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portfolio 1992, Hong Kong Fresh graduated student

fingerprint as the key to a unique design Fingers are unique. They consist of an innate strength that helps to solve the problems as well as take care of different kind of business in life. The fingers as a key to change the world for a better life. Such useful tool also features a wonderful pattern, “fingerprint”. It does not only emphasize oneself identification but also symbolize people have their own personalities and strengths. So, I believe that my “fingers and prints” can bring a differentiated skills and presentation in the field of design as well as develop my future career in a wonderful way. In addition to innate strength is the potential to bring infinite possibilities in life, I believe that can also rewrite people’s faith. In these 4 years, I experienced different field of studies from graphic design, including basic craftsmanship, typography, illustration, motion graphics as well as UX design. In these areas, they are interesting that I can apply my ability and “innate strength” to develop interesting works and hence I am able to enter Polyu (School of Design) for the extension of my design journay. Although the equipped ability does a room for improvement, I believe I still have the chance to rewrite my faith and future once my “innate strength” is keen on working.

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tommy ho I am Tommy Ho, a Communication Design student from School of Design at The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. I like everything that has to do with Graphic Design, especially Illustration and Photography are my favorites. In the past, I participated in the field of design job, including printed and digital graphics at Radio Television Hong Kong and Hong Kong Space Museum . I believed that design is an infinite journey, there are still different possibilities awaiting to explore and create. Hoping that I could be a right candidate to make efforts to company and extend my developmental skills and experience.

education 2012 - 2014 2014 - 2016

Higher Diploma in Creative Media - Hong Kong Design Institute Bachelor Degree (BA) of Communication Design - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

exhibition 2014 2016

Storytelling in art Annual Show for graduation project

experience 2013 2015

Hong Kong Space Museum Internship - Position at Graphic Design Radio Television Hong Kong Internship - Position at Art Service for Graphic Design ( printed matter )

CD Design / CD Box Dimension: Size - 2710 X 120 X 60 mm

perfume cd album Dietr Rams presents that a good design is making something memorable and meaningful. I tried to apply semiotics and aesthetics skills to accomplish a “good” one, a CD album. In this project, it aims at providing different symbolic meaning and aesthetics values for the work. As my client is the Japanese famous singers, Perfume. They are keen on electronic music with dance. In this, my aim is to create a memorable package to celebrate the 10th anniversary for them. Considering the combination of cool & girly personalities as well as a happy atmosphere. The graphics style hence sustains a wonderful curvy pattern that alike the ribbon who is able to signify the happiness on celebration for

their the10th anniversary. Also, the curve featured an organic form to embrace the girly personality and atmosphere of the team. Such remarkable style alternatively provide a fundamental way to understand the art movement of art nouveau. In the other hand, the entire graphics are mainly cube and architecture. All of them are the metaphor to reveal the origin of “Perfume” is established in a giant city, Tokyo as well as an approach to express their market and sales direction started to expand to the globe. So, the graphics are developed in a direction and perspectives. Such cool geometry and color scheme are also the way to explore the style of Bauhaus and the art movement.

Logo Design / Poster Design Dimension: Size - 50 X 50 mm / Standard A3 291 X 420 mm

self - logo & poster This is a project conducted in Graphic Design from HKDI. The work aims at creating a logo that express my personalities. However, there is a limitation to the work is to apply one of 26 alphabets as a key visual elements to integrate the personal logo. Regarding the alphabetical analysis in dictionary, I preferred “W” as my image since a word, “wrestle” is an appropriate verbal meaning to my description. It can express my persistent attitude as well as a “very” hard working personality and hence my logo is based on “w” to visually reveal the “arm wrestling” to the audience. Once a comparative and similar visual studies were conducted between “W” and “arm wrestling”, I discovered that their common feature is symmetric, especially the form of arm wrestling alike a word of “W” . This form is convenient to emphaize the dynamic feelings and the motion of wrestling. So, a w-like self-logo is created. In the other hand, the logo was developed by two scaling “W” and there are some negative areas were left between the two “W”. Such one side reveal the dynamics of “wrestle” and the other side express my persistent personality. Indeed, the logo is also promoted with an atmospheric poster. This complements the details of my characteristics, especially the complicated junctions and scale - based graphics visually communicate my structural thinking and analysis in life.

Typeface / Poster Design Dimension: Size - Standard A3 291 X 420 mm

typeface & feelings This is the other project conducted in HKDI. The works aims at exploring the fundamental knowledge on typeface. Through the study on the relationship of the fonts and human feelings. During the development, different fonts family were selected as the major elements to express human feelings, including busy ( Niagara Engraved ), joyful ( Palace Script MT ), dynamics ( Showcard Gothic ), elegant ( Vivaldi Italic ), solitude ( Book Antiqua ) as well as youthful ( Palace Script MT ). In order to enhance the atmospheric influence to audience, 6 posters were delivered with the skillful transformation of their forms and shapes.

Poster Design Dimension: Size - Standard A3 291 X 420 mm

printed matter - poster design The final semester project is also matter on self-image. It aims at applying photographic skills to integrate the design elements for my personal visualization. In the topic, it mainly focus on the application of a creative strategy to express “who I am�. As I delivered a relevant logo and poster before, I could expand the existed elements for details explanation. So, I give a photography and retouching on some stones or rocks. Those remarkable to visualize persistent. Such emphasis cannot only present my great effort and courageous but also promote a comprehensive exploration on myself. In the other hand, the poster comprise of red color. It enable the emphasis and readability (the direction on reading) and is the metaphor of power that reflect my strong efforts and ability. Indeed, the color comprise of a repetitive stripped pattern which can enhance the memorable visual experience and remarks my neat habits in life.

Publication Design / Magazine Dimension: Size - 222 X 285 mm

publication design “Insight” is a Hong Kong Visual Culture magazine. It makes differentiation from the norms who base on the the first person experience and journey to introduce the unique matters, including architecture and neighbourhood exploration within the district in Hong Kong. In the term of “uniqueness”, historical value and the interesting stories behind the structure are the main definitions. “Descriptive and neutral “ are the editorial approach since the magazine is to describe the events, story and the appearance of structure, keeping descriptive is a charm to draw the readers attention and the tone in neutral is a possible opportunity to sustain the contents understandable and objective. In the proposed

contents, there would be 4 sections, including “morning, afternoon,evening and night”. Each section indicates the feelings and experience of the author to the place. In the body text, there would be constituted between 50-1000 words for each section. Images would be enclosed to keep relationship to the headings. “Insight” is a seasonal series. It is a reasonable frequency to promote the audience a habit to aware their living place or the district in Hong Kong. Indeed, as an international society, sustaining the magazine in parallel bilingualism is recommended. It is accessible and comprehensive for different kind of audience ( local people, foreigners ) to enjoy the journey in the publication.

The 1st issue focus on the architecture in Shamshuipo and Yau Ma Tei, especially the author express his feelings and recommendations to the site through his traveling in Lui Seng Chung and Mido Cafe.

In the other hand, the contents are in bilingual. This can bring the convenient for local and non-local people to realize more about the relationship of architecture and the behind story in Hong Kong.

Calendar Design / Calendar Dimension: Size - 279 X 412 mm

art direction Following up is the work comes with the subject in Polyu, Art Direction. It is the semester project that aims at applying the graphics skills and sense to celebrate the establishment of clients. A classic client is preferred, Steiff Teddy Bear and I am going to art direct a set of work for their “Happy Birthday�. In the project, a calendar is the suitable metaphor to reveal their love as they stay with people over the memorable and unforgettable days. In the other hand, I applied a photographic strategy for the calendar. This helped to present the life cycle of a person just like the teddy bear is with the person for the whole life. In each image, it reveals a part of person life cycle like birth, childhood, youngsters, marriage to elder. These clearly present Steiff is an old/ classic brand that closely deliver their care and love to people.

In order to enhance a love and romantic feelings, the photographs and retouching were developed with a soft color scheme, creamy white. Such tone is comfortable and is convenient to bring a “baby care� feeling, like a parent taking care of their children with infinite love.

In calendar, each month consist of an envelop at bottom. In function, it is used as a memo holder that fill any remarks and importance in life. In symbolic meaning, it acts as a listener, a teddy bear who feel pleasure to listen to people’s lives, brings love and care to them.

Branding / Identity Dimension: A4 clear holder - 297 X 210 mm Business card - 89 X 49 mm A4 paper pile: 297 X 210 mm Envelop: 161 X 112 mm

branding - identity SICD stands for South Island Cultural District where is a creative industrial center in Hong Kong. Those contemporary art and design studio raise the popularity in globe. Thus, providing an brand image in SICD is essential. This project aims at designing a series of identity to promote the hub. In the project, I expanded a research to describe and analyze the place by their general image and atmosphere. Lastly, it was concluded that the hub is communal, cool, high quality and mysterious, especially most studio in the hub are hidden in the industrial buildings as well as there are distributions are scattered as a triangle like system on map. Such images inspired me to develop a triangular

S - like logo. In the entire elements, a great contrast is applied on the whole promotional materials, especially the contrary visuals is inspired by the form and shape of the logo, they feature the unique geometry or shadow between the decorative color and the major black tone. Such strategy can bring the visitors/audience easily to recognize the general form and image of SICD and is a way to embrace such mysterious site. In the written matters, each promotional materials enclosed “South Island Cultural District� at the bottom of the composition. This can reveal SICD is a creative hub with mysterious location and their production is in high quality as ascending their popularity in globe.

Scratch Art on paper Dimension: A3 size paper - 420 X 297 mm

narrative illustration The status of international center in Hong Kong brings a comprehensive infrastructure, transport network as well as vertical living environment within a limited piece of land. The most charming in this land is her condense and “insane” tight space where arouse the globe discussions and interest. “Condensed Hong Kong” as a storyteller who reveal one of the most “insane” urban in Hong Kong, Sai Yeung Choi Street in Mong Kong. This scratch art mainly focus on the visualization of diverse activities, up to fabulous/sparkling neon light/ light board and down to

massive human activities along the street. The work does not only emphasize the unique interaction of hongkonger to a tiny urban livings but also explain how they constitute the close relationships to other people and the place. In the media, I prefer oil pastel and scratch art to present the mood. As I integrated the broken lines and repetitive scratching strategy, this created the general texture for the buildings, road as well as the pedestrian. Such method promote a lively atmosphere but also bring a more fruitful visual experience to the audience.

Conceptual Illustration Dimension: Size - Standard A3 291 X 420 mm

informative illustration In this project, I selected Bassets Hounds as my illustration target and provides a new way to take care of them. Bassets Hounds are loyal to their people and have a pleasant, friendly disposition and their personalities are similar to my image. This should be more convenient to understand the way to take care of them. Regarding on “caring” , I expanded a simple study on the methods they eat and be fed. Especially, I found a key emphasis is that Bassets Hounds hate to be left alone. They eager to be loved by people. These information provide an opportunity to integrate a common and innovative feeding strategy that can reveal our regretfulness to Bassets. In the process, Bassets Hounds originally are very lazy that enjoy laying on ground to enjoy his moments. In order to arouse their attention, caressing their head can enable them “fall in love”. Later, we can simply to feed them “one by one” with their favourite dog food. Once they are patient to people’s caring, it is appropriate to put a half cup of food on a plate. They will be more enjoy their dinning experience as they are able to feel a person care about him.

Conceptual Illustration Dimension: Size - Standard A3 291 X 420 mm

conceptual illustration In this project, I prefer “The Simple Gesture”, an article as my conceptual piece. In the article, it is a story about a simple helping hand bring a miracle to the people and needy. Initially, I explored and developed various visuals that correlated to a helping gesture and behaviours. Indeed, I took care of the elements in story and insist them to my piece but the result in the first developmental stage is not well since complicated elements promote a busy visualization. Referring to tutors opinions, conceptual illustration is different from a narrative one since it is more emphasize on the elaboration of main concept in a neat way. In the second stage, I selected the scattered articles and the pills as for the main visuals for the work because they are the familiar to “an unintentional help bring a miracle to people”. Concerning on the major elements, like the scattered article which is in soft, uneven dynamics and floating nature. This brings the convenience to present unintention. In the second, the emphasis of the pills can reveal the drug abuse and is a convenient metaphor of “suicide and the death”. In the whole picture, as two elements integrated together, the topic became remarkable since the paper is unintentionally to shear and cut the pills into two pieces that alike a man who intentionally to save people’s life in a miracle way.

Brochure Design / Interior Design Dimension: Size - 130 X 130 mm

project - creative hub planning Cultural business is a long term development in the society. It requires diverse field of people efforts, persistence and patient for the growth. Indeed, such business do need people contact or interact to each others that create a common area or symbols in a local society. This pursues that any society need to deliver a cultural area that can symbolize their local uniqueness in art, design, music and local tradition. Alternatively, this means that the place should be a cultural hub where is a place for the majority of social networking in culture, including cafe, bars, restaurants, exhibitions, workshops and lecture halls. In Hong Kong, the government did make efforts on such field development but there is still an opportunity to enhance the sustainability and uniqueness of them. Focusing on the design field, design students and designers who generally plays an important role to brand an image in different kinds of business in the society. The series of creation to the business, including identity, services systems, manners as well as minority of design details bring a goodwill to the clients. However, design is not just only focus on the business but is significant to aware of different field of development, especially cultural business is an importance to the design industry. As we are seeing an increasing proliferation of ethical brands where small scale designers are pushing through change. Tackling sustainable development, ethical commerce, environmental performance and aesthetic innovation are crucial to the future development from the part of cultural development in Hong Kong and hence this pursues a delivery of project to create a new experience brand and influential industry as a part of efforts to cultural business development in Hong Kong.

The idea in Knowledge Quarter is to emphasize the concept of space. Knowledge Quarter is a design knowledge sharing hub where should offers designers or artists the opportunity to gain different field of design and understanding. In order to highlight such aspect, an open but casual working space should be proposed since this can emphasize the visitors (designers/artists) first impression to the quarter as there is an area can attain their needs. In this hub, a creative area is introduced,The White Cube. It is an open area that promote opening thoughts, creation and interaction. The place aims at opening of everything to bring accessible knowledge, experience and impressions to designers. Besides, the space introduce a minimal and innovative walls for each designers and artists to enjoy their interesting creations and moments.

The brochure shown in the right hand side reveal all the interior planning and decoration of the space



To encourage connection of designers, artists and creators for embracing open knowledge and experience in an area.

In The White Cube, the space was divided in 2 floors. Clear and open are the dominant elements in space. Designers can enjoy a casual conversations and brainstorming. In the 1/F, there provides designers a freedom of creation. They can expand their personal works with diverse format and media, like printed, digital matters as well as sculpture , models. Upstairing to the 2/F, there provides a more challenging task to designers. They can accomplish the works in according to The White Cube assigned themes and the theme are related to a typical field of design,like design principles and design theory.

mission 1. To provide a space for people to open creation, including innovative design, like graphics, models and digital matters. 2. To provide new inspirations, knowledge for designers and artists who have deep love for different kinds of design and art. 3. To encourage the interactions between designers and artists hence incorporate more co-creation works in Hong Kong.

Promotional Poster for The White Cube Dimension: A0 size paper - 841 X 1189 mm

Motion Graphics / The principles of circle and triangle Dimension: Standard 1280 X 720p Duration: 40 sec

motion graphics This is my first motion project in university and is the final semester assignment for Motion Graphics. During the lesson, I equipped more advanced skills on After Effect, including application of expression on motion, as well as different effects utilization. At last, my project is delivered to present the idea of the relationship between circle& triangle and design principle. I think that is interesting since this gives me a creative room to plan for the transformation of form and shapes but also remind me “the simpler of the execution is the more challenging task to do� since a subtle and flat visuals is difficult to sustain an appropriate composition and presentation. However, I did overcome with it and can explore different type of principle from the interaction between circle and triangle.

Motion Graphics / Precision Dimension: Standard 1280 X 720p Duration: 19 sec

motion graphics This is the other motion project but is more emphasize on 3D animation, it mainly explore the fundamental principles and skills of 2 different software, including Autodesk Maya and After Effect. In these area, I explored diverse technique, like apply ambient occlusion to enhance the environmental shadow in each clip. In the other hand, the video comprise of motion graphics, especially applying typographic and kinetic motion to assist the conceptual presentation. In the concept, the video include 2 major elements, a flat square and a three-dimensional cube. Through the exploration on their forms and shapes, there are different room to visualize their uniqueness to audience, a series of design element and principle were explored. In color scheme, 3 major tone was applied, including black, white and gray. Generally, most materials in the clip are in white color mapping. This enhance the fundamental training on the software and create a modern & cool style . Such also convenience for elaborating the relationship between square/cuboid and design principles.

Video / Digital CV Dimension: Standard 1280 X 720p Duration: 36 sec

digital cv A digital cv conducted at Polyu. The video clip aims at delivery of a personal strengths and capabilities to people. In the development , I applied a bubble gum as the major element since its popping nature as people’s thinking. This can reveal my personal mind. Besides, there different color description. They clearly complement the relationship of my thinking, capabilities as well as my interest. In the entire part, the video reveal my experience in an abstract way. I pulled the bubble gum in different angles that help me to present my depression and the aggression in life, especially the infinite lengthening of the gum reveals my future development is still carrying on.

Apps Development / Personal Portfolio Dimension: Platform - IOS on Iphone

apps - portfolio During the study in Creative Media from HKDI, I developed an app to present myself. In the app, there are my basic information and introduction that delivered to general public. In style, the visuals sustain at simple and flat since this is the major trend for UX design, the emphasis on flat color and logo are general. In order to arouse more attention on my application, I applied a photorealistic element that enclosed a moody background to enhance the cool and the conceptual communication to people. The plants and nature are involved in background and they are the metaphor of my growth and changes. These general describe my develop-

mental strengths and career. In addition to style, UX is necessary. In the flow of application, there are 4 buttons were built as the major navigation to the pages and sub-pages. Such strategies can bring more convenience to user to access the specific information. In the other hand, the basic of returning and entering logic are essential to user experience. Thus, I designed a set of clear sign for user to access and return to different screen easily. In this way, I neglected to apply the default settings and program from IOS since the additional buttons & navigation design can bring more uniqueness in the application.

final assessment

Pop up book Design / Capstone Project Dimension: Size - 222 X 285 mm

capstone project background In Hong Kong, there is 9.7%-12.6% of dyslexic children handling daily printed matters is already a barrier to them due to their “difficulties with accurate and fluent word recognition, reading and writing to dictation and spelling.” Although the Education Bureau offers the operation guide of “ The Whole School Approach to Integrated Education “ that instruction and schooling methods are taken into account for a quality educational services for dyslexic group (Specific Educational Needs), Hong Kong Christian Service (2005) finds that 80% of primary and secondary school teachers eager to have efficient training on dyslexia disposition and management. On the other hand, Tsui, Li-tsang and Lung (2012) states that dyslexia in Hong Kong is regarded as “hidden disability” due to the difference between intelligence and actual reading and writing attainments. To sum up, the strategy to dyslexia in Hong Kong is barely efficient and misconception to such term is taken, these hence brings the continuity of dyslexic suffering condition.

motivation Being a design student and designer who generally plays an important role to add value on business. The series of creation to the business, including identity, services systems, different kinds of design bring a goodwill to the clients. However, design is not only a focus on the business matters but is a significance on different perspectives, especially human needs and social issues are the responsibilities to designer. As we are seeing an increasing cases of teachers and parents voice for dyslexic awareness in Hong Kong and who are also suffering from inadequate assistance and inefficient learning materials. Tackling a sustainable and comprehensive education systems is crucial to the future development for our next generation in Hong Kong and hence this pursues a delivery of project to provide a dyslexic friendly reading experience to the suffers.

“ � is a brand that create a new reading experience to dyslexic suffers (Primary 1-3) in Hong Kong. The materials aim at delivering interesting story with popup technique that brings the suffers to learn a language for fun. On the other hand, to many dyslexic suffers and parents, both are burdening on emotional problems and expensive cost on specific learning materials is another burden. The books are not only affordable for the suffers use but also involve different kind of narrative illustration that is integrated in a 13 way of grid-like system. This helps to analyse the structure of characters and provides a space for dyslexic children to imagine the development of the story in book. As they are able to match the characters to a typical visuals , language attainment is promoted.

Each page consists of hidden area and analytical grids. These provide the opportunity for students to analyse the characters structure and radical. In the other hand, each analytical grid integrated to a visual. This can enhance the convenience for them to recognize the definition of characters. In addition to the hidden grid, there are 5 interactive methods to go through the hidden characters and the analytical grids. They are sliding, flipping, putting, pulling as well as rotation. Such strategies help dyslexic suffers to do muscle training and hence to rebuild their confident towards reading or even writing.

13 analytical


In order to adapt a dyslexic friendly reading experience, an analytical grid system is introduced to integrate the hidden visuals in each spread of the popup book. In the grids, they clearly divide the structure of Chinese characters in according to their radical. As the research and analysis conduction, The system can be developed in 13 ways. They are left&right, top&bottom, outermost&innermost as well as 3 division. In these categories, they defined the structure of character in a clear and logical way that enable suffers to memorize and read the characters efficiently.

storyline In addition to the function, the popup book serve a story for the suffers that beneficial for their attention and focus. So, an elephant is preferred as the major character since he does not only close to children lives but also his giant feature is the best intervention for courage and kind heart. In the story, the characters usually involve in different cases. Such strategies can enhance the consistence of the story and promote the memory to the suffers.

Promotional materials / Leaflet Design / Bookmark Design Dimension: Leaflet - 297 X 210 mm Bookmark - 80 X 2018 mm


Logo Design / Certificate Design Dimension: Certificate Size - Standard A4 210 X 297 mm

certificate design This is one of my internship daily task, “Solar Project 2015” in RTHK. In RTHK, I was responsible for the Graphic Design at Art Service. In this area, I major handle different kind of printed matter and some digital design. “Solar Project” is one of my task. It is a project about an establishment of campaign and diverse activities for teenagers and “Solar Project” is a symbol for them. In order to create a young feeling, I equipped the keywords, including dynamics and colorful. Such elements can enhance the general atmosphere for the campaign. Lastly, I developed a logo in a text form with integrated visual, especially a “C” from the word of “PROJECT” is replaced by a colorful wheel.

Such integrated visuals cannot only bring the distinctive focus for the audience but also feature a youthful feeling through a dynamic and colorful wheel. In addition to the logo, the certificate design make a balance from the geometric logo. Basically, overlapping and transparent ribbon are the major elements in the cert, the ribbon was easy to stand for celebration and compliment. In the other hand, overlapping effects can enhance the diversity of the campaign that offering different activities and challenge for teenagers. Also, this can emphasize the activities in Solar Project are both correlated and hence fulfilled their aims and value to the target audience.

Project / Easyroll Design Dimension: Size - 800 X 2000 mm

easyroll design This project aims at promoting a radio program, . It shares daily lives and experience through casual conversation. Sometimes, they might introduce some favourite food catalogue for lifestyles and interests. In regard to the program director requests, this issue went forward on a food and lifestyle topic. So, I expanded an exploration on the species of food, color as well as their taste. However, the program is more relevant to some Japanese food & culture. This pursues me to apply different basic Japanese elements and decorative graphics to enhance the relationship between home-like and Japanese style. In the elements, there are cherry blossom, seamless wave pattern

and farm-like pattern. As the elements were integrated, a general Japanese style was promoted, especially the farm pattern can emphasize the relevance between the image and general mood and highlight the topic & contents for the program. In color, the banner went forward a blessing and pleasant feelings. A woody brown and traditional Japanese color scheme were applied. Especially, woody brown can feature a natural mood and comfort audience visual experience. Also, it is close to traditional Japanese lives that brings them engage in the relevant experience in Japan. Such strategy remarks the major topic and clearly highlight the Japanese food & lives.

Tommy Ho's Design Portfolio  

An online publication that collaborates diverse graphic design works in 2016.

Tommy Ho's Design Portfolio  

An online publication that collaborates diverse graphic design works in 2016.