rich Malone, compares LFR to a week-long “DNow” only packed with a lot more outdoor fun. There is so much that your students get to do. One-on-one connection with a counselor, times of worship, small group Bible study, Quiet Time, and listening to the camp speaker’s

messages a couple of times each day all add up to a tremendous opportunity for spiritual growth and renewal in Christ. All of the fantastic recreation options mentioned on page five of this booklet are available for your group members plus more. Special recreation opportunities for student campers include high energy team competition events each morning. As always, one of the favorite activities will be getting to hang out with the awesome LFR counselors and staff members and doing fun things with them and with friends. It is an unbeatable combination of fun, spiritual growth and inspiration.





teaches the message of “Christ in you the hope of glory” in a powerful way. He often draws from the Old Testament accounts of men like Noah, Jonah, Daniel, Abraham, and David to bring home the richness of the Christ life that was shadowed beautifully in the lives of those important men of the faith. Steve has a depth, humility and passion for Christ that radiates through his anointed teaching. He has been the author of our Bible studies for the student camps for the past five years.

loves what he does! He is a speaker, minister, and friend who desires to help students be who God intends for them to be so that they can do what He intends for them to do. Gary’s preaching is warm, practical and insightful, but is never boring. His ministry reflects his sincere love for God and students. He serves all across the country in a variety of events. He is a graduate of Mississippi State University and has earned a Master’s Degree and doctorSTUDENT CAMP 2 ate from New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. Prior to his current ministry, Gary served as the student minister at Mt. Vernon Baptist Church in Columbus, MS. He likes to play and watch sports.



is a student pastor and a frequent speaker at student camps & retreats. He is an avid college football fan and loves the outdoors— especially duck and deer hunting. Jason is married to his high school sweetheart, Courtney. They have two daughters, Carson & Cameron. His powerful message of the transformation that happened in his own life and that is available to all in Christ has made him a favorite at Lake Forest.



has been a part of the LFR experience longer than any of our speakers. His messages communicate the power of grace-filled relationships with a depth that comes from his many years of pursuing Christ and teaching teenagers the good news of hope in Him. Bill has been one of the visionaries behind Mission Camp Macon and has been the head coach since its beginnings in 2004. His messages relate to students right where they are in a relaxed, relevant, and inspiring way.




This was the biggest group we’ve brought since I’ve been working at OBUMC. We brought 35 students to camp and 14 had never been before! We had 3 students make first time decisions at camp, which is so exciting! Polly Pitman, Orange Beach United Methodist Church, Orange Beach, AL Lots of our teens feel ready and fired up to anchor their lives in the Word and in Christ. That was a huge prayer for me in preparation for camp. Michael Caffee, Great Commission Church, Olive Branch, MS

A spiritual blessing this week was that a camper in our group opened up to forgiveness, as well as another receiving salvation. We also had another camper find his identity in Christ! God opened my mind and heart to the teachings of Jesus through the Pow Wow speaker Steve and the Asst. Director Nick. There was also reassurance given that God is working in the lives of our students even when we don’t see it. Melissa Owens, Trinity Baptist Church, Marianna, FL This week at camp has been life changing for my kids as well as myself. This camp is so different from any other camp that I have ever been to. It is small and personal. I have known all ten of my youth that I brought for several years and I have learned so much more about them in the past few days. There is so much going on with a few of them, I had no idea how to feel. It has been such a blessing. I thought we had come to this camp by default, because we were not able to attend another camp we had planned to. I now see it as all a part of God’s plan for us. We needed to be here and experience this place and the coming together of our group. We will leave with two new sisters in Christ and we are already looking forward to next summer! We feel that we have found a loving and supportive summer home. Amber Stricklin, Center Ridge Baptist Church, Yazoo City, MS


ADER NIES God has made Himself known in a saving way through Jesus to two of our campers this week. Both were able to listen to God and respond because of the time that the counselors took with them individually to listen and prayerfully ask questions and encourage them with the truths of the gospel. I appreciate that there was no pressure or manipulation, but simply the faithfulness as instruments to be used by God in His work and the faith to wait, pray and then rejoice with us as He alone changes lives. They were well prepared and looking with spiritual eyes at the lives of each camper. Each student who was already in Christ was strengthened and challenged to grow, walk, and live in Him. The impact of the young people who love Jesus so much is immeasurable and inspiring. One girl said, “I’ve never known someone so young who loves Jesus so much. I want to be just like her when I am 20; how can I do that?” Another camper said, “My counselor was awesome. He really liked us and spent a lot of time hanging out with us and spent all of his time with us. In my one-on-one time he listened and helped me so much. He encouraged me to give all of me, everything to Jesus and not hold back and that is what I have done. God knew exactly the counselor that I needed.” On and on the same story, faithful vessels, well equipped and walking with God. God does his work to His glory. Love you guys, who you are and what you do, it all matters and it is all worth it. Cindy Holbrook, Concord Baptist Church Cullman, AL I was able to watch the staff pour out love to my students and see my students respond with the desire to love in submission to God. I have been praying for my students and it was a huge answer to prayer. Nathan Sims, Providence Baptist Church, Hattiesburg, MS The campers received a sense of calmness and peace from our busy lives. They seem to enjoy the activities so much and each other. As a leader we are always trying to come together as one and work together and this week while at camp we were able to experience working together. Brandy Carney, Sauls Valley Baptist Church, Monticello, MS




Mission Camp Macon 2018 is the opportunity that your older youth group members and college students have been looking for (ages 14 and older); it is a chance to do strategic missions and enjoy a faith-building camp experience all during the same week of the summer.

The mission work will begin early each morning with student missionaries being pre-assigned to one of two different ministry options through which they can impact lives in Jesus’ name. They will be joined by pastors, young people, and other members of the local community. The mission team will be involved in ministry in these two ways: Providing leadership for one of our eight Kids Day Camps that will be hosted at different churches and community centers throughout the county each morning Tuesday through Saturday. Providing leadership for a huge Youth Team Competition Day Camp that takes place at Lake Forest Ranch; junior and senior high age students will be bused to LFR each morning and the student missionaries will serve as their spiritual mentors and team leaders. After lunch and a morning “praise report”, the student missionaries will get to enjoy the afternoon recreation, evening worship and fellowship activities that are a distinctive of LFR summer camp.




Now that we’ve showcased our camp and summer programs, the following pages are full of practical information for church group leaders and parents to learn more about how Lake Forest Ranch operates. We want to answer your questions!


ADULT LEA Adults who are the group leaders (this includes youth and children’s ministry pastors/directors, as well as volunteer ministry staff from your church) will greatly benefit from the week at LFR. How Many Adult Leaders per Group? There’s room for 1 adult per 8 campers. This means that if you bring 9 campers you will be allowed 2 adult leaders. For more than this ratio, please call LFR to make sure that space is available. It is not required that you bring any adults to stay during the week with campers, but it is a great benefit if adult leaders who are a part of the ongoing ministry to your children/students are present for the week of camp. Why Bring Adult Leaders? We want to bless some of the ministry team that works with the children or students in your church. There are wonderful times of personal enrichment and spiritual growth available for your ministry team through Bible study and training. Though we do not require churches to bring any adults to stay for the camp session, it is a significant benefit for your group. We ESPECIALLY urge churches to send their student or children’s ministry pastor/director to be a part of the week if at all possible. What Will the Adult Leaders Be Doing? On the first night of each camp, there will be a dessert fellowship for the camp counselor to meet with all the adult church leaders. This reception gives counselors and adults a chance to pray together and talk about the needs of the campers that they have brought. During this time the adults will share about the campers’ special interests, needs, and spiritual concerns to help the counselor get off to a great start ministering to the kids in their cabins. That’s why we request that you bring part of your ministry team and not only van drivers. Your group will also have a special opportunity each evening that we call “church group time.” This is a chance to reconnect with your group for fun and to check in on the group to see how everybody is doing. Without an adult leader present from your church to lead that time, the campers will miss out on that opportunity to stay connected with just your group each day. Also, we ask that the adult leaders assist with some of the many recreation options each afternoon.


ADER INFO What is the Cost of Group Leaders? The head adult leader for each group receives a discount to attend as follows: groups with over 7 campers the adult leader discount is a total cost of $100 if the “Discount Check List” is finished and submitted one month prior to the start date of your camp. For groups with 4-7 campers the discount is half of the camper price if the “Discount Check List” is returned on time. If the group size is less than four campers, there is not a discount for the head adult leader. The “Discount Check List” will be emailed to the person who makes the reservation for your group, and it can be found on the LFR website. Adult leaders beyond the head of the group will pay the same amount as the campers pay. May the Adult Leaders Bring their Children Who are Younger than Camper Age to Stay in the Cabin With Them? For children who are younger than camper age who stay in the cabin with their parent(s), it will only cost ½ camper price. While there is not a charge for children under the age of 4, please bring these little ones along only as a last resort since that will limit the adult leader’s freedom to take advantage of all of the opportunities available during the week. Is Child Care Available for My Younger-than-Camper-Age Child during the Camp Session? The only time that child care will be available will be for about one hour during Bible study each morning. If you would like to request child-care for additional times, this may be lined up for an added charge of $10 per hour for one to four children. Please let us know well in advance of the camp starting date if this will be needed and the hours needed so we can recruit a qualified babysitter for you.


GROUP RESERVATIONS AND REGISTRATIONS What is a Group Reservation and How is it Different from a Group Member Registration? A Group Reservation is for reserving “X” number of spaces for your entire group. Whereas a Group Member Registration is a form that is filled out for each individual camper and the camper’s parent signs it and submits it (more on this farther down). Therefore, there is one Group Reservation and many Group Member Registrations. How do I Reserve Spaces at Camp for a Group? Step One – Beginning Friday Feb. 2, 2018, spaces are reserved when a Group Reservation Form is filled out from the LFR website and submitted (go online and it is so easy to do!). Or by phone request we will postal mail you a paper copy of the Group Reservation Form (our old method) and you can fill it out and mail it or fax it to us (only request paper copies if you have no internet service). Step Two – Mail a check to Lake Forest Ranch for the total deposit due which will be $100 multiplied times the number of campers and adult leaders OR you may pay through our online payment option (if using this method, add additional 3%). Important to note! the postmark of the date the check is mailed or the date that the online payment is made will be the official reservation date that we will consider when camps are full and we have to decide which group will have to choose an alternate date. What About Early Reservations? Groups that have attended summer camp at LFR in any of the past three summers (2015, 16, or 17), are given the opportunity to make reservations before our official reservation start date of Friday February 2, 2018 with a non-refundable $100 early reservation deposit. The deposit can be paid on our online payment option or paid by check. Early reservation is a “thank you” to our regular groups. But it is very important for these groups to remember this detail – the total deposit of $100 per camper for your group is due on or before Feb. 2, 2018 to retain your reservation. Don’t be late! Will There be Room for us if we Don’t Qualify for Early Reservation? Yes! If your group is new to LFR, we will work hard to find room for you next summer. We love having new groups and we have many new groups each year. The best way to assure getting your camp session choice is to make sure that you go to the LFR website on February 2, 2018 and fill out your Group Reservation Form. Also you must either postmark your check to Lake Forest Ranch on Friday February 2, 2018 or pay with a credit card online. The latter method of payment does require a 3% additional charge (please, do this on that exact date for the best chance to get the camp session you desire). It is almost never a problem getting a group into a camp session if two camp session options are selected on the Group Reservation Form. We will publish on on Feb. 2 any camp sessions that are either full or close to being full because of the early reservations.



How Many Campers May We Bring to a Camp Session? You may bring as many as we have space for up to a full camp of 190 campers. However, there are a few details to consider if you are tempted to guess optimistically high on your total number of spaces reserved without having actual commitments: 1. For groups of 55 campers and under (not including adult leaders) – you will have until exactly one month prior to your camp session starting date to contact us with an exact number of campers without losing any $100 deposits. Within a month of camp you may still replace same gender campers who drop out with a substitute camper without losing the deposit. But, for example, if you have a boy drop out less than a month before your camp and a girl wants to go as a replacement, we cannot guarantee you that the deposit may be used for her. It all depends on space availability; if the space is available for another girl then it is not a problem transferring the deposit to her. There is a cancellation penalty for complete group cancellation. Call us for more information. 2. For groups of over 55 campers (not including adult leaders) – you will be required to have your exact number of campers on the day you make your reservation beginning Feb. 2, 2018 or you will lose some deposits (explanation to follow). So if you send in your Group Reservation Form and your deposit on the first official day of Group Reservations, Friday Feb. 2, then only 55 of those will carry with them a one month before camp refund option. All of those deposits over 55 total campers will be subject to loss. Example – Feb. 2 you reserve 75 spaces and your camp begins May 23; if on April 23 you contact LFR to inform us that you will only be bringing 10 campers, you will only lose 20 deposits because you beat the one month deadline for the first 55 campers. Call if you have any questions about this. How Do I Submit Registrations on Each of the Campers that I will Bring? Registration will be online. When your reservation is confirmed by the LFR Administrative Team, you will be given an online Group Reservation Number by email. This number must be given to the parents of the campers who are coming with you for them to be able to tie in to your group when they register online. Please provide electronic access for those who may not have that at home. Paper registrations will be permitted only as a last resort. Call us to receive the paper copy. How Long do I Have After I Make a Reservation Before My Individual Camper Registrations are Due? After your group is confirmed following Feb. 2, 2018 you will have 6 weeks after your confirmation date to see that all campers’ registrations are submitted online. We can notify you about your group’s progress in submitting those upon request. These must be completed by parents since an online e-signature is required. The registration form also includes necessary health and medical information. You will have until one month before your camp beginning date to finalize all registrations but please work to meet this completion of all online registrations by 6 weeks after receiving your Group Reservation confirmation. How May I Make Payments? The payment options are either mail a check to LFR or our online payment option. There is a 3% service charge added if you pay online. The final total payment after the initial deposit is not due until registration day at LFR. You may just bring the final payment with you.



Why are Kids Camp C&F and Student Camps 2 & 3 Less Expensive than the Others? Kids Camp C & F are one night shorter than all of the other Kids Camps. We call them mini camps because there only three nights instead of four nights, Student Camps 2&3 are one night shorter than the other student camps (four nights instead of 5 nights). All four of these mini-camps will end after lunch on the last day instead of after breakfast. How Flexible are the Age Limits that are Listed on the Camp Schedule? The ages are somewhat flexible. For Student Camps, the campers must be 11 by camp time and they must be 18 sometime during calendar year 2018. For example, if a camper hits 19 on January 2, 2018, he is still age appropriate for a Student Camp. Kids Campers must be at least age seven by camp time and must be age twelve some time during calendar year 2018. Preteen camps will allow campers who are ages 9 at camp time and age twelve some time during calendar year 2018. As you can see, there is more flexibility on the high end than the low end of the ages, but we do make exceptions. For permission to make exceptions to these policies, a call to the camp director, Rich Malone, is necessary. What is the Tribe and How Does that Work? Get your littlest campers ready for a fun and exciting time with “The Tribe!” The Tribe is geared perfectly for kids campers ages 7 & 8 - we have age appropriate interactive Bible studies, Teepee pow wows, group activities, fun games, special snacks, water activities, all the regular camp fun plus carefully selected fun-loving godly leadership (Tribe Leaders and Tribal Chiefs), and there’s so much more! Seven and eight year old campers are all automatically placed in this wonderful camp track (formerly called “Sunshine Club” but we’ve made some fabulous changes). Trust us, all 7 & 8 year old campers won’t want to miss out on all the fun for our youngest campers. The group leader will need to call LFR for any exception to this. Will We Lose Our Deposit If a Child Does Not Attend No Matter the Circumstances? Not necessarily; there are life altering circumstances such as the death of a close family member or the child becoming sick or injured (verifiable by a doctor’s note). We want to be gracious towards those who go through a family crisis and we will take each case individually. These refund requests must be submitted prior to the camp session beginning if at all possible.




Is There Financial Assistance Available for LFR Summer Camp? We have a few opportunities for members of your group to receive special assistance with the cost for camp. Call the camp office to find out how these funds may be accessed. 1. The Great Commission Campership Fund – It has been shown that children and students ages 9-18 are the most receptive to the gospel. This fund is to be used to provide incentives to churches, church leadership and Christian campers to bring unsaved children and students to LFR. This fund seeks to increase the number of opportunities for campers, who have never heard the Gospel, to hear and respond in saving faith. This program is for unsaved youth (ages 9-18), and not merely un-churched kids. These funds will be provided on a first-come-first-served basis until they run out. There may be a limit to the number of camperships that will be made available per church group and there are two options in the way that the camperships may be utilized. Option #1 – “Bring a Friend” – Bring an unsaved friend (to the best of their knowledge), and both campers get 50% off the camper fees, or if they choose, they can pay full fee and their friend goes to camp for free. Option #2 – “Community Outreach” – For every unsaved youth that a group brings to camp, the group gets to reduce their expenses by the cost of one camper.

2. Family-In-Need Campership Fund – If your church has children

whose family cannot afford camp due to a financial crisis and if the church is unable to completely cover the cost, there are some partial and full camperships available. Contact the LFR office for more information about availability and what to do to qualify for these funds.

3. Angel Tree Campership Fund – If a member of your group has a parent who is incarcerated, they are eligible for a full campership to LFR. Let us know if you have any campers who would qualify for this fund.




*Kids Camp A

May 25-29 (Fri-Tue)

*Kids Camp B

May 30-June 3 (Wed-Sun)

*Kids Camp C(mini)

June 4-7 (Mon-Thu)

Student Camp 1

June 9-14 (Sat-Thu)

Student Camp 2 (mini 4-night) June15-19 (Fri-Tue) Kids Camp D

June 21-25 (Thu-Mon)

Student Camp 3 (mini 4-night) June 28-July 2 (Thu-Mon) Student Camp 4

July 3-8 (Tue-Sun)

^Mission Camp Macon

July 8-15 (Sun-Sun)

*Kids Camp E

July 17-21 (Tue-Sat)

*Kids Camp F(mini 3-night #2) July 22-25 (Sun-Wed)


*Kids Camp G

July 27-31 (Fri-Tue)

LDW Family Escape

Aug. 31- Sept. 3 (Fri-Mon)




7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Keith Coast

7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Keith Coast

7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Keith Coast

11-18 (5th thru 12th)


Steve Miller

11-18 (5th thru 12th)


Gary Permenter

9-12 (3rd thru 6th)


Steve Winger

11-18 (5th thru 12th)


Jason Curry

9-12 (5th thru 12th)


Jason Curry

14-21 (8th thru college) $330


7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Scott Humston

7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Jesse Joyner

7-12 (1st thru 6th)


Dennis Lee

The Whole Family


Dan Hayden 31






2018 Church Group Preview  
2018 Church Group Preview